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Whole Grain Benefits for a Healthy and Fit Body

Whole Grain Benefits

Whole grain benefits our body to lose weight and become healthy. There are lots of diet plans to be healthy and fit. Also, cutting down on sugar and carbohydrates will help us to keep our body in shape.

For some diet meals, wheat and gluten should be excluded as well, but this is entirely false.

According to the USDA, it is good for our health to consume enough amounts of grain, but it should include whole grain. Excessive intake of processed grain can cause serious illness like obesity, inflammatory and heart diseases.

Nevertheless, the whole grain can be beneficial to our health. It can lower our risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

What are the components of the whole grain?

Since we consider that eating whole grain is healthy for us, we might want to look at what makes it for us to be healthy and fit?

We get whole grain from kernel parts—bran, endosperm, and germ. Each element plays a role in the active components of the whole grain.

Given this, the hard and outer shell of a kernel, which is bran, contains fiber, minerals, and anti-oxidants. You can have carbohydrates from the endosperm, the middle layer of a kernel. For the inner layer, Germ has vitamins, minerals, proteins, and plant compounds.

However, our methods in the processing of grain can affect its components to be considered as whole grain. If grain will be rolled, crushed and cracked with the germ, bran, and endosperm included, it will be still regarded as whole grain. If the germ and bran will be removed and the endosperm will be retained, you can deem it as refined grain.

Refined grains have vitamins and minerals, but mostly it consists of carbohydrates because of the endosperm. The nutrition from it is not the same as with whole grain.

How can we tell if certain foods have whole grain properties?

There are various choices of foods with whole grain properties. You can consider the quinoa, whole rye, wild rice, wheat berry, buckwheat, barley, and sorghum. Although, oats and black rice are the most common whole grain foods. Also, you can consider some products like bread, pasta and cereals as whole grain as well.

We always encounter differently with the processed products with whole grain in the supermarkets and grocery stores. However, these products are not entirely honest with us. If you look closely to the list of ingredients of the product, it indicates that it is not 100% whole grain. It usually has a mixture of whole and refined grain. Also, you need to look at the sugar content. Remember that sugar and carbohydrates defeat the benefits of whole grain in our body.

Being cautious about your food intake has significance to your health. Labels with ‘no sugar added,’ ‘0% fat’ or ‘100% whole grain’ has been one of the market strategies of food companies. For some, it may be true but let us be sure and look for our self what is the real deal with the labels.

The following discussions of the health benefits of whole grain can be your guide to be fit and healthy. Just a reminder, anything more than the amount may lead your health in a terrible situation.

Fiber-rich Foods include Whole Grain

To keep yourself healthy and fit, see the benefits of whole grain. Your food intake must be the key.

Our body needs fiber daily. We can get fiber from whole grain as one of its health benefits. The fiber can be soluble and insoluble, which are both beneficial to us.

Whole grain, especially with oats and black rice, are rich in fiber. You can get the right amount of fiber by eating them daily. Eating fiber-rich food like whole grain can help you feel full for a more extended period compared to refined grain.

Fiber can reduce blood sugar, bad cholesterol and trim down the risk of colon cancer. Therefore, we can get the right amount of fiber as one of whole grain healthy benefits.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Whole grain foods can make our body reduce blood sugar. Whole grain like oats and black rice are one of the best weight loss foods that will keep us healthy and fit.

Good Digestion Means Healthy Body

Being healthy and fit can be attainable with the help of eating nutritious foods. Healthy foods can lead our body to have proper digestion.

Surely, whole grain will make your digestion in good shape. The fiber-rich foods like oats and black rice make our bowel movements regular. It keeps us from having constipation. Furthermore, you can avoid other irregularities like diarrhea, inflammation, and pain through eating fiber-rich foods.

Whole grain especially oats and black rice have nutrients that contain lactic acid to promote good bacteria in the large intestine. It gives aid to our digestion.  Whole grain provides better nutrition absorption. If we can get the nutrition that our body needs, our immune system will keep us from getting sick and having diseases.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Whole grain foods have a significant role in digestion for better absorption of other nutrients. When our body can digest food properly, it will help us to keep our body in good shape.

Maintain Good Cholesterol for Longer Life

Not all cholesterols have harmful effects on our body. There are good cholesterols that we need to be healthy and fit.

Whole grains do not provide oils in our body. What it does is control the absorption of bad cholesterol in our body.

Lowering bad cholesterol contributes to less risk of having heart disease. Based on a study, women with 2-3 servings of whole grain products in their meal daily have 30% less likely to experience a heart attack or any sign of heart diseases.

Healthy benefits of whole grain affect the lowering of blood pressure. If you have normal blood pressure, you will have no risk for heart diseases. According to a study, men who have 7 servings of whole grain for their breakfast have a 19% lower risk of hypertension.

Oats and black rice are good examples of whole grain. Just make sure that when eating oats, it should be steel-cut, and black rice should be organic.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Whole grain foods promote good cholesterol in the body. When we include whole grain in our diet, it will be beneficial for our body to be fit and healthy.

Healthy Foods Fights Obesity Disorder and Gaining Weight

Gaining weight is one of the problems that each of us is dealing with. Fact check, we are cautious with our body however we have less care with our food intakes.

Consuming the right healthy foods has a high impact on our metabolism. Planning our daily meal can guide us on what to eat and avoid.

Whole grain can keep us full for a longer time than eating refined grain. Too much sugar and carbohydrates in our meal can make our metabolism to function irregular. Irregular metabolism will make you gain weight faster and later on; you will be in a state of obesity.

According to the study, eating oats, black rice, dark bread, and other whole grain can contribute 49% lower risk of becoming obese. For about 12 years, middle-aged people who include high fiber in their meal daily lose 3.35 pounds compares with those who prefer refined products.

The process of losing weight takes some time. Therefore, you need to make it a habit to eat more of whole grain foods and avoid doughnuts, white, and other refined products. Remember that refined products have more carbohydrates and sugar contents.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Whole grain foods make us feel full which is good if we are trying to lose some weight. It keeps our metabolism to function normally.

Lose that belly fat with Whole Grain

Who would be happy if they see a bulge of fats around their belly? Other than losing all the confidence, belly fats show that you have “central adiposity,” increase the risk of diabetes and other health diseases.

Whole grain’ health benefits include losing those belly fats. It cuts down the absorption of fats around your stomach and helps your body to make use of it. You can feel over time the effects of losing fats around your tummy. It will decrease your risk of diabetes.

You really need to cut down on eating unhealthy foods. Try to replace it with a whole grain like oats and black rice all the foods you are taking with a high content of sugar, carbohydrates, and preservatives.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Without belly fats, you can be physically fit. Moreover, we are far at risk of having chronic diseases like diabetes and heart attack.

Regulation of Blood Sugar

Normal blood sugar level reduces your body to be exposed in the radar of type 2 diabetes. One of the common diseases among us is diabetes which can lead to more severe health issues.

Keeping our self from consuming refined grain and other foods with high content of sugar, we can avoid the risk of diabetes. Instead, whole grain should be eaten with your meal daily.

Aside from fiber, a whole grain like oats and black rice help regulate your blood sugar. Oats in steel cut are a good choice than instant oats. Instant foods, not only oats, contain preservatives and artificial sweets which can lead to a high risk of diabetes. On the other hand, black rice can be a healthier replacement for white rice in your meals. According to the study, white rice contains sugar that leads to type-2 diabetes.

Indeed, whole grains influence the regulation of blood sugar. As the saying goes that prevention is better than a cure, we should be cautious about what we eat and what we consider as part of our diet. Not properly balanced diet can further lead to other health problems.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Proper intake of whole grain foods can be a huge help to regulate our blood sugar. Whole grain foods like oats and black rice are gluten-free; therefore, it is one of the best weight loss foods.

Some Vitamins and Minerals from Whole Grain

Who would have thought that whole grain consists of vitamins and minerals, and can get more nutrients from whole grain?

To be precise, we can get Vitamins B and C from eating whole grain. Moreover, you can have minerals like protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium as well.

Whole grain can be a source of Vitamins B and C. On the other hand; you can find the vitamins in the bran part of the kernel. Both vitamins play a role in proper metabolism function of our body. Vitamin C boosts the immune system that keeps us from getting sick. Vitamin B helps the body to form red blood cells and prevent congenital disabilities in babies.

The minerals in whole grain involved in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. It prevents anemia, keeps the bones in good condition and protects against oxidation. Like vitamins, minerals keep our immune system in fighting shape, as well.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Other than fiber and carbohydrates, whole grain foods contain minerals and vitamins. Your body will be fit and healthy because of these nutrients.

Less Risk of Asthma

The first sign of asthma can be observed among children. One way to prevent and decrease the chances of getting asthma is the eating of foods with whole grain.

Whole grain’s health benefits include reducing the risk of having asthma. According to a study, children who eat oats as infants have a high chance to avoid getting the asthmatic condition. Whole grain with fruits and vegetables will fight the high risk of chances of asthma. We need to avoid meat and refined foods in the early years of the child for prevention of asthma conditions.

Furthermore, healthy foods intake with whole grain while at a young age make way to healthier and disease-free years ahead. Over time, you will see the difference between eating whole grain than eating more refined foods and meat in your meal daily.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Aside from the regulation of blood sugar and weight loss, whole grain foods can lessen our risk of having asthma. Early age who are consuming whole grain foods is less likely to have asthma over time.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Solutions

You can find anti-inflammatory components in many foods. Whole grains have anti-inflammatory properties that help our body fight related-diseases in natural ways.

According to a study, whole grains like oats and black rice have nutrients that can reduce the symptoms of inflammation in the gut. It has no direct cure for inflammation, but it prevents the occurrence of inflammation in your body. Again, prevention is better than cure.

Another natural prevention that we can get from whole grain is the reduction of C-reactive protein in our body. Inflammation symptoms are linked to heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, and problems in pregnancy. You can avoid all these dilemmas by eating healthy foods with whole grain.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

The health benefits of whole grain foods include the anti-inflammation properties that it can provide to our body. Adequate amounts of anti-inflammations can prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Lower Risk of Cancer

It is given that what we consume can result in the condition of our health.

You should be seen fit and healthy, inside and outside of our body. Whole grain consumption defeats cancer cells that damage our internal organs.

Nutrients like minerals and vitamins in whole grain help our body to be fit from head to toe, inside and out. However, our body still needs to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and the right amount of white meat and lesser processed foods.

Confirmed whole grain benefits:

Prevention of damage cells in our body is very important. Consumption of whole grain will significantly impact our metabolism and overall function in our body

Our Insights

Whole grain health benefits prove that daily eating adequate amount of it can provide the nutrients that we need. However, if you are not into eating whole grain foods, you can try to eat other healthy foods with the same benefit.

To remind you that prevention at a young age and to eat nutritious foods over time lead us to be fit and healthy. We can avoid serious health problems and learning some ways to improve our eating lifestyle.

On losing weight, there are other options like fruits and vegetables. You can have vegetables as one of the sources for fiber-rich foods. Fruits, on the other hand, provide plenty of minerals and vitamins that our body needs.

But the most essential about whole grain foods are gluten-free carbohydrates. Carbohydrates that are gluten can promote the high risk of type-2 diabetes. Likewise, when too much consumption of whole grain foods, it can develop deficient effects in our health. Therefore, we should take in moderation every meal we are to consume. By following the right daily serving of each food, we can achieve our goal to be fit and elegant.

Every diet plan that we need to do; eating healthy foods are just one of the factors. We need to do it with exercises and adequate amount of sleep to recharge.

Anti Aging Foods that Will Keep You Evergreen for Long time

Anti Aging Food

Anti Aging Foods, Time and Tide wait for none- one of the most shared proverbs that always remind us we are getting old. We are aging as wrinkles are appearing on the face as proof. Every day the person we see in the mirror is becoming old in a new way. Isn’t it a big fear that is silently disturbing your mind?

Let’s face the truth -Who wants to get old? I think no one does. Almost everyone starts thinking about their aging after a particular time of life. I also think about it. When I see my University juniors in social media, fear comes to mind that- “hey you are aging”- that fear says. No, I do not want to live in this fear; I want to see new me in the mirror in new ways. The evergreen me! I am sure, everyone does. We have to accept the truth that no one will remain evergreen for a lifetime; only we can stay evergreen for a long time if we try. Experts have suggested some foods that incredibly act as anti-aging and help to look younger for a long time. Read below to find out those foods.


anti aging foods avocado 01

Avocados are full of omega-3 fatty acid. It helps to moisturize skin from inside. Furthermore, it helps to prevent wrinkles, acne and increases collagen production. They also control the cholesterol and promote better brain function.

Bananasanti aging Banana

Bananas are the excellent source of potassium. They help reducing belly fat, puffy face and also help to prevent bags under the eye.

Tomatoesanti aging tomato

Tomatoes are packed full of Vitamin C. It assists to get glowing skin, and increases collagen production. There are some components in tomatoes that protect skin from UV damage.  Some studies have suggested that you can start noticing the actual benefits of this veggie after consuming it subsequently six weeks on a regular basis.


Yogurt is the high volume of bacteria that help to maintain good health. It reduces age-related illnesses. It contains calcium that keeps bones healthy.<!–nextpage–>


Complex carbs like oats contain low-glycemic. It prevents wrinkles and acne as well as keeps blood sugar under control.



Berries contain flavonoids, Polyphemus, vitamins, and tons of antioxidants that helps get better skin and promotes cell regeneration for new skin.

There are other foods like nuts, orange, Fish, Vegetables that promotes better skin. Try to keep these foods and foods listed above in your daily meal and see new you in the mirror in new ways.