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Keto Diet for Better Days Ahead or Worse?


Keto diet and other diet meal plans can make you go crazy because of its offers to make you fit and healthy. But what makes keto diet to be distinct from the others is the way it makes you lose weight faster than any meal plan. So here are the lists of why the keto diet is a promising diet meal plan.

Keto diet is a meal plan with low carbohydrates but high in fats and protein. According to the study, the keto diet uses our body fats as a source of energy. To get the best results of a keto diet, you will need to prepare the right portions of fat and protein versus carbohydrates.

Otherwise, the keto diet will not be helpful in your health, as you imagined beforehand. The essence of knowing the nutrients you can get from a meal plan is to maintain good health and physically fit. Any meal plan in the wrong preparation can give you the worst health conditions. But, of course, when your meal plan is correct, you will have better days ahead.

Your Keto Diet Health Benefits: The Good One

Keto Diet Health Benefits

Benefits 1: It gives us more energy.

The moment you begin a keto diet, you will have some flu-symptoms like headaches, fatigue, confusion and nausea. It is the cause of the ketosis process in your body, in which the body burns sugar from carbs to become energy that will burn fat. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you have these symptoms while in the first few weeks of it.

Benefits 2: It counters depression and anxiety.

According to the study, the keto diet protects your brain from absorbing too much sugar and bad cholesterol. When you are in this type of diet, it means that you have a low chance of having anxiety and depression.

Benefits 3: It improves blood sugar levels.

Another health benefit of a keto diet is making our body to have less chance of having type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is prevalent nowadays because of the eating lifestyle, which intake of carbohydrates more than the recommended daily requirement. With this diet, it uses sugar to absorb energy from fats.

Benefits 4: Fights fatty liver.

When in the keto diet, your liver should be functioning well to avoid damage like fatty liver. High tendencies of fatty liver disease should consider before taking this diet. Over time, this diet produces fats from its process, and those fats that are not in use will store in the liver if not wash out from the body. So before taking the keto diet, look into your liver first. You need to have enough liver enzymes to avoid damage to your liver.

Benefits 5: Minimize inflammation marks.

Some people are susceptible to inflammation marks. This health condition is associated with heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and autoimmune conditions. With this diet, there is a bigger chance of reducing inflammation. However, it must be done correctly to improve such a situation.

Benefits 6: It minimizes cravings.

When you are in control of your sugar levels, you can control your cravings. Since the keto diet reduces the absorption of sugar in our body, it also makes our food intake less. Craving is one of the reasons why many are obese, diabetes, and other diseases related to overweight.

Benefits 7: It reduces the risk of heart diseases.

It is a myth that when you are on a keto diet, you will suffer from heart diseases. This diet boosts our heart health. How is this possible? According to the study, if you are in this diet, a reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure can be observed. Though it is only initial reports, this proves that this diet has no harmful effects in our hearts.

What is wrong with a keto diet?

What is wrong with a keto diet?

Every meal plan has two sides of the coin – the good and the bad. So keto diet has also hidden dangers to our health. Though this kind of food is promising, according to experts, it can also have side effects and complications.

Consequence 1: It may cause you flu.

Health conditions like feeling sick or having flu are typical for the first few weeks of the keto diet. You can also feel vomit, GI distress, fatigue and lethargy. The transition of using fats instead of sugar is the cause of having keto flu.

Consequence 2: It causes digestive problem.

Like flu, you can also experience diarrhea at some point. This diet does not contain fiber and low carbs, which can cause an irregular bowel movement. You will also find yourself to look for foods with high sugar because of your diet high in fat but low in carbs.

Consequence 3: Poor performance of an athlete.

Keto diet is not for athletes or individuals that spend more time outdoors. If you are into sport, you need to have a balanced diet of carbs and protein in your body. Otherwise, you will have a problem with your performance. Though you have lost some weight, it also affects your performance in negative ways.

Consequence 4: Gaining weight over time.

According to the study, the keto diet is not for the long term. Naturally, our body needs the recommended amount of carbohydrates. So right after we stop this diet, it will make our body back to normal. Only proper diet and exercise are keys to being fit and healthy.

Consequence 5: It slows down metabolism.

One of the adverse effects of a keto diet is reducing muscle mass, which results in slowing our metabolism. We already know that this diet consists of low fat and low carbs. Continuing this diet can make you lose weight, true. But it also decreases your muscle mass and slows down your metabolism.

Your Take Away

keto diet

Keto diet is useful if the meal plan and portions of servings are correct. This diet will go sideways if you increase the portions which your body cannot digest.

Not only this diet, but other diets can also bring negative and positive effects on our health. If you want to lose weight, you will need to assess what is your trigger food to gain weight. Eventually, even you are into a diet meal plan; you will fail if you are not into exercise too. These two, diet and exercise, should be done together to achieve the best results.

Diet to Improve your Health and Change your Lifestyle


Diet meals are a set of food that can lead you to have a healthy lifestyle. Seriously applying it can reduce the risk of diseases. So how we do it?


Diet for those who tried is a challenging way on how to get the complete nutrient from each meal. There is a different approach that you can try. But before doing it, make sure you have consulted with your dieticians or seek medical advice about the guidelines.

Before starting your diet, it is crucial to know and maintain your ideal pH balance. Each food will be more effective when you maintain the ideal pH balance of our body. Diet is not about minimizing the intake of calories and carbohydrate, but it also about keeping our body from getting acidic. Being acidic can cause metabolic or respiratory acidosis. Set this as your goal example.

The acidic level of your body should be at an average level. How will you do it? You can start doing it by adequate consumption of healthy foods. Avoid eating meat, foods with high sugar and processed food. Make some alternatives and enjoy eating more fruits, vegetables, tofu, nuts, seeds and legumes. By doing this, you will have results like decreased risk of health problems like arthritis and cancer.

Diet List

Whole 30

It is not actually a diet, but this is a challenge circulating social media platforms. The concept of this challenge is to lose 35 pounds of your weight in 30 days. And according to many, this diet makes you tired and hungry. There is only limited food to be eaten, and that will leave you deprived, slowed metabolism and hormonal imbalances. Also, gastrointestinal issues have been listed as side effects.

To keep up the energy while doing this, make sure to include whole grains that will surely cut your carb intake. This will support proper meal management. Of course, exercise should be considered while on a diet.

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

It is one of the popular diets that we have now. Keto means fattened-up. This diet is designed for those patients with epilepsy conditions. The effect of this diet contributed to the increased brain function and fat loss (but consuming the only right amount of serving).

The term keto means ketosis, a metabolic state when the body burns fat as fuel in our body. But be careful to over-eat bacon and steak daily. These foods can be classified as unhealthy foods if not appropriately monitored. Also, other foods rich in saturated fat can increase blood lipid levels, which is not suitable for your health. Other prepackaged frozen foods can have a higher content of fats and contain more sugar as preservatives.

But according to studies, it shows after a week of doing a ketogenic diet; it can activate the starvation mode. Other than that, this diet can lead to fatigue, the body burning muscle as fuel, difficulty in weight loss as the body gives up very little fat to keep you alive. Over time, it can also cause more problems like dehydration, kidney malfunction, and chemical change in your blood.

For some, the ketogenic diet is safe, but there are more adverse effects than losing weight.

Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse

Detox juice or cleansing is a preparatory diet and the most natural diet that you can do. While doing detoxification, you need to eat real and fresh fruits. Still, you can add dairy in your juice but make sure it is dairy-free. Avoid drinking canned juice because it has

The intake of calories does not come from solid food. You can also get this from eating liquid calories. Healthy foods have calories, and you can have it by eating the vegetable, fruits, protein from milk and yogurt. These foods can turn into juice. Then you can add some nuts for additional nutrients.

Diet is not Enough

Even you have a fantastic meal plan and a nutrition diet; there are bad habits that need to break first. If you continue these habits, your diet will not be sufficient. Meats, for example, are tempting food but the rate on how to consume, it depends on your personal experience.

This may sound hilarious but you can actually have an exclusive and a primary tool to limit your consumption of unhealthy foods. Dieting will extremely address the reason for getting obesity and created essential principles on how to avoid being consumed by cravings.

Do not store tempting foods.

Other than carbohydrates, keeping foods high in sugar and calorie like cookies, candies and ice cream are a big no-no if you have diet plans. The more you see these foods, the more you divert yourself from eating only healthy foods. What you need to do is keep fruit displayed outside where you can see it quickly, which includes pre-chop veggies, so they’re ready for snacking.

Never skip breakfast.Never skip breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it will not help you cut the calories. According to the study, eating breakfast can better assist you to lose some weight. If you eat a complete breakfast meal, you can enjoy food with more fiber, calcium, vitamins A and C, riboflavin, zinc and iron. So never skip breakfast.

Look for randomized easy cooking of breakfast that has an emphasis on steady health benefits. There are few restrictions on trans fat for this meal like butter and cheese. However, you can drink with tea on these foods to produce enough caffeine.

Focus on what you eat.

Be mindful of what you eat and know the difference if you are full or hungry. Meaning, when you eat, don’t do other things like holding your phones, reading, watching TV or seating in front of your computer. These things can distract your eating and may not know if you are hungry or full already.

Look for some reviewed articles on the required quantities of calories depending on your body mass index. According to dietitians, prioritizing your weight should be proportioned with your height. A type of meal is prescribed by counting your total weight vs your height. This will help you to get lean and gain more muscles.

Do not eat in a big bowl.

This habit is called mindless eating. According to a study, if you have a larger plate and bowl to eat from, the more you consume unknowingly. So, eat from smaller dishes. But if you have a large plate, make some room for salad and other healthy foods.

Allowing yourself to eat in a small plate could give you a big advantage of getting fit. A single serving of food can rescue you from getting obese. This is a safety reduction of body fats and saving you from health conditions. Make sure you got boiled eggs in your bowl though. Remember that your body requires a proper guide on the ratio of sodium. Otherwise, excess of this is not beneficial to you scientifically.

Avoid making a midnight snack when you want to lose weight.Midnight Snacking

Avoid making a midnight snack when you want to lose weight. According to the study, when you eat at night and never use these calories, the tendency is gaining weight. So after dinner, make sure that you brush your teeth. If you feel cravings less than 10 minutes, then this is midnight snacking. But if you feel hungry more than you may need a little portion of food like fruits.

Fruits are healthier options for a midnight snack. Though it can create enzymes, it can prevent inflammatory diseases. Cutting and restricting your meal from sweets and salty foods for snacks emphasizes how you responded to your hunger nutritionally.

Stress Eating

Stress eating is no good. If you have a bad day, don’t blame the food. According to studies, emotions affect how people eat. This is according to several studies that show emotions can cause people to eat more than they should. It applies if you are happy or sad. So if you are stress, take a walk instead or talk to a friend who will listen to you. You can also do some venting of your shoulder to get rid of stress from your shoulders.

To improve your mood, opt to eat fish in your meal. Skip eating sugars that fasten the phases of getting stored fats. For a short period, it will be difficult for you to have a restriction on what you eat.

Stop eating junk food.

Stop eating junk food.

And yes, this is very tempting. According to studies, eating junk food can make your brain high in fats, and your sugar can elevate in no time. But others eat junk food to make them feel happy. So, the key to weight-loss success is to identify what you really want and indulge in your favorite foods in moderation or as special treats.

There are simple quick tips for this one – stay in the green zone. If you always think of this, it takes you to have control of the amounts of gluten. Stick in the recipe that will provide evidence of satiating so eating of unhealthy foods can be controlled. There are lots of options that you can choose from.

Our Advice

Understand that a healthy, balanced diet can lead to a healthy lifestyle which has room for indulgence. Strict food rules are not necessary for a diet. You just need to enjoy eating healthy foods. Also, you can eat other foods like sweets, full carbs or more than the calories, in moderation. There are claims that dietary supplements can help you lose weight.

But based on theory, health experts identified that there are underlying advantages and disadvantages of these products. Including in these are heart or congenital problems, health disease and sometimes it affects our behavior.