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How to Look Good Without Makeup? Top Answers from Professionals


How to look good without makeup is one of the questions for ladies who love to appear natural rather than cover their faces with heavy cosmetics. Wouldn’t you love to look natural yet stunning while your friends are taking selfie photos?

How to look good without makeup can be done in many ways. Most of these beauty tips on how to look good without makeup will amaze you. For instance, you want to go outside without makeup as you don’t have time to put makeup on, but still, you want to look fabulous.

I bet if you are like me, you love to go outside to enjoy the fresh air and interact with other people. Of course, going out without makeup might make you feel awkward at first. Perhaps you may be thinking, how will people react when they see you without makeup?


Beauty rules show that wearing makeup can cover your impurities and simply build up more confidence. But for me, wearing no-makeup helps me to bring the natural me. A truly confident woman can toss a makeup bag aside and approach the world with the bare face.

Did you know that you can go outside looking good? I cannot blame a woman who was never really able to go out without makeup. But to look nice even there is few acne or pimples, you need to spend makeup with natural ingredients. These will keep those from irritating.

So, there are the best ways to follow and look good without makeup.

I have tried different ways on how to look good without makeup, especially if I have little spare time for makeup when going outside. And I am more comfortable with a natural appearance.

Those are the reasons why I am choosing subtle makeup and different beauty routines when I am at home. Of course, lipstick, eyeliner, and blush are the essential thing in my bag whenever I am going outside in a hurry but still want to look good.

So here are some tips on how to look good without makeup.

First, of everything, you have to start a proper preparation for your skin. There are many ways to do some beauty routines.


Skin exfoliation using what you have got in your kitchen is an excellent way to ensure you are not using harmful chemicals to your skin. You can mix a pinch of plain granular white sugar and a facial cleanser. I tried this once a week to eliminate dead skin. Scrub it gently to your skin and wash it with clean water. Tap a dry towel to your face to keep some hydration to your skin.

Exfoliating is the secret formula to get rid of stress and start to have a glowing skin. You can use exfoliation cream with whitening and moisturizing nutrients for healthier skin.

Early to Bed and Early to rise!


Early waking up should justify that you sleep adequate time for 8 hours. Also, this routine can get rid of your eyebags and can lighten pores and brightens skin. And whenever I have enough sleep, I can smile brighter each day. Of course, I keep my teeth bright and make sure to have a regular dental appointment. Personal hygiene can make you look good without makeup, after all.

Groomed Eyebrows

Who would never love a groomed eyebrows? Getting good eyebrows can frame your face and pull your features into focus. An unforgettable mistake I made is overplucking in the past. For better and less pain, eyebrow serum applied at night will help to condition, strengthen, and thicken the hair of your brows.

Well-moisturized Skin

One of my favorite skin moisturizers is a sheer moisturizer that has light-reflecting properties. When skin is hydrated, you will see your skin moist and glowy. Make sure that you have an SPF moisturizer that can make your skin look youthful and erase dark spots.

With your moisturizer, you can use a primer with an illuminating effect. Natural lighting will have an extraordinary impact on your skin. This will also eliminate the greasy effect and helped to have an effective sunscreen.

Natural Bronzer

ntrlbrzrsHow to look good without makeup using natural bronzer? Well, a subtle self-tanner can give you an even skin tone and will look more radiant than wearing makeup. The natural color to your face like using mineral powder can give your look a lasting tan look.

Eye Makeup

When it comes to makeup, I remember to wear something that can emphasize my eyes. Our eyes are the window to our souls, and right natural eye makeup can change your entire makeup style. Make sure that whites of your eyes are bright with redness-reducing drops.

Then your eyelash is part of your eye makeup, so make sure you maintain it longer and fuller without a tint. A comb with a glossy coat can make your lashes look longer and fuller.

Manage your Lips

Eliminating flakes and maintaining texture, moisture, and plump – these are the reasons why ladies are wearing lipstick. For a natural look, I choose a subtle hint of pretty color that matches my skin color and tone, so I will look good wearing no makeup at all.

Facial Masks

A clay mask is one of my favorite routines, which I put on before going to bed to look good without makeup in the morning. For some, this is extraordinary care, but for me, this is extra skincare. Even simple makeup can dehydrate your skin if you are not taking any extra attention to your skin. I recommend performing a massage after getting off the mask to increase blood circulation and remove fine lines over time.

Scrubbing Lips

lip-screwdubs-15wef64069157How to look good without makeup? Find a good lip scrub and mask duo to make your lips look flush and full. That is how I maintain my lips, so even no lipstick application, I can have the best lips ever.

I am not worried about cracked lips because scrubbing lips can stop the flaking. In addition to it, swiping a lip balm can make your lips smooth. It can make your lips delicious without applying lip makeup.

Eye Care

Of course, your eyes should be taken care of so you can avoid using eye creams like concealer and foundation. The vitamin that needs to take care of eyes is vitamin A, and the skincare regimen is a must, especially if you see fine lines under your eyes and wrinkles. It is easy to identify and apply serums to microdermabrasion – an invasive procedure to renew overall skin tone and texture.

Anti-aging and wrinkle cream can protect you from signs of aging and improve your overall tone, especially under your eyes. When you need some products that can improve skin tone around your eyes, you can try products with retinol to tighten those skin.

Sharing My Thoughts

In all aspects of looking good without makeup, it is significant to find good preparation routines before sleeping and to wake up. You can dig into Amazon for body products rich in oil.

The best way to keep your beautiful skin looking good without makeup is keeping dead skin away. Dirt can be trapped in your pores, so you need the right way of cleaning it. Other than exfoliation, sanding your surface can make your pores appear smaller. But sanding can only be done monthly.

Other than these beauty routines on how to look good without makeup, you should free yourself from it. Keep your confidence level without relying on makeup. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Being yourself is the best way to be confident.

Lip Fillers: Your Latest Trend and Unique Lip Fashion! Try it now!


Lip fillers are famous in social media, and ladies are going after it. Well, it does not hurt if you will try and show to the world what you got for the lip fillers. As long as your lip will not lose its natural color and texture, go for it.

Lip fillers, as the latest fashion nowadays, you can do this at home. Doing a style cannot be stopped even if you stayed at home. At first, of course, you will get uneasy with the look of the lip fillers, especially if you are the one who made it.


A little bit awkward, but you can achieve it like professionals. Some techniques for lip fillers, do not overfill and maintain their natural color and texture. Your skin tone has a significant effect on your lip colors, so choose the color that will make your lips naturally gorgeous.

Before undergoing a lip filler appointment, avoid taking some of these: aspirin, Motrin, fish oil, aleve, multivitamins, and vitamin E for about a week prior. These medicines can make your blood thinner and easily cause bruises.

Okay, so if you are decided with lip fillers, consider the different shapes of the face and anatomy of lips. Each design of lip filler depends on your lip and face shapes. You cannot copy the design of your favorite celebrity lip filler if you have a different form of face and anatomy of lips.

Since this is a trend now, lip fillers can be done by anyone. And we say, anyone, every woman can try it to achieve the lip fillers they dreamt about. Ladies who successfully undergone lip filler procedures can give some facts on how you can be satisfied with your lip filler.

Different Kinds of Lip Fillers

Lip-Fillers-Your-Latest-Trend-003Yes, different lip fillers can give you different effects. The most common effects of lip fillers are the youthful look, pillowy and voluminous look. So what can you try to have a perfect lip? Fillers with hyaluronic acid is one of the best ways to have a perfect lip shape. This acid compound to be used in your lips is highly attracted to water and binds to moisture. At first, you can feel it, but it evens out over time.

Lip filler does not come cheap.

Who said that you could have lip filler in a reduced amount? If you do, then you should be aware of its effects, which are not right. It cost quite expensive for cosmetic treatment to have pretty lips. But it is not real beauty. It is not a permanent fuller to increase the plump volume. But people cannot stop for dermal days.

To get the best of lip fillers, you will need to spend between $500 – $1,000 each for a session. Each injection distributes evenly to your lips, so you do not need to worry about the deformity of your lips.

Lip filler is temporary.

A lip filler can only last for six months maximum. Your lips will go back to its standard shape gradually. Do not expect that you can have it for a lifetime. So make sure you can take many pictures of it as much as possible before it fades away.

Even if you care for it, you cannot make it last forever. After-care for lip filler is minimal, meaning all you can do is stay away from aspirin. Your doctor may advise about using ice if you are feeling sore, but you cannot rely on this for the whole day after the procedure. The swelling and pain will subside within a day or two. You should also avoid using straw and drinking hot liquids afterward. Your lips are still swollen, so anything hot can do more harm.

Bruising after injection varies on the person

bruising003You cannot blame your doctor if you get bruises during the procedures. Comparing your sessions with what you watch and read before considering to have lip fillers should not be applied to you. Why? The bruising effect depends on the person. Some manage the pain but will get bruises. Some may experience otherwise.

Unhappy with the results.

Some first-timers admitted that they are unhappy with the results. How did they manage? They simply asked the doctor to dissolve it. The filler used has the same chemical content – the hyaluronic acid, which can be terminated with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Of course, this is safe compared to other cheap products.

Lip fillers are different from lip injections.

In terms of procedure, fillers and injections are not the same. But when you use the term injection, it has no direct effect. Because the process of lip fillers includes the infusion, this is the reason why you have the plumped-up impact on your lips.

Lip Filler Procedures


To understand more the procedure of lip fillers, you will undergo lip injection by using a cannula. A cannula is different from a needle in which it has a rounded tip instead of a sharp one. It is much more comfortable than a syringe, so it lessens the chances of bruising.

A procedure can last for about 20 – 30 minutes, depending on what kind of lip filler you want to achieve. Before the process, the doctor may apply a numbing cream to your lips. The injection will start in the upper lip mostly, then to your lower lip. It will begin in a small quantity of numbing medication in the lip corners. Then the lip filler will be injected. You will feel pressure, but it is far from pain.

The upper lip must be the first to be injected so the lower lip can be adjusted based on your desired shape. It is also necessary to change to maintain proper balance. Consider that our upper lip is more significant than lower lips.

After the first procedure, you can see the difference. But what about your desired shape? Well, for starters, the doctor may consider a few appointments to perfect the form. It is not advisable to get the lip filler in a single meeting, though. So make sure to know the packages offered to you.

Our Insights

Lip fillers are known to be called devil lips because of some strange and unique designs of women with it and showing it to their social media accounts. Some are trying lip fillers to catch attention with their fashion. In short, this is one of the many accessories in the fashion trend.

But like a new fashion, medical professionals and experts are calling this absurd and unnatural. Some have dubbed it as dangerous because of the side effects it may cause the natural state of the lips.

Devil lips or octopus lips are one of the shapes many women are trying for their lip fillers. It is a design creating bumpy wave effects across their pout. Well, as long as these ladies undergo safe procedures, they will not experience any side effects. And these lip fillers will subside over time, getting to its standard shape. Make sure to consult the doctors before applying lip fillers.

Best Ways to have the Perfect Natural Makeup Look


The natural makeup look is everyone’s dream of wearing for an everyday look. Most women prefer this look because it has a subtle look, but real and natural beauty is enhanced. So you will not worry if your outfit matches your makeup or not.

The natural makeup lookNatural makeup look reflects the real beauty and enhances the best feature of your face. On many occasions, wearing a natural makeup look is also the key to be the real you. Yes, wearing makeup to cover your flaws in your face can add confidence, but the feeling of wearing natural makeup is another level of confidence.

Why it is another level of confidence for women if you wear natural makeup look? Well, traditionally, makeup look with different styles are trendy. However, coming out of your comfort zone, wearing only natural makeup, it will need 100% of confidence.

Imagine some celebrities who chose to wear light makeup and coming out into the spotlight with a natural look? It takes a lot of confidence and embracing your flaws.

Making the best natural makeup look will need some tricks and makeup products to give you that subtle yet head-turner look.

Moisturize your skin in the right way!

The good moisturizer comes with reliable sun protection. So if you are going to use a moisturizer, choose the one with a sheer effect. Also, there are some foundations with a moisturizer that you can use to protect and make an even complexion to your skin. Just a little touch of foundation to warm up your appearance, so you do not need to have it covers too much foundation.

Try to conceal naturally.

Concealer is every woman’s top choice when it comes to makeup products. But to conceal, you will need to have the right amount of concealer so it will not make a finish effect of uneven skin tone and texture. Make sure that for blemishes, you need only to dab, blend, and build up the coverage in thin layers. And for dark circles, you will need to swipe the concealer under your eyes using a wand brush. Then don’t forget to pat with a finger to blend.

Use powder to control excessive oil.

Excessive oil in our facial skin is annoying. If you have excessive oil in your skin, you need to skip the moisturizer. That is the rule to get the best natural makeup look. You need to use concealer and powder to control excessive oil on your skin.

Get a warmer cheek color for a natural makeup look.

The natural makeup look does not have to be pale skin. You can still use warm shades of makeup. We suggest peach or pink colors add a natural and subtle cheek color. Wearing this color will define a natural makeup look.

Complement your Eyes and Lips

To highlight the natural makeup look, you will need to have your eyes and lips to be in lighter shades of makeup.

For instance, your eyelids should be in natural shades. You can choose brown tint in lighter shades to come up as natural. But the shades should be a little darker to your skin tone. Make sure there are no edges in your eyelids, so you have to brush into the creases and along the lower lashes.

Your eyelashes, on the other hand, can define a little bit for a natural makeup look. To enhance it, you will need mascara with darker to your skin tone and the application is from roots to bottom lashes. Avoid coating the entire lashes, so no spidery effect.

For your lips to make it a natural look, you will need to have a shade that matches your eyelids and eyelashes. Grab a tint that goes with the color of your lips. Yes, you do not need to apply shades of lip tint that lighter or darker with your lips. The color of your lips is the most noticeable makeup you will wear.

Few Things to Prep for your Natural Makeup Look

Tip 1: Before starting your natural makeup look, get your facial skin prepared.

Make sure that you have a well-hydrated skin and no excessive oil. You have to use a facemask to ensure that you have a hydrated face with no excessive oil. After applying facemask, see to it that your facial skin is ready for your makeup.

Tip 2: To get your dream skin base for makeup, you have to use a primer.

The primer will surely give you the smooth base you dreamed of. Choose a good quality primer that will make your skin pores no build-up. For instance, you can try wearing an illuminating primer that has light from within glow effect. It will make you feel hydrated.

Tip 3: A natural makeup look needs to be in full coverage.

You can have moisturizers and creams which will give your skin some extra hydration. But the good in these makeup products, you can still show more freckles, redness and imperfections to shine. Just make sure you have a buffing foundation brush to cover more areas. You can use a sponge for a more dewy effect.

Tip 4: Do not get annoyed if your face has a dewy effect.

Dewy skin has a natural effect but still glows. For a natural look, skip using a shimmery highlighter but opt for a cream with a clear base. It will give you a natural dew look to your skin. Also, if you blend it right to your skin, you will have an even smooth texture.

Tip 5: Your brows have to be in a place like your eyelashes.

Do not forget this because eyebrows define the shape of your eyes. To have the perfect eyebrow, use the gel with fibers and brush them up in the right place. Make sure the finish will look natural.

Our Insights

Indeed, a natural makeup look is the favorite of most women, especially those who work at day but still want to have that perfect makeup look. If you have noticed, the shades use to have the best natural look are lighter to your skin or a little darker to your skin. In this makeup look, using bright or dull colors are not advisable to use if you are going to get the natural styles.

On the contrary of other makeup styles, the natural makeup look will reveal the beauty in simple ways without using too many hues.

Top Beauty Advice of Professionals for Your Special Occasions


Beauty advice before getting the knot tied? Well, here are your priorities before walking that beautiful isle. Of course, the beauty advice we have will complement different hair and fashion styles.

Beauty advice before a wedding is the essential preparation. If you miss one or two details, for women, it is a disaster. So better have a checklist on the things you need to do. Luckily, we have it here for you.

So, what we have here is not only the things you need before the wedding. We got a package here from the beginning and after the occasion. And we don’t forget what stuff needed during the event.

Before the Occasion

To look more beautiful, you have to make the best preparation before the wedding. Months or weeks before the wedding, you have to be in good shape. If you want to feel more beautiful and confident before the wedding, eating the right food is the first step.

Healthy food can do many things in our body. It fuels our body to boost our energy and make our skin looks good. Months or weeks before the wedding, you have to stay away from sugar, salt and processed foods. These foods can make you gain more weight, so better prevent yourself from eating unhealthy foods as such. It also includes alcoholic beverages. Drinking can be healthy if done occasionally. But when you have a wedding to attend, you should stop drinking for a month or weeks before. It will make your skin dry and puffy. However, If you do drink alcoholic beverages, for instance, drink plenty of water or take detox to wash out alcohol in your body.

One way to flush out impurities in our body is to get enough exercise. Aside from detox, getting active is one way to boost energy and will make you feel less stress. Being part of a wedding or any occasion can be stressful in some way. You don’t have to go to the gym to do some stretching and workouts; instead, you can do exercise at home like yoga. It will help your body to have some relaxation before the big day.

A few Weeks Before 

After setting your body in eating healthy foods and getting active before the big day, let us go into details.

First, make sure that you have smooth and healthy glow skin. There are many ways to unlock your beautiful skin. Before the wedding, you can do body scrub. It will get rid of dead skin. If you want a little pleasure, you can go to a spa and have a full-body scrub.

Getting smoother skin using body scrub is not enough. You will also need to make your skin have a healthy glow. Then you have to apply moisturizer. It will keep your skin softer, smoother and have a healthy glow on the wedding day.

Then, after making your skin perfect for the wedding day, your next beauty advice is hair removal. There are areas in our body that we don’t want unwanted hair like underarms, legs, upper and lower lips, legs and bikini lines. So, if we don’t want to be hastened about our hair removal, beauty advice is to make an appointment on this one.

Choosing the perfect waxing salon is the key if you want a flawless skin. There are different types of waxing, hot and cold. It also comes with different ingredients to avoid redness in your skin. You can also try the laser hair removal if you want a permanent no-hair area.

Finally, make your smile perfect with those pearl white teeth. Who doesn’t want to have the ideal smile with teeth as white as pearls? We are not exaggerated because it is possible to have white teeth. There are home remedies to make it white, but you can also see your dentist for a professional whitening of teeth.

Beauty Advice: For the Big Day

You can use our beauty advice above before the wedding day or even for any occasion. Now, we need to start the preparation on the day itself. Since the wedding is about everything to be unique, what we have here is specialized beauty advice for you. Each beauty advice will keep you on track so you will not forget every detail.

Make Up

Of course, pay attention to your makeup. The motif or theme of the occasion should complement your makeup.

To know if you have the perfect match of makeup with your gown, go and have makeup trials so you will get to see the perfect look for the wedding day. Makeup trials are essential before the occasion so that if you change your mind last minute, at least you have tried different makeup styles. But in some cases, if you are struggling to have your makeup, you can ask for a professional makeup artist to settle the right combination of colors and styles for the occasion.

It will include the application of hydrating serum or skincare products that will keep your face hydrated. It will make your skin smoother and softer. If you want to have the best result, you will need to apply hydrating cream or serum to your face can be done months before. But make it as your skincare routine to maintain your face hydrated.


The very soul of your face is your eyebrows. If you got your eyebrows wrong, you need to fix it before the wedding day. Threading is the best way to manage the shape of your eyebrows. Our beauty advice is to have a natural form of eyebrows using threading rather than waxing. But if you see only a few hairs growing outside the shape of your eyebrows, you can pluck to maintain the shape.


Not all have been lucky to have long lashes. Most women have short eyelashes and not curly, as some have. So if you want to look more beautiful, our advice is to use false eyelashes. Owning false eyelashes can be confused with extensions.

To set your perfect eyelashes, go with the extension eyelashes. You will need it more than the mascara. Extension eyelashes have a long-lasting effect than ordinary false eyelashes.

Makeup for Lips

To have complete makeup, look after your lips. Having your lips coated with balm can keep it hydrated. But if you drink enough water, your lips and skin will not get to dry quickly.

You can also exfoliate your lips. Like your facial skin, your lips have dead skin that needs to remove. Afterwards, you will need to apply moisturizer to bring out the natural beauty of your lips. Then you can choose the right color that will make your lips stand out to your makeup.

Manicures and Pedicures

One way to know if a person is tidy to her body, you will only need to look at her nails. Not only women but men nowadays also pay attention to details of their nails.

The best beauty advice we will give you is to let your hand and nails balance with each other. Gel manicures can be your best option if you want to have the perfect manicure and pedicure. It can be a little bit pricier than ordinary, but you can have the best and lasting result. And this is perfect for the wedding day!

Hair Styles

Getting the right hairstyles to depend on your hair. If you have curly hair, you will need an extra gloss finish. Shampoos and conditioners are the best solutions, especially when you infuse it with olive oil. It also makes your hair shines.

Then, if you want to have the perfect hairstyle, you will need a professional to give your hair the overall makeover to your hair. And you will be ready for the occasion.

Beauty Advice: After the Occasion

Most beauty advice only comes out before and during the occasion. But we got some tips for you after the wedding day. To remove makeup and to wash your hair, you will have to use some solutions to make it safe for your skin and hair. You can apply natural makeup removal and natural solutions to your hair.

Our Insights

Beauty advice before the wedding are valuable, but what makes you beautiful is the confidence you have from inside and out. With this beauty advice, you can now maintain your poise and elegance on different occasions.

How to apply lipstick for that Luscious Lips


How to apply lipstick is essential to be learned by beauties who want to enhance their natural good looks. Lipstick is one of the main features in your face that needs transformation for more confidence and self-esteemed.

How to apply lipstick for that Luscious LipsHow to apply lipstick is something that you need to learn. It adds some color to your lips. Wearing the right color gives you a more vibrant and fresh look. In some occasion, applying lipstick can only give you a look you need for the day. However, if you have chosen the wrong color, you will not achieve the perfect lip for your looks.

Your lipstick color for your skin tone

To choose the right lipstick just for you, it is a must to know your exact skin tone. Like other cosmetics, skin tone plays a big part in choosing the right shade and color. As you will read along, you will learn about your skin tone and how to put on lipstick color that complements.

Your lipstick color for your skin tone

For fair or light skin tone, you may choose from light pink, coral, peach, nude, and dusty red colors. These colors can work well with this type of complexion.

You may have the rose, berry, cherry red and mauve color for your lipstick if you have a medium skin tone. For tan skin tone, you can wear lipstick in coral, deep pink, and bright red. But skip the colors brown and purple if you have a tan skin tone. You can choose these colors if you have a deeper skin tone.

Set the perfect shape of your lipsSet the perfect shape of your lips

Other than your skin tone, you will need to consider the shape of your lips. There are different shapes of your lips. Each form needs proper shading.

For instance, top-heavy lips should carry the bright shade lipstick to your bottom lip. Then your upper lip can have a little darker shade of the same color in your bottom lip.

Bottom heavy lips can have any color with a light nude color in the center upper lip. Then if you have asymmetrical lips, you will need a lip liner similar to your lipstick shade. Lip liner will give an outline to your lips.

Size of your lips

Our lips have different sizes, thin and plump lips. Therefore, your lipstick varies from these sizes. For thin lips, avoid dark color. Instead, use lip gloss and lipstick with light colors. On the hand, plump lips can have little dark shades of lipstick.

Lip and Blush makeup is the perfect deal

Your blusher and lipstick should be in perfect harmony. If you are wearing those two, you should complement the color of each other. Not necessarily the same color of blush and lipstick, but you can have different shades in the same color.

Here is the list of blushes and lipstick colour that can work well together. Your candy pink blush can be paired with fresh pink lipstick. But your cheeks and lips can both have pink colors.

Rose blush and red lipstick can have a romantic look. You can play to have stained blush and matte lip, as long as it will work balance in your face makeup.

You can have sangria blush and deep wine lipstick. But this look is not well appreciated by many. So, you can try this at home and on some occasion which can welcome this kind of look.

If you want to maintain a natural but classy look, you can count on peach blush and neutral lipstick.

How to apply lipstick: The preparation

Since you are engaged in the world of lipstick, you will need to learn how to apply lipstick. Before applying your lipstick, you will need to do some preparation for your lips.

Your lips need exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and make it smooth for your lipstick. Exfoliation includes brushing of your lips with a soft toothbrush. You can use a cotton-made damp towel to rub off your lips for a few seconds. You can have essential oils and honey solutions for lip exfoliation.

Then you need to apply a moisturizer like lip balm that can soothe your lips after exfoliation.

How to use lip liner?

So, how to apply lip liner? Make sure you have your lip liner with you before applying your lipstick. Lip liner is one of the essentials products for your lip makeup as it prevents your lipstick from bleeding. Bold color lipstick will need a darker lip liner. You can have a neutral lip liner by choosing the same shades with your lips.

Lip liner can change the appearance of your lips. It can make your lips bigger, smaller, and broader. You can apply your lip liner by starting to outline your lips then you can add your lipstick.

Making your lip primer

After doing your lip liner, you can prepare your lip primer. Lip primer is the foundation of your lips so your lipstick can stay longer.

How to apply lipstick: the real deal

This is the basic lipstick tutorial. Your lipstick color should be that matches your complexion. We have mentioned earlier the skin tone and the perfect shade of the lipstick. Also, you need to know the texture of your lipstick before applying.

When applying your lipstick, start from the center of your lips and the lipstick outward. Make sure you fill the gaps and brush your lipstick for more precision. You can second coat your lipstick for more intense appearance. Then dust some translucent setting powder in your lips to make a lasting effect of your lipstick.

For the finale of your lip makeup, you can add lip gloss and some shimmer in your lips. You can also clear the outer edges of your lips with some concealer. Your concealer will keep off your lipstick from smearing beyond your lips outline.

Lip brush for precise application

When you need to apply your lipstick with precision, then you should use a lip brush. A lip makeup brush is also best when you want to blend your lip liner and lipstick evenly, or you need to apply lip gloss to add some shine to your lips. Be sure to clean your lip brush with warm water and soap, immediately after use to avoid flaking.

Try the new lip blushing!Try the new lip blushing!

If you are tired of repeating your lip makeup, you can have the lip blushing. Lip blushing is a treatment that enhances the natural color of your lips. This process involves tattooing your desired color to your lips.

According to cosmetic doctors, our lip color fades over time. So, you can have alternatives like lip blushing. Unlike traditional tattooing, lip blushing procedures only use organic pigments and modern tools that will not compromise your natural lip color. This procedure is only enhancement; therefore, it can only last for two years maximum.

Quick Tips to lessen Lipstick from Bleeding

Achieving the perfect lip makeup is a little tricky because of the bleedings. Sometimes it can cover with concealer, but later on, it needs to avoid for cleaner and less messy lip makeup.

  1. Make use of a moisturizer to keep your lips hydrated. Use lip balm for easy absorption of your lipstick.
  2. Lip makeup has lip highlighter. You can use a neutral highlighting pencil to line the outer rim of your lips. It will give some defined shape.
  3. Identify where your lipstick has more blotting. Most of the time, it happened to your teeth. So, after applying your lipstick, get a tissue, put between your lips, and press your lips softly together. The tissue will get excess lipstick.

Brief reminder:

Our lips are one of the sensitive skin on our face. Then, when we use lipstick, we need to check the labels first. There are beauty products with compounds that may harm your lips. You can select lipstick with natural and organic contents. More so, learn about lipstick with hypoallergenic compounds. You can never go wrong with hypoallergenic lipstick, especially when you have sensitive skin. Indeed, how to apply lipstick is a necessity, so it will be wise if you will consult first with your dermatologist for some medical advice. Keep your skin health first before looking more glamorous.

Pink Lips, Some Precious Tips to Get Moisturized

Pink Lips

Healthy Lips are the essential part of our beauty, and wet, moisturized, pink lips are healthy lips. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t care about lips.

Pink Lips, In today’s world beauty resembles your confidence. For me, a definition of beauty is different. Beauty doesn’t mean you have to be stylish, or you have to look like any superstar. Beauty indicates you have to be healthy; you have to be flawless and last but not the least, you must be confident about what you are.

You can’t be optimistic if you have chapped, and dry lips-there is no doubt on that. Everyone wants to get healthy lips like others. Scroll through below to see the tips on how you too can get healthy lips.

Natural Tips for Pink Lips

  • Honey can be beneficial for your lips. Continually applying honey will help you to get soft and pink lips.
  • Sugar can be used as the scrub that will exfoliate your lips. What you can do is to mix sugar with a tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture in your lips and leave for ten minutes. Now see the magic!
  • Cucumber is also magical.  It helps you to get rid of dark pigment. Rub the slice of cucumber on your lips. After that apply petroleum jelly or honey to get moist.
  • You can also use Aloe Vera gel, and nothing beats this gel. Take few drops of gel and massage it in circular motion get the soft lips that you always have dreamed of.
  •  Mix olive oil with honey and sugar. This paste helps you to exfoliate your lips. Rub this paste for at least 30 seconds and see how it worked after 2 days.

Other Tips

  • Always use a lip balm that will keep your lips moisturized. Try to use unflavored lip balms. Apply lip balm in the night also.
  • Every morning, rub your lips with a soft brush. It will help remove dry skins, and your lips will look fresh.
  • Try to protect your lips from UV rays. Use cosmetics for lips that contain SPF.
  • Use Lipsticks that suit your lips.
  • Drink plenty of water as hydration is essential to keep your lips nourished.
  • Add lots of vegetables and fruits in your meal that will keep your skin flawless.
  • Bad habits like biting and licking lips are also bad for your lips. Try to avoid these.
  • Sometimes massages on lips can be beneficial. Rub your lips with ice-cubes

These are best ways to get moisturized, pinkish and healthy lips. Apply these and know you too are beautiful!