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Pilates for Men to Fine-Tune those Muscles without Getting Injured


Pilates for men holds plenty of benefits though there are challenges that may be hard to overcome. But there are some ways to do pilates for men without getting injured. Pilates workout can help your body to fine-tune the performance.

Pilates for men are movements which are concentrated but help your workout performance. This kind of workout can help you in many ways. Not only when you exercise, but in your daily routine, pilates for men can help your body feel better.

There are plenty of ways on how to do pilates for men, and you can see the difference. But knowing the benefits of doing this exercise will make a significant impact on your body.


Benefits of Doing Pilates Workout

Muscle Development

In doing exercise, not all muscle groups are being taken care of. Some of your muscles used in daily movements are more durable than other muscle groups. In this case, the pilates for men’s workout will work for other tissues that do not get a lot of attention in daily movements. It also builds muscles which are disregarded during lifting.

Increase Muscle Flexibility

3rdptAkc2Hr3When doing a pilates workout, the focus of this workout is to focus on how muscles can be stretched to prevent injuries and strains. The pilates for men also ranges of motion.

Develop Core Strength

Pilates is crucial as it is also performed to build strength to your core. The power movement in your limbs. The actions hit your abdominals and ab muscle, which turns out to develop a six-pack.

While it strengthens the core, it also affects the pelvic, which helps most men to control this particular part of the body.

Proper breathing

Aside from muscle development and improvement of certain muscle groups, like other workouts, pilates improves proper breathing. Increasing focus on disregarded muscle groups, adequate breathing also considered being one of the benefits of pilates for men.

How to Perform Pilates for Men Workout

After knowing the impact of pilates on the body, here how you can get to start doing this workout, for a starter, the fundamental Pilates movements should be the routine. Improving spinal mobility, core strength, and postures are on top of why pilates for men is essential. Then, going to the next level of routine for pilates. This development brings better and powerful results after doing pilates for men.

Curling The Pelvic

Step 1: Lying on your back with arms by your sides is the starting position.

Step 2: Then inhale to prepare and press down into the floor. Exhale as you tuck the pelvis, making it lifts your tailbone off the mat.

Step 3: As you lift, squeeze the glutes to achieve a straight line from knees to shoulders and hold this for 3 seconds.

Step 4: Then reverse the movement by rolling down slowly and beginning with the spine until tailbone.

The pelvic curl is one of the pilates for men, which helps you to make a simple movement into more complex with flexibility and strength. The improvement of mobility will be the focus, which allows the additional movement of the spine.

Changes for Leg

Step 1: Your starting position is lying on your back. Bring one leg up, keeping your arms down by your sides. Make sure your legs are in the 90-degree place.

Step 2: Then, draw your abdominal muscles while maintaining a neutral spine. But do not arch your lower back.

Step 3: A tap to each toe gently and make alternate legs by hinging at the hip.

Step 4: For the final step, extend each leg straight and hover above the mat.

Why this workout? This routine can help your core strength. Pilates for men affects the core muscles if leg exercises are appropriately done. And let us not forget the arms.

Spine Twisting

Spine_twisting_poseweyw4eabStep 1: Lie on your back with legs in what we call a table position where your knees together, arms outstretched to the side with palms up.

Step 2: Draw abdominal muscles in and rotate your legs gently to one side keeping knees stuck together. It will cause your hips to lift off the mat.

Step 3: Return to the center and perform over again to the other side.

This workout can make a big difference when you are doing it correctly. A rotational component can make pilates for men productive to improve flexibility.

Lifting Chest

Step 1: Your first thing to do is lie on your back and make sure your hammock your head with your hands. Try to relax the neck when you do this.

Step 2: Then inhale and exhale while lifting your shoulder blades off the mat. When doing this, you have to use your abdominal muscles and not the neck.

Step 3: After that, rotate to one side gently. Do the same for two more times. Rest between sets.

It is one of the pilates for men for your abdominal muscles. The movements like obliques maintain a contraction of your muscles while rotating side to side.

Extending your Back Capability

Step 1: Lying on your stomach while drawing your abdominal muscles towards your spine before lifting the head and chest off the floor.

Step 2: Then keep the neck standing up while reaching your fingers down towards your toes. It will bring your shoulders back and together.

Step 3: Afterwards, the force should be working with your shoulder blades and upper back. Avoid doing some work to your lower back.

When you do this kind of routine, it has a different effect on your body. Most of the workouts are being done in front of us. But this routine will get your back in shape.

Sharing My Thoughts

While others are doing a workout, pilates for men can be the savior if you want more strength and flexibility. The results of the exercise can be perfect when proper repetition, rest, and sets of the routines are delivered.

For starters, pilates for men’s workout should start performing the basics. Then gradually increase conditioning if the body can endure more complex routines.

Pilates Benefits: Your Motivation for Healthy and Stronger You

Pilates Benefits: Your Motivation for Healthy and Stronger You

Pilates benefits emphasized that doing exercise is good for our health. But this became my favorite because pilates has many health benefits. We have listed here the excellent benefits of pilates for your motivation.

Pilates benefits have been one of the reasons why many are choosing this rather than other forms of exercise. So why not try to perform pilates?

Some claim that pilates benefits strengthened the body and health of an individual. In many aspects of being healthy, doing pilates is an excellent way to lose some weight. In addition to that, it gives you many health benefits, which include having a stable and good health condition.

Benefits of Doing Pilates

1. Improves healing of the injury

Pilates, as a form of exercise, promotes healing of wounds. For instance, when you have broken bones, you can have faster recovery when you practice Pilates. And the good thing about pilates benefits is to lessen the chance of getting injured again.

In this essence, Pilates is a form of physical therapy. It is one of the safest methods to have low impact and partially weight-bearing. It has been dubbed as the most reliable therapy. The degree of flexibility depends on the capability of the person. 

The effect of pilates depends on the severity of the injury and should be adjusted according to the person’s needs. Most individuals tried doing pilates to resolve issues to backache and other back problems.

WertrgsegD2. Efficient breathing

Another pilates benefit that we can consider is to improve proper breathing. People with asthma should try doing pilates. Proper breathing can be improved by pilates. According to the study, pilates supports the lungs to provide air in and out of the body entirely. It focuses on breathing of the person – the thoracic or intercostal breathing.

Proper breathing gives our body the right inhale and exhale pattern. While doing it, it supports the movement of our body. When you are diagnosed with asthma, pilates can make your lungs stronger and normalized your breathing cycle. The usual workout for asthmatics is pilates and recommended as well by therapists.

Athletes’ Performance Pilates3. Athletes’ Performance

To be a performing athlete and if you are results-oriented, you will need to know that this is one of the pilates benefits. Most athletes will need to have balanced muscles to perform the assigned routines or workouts adequately before the game. 

In other words, pilates benefits the athletes in terms of conditioning the whole body, especially the ankles and feet. These are the critical parts of the athletes, so they will not fail during their tournaments. Pilates benefits provide an athlete’s safety and lower the risk of getting injured during practice or the day of the competition. It gives strength to your muscles and prepares them to be more elastic and more joint mobility.

4. Long Term Effect for Women

During pregnancy, women will need to have healthy pelvic floor muscles or the foundation for the core of the body, which supports the organs like the uterus and bladder. The importance of a sturdy base is related to giving birth. A weak pelvic floor can result in health problems like a decrease in sexual enjoyment, prolapse, or incontinence. Otherwise, pilates benefits can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of women for long term effects such as ease on giving birth, the slow aging process and increase sexual pleasure.

So the pilates benefits are necessary to be performed by women, especially those ladies looking forward to being a mother. This exercise can help you lift, strengthen and support the pelvic floor. But everyone should do Pilates exercise to increase physical performance. 

5. Increase Cognitive Function


If the body is healthy, then the mind is also in normal function. The connection between mind and body is stable; that function of the brain depends on the health conditions of our body. The proper breathing because of pilates exercises will keep your body and mind working together. 

The main reason why pilates is significant to increase cognitive function is to reduce stress. All the exercises can decrease stress hormones and increase feel-good hormones. It means that before stress occurs, pilates can prevent it from happening; instead, it helps our body and mind fight against it.

Aside from stress, mental disorders like anxiety and depression can be prevented when pilates is done regularly. You will also have a focus on each movement of your body daily. You will recognize your breathing, gestures of your body and their coordination through pilates. Discipline in achieving is essential, as well as being determined to finish the pilates workout classes. You will also need to concentrate and focus on what you want to make.

6. Prevent Back Pain

Believe it or not, one of the exercises to prevent back pain is Pilates. The stronger the core, you can avoid back pain. And doing pilates can strengthen your core, which will decrease lower back pain and able it to support your body from your daily routines.

Pilates benefits can be in many formsOur Thoughts

Pilates benefits can be in many forms. In one of our research, we found out that pilates movements can improve sexual drive. For some men and women, sexual drive is essential, especially when you are a couple and trying to have an additional member of the family. 

Also, pilates makes the delivery of baby easier compared to those women who did not practice doing pilates. The pilates benefits also increase your capacity to move. Our body muscles have the only limitation in movements, and that is why pilates is vital to improve performance during exercises. Otherwise, it can cause injury.

And, the most crucial thing that pilates benefits provided to us is increasing our focus and decreasing the mental illness like anxiety and depression. According to the studies, it has been discovered that pilates makes a good alternative for people who have brain diseases and cognitive functions. It is good news for those who are looking for options to increase neural network activity, memory performance and brain function.

Indeed, pilates benefits are essential, especially when you want to prevent back pain. Pilates movements can improve our overall health condition. And to increase our productivity and performance, pilates benefits are what our body needs.

Looking for Simple Exercise? Try these Easy Pilates Pose for Best Result!


Pilates pose to strengthen your core are the moves you should start to practice. The focus is on your midsection, and that is why we don’t need any equipment to do that.

Pilates pose is one of the best and easiest exercises that you can integrate with the rest of the activities. There are many moves of Pilates pose, and you will need to pick some of them to make a daily routine.

But what good does Pilates pose do to our body?

Like other workouts, Pilates pose has many benefits to our body. From strength to balance, this exercise gives our body the chance to be physically fit. So here are the details you want to know:

Shape up your abs muscles.

Pilates pose does not only shape your abs. It also gives strength to your core. When doing Pilates pose, it will hit your core muscles. It will affect your lower back, abdomen, hip and pelvic muscles. One good reason why you need to strengthen these parts of your body is because of the importance during the day to day activity.

And with the constant exercise of your back, hip and pelvic, you have less chance of getting back pain. With Pilates pose workouts, you will have significant improvement with your backside.

Full-Body Workout

You know that doing a full-body workout has many benefits. And with Pilates pose, though the focus is your core, you can develop a full-body workout. It ensures that no muscles have been developed extremely or lack of training. But to have a complete and regular routine, regardless of what kind of exercises, you can have a perfect lean body. Pilates pose is just a plus on this one.

But since it involves the whole body, it improves posture. If you know that you have poor posture forms, you will need to have this exercise. It can help the muscles developed.

Over time, Pilates pose will improve our good posture, which strengthens our muscles. Typically, we have a bad habit of slouching when we worked. It will also prevent some muscle pain in our back, neck and even headache.

Including excellent benefits of Pilates pose is the prevention of pressures on knees and joints. The movement during Pilates pose is slow and controlled, so you should not worry about impact during sports and exercises. Thus, a Pilates pose is an exercise for everyone. It does not matter how young or old you are, and your shape for the activities. The significance of this exercise is it can be a benefit to everyone.

Once you get used and your body has regular exercise, your body will improve its performance. Especially when it comes to sport, Pilates pose develops muscular symmetry and aligned to prevent injuries.

Different Movement for your Pilates Pose

Good posture using Pilates pose has a different set of routines and movements. Below are some of the Pilates pose that you can perform for your core strength.

Leg Circle

Your starting posture is lying with your face looking upwards. Then your arms by your sides, palms down. While in this situation, bend your left knee and place your left foot flat on the floor. Make sure that you will extend your one leg up, perpendicular to the floor.

Before returning to your starting position, circle your right leg out to the side and put down toward the ground your leg. You can make the circle as big as you can while keeping your lower back on the floor.

When you return to your starting position, you can repeat the leg circle with reversing. Then complete all repetitions on each leg.

100 Movements

Lying with face upwards, while lifting both legs toward the ceiling and lower to halfway angle is your starting position. Then curl your head up and reach your arms alongside your body while palms are facing down. While in this position, pump your arms up and down as you inhale for five seconds and exhale at the same time. You can repeat this exercise ten times to complete one set.

Stretching your Legs

What is your starting position in this one? Well, you have to lie while your face is upwards. Then bring your knees towards your chest and place your hands on your chins. You can start to curl your head up off the floor. Then you can extend your one leg alternate while keeping your lower back on the floor. It will maintain your core engaged throughout.

Criss-crossing your Body

Bring both knees towards your chest while lying and your face upward. Then place your hands on the back of your head, but keep your elbows wide. In this way, you can curl your head up. Your shoulder should be towards your right knee as you extend your left leg. Repeat on the other knee. You can continue performing the alternate sides.

Scissor Kick

This exercise involves the shape like a scissor justifying its name. To perform, you will need your one leg to extend upward while lying, face upward. The position should be perpendicular to the floor. Then bring your hands behind your right leg, while pulling it in towards your face. Start to curl your head up, lifting your one leg of the floor with few inches. To continue, switch your legs to complete sets of this Pilate pose.


This movement will involve the flow of your hips. While lying facing upwards, bend your knees over your hips and lift your feet off the floor. Then make your legs extended as you reach your arms toward your feet. While doing this, lift your head and shoulders off the mat. It will create a V shape with your torso and legs. Hold this position and breathe for 5 seconds. Afterwards, roll onto your back while bending your knees again.

Pilate Pose in Plank Positions

While in plank positions, you can do different Pilate pose. For instance, you can perform a plank leg lift. In this position, you will need to in a high plank with your hands under your shoulders. Then lift your one leg alternate with the others as high as you can but not past your shoulder height. It will make your core, butt and quads engaged. If you want to know are you successfully doing it, your hips should not be rocking.

Another Pilate poses you can do while in plank position is the plank rock. This pose will start by positioning yourself in a high plank with your hands on shoulders. Then begin your body rocking forward for a couple of inches toward your hands and backward to your heels. Like the plank leg lift, your core, butt and quads are engaged the entire time.

As you will hear the slow-motion mountain climber Pilate poses, you will think that this is a high-intensity exercise. But it is still a simple one. You can start with a high plant and your hands under your shoulders. Then bring your one knee in toward your chest at a time. Keep your core, butt and quads engaged to keep your hips from rocking.

One of the Pilate poses that you can do for your plank position is making a side plank with your one hand under your shoulders. Make sure that your foot is in front of you. While doing this, dip your hips toward the ground then lift them. You can repeat this ten times before switching to the other side.

Your Take Away

Pilate pose exercise is suitable for those who are not into high-intensity training. But performing this exercise, though it involves simple routines, it does not mean that this is not beneficial to our health.

Pilate pose is one of the safest exercises of many who are preventing to have damage with their knees and joints.