Quit Sugar or Quit Life? A Wise Choice Needed for a Better Living


Quit sugar while you are young and able. Never wait for the moment that you will regret because when it comes to health, prevention is better than cure.

Quit sugar – this was my Doctor’s first advice when I caught my blood sugar level on the peak line. The high sugar level is not a joke; thankfully, I was lucky to have my annual checkup monitored and ensured that I was fit and healthy. Watching my blood sugar level is essential because, as Doctor says, it would be bad for anyone’s health if he or she crosses the borderline. Meaning, it will not be easy to live an ordinary life, like enjoying eating sugary beverages, high sugar foods, and sweets.


I have what they called sweet teeth that may be the cause of a spike in my sugar level. Well, why should I avoid it – this is what I asked my Doctor though I am familiar with the risk of having high sugar levels.

My Doctor gave me advice. It is plain and simple yet very significant for me to follow and understand.

Getting to the point, here are the benefits that quitting sugar can make our body.

Benefits on Why to Quit Sugar

For a couple of days, it is hard for me to cut sugar, so I almost think that I cannot quit sugar in my daily foods. But then again, I think of the effects it will lead me if I stay on track in eating vegetables.

As I observed the results, it affects my health. It is remarkable, and this proved the adequate proper nutrition that our brain and body need.

My body has high energy levels with a positive effect.

Having high energy does not need to consume dessert. Sugary foods are known to be a source of high energy. But we are wrong with this.

Yes, sugar really gives us an adrenaline rush, but it is not the best source of energy food. The focus on fueling the body with proper nutrients for energy-boosting are healthy foods. You can opt for whole grains, lean meats, leafy green vegetables, and my favorite fruits.

Try these foods in your meal or make a diet replacing your snacks or desserts with healthy foods, and you too will feel the difference.

Losing Weight Easily


Who would not love losing weight quickly? When I heard about this, I totally agreed with my Doctor.

Quit sugar because it only has empty calories that have no nutrition.

Then I switch to healthy foods that can genuinely help me lose weight safely and effectively. The natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables and with the fiber it contains, it helps me to lower blood sugar levels.

To let you know that added sugar in foods can make your body resistant to insulin, which increases fat storage.

Increase Emotion and Mental Health


There are questions about why many are finding it hard to quit sugar. One of the reasons why artificial sweeteners are hard to avoid is the compulsive reaction to feeling better. But this is not helpful when you are trying to reduce weight.

Remember that obesity causes high blood sugar levels, which creates mood imbalance, stress, tiredness, and even poor eating habits. I mentioned this earlier. So when you know you have a sugar addiction, it is high time to make a strict discipline when it comes to your eating habits.

Sugar addiction is a habit that needs to address when you want to quit sugar. I admit it is tough to stop eating sugar and unhealthy foods.

Especially, sugar has such addictive properties that it may have more control over our own choices than we make! Suger is one of the biggest causes of mental health issues. The study shows that increased depression, anxiety, mood swings, and focus loss are common problems because of artificial sweeteners.

Again, I suggest you start eating fish, nuts, leafy greens, and lean meats, making you feel better, way better than sugary foods.

Decrease Levels of Inflammation


Okay, so here it is. If you quit sugar, the essential health benefits you will get is to lessen the inflammation in your body. Inflammation increases when too much artificial sweetener is consumed.

Inflammation leads to different diseases like chronic pain, headache, and allergies. In a recent study, I found out that inflammation can also be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Imagine with high blood sugar levels can cause you other conditions because of not quitting sugar.

Trust me, all of these can be avoided with combined exercises, diet, and of course, quit sugar. You will be surprised by inflammation problems and other diseases related to artificial sweeteners.

Sharing My Thoughts

Let us see; if there are genuine downgrades if eating sugar foods is about to go beyond control. It is real, and I feel the difference that I learn to quit sugar.

The first improvement I felt was my brain functions were staying sharp. There was less anxiety or loss of focus because I started to quit eating sugar. How about my blood sugar level?

Oh yes, it is slowly decreasing as well as my blood pressure. One common factor of having these diseases is gaining weight over time. Obesity is a consequence of excessive sugar consumptions, which increases the risk of high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The result of this menace is a heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, and more severe health problems.

Aside from quitting sugar, make sure you do not smoke and keep away from stress. Have some time to exercise to eliminate stress. Please don’t fall into stress eating, which I was guilty of eating. Most of the food that I consumed before was sweeter food, and I did not even skip diet drinks. They were my favorite stress foods. And the result, more catastrophic health problems.


So I decided to quit sugar and start living a healthy lifestyle and also saving money for healthier food options. Besides wasting your money on buying sugary foods, consulting your Doctor is another factor why it is expensive if you are not going to quit sugar. Take it from me, and this is one of the reasons I choose to restart my diet into a healthy meal plate daily.

Kids Mental Health: The Right Approach According to Expert


Kids’ mental health is one of the major problems faced by each family. Imagine the things a kid could do before the pandemic outbreak and compare it with the sad reality now. Is it not frustrating that your kid cannot enjoy the spring break and summer breeze?

Kids’ mental health can be in torture during this crisis. No more free time playing outside and interacting with friends is not possible yet as long as no vaccines are made. 

The coronavirus outbreak has made major disruptions not only for the kids but for the rest of the family as well. Face-to-face learning is not yet possible, and this is one of the most significant dilemmas among the kid’s mental health. 

The feeling of anxiety and negativity has been the mind-setting of the children since it has been almost six months that physical interaction with other children is prohibited.

Now, it is not time to get scared of the effect of the pandemic outbreak. The most important thing now is to make kids feel love and at ease so that the anxiety will be gone. As a mother or guardian of the child, the global pandemic should not make you affected. Let the anxious feeling be gone.

Reassuring your child with the safety of returning to school is essential. However, make sure that you discuss the changes that he may expect at school. For example, your child needs to learn and adapt in advance of wearing protective clothing like masks and maintaining significance distancing from friends and teachers while at school. It’s crucial to often reminding to keep the safety measures between your child, his/her schoolmates, and teachers. Explain and emphasize why it is the critical factor to maintain distancing while at school for him and others, so your kids’ mental health will not be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Right Approach to your Child


The very first problem with the children now is knowing the facts about the pandemic. Explaining to your child about the World Health Organization protocol is everything to help your kid’s mental health while the vaccine is on the way.

Approach the conversation with empathy.

Every kid needs to be treated with empathy to make him/her feel that there is nothing to fear about Coronavirus. Wearing masks while playing can be uncomfortable to them, but with the right explanation, for sure, they will understand. Giving them enough information to know that the best thing to do is to follow the health protocols, it will ease eeriness and anxiety about the pandemic. Worries and emotions have a significant impact on younger individuals, especially to children. 

Encourage your kid to have regular handwashing.


While going back to school is at grasp, the importance of handwashing is the best solution for kids. The WHO encourages everyone to wash their hands regularly, and it can be taught to our children. A trick for your child is “learning should be fun,” and following the hand washing will make him/her enjoy the process. A strategy is to sing along with their favorite song or do it with a dance for more fun. Probably they would ask why they need to have frequent handwashing? Better be ready with an honest answer that viruses and germs are invisible, yet it could be anywhere and can be transferred to our hands. Once they understand the importance of handwashing, they will likely make it a habit.

Introduce e-learning and guide them in using digital tools.

QcdFTRLAs5X8ssaSchools will continue, but face-to-face classes will be prohibited. Do not make this affect your kid’s mental health. Assure your child that reopening of schools will have a little change in how she/he will attend classes. Help him/her to be familiarized with digital tools and how to share information with his/her classmates. It will be the advantage of your child if he/she will know the proper adjustments ahead. Learning may happen at school, but bigger chances are at home. So supporting your child in the meantime is needed. Safe and monitored use of online games, social media platforms, and video chat programs will be great opportunities to connect, learn, and play with their friends at school.

Look for symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Kids-Mental-Health-The-Right-Approach-04This pandemic shows that even a child can suffer from anxiety or stress. Ergo, keep an eye on your child. The impact on kids’ mental health is essential to be countered with a demonstration of empathy and support. Look out for misinformation about the Coronavirus. This information, when reached by your child/ren, can have a grave impact on his/her mental health. Encourage them to seek your guidance always so they can share information with you, and you will be aware of what they have read and seen online. 

Also, be familiar with cyberbullying. It is now a common incident happening online. Your child cannot avoid this, therefore, orient them with this kind of intimidation online. It would be best if you emphasized that your child should trust you in this matter and let them feel that they are not alone. The feeling of comfort is essential for a child since, at this age, mental and emotional stress can affect them easily. Honest conversations will make them understand and make you a trustworthy person for your child/ren.

Help them familiarize themselves with the school policies about safeguarding and against bullying.

Informing your child about the school policies and protocols will be an appropriate approach to ensure your kid’s mental health is always on guard. Schools should be the second home of your kids, and they need to know that they are safe at schools. Meanwhile, you must have constant communication with the school office to give you a day to day after school report.

Anxiety is contagious.


When your child feels your anxiety, your child will likely manifest the same emotions. That is why controlling your stress as a parent will help your kids’ mental health and emotions. Being cool despite your worries should be the ambiance surrounding your kid/s. 

How to analyze kids’ mental health?

Having a conversation with your child/ren is the first step to know his/her emotions and mental health. Here is guidance for a child at a different developmental level.

Age 2 – 6 or Pre-School Kids

Stay calm around them and let them feel the parental emotions with the following when they are around.

Keep unnecessary images that can create scary pictures in their mind. Words from adults have a significant impact, so be sensitive about the topic with other adults. Comfort them during uncertain situations like having the illness. To avoid getting sick, preventive measures like hand washing and wiping surfaces will do the trick.

Age 7 – 12 or School-Age Children

This age can understand certain things around them like the Coronavirus. As a parent or guardian of children between this age, it will not be hard to explain about the pandemic. Give them information on how to prevent, and why is it essential that proper hygiene is the key to stop spreading the virus. Being mindful as well in preparation for stocking food at home in case quarantine will be placed for a month or two. Continue to guide them in watching television or digital platforms, so they will understand what they are seeing. Reading books and playing together are some ways to help them enjoy staying at home.

Age 13 – 18 or Adolescents and Young Adults

sBFTRLAs5X8Teenagers and young adults though they know more about COVID-19, this age are potentially in danger. Why? Because they are more curious about the pandemic. They will research and watch different news on TV or videos online about the Coronavirus. But never let them sit alone to contemplate as curiosity can bring them to future risk that it is still essential to monitor them and ask them how they are feeling. Guide and inform them about trusted sites to know about the Coronavirus. Involve them in indoor activities with the rest of the family members.

Sharing My Thoughts

Consider that kids’ mental health is one of the priorities in your family at this time. The COVID-19 is a pandemic that affects the world; thus, it is essential to know the right approach to protect your family. This outbreak does not only affect the jobs and social status of a state. Further, emotional and mental health is also on the verge of these pandemic casualties.

Magic Mushrooms: Interesting Facts, Roles, and Side Effects.


Magic mushrooms, also known as “shrooms,” have a wide variety of benefits to our health. The most significant contribution of shrooms in our body is mental health. And you will find valuable reasons here.

Magic mushrooms can be grown wildly, and it contains psilocybin or a hallucinogenic compound. This compound is the most popular psychedelics, according to studies.

So this is the reason why magic mushrooms became the common ingredient in hallucinogenic medicines. It is also a reason why the high potential misuse of this plant is dangerous. Why? Because too much component of psilocybin can damage your brain.

In 1958, Dr. Albert Hofman discovered the lysergic acid diethylamide. And at the same time, he was the one who isolated the psilocybin—the same reason why we know the dosage of magic mushrooms to be used.

Other names of magic mushrooms are mushy, blue meanies, golden tops, liberty caps, among others. If you consume too many mushrooms, you will experience nausea, yawning, drowsy, panic, and hallucinations.


The Role of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have many benefits, aside from hallucinogenic properties. By using compounds from magic mushrooms, it can give you superior spiritual states. According to a study, psilocybin is converted to psilocin, which influences serotonin levels in the brain. It can lead to altered and unusual perceptions. Between 20 – 40 minutes, the effects will begin and can last up to 6 hours.

For your brain, magic mushrooms cause delays in your brain activity. The psilocybin creates binding effects in your mind, which affect the synchronization of your brain communication functions.

Another reason why people considered using mushrooms is because of the change it can do for people. According to Psychologists, a person who intakes psilocybin understands new opportunities. The creativity and appreciation of art are more likely to develop. Therefore, aside from the brain, it affects emotions.

Since it affects emotions, magic mushrooms kill fear. According to a study, a little dosage of psilocybin can treat post-traumatic stress disorder, which will help you relax and disregard fear.

How do magic mushrooms proliferate?

Like other mushrooms, shrooms can generate on their own. They can reproduce with their own lives because they are fungi. Fungi can reproduce via spores, meaning they are airborne. When they need a new place to grow, it is not hard for them to find some new areas.

However, there are times that shrooms increase the rate that water evaporates off their surfaces, which evaporates the water in the air immediately. When this happens, the shrooms can lift the spores to 4 inches above.

There are many kinds of magic mushrooms, and do you believe that you can have more than 100 species of mushrooms around the world? But not all these mushrooms can give you different effects depending on the dosage.


Shrooms can affect animals.

Aside from humans, animals can also feel the effects of magic mushrooms. In a report, there are citing goats in the area of shrooms. Afterward, the animal . began to show lethargic, vomited, and staggered around, which took two days to recover fully. Aside from goats, reindeers were spotted in Siberia, who also ate mushrooms. Then Syberian sometimes drinks the urine of deer to get hallucinogenic experience for religious rituals.

What are the other side effects?

Magic-Mushrooms-Interesting-Facts-03Eating magic mushrooms can have different side effects. Aside from hallucinations, it can also trigger mental and emotional problems. A combination of alcohol and other drugs can increase the psychological and physical risks.

Careful when after taking this plant because it gives aggressive reactions, especially with a combination of alcohol and other drugs.

But when you are going for a trip, it can help you feel relaxed and set aside drowsy feeling. But in the worst-case scenario, the mushrooms can cause convulsions.

Our Insights

Magic mushrooms can affect the physical and mental state. Some identified physical effects of shrooms are increased heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. Dilated pupils and headaches can be seen with a person after eating magic mushrooms.

For mental state, you can experience paranoia, panic reactions, psychosis, and nervousness. Though more research is needed for long term effects, you should make sure that you will not go wrong in eating mushrooms.

Pay attention after eating mushrooms so you will know the effects like changes in sleeping and eating patterns. Also, you can see shifts in moods and personalities which affect social interactions.

There are myths and common questions about the magic mushrooms. Some of these are safe to eat and have less effect on hallucinogens. For instance, agaric mushrooms are different from mushrooms. The agaric mushrooms contain ibotenic psychoactive chemicals, acid, and muscimol. It can give you a twitching, drooling, vomiting, and delirium effect.

It is correct that you can develop a tolerance or dependence and withdrawal after eating mushrooms. But you need to have regular use of shrooms, not overdose. Why? Because it can give you fatal symptoms that you may not control in the future.

If you do so, you can flush it from your body. Give it 6 – 12 hours for total wear off of the psilocybin from magic mushrooms.

Strength or Cardio, which one provides Best Results for Mental Health?


Strength or cardio – this is the common question of those anxious individuals who love to workout. These two kinds of exercises can give benefits to your body over time. So it is essential to know what it can do to your body.

Strength or cardio – you do not need to worry too much because these two have unique benefits. But if you want to improve your mental health, I suggest you should consider doing cardio exercises to increase brain functions.


Cardio workouts are more favorable to increase mental health. Exercise for strength includes weight lifting. But make sure that if you do weight lifting, you know your capacity to lift. The workout you are going to do connects your muscles to your brain so you can assess if you are strong enough to do some strength workout.

If you want to know better about the mental benefits of cardio workout, you should know how it transforms simple exercise to benefit your brain. Choose what activities are suitable to increase your mental capacity.

Now, let us focus on what exercises can be done to benefit your mental health. Knowing both strength and cardio exercises will give you a better overview of activities that you can try.

What are cardio exercises?

Strength-or-Cardio-Workout-002So first, let us look into cardio exercises. Cardio includes running, and according to study, running can help you clear your mind. It increases positive mental results to forget dilemmas and worries.

I try doing cardio exercises when I want some peace of mind. For instance, doing aerobic exercises help me improve blood circulation. We know that proper blood circulation helps our brain with more oxygen.

It can be recalled that increased oxygen to our brain clears our mind, improved focus, and disregards overthinking or anxiety. Depression is a common issue among us, so that proper cardio exercises can lessen negativity.

Between strength or cardio workout, how the latter exercises help our body?

There are links between exercises and our brains and to be specific the cardio exercises. I am amazed by how the exercises are linked with mental health. But looking into some readings, I encountered the following studies on the difference in strength or cardio exercises.

It releases endorphins and binds endogenous opioids.


Based on the endorphin hypothesis, cardio exercises increase our overall health, from physical to emotional to mental health. How does this happen? It is the result of the release of endorphins to receptor sites in the brain. Also, doing exercises make several subsequent binding of endogenous opioids.

It boosts overall health.

In my experience, I see the difference between exercising before and after and how it affects our life. Boosting our overall health is one of the right reasons why cardio exercises are essential. When you do this exercise, your body temperature will start to elevate, and every time you move, you will feel the blood rushing into your veins.

It distracts negative thoughts and refocuses your senses.

There have been studies that I have read about strength or cardio exercises. And what amazed me is the fact that cardio exercises like running, walking on a treadmill, and meditating can decrease stressful stimuli and feelings. It redirects your focus on things that can help you to be more optimistic.

It increases self-esteem.

I think that any of these exercises, strength or cardio, the most important is the health benefits that we can have. Finding the real power and making our physical and mind to be fit, there is no doubt that cardio exercises are what we need to do. I, for example, have been doing a routine activity that suits my schedule. Also, I have checked my capability to do workouts to test my agility and balance. And if I am feeling stress, perform the exercise to lessen it and increase my happy hormones.

Meanwhile, strength exercises give us some health benefits as well.


In my search to find what are the health benefits of strength training, there have been some studies showing significant results of lifting for mental health. Here it goes.

It addresses depression.

Like cardio exercise, strength exercises help reduce symptoms of depression, especially among adults. Also, I did some low to moderate intensity strength training, and I found out that it changes something in my body and mind. I tend to think less of negative thoughts. So I imagine what about depression. So I want to believe how it helps those individuals who manage to perform mild to moderate depression?

It improves brain function.

Like cardio exercises, studies showed that strength exercises could improve cognitive function. Especially for adults, it enhances the decision making of a person and the focus on an issue or matter. Brain training is not enough to improve reflexes and other cognitive functions. The practice of coordination and balance help the brain to function as it should be.

What can we say about it?

Actually, strength or cardio exercises, either the two, can help our overall health. From physical, mental, and emotional health, these exercises give us excellent results. For instance, when it comes to focusing, these exercises help us to achieve our goal every time we are doing a routine daily.

When I tried it, each session of strength or cardio exercises, there have been many changes. Look closely with each routine and sets, so you will know what to be repeated for your workout.

Assessment of each workout daily is essential to achieve the mental benefits from your workout. It is not really important if you hit the gym or you are doing it at home. As long as you know the proper way of exercising, you will see the difference.

10 Remarkable Easy Yoga Meditation Techniques for the Whole Body


Yoga meditation techniques have been a practice for so long because it gives focus, less worry and comfort for most people. Of course, yoga is a form of exercise that enables our mind to relax and our muscles to be at ease after a long day of work.

Yoga meditation techniques include the purest form of routine that you can follow to experience the health benefits of yoga. Yoga, in the form of meditation, focuses more on mental health. It is the perfect way to destress your mind and prepare it for the next day’s activities.

Now, you may be asking what the yoga meditation techniques are? Before jumping to the extreme methods, we prefer to give you the basic yoga meditation techniques to perfect the rest of it.

These techniques will help you prepare for more advanced skills on how to do yoga meditation. At the end of each method, you can feel the improvement and increase the flexibility and freedom of your mind.

Over time, your body will get used to yoga, and it will become your habit, so you will want to do it every day. As a beginner, it is essential to learn the yoga meditation techniques to get familiar with the routine, especially the dos and don’ts in yoga.

Techniques for Beginners

Technique 1: Two minutes to meditate

How long will you need for meditation? While sitting for two minutes, yes, two minutes will be enough as you start to meditate. Then you can increase it to 10 minutes for the following month.

Technique 2: Morning is the best time

There are many here who ask when the best time to meditate is? Well daily is an obvious answer but if it is morning or evening, you will probably say evening to relax. It is okay to meditate during night time. But in our yoga meditation techniques, we suggest that you should do it in the morning. You can have a friendly reminder on your phone or at the bedside clock to do yoga before starting the day right.

Technique 3: Assess your emotion

When doing yoga, you should feel okay. What you are doing should have a positive impact on your mind and emotions. Make sure that your whole yoga meditation gives you full health benefits.

Technique 4: Practice proper breathing

In yoga meditation techniques, breath is one of the essential things that need to be monitored. Start from counting one up to ten, so you can follow the intervals.

Technique 5: Do not give up easily.

As a beginner, you will wander from the start, so do not give up easily. When you go wandering, you can start by counting one again. It is one of the challenges when you are meditating. Do not pressure yourself to get it perfectly right in the first session. You will learn to embrace the process of yoga meditation over time.

Technique 6: Try to focus rather than clearing your mind.

It is a common thing that when you do yoga, you will have to clear your mind. Instead of doing this, try to focus. It will be easy for your thoughts to train your brain how to focus on things in your mind. You may wander while doing yoga, but learning how to focus will help you clear your thoughts.

Technique 7: Learn to understand yourself

Before deciding to have yoga, learn to know yourself. What are your weaknesses and strength? What are the things that distract you easily and motivates you? These are some of the things you should know about yourself. So if anything related to it arises, you can deal with it efficiently and get back on track in your meditation. In this way, you can be friends with yourself as well.

Aside from those factors, study your physical capability. You should know if you can follow the breathing and if your feet are okay, especially your toes and ankles. These should be your priority since you are a beginner in yoga meditation.

Technique 8: Check your yoga area.

The light, sounds, and ambiance of your yoga area should be checked before starting to meditate. For instance, you will need a good view of your room. There should be no noticing sounds, so you can learn how to focus easily. The light in the room should be enough and not too bright or dim when you meditate. It will affect as you close and open your eyes during meditation.

But actually, you can do it anywhere since you are like practicing and familiarizing yourself with the techniques. You need to know the basics.

Technique 9: Commitment is essential.

You have to be 100% committed if you want to be successful and make your yoga a habit. Without commitment, you will have no plans to achieve the health benefits of doing yoga meditation. It is better to start yoga if you set goals for yourself.

Technique 10: Seek professional advice.

Of course, what we have here are just the yoga meditation techniques and not the routine of yoga. Then you should find the best yoga practices that will suit your capability and how you will start your very first session. It is the ideal thing to do rather than looking into an online tutorial of a yoga routine.

What can we say about yoga meditation techniques?

Doing yoga meditation alone is a lonely thing to imagine. Instead, look for your friends and ask them if they want to join you on your team. Imagine achieving your goals with your friends. If your friends are too busy with their schedules, you can ask some people in your community to join you in relaxation.

Then do not forget to smile after achieving each session. You will need to embrace the times you spent with yoga meditation. It is a commitment; therefore, when you reached your goal, it should be a satisfying and glorious ending for you. It will be a good feeling.

One thing, yoga meditation techniques can be judged as easy to do and learn. But do not forget that doing yoga can give you many genuine amazing benefits. If you are committed to starting, then it will be a habit for you: not just a regular habit, but a good and healthy beneficial habit. I am sure you want to start yoga without delaying after reading this article, don’t you? Best luck in achieving fantastic health!

Ways to Be Happier Secrets: Be Happy Using These Simple Tips


Ways to be happier can be achieved in many ways, and any of us can do it; we need to find the right thing that can help us to find true happiness. Yes, there are things that you can do to make yourself happier. These can be in different forms, but true happiness comes within.

Ways to be happier, mostly, are simple things. Yes, simple things can make you more satisfied if you know how to appreciate it. It is not only fashion and makeup that will make you happier. True happiness is what most people are looking for.

Finding true happiness has been blinded by different things like material things. But what does a person do to feel happier?

Smile often and follow many ways to be happier

Ways to be happier include smiling most of the time. According to studies, laughing together with your friends and family can make you happy and feel more comfortable. Making jokes and sharing happy thoughts are the best way to keep your moods positive.

Know the true meaning of “value.”

Authentic ways to be happier is not about material things. Most of the things that can give us real happiness is gestures like revealing your actual value. You will know your worth when you know how to evaluate what is fair and what you believe is right. And when you see the value of yourself, you will know your honor and be happier with your life, and then you will genuinely value others as well. Meaning, you boost your self-esteem over time.

Make no expectations about being “perfect.”


If you are looking for the perfect ways to be happier, then it depends on what makes you sad? Being happy is not simple to gain because true happiness can be found if you accept the things around you. When you say perfect, you will be the judge of it. Well, everything will be ideal if you will not expect too much from the person or the circumstances. Instead, you will accept the fact of the good things happening around you. In this way, you will know the simple ways to be happier.

The best is different from perfect.

When you define what the best things in life are, you should know its difference from being perfect. And if you want the best things in life for you to be happier, then focus on how you will achieve it. Do not just wait for the best things to happen in your life without working on how to achieve it. Instant happiness in life is nothing to compare if you make efforts on ways to be happier. Because if you wait for it, you will get disappointed if things will not work out.

Shift things you love for the happiness

The most common way to be happier is knowing the elements, place, and person you love. Spending more time with them will increase your happy hormones. If you feel like having low self-esteem, maybe a quick getaway from the sources of your stress and sadness can make your life brighter. For instance, if the sounds of running water can relax you, and if you love going to the beach, then you should probably make a schedule to go to some resorts near you. Shifting your hobbies can lighten up your mood and can make your life happier over time.

Know your purpose.

Happiness is the same way of fulfilling emotions when you accomplished something. It is like knowing your purpose and what greater things you can do when you know your purpose. One of the real ways to be happier is understanding the reasons for everything that happens around you.

Sometimes, follow your heart to be happy.

Feeling empty is a common emotion of people who are under emotional stress. But, listening to your heart is not always the right thing to do. Make sure you still decide based on logical explanations. And consider the things that can give you happiness for the longer-term. Make a balance between your heart and mind before doing actions.

Ways to be happier is to Find simple pleasures.

Simple joys, sometimes, are the best ways to be happier. You cannot deny it because it happens a lot. Most of the time, pure pleasure can make the most memorable treasures like silly jokes, warm days and starry nights. These are really simple pleasures that can make you happier.

Our Thoughts to have Ways to be Happier

Yes, indeed, sometimes simple pleasures can make your heart fulfilled. Obvious things that can make you happier are material, and that is why we never consider any jewels, clothes or fashion styles to be your basis of happiness.

Of course, it helps you feel fulfilled, but over time you will realize that you need more than material things. You need to know how to take responsibility. If you fail to do something, do not look for someone and something to blame for. Make decisions on your own and take responsibilities out of it. How can this make you happier? Over time, you will know how to decide on your own, and you will be responsible for it.

Ways to be happier are in your hands, and all you have to do is practice it. Make sure you understand first what is the trigger of your sadness and depression. Then counter it in many positive ways and find many ways to be happier.

Health Benefits of Being Outdoors: Underlying Truth

Health benefits of being outdoors

Health benefits of being outdoors can help treat and prevent diseases. Being outdoor can give your health a break from spending your time in front of your laptop, computer and just sitting in your house all day.

Health benefits of being outdoors

Health benefits of being outdoors can decrease your chance of acquiring different kinds of diseases. Many good things staying outside can give you. You will have the opportunity to feel nature and will have a connection with your environment.

Some outdoor places like the park, mountain trails, beaches and you can even consider your backyard as well for doing different kinds of exercises and activities.

If you notice, you will see some choose to spend exercising or even just walking at the park or the beachside. Most of them are making it a habit to spend some time to improve their health condition and also support their medications.

Medical practitioners always suggest patients, especially when under medications, to enjoy and feel the environment and be with nature.

According to some studies, the health benefits of outdoors having many effects on our bodies. One of the significant effects of being outside is decreasing the chances of getting health problems.

1. Decrease the risk of getting obese.

Obesity is a common problem nowadays. Gaining weight can lead to more severe problems. You are what you eat – this is a fact that applies to everyone. 

Why people gain weight? Eating healthy foods does not remain the only way to keep your weight at an average level. The health benefits of being outdoors, decrease the risk of getting obese has been counted as an option too.

Spending time outside can give you some health benefits and maintaining your shape is one of those. The significance of performing physical activities outdoor can give you another level of satisfaction. According to studies, one of the health benefits of being outdoors has something to do with the influence of other people to perform exercises. This way, you can reduce the chances of getting overweight or obese and increase body muscles.

2. Improve blood pressure levels.

Hypertension and blood pressure have some of the dilemmas when your lifestyle of eating has been in the red zone. The red zone of eating means that the foods you are eating are imbalance. Imbalance eating of food can lead to abnormal blood pressure levels.

improve blood pressure level by doing outdoor activities

Another factor in improving the blood pressure level is doing outdoor activities. One of the health benefits of being outdoors is combating hypertension. According to the study, at least 30 minutes of being outside can reduce the high blood pressure by 9%. It is a significant number over time.

3. Increase serotonin levels for mental health.

One of the health benefits of being outdoors and doing exercises is getting at least a 7% increase of serotonin levels that can reduce your chances of getting depressed, anxiety and stress. Spend at least 30 minutes outside, and you can increase your moods, which relate to your eating lifestyle.

The seasonal affective disorder can be identified when someone experiences depression. And to avoid this kind of sickness, you can do some exercise outdoors.

4. Produce healthy skin

Exposure to sunlight helps the skin to look more vibrant. Yes, skincare products are not only what we need to keep our skin to look brighter. Naturally, we can get vitamin D from sunlight; therefore, this becomes one of the health benefits of being outdoors. And if you can see how your skin looks like, it can also lead to healthy bones. Healthy bones mean stronger bones.

Improve eyesight5. Improve eyesight

Problems with eyesight have been one health condition that even at a young age, we can experience it. So how we can prevent it?

One of the best ways that we can prevent it is exposure from the sunlight. Doing outdoor activities for at least 40 minutes can improve eyesight. Taking some time off staring at your computers and cell phones or televisions can increase visual stimuli for your vision.  

6. Increase functions of lungs

Healthy lungs is one of the health benefits of being outdoors

If you compare the health of a person spending more time indoors rather than a person spending enough time outside, you can see the difference in breathing.

Healthy lungs are one of the health benefits of being outdoors. However, make sure that the environment you are going to spend at least 30 to 40 minutes are clean and comfortable. Most areas that you can find fresh air and a clean environment are parks, mountain trails and beachsides. 

The clean and fresh environment has a significant impact on your health, especially to your lungs. It dictates that some pollutants can affect your lung’s health condition over time. Some harmful pollutants come from smoking, pollen, molds and dust. Specific contaminants triggered allergic reactions. So knowing your surroundings first before doing outdoor activities is essential.

7. Lesser the chance of getting injured

Pain from getting injured can be lower when you have enough space in your surroundings. You can allow yourself to exercise to the full extent wherein you can move your muscles and joints freely. In this way, the health benefits of doing outdoors activities are strengthening your muscles and joints and improve your capability to balance during workouts.

8. Longer sleep at night

Doing outdoor activities can help you sleep during the night.

Sitting all day without doing any activities will not improve your sleep. Doing outdoor activities can help you sleep better during the night. What will be the explanation of this? It is because when you exercise, you will feel your heart is pumping blood to your body.

9. An option in your free time

Aside from the health benefits of being outdoors, one choice for your free time involves doing exercise. Drinking alcoholic beverages and doing other vices as pass time has been one of the reasons why doing outdoor activities is essential.

We all know that doing activities outside is inviting as it helps us spend more time with our friends and families. Social media applications are one of the roots of why many of us choose to stay indoors.

Though connecting with friends abroad is essential, but keeping yourself out from outdoor activities with your friends and families will cause you getting united actually and sharing ideas with people you like.

Health benefits of doing outdoors activities do not limit a person from doing indoor activities especially when the weather is bad and the surroundings are unfriendly.

Our Final Thought

The health benefits of doing outdoors activities do not limit a person from doing indoor activities, especially when the weather is bad, and the surroundings are unfriendly. 

Outdoor activities are beneficial, but it does not mean that when you are under medical conditions, you should go outside. Make sure that you seek advice first before considering outdoor activities.

Mental Health Benefits from Golf: What it takes to be golfers?

Mental Health Benefits from Golf: What it takes to be golfers?

Mental health benefits from golf have a significant factor if you want to have good reflexes and if you’re going to train your mind to have better focus. Focus mind is essential to accomplish many things.

Mental health benefits from golf can be achieved by playing golf, of course. Playing golf can be learned by doing several practices and undergoing different training.

What is golf?

Before trying to go and attend training for golf, it is advantageous to know the meaning of golf. Well, golf is a sport which you can win if you have the lowest score. Unlike other games, the ball is motionless if you played it. Dubbed as a unique sport, playing golf also symbolizes your social status. It is known as a sport for men in upper-class society. 

But it should not be a hindrance if you want to play golf because of the mental health benefits it gives to us.

What are the mental health benefits of golf?

Golf, like other sports, trains our body to be fit and healthy.

Before diving into the mental health benefits of golf, any sports have attribution physically. The benefits of golf in our body can burn almost 2,000 calories. Imagine that you will be walking for over 5 miles with a bag on your shoulder or pushing it. The terrains in the golf course are up and down undulations, so walking is a great workout when playing golf. 

When you are playing, you will have to swing your golf club to hit the ball. If you are going to hit the ball, you will need your full body workout using your arms, legs and core muscles. So playing golf has a perfect effect on your body.

 Golf contributes in the mental health.It contributes to mental health.

Aside from physical activities, golf has a remarkable impact on your mind. According to the study, playing golf contributed to 90% of your mental health. A typical golf course has 18 holes round. So if you are going to finish these holes, you will have to stay focused. Proper coordination with your body and reflexes can relieve many mental disorders like stress, anxiety and depression. Other sports can do the same thing, but playing golf gives more than other games.

It serves a pleasant environment for business meetings.

Mental health benefits from golf include making an enjoyable rapport for new connections and business meetings. Why? Because the people playing golf have something in common. They are friendly, pleasant and successful individuals who love to spend time with the people on the same level. You will have no worries if you are going to pair with other people in the field. Also, new connections can be built up if you are going to meet new golfers in events and tournaments.

Age has no restrictions on playing golf.

Playing golf does not require age. Therefore, mental health benefits from golf have a remarkable impact on retired professionals who chose to play golf instead. Though you will need physical movements, it is still considered a low-impact sport that has less stress and damage to the joints and muscles of golfers. Golf is indeed for old age and older adult who wants to be active when it comes to playing sports.

Playing golf is protecting nature.

Playing golf is protecting nature.

When you are in a golf course, you will see the vast green land. It is a beautiful scenery which is right for your mental and emotional health. Few may only know that golf courses are providing habitats for animals and different plant species. So it is a good thing that golf courses ensure playgrounds for wildlife.

Over-all health starts with excellent mental health.

Mental health benefits from golf affect our health. You will notice if you have no worries, anxieties, depression and stress, your lifestyle is at pace and monitored.

For instance, your heart will work just fine, and the chances of getting heart diseases will be reduced. Thinking positive is connected with your heart. The rate and blood flow of your heart are vital to have normal blood pressure and less cholesterol level. And playing golf can give you the right exercises, especially when you are not allowed in doing heavy lifting and other intense activities.

If you have gained an excellent mental health state, you will also keep at bay the signs of Alzheimer’s disease. It is one of the common mental illnesses for old aged individuals. Keeping your state of mind in function also gives your body a good flow of blood. In this way, you can say you are ageing gracefully.

Another mental health benefit from golf is making your body fit physically. Like we mentioned earlier, a stable state of mind shows the willingness to enjoy walking in the golf course instead of using a golf cart to roam. According to the study, golfers lose weight quickly because they burned more calories while playing golf.

Our Insight

After personally ask a golfer, improving sleep is one of the insights shared with us. Staying outside and playing golf is exercising and being one with nature and enjoying the fresh air. It is one of the most effective combinations of getting enough sleep. Also, it gives your muscles and joints more time to rest and recuperate from your whole day activities.

Aside from letting other people know your kind of sports, it also gives them the impression and appeals that you have good connections and can provide excellent opportunities to other people. According to a research study, it is better to walk in the clean with a fresh air environment because it soothes the mind and improves the functions of the brain. 

In this sense, playing golf is improving mental health. Also, you will allow yourself to live longer. The mental health benefits from golf affect our body until we age, and it will enable us to live longer. 

But before pursuing golf, make sure you have no injuries and health problems that can worsen after playing. Though golf is considered light sports, you do not need to be complacent about the effects it can give you if you have medical conditions. 

Parenting 101: Secrets on Good Relationship with your Teen


Parenting has no equivalent salaries compared to your career. If you are both working parents, then you have different problems than those stay-at-home parents. So what should you need to know then?

Parenting is a challenging yet enjoyable task. Being parents should not be taken lightheartedly, especially when you have teenagers at home. So what will be your game plan?

As a parent, I have to deal with my child from toddler to teen. They have roller-coaster moods, different demands and most of all; they have the attitude that will get into your nerve. But, love is unconditional, and it is true when you are a parent.

Being a parent is no joke or a role that you can easily detach yourself from. It is responsible, not being a perfectionist. You don’t need to be strict. Good relationships between teenagers and their parents need to be positive and filled with happiness.

In parenting, the functional relationship between parents and teens is essential because it is correlated with many positive things at home. Otherwise, teens can feel neglected if the link has violence and hatred.

So how do you keep cool?

Act like A Friend

Parenting is an act on how you treat them as their friend. Appreciations from parents are what teenagers need. With some independence with guidance, it can form more than a parent-teenager relationship. It could build up friendship, which is vital to have a win-win solution to every concern.

Make Time to Have a Conversation at the End of the Day

After a long day, I make time to have a short conversation while doing household chores or after dinner time. And most important, I always check on them before bedtime, asking if everything is all right before going to sleep. It’s a beautiful feeling of coping the weekend with family.

Know the Peer Groups

Parenting needs to know who their sons and daughters are growing with. Personally, I invited some of his friends. This will be a good chance for me to see the environment of their peers. Inviting them over is one way to know the peers of my son without limiting him to socialize. I suggest you also need it?

After Academic

One struggle of my son is dealing with his academic. So after school, I make sure to give him some schedule to balance academic and social media. Don’t act like an older sibling, but let them feel that you are going to supervise until they become professionals.

No Expectations but Make Standards High

I teach my son to be competitive. Being supportive will always get your child to do well, and in achieving the goals, she/he wanted. But if you do not consider what they want, it will be hard for them to decide for themselves as they grow older. So we as parents need to do is begin shaping our sons and daughters own goals now.

Just Hang Out and Talk

Based on my experience, this is true. Breakfast and dinner are essential meals in my family. These are the time that we can have an excellent opportunity to talk about the plans before and the remarkable ending of the day. It is a good time for your teenagers to get a hold of them and avoid unnecessary problems. The simpler, the better so they could feel no pressure at all.

No Caffeine before Bed Time

For teens, sleep is essential, and the recommended sleep is still needed to be in good shape. How to maintain your teens are getting enough sleep? Well, you just need to cut the caffeine before bedtime. Drinking beverages with caffeine before going to bed is not a good idea. Why? Because too much caffeine will disrupt your sleep; melatonin production will stop and makes for your kids to fall asleep at night.

Monitor Use of Gadgets

Gadgets like a computer, mobile phones, tablet, and laptops should be in the common space at home. In our house, computers and other devices will only be used wherein we can see them. Social media is what makes my son entice in using gadgets. However, I showed him that the priority use of the device would be for studying – researching and stuff for academic.  I assure that monitoring their use of gadget is the priority here.

Making them Independent Naturally

What is the meaning of independence for teenagers? Real autonomy does not mean to be liberated from parents or guardians. The real sense of freedom is close and trustworthy to parents.

For instance, it will not wise to force my son to be independent when he is not ready. But of course, I have to make him understand that he must learn how to decide on his own. One way to do that is set him out for summer camp. Not only living on his own, but it can also develop his social skills.

Make Amendments and Value the Relationship

I raised my son without punishment or conditions. I make him understand that trust between family members is essential. Trust to each member is needed to have good ties and comfortable in sharing everything about what happened after the day.

Our Advice

There will come a time that our sons and daughters will learn how to be independent. And good parenting will help them to cultivate to value the relationship between family members.

The moment they become independent, we need to accept it. Teens are independent means learning to socialize with other people. But children need to be in touch with their families, especially when their parents are old and need to be in companionship.

Parenting has a critical role for their teenagers. It is the time when your children’s emotion can be persuaded easily. They will try to start building an intimate relationship outside your family. It is normal, and as parents, we should not intervene. But we need to be in full guidance to keep our children’s emotion bonded in our family. A solid foundation of love in our family will make a big difference to our children when they reached teenagers life.

The intense emotional foundation is the key so that even when we will let them go, they will be ready emotionally. Especially when they are in the age as a teenager, they are starting to develop a relationship with other young adults. And this is what we need to look after. Though we trusted them entirely, it will be wiser to still monitor them, especially at this age.

Good parenting is essential, and it takes a lot of patience and understanding to provide full support to our sons and daughters.

Anger Management for Men: Handle It in 7-Easy, Happy Ways!


Anger management is healing of yourself and how you perceive things. If you are overreacting with little things and getting upset quickly, then you have to deal with your anger.

Anger from men is a sign that they are vulnerable when it comes to their emotional lives. Remember that men want to be superior if not all of them well, I guess most of them.

So, here are the things you may want to know about it for men. Also, I have shared some insights on how to deal personally in some situation of the family.

How to do Anger Management

It is hard to deal with people, especially men when they are angry. The reason for people to feel anger varies in many ways. But, regardless of the level of rage, someone is feeling towards you, you can deal with it.

The first approach you can do with someone who has an issue on anger management is to learn different ways of controlling your anger. At first, you will see the early signs of irritation, and you must know what words to utter and actions to be taken. Anger for men has many reasons, and the outbursts of this emotion can harm their children, partner or people around them. So, it is crucial, especially with men, to control it.

The second approach knows the cause of anger in the upbringing. Admittedly, we have that experience that once our anger is triggered, it will be connected with the present situation. So this approach will need if no reason at all, someone will get too angry.

How to Diffuse Anger

Anger management in the family is essential, especially between children and their father. Better dad will need to control their emotions, especially getting angry with the family.

Diffusing anger between dad and the rest of the family will need lots of patience. And when I said patience, you will need to do some techniques. What we have here are some of my experience with my dad when he was mad at me. Of course, time passes by, and our relationship has never been better. That is why we seldom deal with anger in the family.

Step 1: Think a hundred times before saying or doing some things.

Yes, children always test the waters, so getting mad at them whenever they do something wrong is not the right discipline. I guess, keep things in perspective. Whenever my dad’s anger is to the highest point, my mom always said to him that – anger clouds the judgment and would lead to rash decisions. And these decisions might be regret later. So over time, I understand how my dad controlled it. Discipline should be done with a clear and understanding mind.

Step 2: Breathe deeply and say to yourself that “everything will be okay.”

Taking a deep breath in and out, and clearing your mind from anger is a quick relaxation for those who deal with their children. I often see my dad doing this whenever I did something wrong. When I think he will scold me, instead he said that it would come to pass and everything will be okay. This is the time I think about not doing the same mistakes again.

Step 3: Sweat your anger.

My dad’s anger is not all about me. Sometimes, he will come into our house full of tension and anger. Well, I guess it has been the office work. Afterwards, I saw him going outside and getting into his bike. Sometimes, he will just go to the corner around the street. Out of curiosity, I asked him, and he said to me that he needed to sweat out his stress. Our body needs to release hormones called endorphins to keep us in a good mood.

Step 4: Talk about it.

Nothing can make a relationship perfect other than talking. Creating a conversation with your family member about something that pisses you off will eventually go away. It is one of the most effective ways on how to diffuse anger in any relationship. Being honest with each other about the reason for getting mad is the critical factor for anger management. But when it is too deep, maybe a moderator can help to cool things between the two parties.

Step 5: Change your perspective on things.

Getting angry to many things and situations will not make it any better. In short, being optimistic will decrease your chances to get mad about something. And giving high hopes to someone will prevent you from disappointments and later on, anger. So change the way you see things at the end of the road. Make your conclusion based on reality.

Step 6: The doctor is always in.

You know yourself better than anyone, and if you think it’s time to seek medical interventions, then it’s alright. You don’t have to be ashamed of looking for professional counseling to manage it. Instead, be proud of yourself because you know that by doing this, you put first the welfare of your family and the people around you. You are not selfish and an attention grabber.

Step 7: Know the history.

Most cases of anger management come forward with men. Though there are cited cases among women, most happens with men. And looking deeply on the reasons why this case happens, I am shocked that it happens when you have issues with your father.

During my encounter with my group in our community, we identify that anger among men can be side effects of growing without a father. Longing for a conversation with a father is a factor among men why they seem to get angry so fast. I don’t mislead anything on this but itis based on observation and sharing of some experiences from men.

What can we say?

The feeling of anger has many factors. Not just for men, but also it could affect anyone. Anger management is essential, especially for those who get too stress from their work. Also, holding grudges about the past and bringing it out to the present can be a source of feeling too much angry.

So when having the feeling of anger towards someone or something, think twice about the things to say and actions to do.