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Pilates for Men to Fine-Tune those Muscles without Getting Injured


Pilates for men holds plenty of benefits though there are challenges that may be hard to overcome. But there are some ways to do pilates for men without getting injured. Pilates workout can help your body to fine-tune the performance.

Pilates for men are movements which are concentrated but help your workout performance. This kind of workout can help you in many ways. Not only when you exercise, but in your daily routine, pilates for men can help your body feel better.

There are plenty of ways on how to do pilates for men, and you can see the difference. But knowing the benefits of doing this exercise will make a significant impact on your body.


Benefits of Doing Pilates Workout

Muscle Development

In doing exercise, not all muscle groups are being taken care of. Some of your muscles used in daily movements are more durable than other muscle groups. In this case, the pilates for men’s workout will work for other tissues that do not get a lot of attention in daily movements. It also builds muscles which are disregarded during lifting.

Increase Muscle Flexibility

3rdptAkc2Hr3When doing a pilates workout, the focus of this workout is to focus on how muscles can be stretched to prevent injuries and strains. The pilates for men also ranges of motion.

Develop Core Strength

Pilates is crucial as it is also performed to build strength to your core. The power movement in your limbs. The actions hit your abdominals and ab muscle, which turns out to develop a six-pack.

While it strengthens the core, it also affects the pelvic, which helps most men to control this particular part of the body.

Proper breathing

Aside from muscle development and improvement of certain muscle groups, like other workouts, pilates improves proper breathing. Increasing focus on disregarded muscle groups, adequate breathing also considered being one of the benefits of pilates for men.

How to Perform Pilates for Men Workout

After knowing the impact of pilates on the body, here how you can get to start doing this workout, for a starter, the fundamental Pilates movements should be the routine. Improving spinal mobility, core strength, and postures are on top of why pilates for men is essential. Then, going to the next level of routine for pilates. This development brings better and powerful results after doing pilates for men.

Curling The Pelvic

Step 1: Lying on your back with arms by your sides is the starting position.

Step 2: Then inhale to prepare and press down into the floor. Exhale as you tuck the pelvis, making it lifts your tailbone off the mat.

Step 3: As you lift, squeeze the glutes to achieve a straight line from knees to shoulders and hold this for 3 seconds.

Step 4: Then reverse the movement by rolling down slowly and beginning with the spine until tailbone.

The pelvic curl is one of the pilates for men, which helps you to make a simple movement into more complex with flexibility and strength. The improvement of mobility will be the focus, which allows the additional movement of the spine.

Changes for Leg

Step 1: Your starting position is lying on your back. Bring one leg up, keeping your arms down by your sides. Make sure your legs are in the 90-degree place.

Step 2: Then, draw your abdominal muscles while maintaining a neutral spine. But do not arch your lower back.

Step 3: A tap to each toe gently and make alternate legs by hinging at the hip.

Step 4: For the final step, extend each leg straight and hover above the mat.

Why this workout? This routine can help your core strength. Pilates for men affects the core muscles if leg exercises are appropriately done. And let us not forget the arms.

Spine Twisting

Spine_twisting_poseweyw4eabStep 1: Lie on your back with legs in what we call a table position where your knees together, arms outstretched to the side with palms up.

Step 2: Draw abdominal muscles in and rotate your legs gently to one side keeping knees stuck together. It will cause your hips to lift off the mat.

Step 3: Return to the center and perform over again to the other side.

This workout can make a big difference when you are doing it correctly. A rotational component can make pilates for men productive to improve flexibility.

Lifting Chest

Step 1: Your first thing to do is lie on your back and make sure your hammock your head with your hands. Try to relax the neck when you do this.

Step 2: Then inhale and exhale while lifting your shoulder blades off the mat. When doing this, you have to use your abdominal muscles and not the neck.

Step 3: After that, rotate to one side gently. Do the same for two more times. Rest between sets.

It is one of the pilates for men for your abdominal muscles. The movements like obliques maintain a contraction of your muscles while rotating side to side.

Extending your Back Capability

Step 1: Lying on your stomach while drawing your abdominal muscles towards your spine before lifting the head and chest off the floor.

Step 2: Then keep the neck standing up while reaching your fingers down towards your toes. It will bring your shoulders back and together.

Step 3: Afterwards, the force should be working with your shoulder blades and upper back. Avoid doing some work to your lower back.

When you do this kind of routine, it has a different effect on your body. Most of the workouts are being done in front of us. But this routine will get your back in shape.

Sharing My Thoughts

While others are doing a workout, pilates for men can be the savior if you want more strength and flexibility. The results of the exercise can be perfect when proper repetition, rest, and sets of the routines are delivered.

For starters, pilates for men’s workout should start performing the basics. Then gradually increase conditioning if the body can endure more complex routines.

Overhead Squat Workout: How to Improve Agility and Balance


Overhead squat workout measures your strength and conditioning. So if you want to improve your agility and balance, this workout will do just fine with you. The overhead squat exercise is the real thing!

Overhead squat workout exposes your capabilities to strengthen your muscles and bones. This workout can be enjoyable, and you should know the full package when you start doing an overhead squat exercise.

Some of the health benefits of this workout are increasing the mobility of the joints of your entire body. It improves your sense of balance before doing more advanced training. Coordination and flexibility of your whole body are some of the benefits of doing an overhead squat workout. You can perform well and make a good foundation after doing several sets and repetitions of this workout.

Now the next question is mastering this workout. How can you learn the overhead squat exercise?

Overhead Squat Workout

It is not an easy routine for beginners, but we can guide you to perform it overtime correctly. It is different from bar deadlifts because in doing an overhead squat workout, you should be mindful of a few things.

Make sure that you are well prepared. Meaning, your eating habits and preparedness before doing the exercise should be the first thing you will do.

But what exactly are the steps you need to know for the overhead squat workout?

Simple Steps for Overhead Squat Workout

To begin, you will need a barbell for your workout.

1. Place the barbell over your head with the grip set widely.

Overhead-Squat-Workout-003The grip should be a snatch. You will need strength and mobility in doing this. The technique for this position is placing the barbell at the back of the neck. Your biceps should be in line with the ears, and the wrists should be extended. Your elbows are straight, and ribs are pulled in a neutral position.

2. Start to lower your body.

When lowering your body, make sure not to extend from the lumbar spine. Keep it to your core and brace your hips. If you are familiar with a high bar back squat, this position can apply the same.

3. Control and maintain the position.

Overhead-Squat-Workout-004While in the descent position, make sure to maintain this position until you have reached full depth. Your hip will be slightly below the knees with the foot on the ground. Make sure that there is pressure in your core, and you are pushing yourself against the barbell. It will help to keep your position accurately.

4. Ascend from your position.

From the full depth, make your body gradually ascend while keeping the barbell overhead. Make sure to keep the core tight and push yourself against the barbel while standing up.

5. Do some repetitions.

When you finally ascend, make some repetitions. Make sure that your knees and hips are fully extended, and your core and shoulders are stabilized. It is essential before starting over again. Do not forget to put pressure on your upper back and shoulders against the barbell.

How can it affect the body?

Maybe you are wondering why an overhead squat workout is an excellent exercise to your body, especially to your lower body, upper back, shoulders, and core.

With your shoulders, this workout will help your shoulder to be more stable when lifting heavyweights. For instance, the quadriceps are highly involved in your squat because of the vertical torso positioning. When you are in a deeper knee position, your shoulders will help you to ascend while remaining the barbell overhead.

Also, your core plays a significant role in the overhead squat workout. It supports what you are carrying overhead and makes you move throughout the full range of motion. Also, it helps you braced and stabilized the bottom of the squat.

Who is qualified for an overhead squat workout?

Imagining the intensity of this workout, you will be asking yourself – Am I qualified to perform this squat workout? Well, the answer is simple, and we can show you how to identify if one is qualified for the exercise.

The overhead squat workout is beneficial for individuals who are looking for power, strength, and physically fit.

This workout can give an individual the strength to shoulder for more stability. It also increases the mobility of the ankle, knee, and hips. But if you want to do powerlifting, you should not rely on this workout. This workout will provide you integrity, core strength, and shoulder stability.

On the other hand, if you want to increase squat patterning, this workout will give what you need. The ability to lift more heavy objects is a plus while doing this workout. But it also improves reflexes.

Our Insights

Being mindful of the routine and exercises, you can perform the overhead squat workout correctly. It is not an ordinary squat that you can play along, especially when you are a beginner. Remember that the overhead squat is a total body squatting movement. This workout can improve your squat technique and will enable you to perform correctly.

Perfect Workout for Perfect Body Shape: Top List for You

Perfect Workout for Perfect Body Shape: Top List for You

The perfect workout is a combination of different routines. You can do it in the gym or at your home. It can be an intense or easy workout, but surely it will give your body the total health benefits of exercising.

The perfect workout for men and women is essential in achieving the results of doing exercises. You can select your preferred workout and make it your routine. Then over time, you can choose the perfect workout you can enlist in your routine.

So how will you categorize a perfect workout? There are plenty of exercises that will fit your body. Your target muscle group is essential and making sure that you are working with it will have a good effect on your health.

How will you achieve perfect workout at home?

Working out at home is the perfect place for many, especially to those who have limited time and have a strict schedule. So with limited time, you will need a workout so intense and can give you the best results. 

Make sure that you will use the yoga mat when you workout at home. And watch out for the duration because there is a different workout that makes your muscles stronger and improves your posture. Sometimes you will find the perfect exercise relaxing, and it should be.

For instance, you can do traditional boxing. It will focus strength to your arms, and at the same time, it will burn fats around your biceps and triceps. Just make sure your fist is well protected, so it will not get hurt.

Some Perfect Workout

Some Perfect Workout

Other than boxing, you can try different exercises that will give you the perfect workout. You can perform pushup, pullup and plank using a barrel. For beginners, these workouts can be intense, so better do it with a professional gym instructor rather than doing experiment movement.

You can also try the wall sit movement. Your starting position is leaning against a wall. Then your knees should be bent at 90 degrees, like a squat down position. Make sure your shins are vertical to the ground. Hold this position and complete a single set. Hold the position as long as you can. But do not force yourself to do it.

Another perfect workout that you can try is the deadlift. A Romanian deadlift can give you the ideal results. Your starting position is lying your face down on the ground. Then your hands should be in a pushup position. Then push yourself up, but your hips and legs should stay on the ground. Hold this for one second then return to starting position.

Why do we need a perfect workout?

The significance of doing the perfect workout is to improve performance and body function. You can also manage your weight easily and makes your body more toned. It also enhances your balance and prevents to have injuries during a workout because perfect workout means the movement is suitable for your weight, height and body shapes.

And that is one rule in finding the perfect workout for you. You should include the fact that everyone has a different mindset when it comes to exercise. One can say the routine works out just fine, and one can say otherwise. But you should not influence your decision with this kind of thinking because everyone is unique when it comes to workout.

What do we need to achieve it?

Foam Roller

When you are doing the workout at home, you can make it perfect and comfortable by using a foam roller beforehand. Did you know foam roller can increase our blood flow and improve the quality of your tissue? Yes, a foam roller is essential before a workout, but you can still use it daily. It will strengthen your muscles and prevent trouble spots. Good blood circulation prevents your body from tension and pain, which becomes a hindrance during a workout.



Warming up and cooling down your body is essential for your workout. And dynamic stretching means that before a workout, you will need to hold your muscles in a fixed position for an extended time. It also considered the standard protocols before doing the exercise. 

According to research, it regulates blood flow in our body, which is good for our tissue. Unprepared tissue creates health problems in our body, like damaging your muscles and tendons. So for a perfect stretch, every movement should have 60 seconds and more if you feel like you need to stretch more.

Preparing your Core Muscles

Wondering what might be your core muscles? Well, core muscles include in your back, abdomen and muscles and getting your muscles prepared, some injuries can be avoided. Also, the perfect workout provides balance and stability. It also ensures proper posture for your back. Some exercises that you can do are planking and bridges.

Three Dimensions Movement

Movement can be made in many directions during your workout. You can do the front, back and side to side, or even rotational. It will make every joint and muscle to move while working out efficiently

To achieve the moves in three dimensions, you can move in multiple planes – the transverse (top and bottom), front (front and back) and sagittal (right and left).

Pulling is better than Pushing

Pulling is better than Pushing

One of the perfect workouts for your body is pulling rather than pushing. Traditionally, you are always doing pulling than pushing movements. But to help improve your posture and reduce your injuries, you will need to train to do the pulling. It will also develop your balance. But this movement is beneficial to your back and make more strength to your front.

Alternative Weights

Did you know that high-intensity workout does not mean that you should focus on heavy weight lifting only? You can do alternates weight lifting. You can do heavy, medium and light. Making the alternatives will train your muscles and make them optimize and fitter than before.

Cooling down is essential as warming up.

Doing the perfect workout can help during intense workout so you can achieve its goal.Cooling down makes our muscles and nerves to recover from the workout. Doing the right cooldown will prevent muscle soreness and creates a faster recovery. It also prevents the clotting of blood in our veins, which leads to dizziness. The fresh blood increases the resting of the pulse quicker in a safe manner. So you will not get worried if something might happen in your heart.

Our Insights

Doing the perfect workout can help during the intense workout so you can achieve its goal. With proper eating of healthy foods and enough sleep, the ideal workout will help you attain the goals. Also, make sure that you will perform the exercise that will suit your body shape and weight.

Strong Core Workout to a Healthier Lower Back Muscles

Strong Core Workout to a Healthier Lower Back Muscles

A strong core workout focuses on your midsection muscles. But surprisingly, it connects with your lower back health and hips as well. Strengthening the core muscles is the fundamental of the stronger function of the body.

A strong core workout should be engaging with other parts of your body. There are different kinds of exercises to train your core to be stronger. It also helps to promote more efficient workouts overall.

Why workout for your core?

Why workout for your core?

Well, when you have a stronger core, that means you have a stronger back. Some of the health benefits of stronger core workout is getting rid of the back pain. It also helps the muscles and joints of the lower body to improve reflexes. 

Some of these workouts are easy to perform, and you do not need to hit the gym or get a gym instructor to assist you. You can learn these workouts just by watching online videos and capturing some of our tips and essential reminders before doing each exercise.

Influential Strong Core Workout

Performing the right rhythm and timing will give you the achievement you want from a workout, especially when it involves your core. Toned and well-built abs are one of the assets that most women and men always dream to have.

So if you want to have the same body shape, you should be working for it. No one attains a perfect body shape instantly; perfect body shapes do not happen without a sweat. An intense core workout comes from real hard work and exercises.

Here are some of the strong core workout we suggest you start doing and practicing.

Plank to Reach

Plank to Reach

Your starting position is placing your forearms on the floor while facing down. Also, your elbows should be under your shoulders in a stacking position. Then extend your legs behind you while squeezing your glutes and thighs. The pressure is in this part of your body. Next, pull your belly button towards your spine, and your right hand is reaching out to the floor. You can repeat this on the other side.

Going your Arch Upwards

Your starting position is lying, your face downwards, and your arms are extended over your head. Then lift your arms and legs, putting the pressure on your glutes and lower back. As finishing moves, you should hold this position for 2 seconds and lower your arms and legs to start another set. Repeat this until you feel the muscles in your core and back pain subsides.

Twist it like Russian

What is it to look like a twisting Russian? This term practically means of twisting your waist while sitting on glutes. Then your knees are bent out with both hands in your knees. While doing this, you should be holding a dumbbell. In this position, you will need to rotate your torso side to side. Make sure you move the dumbbell hip to hip.

Flutter Kicks

Flutter Kicks

This movement is useful if you want to train your legs to be stronger and your hips as well. 

Your starting position is lying on your back, placing your hands under your glutes. Then lift your head slowly off the floor, staring at your belly button. Next is take your legs off the floor. Keep your lower back pressed into the floor and flutter your legs. It will complete your flutter kicks movement.

Hip Bridges

This movement focus on your hips. Lying on your back while your knees are bent. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your arms at your sides, palms facing down. Then press your hips up and put pressure on your glutes. To repeat another set, lower your hips and start the routine.

Why these workouts?

The benefits that these workouts can give us is because it keeps our body physically fit. Each exercise has unique characteristics, and advantages and those will be the next things you will read. 


For instance, doing this workout will give you a real pump of blood. It is an isometric exercise that requires no movement. To make sure, keep your shoulders down and away from your ears. Your back should be glued to the mat. Vigorous core workout like hollowman is essential if you want to train stronger hips and abs.


This workout targets the lower back, aside from the midsection muscles of the body. If you are experiencing pain in your low back, it should be gone after you perform this workout. At first, this exercise is challenging to implement. If you are a beginner, you can do the workout without pulling. Just make sure you raise your arms and legs off of the ground.

Sit-Ups lower

Sit-ups in letter V position is one of the intense core workouts that you can perform. This routine needs practice, though. But if you master it, you will enjoy the result. In the sitting position, make sure that you will also stay your shoulders down and away from your ears. You should not move it no matter how hard the routine gets.

Planking with your Knee Crosses

Planking with your Knee Crosses

It is another twist of doing plank positions. In this one, you will need your knees to be crossed while exhaling and blowing all the air out of your lungs. Then pull the knee towards the opposite elbow. If you pick the right knee, then it should go towards the left elbow, and vice versa. This routine has been developed because it will make a simple planking position intense.

Planking with Shoulder Taps

Another variation of planking is this position with shoulder taps. This intense core workout also challenges the balance of your body. When performing this workout, the only movement you will permit to do is tapping your shoulders. There are no unnecessary movements if you want to achieve the benefits of planking with shoulder taps.

Leg Raises

If you are raising your legs, it should not hurt your back, especially the lower portion

If you are raising your legs, it should not hurt your back, especially the lower portion. Then place your hands underneath to support your low back and do not drop your legs down very low. Remember, each of these exercises is meant to work for your core. So make sure that every movement has no pain.

Our Insights

Indeed, a strong core workout is crucial if you are doing it right. Make sure that your gym instructor guides you if you are choosing to perform the complicated routines. If you are just new with doing a workout, you will need to start from the easy exercise for beginners. Then the progress will continue if you are getting familiarize little by little.

Powerlifting Equates to Building Strong Muscles and Gaining Strength


Powerlifting is all about strength. When you need to improve your strength, you may need to know how to do powerlifting. Powerlifters are the ones who do this exercise, and they should be capable of lifting even the heaviest weights.

Powerlifting is all about strengthPowerlifting allows you to build more muscles and, of course, burn fats. You can compare it with squat, bench press or deadlift. But powerlifting strengthens your skeleton; therefore, reduce the risk of injury during sports activities.

When doing powerlifting, you will need to focus on your strength and proper posture. There is a powerlifting routine that might improve your skeletal muscle. For instance, you can do squat to work on your legs and hips. Then, perform some deadlifts to strengthen your back and legs. And for your upper body, you can have bench press. These are exercises that can assist you in improving your powerlifting.

Another advantage of doing powerlifting is burning calories and fats. Given this as intense and resistance training, your metabolism will improve, which affects burning calories and fats.

What is powerlifting if it does not build stronger muscles. Problems with skeletal health result in osteoporosis. One way to combat this health issue is to practice resistance training. Resistance training, like powerlifting, increases bone mineral density. It also reduces risk factors affecting bone health.

Powerlifting is one of the athletes’ choices to improve their speed and ability to jump vertically. If you want to run faster or jump higher, build a bigger squat through powerlifting. The strength of your back is essential for many other activities, including martial arts, wrestling and fighting.

Best Techniques for Powerlifting

Best Techniques for Powerlifting

Partial repetitions are high for developing strength and allow you to lift more than usual. Also, they can build strength during your weak point to perform better. But to improve powerlifting, you will need to use a power rack to lockout position in this exercise. Also, the area of your movement should have the appropriate training for the assigned repetitions.

More so, proper handling of weight is essential if you want to handle a massive amount of weight. You will still need the assistance of a power rack to lock out whatever position of a movement you need working on.

Variations of Powerlifting

Farmers Walk

Farmers Walk

As of powerlifting variations, this helps you to build overall strength and sufficient grip.

How to do it: You can do the farmers walk by grabbing two dumbbells and walk around with them.

Farmers walk exercise looks plain and simple, but the longer you do this; it will improve your grip strength. Also, it builds muscles in the abs, legs, and shoulders, meaning you build strength in your whole body. You can try other tools to increase your grip strength.


squats powerlifting

As one of the core exercises in powerlifting, the squat is going to be one of the significant workouts in your routine if you’re a powerlifter. It increases your lifting strength. It helps with everyday activities like lifting objects, or if you have to help someone move.

Squats are one of the three most essential lifts in powerlifting, and they are crucial to your success. They are critical to building core strength and improving your overall strength.

Power Cleans

This variation of powerlifting works great for your lower and upper body. These are great for powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders because of the compound exercises aside from lifting. So before trying it out, it will be best for you if you know how to do them. Otherwise, you will be at a higher risk of hurting your muscle joint.



Doing push up is not necessarily means that you are doing a powerlifting exercise. You can do pushups in your house without any equipment at all. Why is it essential in powerlifting? In powerlifting, you need a lot of chest strength for the bench press. Pushups can be useful for warming up your upper body to get ready for big bench lifts. Even for beginners, it is relatively easy, and they are a great way to warm up and avoid injury.

Overhead Press

Overhead Press

Compared to other powerlifting exercises, this needs less main powerlifting workouts. The overhead press mostly works your shoulders and chest. It helps you gain overall upper body strength. Also, it improves building strength to improve your bench press.

Injuries from powerlifting are a lot common to acquire than injuries for bodybuilders or casual weightlifters. It usually depends on how much weight you lift at once. Lifts like the overhead press and bench press, where you’re lifting the weight above your body, are even more dangerous. It is because there’s the risk of the load falling onto you, potentially causing colossal injury.

It is a different exercise for powerlifting, but it is highly intensive. Though it may look simple, it is worth trying. Aside from building muscles, this exercise is cardio intensive.

What you will need are hammer and tire. Take the stick over your shoulders and slam it into the tire. You can repeat this for more tension.

While doing this, it works out most of your muscles to your body. Just brace yourself with your legs and your entire upper body and core muscles when you swing the hammer.

Bench Press

Bench Press

The bench press is the first of the three main powerlifting exercises. While there is a core group of powerlifting workouts, there are thousands of activities that will build your strength.

Bench presses give strength to your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Put a few weight plates on your bar, lie down on the bench flat, and pull the weight up and down vertically. Push down through your feet, which must be touching the ground.

Remember, it is vital to keep a perfect posture, even if you have to carry a lighter weight of just one or two plates.

Bench pressing is considered to be one of the most critical lifts within the fitness community. It is in part due to the raw strength that it takes to perform, as well as building multiple muscle groups.

Bent-Over Row

Bent-Over Row

If you want to do some workouts on your lats and upper-middle back, you will need to do the bent-over row. Bent over rows helps you increase the strength for deadlift. It is excellent for core and lumbar strength. Strengthening this area is essential, not just if you’re a powerlifter or weightlifter. It is necessary to avoid injury in daily tasks.

How to do it: Start by bending over and holding the barbell. Next, pull the bar to your chest level and drop it back into the first position. Maintain a good posture and make a set of 10 to 20, and finish a few sets of that.



One of the three core exercises of powerlifting. It may look complicated, but in reality, it’s easy to master. Though it is more complicated than some other activities, mostly because of how many variations there are for it. Your stance starts by lifting a massive weight off of the ground with no momentum, and it’s hard.

Deadlifting can cause injuries to your back and legs if you do it wrong. Always make sure you’re lifting safely, have a spotter, or at the very least, have someone in the gym with you.


Perfect Forward Lunge

Lunges work your hams and quads and will stretch your hips out. One of the great exercises is walking lunges. Building your leg muscles is vital for powerlifting because 2 out of the 3 main workouts involve leg strength. Having strong legs is beneficial outside the gym too.

What is the advantage of doing it?

Advantages of Powerlifting

It focuses and builds strength.

Getting stronger is beneficial to any fitness-related goal, from building muscle to burning fat. For the powerlifter, everything starts and ends with strength. Different purposes usually require focusing on other qualities in addition to power, but building a good base of resistance should be a big part of your focus.

It improves good posture.

Powerlifters emphasize good form. And the excellent way in powerlifting means using a full range of motion. While functional programming is essential, the best thing a trainer can do to help is teaching proper technique. What separates good trainers from bad trainers is the ability to get clients to execute the program well.

Powerlifters take the time, in the beginning, to hammer proper home techniques to the point where it becomes automatic before they worry about anything else. They know that the appropriate method is more effective and safer.

Stay focus and ditch out unnecessary movements.

Focus on your movements will increase the squat, bench, and deadlift. And the goal never changes. A successful powerlifting program has a great job of making sure that every muscle is working. In any case, the most successful people are those with clear and defined goals that stick to the same purpose for an extended period.

Lift the right weight for you.

A proper technique for powerlifting purposes is not always an adequate technique for physical appearance or performance training purposes. The powerlifting goal is to move as much weight as possible, whereas most non-powerlifters perform exercises intending to work specific parts of the body optimally.

In a nutshell

Indeed, powerlifting consists of compound movements that feel good to you. It means that you contact them working the areas you’re looking to work, and they don’t cause pain. You should not worry if the exercises you like are deemed to be preparatory exercises by the powerlifting.

If the powerlifters’ workout goal is to build a bigger chest, but you have never felt the bench press much in your pecs or benching gives you shoulder pain, you should be much better off switching to an incline press or a low-incline dumbbell press. More so, if squats bug your knees or lower back, or if you always seem to turn your squats into something that is more closely resembling a good morning despite working on your form, try front squats, Bulgarian split squats, or low-handle trap bar squats.

Dumbbell Row Precise Exercise to Achieve those Wonder Back Muscles


Dumbbell row exercise makes your muscles more appealing, especially what you got at your back. Are you wondering how to get an hour-glass shape back? Well, you have a way to do that.

Dumbbell row exercise improved your overall appearance to your back muscles. It has been observed that both men and women improve their strength, aside from appearance. It is the result of doing the DB row properly.

The Benefits of Dumbbell Row Exercise

The benefits of dumbbell row exercise can be seen in men and women. For men, it will be evident for the muscles from waist to shoulder. And for women, it will strengthen the lats and upper back. It will also give your waist a slimming appearance due to muscular proportions.

Strength and Balance

More so, doing a dumbbell row is an exercise to gain strength and practice balance. It is crucial to have proper training with DB rows inclusion. Unlike cable row, dumbbell row exercise can be done one side at a time. You can see the difference and notice that your body is compensating overtime. Of course, the result of doing this exercise cannot be regarded as in the snap of a finger.

Good Posture

Another thing that your body can gain in dumbbell row exercises is excellent posture, especially with your shoulder and improve its functions. If you have a slouch shoulder, then you can straighten it by doing the dumbbell row. This exercise enhances the role of the upper back while keeping our shoulders in proper alignment. It also strengthens the muscles around our joints.

As compared to pull-ups, dumbbell row exercises are more superior because pull-ups only do activities on your shoulder. But with dumbbell rows, shoulders and back muscles are the focus.

Powerful Lower Body Functions

Now, who could have thought that performing dumbbell rows will also make you a stronger runner? Because it improves back and shoulder muscles, dumbbell row exercises are performed by athletes, especially runners. There have been many records that runners perform well when they do dumbbell rows exercises.

Last but not least, doing DB rows will have a significant effect on your daily routine.  Having strong back, arms and core is what you need to perform some of your regular activities. You will be confident because of the visible effect it will give to your shoulders. And you’ll notice the big difference in you after you do the dumbbell row.

What could have been done wrong?

Like other workouts, doing dumbbell row exercises can be done improperly. There are some mistakes while doing this exercise. For beginners, it is usual to commit mistakes. So, to prevent you from doing it, here is our list of common mistakes done while performing the dumbbell row exercises.

The Stance

On top of everything, what matters is to know the right muscles to use beforehand. Also, the stance in every workout is essential. It is not just about bending, rowing or cranking each set and repetition.

When it comes to doing the stance for the dumbbell row, it is essential to have control of your hips and spine. One of the most convenient starting points for beginners is placing your one hand on a bench and an even stance with your feet. From here, keep your hips squared to the ground for the whole duration. It means you will need to keep your core active as you row. Also, make sure your shoulders are slightly higher than your hips. It is essential because you will have to turn on your back extensors to do this, and it will protect your lower back from lifting the weight.

The Tension

How much tension does the dumbbell row exercise gives our body? To properly create some pressure on your shoulder blades, make some squeeze on it. By doing this, it will prevent you from doing the row with rounded upper back, which will protect your shoulders over time. Also, you can avoid the situation of bugging your shoulder blades. The tension you will get from each row will create an advantage to your muscles. Make sure that you will first squeeze your shoulder blades intentionally on every repetition, and as you progress, it will move naturally.

Proper pulling is the key.

One common mistake of many while doing dumbbell row is using your biceps to pull instead of pulling with your back. Proper pulling is the key, and you will have to do it using your back. Do not go with the practice of using your biceps. How can you do it? There are certain things that you will need to do. For instance, you have to pull your elbow as high as you can. Try to imagine that with your forearm as a large hook that is gripping the dumbbell. Your biceps will be involved in the row either way, but it should not be the dominant mover on every repetition. When you do the pulling, you are good to go with the variations of dumbbell row.

What is the dumbbell row exercise?What is the dumbbell row exercise?

Before going through the variations of the dumbbell row, you may want to know how to do it.

The dumbbell row is not for beginners. If you are new in doing it, you will need some assistance. Since the focus of this exercise is a strength, the muscles involved are back, biceps, shoulders and abs. And obviously, you will be using dumbbells on this one.

How to do it: Your starting position is to stand with your feet apart, shoulder-width, while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Then, bend the knees slightly and do a bend over at the waist with your back straight. Let your hands grip the dumbbells in front of the body with arms fully extended. Next is that you will need to contract your back, bend the arms, and pull both dumbbells up to your ribcage. Hold for one second in the top position. Finally, lower the dumbbells to the starting position.

Reminder: Make sure that your upper back is straight throughout your exercise. Keep your neck neutral and spine flat. Maintain the proper path of motion and row the dumbbell to the side of your rib cage.

Your Alternatives for Dumbbell Row

Symmetrical Stance – One-Arm Dumbbell Row

This stance is standing square-on to the bench. You will only have one hand on it while you row with the other. The importance of doing this variation of dumbbell row is to increase the challenge to your core – increasing your work harder against the weight to hold your torso in place while you row it up and down.

How to do it: Your starting position is standing with your feet apart, shoulder width and hinge at the hips to lean over the bench on the one hand. Push your back while keeping it straight. To do one arm rowing, row the weight up and make sure that only your arm is moving during the exercise.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row using Gym Ball

How to do it: Ditch out the bench and use a gym ball on this variation. It will increase the work to your core. And it will keep you still while performing the rows. Using the gym ball will make your exercise a better all-round workout even if you won’t be able to lift as much weight.

Incline Dumbbell Row

How to do it: Make sure to incline the bench at 45 degrees. Then, get a grip on your dumbbell in each hand and row them up to your chest. Make a squeeze to your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement. Don’t let your chest come off the bench at any point during the exercise. Lying on a bench like this is an excellent way to prevent you from rounding your back while performing the movement.

Alternating Dumbbell Row

How to do it: Your starting position is to stand with your feet apart in shoulder-width distance. Then, hold a dumbbell in each hand using an overhand grip. Lean forward at your hips, with your arms fully extended. In this way, each dumbbell is just above the floor. Next, contract your shoulder blades and pull one elbow past your back until the dumbbell is at the side of your torso. Hold this position for one second and slowly lower the arm while simultaneously pulling the other elbow to your side. Continue alternating back and forth.

Reminder: Keep your body from rotating, and your shoulders square to the ground. Maintain your good posture and proper path of motion. Make sure to row your dumbbells to your rib cage side. You should keep your back flat and core tire, without moving your back around as well.

Single-Leg Dumbbell Row

Essential dumbbell row exercise focuses on strengthening your muscles at your back, biceps, shoulders and abs. Also, it includes muscles to your glutes and hamstrings.

How to do it: Your starting position is standing tall with your feet apart with shoulder-width distance and knees slightly bent. Then, hold a dumbbell in one hand. Make yourself lean forward at your waist and lift the opposite leg until you form a T with your body. Hang the dumbbell in front of your body with a neutral grip. Next, contract your back and row the dumbbell toward your ribcage. Hold this position for few seconds and lower your arm and leg to the starting position.

Reminder: Make sure to pull your dumbbell to your ribs until it touches your body. Make sure your leg won’t fall, twist or bend. Keep it high and straight. Your back should stay flat and straight during the exercise to avoid injury.

Two-Dumbbell Row

How to do it: Your starting position is holding the dumbbells with an overhand grip. Stand with your feet apart with shoulder-width distance. Then slightly bend your knees. Slowly bend forward at your waist so that your chest is leaning forward over your feet. Your arms should extend fully, enabling the dumbbells to go down at the side of your rib cage. Next, pull the dumbbells up to the top and close to your stomach. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

Reminder: Make sure you keep your head up. Maintain your back and shoulders straight throughout this movement. Your spine should be secure and stable at all times.

In a nutshell

While doing the dumbbell row, you have to keep in mind some things that may affect your performance. For instance, avoid unnecessary movements like bending, rounding and hunching your back.

Also, maintain a straight line from your waist to your head. It will lessen the stress on your lower back. And it goes the same way with your head. Looking ahead as you lift the dumbbell will reduce strain on your neck.

More so, relaxation is essential to your back as you move with the motion. Your back will naturally move up slightly as you raise your arms. This natural motion and you cannot do something about it.

Finally, phasing is essential, not only in doing the dumbbell row. The quick performance of dumbbell row or other exercise is unnecessary. Because even you will do it in fast phasing, the result will be the same or even worst. Putting your muscles to the limit is a big no-no! So, the fluid motion needs to get the most out of every workout’s repetition.

Body Fat Linked to Health Problems: Find How to Zero It


Body fat can be good or bad in your body. But what we must be aware of is if we have too much of it, then it will hurt our health. Otherwise, it is the primary source of energy and plays a vital role in the absorption of vitamins and minerals.


Body fat has a long term effect that helps us to stay healthy. However, knowing what good or bad fat is essential, so we will be on the right track of eating healthy food. Poor diet always comes with a lack of nutritious food that we are unaware of. For instance, many considered that all fats are harmful to our bodies. But in fact, there are fats that we do not need to cut back because our body needs it.

Some of the importance of good fat in our bodies is vital in our daily function. Body fat is essential for blood clotting, movement of muscle, and keeping inflammation at bay. But what are the good fats?

Good fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Meaning, these are fats coming from vegetables, nuts or seeds and fish. It has lesser content of hydrogen atoms which bonded to their carbon chains. If fats have a more prolonged and more significant amount of hydrogen, it becomes unhealthy and what we call bad fats.

Bad fats are the opposite of good fats. One of the worst fat in our diet is trans fat. If you consumed too much trans fat, it is crucial to our health. This kind of fat has no health benefit in our body, and when we consume even a little amount of it can make our body suffers.

For instance, if our body fat consists more of trans fats, most probably the amount of harmful cholesterol will increase.  Having a higher amount of bad cholesterol in our body can result in different health problems. In other words, the beginning of most health problems is bad cholesterol.

Some of the Health Problems Linked to Body Fats,  So How to “Zero” It

Obesity/ Overweight

Health problems linked to body fat start to show signs of being overweight or obese. The state of being obese or overweight is known to have low-level chronic inflammation. So what happened to our body?

Inflammation in our body increases the chance of absorbing more fats, which is not good. In this condition, body fat causes our immune system to lay back. The average level of body fat in our body is a good source of energy. But if we are obese or overweight, it hits back our immune system.

What can you do? Being obese or overweight is not the end of everything for you. You can perform different workouts. The more you eat, the more exercises and workouts you should do. Let your workouts achieve your ideal weight.


According to the study, one of the possible factors linked to bone loss or osteoporosis is visceral fat. Visceral fat is fats that cover our internal organs like liver, muscles and bones. This kind of fat is unhealthy, and a higher amount of it can decrease bone density.

What can you do? To fight osteoporosis, increase intake of calcium is needed. There are different sources of calcium that will also help you to reduce fat absorption from other food sources. Foods like low-fat yogurt or fat-free cheese are some of the foods that can help you reduce the intake of fat.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances are linked to a high amount of body fat in our body. An excessive amount of body fat in our body makes our insulin to function abnormally. When this happened, the hormones will lead us to gain more weight.

Imbalance of the hormones happens with a high amount of testosterone in our body as a result of an increase in visceral fat. In women with a high percentage of visceral fat, it was pinpoint to be the leading cause of PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome.

What can you do? A healthy diet meal plan and regular exercise will help your hormones to balance. According to research, a proper diet comes with more fiber that can help you burn more calories and fat with at least 30%. The minimum amount of fiber you should consume daily is around 30g and don’t forget whole grains for your bread.

Excessive Amount of Toxins

Too many toxins are a sign that we have an excessive amount of body fat, which includes visceral fat that is fatal. When you have more body fats, the tendency of your body is holding more toxins. And it goes vice versa when you decrease the amount of body fat.

But reducing body fat will take a process, and when you do that, you will also need to make detox to release toxins from your body.

What can you do? Your body will need to have enough sleep to help your body for detox. Eight hours of sleep will help your body organs to function well. The recommended time for sleeping is before 10:00 in the evening so that your body can have enough rest and repair itself from all the hard works of the day.

Liver Malfunction


Primarily, an excessive amount of body fat targets our liver. The function of the liver in our body is vital. It is the organ responsible for flushing out toxins in our body. So a fatty liver will not function, and the results can be diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

According to the study, when the liver fails to function, toxins will start to accumulate in our bodies. These toxins will trigger different problems and cause complications for more severe health conditions.

What can you do? In some cases, liver ultrasound is done to know the full condition of the organ. Physical signs like body fat and gaining weight are not enough to justify if someone has a failing liver. So to make sure, ultrasound is recommended.

Less Active Muscles

Typically, when you have body fat, active muscles are decreasing. Without a good build of muscles, you will get tired quickly. Your daily function will not be fulfilled as if you will need more time to sleep or lay back because you feel weak.

What can you do? To gain more muscles, you have to make a healthy meal plan and do regular exercise. Weight lifting is one of the recommended workouts we have for you. Burning of body fat can add energy to your workout. Calories per week up to 1,000 will give you more progress and will burn more fats.

Our Insights

Your body fat has two sides of benefit – good and bad. When we have an excess amount of body fat, it can lead to adverse effects. But with the recommended amount of body fat, which is healthy fats, it will serve as energy for our daily performance.

Abs Workouts to Get your Ab Muscles in Less than 10 Days


Abs workouts are the exercises that most of us do for slimmer abdominal muscles. And if you want to focus on being fit and sexy, here are several abs workouts you can do.

Abs workouts have different routines. Each routine has a separate target muscle area. In the following types of abs workouts, you can select which you need for your ab muscles.

How will abs workouts work for you?

Since there are many sets of abs workouts, you can choose one or two, which will give you the best results.

Abdominal Hold

The abdominal hold is one of the ab workouts. It is the exercise wherein you will look like wonky. Wonky is a move while you are in an L-sit, a gymnastic move for your core and upper body.

To begin, you will need to sit on the edge of a sturdy chair or a step with four risers. Then place your hands on the side with your fingers pointing toward your knees. After that, tighten your abs and bring your toes between 2 – 4 inches off the floor. Lift your butt off the chair while doing this. Hold of this position for about 10 seconds. Finally, you can lower yourself down and repeat when necessary.

Side Crunch Abs Workout

The side crunch is one of the problematic workouts for your abs. This move will test your balance while teases your oblique muscles.

To begin, kneel on the floor while leaning over to your side. You can start either on the left or right side. Then place your one palm on the floor. In this position, you will need to keep your weight balanced and extend your one leg slowly, and your toes in pointing position. While doing this, make sure one of your hands is placed behind your head. The elbow should be pointing towards the ceiling.

Your next move is to lift your leg. Make sure your palm is facing forward while doing this. Then look out over your hand while moving your rib toward your hips. After that, you can go back to your starting position. You can repeat for about 6-8 times and two sets by switching sides.

Opposite Arm while Raising your Leg

These abs workouts are an adaptation from one of the moves in yoga. It is a workout for a warm-up for better balanced. When doing exercises, balance is essential.

For your starting position, align your knees under your hips. Place your wrists under your shoulders. Then, you can raise your one arm to your shoulder height, and one of your legs the same side as to your arm should be hip height. Hold this position for 2 seconds while reading forward to your fingers and back to your heels. You can improve this movement by touching the elbow of the opposite sides.

The Plank

Plank is the most straightforward move for your abs workouts. It is the exercise that will zip your abs.

To start, make a full push up position, your chest leaning the floor. Hold this position for 30 seconds. As you are in this position, you can feel the contraction of your abs muscles. And your legs are extended while your head aligned with your spine. In this position, you will have a minute to hold.

Squat then Twist

One of the abs workouts that will definitely play your game is doing squat thrust with a twist. At first, it seems complicated to perform, but keeping your form while doing the workout will have a significant impact on your core. Your muscles in the lower body can also benefit from these abs workouts.

To begin, make a squat position. While standing with your feet about your shoulder-width and height, extend your arms in front of you. Then bend your knees for 90 degrees and twist your upper body sideways. Make sure that your weight in heals are still compact and avoid your knees to move away from your toes while in bending position. You can perform two sets up to 10 repetitions on each side.

Climb It Up Abs Workout

The climb up workout is an easy exercise for your abs using a band resistance. This abs workouts are different from others because it involves complete body resistance.

Your starting position is lying on the floor, placing a resistance band, towel or long scarf around the ball and place in your foot. Then your knees are bent, and your foot is flexed. While the resistance band or scarf is around your waist, hold it with both hands and extend one leg.

Then stroll with your hands holding the scarf as you lift your head, but your shoulders remain on the floor. Hold this position in 2 seconds.

After this position, go back to your starting position. But make sure your head is in a neutral position, no tucking in or tilting back.

Ballerina Twist

One of the abs workouts is the ballet twist, which one of your sides is stretching to have a half crunch to work in a full range of motion. This workout will require another person, a friend or a trainer who will hold your feet so you will not make any unnecessary movements.

Your first position is sitting on the floor with your legs extended and pressing firmly together. Then have your back lean in 45 degrees from your hips. Make sure your abs are engaged while you bring both of your arms over your head like a ballerina.

Then twist your upper body to one side while your arm is on the mat. Make this movement slowly while your other arm is reaching over your head. Count slowly to 3 an keep your butt and heels on the floor.

This ballerina twist will make your abs to support muscles of your spine as you return to the center. Bring both arms overhead and continue to alternate sides.

Stretch your Leg

The single-leg stretch is one of the abs workouts classic routine. In this movement, you will know if your core muscles are engaged.

So how to start this classic movement? Your first position is lying back on the floor while your knees are bent. Then lift your head and shoulders while curling your chin toward your chest. Inhale as you move your one knee toward your chest, then place your one hand on your ankle and the opposite hand on your knee. You can lift your leg for about 45 degrees off the floor.

After finishing the routine, switch your legs and extend it while hugging your one leg to your chest. Then place your hand position to switch legs, as well as your hand holding the ankle and the knee.

 abs workoutYour Take Away

Indeed, abs workouts can help you in maintaining good shape ab muscles. From what we offered you for the ab workouts, you can choose the simple ab workout if you are a beginner. Then gradually, you can increase the intensity of your ab workouts and get promising results.

Cable Crunch Ultimate Guide for Effective Ab Cable Workout


Cable crunch workout is the most effective exercise for your core or the abdominal muscles. If you want to build noticeable ab muscles, the six-pack abs, you will need to practice the cable crunch workout. It could work for everyone who wants more than lean abs with strong muscles.

Cable crunch workout is the movement that allows you to burn those fats in your belly. And the result is the six-pack ab muscles that will be adored by everybody. In doing the cable crunch workout, you will need to know the basics steps to perfect it. Also, you can try the intermediate cable crunch workout for better results.

As you read along, you will find some tips to work correctly with your cable crunch workout. Remember that this workout will give definition and strength to your core. With the constant tension in your abdominal muscle, you will need to maintain the weight if you want the muscle pops.

Step-by-step Cable Crunch Workout

cable crunch workout steps

Step # 1: Attach a triceps rope handle to the pulley on the carriage of a cable station. Then adjust the carriage to make it close to the top third of the machine. Make sure the position is your height level.

Step # 2: Next, choose the amount of resistance you want. But you can still start with the weight you are comfortable and increase over time.

Step # 3: Facing the pulley, come into a kneeling position approximately one and a half feet away from the machine.

Step # 4: Grab the triceps rope handles and brace your core. You should feel a light stretch in your abs. Otherwise, you should increase the weight of your shins.

Step # 5: Pull both handles with bent arms one after the other. Then, perform a crunch one after the other. Your elbows should be parallel to your thighs.

Step # 6: To complete a repetition, return to the starting position as you maintain tension on the pulley. You can repeat for three sets of 10 repetitions.

Effective Tips for this Workout

tips for abs workout

To effectively get the best results of the cable crunch workout, you will need to consider the position of your hips and hands and the range of motion.

For your hip position, you need to make sure that it is high and still for the entire set of your workout. This position for your hips will make your movement comes only from the spine. Also, it will allow you a full range of motion.

Then for your hand position, you can define the length of the lever to perform the exercise. If you attached a rope, it would work best. Hold the cord with your hands together with your thumb knuckles at the top of your forehead. Then begin to pull it over.

Further, range of motion, as we speak of it, is essential to consider in doing cable crunch workout. During this workout, the spine needs to get neutral at the top and full flexion at the bottom while maintaining control the entire time. For better movement, make sure your elbows rolled as far into your lap, far from your thighs, as possible.

Variations of Cable Crunch Workout

Variations of Cable Crunch Workout

Like other workouts, cable crunch has two variations: kneeling and standing cable crunch workout.

For beginners, you can start with a standing cable crunch. The standing cable crunch is the best advice to do by beginners. The focus of the strength is in your abs and lower back muscles. You can use a cable machine and attachment for this exercise.

How to do standing cable crunch:

First, your starting position is standing with your shoulder-width stance in front of a high cable machine facing away from the weights. Then, reach behind you and grab the rope attachment with an overhand grip, palms facing shoulders. Bring the rope to ear level and slightly bend the neck forward with elbows bent and pointing down. Next is brace core and bend at the waist bringing your shoulders down towards your knees until torso becomes parallel with the ground. Hold this position for few seconds then slowly return to the starting position.

For kneeling cable crunch, this workout will work for your abs, hips and back. You can also use the cable machine and attachment as your equipment.

How to do kneeling cable crunch:

Your starting position is kneeling in an adjustable cable machine. Keep your legs about shoulder-width apart. Then grab the rope with palms facing each other and pull it to the sides of your head. Tighten your abs and crunch forward, bringing your head towards the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

In a Nutshell

Cable crunch workout is the most effective workout if you want to get rid of those belly fats. If you’re going to achieve your dream six-pack abs muscles, then all you need to do is follow our simple yet practical guide for ab muscles. And don’t forget our tips.

How to Do Crunches – Your Effective Ways to Achieve Perfect Ab Muscles


How to do crunches is your exercise routine targeting your abdominal muscles. Crunches are what you need to have beautiful abs that you can flaunt anytime. Doing crunches are building up your confidence and strengthening your core muscles.

How to do crunches in achieving your dream abs muscles needs focus on the sets of exercises that need to be done. Aside from appearance, the stability and strength of your abdominal muscles are essential. You want to know why?

If you are conscious with your abdominal muscles, you aim to have excellent stability for your body. The strong back and abs muscles are the foundation of the daily movements to perform better tasks. Also, having perfect abs in learning how to do crunches is what many desire.

How to Do it

So what are crunches and how to do them? Well, we are giving you the simple step-by-step in doing perfect crunches.

  1. Lie down on the floor with your back and bend your knees.
  2. Now place your hands behind your head or across your chest.
  3. Pull your mid-belly towards your spine and slowly contract the rest of your abdominal muscles.
  4. Then bring your shoulder blades about 1 or 2 inches off the floor.
  5. As you will do the crunch, exhales and keep your neck straight, chin up.
  6. When you reached the top, hold the position for a few seconds.
  7. Then slowly lower your back down but avoid your shoulder touch the floor.
  8. Repeat for 15 to 20 reps, with perfect form.

Variations on How to Do Crunches

If you want to do some crunches, you can have it plain and simple. But if you’re going to do it with some equipment, you can do it actually.

You can use a bicycle.

How to do it:

  1. Your starting position is lying on your back on the ground.
  2. Then, raise your head and shoulders while your hands are resting lightly on the side of your head.
  3. Lift one leg just off the ground and extend it out. Do it to the other leg as you bend your knee towards your chest while twisting through the core and moving the opposite elbow towards the knee.
  4. Lower your leg and arm at the same time while bringing up the opposite two limbs to mirror the movement.

You can do the reverse crunch.

How to do it:

  1. To start the reverse crunch, keep the back of your head and shoulders in contact with the ground and lift your lower back off the floor.
  2. Then lift your lower back off the floor.
  3. Bring your knees towards the chest.
  4. Squeeze your abs for a few seconds and get back to your starting position. The reverse crunch targets your lower abs.

Have a crossover crunch.

How to do it:

  1. Your position should be lying on your back but with your right leg crossed over the other. You can do additional crossover crunch by turning your hips on you right while lying.
  2. Keep your neck neutral, curl your left arm, shoulder and chest towards your middle.
  3. Then lower slowly.

You can use the workout equipment.

  1. To do crunches, you can use a gym ball. Lean as far as back on the ball as you can to arch your back in its natural range. Then contract your core to bring your upper body off the ball.
  2. You can try using a medicine ball to improve strength and flexibility of your arms and shoulders. It will work to your core. Let yourself lie down while holding the medicine ball in both hands above you. Settle your arms fully extended, and your arms straight as you raise your torso. Then take your arms behind your head, so the medicine ball touches the ground. Raise the ball back to the start and do another rep.
  3. Adding some weight to your crunch is one way how to do crunches. Hold a dumbbell on your chest. Keep your neck neutral and squeeze your abs to curl your upper body off the floor. Stay in this position for a second then lower the dumbbell slowly. Keep the weight controlled. Don’t go for a heavy dumbbell; Choose the right amount.
  4. You can choose a dumbbell on a weight plate in your hands. Lie flat on while holding light dumbbells. Contract your core as you bring the weights and your legs together. Then, lower dumbbell slowly as to your starting point.
  5. Cable crunch is not harmful to keep your muscles under tension for longer and helping them stronger. You will need a high cable and rope handle. Lean forward, keeping your body straight and your arms and hips locked in position. Then crunch down using your abs as the driving force. Afterwards, reverse the move slowly.

Quick Tips for Doing Crunches

To achieve the best results of doing floor crunches, make sure you do it not too high. Focus the pressure on your ribs down and to your belly button. It will raise your chest a few inches off the ground. When doing crunches, your target is your abs.

Use strength to have movements in slow and control. Make sure that your back is firmly against the floor. Don’t rely on the momentum of your workout.

Support your neck while doing crunches for abs. Maintain an apple size space between your chin and chest throughout the entire movement. To avoid, cross your arms over your chest or place your fingertips at the back of your ears. Make sure your elbows are pointing forward.

Relaxation and correctly holding your breath is essential to ease in doing crunches. Relaxation in crises means to focus on your abs muscles. And squeezing is the key. Keep pressing on your abs, lifting yourself off the floor and on the way down.

In a Nutshell

How to crunches is crucial if you want to have the perfect abs. Everyday movement of crunches is not practical. You can have other variations of movements, angles and positions will result in ideal shape ab muscles. Also, you can do squats and planks to make your abs and core stronger. Other than crunches, you can do planking. It will give more strength to your workout to gain more strength.

If you do crunches incorrectly, you will know it. You will suffer back problems, and the tension will not feel in your whole core throughout the movement. So, you can follow our easy steps by steps on how to do crunches.

What can be a suitable type of crunches for you? Finding the appropriate workout for your abs depends on your capacity and your strength to do more activities. Make sure you know it before starting any workout