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Slow Metabolism? Avoid These Habits to Speed Up your Metabolism

Metabolism of our body is one of the keys to losing weight. However, we don’t think metabolism as one of the critical factors. Instead, we focus more on the food we eat and the exercise we need. How about understanding what really metabolism is?

Metabolism defines our body’s capability to burn calories. It is the process your food has to convert into energy by your body. So, even we had the proper exercises, we must speed up our metabolism. Also, if we eat healthy food and the right amount of calories, our metabolism should be working at pace with our diet meal plan.

And now, you are asking how to know if you have working metabolism. Well for sure everyone has done things unrightfully that may give a negative effect on our metabolism.

For instance, there are habits that we need to start avoiding if we want to speed up our metabolism.

What could go wrong?

Here we list down the things you have to refrain from doing.

  1. You are keeping less than 4 hours interval when eating your meals.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. And eating it nearly to your lunch is not an excellent way to maintain your metabolism. So when is the time to eat your breakfast? To boost your metabolism; breakfast should be consumed within an hour after waking up.

  1. Less protein and more carbohydrates.

And don’t forget the importance of protein in your meal, especially during breakfast. Your first meal of the day is crucial. What you eat after waking up is your key to boost metabolism. So, eating protein rather than carbohydrates can give your body enough energy for the rest of the day. Also, diet meal plan with higher protein content can help you reduce body fats and making you leaner body mass. It is one way to boost metabolism.

  1. No coffee in your body.

Who said that coffee could make you gain more weight? According to the study, drinking coffee for at least 3 – 5 cups a day is right for your health. This study overshadowed the belief that drinking coffee can increase specific health issues like diabetes, heart and brain diseases. So let us take it from experts. Drinking coffee its purest form is the best way. Keep away sugar syrup and creamer if you are drinking coffee.

  1. You are drinking less than 6 – 10 glass of water.

Water is essential to our body. Without it, our internal organs, especially our kidneys, will suffer. So, how about our metabolism? Since our body needs to convert food into energy, the main ingredient in this process is water. Imagine if you don’t drink water. You may have less power to perform your daily routine. Therefore, you cannot burn calories which may result to gain weight.

  1. You are not eating to lose weight.

Losing weight is the undying challenge in our body. But doing a diet in a wrong way is making your body suffer more. Let us get into more details. When you cut eating the healthy meal plan like calories, fibers and carbs, you are making your body to cling tighter to your body fats. Well, of course, body fats can be a source of energy. But skipping your meals to compensate for the idea that not eating is equivalent to lose weight is a myth. So, what you need to do is to eat the right amount of food. In your meal plan, include healthy foods in the right portion. If you are getting hungry quickly, try to munch a small amount but well-balanced meals in your day. But don’t forget the intervals of 3 – 4 hours for each meal.

  1. You have a sedentary lifestyle.

Of course, you have to consider and take your workouts seriously. If you have no time going to the gym, you can do simple exercises like walking, running, jogging or yoga. These simple exercises can help your body to be relief from a whole day of sitting in your work station. Activity is one of the best ways to speed up your metabolism. You don’t need to do high-intensity training. Just doing some workouts for your muscles can help your metabolism boost. You know that when you are doing exercises, your heart and lungs are working together to burn calories in your body.

  1. Sinking yourself to more stress

Getting yourself in a stressful situation is your choice. So, make it sure that you have two options in every case – to be stress or not. However, if you really cannot avoid a stressful situation, watch out for the food intake you are about going to eat. According to the study, stress hormones stimulate your appetite to look and eat comfort foods, which are foods with sugar-filled treats. How to control stress? Some foods can help you lower stress hormones. You may need to opt for fruits and nuts that can help you lower stress.

  1. You are sleeping for less than 8 hours.

Ditch out your excuses in sleeping less than 8 hours. Why? This habit should be stopped, especially when you reached the age of ’30s and above. Other than it can trigger some health problems, it can also slow down your metabolism. As we age, our metabolism becomes slow and to prevent this from getting worse; you will need to sleep at least 8 hours daily. Sleep loss is one of the problems that lead our body to have an increase in blood sugar levels and hypertension. With healthy meals and enough sleep, your metabolism can speed up even if you are in the 30s and above.

Our Simple Ways to Speed your Metabolism

Though we have mentioned what you need to avoid slowing down your metabolism, we still have our pockets full of secrets to speed up your metabolism.

For instance, early waking up is one way to boost your metabolism. While you have enough sleep, waking up early and eating breakfast is a significant impact on your metabolism. If you wake up early, you will have enough time to prepare before going out and start your day.

Since food is one of the reasons for our metabolism and overall health, you can consider eating spicy foods. Spicy foods like jalapenos, chili peppers and hot spices can increase your temperature. Therefore, you are eating for your metabolism to be specific. According to experts, eating spicy foods can increase your feelings of satiety.

Other than spicy, you can count on calcium. Calcium is one of the essential minerals that can boost your metabolism. The combination high-calcium, low-calorie diet can make you lose weight. It is not a myth. Scientific studies have recorded it.

So have no fear and watch out for metabolism to speed up afterwards.

Red Meat: The Happy and Sad Facts Behind the Meaty Form


Red meat is identified as a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. But how can you be sure that it is safe to eat it over time?

Red meat like beef, lamb and pork can be part of your balanced diet. But if you are relaxed in eating red and processed meat, probably, you want to end up in a red zone.

I mean red zone because if you consume too much red meat, you can have medical findings like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, overweight and stroke. In some cases, when eating red meat has been careless, it can end your life.

But eating red meat in the right amount can give you health benefits. With the right amount of it, while consuming weekly, you can have the following excellent benefits. Otherwise, you can increase the risk of having diseases.

What are the benefits of eating red meat?

Eating red meat has many health benefits. For young and adults, red meat has different effects. First, let us see the goodness in eating red meat.

Increase energy levels

Red meat is an excellent source of iron. Meaning, we can get an adequate amount of hemoglobin from eating it. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying protein found in red blood cells. Young kids need to develop bigger and stronger muscles. Those with lack of iron should start consuming it to prevent shortness of breath, lack of energy and headache.

Improves immune system

The immune system is vital in our daily life. The sound immune system means a healthy lifestyle, which protects our body from cold and flu. What makes our immune system in proper function? One way to ensure we have a working immune system is if we have an adequate intake of zinc. A good source of zinc is red meat. For instance, red meat like beef can give us a plentiful amount of zinc. However, you can also get zinc from other foods, but our body quickly absorbs getting from it. It also provides amino acids that help repair small muscle tears.

Supports Metabolism

Unbelievably, the right consumption amount of it improves metabolism. Proper metabolism means that your body is high with vitamin B12. And one of the food sources of vitamin B12 is red meat. If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, you can have beef as a great source of it.

Defeating Cognitive Decline

Red meat is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which contributes to boosting our brain health. According to a study, red meat like beef, pork, lamb, and goat offers almost 50% of omega 3, given that it was organic produce.

What are the sideways of red meat?

Of course, it has adverse effects on our body if we do not consume it the right amount. Some of the impacts that we can have from eating it can be identified as you read along.

Trigger the Risk of Cancer

Some cancers can be triggered when overeating of it. According to research, consuming too much of it can cause cancers especially colorectal cancer up to 30%. Another reason that you should limit the intake of it is to prevent the onset of different cancers like pancreatic, breast and prostate.

Increase Chance of being Diabetic

As always, too much eating of foods can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels. When it comes to red meat, overconsumption of it can lead to type 2 diabetes. According to research, when you have exceeded weekly-recommended servings of it, you are also increased the chance of getting some disease. And it included diabetes.

Higher Chance of Heart Diseases

Red meat contains a more elevated amount of cholesterol and saturated fats compared to other foods. It increases the higher risk of heart diseases and strokes. More so, it also leads you to gain some weight. With more upper body mass index from the normal, it can contribute to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. In short, too much consumption of it can harm your heart.

Shortened Life Span

What you eat can give a toll to your health, and this can cause early death. In terms of red meat, too much consumption can cause heart diseases and diabetes, as I mentioned earlier. Also, those who have a higher intake of it should exercise more to prevent having diseases.

Some Tips for Healthy Eating of Red Meat

To prevent the adverse effects of it, here are some health tips to come clean.

First, make sure you have lean cuts of meat and trim off the visible fat before cooking. Then, fill your plate with vegetables more than the serving size of it.

Second, make other alternatives for it. Have servings of fish three times a week like salmon fillets or tuna. You can match fish with legumes like peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas.

Third, when it comes to chicken, remove the skin before cooking. Then include more vegetables when cooking the chicken.

Overall, make sure to add more vegetables to your dishes of it. Never assume that the meat is your main dish when eating.

Alternatives for Recipes

Other healthy foods can be alternatives for it. You can have apple chopped into bite-size pieces and blended in a bowl with a half cup of cottage cheese. Make sure that the cheese is non-fat and low sodium.

One recipe I tried to make an alternative for it is making the leftover veggies mix with tomato sauce, red beans and cooked whole-wheat pasta and salt-free seasoning. Make sure that everything you add to your leftover veggies is salt-free.

Another recipe I tried is wheat tortilla with beans, veggies, and salsa. First to do is warm the tortilla between moistened paper towels in the microwave for about a minute. Then you can add some beans, veggies and salsa on top. After that, you can fold it.

A good alternative for red mead is using hummus with carrots and jicama sticks. This recipe is called a hummus dip. It is inexpensive, unlike other dips. I prepare the dip by blending the beans, yogurt, lemon juice and gloves. That’s very simple.

What can we say?

There are healthy foods that you can have aside from red meat. Here, we gave you some alternatives if you want other sources of protein, omega, vitamins and minerals that you can get from it.

Before doing a diet like Keto diet, you can also check some alternatives that can convert your fats into energy. In that way, you will not increase your chance of having diabetes, cancers and heart diseases.

Always find alternative foods that can help you to become healthy.


Choose the Best Foods that are High in Protein


Foods that are high in protein are essential for your body to build more muscles. It also gives you more energy when doing your workout routines daily. If you want to lose some fat and keep lean muscles, you will need to consume protein food regularly.

Foods that are high in protein have amino acids that are responsible for making our muscles, bone, skin and hair healthy. Looking great with a fit and healthy body will help us do our daily tasks. If you are doing bodybuilding workouts, eating protein food will help you achieve a physically fit body.

But not all foods that are high in protein are healthy. Some may contribute to the increase in your body weight. Therefore, make sure that you have the list of friendly protein foods and those that you need to avoid.

You are wondering why protein can give you more weight? Protein-rich foods have added sugar that can make you gain more weight. If you want to enjoy these kinds of protein foods still, you should only consume the right amount. Otherwise, you will end up reversing your workouts and diet meal plans.

Since we are talking here about foods that are high in protein, we are giving you a list of those you need to avoid. But if you still insist on eating these, make sure you eat the right amount. Remember, in everything, too much consumption of the wrong foods can harm your health.

Foods with protein that needs in moderate consumption

Limit your consumption of dairy products. Packaged dairy products like yogurt and cheese can give you high protein. But, it also has preservatives like artificial flavors and added sugars. If you want to enjoy dairy products as a protein source, check the labels for no sugar and flavors added.

Another protein food that you need to stop considering as dessert or energy booster is the protein bars. This food is tempting because of its size, which you can sneak easily in your pockets or bags. A little bite will not hurt your workouts, but it contains lots of sugar and preservatives that can affect your diet and exercises. Why not have another option for a snack, dessert or energy-boosting food.

On the other hand, we know that legumes can be a good source of energy, right? But the missing point in legumes is high levels of fats and calories. Take it from peanut, one of the plants that need to be consumed in moderation. Because for every 100 grams of peanuts, you can have 26 grams of protein.

After a workout, you will need replacement of protein to your body. One of your options is protein shakes. This shake can be helpful to replace for protein loss during the workout, but you need to see the labels for the amount of added sugars. Too much sugar content can affect your body weight.

Good foods with protein

Your key to be fit and healthy at the same time is eating an adequate amount of protein. The amino acids in protein foods help our body to create more muscles. With each protein food, it has amino acid to build muscles and control your hunger. So what are proteins foods that are good for you?


Start your day with an egg. The egg is an excellent source of high protein foods with many amino acids. Also, you can have omega 3 fatty acids from fortified eggs. The amount of protein in one large egg is 6 grams. This amount of protein can give you the nutrients you need.


If you want to fill your body with a quality high protein food, get some slice of tuna. It is one of the right choices that you have to consider. Tuna can be easily digested so that protein can be broken down into amino acids in no time. It has high-quality protein, and in every 3 ounces of serving, you can get 25 grams of protein.


Other than tuna, you can have halibut. Halibut can give 23 grams of protein for every 3 ounces of serving. It can also provide 2 grams of healthy fats. So if you want another source of high protein, this can be your option.


Another fish on your plate can be a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon has 23 grams in its serving with 3 ounces. Other than protein, you can have omega 3 fatty acids which are essential also to your health.


If you cannot find salmon and tuna, choose tilapia. Tilapia has a mild taste, but you can get 21 grams of protein with every 3 ounces of serving. The protein from tilapia is enough for building your muscles.


Seafood rich in protein is a unique way to build up muscle. Octopus can give you 25 grams of protein with every 3 ounces of serving. But you may be thinking on how you can make the octopus flesh tender. Since it is known to have an elastic or gummy texture, you need to place it inside the freezer. The freezing process of octopus can help you tenderize the meat.


Let us go to the meat shop, shall we? Meats high in protein come in many forms. For starters, you can have steak. The protein in steak can give you 23 grams with every 3 ounces of serving. Your steak can be in round or rib-eye cuts. But you need to choose leaner cuts of steak like round and loin. The best way to cook a steak is medium-rare to enjoy protein in a juicy flavor.


You can have other protein sources from meat. The lean ground beef provides 18 grams of protein for 3 ounces serving. The leanness of ground beef should be in between of 100 to 90 percent. In this way, if you will use ground beef to your cooking, it still has some tasty flavor.


On the other hand, many have trusted chicken meat to provide them with a good source of protein. Chicken is one of the best choices when it comes to meat. Just avoid the skin with fats underneath it. The part of chicken with most protein is the breast. It can give you 24 grams of protein with 3 ounces of serving.


Same with chicken, turkey meat is the right choice of the protein food source. It has a low-calorie content but gives you 24 grams of protein with every 3 ounces of serving. Turkey breast is the best part where you can get fat-free protein.

Green peas

Getting worried because of your eating habit? If you are vegetarian and you only opt for plant-based foods, you need not worry about getting an adequate amount of protein. Foods rich in protein can also be found in some vegetables. We call them vegetarian protein.

As mentioned earlier, legumes contain a high amount of protein. Moderate in consumption, green peas can help you get the protein your body needs. Mostly we can see green peas as a side dish. If you don’t want this approach with the peas, you can enjoy it by blending it with other healthy foods.


Other than meat, you can have complete amino acids by eating quinoa. Quinoa is our favorite grain when it comes to nutritional facts. Aside from fiber, you can have protein. You can enjoy quinoa as toppings to your favorite breakfast cereals.

Chia Seeds

Another topping for your salads is chia seeds. It adds protein to your healthy salads, yogurt, oatmeal, or blend it to your smoothies. Another way to consume chia seeds is by soaking it in water until it makes a rich foam and creamy texture. It would look like a pudding.


Another twist for our vegetarian protein is tofu. This food can give you 12 grams of protein with every 3 ounces of serving. Not bad, right? Enjoy eating tofu with different recipes. Or you can fry and used it to your favorite cuisines. You can also add it to your favorite smoothie.


Cocoa is a good source of protein as long as there is no added sugar. Your cocoa powder can give you 1 gram of protein for every tablespoon. The taste of cocoa powder should be bitter. It is the kind used in baking or making hot chocolate. If you use it for drinking, make sure you add nonfat milk and calorie-free sugar to add some taste. Otherwise, you will end up making a protein drink that can make you gain weight as well.

Non-dairy milk

As we were saying, dairy products can make you gain weight. So choose non-dairy milk or alternatives for fabulous additions to your diet plan. You can have almond milk, plain soy milk and other non-dairy milk that can give you protein with fewer calories contents. Check the label before purchasing the product so you can see the difference.

Protein routine in your meal plan

To keep yourself on the track of eating the best foods that are rich in protein, you need to make an exciting meal plan of your choice. But we can give you some ideas for your meal plan with protein.

Make alternatives for your meat as the primary protein food. You can have seafood protein, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Some exciting recipes for your seafood are steak, fillet, grilled, or baked.

Then you can have a side dish of beans, peas, or any soy products. Soy products can be a part of a meal or sometimes the main dish.

You can also choose unsalted nuts for snacking or toppings to your salads. Some dish can replace meat as ingredients like toasted peanuts to stir-fry vegetable. You can also sprinkle a few nuts on top of your desserts like ice cream or frozen yogurt.

The art of getting an adequate amount of functional protein

Indeed, proteins are essential to our body in building muscles and keeping our body in good shape. Like other food, we need to consume an adequate amount of protein, and it should be in moderation for more promising results.

To remind you that prevention at a young age and to eat nutritious foods over time lead us to be fit and healthy. We can avoid serious health problems and learning some ways to improve your eating lifestyle.

Many have great desires to be physically fit and healthy. To be in good shape while indulging mindlessly with junk foods can harm your health eventually.

So eating foods rich in protein can make a change to your body without giving you a drastic meal plan. Make your choice to have lean protein to keep your bad cholesterol at a low level. Have an eagle eye on details in the labeling of the package. You can see the contents of packaged food, especially dairy products. Further, you have to keep every meal on your table safe to eat. Make sure you store it properly if you consume it later.

Life is good, so keep your lifestyle in good shape.

Nutritional Facts of Peanut Butter are Amazing


Nutritional facts of peanut butter can be shocking. Many who want to slim down have avoided this protein’s wonders because of its side effects. However, did you know that peanut butter is one of the healthiest foods? Let us find out about peanut butter, and it’s nutrients in this article!

Nutritional facts of peanut butter, as comforting to know, have been satisfying with the most dieticians. Also, they would advise you not to give up on peanut butter. If you want to lose some of those unwanted fats around your belly and in your thighs, eating peanut is the key.

Researchers have found out that eating peanut butter can let you stay satiated for more than two hours. Two spoonfuls of peanut butter have 190 calories. Therefore, with peanut butter, you can avoid eating foods that may add to your pounds.

Some of you may be wondering, why peanut butter for many years has been the enemy of most people who are on a diet. And most of us are cynical if this oily, chunky and fun comfort food can be trusted in our diet meal plan. So you might ask, is peanut butter a good weight loss food? Based on a recent study, most people who included peanut butter in their weight loss program have stick to it and stay fit.

Key nutritional facts of peanut butter

One of the dietary facts in peanut butter is the protein. Protein is the key ingredient. So, how much protein in peanut butter per 100-gram? It’s good to know that our body can get as much as 25-30 grams of protein from that amount. When broken down to amino acids, it can repair and build our body cells.

The protein plus monounsaturated fatty acids are what makes peanut butter. In this case, you can have it as one of the best daily weight loss food because you can always eat your peanut butter without being afraid of adding those unwanted fats.

So if you are going to the gym or will jog in the park, then please consume some peanut butter. It will sustain your nourishment while losing some pounds. Health experts know that the high-quality protein in peanut butter will help you stay and feel full while shedding those unnecessary fats.

Other nutrients of peanut butter

Aside from the protein and unsaturated fats, this creamy goodness contains nutrients. Peanut butter has carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, and niacin. Other nutrients are the following: pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamin, sodium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, copper, iron, and zinc.

Further, peanut butter benefits include resveratrol, type polyphenols. This unique nutrient from peanut butter may contribute to heart health. Also, it can prevent some forms of cancer. Many people also could not believe in finding out that peanut butter is high in dietary fiber.  About 10 to 15g of dietary fiber our body can get from eating 100 g of peanut butter. And dietary fiber prevents high cholesterol, heart diseases and even constipation.

So are you still asking if peanut butter is healthy? Yes, the World Health Organization considers peanut butter as one of the healthiest foods. The current feeding program in Africa and countries with nutritional and hunger problems are provided with peanut butter-based foods. More than a million children have been saved from starvation thanks to this superfood.

Best 5 Guaranteed Quinoa Health Benefits


Quinoa health benefits have the five guaranteed nutrition that your body needs. If you are looking for an alternative to carbohydrates and protein, you need to try quinoa. Quinoa carbs are gluten-free with high fiber.

Quinoa health benefits are the same as a whole grain food. However, it does not belong to grass or even related to wheat or rice. It has more relation to the spinach.

The first use of wild quinoa comes from the leaves and seeds. After the development and commercialization, quinoa increases the size of stem and seeds with additional levels of color.


Quinoa origin has a long way history in 3,000 to 5,000 years BCE. The first discovery of quinoa recorded in the side of Lake Titicaca in Peru. Because of being an Andean plant, pre-Columbian civilizations found it. They have cultivated and used by the former.

But later on, Spanish cereals replaced quinoa. Other than in Peru, you can find quinoa in Chile. When the Spanish arrived in Peru, the research and development of quinoa began. From then on, the distribution reached outside Inca territory.

According to historical data, Pedro de Valdivia is the first Spaniards to cultivate quinoa and labeled it as food. Other native Indians at that time began to sow quinoa as a source of their food.


The ecological zones that can adapt quinoa plantation have come up with five groups. These five groups are the classification of quinoa-based on their adaptability.

Dry and Humid Valley Quinoas

Also known as Junín or dry valley, the quinoas grow here with irrigation support. In Cajamarca or humid valley, the water source of quinoa comes from rain. Therefore, it grows up to three meters, higher than the Junín quinoas.

A produce variety in Peru, Nariño, is a type of quinoa with many branches, green leaves, and the grains come in white color and taste sweet.

Altiplano Quinoas

Altiplano quinoas include varieties in low precipitation and average temperatures. Some examples of this variety known as Kcancolla, Blanca de Juli, and Tahuaco. These varieties grow around the lake areas.

There also other types of quinoa that can adapt to high elevation areas. You can have Cheweca, Ccoitu, Witulla, Chullpi, and Wariponcho, which you can cultivate in the mountainous with cold temperatures.