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Mental Health Benefits from Golf: What it takes to be golfers?

Mental Health Benefits from Golf: What it takes to be golfers?

Mental health benefits from golf have a significant factor if you want to have good reflexes and if you’re going to train your mind to have better focus. Focus mind is essential to accomplish many things.

Mental health benefits from golf can be achieved by playing golf, of course. Playing golf can be learned by doing several practices and undergoing different training.

What is golf?

Before trying to go and attend training for golf, it is advantageous to know the meaning of golf. Well, golf is a sport which you can win if you have the lowest score. Unlike other games, the ball is motionless if you played it. Dubbed as a unique sport, playing golf also symbolizes your social status. It is known as a sport for men in upper-class society. 

But it should not be a hindrance if you want to play golf because of the mental health benefits it gives to us.

What are the mental health benefits of golf?

Golf, like other sports, trains our body to be fit and healthy.

Before diving into the mental health benefits of golf, any sports have attribution physically. The benefits of golf in our body can burn almost 2,000 calories. Imagine that you will be walking for over 5 miles with a bag on your shoulder or pushing it. The terrains in the golf course are up and down undulations, so walking is a great workout when playing golf. 

When you are playing, you will have to swing your golf club to hit the ball. If you are going to hit the ball, you will need your full body workout using your arms, legs and core muscles. So playing golf has a perfect effect on your body.

 Golf contributes in the mental health.It contributes to mental health.

Aside from physical activities, golf has a remarkable impact on your mind. According to the study, playing golf contributed to 90% of your mental health. A typical golf course has 18 holes round. So if you are going to finish these holes, you will have to stay focused. Proper coordination with your body and reflexes can relieve many mental disorders like stress, anxiety and depression. Other sports can do the same thing, but playing golf gives more than other games.

It serves a pleasant environment for business meetings.

Mental health benefits from golf include making an enjoyable rapport for new connections and business meetings. Why? Because the people playing golf have something in common. They are friendly, pleasant and successful individuals who love to spend time with the people on the same level. You will have no worries if you are going to pair with other people in the field. Also, new connections can be built up if you are going to meet new golfers in events and tournaments.

Age has no restrictions on playing golf.

Playing golf does not require age. Therefore, mental health benefits from golf have a remarkable impact on retired professionals who chose to play golf instead. Though you will need physical movements, it is still considered a low-impact sport that has less stress and damage to the joints and muscles of golfers. Golf is indeed for old age and older adult who wants to be active when it comes to playing sports.

Playing golf is protecting nature

Pilates Benefits: Your Motivation for Healthy and Stronger You

Pilates Benefits: Your Motivation for Healthy and Stronger You

Pilates benefits emphasized that doing exercise is good for our health. But this became my favorite because pilates has many health benefits. We have listed here the excellent benefits of pilates for your motivation.

Pilates benefits have been one of the reasons why many are choosing this rather than other forms of exercise. So why not try to perform pilates?

Some claim that pilates benefits strengthened the body and health of an individual. In many aspects of being healthy, doing pilates is an excellent way to lose some weight. In addition to that, it gives you many health benefits, which include having a stable and good health condition.

Benefits of Doing Pilates

1. Improves healing of the injury

Pilates, as a form of exercise, promotes healing of wounds. For instance, when you have broken bones, you can have faster recovery when you practice Pilates. And the good thing about pilates benefits is to lessen the chance of getting injured again.

In this essence, Pilates is a form of physical therapy. It is one of the safest methods to have low impact and partially weight-bearing. It has been dubbed as the most reliable therapy. The degree of flexibility depends on the capability of the person. 

The effect of pilates depends on the severity of the injury and should be adjusted according to the person’s needs. Most individuals tried doing pilates to resolve issues to backache and other back problems.

Another pilates benefit that we can consider is to improve proper breathing2. Efficient breathing

Another pilates benefit that we can consider is to improve proper breathing. People with asthma should try doing pilates. Proper breathing can be improved by pilates. According to the study, pilates supports the lungs to provide air in and out of the body entirely. It focuses on breathing of the person – the thoracic or intercostal breathing.

Proper breathing gives our body the right inhale and exhale pattern. While doing it, it supports the movement of our body. When you are diagnosed with asthma, pilates can make your lungs stronger and normalized your breathing cycle. The usual workout for asthmatics is pilates and recommended as well by therapists.

Athletes’ Performance Pilates3. Athletes’ Performance

To be a performing athlete and if you are results-oriented, you will need to know that this is one of the pilates benefits. Most athletes will need to have balanced muscles to perform the assigned routines or workouts adequately before the game. 

In other words, pilates benefits the athletes in terms of conditioning the whole body, especially the ankles and feet. These are the critical parts of the athletes, so they will not fail during their tournaments. Pilates benefits provide an athlete’s safety and lower the risk of getting injured during practice or the day of the competition. It gives strength to your muscles and prepares them to be more elastic and more joint mobility.


4. Long Term Effect for Women

Organic Teabags Oppose the Harmful Effects of Microplastic in our Health


Teabags come in many forms to be convenient for us to use. But little did we know, it has some components that can affect our health. Some effects are harmful, and it is not easily recognized.

Teabags contain tiny pieces of plastic materials, not larger than five millimeters. These plastic materials are called microplastic elements.

The microplastic materials in teabags are categorized as primary microplastics. The primary is those found during laundering of synthetic clothes, tires, facial scrubs and in some personal care products. On the other hand, secondary microplastics can be found in larger plastic objects.

The microplastic materials in teabags

When it comes to teabags, the effects of microplastics are harmful. The toxic chemical substances can be dangerous when ingested. Therefore drinking tea in teabags made of microplastics should be avoided.

It is because, according to the study, drinking tea in microplastic teabags contributes to almost 11.6 billion particles with 3.1 billion nano plastics in each cup. So imagine if you have more than a cup?

But only a few are aware of this fact. The equivalent of microplastic in quarter teabags made can have 16 micrograms. It is given because you soak the whole tea bags in the cup. Therefore microplastics will be released from it.

Do tea lovers have a choice aside from teabags?

Knowing this fact, tea lovers are wondering why microplastics have been involved in teabags. Before, it is made of paper-like bags, but as technology innovates, teabags change.

Plastic polymer, also known as polypropylene, is added in the making of teabags. It is another way to seal up and keep the shape of teabags even soaked in hot liquid. For the marketing of tea products, this is one way to increase positive consumer feedback. But the polypropylene affects the endocrine system over time, which can lead to severe chronic conditions.

Other Means to Enjoy your Tea

Despite the harmful effects of microplastic found in teabags, the excellent benefits of tea are still in there. There are many ways to enjoy tea other than those in the teabag.

Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

At first you, it will be unusual for you to drink loose leaf tea. But you will find it more flavorful than tea being ground to fit into the usual teabag. How much it costs? Well, this is cheaper than that tea in the bag. It can also reuse for another serving without worrying about the flavor, aroma and the harmful effects of teabags.

But how will you enjoy drinking loose leaf tea?

Mental Health Problems: How to Socialize with People Having Episodes


Mental health problems are related to excessive stress in our daily lives. Most of the time, we all induce all the things that are happening around us. And those negative situations are the ones sticking in our mind at the end of the day.

Mental health issues can be prevented to be a severe medical condition. Once it turned out to be serious, your ability to cope with life’s ordinary demands and routines will be hard.

Nowadays, there are cases recorded with people who are suffering from mental health issues. But with proper care and treatment, these individuals learn to adapt, adjust and recover from their conditions. So what are the things we need to know when we are dealing with people with mental health conditions?

How to Identify Mental Illness

To deal with people with an issue on mental health, here are the signs and symptoms that you need to pay consideration to. You must be paying attention to people with mental health issues. Why? Because how you treated them is crucial.

For young adults, adults and adolescents, signs and symptoms include confused thinking, sadness or irritability which results to depression, excessive anxieties, social withdrawal, and dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits, delusions, anger, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, unexplained physical ailments and uses of some prohibited substances.

For children, some symptoms for mental health issues are caused by social groups they belonged. Therefore, some signs that you may notice in your children are the inability to socialize, use of prohibited substances, changes in sleeping or eating habits, too much complaint of physical ailments, and failure to manage responsibilities at home or school. Some signs and symptoms are defiances in authority truancy, theft, vandalism, intense fear and anger. If the worst scenarios can happen, you may observe a prolonged negative mood with reduced appetite and suicidal thoughts.

Mental health issues signs and symptoms don’t stop between adults and children. In some cases, younger children can develop mental health issues which affect the child’s performance in school, poor grades despite intense efforts, poor sleeping and eating habits, refusing to go to bed or school, hyperactivity, nightmares, aggression and temper tantrums.

How to Deal with Mental Health Issues

Knowing the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, you will know how to deal with someone having this medical condition. Remember that mental illness does not only affect the person who has it. But it also affects the members of society.

If you encounter people with mental illness, you have to watch out for common signs like anxiety, anger, shame and sadness. These signs are in connection with emotions. Also, being helpless is one of the situations with people of mental health issues.

The first persons who are affected if there is someone in the family with mental health conditions are the head of the family. Most likely, the parents may feel some sense of guilt if they know that their child has an illness. Family members may also wonder if this medical condition is hereditary or they will be eager to understand the causes.

So, aside from thinking what is the root cause of mental health issues, better to know how to approach and interact with people with this condition. Of course, these reactions are normal.

However, those people having this illness may find themselves more distress and the situation will be critical. In this case, our advice below shows how to interact with people having mental health conditions.

Step 1: Read some materials and be informed to have a better understanding.

To fully understand the situation of a person with mental health conditions, you can read books, papers, or some articles about the experiences of people with this health condition. You can also watch the documentary and inspired shows about this topic. There are some conferences, training and seminars that teach the family of peers on how to cope with the member with mental illness.

Step 2: Learn the right way to approach a person who is suffering.

Simple kind gestures can change a person’s personality. Imagine how it will affect those with mental health conditions.

By showing them and let them feel that they are appreciated can give them a positive outlook towards life. Preaching and dictating them after harmful incidents can worsen their mental health conditions.

When recovering from a particular situation, people with this mental condition should give more patients to improve though the process may be long and complicated, at the end of everything. Things will be brighter.

Step 3: Think Positive, Say Positive.

Good Health in 11 Simple Ways to say No to Temptations


Good health is the key to lift the life expectancy in the United States. Due to improper diet and poor lifestyle, the decrease in life expectancy is continuing to happen. Now, the expectation of increasing it can be possible if you know how to maintain good health.

Good health comes in many principles. These principles can make a big difference in maintaining overall health. It can also reduce the development of serious diseases.

As I observe the lifestyle of people around me, I always see them forgetting the good health standards. They ignore the essence of a balanced diet; exercise and getting plenty of rests which are the keys to maintaining good health.

But the temptations are strong, and it starts with a little piece of sweets, short orders in fast food, more caffeine and alcohol influence by co-workers and peer groups. These temptations were a part of my life a few years ago.

And I realized that maintaining good health with proper lifestyle is the most important, especially when you know that your health is your only treasure. So, when I decided to get in the groove of good health, there are specific rules that keep me on the right track.

Rule No. 1: Eat a variety of nutritious foods.

My daily food selection includes a balance of good carbs, protein, fruits, veggies, and dairy products. More than 40 different nutrients that our body needs can make our body good health.

Rule No. 2: Eat in moderation.

Also, I practiced eating in moderation. Proper portions of eating can maintain your weight, and it is a part of a healthy and balanced diet. Don’t get confused when we say eat in moderation. For instance, you can have a medium-sized piece of fruit for one serving. A cup of pasta equates two meals, and a pint of ice cream contains four servings.

Rule No. 3: Don’t skip meals for lasting good health.

Skipping meals to lose some weight is a myth. And I guess so. So, instead, it actually leads to out-of-control hunger and frequently results in over-indulging. The key to good health is to have at least two balanced meals.

Rule No. 4: Consider some portions of certain foods.

I still eat all the foods so my body will have healthy digestion of food. When you found out the food is rich with salt, fat and sugar, you should not totally ditch out those. You can add some salt, fat and sweets to your diet but make sure in moderation. Unless the doctor advises you, you should follow it.

Rule No. 5: Good health means water is life.

In a year, I only drink sodas and alcoholic beverages on a special occasion. I stay away from sugary drinks. According to studies, sugar is a source of empty calories that can use up essential vitamins and minerals in your body. But water helps not only to hydrate but to aid in blood circulation, the removal of toxins from our bodies and in the regulation of our body temperatures. That is why I chose water over other drinks in the counter.

Find out More 5 Rules

10,000 Steps a Day to Road of Long and Healthy Life


10,000 steps a day… a figure that seems impossible. And why do we need to walk?  Why do we need to flex our muscles daily? The joints in our body should be maintained with movement. Without movement, our joints, bones and muscles become weaker. If we want to have a healthy life, we need to move.

10,000 steps a day … maybe the answer to our health problems. How would you suppose to do this? Well, we need to take the first step. The first of the 10,000 steps may be too far to reach.

But when I took that first step, I know that I would be starting the journey to a healthier life. Becoming physically, mentally and emotionally fit is the benefit of day-to-day walking.

Walking 10,000 steps a day would ensure a longer and a happier life. So let’s learn what we need to do to move forward on this endeavor.

 Getting into the daily walking habit:

 1. Aim with a daily goal

Ten thousand steps a day should not be your first-day goal. You need to let your body adjust to your regular walking, until when you feel that 10,000 is no longer a far fetch goal. But you should constantly challenge yourself to walk an extra mile. Let your body feel and adjust to the daily tension when you add more steps to your regular walking. It would give you a more determined goal. And ensure that you would keep on walking.

2. Track your daily walks

You need to track your daily steps. Knowing how much you walk will keep you motivated. Try installing a digital app to your mobile phone or have a small notebook to keep your daily walking.

On the app or notebook, set your daily, weekly and monthly goals. Let your daily results inspire you to reach the 10,000 steps.

3. Always remind yourself to walk

Having a constant reminder to walk every day would also help us reach our goal of 10,000 steps. Post-its, alarms, apps, calendars, digital watch, day runners, you name it, remind yourself to walk. Having a reminder in our goals will surely motivate us, if not then, challenge us.

You need not do this in one stride or one full walk. You just have to be reminded that you need to walk a couple of hundred steps to reach your daily goal.

If you need to complete a chore or a task at home or work, don’t take the easy route. Do not use the elevator at your office if just two or three floors down or up. And if it’s only within a mile or two in the neighborhood, take a walk.

4. Get yourself a comfortable pair of shoes

So if you will do this regularly and add to the daily rigors of your life, you need to have a pair of good sneakers. Find one that is comfortable to you, not only when you just tried it on. Walk on it and feel the tip of with your toes and cushions of the shoes with your heels. Don’t let any pain or discomfort get unnoticed.

Get advice from the salesperson on what shoes will go well with your daily routine. Do you stay in the office building most of the time? Are you always meeting and winning clients? They will know what best fits you if it’s for rugged or paved roads.

5. Get a Pedometer

If you would log your daily walks, then it’s best to have a pedometer or a step counter. The easiest way to know how much you’ve walked is with a wearable or wrist-type pedometer. You can also install a mobile app that will count every step you take or every move you make. It would continuously keep a watch on your everyday foot movement. Find the best pedometer for your lifestyle.

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Eating with Hands – More Hygienic and Perfect Way for Weight Loss


Eating with hands have a different take from other cultures. When they heard eating with hands, they seemed to judge it unclean, barbaric and taboo. But when I went to Asian countries, eating with hands is the perfect healthy way to eat food.

Eating with hands or commonly known as Kamayan is not only a practical way of eating your food. It is a way to blend with the cultures of certain people. It breaks social boundaries and a better way of enjoying your meal.

When I look more rooted in eating with hands, I found some health benefits and it really “wow” me. Since then, I tried to eat using my hands to enjoy the healthful benefits in our health.

Health Benefits of Eating with Hands

More Hygienic

Eating with hands is better than using utensils. It is true because of the simple reason that you wash your hands multiple times a day while we clean the utensils once a day. We are conscious of the cleanliness of our hands, and before we use it for eating, we are sure that it is 100% germ-free.


We do multiple tasks with our hands. We can pick up things, scratch, feel, touch, make it into a claw shape and pick up small stuff or big stuff, hold water without dropping it. But we cannot use our hands while drinking soup or any food made from liquid.

Precious Parts of our Body



Jackfruit for diabetes is not typical for many because of the belief that the sugary taste of this versatile fruit can increase their blood sugar. But, studies have been made and found out otherwise. Jackfruit contains nutrients that regulate blood sugar, therefore improving insulin sensitivity.

Jackfruit for diabetes is a natural way to regulate the release of glucose and insulin in the body. With the presence of natural sugars and fiber in the jackfruit, it may help control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. You may also lower the risk of developing such condition by eating it.

We all know that jackfruit has a sweet taste, and we believe that anything sweet may contribute to spike blood sugar level. But are we correct on this theory? Does jackfruit worsen or relieve blood sugar level in our body?

The only thing we are familiar with jackfruit is that – we consume it as dessert and one of our favorite ingredients in some recipes.

The health benefits of jackfruit come in raw jackfruit because it has a lower glycemic load, the compounds affecting blood sugar levels. So, when you choose to eat jackfruit without alleviating your blood sugar. You need to select the raw one to compare to ripe jackfruit.

Jackfruit not only regulates blood sugar, but also it benefits us by enhancing the immunity system, and reducing the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, it improves digestion and helps build stronger bones. It has also been said that jackfruit increases the level of antioxidants to fight off cancers.

Indeed, what we can get from jackfruit provides excellent health benefits. However, we are unaware of how it can help us, especially when it comes to defeating diabetes.

But what is diabetes?

Many studies attempt to understand the origin of diabetes, but there is no single reason to pinpoint why many people suffer from this disease. Of course, it is given that there is something wrong in our pancreas when our blood sugar level goes up.

There are two types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. Each class is distinctive from others when it comes to why it occurred and how it can be prevented.

Type 1 vs Type 2, and what causes diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is the state of our body attacking itself. It is also called an autoimmune reaction, wherein our immune system destroys cell in the pancreas. Our immune system fails because of some causes like a bacterial infection, chemical toxins within the food or it can be found in our genes.

On the other hand, type 2 diabetes can be caused by family history, in general. Some risk factors that can trigger type-2 diabetes are being obese, not having enough exercises daily, increasing age and poor eating habit or lifestyle.

But for pregnant women, there are few cases of having regular blood sugar. Mostly, pregnant women have diabetes because of family history, overweight, previous fact of polycystic ovary, and carrying a baby over 9 lbs.

In general, whatever the type of diabetes we have, the only reason we got is abnormal functioning of our pancreas. But others blame, it occurs because of having PCOS, Cushing syndrome or glucagonoma.

How do jackfruits help in sugar above average level?

Cancer Killing Device Defeats the Circulating Tumors Cells in the Blood


Cancer is a disease which usually detects during the later stage. In recent statistics, 17 million have cancer around the world. And 9.6 million died last year from this disease. Can we do something about this?

Cancer starts from abnormal growth of cellsCancer starts from abnormal growth of cells into a mass called a tumor. A diagnostic can show if cancerous or benign disease. If cancerous or malignant, it can spread to other parts of the body. Otherwise, it is benign and cannot spread throughout your body.

So how does cancer start growing into a tumor? There are four main types of cancer, according to how it began. We have carcinomas, sarcomas, leukemia and lymphomas.

In carcinoma, abnormal cell growth can start in the skin or tissue that covers our internal organs and glands. Cancers like prostate, breast, lung and colorectal, are included in carcinoma.

For sarcoma, it begins in tissues that support and connect the body. It can develop through fat, muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, blood vessels, lymph vessels, cartilage or bone.

Then we have leukemia which I suppose everyone is familiar. Leukemia is cancer of the blood, which means cells can change and grow uncontrollably. Patients with leukemia suffer from acute and chronic lymphocytic or myeloid leukemia.

Another type is lymphoma cancer. When the lymphatic system fails to fight the infection because of the problems in vessels and glands, this is the start of lymphoma cancer.

How can it spread?How can it spread?

Once a cancerous tumor grows, it can be scattered by the bloodstream or our lymphatic system. Over time, when our immune system fails to cleanse abnormal cells, it can grow and develop into new tumors. The first place where cancer spread is to the lymph nodes, then it can spread to distant parts of the body like liver, lungs, brain, among others.

How will you detect cancer?

Previous years, early detection of cancer is impossible. When someone has diagnosed with cancer, the findings have usually been in the later stage. Often, it is in the 3rd or 4th stage. And this is very unfair because if we are aware of cancer as early as stage 1, there are millions of ways to cure it.

Chemotherapy and dialysis are some of the cure for cancers. But imagine if you can detect it earlier or before growing into a tumor, then a high chance of saving a life is possible.

Early detection of cancer

The start of the diagnosis of a person starts with unusual symptoms. A medical professional can do some tests like colonoscopy, mammography and other screening tests to find out tumors in certain parts of your body. But if no symptom occurs, the person can be diagnosed with another health issue or condition.

When a tumor found in the body, it is recommended to make a biopsy to have a definite diagnosis if malignant or benign. So, you will need to do a biopsy to know what cure can be done and stop the progression of the tumor if malignant.

Cytophone – Early Detection Device for Cancer

As technology evolves, there is no doubt that prevention and cure for cancers and to other deadly disease are improving. The development of an early detection device for cancer or what we call as Cytophone breaks the silence in finding the cure for cancer.

But, if the tumor is already present in the body, the only cure is chemotherapy with a strict diet rich with anti-oxidants. It will improve your immune system.

Cytophone is more than just a detection device. It can also penetrate within the cells and dissolve the circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in our body. The laser from the device gives off dark melanin nanoparticles in the CTCs. Since these particles heat more quickly than surrounding ones, the rapid thermal expansion of nanoparticles generates a unique sound. It is detected with an ultrasound transducer on the skin surface.

CTCs must be eliminated before it scattered damaged cells totally in our body. And to be able to do this, the laser further heats to create nanobubbles, which eventually destroy the tumor cell.

The cytophone is genuinely a wonder invention to hunt and prevent cancer cells from circulating in our body. It also has the potential to act as a dual therapeutic and diagnostic tool.

Who invented Cytophone?

Dr. Vladimir ZharovDr. Vladimir Zharov headed the team from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) to develop a non-invasive tool that can detect CTCs in the bloodstream. And of course, they succeeded using ultrasound and heat that could kill the cancer cells. So, no need for needles and blood samples.

The team targeted the CTCs because they believe that this is the root of metastasis occurs. Metastasis is the secondary malignant growths of tumor in our body. Therefore, the team studies that early detection can respond quickly to prevent the spread of cancer.

Don’t jump to the conclusion that other medical professionals have made this procedure. Yes, indeed, this is not the first time that lasers are used by researchers to detect and stop the spread of cancer.

But, take note of this, cytophone is the first demonstration of a non-invasive method of detecting CTCs which respond directly in the bloodstream of cancer patients. Also, compared to other cancer detection device, cytophone is a thousand percent more sensitive than other methods. Meaning, the detection using this device is the most accurate, especially when it comes to blood of melanoma patients. To be précised, even when a tumor was unable to be detected on the skin, this device was able to detect CTCs that traditional methods might easily miss.

However, Zharov admits that there is still something that needs to improve in the device. It is the capability to detect CTC from the blood drawn from the patient. The blood samples collected from the patients is only a few milliliters, which is not enough to detect any CTCs.

What can we say?

Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths around the world. Anyone can have it, but everybody can avoid it.

Good thing that a non-invasive device can detect and stop the circulating tumor cells in our body. Since Cytophone comes as laser and ultrasound-based device, it does not use a needle, and no blood will be removed for the process. So, this is a painless procedure, after all.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, eating healthy foods, exercise and a good lifestyle can prevent and reduce the risk of cancer.

Period or Menstruation Extraction using Vacuum Cleaners – Not a Myth!


The period is the time of the month that every woman has been preparing. Napkin pads and tampons are the saviors of every woman during this time of the month. But are you using vacuum cleaners? Who would have thought about that?

Period or menstruation happens when unfertilized egg turns into the blood which comes out from your uterus through your vagina. The menstruation cycle is a natural cycle for your body to prepare for pregnancy every month. We say a natural cycle because our body needs to undergo the process to get pregnant.

We don’t blame every woman for thinking to stop their menstruation in some unusual way. For instance, using a vacuum cleaner to stop your period right away is a big no-no!

Women change their moods before and after menstruation. This condition is known as PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. This is the emotional and physical symptoms that the woman feels right and before her period.


Do you think you have PMS? Well, you can say that you have if you are suffering from the unusual cravings of certain foods and feeling bloated. Some symptoms that indicate you have PMS are dizziness, headaches, and the most common is cramps or pain in your belly. These are symptoms that include physical. Others are emotional symptoms like feeling sad, depressed, moods swings and feeling more irritable or angry than usual. PMS symptoms changes monthly and dealing with them are very challenging.

But if you feel that your PMS is extreme and peculiar, you may need to see a doctor to discuss this matter. Severe PMS is what we called the Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

PMDD symptoms are scary that you need a medical professional to carry things in control. Some symptoms include feeling out of control, having panic attacks or suicidal tendency. Ladies, traits like these should be taken care as soon as possible.

The Menstruation/ Period

As far as we know, there are no ways to stop the period or menstruation. But the cramps you experience during your period can be prevented. Or if not, the pain can be tolerated.

Maybe you are wondering what makes your period feel painful or uncomfortable. Cramps during the period are because of the contraction in the uterus. During the period, the lining comes off the walls of your uterus and leaves your body. When the uterus starting to cramps up, it helps to flow out the period blood of your vagina.

Period cramps can start a couple of days before the menstruation comes, and it may continue throughout the cycle. In most cases, craps are worse during the first few days of your period. It is the time when your flow is the heaviest.

But according to studies, cramps during a period can be a sign of an underlying problem in your reproductive health. Too many painful cramps can be a sign of infection in your reproductive organs. It can also be a condition where the lining of your uterus grows outside of it. Other than that, it can be some tissues that line your uterus into the muscle wall of your uterus. In some cases, cramps can be a sign of benign tumors inside your uterus, in the walls or outside.

So, we suggest that if the cramps get unusual during the period, medical attention is needed to prevent further health conditions.

How to Ease Menstruation Cramps?