Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate equivalent to 100% Antioxidants


Health benefits of dark chocolate are incredible that you will be shocked if you have no idea what it gives to your body. Dark chocolate means that no sweetener or milk has been added to your chocolate. Even a percent of sweetener and milk, the health benefits of dark chocolate will not be achieved.

The health benefits of dark chocolate give pleasure to your body. There is no guilt in eating dark chocolates. It is one of the best things to eat when you want to have joy and guilt-free at the same time.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Why does it become guilt-free and pleasurable at the same time?

Many say that eating chocolate can make your blood sugar level spike and additional calories in your body. These conditions do not apply to the health benefits of dark chocolate. Read on to find out so many good reasons why you should keep on eating dark chocolates.

Fights Depression

When eating dark chocolate, it contains theobromine. It is similar to caffeine, but when consumed in more significant amounts, it gives pleasure and energy. Combined theobromine to another chemical found in dark chocolate, the anandamide, health benefits of dark chocolate become energy booster and stimulate good mood hormones.

Yes, dark chocolate regulates your body to have serotonin, which gives you a good mood of the day.

Good for the Heart

v9KMk57mT9Believe it or not, the health benefits of dark chocolate include the prevention of heart diseases. According to a study, pure cocoa can lower the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases. Different dosages of cocoa daily can have different effects on our cardiovascular system. But still, cocoa in the form of dark chocolate plays a significant role in preventing heart diseases.

Another study shows that eating dark chocolate can have a massive impact in preventing stroke. In the study, those who consume more dark chocolate have a lower risk of having a stroke—a good thing for those who love to eat chocolates in significant amounts.

When it comes to the cardiovascular system, level cholesterol defines the risk of having diseases related to it. Dark chocolate contains a high amount of oxidation, which can affect the level of your cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol – LDL and HDL. What are these types of cholesterol? HDL is the good cholesterol, while LDL is the reactive one. The health benefits of dark chocolates increase the amount of HDL, which affects the level of cholesterol in our blood. And for LDL, the chemical found in dark chocolate happened to decrease the amount of it.

Getting your HDL in the right amount against LDL, for sure, you will have no problem when it comes to blood pressure. Eating dark chocolate is the cheapest way of keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level. According to the study, eating dark chocolate can lower blood pressure. It is because of the antioxidants found in cocoa, which is higher compared to other fruits and vegetables.

Lower the Risk of Getting Diabetes

Do not consider that eating dark chocolate will increase your chance of having diabetes. Instead, dark chocolate contains the smallest amount of sugar, which contributes to the modulation of insulin in our body to prevent diabetes.

Help suppress the cough.

One of the health benefits of dark chocolate is suppressing cough. There has been a study that proves eating dark chocolate is more effective than conventional cold medicines. According to the survey, cocoa contains a cough suppressant that comes in natural form.

Supports healthy pregnancy

c5oIkVpNbkGetting pregnant is a serious matter and ensuring the best health during this time; one way is to enjoy eating dark chocolate. If you are pregnant, eating dark chocolate can reduce the risk of preeclampsia or the blood supply restriction to the fetus. Preeclampsia happened because of high blood pressure. According to the study, the health benefits of dark chocolate can be more than flavonoid content contributions. It adds to the improvement of blood flow to the fetus.

Prevent Brain Damage

There has been a study that supports the claim that eating dark chocolate prevents brain damage. It is one of the health benefits of dark chocolate.

The cognitive benefits of cocoa enable our brain processing, visual-spatial awareness, abstract reasoning, and memory. The improvement in brain functions can be regarded in eating dark chocolate. Want to give it a try? Try eating dark chocolate before your exam or starting the day in your office.

cYCUFgl2jyMaintain Good Skin.

Who would expect that eating dark chocolate can give you good skin? Health benefits of dark chocolate contribute to maintaining good skin by protecting it from ultraviolet rays. The flavanols in dark chocolate have 85%, which is good enough to give you healthy skin.

Boost Immune System

The immune system has been vital to keeping our bodies healthy. Without a robust immune system, you can experience different illnesses, and you can easily be infected with diseases. Dark chocolates can modulate the inflammatory response of your immune system. There are antibodies from cocoa that can fight bacteria and viruses. Now, this is an excellent reason to eat dark chocolate.

What causes the health benefits of dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is a huge source of antioxidants. According to a study, high amounts of antioxidants can be found in dark chocolate. It is the most important above all else because dark chocolate antioxidants can fight free radicals that cause cancer. It helps your body fight against it and prevents the spreading of it.

Our Sweet Insights of Dark Chocolate

Indeed, this is a surprise to know that dark chocolate can give a lot of health benefits. If you want to cut the consumption of sweets from your diet, yet you want to indulge yourself with sugar, you can opt to eat dark chocolate. Keeping your insulin at a reasonable level can keep you from getting diabetes.

Also, the health benefits of dark chocolate only can be achieved if you consume the right amount of it. Overconsumption of dark chocolate can increase the blood sugar levels in your blood, which has a domino effect on your body.

Monitoring of what you eat and the recommended daily amount of it, you can enjoy the health benefits of eating dark chocolate.

Simple Pregnancy Fashion Tips: Discover How to Create Yours Easily


Pregnancy fashion is a kind of style for women who want to look gorgeous even they have a baby bump. Every woman is proud to show her baby bump and will have to embrace their growing belly.

Pregnancy fashion does need to be complicated. You will need to feel comfortable and increase your confidence. Your maternity wardrobe should consist of clothes that can be mix and match without hurting your belly.

So what it takes to fashion if you are pregnant? Considering that you are not wearing complicated clothes because you have a growing belly, you should not limit yourself to wearing some clothes you want. 

Here are some hacks if you want to get the best pregnancy fashion. Of course, this is safe and guarantee to make you feel comfortable, but at the same time, you will enjoy choosing your style.

Be attractive.

When you are pregnant, you will have an enhanced breast size. So the tendency is you can flaunt your cleavage. Take advantage of this and get your scoop neck t-shirts and sweaters.

Reveal good shape of your legs and thighs.

Yes, we know you have slimmer legs because you have a bigger belly. So wear skinny pants or leggings to flaunt your baby bump. Who will not get proud of becoming a mother?

Emphasize your features and baby bump.

Choosing bigger clothes than your size is a no-no when you are pregnant. However, you should wear loose clothes that will make you feel comfortable and fashionable, so choose the silhouette. You can also wear button-down shirts and blazers. Just leave it unbuttoned. Also, knitted clothes can help emphasize your form. It is a good thing for modern and classic pregnancy fashion.

Look for more vibrant colors.

Black and neutral colors are classic, but you can choose other shades to brighten your mood. If you see yourself in brightness in a vibrant hue, it will uplift your mood. Yes, color can change the spirit of a person, so it will surely work if you are pregnant.

Plus, choose designs and patterns to look great!

The designs and patterns of your clothes is another great thing if you want to have beaded and embroidered. These accents can get attention from other people. Then make sure you choose the pregnancy fashion you feel comfortable yet astonishing.

Other Ways to Fill your Styles

We know you have favorite jeans like other women who got pregnant. For others, it is a problem when baby bump is getting bigger. You cannot button it, and it will be suicide if you force it. So grab a maternity pants extender. You can ask a tailor to do it for you, so you will get to enjoy your favorite jeans.

Choose comfy shoes.

Get some shoes that your feet will not be swollen. Because you will need simple shoes like slip-on and no ties, imagine you will bend down to get those shoes on. Then opt for a shoe that will give you some comfort and a good sole to support your feet when walking.

What are you going to buy for a bra?

Traditionally, pregnant women are wearing a maternity bra, but did you know that sports bra is way better than it?

The good thing when it comes to a sports bra, aside from the price comparison with the maternity bra, is the support. It will not make your breasts look saggy because of the back closure that would be enough for you. Also, you can have many good selections.

Maxi dress is the safest way to pregnancy fashion.

Pregnancy fashion can be easily achieved when you opt for a maxi dress. The good thing about investing in a maxi dress is you can wear it before and after your pregnancy. You can wear it, and it can cover your stretch marks.

Look for bodysuits with adorable fabrics.

Bodysuits can help you show your baby bump like usual. Make sure that you wear the right size and fabric.

Some Pregnancy Fashion Hacks for you

String bikinis for a bathing suit.

When you are eager to wear a bathing suit when you are pregnant, then no one is stopping you. You can still sport the bathing suit that your body size when you are pregnant. Use your string bikinis. It will give you a hot look even if when you are pregnant.

No more pumps.

Set aside your stiletto and pumps when you are getting are pregnant. Apart from you will be struggling for your size, it is dangerous to walk on high heeled when you are pregnant. Rather than wearing heeled shoes, look for more comfortable shoes like open-toe styles and slip-on shoes that will fit your feet instantly — no more bending down for pregnancy fashion.

Nipple cover for your belly button

When you reached the max size of your baby bump, the belly button will be visible to plain sight. It can be noticed easily, especially when you are wearing thin fabric. So a trick to high it is covering it with nipple silicone gel. Do not attempt to use nipple tape because you will hurt your belly button. Look for skin tone silicone gel to be invisible when wearing under silhouette or knitted fabric.

Our Insights for Pregnancy Fashion

Pregnancy fashion is more a practical way of choosing clothes that will make you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. You will select the styles that will uplift your mood and the color that will brighten your day.

Pregnant women struggle with their moods; therefore, it affects their decision of what to wear. Simple things like changing colors from dull shades into more vibrant colors can make a difference when you try wearing different colors. 

Moods reflect the way we dress. And when you have a baby bump, you will need the perfect pregnancy fashion.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips from Experts? Use all Natural Ingredients!


Pregnancy beauty tips are needed to be safe, and that is what this article all about. For pregnant women, taking care of their skin should not be taken for granted. And what needs to be on top of the list in the skincare routine for pregnancy beauty tips is the safe ingredients or natural beauty products.

Pregnancy beauty tips from experts are the things we need to ensure that products to be applied to pregnant women will not cause any trouble. So in this article, we have the safest pregnancy beauty tips.

At first glance, these tips can be no different from the ordinary beauty tips. Though the procedures can be the same, there are details highlighted, so it will be safe for soon to be a mother. And these pregnancy beauty tips will make these women the queen with a baby bump.

Natural Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women

Always maintain your skin clean.

Cleaning your skin, especially your facial skin is one of the necessities when you are pregnant. It is given that your hormones can be a roller coaster ride, but you should not stop maintaining your skin clean. By cleaning, you can manage the pores and remove dirt, which can add up to your acne problems later on.

Use sunscreen when going out.

We know that sunlight or vitamin D is good for pregnant women. But our pregnancy beauty tips are to use sunscreen when you are going out. Even you are sure that sunlight may not reach your skin directly, you have to take the chances that it might. Remember that pregnant women’s skin is more sensitive under the sun. So you might want to try a sunscreen with zinc oxide. It will be safe for your pregnancy.

Study the ingredients of beauty products.

We believe that the priority of pregnancy beauty tips requires safety for pregnant women. So we look into each beauty product and research what are the ingredients you should stop using while pregnant. According to the study, there are over more than a dozen chemical ingredients that you should be stopped using. Some of these chemicals are parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, aluminum chloride and many more. So how will you know if products are safe to use when you are pregnant? Well, you can consult your OB Gynecologist before trying some beauty products. Also, you can choose products with natural ingredients. It should be safe to use.

Leave your acne be.

When you are pregnant, acne or pimples are regular. During pregnancy, your hormones are not stable. It is like a roller coaster, so expect that changes in your body are not permanent. And this goes when you have acne or pimples. First-timers’ pregnant women have no idea that medications to acne can cause severe side effects on your baby. Anything you apply or take oral medications can harm your skin.

Body oil is harmless.

Speculations on pregnancy beauty tips can jeopardize what safe ad unsafe during pregnancy. One common skin problem that pregnant women are dealing with is stretchmarks. But before having stretch marks, you can avoid it. Stretchmarks happen by the fierceness of stretching skins in your belly, hips and breasts. Our pregnancy beauty tips are using the best natural body oil like almond oil. You can add some essential oils to help your body relax.

Exercises are never to be avoided.

When you are pregnant, slow movement should never be avoided. Only those intense exercises that include lifting, running and jumping should be crossed out. We include this as one of our pregnant beauty tips because beauty tips for pregnant women are not all about skin. But it also needs to start inside.

Drink lots of water.

So drinking water is essential for us, pregnant or not. Enough water in our body will keep us hydrate and keeping our kidneys hydrated throughout the day. Drinking lots of water every day can keep your skin complexion bright and fresh. But when you are pregnant, your baby is the firs who will receive water and food.

Extra care to your skin

Our pregnancy beauty tips include a skincare routine. As it is the same procedure with other regular skincare, when you are pregnant, you need to avoid shedding too much. Make sure you treat your skin delicately. As we have mentioned, the skin of pregnant women is sensitive.

Learn to relax.

When you are pregnant, getting stressed is our top list of what to avoid. Stress can harm the health of pregnant women; therefore, relaxation is one of the things you need to maintain a healthy pregnancy cycle.

Eating the right food

The key to a beautiful pregnancy is eating the right food. Even we follow the rules in skincare during pregnancy; food intake has a significant role in maintaining pregnancy beauty tips. Other than that, eating the right food will make your baby grow healthy.

Get enough sleep.

Sleep is the most important habit that we should do. At least 8 hours of sleep is what pregnant women should have. Note that pregnant women are easily got tired. Therefore, proper rest is what expectant mothers need.

Maintaining the ideal weight

Pregnant women can gain weight, and this is a natural process. But you should watch for the perfect weight if you are pregnant. Overweight can harm both the baby and mother during the process. So, as one of the pregnancy beauty tips, soon to be mothers should maintain the curves of their baby bump. There are healthy diets for pregnant women, which cut out sugar and carbs intake. Also, wearing the appropriate dress to show what beauty has the pregnancy. Baby bumps should not be hidden, but it should be flaunted like you are one proud mother.

Our Best Advice

Pregnant women have an undeniably rollercoaster hormonal imbalance. So the most seen effect of this condition is in our skin. During pregnancy, let us expect that the skin is undergoing several changes.

Beauty products with natural ingredients should be used by pregnant women to avoid skin damages. Make sure to consult with medical professionals to know the list of what to avoid and what to use skincare products to be used by pregnant women.

Of course, you can still use makeup. One of our pregnancy beauty tips is to use makeup to cover eye bags. Also, concealer for pregnant women should be used to conceal and cover-up hormonal changes. Just make sure to select the brands which have no chemicals that can harm your pregnancy.

Concern about Pregnancy Diet? Enjoy these Healthy Fruit Juices

Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy is the most crucial time for every woman; also it is one of the best times of their life. The moment you came to know that you are going to become a mother; you start dreaming about the little one. Besides that, lots of questions come to your mind; what to eat or what not to eat, what to do or what not to do, etc.

Moreover, people around you give various suggestions and tips every moment on how to take care of yourself that leave you confused and worried. Above all, pregnancy is not all about putting extra calories and doing some exercise. You have to eat healthily, but it is always a nightmare for a pregnant woman to choose the right food for herself. Because this is the time when a woman has a craving for items that she has not taken all through her life. Furthermore, most of the women do not know the things that should be part of their daily meal.

Choosing the right food is a matter of concern during the pregnancy period as there are lots of restrictions on specific ingredients. Juicing can be an excellent practice you could take up to maintain a healthy diet plan for this particular time. Fruits and vegetables are the rich source of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other essential elements. However, eating fruits and vegetables may not be a pleasing experience all the time while you are pregnant. You may feel vomiting and nausea. Therefore, the best you can do to avoid these problems at this particular time is to sip fresh juice. Check out some healthy juices you could drink up to provide nutrition and health to your child.

Pregnancy Sugar-free Juices

Apple Juice

Imbibing apple juice is a fantastic way to enhance the growth of your child; also, it ensures the development of the baby’s brain. Moreover, apple juice prevents excess weight gain during your particular months. Apple is a rich source of iron that helps in fighting anemia. Furthermore, it will keep you refresh. Peel off the skin of three apples and cut them into pieces. Boil the pieces for few minutes. Add the boiled pieces to the blender and blend them. Make sure; you have let them cool down before mixing. Squeeze few drops of lemon juice to it and stir well. Now, pour the mixture into a glass and refrigerate it for an hour. Sip it cold.

Guava Juice

Guava is an excellent source of Vitamin C that is essential during pregnancy to maintain the immunity of the body. Healthy protection will help in fighting several health issues. Moreover, drinking guava juice reduces pregnancy-related constipation problems. Take 2 guavas and cut them into cubes. Boil the guavas and let them cool down. Blend them and add few drops of ginger juice and lime juice to it. Spin the fluid. You can refrigerate it for an hour. Also, you can imbibe it by adding a few ice cubes to it.

Grape Juice

The tangy taste of grape juice will add something extra to the taste buds of pregnant women. Take some fresh grapes and chop them into pieces. Blend the pieces for minutes to make a juice out of it. Keep the liquid in the fridge for an hour. Squeeze few drops of lime juice to the juice before drinking. You do not require additional sugar for this juice as it is already famous for its natural sweetener.

Beetroot Juice

Sipping beetroot juice during pregnancy will boost the energy; also it will ensure the needed stamina during the pregnancy period. Beetroot is a fantastic source of iron that will prevent the conditions of anemia.  Moreover, fiber contents of beetroot improve your digestive system and remove out the toxins from the body. Thus, it purifies the blood during this exceptional time. Take 2 beets, 1 apple, and 4 carrots. Cut all the ingredients into cubes and bled them. Add sugar according to your taste which is optional. You can avoid sugar as apple and carrot are full of natural sweetener. Pour the juice into a glass and add some crushed ice cubes to it. Imbibe it instantly. You can take this juice twice or thrice a week and for a better result, drink it at breakfast time.

The Result

Adding these tasty yet healthy juices listed above will assuredly be bliss for your taste buds. Pamper your tummy with these mouth-watering juices to ensure the health and nutrition of your child.