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How to Apply Concealer: The Art of Facial Concealment

how to apply concealer

How to apply concealer for newbies needs full guidance. As well as for those who are still working with shades of concealer, they need quick tips on that. On top of every makeup, concealer is essential to our full-face makeup.

How to apply concealer is necessary for us to learn so we can cover our facial imperfections. Eye bags, blemishes, and pimple marks are common types of these flaws. And what does concealer do? Putting concealer helps to build the confidence and self-esteem of an individual.

We need to know that there are types of concealer for each skin type. Knowing your skin type before applying concealer to your face is helpful to identify what kind of concealer you will need to use.

For instance, if you have dry skin, go for a liquid concealer with a matte finish. If you have enlarged pores, avoid creamy concealer. Then, if you are creating a natural look, get a medium coverage concealer. Make sure that the color of your concealer will match the color of your foundation. You should not choose other shades of concealer that are far from your foundation color.

A Handful of Tricks on How to Apply Concealer

Yes, you are going to know some tricks on how to apply concealer. Since you are familiar with what to do on your skin type, you will need to learn how to apply concealer. Here are the steps to applying concealer.

Step 1. Start with your eyes. Before applying some concealer, make sure you put on your foundation first. Then, you can put concealer to your dark circles under your eyes. Start the application of your concealer from the inner corner of your eyes. Apply your concealer in a patting motion and gently brush it. Afterwards, cover it with powder for the final touch.

Step 2. Next, you can do your nose. This is the part of your face, where makeup wears off easily. So, apply a moisturizer for proper preparation. Then, you can put your concealer. For the final touch, make sure you put powder to keep it longer.

Step 3. After that, look for blemishes and breakouts. After taking care of your eyes and nose, cover any breakouts and stains if you notice. Make sure you put your primer then follow by concealer and foundation. For blemishes and breakouts, it takes some extra steps.

Step 4. Focus on your scars. For some reasons, if you have thick scars, you need to use a creamy but lightweight concealer. It will make the portion of your scars even to your skin. But if you have flat scars, you might want to use a concealer with a matte formula. For the final touch, make sure that you put on powder to keep it longer.

How to Apply Concealer with the Proper Brush

So, if you want your concealer application messy and effective, you need to have these powerful brushes. It will keep you from refraining in applying your concealer.

  1. You can have a fluffy brush. This brush is the perfect tool for buffing and smoothing to conceal dark circles under your eyes. Make sure you sweep lightly to blend the liquid or creamy concealer for a natural finish.
  2. The other brush is the flat head brush. This brush works equally with the concealer. You can use it to pat and blend the concealer in your skin. It can cover large areas of redness and pigmentation.