Women Suits, The Most Powerful Fashion Styles You must Try On!


Women suits are one of the most potent fashion styles. With the emergence of different fashion designs, women suits are the choice of most women for work and even on some occasions.

Women suits are known to give a powerful look to ladies out there. As told by many, women suits can be dressed on any occasion, but this is my favorite for going to the office.

Before I stumbled with women suits fashion styles, I always wore long sleeves and pants. I seldom wear skirts because of the comfort level I am getting from it. So when I heard about women suits, I looked for them right away.


There are many ways to style women’s suits. However, some societies are not convinced that women wearing suits is not ideal. Perhaps you have heard or read news about a company that offered a higher salary or extra money paid to ladies for not wearing proper dress code. 

Humiliation is one of the problems seen in the fashion industry. Designs and styles are sometimes not favorable to the culture and beliefs of society. So when it comes to these suits, there are options on how to adapt on certain occasions.

Well, I, for instance, am obsessed with pants and suits. Wearing this kind of dress makes me feel free and equal to men. I did not say that men are more powerful than women, but dressing wise, men in suits have a different image than men wearing different fashion and style. Well, I am saying that women suits are becoming the thing of most women, including me, for another level of technique.

Women’s suits are versatile. Wearing this fashion transforms a masculine look into feminine and formal to casual, vice versa.

How to Choose Women Suits

Pick the right pants.

Women-Suits-The-Most-Powerful-Fashion-03The first thing to do if you want to wear a woman suit is to choose the right pants. My pants in women’s suits are usually straight cut or a little flare at the bottom. This style is a perfect pair of heels or dresses boots. Also, a high waisted style can give me a structured look. 

Choose the right fabric.

The next thing you should look at is the fabric of the clothes. For instance, I wear clothes made of wool to keep me warm during winter and cooler in summer. Wool fabric in high quality is soft and lightweight and comes in colors of gray, black, and navy. Another option for the fabric you can choose is linen, a crisp appearance but gives comfort in warmer weather. Other fabrics are a polyester-cotton blend, cotton, and synthetic materials.

Make a great fit.

Women suits make the most flattering fit in the fashion industry. Make sure you know your body shape, and everything will follow. As a general guide, for curvy women, you can have a suit with wide necklines, rounded lapels, and a double-breasted jacket balance out the body. For angular women, on the other hand, pointed lapels and straight-cut jackets, skirts, and flatter pants will go along with your body shape.

But these types of clothes do not match with petite women. Instead, look for solid-colored suits with subtle pinstripe patterns. That will create the illusion of being taller.

Different Suits Fashion for Women

Get ready for the work.

The basic black suit and white shirt look – this is the typical women suits style. But let us make it into another level. Wear a double cuff blouse shirt for women. Then wear a blazer, but it should not cover the cuffs.

If you want another level of women suits to look for the work, adding a suspender is a good idea. Make sure the suspender is thin or slim and not so tight.  

Wear it for Casual Occasions.


With your women suits, pair it with sneakers and an oversized cardigan to transform a formal to casual wear. For additional accessories, wear a scarf that perfectly adds a touch of casual style while wearing a suit. For this look, choose slimmer pants.

A casual style can be more likely a tomboy-ish look. Just loosen the tie, untucked and unbutton the shirt and rolled-up sleeves in a ¾ manner. Of course, sneakers are the perfect footwear for this woman to suit casual style.

Try a Japanese Women Suits Style.

How about adding a Japanese style? For women suit with Japanese style, accessories can do it like choker or necklace. Then baggy pants are the key to this style of suit. 

Prepare an Elegant Style.

The women’s suits are a powerful look with elegance, in this style, wide-leg pants, cape blazer, and scarf that adds a touch of class. For a stylish look, a cape blazer with a long sleeve shirt will work out just fine.

Another look you can opt for stylish fashion, a turtle neck sweater paired with a deep blazer and a slimmer pants will give you a nerdy look, though but a nod for a sophisticated look. 

Summer Look in a Suit.

Dfgesaghdfsg3tsdafWhen talking about summer, a suit might get a little off the trend. But there is a way to enjoy it. During the summer season, air conditioning tends to be on full power. So using a green blazer and scarf will give a style for the suit during summer. Make sure you use a light color at this time.

After-The-Party Look.

For women suits, a lot can be paired to have different levels of styles. For this one, the “after-party” look is a more comfortable look of a suit with the bow untied, loosened collar and unbuttoned. And also, the cummerbund is classic with this look.

The Badass Look.

It is a look when you are wearing a suit with a three-piece top and a fedora hat. I opted to wear gloves for this look because it will look like a theatrical and costume party.

Sharing My Thoughts.

The women suits have the impression of power, elegance, and sophistication. There are plenty of ways to style it, but while doing it, you can never go wrong. Just make sure you are not overdressed. The suit is made for individuals who are on business or formal occasions. The styles I have for you will give you more options on other events without losing the power, elegance, and sophistication.

Style Tips for Teens and Cool Fashion Ideas to Try on


Style tips for teens are worth trying if you want to see your teenage girl go easy with her fashion ideas. Teenage years especially for girls are tough times to decide the styles and fashion that they will have.

Style tips for teens are quite tricky if you want to help teenagers to have their own fashion statement. Doing some style tips for teens may have a significant impact on building their confidence. You may not see it instantly, but over time these style tips for teens really make a big difference.

Fresh fashion style ideas for teens are a bit confusing because, at this stage of their age, they tend to have an individual style and fashion. The influencers of style tips for teens are mostly young celebrities, peer groups, and even making their fashion styles.


So if you are looking for another level of fashion style tips for teens, here are the most exciting outfits for teens. The fun and fresh fashion tips for teens are what you should check out.

Best of the Style Tips for Teens

Fashion ideas for teens come in different own styles and comfort levels. Teenagers are usually anxious about the clothes they are wearing, and if they need to do some alteration with their outfit, here are some style tips for teens’ ideas.

How to style layered fashion?

Clothes layering is a fashion trend that is perfect for all ages. This style covers all ages and never became an awkward fashion style. So why is layering one of the style tips for teens?

Layering is one of the style tips for teens because it helps them try all their clothes with different colors at once. For instance, you can suggest a colorful style with a shirt or jacket as the top then pair it with basic types of denim and sneakers. A crossbody bag can be an accessory on top of the colorful layered clothes.

There are many ways to style layering since teens can be so imaginative, especially during the onset of summer and winter seasons.

When summer…

Style-Tips-for-Teens-and-Cool-Fashion-03For summer feels, teens can enjoy layering style with a crop top. A crop top is a big hit in a fashion that even adults are wearing. For a decent and straightforward crop top, make your first choice a striped crop top in neutral tones. A black and white can be the perfect pair with your types of denim. Then accessories with natural makeup should complete the classic style tips for teens with a crop top.

For winter…

On the contrary, you cannot wear a crop top when summer. But you can perfectly enjoy the layering style with color matching. Since winter season is the time for your body to have some extra heat, layering is the best option for style tips for teens.

The technique is a combination of two items with a color of choice—for example, a bright teal woolen cap and scarf. Then the rest of the outfit should be in neutral or light tones. The focus will remain on the bright color. In this style of layering for winter, minimize the bright color and, as much as possible, wear only two items of the same color.


Then another fashion that will hit for the winter season is the basic vest. It is an accessory that your teen should have. A jacket can be paired with a blue pair of types of denim and simple bright sneakers. And with the vest on top, it is better paired with a scarf, shirt, t-shirt, and a jacket.

Why do jackets a “go” for teen fashion?

Everyone loves to wear a jacket. For style tips for teens, a blue denim jacket is the best choice to have. It can be fashioned with different accessories that everyone should have. It is a go for fashion when a jacket can be paired with other clothes. A sample outfit with a coat is wearing it over a dress, regular skirt, and top. A vest and denim combo can be the right choice, then try it over a formal attire and buttoned-up jacket with a black pair of denim. A denim jacket and pants can be a good pair with simple top and accessories.

How about shorts and stockings?

Qvgtr7xdThese fashion style tips for teens can be a right outfit if you know how to match it with the entire outfit. A stunning style can be made with shorts and stockings. Look for denim shorts and a netted stocking underneath. Then pair this with a white crop top and colorful pair of sneakers. Accessories for these fashion styles can be a cap or aviators, which can be one of the best teen fashion tips.

What makes the glasses perfect for teens’ accessories?

Speaking of glasses, this is a significant style statement both for teens and adults. When it comes to glasses, you can choose the type of look you want to create. There are different colors, shapes, and styles of glasses. The frames of glasses depend on the style tips for teens. A big and chunky frame, for example, is a popular style of glasses. A pair of glasses with the same color or multiple colors in them can be more vibrant and help brighten up a plain look. That is why glasses are one of the accessories that help style tips for teens, may it formal or casual wear.

How to choose a fashionable boot?

There is something in wearing boots that every teen wants to wear them as fashionable as it is. The boots are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you have options other than the classic black and brown colors.


What color should match the style tips for teens? Well, for starter, pick two pairs of favorite colors and wear them with outfits that match with your boots. If the boots are colorful, opt for outfits with neutral or plain colors.

What makes the perfect dress and accessories?

The perfect dress can be of any style, color, and design as long as it fits the body shape perfectly. But for teens, floral patterns in pink or lavender with lace and frills models can work best. Wearing this kind of dress can match with jackets, stockings or leggings. Of course, when it is winter, though.

For accessories, bagels and bracelets are essential to emphasize the style tips for teens. The bigger, the better bracelets and bangles become stylish with a layering effect, and that can add character for a regular and plain outfit.

Sharing My Thoughts

Style tips for teens can be creative in many ways. The fashion tips above are a few of what teens can do for their fashion statement. When it comes to fashion, there are no boundaries and limits. But there are simple rules like an important one to emphasize certain fashion accessories and colors. The fashion style should increase confidence, not the other way around.

Statement Shirts Fashion: Wear the Top Sparkling Styles Without Regrets


Statement shirts are my savior when it comes to fashion for different occasions. And I can say there are lots of ways to style statement shirts. Do you want to know what the styles that can make you look fabulous are?

Statement shirts are fashion styles that many of us wear too often because of the comfort. In any season and occasion, these shirts are trendy. So here are some of the best styles for statement shirts fashion.


How to Style Statement Shirts?

When wearing shirts, layering is the technique. You can use the following to do it.

Wear some blazer

To style my statement shirt, even at work, I wear a blazer to add sophistication. The edgy design accentuates my look at work while I am wearing my statement shirt. 

You also can try an oversized blazer that will add up a little extra polish and style to a plain tee. If you want a super casual look, pair it with shorts.


Each outfit needs accessories. For my style, I wear a necklace to give more statements with my shirt. Since it has no collar, accessories like a necklace will add some shape in the collar and emphasize the collarbone.


4wey656hjmgvi56juTry not to wear ordinary jeans if you are going to pair the statement shirt with jeans, match them with boyfriend jeans. But make sure the statement shirt is well fitted.

A vintage look will be your look if you will pair a statement shirt with flared jeans. Boho chic is what suits your style if you revive the 70’s look with flared jeans and statement shirts.

Denim Jacket

Statement shirts can be more fashionable with a denim jacket. It is layering for a shirt that can create a statement jean.

Leather Jacket 

You can wear your statement shirt with leather leggings and a leather jacket. You will need the statement t-shirt to contrast with the leather. 


Statement shirts are a great pair with shorts during the on-set of warm weather. Say, you are traveling in the summer season, you want to keep an extra shirt, better with a style and design to look awesome.

“Mom” Jeans

How about statement shirts for mom? Unlike teens, moms have different ways to style shirts. The best outfit for shirts and jeans are a white tee and blue jeans. That is a classic yet sophisticated look for mom’s rocking shirts and jeans. Plus, a winter coat to elevate the look during cold weather.


There are lots of skirts that you can pair with statement shirts. But my favorite is the maxi skirt. Though it gives me a bit of a flirty look, I just like to pair it with plain slides or boots. Then I pick my favorite shirts. 

The skirts will be a good pair of shirts. A statement shirt and my favorite full skirt will rock the street style—a comfortable yet gorgeous looking fashion.

Some skirts you can try pairing with your statement shirts is a denim skirt. This look is best for a laid-back day when all you want is comfort. 

On the other hand, you can sport a chic look by wearing a midi skirt and heels. The knotting of your tee will complete the look. 

Striped Shirts

Another casual look for statement shirts is a striped tee. But this look should be paired with white jeans. It will create a sophisticated look without trying hard to be.

Oversized shirts

Statement-Shirts-Fashion-Wear-the-Top-04If you love wearing oversized statement shirts like me, then you should have an oversized belt. That will emphasize your shape – hips and upper body. A corset belt will look amazing with this look.

Plain Statement Shirts

Plain shirts are standard if you want to come clean. Some of the fashion for your plain tees are pairing it with leather pants and coat, and a furry jacket will elevate your look. If you are enjoying a night time look, your outfit can be all black.

A monochrome style of fashion never fails if you want to get your outfit correctly. The plain statement shirts are always on the go, and if you have black jeans to pair with it, you can combine the two pieces. 

How about plain t-shirts and slip dresses? It is a combination where you can put the statement shirts over your slip dress. Just add some accessories, and you are good to go.

Tracksuit pants

Are you looking for a more convenient way of wearing statement shirts? The tracksuit pants can be your ally when it comes to a street style with your shirts. It can be an iconic look.

Sharing My Thoughts

What is with statement shirts, and everyone is looking into it? Indeed, there are lots of styles on how to fashion shirts. From formal to casual to chic and street styles – all of these can be one of your looks for shirts. You can always mix and match anything with it. Just make sure you do not overdress it.

Work From Home Outfits: Clever Outfit Ideas while Staying at Home


Work from home outfits is one of the craziest ideas while staying at home and following strict home quarantine because of the coronavirus. Professionals are not used in wearing pajamas while working through it has a comfortable feeling.

Work from home outfits is possible, but of course, it has limitations. Unlike the formal outfit and office styles, work from home outfits should be comfortable and cozy. You do not need to think of complying with what to wear. But believe that you need to feel comfortable but not too comfy that you will be lazy in doing your work.

There is no doubt that everyone is staying at home. Even freelancers and influencers need to work from home. Adapting in this new normal is hard, but take it as a new challenge, and coping with it needs a little encouragement.


Thinking of some encouragement, work from home outfits do not need to be extravagant. You just need to be comfortable, like I said a while ago. There are no specific criteria.

Also, it does not become harmful to incorporate some traditional style as long as you are comfortable.

Well, for me, I have some bright ideas for work from home outfits. My old fashion statement is awkward for others but wearing it at home as work from home outfits is a different story.

Clever Ideas for Work from Home Outfits

After almost two months of staying at home and continuing the self-quarantine to fight the coronavirus pandemic, it feels good to have outfit ideas that will work fine as work from home outfits.


Shirt Dress or maxi dress? Well, you can wear both without causing trouble while working. There are lots of dresses that you can try on while working at home.

But for me, a shirtdress and maxi dress gave me satisfaction and another level of comfort while working.

A shirtdress is quick and easy to wear. It does not need ironing, and most of my shirtdresses are made of cotton garments.

The maxi dress is longer than any dresses. It is an option for me when I want to wear a sweatshirt that will add heat since the maxi dress will make you feel more cooling than any other suit.

Layered Outfits

Speaking of sweatshirts over a maxi dress, how about layering your clothes for more style?


I tried the layered work from home outfits. I experimented and played around layering and wearing a bright shirt under my favorite tee. Then I wear some joggers. Perfect mixing and matching of clothes is a new discovery for me since work from home is the new normal thing right now.

How about jeans and a sweater? It is another level of layered work from home outfits. But if you feel a little hot, then this outfit is not suitable for you if you are working at home.


Trying midi skirt and cardigan can be a playful outfit if you are trying to a new trend at home. Well, as for me, it is fun to experiment on layered work from home outfits. You can also wear short instead of a midi skirt.

To feel the coming spring season, you can opt to wear white pants. This is ideal when you are just staying at home, and your only worry is getting stains from the food you are eating. Since spring is coming and summer is almost at hand, a blazer over a slip dress can be the perfect outfit. The summer dresses and styles will complete your summer work from home outfits.

Are you looking for prints and designs? You can wear plaid pants and a wrap top. It is an eye-catching combination, and you are going to love this. Choose a print that can easily be paired with your other clothes. The power of mixing and matching depends on your chosen prints and designs.

Leveling Up your Styles and Outfits

When boredom strikes me, I make outfits that will slay other fashion styles of work from home outfits. For instance, a jumpsuit and sweater can be a good pair as long as a belt is wrapped around your body. The midsection belt will give emphasized your curves and shapes.

A boiler suit can be stylish when blazer and leggings are paired with it. Then some hair accessories can give your fashion style more attractive and a little bit of sparkle.

Of course, the classic will be the best outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, but you can level it up with a button-down jacket or blazer. It will work well with your work from home outfits.

Sharing My Thoughts

Work-from-home-outfits-004Another fashion is emerging in the form of work from home outfits. This style can be trendy now that everyone around the world is strictly following the stay at home new typical to control the spread of coronavirus.

But self quarantining cannot stop our fashion. As a matter of fact, style can be adapt from each scenario given the seasons coming to us. There are many options and no rules when you are making your own fashion statement as long as it will make you feel better and uplift your personality.


Styling Tips for Tall Men – The Essentials for your Fashion Statement


Essential styling tips for tall men is as important as finding the right girl. Well, admittedly, there is an awkward fashion when you are tall. And if we say tall, you find it hard to choose the proper way and styles for you.

Essential styling tips for tall men can be the key if you want to be more confident. It is also one of the styling tips that you should consider when you are making your fashion and style.

So how will you slay the fashion when you are tall and if you do not want to catch too much attention. Since you are tall, you will require some fashion tips that will complement your style preferences.

Styling Tips for Tall Men 01

What are the essential styling tips for tall men?

Being tall is great when you do fashion, but some specific designs and styles will not fit your height easily. So here are the best tips so you can conquer your height when you fashion.

Customized your Dress Shirts

Styling Tips for Tall Men 002What are dress shirts? If you are not aware, these kinds of clothes are the t-shirt that you will be wearing. Some of the ready-to-wear garments you want to wear are not just fit in your shoulders, arms, and collars. So the solution is to make it customized. Go to a reliable tailor and make some improvements with your shirts. It will cause you a bit more money, but it will suit you better.


Big is different from Tall


Do not be deceived if someone told you that you are big, so you need to wear some clothes with bigger sizes. Being tall is different from being big. Essential styling tips for tall men is knowing the difference of clothes fitting in tall men versus to bigger men. So if you are just tall with a slim fit, then you can choose a proportioned size. Otherwise, you can choose plus size if you are tall and big.

Subtle Plaids and Textures

tll04Plaids and textures depending on your height and size. When you are tall, you do not need to wear vertical stripes. It will make you seem taller, and your height will shadow the crowd. Instead, look for subtle or simple plaids and textures. Set aside vertical stripes so it will not be your problem in the future and more space for shirts that essentials styling tips for tall men.

Pay attention to your necktie


One of the essentials tips for tall men is the size of the necktie. When you are tall, you should know that your tie should complement the length of your torso. Avoid short ties and make sure that the length is on top of your belt buckle or waistband.

Belt and shoes should come together

tll01To complete your style, make sure that your belt and shoes complement each other. Do not experiment with colors that are too loud and different. Can you imagine what will happen? Well, you will look like a clown. Being tall, men should know the segmenting and shortening your height rule when it comes to shoes and belts. You can always try to have two colors that are in contrast with each other. It will slay your whole outfit.

Some Reminders to Keep your Height Illusioned

If you want to be more stylish when you are tall, you should know what outfit you look more confident and what makes you feel down. And the latter you should avoid before making a scene at the party.

Textures, layers, and some patterns should be avoided when you want to minimize your height.

Know when to best layered.

When you are a tall man, you should know that breasted jackets can be worn comfortably. Double-breasted jackets or vests can be worn correctly with tall men. So if you are looking for coats, there would be no problem with you. Just make sure you choose the unique and distinguishes look that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Look for dashing shoes.

When you are tall, one of the essential tips for tall men includes patterned, textured, and a bit colored leathers. It will make your outfit more elegant, and with your height, it will be a killer to your fashion and style. It will also make your feet a bit shorter when wearing leather shoes. Of course, this kind of shoes can be worn when you have a business to attend and formal and smart-casual occasions.

Oversized is not your thing.

Oversized clothes are not your thing when you are tall. You should stick with the exact size to your height. Why? Because making your styles with the right patterns can restrain your height, which will help you to try some outfit that can match with it. You can always look for moderation and mix them with stripes as possible as you can. The moderation in mixing the lines is one of the essentials styling tips for tall men.

Shorts and Shirts that will balance your fashion.

Shorts and t-shirts when you are tall are challenging styles and fashion. You should know that it will help you balance and your clothes are not too big for you. Also, you should consider your shirt to have the size to compliment your waist.

Our Insights

Essential styling tips for men consider the size if you are skinny or heavyset. It is one problem tall men are facing because when you are thin, you can have slim-fit clothes. Otherwise, you can choose subtle prints and patterns. For tall skinny men, you can have more textured clothes like weaves and heavier cloth so it can make you shorter than your actual height.

Men’s Street Style and Fashion that You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Mens street style and fashion

Men’s street style and fashion is essential as this will be the ultimate for guys for their everyday look. A casual and easy-go manner will result in having the most fabulous trend on the go. Aside from women, men are also looking for new designs and fashion to wear while walking down the street.

Men’s street style is continually evolving, and the best way to keep up with the latest street fashion is going after the latest designs and creations. Like other fashion styles, men need to be in the newest form, so it will not be awkward for them to see how ridiculous they are wearing.

Mens Street Hottest

So what are the hottest fashion for men’s street style?

First, you will be looking at different magazines and outlets to find what is the best way to have men’s street style. You can choose to have the designer’s creations or pick the hottest fashion online.

But what exciting is making your own men’s street style while using the hottest items on fashion trends?

The Trousers

Mens Street TrousersWhen you want to wear trousers, men’s street style with high-waisted pants is one of the coolest fashion trends. It is a flattering style that can complement the outfit and you can wear it any time of the year. So you will not be worried whether you are dressing in summer or winter fashion style.

Why keep it high waisted? Men’s street style with this trouser can be paired with plain tees, or if you want to make it a bit modern, wear it with an open shirt. You can choose from the navy to the cream t-shirt.

Collared Shirts

Speaking of tees, this is one of my favorite tops when doing the men’s street style. With the collared shirts, I can have it in many different designs like bold prints or solid colors. It depends on my mood and occasions.

The Shorts

And yes, we will not forget the over-the-knee shorts for our men’s street style. It is the most comfortable and casual fashion that I can have. Especially when it hits summer, I choose to have this kind of style fashion to be more at ease while enjoying the outdoor activities. You can have it in bold colors and stable prints. Do not forget to pair them with sneakers.


When you hear about blazers, do not attach it with women’s fashions. Because men’s street style also includes oversized blazers. Like 80’s fashion, you can look less formal yet smarter casual. And blazers can go with just a basic tee and a pair of jeans. Your choice of shirt, pants or shorts, as long as you are free of mixing and matching with blazers.

Body Bags

Mens Street body bagsMake another choice for your cross-body bags. It is one of the classic accessories for men. And when you do the men’s street style, you have to look for cross-body bags rather than an ordinary body bag for men. Why? Practically speaking, when you are using cross body bags, the pockets will be more accessible, and you can have larger pockets for your gadgets and mobile phones.

The Designs

Oh, of course, do not forget the designs and colors of your men’s street style fashion. If you want your clothes to be more loud and proud, patchwork prints can be your ally. At first, it will be awkward to wear, but when you have the right styles and colors with your white tees, there you have it. You will stand out in the crowd wearing the best fashion. It is like sporting modern and traditional ways in one style.

The Street Style Suiting

Mens Street Style SuitingWhen you are in the formal outfit, you can turn it to be more casual. How will you do that? You can pair it with sneakers and a white shirt to have a laid back feeling. If you wear the blazer, you can button up. This style can be worn with so much confidence.

How about sunglasses?

Men’s ultimate weapon when they do fashion is sunglasses. But for men’s street style fashion, sunglasses do matter to protect the eyes from the sun. My favorite shade during summer is the cool shade in a futuristic and sleek manner. These are the best accessories for men, and the impact is outrageous that it can give you a powerful punch when you see this fashion.

The Footwear

When you do men’s street style, you can choose two-strap slides for your footwear. It is traditional footwear that can replace your shoes, but it doubles the support to your feet. So not bad and extra cool as you walk down the street. Neither brand shoes nor ordinary footwear, the important is the sole of it that can give you total support and relaxation. Especially when you walk down the street, you will need more comfort.

Our Insights

Men’s street style is essential for guys who love to go outside and do some outdoor activities. Walking down the street with fashion can give you the iconic piece of style that can make you give you the street style you want to be the inspiration for others. You can also create your own men’s street style with the ideas above.

Effective fashion nowadays does not come by copying the style of others. You can make your style. Different methods can be inspiring, and this can give you a unique way of doing your fashion. As long as you feel inspired and confident, nothing to worry about.

How to Dress for the Interview and What needs to Avoid 100%

How to Dress for the Interview and What needs to Avoid 100%

How to dress for the interview reflects your personality and attitude. According to experts, a person who is applying for a job should wear appropriate attire and makeup to have an excellent first impression on the employer.

How to dress for the interview is like setting the tone between you and your prospective employer. It is wise to dress smarter for an interview, but wearing smarter is not overdressed or underdressed.

how to dress for an interview?

Before going to the interview, do a primary background check of the company. It is essential to know about the insights of the company and the environment to which you will apply. It will also help you during the interview.

Then choose what kind of dress style you will wear. When the company required for formal attire, you should dress without overdoing it. Pay attention to every detail. Meaning, you should make sure that your dress for the interview is well prepared. For instance, how to dress for an interview is wearing appropriately with no wrinkles, stains, ripped or too fitting to you. Also, go comfortable with your accessories, makeup and perfume; the idea is to keep your attire simple. 

Overdressed, during the interview, will distract the employer. Set your fashion with classic items that complement each other. You can be fashionable yet comfortable to look at. To know if you are doing it right, make a rehearsal of your outfit. By doing so, you will notice if you are missing a button or you have some stitches to do. You can also prepare the clothes you will wear if you do rehearsals.

Types of Attire to Wear for an Interview

There are different kinds of the interview. It is essential to know what type of meeting you will attend so you can prepare all the necessary things. For instance, your dress for the interview includes shoes and bags. Aside from that, accessories are also needed to complete your attire. 

But some companies require the interviewee on how to dress for the interview. They would suggest if you needed to come in formal or casual attire. So what are the differences?

When you are advised to dress in business professional, you will need a suit. A suit for ladies comes in a skirt or pantsuit with heels. For gentlemen, you might want to wear a blazer or suit jacket, button-down shirt, suit pants, a tie and dress shoes.

Some other interview requires business casual attire. When you encounter this kind of attire, you might want to ditch out the suit because business casual has many options. For instance, men might wear slacks or chinos, paired with a button-down or polo shirt. Then a belt and shoes can be your finale for business casual attire. So how to dress for an interview requiring business casual for women? You might consider wearing a conservative dress or blouse, then a skirt or dress pants and shoes or boots. Make sure you are not overdressed when wearing business casual attire.

Now let us get simple with our dress code during the interview. When we say go for the casual in the discussion, you should not go in a sloppy fashion style. Make sure you will stay professional and polished. For men, try to wear a long sleeve shirt, khaki pants and shoes. Do not forget to wear a belt. Then for ladies, try a collared shirt with pants or a pencil skirt might do the trick.

Top Fashion to Impress

During interview, first impression is important

During the interview, the first impression is essential, aside from a sense of humor. For many, the dress code you will be wearing during the meeting has a significant factor. How to dress for an interview is something you can practice and be prepared ahead of time. 

Though there are different tips on how to dress for an interview, it is better also to figure out what to keep away when you are going to prepare for your interview.

Knowing what you will wear for your interview the day before is a big help, so you will not get stressed and make enough preparations for your outfit. Imagining what to wear does not help, so better try your dress before the day of your interview. Also, accessories and shoes are needed to match your outfit to feel more confident.

Refrain from doing other chores and attend to other appointments on the day of your interview. Make sure you will solely participate in your discussion and other tasks the day before. It means doing laundry off your dress to wear is essential before the day of your meeting. Remember that the individual or group of panelists who will evaluate you can determine if you are well-groomed or otherwise. So assume that every detail in your dress can be seen during your interview.

Look out for appropriate accessories. Jewelry in your outfit should be limited yet can match with your dress. Avoid wearing many chains, necklaces or bangles. Your jewelry should complement your style. It should not become a distraction of your outfit for the interview; hence, it should uplift your fashion.

Our Way to Dress for the Interview

Indeed, there are simple rules and complex ideas as well on how to dress for the interview. Following simple rules and what to avoid to perfect your outfit for the interview. 

And with the technology innovation, interviews sometimes performed via video call conferences. But it does not mean that you should take for granted the proper attire for the interview. The screening and evaluation are still the same, and the details of your outfit will be recognized.

How to dress for the interview can be easily assessed, knowing a brief background with the company. You can also inquire with the point person of the company to see if they prefer some uniform like casual or formal. It would be easier for you to understand how to dress for the interview.

Your Lucky 7 Best Ideas for Date Night


Ideas for date night should be remarkable and will fire up each moment. So, what should you keep in mind for your first date?

Ideas for date night have one rule, and it is ‘the first impression lasts.’ Take it from me when I had my first date a few years ago. It is still fresh, though, because memories from that time taught me many lessons.

Let me share with you my experience when I have my first date night. Since it was my first to have a date, I came prepared and list down all the things I should do and refrain from doing. Also, I know that whatever happens in my first date night will stick in my head forever.

So here it goes. My ideas for date night will start from the top of the list.

Your Lucky 7 Best Ideas for Date Night

Rule no. 1: Top of the Ideas for Date Night – Honesty is the best policy.

Yes, it is good to make impressions because it is the one that lasts. But to make a good impression, it is better, to be honest. Pretending to be someone or keeping secrets from your date on the very first date, you have will start an unhealthy relationship.

Making lies to your date will also making yourself looks like a fool. It is better to spill the beans than your partner will find out eventually. Otherwise, you are not looking for a second or following date with the person. But, finally, when the truth will come out, it will be awkward, and the main issue when lying and later on finding the truth is the trust your date has for you.

During first date night, even the little details are essential because, at this moment, you are trying to know the person and assessing if the person is worth the time to spend with.

Imagine a person who is always honest and open to you, without offense, can make the relationship sails smoothly. This rule applies to all relationships because being honest is a golden rule in every situation.

Rule no.2: Don’t fake it.

The second rule I have in my list coincides with my first rule – don’t fake it.

A simple lie can lead you to fake everything, and when you pretend to be someone from the very beginning, you will depress and frustrated. Don’t get pressured with someone who you think is better than you. Each individual is unique and has qualities that outshine others.

So you have the unique qualities that others don’t have, and you have to use it to fuel your confidence. Let your date know the real you not based on your outfit, makeup or hair. But make sure that your way of showing confidence is not offensive or making yourself too much recognition. You can also talk about past experiences and the challenges you have in your life. Sharing ideas are good during first date night.

Rule no. 3: Focus your attention on your date.

Showing you are interested with your date is one of the ideas for date night if you want to lose the chance of knowing your date better. Focusing on someone is giving them value and interest that shows how important they are also, if you keep away, whatever distractions like cellphones will make them feel that you respect them.

Rule no. 4: Learn to communicate.

One of the ideas for date night is communication. If you learn to communicate effectively, there will be no dull moment on your date. No silent moments that will make you feel awkward.

By showing interest in your date, you will not answer a simple yes or no. But you can elaborate it and make the topic more free-flowing. During the date night, there are no right or wrong answers. It is a kind of conversation about getting to know each other.

You can be witty, not flirty during first date night because one thing each of you expects is respect. In many ways, respect begets respect, so try to be witty with the conversation. And this is your limitation.

Well, communication is not only talking, but one way to communicate is learning to listen. By listening to every detail of what your date is saying will make it shows that you are giving importance to each word you are saying. And your partner will be glad to you because you remember everything you said.

Rule no. 5: Don’t dress to impress; just stay cool to your outfit.

Wearing comfortable clothes is one of the best ideas for a date night that we have for you. The first impression is essential, but if you are not satisfied with your outfit, it will be a disaster for the rest of your date night.

You don’t need to dress to impress but make it a way that your outfit will reflect your inner you. Make sure you have no annoying feeling to your outfit because your date will notice it eventually. You can look good without feeling uncomfortable. A simple outfit can suit your style with accessories that will fit best to your character.

Also, don’t overdress even you feel comfortable with it. Your outfit should complement the venue and your date’s clothes as well.

Rule no. 6: Modern fashion way – Share the Bill

During the modern fashion way of dating, splitting the bill does not get the approval of everyone. It is one of the arguments if you are going to your first date. Well, this idea depends on the individuals during the date night. For some, it will be convenient to show that sharing is acknowledging the capability of each other about finances. On the contrary, splitting the bill has a negative impression.

So before splitting the bill your date, you can ask politely, or you can observe if he/she’s the kind of person who is willing to share or not. You watch and make the verdict afterwards.

Rule no. 7: Getting drunk is not a good start.

Showing your date, your true self, is one of the best ideas for a date night that we have for you. But it does not include getting drunk. Learn to control your alcohol intake for the first date, especially if the other one is not drinking.

Know your limits so you can still make sense and go with the conversation fruitfully. Don’t forget to drink water in between your drinks so you can always stay hydrated.

Ideas for Date NightOur Insights to Ideas for Date Night

Now that you have my lucky seven best ideas for date night, you will still need some bonus tips to make it a 100% success.

After your date, you can anticipate for a second date. The second date will be the verdict if you want to know better your time. Also, this will be your chance to act more of yourself and avoid making the same mistakes you had from your first date unintentionally.

What about the three-day rule? Recent days like now, if you are sincere with your date, you can at least thank her by calling or sending a message. It will make her feel she was appreciated and valued.


Looking for the Perfect Fashion with Elegant and Beauty?


Fashion and beauty looks, when combined, is astonishing. The key that every woman needs is the right design and color of the fashion that will complement the beauty they hold. Regardless of the skin color and body shape, fashion and beauty looks will feature accessories, and another way will complement each other.

Regardless of your age, you can have the fashion and beauty looks. So what could be worn to be classy and trendy?

Fashion and Beauty Looks: OuterwearFashion and Beauty Looks: Outerwear

Trench Coat

You got to hold with your trench coat. Way back to 1850s, this type of jacket has been the ideal clothes of women. And nowadays, you might try to wear it but give it a little modern touch like rolling up the sleeves.


Set aside the thought of wearing blazers as if you are going to be informal fashion. But consider the fact that you can wear blazers with a pair of jeans and heels. Also, you can wear blazers with a tight-fitting dress. The best blazer that every woman should have is a black blazer. It can go well with other color and style.

If coat can be worn oversized, blazers should be at the right length, which is a hip-length style and precise shape at your waist. Then try to stretch your arms forward to know that your blazer fits well or too restrictive for your movement.

Slip Dress

Well, for some, this type of dress is mind-blowing. For the conservative individual, wearing a slip dress in the street is inappropriate. However, with modern technology and fashion, you can wear this dress as a symbol of being laidback and a little grunge-chic style.


Choose skirts that will give your butt a pencil shape. Why this shape? Well, it is flattering and classic for many to see a woman in a pencil skirt. If you have a piece of a pencil skirt, then you have a powerhouse wardrobe. A good pencil skirt should be flexible and will keep the shape throughout. And to be safe with the color, choose neutral colors. But printed will do excellent but you can wear it with limitations.

Little ‘Black’ Dress

Most women required to have a little black dress in their wardrobe. So here it is. Why should we need this black dress and why it should be little? Little black dress is an iconic dress of women from known celebrities. When worn, you can never fail to have a fashion and beauty looks. You can have the look of a classy, sharp and fashionable lady in a black dress.

When we say little, don’t take it literally little. This dress has a knee-length or mid-length dress to your legs. If you finally found the right fit and length of your black dress, then probably you will need to think of how you sport it. To have fashion and beauty looks, you can try different footwear with your dress. The shoe will be your final touch on what look you will have for the day.

Footwear Fashion

Footwear Fashion


One of the fashion and beauty looks accessories that you every woman should have in their wardrobe are pairs of shoes. You can have it in color red or black. But to seek to be classy and fashionable, black pumps will look great. A pair of pumps does not only match with a skirt or dress. How about pairing it with your jeans? Well, it will be awkward at first try but when you realize that it gives you the confidence; then go for it. Pumps with a round-toe and pointy-toe are your choices.


When it comes to jeans, men or women have a bunch of jeans in their wardrobe. Notably, women love to collect different color and design of jeans. But the most favorite is dark wash jeans. It is a staple type of jeans for women.

But jeans have rules when it comes to your shape. Ideally, when you have an apple shape body, you will have to look for higher-waist line straight cut jeans. When you are pear-shaped, you can look great with boot-cut jeans. Luckily for ruler shape body, you can sport wearing skinny jeans.


Don’t think that wearing boots is like going some rock climbing or whatever involved in a rocky surface. Different type of boots can be used that depends on their style. For instance, to have a fashion and beauty looks; you can try matching ankle, heeled or rugged boots. But to look fashionable, classy and trendy, you will need to wear no-heel boots. This boots can look good with skirts and jeans, opposite with what most people believe about wearing boots without heels.

But don’t push your luck for a no-heel boot. Be yourself and if you prefer to have heel boots, then make sure that it has a stacked heel under two inches. It will make you a longer leg line and a little height with comfort.

women Topwear Looks

Topwear Looks

Button Up

Fashion and beauty looks can happen if you can sport a button-up shirt. A most casual button-up shirt is in color white, but don’t be afraid to try wearing patterns and color. Some are also wearing neutral patterns like dots or subtle animal print. Designs or prints of button-up shirts depend on your personality. Nevertheless, whatever fashion and beauty looks, you may carry to yourself; it will build more confidence in you.

White T-Shirts

Oh yes, let us not forget the shirts. White t-shirts are the most classic top of many. It has been the favorite of those who opt for simple fashion style.


When getting a bag, make sure you choose those with many pockets in a rectangular shape. Right size, not too small or big, can give you maximum storage. When it comes to color, nothing can beat being in neutral form. Not only in makeup or color of clothes but when it comes to accessories, neutral colors can be easy to pair with.

True Essence of Fashion

Fashion and beauty looks depend on someone carrying it and seeing it to another person. But what we wear is the mirror of our personality, mood, attitude and character. Our fashion will always define our true self.

Few things can be done to look classy and elegant without trying hard. For instance, following the style tips, we mentioned in this article. The above fashion pieces are the top choices of famous celebrities. From high waist jeans to little black dress, from high to no-hell boots, the fashion and beauty looks have been in Holywood yearly.

Hold the pieces together.

Fashion and beauty looks can be classy or trendy, but sometimes it can be worn both. How will you do it? The technique is the right matching of clothes with the right type of apparels.

How to Rock Your Fashion with These Simple Outfit Ideas


A simple outfit for women is essentials when they need to be on the go in no time. With these outfit ideas, you will know what right or wrong outfits are.

Simple outfit ideas are the most effortless fashion to wear. You will not be worried too much if you wear it too much or too simple. These ideas will be helpful if you have to attend many attentions and you will need to wear just simple clothes.

There are many occasions, and in those events, you will need to wear different outfits. Simple yet elegant can be your fulfillment for your fashion. You don’t need to wear too much or too simple. Just wear what looks best in you and what makes you comfortable.

Some Occasions

Some occasions that you need to be prepared are what we listed here. And we hope that it will get you off the hook when it comes to simple outfit ideas.

Weddings with Simple Outfit

Weddings with Simple Outfit

For sure you will hear about some etiquette about fashion on this occasion. Mainly, you should avoid the shade of colors white, black or red. But these are rules when we don’t know the true meaning of fashion. It is the combination of bright and dull colors like red and black that can complete the main entourage and guests of the wedding.

So what simple outfit to wear? You will need to dig into the guests’ list, theme and venue of the wedding. In this way, your dress codes will not get lost. Once you do this, you will need to lay your outfit low and possible to be simple. No beaded or sequined too much. Remember that your dress should not overthrow the beauty of the bride or the looks of the grown. That is why we need to be a simple yet elegant outfit.

Going to a Party

party dress women

Years ago, when we heard about the party, you will have the impression of dressing too sexy or loud fashion statement. But nowadays, the cocktail dress should not focus on being hot or too loud. The simple outfit idea that you need to know is those with style. So don’t get into a party, especially the cocktail party, wearing a glittery knee-length dress. Just wear some casual top and tailored pants or skirt which can go casual like chino, jersey and denim.

For dinner party, you can always play it safe by just wearing what could be the theme for the evening party. By doing so, it will not be uncomfortable for you when you are at the party.

On the contrary, a business dinner party is an automatic professional outfit. But don’t wear too formal. Just be in the between of looking professional and in being the moment of into party. What to consider in this situation is the culture and background of your company. What you wear should comply with the company, though you are at a dinner party. Make sure to be professional in a simple outfit.

Getting the Job You Want

job interview dress female

 Let me put it this way when you want the job you need to be smart, but also you need to fashionable. During the interview, the outfit is also the factor. Make a background check with the company you are getting into. It will help you to get prepared on what you need to wear.

Religious Events

In short, occasions dictate what we wear. And the culture and society of the community will make you have a simple outfit. Then, on some occasions like baptism, definitely, you will avoid wearing some outfits that are too revealing and those that will look like a party occasion. You can wear floral or any color except black or those too dark in color.

Because dark colors are for funeral events, but some are wearing white shirts to honor their loved one that passed away. Considering the fact, the color has no significance. It has to be respectful.

Taking a Break with Live Performance

concert, opera and night theatre


The concert, opera and night theatre are only a few of the occasions you really need for some times. This kind of an occasion is one that you need to be on your casual, but formal wear will do. It depends on the nature of the event you are attending.

Your First Meeting with the In-Laws

Who will not be happier when you have the chance to meet your in-laws? Literally, when you meet them, it is kind of nervous. But that would be the first thing you will have to do is look for the best dress that you can wear. Simple outfit ideas should be a little conservative but will reveal your personality. Of course, your partner should give you tips before the big day. So choose the colors carefully to help you feel comfortable. Don’t wear too tight. Just make sure to feel comfortable and relax while you have that elegant yet simple outfit idea.

Just Want to Have Some Fun

Of course, not all occasions need to be formal or casual. There are occasions that you need to be dolled up, and everything is all about fun things. Our simple outfit ideas for you are wearing bold colors and print. But you can also try some cocktail dress. Your accessories, from earrings to necklace, can give your complete bold outfit.

Your Take Away

Indeed, making yourself comfortable with the outfits you are going to wear is a big deal. Especially, occasions are not the same. From wearing formal to bold outfits, all of these just need to be simply elegant.

Wearing the simple outfit ideas for any occasions can be confusing sometimes. But what you need to remember is being comfortable and relaxed if you are trying to fit in the crowd.

Considering if the occasions are formal or casuals, your simple outfit ideas can be bold in colors, designs and styles. It depends on what event you will attend.

And to perfectly finish your outfit, you will need to match accessories like jewelry, hair dress, and bags. Also, don’t forget your footwear should be comfortable as it should be. During these occasions, you will need to be in your simple outfit for a little bit too long. So you have to really consider the comfort of your gear.