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Looking for Simple Exercise? Try these Easy Pilates Pose for Best Result!


Pilates pose to strengthen your core are the moves you should start to practice. The focus is on your midsection, and that is why we don’t need any equipment to do that.

Pilates pose is one of the best and easiest exercises that you can integrate with the rest of the activities. There are many moves of Pilates pose, and you will need to pick some of them to make a daily routine.

But what good does Pilates pose do to our body?

Like other workouts, Pilates pose has many benefits to our body. From strength to balance, this exercise gives our body the chance to be physically fit. So here are the details you want to know:

Shape up your abs muscles.

Pilates pose does not only shape your abs. It also gives strength to your core. When doing Pilates pose, it will hit your core muscles. It will affect your lower back, abdomen, hip and pelvic muscles. One good reason why you need to strengthen these parts of your body is because of the importance during the day to day activity.

And with the constant exercise of your back, hip and pelvic, you have less chance of getting back pain. With Pilates pose workouts, you will have significant improvement with your backside.

Full-Body Workout

You know that doing a full-body workout has many benefits. And with Pilates pose, though the focus is your core, you can develop a full-body workout. It ensures that no muscles have been developed extremely or lack of training. But to have a complete and regular routine, regardless of what kind of exercises, you can have a perfect lean body. Pilates pose is just a plus on this one.

But since it involves the whole body, it improves posture. If you know that you have poor posture forms, you will need to have this exercise. It can help the muscles developed.

Over time, Pilates pose will improve our good posture, which strengthens our muscles. Typically, we have a bad habit of slouching when we worked. It will also prevent some muscle pain in our back, neck and even headache.

Including excellent benefits of Pilates pose is the prevention of pressures on knees and joints. The movement during Pilates pose is slow and controlled, so you should not worry about impact during sports and exercises. Thus, a Pilates pose is an exercise for everyone. It does not matter how young or old you are, and your shape for the activities. The significance of this exercise is it can be a benefit to everyone.

Once you get used and your body has regular exercise, your body will improve its performance. Especially when it comes to sport, Pilates pose develops muscular symmetry and aligned to prevent injuries.

Different Movement for your Pilates Pose

Good posture using Pilates pose has a different set of routines and movements. Below are some of the Pilates pose that you can perform for your core strength.

Leg Circle

Your starting posture is lying with your face looking upwards. Then your arms by your sides, palms down. While in this situation, bend your left knee and place your left foot flat on the floor. Make sure that you will extend your one leg up, perpendicular to the floor.

Before returning to your starting position, circle your right leg out to the side and put down toward the ground your leg. You can make the circle as big as you can while keeping your lower back on the floor.

When you return to your starting position, you can repeat the leg circle with reversing. Then complete all repetitions on each leg.

100 Movements

Lying with face upwards, while lifting both legs toward the ceiling and lower to halfway angle is your starting position. Then curl your head up and reach your arms alongside your body while palms are facing down. While in this position, pump your arms up and down as you inhale for five seconds and exhale at the same time. You can repeat this exercise ten times to complete one set.

Stretching your Legs

What is your starting position in this one? Well, you have to lie while your face is upwards. Then bring your knees towards your chest and place your hands on your chins. You can start to curl your head up off the floor. Then you can extend your one leg alternate while keeping your lower back on the floor. It will maintain your core engaged throughout.

Criss-crossing your Body

Bring both knees towards your chest while lying and your face upward. Then place your hands on the back of your head, but keep your elbows wide. In this way, you can curl your head up. Your shoulder should be towards your right knee as you extend your left leg. Repeat on the other knee. You can continue performing the alternate sides.

Scissor Kick

This exercise involves the shape like a scissor justifying its name. To perform, you will need your one leg to extend upward while lying, face upward. The position should be perpendicular to the floor. Then bring your hands behind your right leg, while pulling it in towards your face. Start to curl your head up, lifting your one leg of the floor with few inches. To continue, switch your legs to complete sets of this Pilate pose.


This movement will involve the flow of your hips. While lying facing upwards, bend your knees over your hips and lift your feet off the floor. Then make your legs extended as you reach your arms toward your feet. While doing this, lift your head and shoulders off the mat. It will create a V shape with your torso and legs. Hold this position and breathe for 5 seconds. Afterwards, roll onto your back while bending your knees again.

Pilate Pose in Plank Positions

While in plank positions, you can do different Pilate pose. For instance, you can perform a plank leg lift. In this position, you will need to in a high plank with your hands under your shoulders. Then lift your one leg alternate with the others as high as you can but not past your shoulder height. It will make your core, butt and quads engaged. If you want to know are you successfully doing it, your hips should not be rocking.

Another Pilate poses you can do while in plank position is the plank rock. This pose will start by positioning yourself in a high plank with your hands on shoulders. Then begin your body rocking forward for a couple of inches toward your hands and backward to your heels. Like the plank leg lift, your core, butt and quads are engaged the entire time.

As you will hear the slow-motion mountain climber Pilate poses, you will think that this is a high-intensity exercise. But it is still a simple one. You can start with a high plant and your hands under your shoulders. Then bring your one knee in toward your chest at a time. Keep your core, butt and quads engaged to keep your hips from rocking.

One of the Pilate poses that you can do for your plank position is making a side plank with your one hand under your shoulders. Make sure that your foot is in front of you. While doing this, dip your hips toward the ground then lift them. You can repeat this ten times before switching to the other side.

Your Take Away

Pilate pose exercise is suitable for those who are not into high-intensity training. But performing this exercise, though it involves simple routines, it does not mean that this is not beneficial to our health.

Pilate pose is one of the safest exercises of many who are preventing to have damage with their knees and joints.