Cauliflower Recipes: A Quick Healthy Meal in less than 20 minutes!


Cauliflower recipes are a substitute recipe for carbohydrates. So if you like carb and want to try some healthier alternative, consider trying this at home. Imagine that you can prepare such a recipe in less than 20 minutes. All you need is to be creative on the ingredients of cauliflower recipes.

Cauliflower recipes are easier to prepare compared to mashed potatoes. So mashed potato lovers will likely consider mashed cauliflowers, which are lighter, fluffier, and creamier. 

Here is an easy mashed cauliflower recipe. It is a quick recipe to enjoy cauliflower and add it to other recipes like salads and vegetables. 

Best Mashed Cauliflower Recipes

In4tdRM5XFEating cauliflower most excitingly can give you high nutritional value.  A creamy, tasty cauliflower that is so versatile with other foods. With a few ingredients, you can enjoy the mashed cauliflower recipes.


Cauliflower 1 piece, medium-sized

*Make sure you can prepare 4 cups of florets out of it.

Cream Cheese 3 tablespoons

Black Pepper ground, to taste

Salt To taste

Green Onion 1 tablespoon (Optional)

How to Prepare:

  1. Cook the cauliflower in less than 10 minutes. With this time, you can make it edible and ready to mash.
  2. But before that, make sure that you have drained all the water from the cauliflower. To do this, you should let it steam for about 2 to 3 minutes. 
  3. Then, if you are 100% sure that there is no water in cauliflower, you can start to mash it. And the best way to have a mashed cauliflower is by using a potato masher.  Skip the food processor and blender. You can save more time with a potato masher, and the texture is more different from mashed cauliflower using a food processor. But if you have more time, you can use a blender for a creamy mash.
  4. After mashing, now is the time to spice it. You can add many flavors like cream cheese. Well, it depends on the taste you want. 

Why cauliflower recipes?

Well, for me, I would love to eat the cauliflower recipe because of the many health benefits. A vegan-friendly recipe indeed, which I can enjoy with cream cheese if I want to make it creamy. But as for other flavors, I can add additional flavors.

As for the nutritional facts, you can have the following benefits, and you will be surprised by what it could do to our body. Who would reject these nutrition benefits?

Health Benefits of Cauliflower Recipes

Plane cauliflower is not as enjoyable as other vegetables. Also, as a side dish, this veggie needs some flavors. Cooking and food processing of cauliflower is the right way for your heart desires on how to enjoy cauliflower recipes. You can never go wrong with cauliflower, with the health benefits it gives to you.


There are many reasons to consider eating cauliflower. Here are some of the reasons why choose cauliflower recipes, among others.

Healthy Carbohydrates

Enjoying the cauliflower is a good thing. When I eat some cauliflower in my meals, it makes me full, but it is not purely carbohydrates. Cauliflower is high in fiber, and this is the reason after eating some caulis, we feel full quickly. This vegetable offers at least 2 grams of fiber, which can fill our stomach until our next meal. It is an excellent alternative to our diet.

Highest Fiber 

Speaking of fiber, we are all familiar with the benefits of fiber in our digestive system. The higher the fiber content, the healthier our digestive health. The fiber is good for digestion to prevent constipation and also reduces the risk of bowel disorders. Naturally, it also has high water content, which can prevent GI-related health problems. 

Contains Phytonutrients and Antioxidants

One of the reasons why I genuinely enjoy cauliflower recipes is because of the phytonutrients and antioxidants. The cauliflower offers nutrients and antioxidants to address free radicals in our bodies. The free radicals can damage cells in our body, which cause inflammation, and later on, high risk of cancer. The inflammation in our body can cause cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. For this reason, I replace eating rice with cauliflower to maintain healthy carbs and high fiber consumption.

Health Problem Address in Eating Cauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower should be included in different healthy meals since it has high fiber content and healthy carbohydrates. Eating cauliflower recipes can give you these nutrients, which improve overall health. 


Cardiovascular Health

Besides good digestion when it comes to fiber, the fiber also contributes to cardiovascular health. High fiber is associated with reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. How would this work?

The fiber binds to cholesterol, which reduces the levels of bad cholesterol. According to the study, cardiovascular conditions are the result of high amounts of bad cholesterol in our body. Thus, eating more fiber lowers the risk and increases good cholesterol.

Fights Cancer

The compounds called glucosinolates in cauliflower suggests that this vegetable has the power to address free radicals in our body. While enjoying cauliflower, knowing the health benefits it gives to our body adds to our enjoyment. The compounds found in cauliflower are beneficial because it acts as a substance to prevent damage in our cells. The antioxidants, on the other hand, detoxify the toxic compounds in our body, which also minimize the risk of cancer. Well, I can say that cauliflowers are one of the superfoods in our healthy meal.

Improve Overall Health

Fiber and antioxidants are the nutrients found in cauliflower. Also, there are essential nutrients that cauliflower recipes offer. The folate, vitamin B6, and choline improves tissue formation, healthy metabolism, and supports nervous system health. Also, it provides other vitamins, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Sharing My Thoughts

Cauliflower recipes are usually in a simple form like saute. However, my favorite is the mashed cauliflower recipes. I prefer this because I typically make it as an alternative for rice. As a side dish also, I enjoy cauliflower when I add some flavors that complement my main dish. So I am always considering cauliflower recipes in most of my healthy meals.

Broccoli Salad Recipes – A Quick Summer Fresh Salad Recipe



Broccoli salad recipes may look so dull that you cannot imagine eating it. But thinking about the many health benefits, you will be enticed to eat broccoli salad.


This salad is a super simple dish to prepare with lots of nutrients such as potassium, protein, fiber, and fewer carbohydrates. Since this is a homemade recipe, you can make it a potluck when someone is inviting you over to their house. You can also put it in a refrigerator or fridge or store in a cool place in your kitchen to maintain the desired flavor.

There are many health benefits of eating it that include it reduces cholesterol, lower chances of acquiring cancer, increases bone health, improves skin look, improved digestion, and detoxification. Who would not love that?


Aside from being delicious, I mentioned earlier that this salad has many health benefits. So, let us look into one of each before sharing the plate of the broccoli salad later.

Risk of Cancer

There is no doubt that it contains many nutrients like sulforaphane that makes broccoli a cancer-fighting vegetable. More than five servings of this vegetable per week can lower the risk of lung cancer for women. But others metabolize the beneficial enzymes from it and differently from others based on genetic background.

Bone Health

Having a healthy bone is linked to sufficient vitamin K. Our bones need a daily intake of calcium for stronger bones. A cup of broccoli can give our body over 100% of calcium intake so children can benefit from it. But children do not like eating vegetables that much. So our creamy and exciting salad recipes can resolve that issue. Children would love eating the salad recipes with more healthy foods, but for sure, they will enjoy it.

Healthy Skin

If you see healthy skin, it is commonly associated with citrus fruits. Vitamin C has a significant impact on healthy skin. But broccoli, though it does not belong to citrus fruits, contains vitamin C, which makes skin healthy. The antioxidant in broccoli is responsible for overall skin texture and protection from UV radiation.

Better Digestion

Since broccoli is antioxidant, it also contains a high amount of fiber, which helps in detoxification. Improving digestion helps our intestinal tract from getting constipated. Also, it lowers the risk of colon cancer by getting rid of toxins from our body.

If you are acidic, then eating the salad recipes will cure your acidity because of the magnesium presents in the vegetables. Remember that a healthy stomach is essential for the overall health of a person.

Losing Weight

If the diet is an issue, eating the broccoli salad is one of the healthy meals you can consider. The fiber makes you feel fuller, which helps you skip meals and reduce the intake of calories. It also slows down the absorption of sugar, which can be stored as fat. So this recipe will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy diet.

Anti-inflammatory and Natural Anti-allergen

Aside from antioxidants, broccoli is a high source of anti-inflammatory nutrients, a significant amount of fatty acids. It will lessen the impact of allergic reactions.

Healthy Broccoli Salad Recipes

With the nutrients that it contains, here are some of the broccoli recipes that you can enjoy. It includes all family members.

Asian-Style Broccoli Salad

Broccoli-Salad-Recipes-with-Lowest-02To make the Asian style broccoli salad, you will need the following ingredients and instructions.


Garlic Paste 2 teaspoon

Ginger Paste 2 teaspoon

Sesame oil 4 tablespoon

Soy Sauce 2 tablespoon

Chilli Powder 1 teaspoon

Broccoli 200 gram

Corn 50 gram *You can also try using baby corn.

Carrot 1 piece, chopped into matchsticks

Peanuts Half cup, roasted until crisp

Salt to taste

How to Prepare:

  1. Stir fry the broccoli in sesame oil and set aside if cooked. 
  2. Then mix in a bowl the sesame oil, soy sauce, and chili powder.
  3. Add the broccoli in it and mix the ginger, garlic, and chili powder. 
  4. Before serving, on top, add some peanuts and salt to taste. 

You can add cheese or cheddar but no mayo if you want to have the authentic Asian flavor.

Cranberry-Almond Broccoli Salad


Red Onion Half cup finely chopped

Mayonnaise ⅓ cup, preferable canola

Greek yogurt 3 tablespoon

Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tablespoon

Honey 1 tablespoon

Salt ¼ Teaspoon

Black Pepper ¼ Teaspoon

Almonds ⅓ cup, toasted

Cranberries ⅓ cup, dried and no sugar

Bacon 4 pieces, cut into bits, cooked

How to Prepare:

  1. In a bowl with cold water, soak the red onion for 5 minutes and drain.
  2. Then combine mayonnaise, yogurt, vinegar, honey, pepper, and salt. Stir well with a whisk. 
  3. Add the remaining ingredients – red onion, broccoli, almonds, cranberries, and bacon.
  4. Cover and chill for an hour before serving one of the creamy broccoli salad recipes.

Just in time before serving one of the creamy broccoli salad recipes.

Broccoli Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing


For the broccoli salad, you will need the following:

Broccoli 2 heads, medium size with stems

Carrot 1 large piece, and grated

Red Onion The half size of a small onion, equivalent to quarter cup, and thinly sliced

Walnuts Half cup, toasted *You can also use pecans as alternative

Cranberries Half cup, dried

For the dressing, you will need the following:

Mayonnaise Half cup

Sour Cream Half cup

Lemon Juice 2 tablespoon

Sugar 1 teaspoon (add to taste)

Salt ¼ teaspoon

Black Pepper ⅛ teaspoon

How to Prepare:

  1. Peel the stems of broccoli and cut into bite-sized pieces, including the heads.
  2. Mix in a bowl the grated carrot and onion with walnuts or pecans and dried cranberries.
  3. For the dressing, mix all the ingredients in a separate bowl.
  4. Then toss the dressing into the salad to combine. This will be the perfect time to mix it. 

For these creamy broccoli salad recipes, you can get a total of 349 calories and other nutritional value with the ingredients.

Broccoli-Quinoa Salad with Honey-Mustard Dressing

qnsybgcfwebrccliNot a fan of lemon dressing? Well, this one might take you into one of our healthy broccoli salad recipes. The broccoli-quinoa salad with honey mustard dressing is easy to prepare the salad.


For the broccoli-quinoa salad, you will need the following:

Quinoa ¾ cup, cooked

Water 1 ½  cup water

Almonds ½ cup, roasted

Broccoli 2 to 3 medium heads, including the shredded stems

Basil ½ cup, freshly chopped

For the dressing, the following should be the ingredients:

Olive oil Half cup

Lemon Juice 2 tablespoons

Mustard 2 tablespoons

Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tablespoon

Honey 1 tablespoon

Garlic 2 medium cloves, minced

Salt ½ teaspoon

Pepper to taste

How to Prepare:

  1. While cooking the quinoa with 1 ½ cups of water, gently simmer until it has absorbed all the water. Then remove it from the heat and let it rest for 5 minutes. Do not remove the cover until it cool.
  2. Meanwhile, in a mixing bowl, mix the quinoa with the broccoli, basil, and almonds. 
  3. For the dressing, combine all the ingredients and whisk until emulsified. It should be a little tangy with a sweet flavor.
  4. Then pour dressing to mix quinoa and broccoli. 
  5. Finally, let the salad rest for 20 minutes to allow the flavors meld.

You can add some raisins for additional flavor.

Broccoli and Sauerkraut Salad

asjdhtq2be-qwefdAside from creamy, we offer you a savory flavor as one of our broccoli salad recipes.

Here are the ingredients:

Red onion ⅓ cup thinly sliced vertically

Whole Milk ¾ cup, plain flavor

Mayonnaise 2 tablespoons. *We suggest a canola-based mayonnaise.

Olive oil 1 tablespoon, extra virgin

Lemon Rind 1 tablespoon, grated

Black Pepper ½ teaspoon

Salt 1 teaspoon

Garlic 1 clove, grated finely

Broccoli 2 medium sizes with stalks

Red sauerkraut ½ cup, drained and refrigerated

Almonds ⅓ cup, unsalted and chopped

How to Prepare:

  1. First, soak the red onion in water for 10 minutes and then drain well.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together the kefir, mayonnaise, olive oil, lemon rind, pepper, salt, and garlic.
  3. Next, chop the broccoli florets into bite-sized and the stalks into half-moons.
  4. Add the broccoli, onion, and sauerkraut to the kefir mix. 
  5. Before serving, sprinkle with almonds.

Others used sunflower seeds for a different kick in the salad.

Sharing My Thoughts

The broccoli recipes are not as dull as you think. Alternatively, it is a healthy way of eating broccoli. With additional flavor with the dressing, everyone can enjoy broccoli salad recipes. The broccoli recipes are easy to prepare and easy to eat. The trick to having a cholesterol free and delicious dish during summer is to serve it with fresh broccoli. Instead of eating it raw, a quick blanch of the vegetables can give a crisp effect in your salad. Overcooked prep will surely ruin your salad. You can also cook it if you want to make sure that your salad is not raw.

Evening Primrose Oil for Miracle and Evident Beauty Results


Evening primrose oil is one of my favorites to maintain healthy skin. This biennial plant native to North American provides various health benefits that will surely give you the same advantage as it did for many. If not, the evening primrose oil can be more than its claim.

Evening primrose oil comes in different forms, such as a capsule containing 500-1,300 mg. But my favorite package of evening primrose oil is the oil itself in a 150 ml bottle.

Now, you may wonder what health benefits and the significant impact you can get from evening primrose oil. For me, there are several facts that I learned about evening primrose oil, and that is why I am using this. The beauty and health benefits of primrose oil are evident.

There are several studies that I have read about this kind of oil. This kind of oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which everyone knows that this kind of fatty acids can reduce inflammation in joints. That is why I advise my mom to take it to control pain during an attack of rheumatoid arthritis. Of course, this is not a cure but prevention for severe pain in joints.

Did you know that it is cold-pressed seeds from a botanical plant? Years ago, Kings and Queens of different continents used this oil for their traditional medical treatment. From then on, studies and researches concluded various benefits of evening primrose oil.

What can you get from the evening primrose oil?


When I first used the evening primrose oil, I observed significant changes. First, from my dry and rough skin, after three days of using primrose oil, it transforms my skin into a smooth and moisturized type of skin. My scalp and hair became elastic, as well. It makes a big difference in my complexion. From rough and irritated skin, I have a more radiant, and my skin has been rejuvenated.

The most amazing part of using evening primrose oil is my scars disappear slowly. I had a big one blemish on my leg, and after applying primrose oil regularly, it noticed it flattened the texture and lessened the color of the scar.

What are the limitations of using this oil?

Like other products, there are warnings to keep in mind. And as for me, of course, I did not set the facts that using the evening primrose oil can give some side effects when used for long term medications. But gladly, I am using the right amount and as needed only.

So the question is – is it safe to use the primrose oil capsule? Correct dosage, as advised by your physician, will be the right move to do. Common side effects while taking primrose oil according to my mom when she first took some of it are headache and upset stomach. Rashes, as claimed by others, were not experienced by my mom, which has no allergic reaction to any medications. Taking primrose oil capsules has no complete study to support diabetic problems.

When pregnant, taking this will increase complications of pregnancy. It can cause blood thinning for those taking medications for hypertension.

But, the evening primrose oil is different when used as beauty medications.

The beauty benefits of using it are caused by different acid or omega fatty acids. Five fatty acids can be found in the oil – Linoleic acid, y-Linolenic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, and Stearic acid. These are fatty acids that can give you the full benefits of it.

The combination of these fatty acids can result in various health benefits, such as relief from skin conditions. Well, except, of course, from what I have discussed earlier. One way I enjoy it is, its combination with the evening primrose and coconut oil.

Another common problem that it can solve is acne breakouts. Ample application of the oil can diminish the breakouts. It is possible because of the potent antibacterial properties that your skin needs to be healthy and can fight any skin conditions.

Sharing My Thoughts

What I have experienced with it is that it can be your experience too. Just make sure that you know your skin type, and if you have a present skin condition, it is better to seek your doctor’s advice. Experimenting with essential oils and other skin products can be dangerous.

But if you are eager to try and curious about what will be the results, you can check various online videos and tutorials so you will not miss any details.

Magic Mushrooms: Interesting Facts, Roles, and Side Effects.


Magic mushrooms, also known as “shrooms,” have a wide variety of benefits to our health. The most significant contribution of shrooms in our body is mental health. And you will find valuable reasons here.

Magic mushrooms can be grown wildly, and it contains psilocybin or a hallucinogenic compound. This compound is the most popular psychedelics, according to studies.

So this is the reason why magic mushrooms became the common ingredient in hallucinogenic medicines. It is also a reason why the high potential misuse of this plant is dangerous. Why? Because too much component of psilocybin can damage your brain.

In 1958, Dr. Albert Hofman discovered the lysergic acid diethylamide. And at the same time, he was the one who isolated the psilocybin—the same reason why we know the dosage of magic mushrooms to be used.

Other names of magic mushrooms are mushy, blue meanies, golden tops, liberty caps, among others. If you consume too many mushrooms, you will experience nausea, yawning, drowsy, panic, and hallucinations.


The Role of Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have many benefits, aside from hallucinogenic properties. By using compounds from magic mushrooms, it can give you superior spiritual states. According to a study, psilocybin is converted to psilocin, which influences serotonin levels in the brain. It can lead to altered and unusual perceptions. Between 20 – 40 minutes, the effects will begin and can last up to 6 hours.

For your brain, magic mushrooms cause delays in your brain activity. The psilocybin creates binding effects in your mind, which affect the synchronization of your brain communication functions.

Another reason why people considered using mushrooms is because of the change it can do for people. According to Psychologists, a person who intakes psilocybin understands new opportunities. The creativity and appreciation of art are more likely to develop. Therefore, aside from the brain, it affects emotions.

Since it affects emotions, magic mushrooms kill fear. According to a study, a little dosage of psilocybin can treat post-traumatic stress disorder, which will help you relax and disregard fear.

How do magic mushrooms proliferate?

Like other mushrooms, shrooms can generate on their own. They can reproduce with their own lives because they are fungi. Fungi can reproduce via spores, meaning they are airborne. When they need a new place to grow, it is not hard for them to find some new areas.

However, there are times that shrooms increase the rate that water evaporates off their surfaces, which evaporates the water in the air immediately. When this happens, the shrooms can lift the spores to 4 inches above.

There are many kinds of magic mushrooms, and do you believe that you can have more than 100 species of mushrooms around the world? But not all these mushrooms can give you different effects depending on the dosage.


Shrooms can affect animals.

Aside from humans, animals can also feel the effects of magic mushrooms. In a report, there are citing goats in the area of shrooms. Afterward, the animal . began to show lethargic, vomited, and staggered around, which took two days to recover fully. Aside from goats, reindeers were spotted in Siberia, who also ate mushrooms. Then Syberian sometimes drinks the urine of deer to get hallucinogenic experience for religious rituals.

What are the other side effects?

Magic-Mushrooms-Interesting-Facts-03Eating magic mushrooms can have different side effects. Aside from hallucinations, it can also trigger mental and emotional problems. A combination of alcohol and other drugs can increase the psychological and physical risks.

Careful when after taking this plant because it gives aggressive reactions, especially with a combination of alcohol and other drugs.

But when you are going for a trip, it can help you feel relaxed and set aside drowsy feeling. But in the worst-case scenario, the mushrooms can cause convulsions.

Our Insights

Magic mushrooms can affect the physical and mental state. Some identified physical effects of shrooms are increased heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature. Dilated pupils and headaches can be seen with a person after eating magic mushrooms.

For mental state, you can experience paranoia, panic reactions, psychosis, and nervousness. Though more research is needed for long term effects, you should make sure that you will not go wrong in eating mushrooms.

Pay attention after eating mushrooms so you will know the effects like changes in sleeping and eating patterns. Also, you can see shifts in moods and personalities which affect social interactions.

There are myths and common questions about the magic mushrooms. Some of these are safe to eat and have less effect on hallucinogens. For instance, agaric mushrooms are different from mushrooms. The agaric mushrooms contain ibotenic psychoactive chemicals, acid, and muscimol. It can give you a twitching, drooling, vomiting, and delirium effect.

It is correct that you can develop a tolerance or dependence and withdrawal after eating mushrooms. But you need to have regular use of shrooms, not overdose. Why? Because it can give you fatal symptoms that you may not control in the future.

If you do so, you can flush it from your body. Give it 6 – 12 hours for total wear off of the psilocybin from magic mushrooms.

Saffron Benefits for Skin that Works Excellent and Beyond Expectations


Saffron benefits for skin are one unique benefit of using this most famous spice around the world. Though it is expensive, saffron has been the choice of many when it comes to cooking and preparing simple dishes. So, why, saffron?

Saffron benefits for skin have been a buzz because of its nutrients and innumerable benefits to our health. It is considered a medicine for the skin because it can cure problems like acne, discoloration, blemishes, and scars. How can you achieve flawlessly and even complexion?

Way back in ancient times, saffron has been the common ingredient to enhance beauty. There are different effects on how saffron benefits our body. Primarily, skin degeneration is the eye why women look more in using this spice.

Yes, skincare product it is! Like other herbal remedies, this became beneficial and, surprisingly, it can give double nutrition, in and out. It also appears that this spice has properties of antidepressants. One of the reasons why many are looking for this.


Highlighting Saffron Benefits for Skin

Relief from Skin Burns and Rashes

Saffron has anti-inflammatory properties that provide relief from sunburn, rashes, redness, or irritation. It also has features that can lighten and whiten skin tone. Aside from mixing a few strands of it with your drinks, you can also add in a glass of milk and apply it on your face and neck. You can do this daily to get a better complexion.

Saffron Mask with Anti-fungal, Exfoliation and Enhanced Skin Texture


By doing this, it can also reduce acne and blemishes because of the anti-fungal properties. How can you do this? You can make a paste with basil leaves and a few strands of saffron. Crush them together and apply to your face, leaving it for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with fresh water. You can see the difference and improvement right away.

Because saffron benefits include exfoliation, it clears skin by removing dark circles and improving blood circulation giving it a glow. Who would refuse a naturally glowing skin? If you want this result, you can soak a few strands of it overnight in a teaspoon of water. Then add a pinch of salt and a few drops of olive or coconut oil. Apply it to your skin the next day and allow the mask to dry for 15 minutes before washing it off. You will see the difference using a saffron mask.

Aside from those, it improves the texture and makes it softer and smoother. This is possible even you are not using toner or any treatment. The surface can be enhanced by using different beauty masks. To make a mixture using a saffron face pack, you can add a few strands of it into a half cup of boiling water and four teaspoons of powdered milk. Mix these ingredients until the mixture reaches a thick paste and apply it for 10-15 minutes. Then you can wash it off.

Also, saffron gives hydration, so it is vital to consider saffron as one of your beauty product ingredients. Believe it or not, moisturizing creams have saffron in it. Mixing with lemon juice, a few strands can cleanse and hydrate your skin to look fresh and glowing.

Some Known Health Benefits of Saffron

Aside from skin benefits, there are some medicinal benefits of using it. Of course, it is widely known as one of the expensive spices, but it gives you promising results. Some research suggests that using saffron can cause sweating, prevent bloating, and helps menstruation flow.

Keeping Cancer at Bay

While saffron can be used with your skin, it can be used as medicine with the different antioxidants that can inhibit human malignant cells. In other words, an anticancer property to promote healthy cells with the right doses. It means that it can address cancer cells, causing leukemia, ovarian cancer, and soft tissue sarcoma. The characteristics of saffron contain a dark orange or golden color and crocin, a water-soluble carotene. Crocin is the property that can stimulate the formation of lymphocytes, which helps destroy cancer cells.

Improves Brain Function

In a recent study about saffron benefits for skin, it also discovered that it promotes learning and memory retention. The study demonstrated that its extract, the crocin, has a significant participation in treating age-related mental impairment. In Asian countries’ journal, saffron is used as medicine and became famous for treating Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, and inflammation of the brain nerves. Well, this is one of the best reasons why sticking to using saffron is essential.

Stimulate Hormones for Delayed Puberty

Women, who are commonly suffering delayed puberty and hormonal imbalance can be addressed by drinking milk with saffron. It is a simple method to bring the desired effect and also improve underdeveloped girls during puberty.

During this stage, depression levels become a major problem. I guess using this spice to take care of emotional problems at this time. It addresses stress and to boost “happy” hormones for people.

Saffron works the same when you have low libido. It aids sexual stimulants and can be consumed in a dose of a pinch in a glass of milk during bedtime—one way to bring back the lost desire between couples.

Hair Growth

Saffron-Benefits-for-Skin-001Part of aging is losing some hair, so mixing some with milk or licorice can help increase hair growth. Apply the liquid to the bald area, and over time you will see the result.

Increase Immune System

While it has many benefits, saffron also gives your body antioxidant for additional health benefits in treating cold and fever. The mixture of saffron and milk, then apply over the head, can help you recover from colds. This is an effective way to protect our body from health problems.

Your eating routine can also have a powerful effect. Foods eaten that high in oxidative properties can affect the liver which controlled the toxins in our body. Healthy liver reduced or cancel toxins in our body.

Saffron as Food Replacements

When you have issues with some herbs and spices, saffron can do a lot about the flavor. What is the advantage of using saffron is its hypoallergenic properties? Now we have different ways on how to enjoy it. Eating it can have increase appetite as other saffron benefits.

When it comes to marinating fish, you can use a few strands of saffron with garlic and thyme plus vinegar.

For baking of cakes, pastries, and cookies, you can add saffron to add a golden hue and rich aroma.

For your favorite drinks, you can add saffron in a glass of champagne or sparkling wine and be amazed by turning it into a golden elixir. Also, you can add a few strands with coffee and milk. It will give a soothing and heart-healthy drink.

Our Insights

Indeed, saffron benefits for skin are amazing, and you can see the difference after a few days of using it. But there are always precautions in every food that we eat and the products that we use. For saffron, it is not recommended during pregnancy and nursing. Some symptoms have been seen in clinical studies of medical experts that are related to saffron consumption. Therefore, it is better to review the natural ingredients of each supplement product claiming to have a natural saffron component. It may have a potential placebo effect, or damage if remain unchecked. Make sure that the products you can find online are certified and approved by your dermatologist. There are science parameters in using this product.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate equivalent to 100% Antioxidants


Health benefits of dark chocolate are incredible that you will be shocked if you have no idea what it gives to your body. Dark chocolate means that no sweetener or milk has been added to your chocolate. Even a percent of sweetener and milk, the health benefits of dark chocolate will not be achieved.

The health benefits of dark chocolate give pleasure to your body. There is no guilt in eating dark chocolates. It is one of the best things to eat when you want to have joy and guilt-free at the same time.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Why does it become guilt-free and pleasurable at the same time?

Many say that eating chocolate can make your blood sugar level spike and additional calories in your body. These conditions do not apply to the health benefits of dark chocolate. Read on to find out so many good reasons why you should keep on eating dark chocolates.

Fights Depression

When eating dark chocolate, it contains theobromine. It is similar to caffeine, but when consumed in more significant amounts, it gives pleasure and energy. Combined theobromine to another chemical found in dark chocolate, the anandamide, health benefits of dark chocolate become energy booster and stimulate good mood hormones.

Yes, dark chocolate regulates your body to have serotonin, which gives you a good mood of the day.

Good for the Heart

v9KMk57mT9Believe it or not, the health benefits of dark chocolate include the prevention of heart diseases. According to a study, pure cocoa can lower the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases. Different dosages of cocoa daily can have different effects on our cardiovascular system. But still, cocoa in the form of dark chocolate plays a significant role in preventing heart diseases.

Another study shows that eating dark chocolate can have a massive impact in preventing stroke. In the study, those who consume more dark chocolate have a lower risk of having a stroke—a good thing for those who love to eat chocolates in significant amounts.

When it comes to the cardiovascular system, level cholesterol defines the risk of having diseases related to it. Dark chocolate contains a high amount of oxidation, which can affect the level of your cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol – LDL and HDL. What are these types of cholesterol? HDL is the good cholesterol, while LDL is the reactive one. The health benefits of dark chocolates increase the amount of HDL, which affects the level of cholesterol in our blood. And for LDL, the chemical found in dark chocolate happened to decrease the amount of it.

Getting your HDL in the right amount against LDL, for sure, you will have no problem when it comes to blood pressure. Eating dark chocolate is the cheapest way of keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level. According to the study, eating dark chocolate can lower blood pressure. It is because of the antioxidants found in cocoa, which is higher compared to other fruits and vegetables.

Lower the Risk of Getting Diabetes

Do not consider that eating dark chocolate will increase your chance of having diabetes. Instead, dark chocolate contains the smallest amount of sugar, which contributes to the modulation of insulin in our body to prevent diabetes.

Help suppress the cough.

One of the health benefits of dark chocolate is suppressing cough. There has been a study that proves eating dark chocolate is more effective than conventional cold medicines. According to the survey, cocoa contains a cough suppressant that comes in natural form.

Supports healthy pregnancy

c5oIkVpNbkGetting pregnant is a serious matter and ensuring the best health during this time; one way is to enjoy eating dark chocolate. If you are pregnant, eating dark chocolate can reduce the risk of preeclampsia or the blood supply restriction to the fetus. Preeclampsia happened because of high blood pressure. According to the study, the health benefits of dark chocolate can be more than flavonoid content contributions. It adds to the improvement of blood flow to the fetus.

Prevent Brain Damage

There has been a study that supports the claim that eating dark chocolate prevents brain damage. It is one of the health benefits of dark chocolate.

The cognitive benefits of cocoa enable our brain processing, visual-spatial awareness, abstract reasoning, and memory. The improvement in brain functions can be regarded in eating dark chocolate. Want to give it a try? Try eating dark chocolate before your exam or starting the day in your office.

cYCUFgl2jyMaintain Good Skin.

Who would expect that eating dark chocolate can give you good skin? Health benefits of dark chocolate contribute to maintaining good skin by protecting it from ultraviolet rays. The flavanols in dark chocolate have 85%, which is good enough to give you healthy skin.

Boost Immune System

The immune system has been vital to keeping our bodies healthy. Without a robust immune system, you can experience different illnesses, and you can easily be infected with diseases. Dark chocolates can modulate the inflammatory response of your immune system. There are antibodies from cocoa that can fight bacteria and viruses. Now, this is an excellent reason to eat dark chocolate.

What causes the health benefits of dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is a huge source of antioxidants. According to a study, high amounts of antioxidants can be found in dark chocolate. It is the most important above all else because dark chocolate antioxidants can fight free radicals that cause cancer. It helps your body fight against it and prevents the spreading of it.

Our Sweet Insights of Dark Chocolate

Indeed, this is a surprise to know that dark chocolate can give a lot of health benefits. If you want to cut the consumption of sweets from your diet, yet you want to indulge yourself with sugar, you can opt to eat dark chocolate. Keeping your insulin at a reasonable level can keep you from getting diabetes.

Also, the health benefits of dark chocolate only can be achieved if you consume the right amount of it. Overconsumption of dark chocolate can increase the blood sugar levels in your blood, which has a domino effect on your body.

Monitoring of what you eat and the recommended daily amount of it, you can enjoy the health benefits of eating dark chocolate.

Eating Chillies: Interesting Facts and Surprising Health Benefits.


Eating chillies or spicy foods are the most exciting and enjoyable food for many. But how does it benefit your health? Of course, chillies are one of the spices that many use for cooking spicy foods.

Eating chillies can give many benefits, and for sure, you want to know it. Because you will never look into spicy foods the way you looked at it before. So you want to learn the mystery of eating chillies?

For starters, eating chillies and other spicy foods is painful, and you cannot take too much of it. Hot sauce condiments are one of our favorites to add to our diet. But for some who do not want spicy foods, maybe the benefits of eating chillies will encourage you to take a detour.

So what are the benefits of spicy foods like eating chillies?

Getting your body fit and well.

One of the benefits of eating chillies is losing weight. Jalapeno or hot sauce can be added to your diet meal plan. In this case, it can increase your metabolism, which your body will increase your burning of calories.

Improve heart health.

Only a few know that eating chillies can save your heart from the effects of bad cholesterol. How can this happen? Well, damaging effects of bad cholesterol can be reduced by eating spicy foods because it has capsaicin property that fights inflammation that can increase heart problems.

Reduce the risk of cancer cells.

Cancer cells are one of the common health problems. According to research, the property in spicy foods can keep cancer cells at bay, especially leukemia cells. To have a better effect, you can add black pepper to absorb the turmeric, which can slow down the spreading of cancer cells.

Regulate blood pressure

One of the benefits of eating chillies is lowering blood pressure. How did this happen? Vitamins A and C can be found in chillies, and it can strengthen your heart muscles. Also, it can increase blood flow in your body, which is suitable for your cardiovascular system. It is essential to regulate blood pressure.

Source of Feel-good hormones

Instead of eating dark chocolates, you can eat spicy foods. Eating chillies can give you serotonin. What is serotonin?

This property can ease depression and stress, then goodbye to sadness. If you are not prepared to eat spicy foods, you can have ginger, cumin, coriander and red pepper for some zing dishes.

No more inflammation.

The most crucial property in eating chillies that our body absorbs is capsaicin. According to studies, capsaicin is useful in the treatment of arthritis, psoriasis and diabetic neuropathy. Make sure you have no allergy reactions if you start eating it.

Relieve Pain

Eating chillies is a natural remedy for anaesthesia. If you have osteoarthritis, spicy foods can relieve pain, but you cannot feel the effect in an instant. Another is nasal decongestant if you have a clogged nose, and you want mucus to be out of your system. It may have a contribution to your congested lungs. You will need to have regular consumption of chillies, but make sure you will eat the recommended amount of servings daily.

Immunity Booster

Boosting immunity is vital so you can be safe from any diseases. Spicy food contains a high amount of vitamins A and C. If you have the right amount of these vitamins, you have no worries of getting some virus and bacteria. Maintaining your immune system will make you fight against pathogens that will make you sick.

What are the green chillies?

Chillies can be in many forms, like the green ones. However, eating chillies can be raw, fried and roasted. But does it have different health benefits?

Zero calories

Eating chillies, especially those in green color, has zero calories. By eating some of the green chillies, you can increase more than half of your metabolism.

Lots of Vitamin C

Vitamin C can increase your immune system. And if you are facing symptoms related to your eyes and skin, you will need to increase your intake of vitamin C. To maintain the health benefits of chillies; you must store them in a cool and dark area. Otherwise, heat, light and air can make chillies lose their vitamin C.

How can you enjoy spicy foods?

According to a study, the best way to enjoy spicy foods is by mixing them with your Mediterranean diet. Other than eating chillies, many foods can help you get the capsicum. And you can consume it in many forms.

Adding it with many herbs and spices like vegetables and more fresh foods, you can enjoy the benefits of eating chillies. It can also increase the consumption of other healthy eating, which is more pleasurable. In this way, you can be sure that it is like a booster to your diet.

Our Thoughts

Of course, eating chillies have many health benefits. Like it can boost our mood, regulate blood sugar levels, increase anti-bacterial properties and a natural source of iron. Also, chillies are a good source of vitamin K that reduces the risk of osteoporosis and increase your blood when cut or injured.

So including chillies in your meal plan, you can acquire different nutrients and get the ultimate health benefits of eating spicy food.

Saudi Dates: The Most Versatile Fruit with Unique Health Benefits

Saudi Dates: The Most Versatile Fruit with Unique Health Benefits

Saudi dates, the most famous fruit in the Middle East because of the abundant growth of date palm trees, become one of the healthy foods around the world. For Muslims, dates are considered as one of the significant food during Ramadan because of the nutrients it gives when eaten. 

Saudi dates, like other fruits, are rich in fiber and sugar. It also has antioxidants that our body needs to have energy, increase iron and aid our digestion. Dates can also provide anti-inflammatory properties which our body needs for protection.

Is it surprising that this little chewy fruit can be as powerful as other fruits? The health benefits of Saudi dates are essentials, especially when you want to lose weight and keep a healthy lifestyle as well.

Aside from eating it raw, you can also enjoy Saudi dates by making recipes using it. In doing this, you will not waste any nutrients from the dates. Minerals can be found like calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and zinc. And it is rich with vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.

The high concentrations of vitamins and minerals in Saudi dates have a significant role in our overall health. For instance, high antioxidant properties prevent the high risk of getting cancer. 

Health Benefits of Saudi Dates

Regulate Bowel Movements

Since Saudi Dates are rich in fiber, it is highly recommended to eat when you have a problem with your digestion. According to a study, Saudi dates are one of the healthy foods right to prevent the risk of having colorectal cancer. An average of 7 pieces of Saudi dates daily can improve the regularity of bowel movements. It is essential to have a better lifestyle and overall diet.

Eliminates Free Radicals

When you see Saudi dates, think of the antioxidants it can give to your body. The antioxidants are essential to eliminate free radicals that can cause damage to your cells. And to keep our healthy cells, the antioxidants from dates like carotenoids, flavonoids and phenolic acid helps our cells to stabilize their condition.

Increase Cognitive Function

The study suggests eating a lot of Saudi dates as it can reduce the chance of developing degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s and can improve the function of your brain.

Higher Chance of Delivering by Natural Labor

Higher Chance of Delivering by Natural Labor

Saudi dates are versatile fruits because of its vitamins and minerals. Especially for pregnant women, eating Saudi dates has significant value during the delivery of the baby. Narrowing down the margin of those mothers who underwent cesarean deliveries is a good sign that most women enjoy the natural birth of a baby.

According to the study, a regular diet of pregnant women should include 70 grams of dates during pregnancy. Because they will spend 4 hours difference during labour, the properties in dates help reduce the need for oxytocin. The date has compound-like oxytocin to have healthy contractions. The concentration of tannins is also found in dates that help pregnant women during natural labor.

Strengthen Immune System

The immune system is essential because, with strong immunity from bacterial infections, we can be free from deadly and severe medical conditions. One way to strengthen the immune system is by eating Saudi dates. Imagine that you will need to take antibiotics to increase your immune system. But eating dates, you will get nutrients that boost your immune system. In a study, dates have extracts that fight harmful bacteria like E-coli and pneumonia. It also affects the overall defence capability of our body to have a stronger immune system compared to others. 

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

And you are aware of diabetes as one of the common diseases? Yes, it has been on top of the list, and for many years we are avoiding it. One of the most effective ways to prevent diabetes is a healthy diet, including dates. Saudi dates have many nutrients that can help us achieve our goals to be healthy. The health benefits of eating dates include the regulation of blood sugar levels. Some diet has effects on the increase in calories and sugar. While eating Saudi dates with your diet, you can reduce the blood glucose levels in your body. One cause of increased blood sugar levels in your blood is the lack of insulin. To prevent, you should make eating dates one of your healthy habits.

Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Anti-inflammatory is essential in our body, especially for those who are taking medications. It is critical to the development of various defence in our bodies. Since Saudi dates contain phenolics and flavonoids, it is a good source of anti-inflammatory properties. According to a study, pollens found in dates help in the behaviour of the anti-inflammatory elements within the body.

Infertility Treatment among Men

Saudi dates have been recognized to increase the sperm count of men. Different factors cause infertility among men, and one of those is high exposure to alcoholic drinking, smoking and radiation. To counter this, eating Saudi dates can increase the count of sperm and libido among men. Dates are a good source of amino acids and flavonoids that help increase your chance of getting fertile. Estrone and sterols can be found in dates that have positive effects on sperm motility and count. 

Improves Bone Health

Other than milk, you can get micronutrients from dates that promote bone health. Some of these micronutrients are selenium, manganese, magnesium and copper. For instance, if you have osteoporosis, eating Saudi dates is advisable. When you are in a weight loss program, eating dates will surely help you to make your bones healthier.

Benefits your Skin

High concentrations of vitamins C and D will make your skin more nourished and glowing. It is one of the health benefits of eating Saudi dates. It keeps your skin looks young. As for anti-aging fruit, dates contain more nutrients that can be beneficial to your skin. It reduces your chances of getting imbalanced melanin in your skin. 

Prevent Hair LossPrevent Hair Loss

If you have a problem with hair loss, eating dates is an excellent way to prevent hair loss. In most cases, hair loss can be inherited through genes. But in a study, hair loss is a result of a lack of oxygen in your scalp, making your hair falls. But you have an option now for your hair loss. Eating Saudi dates helps you to increase the oxygen flow in your scalp. It also encourages new hair to grow and reduce the rate of hair fall.

Helps in Alcohol Detox

A hangover is a product of over-drinking the previous day. It is the cause of the over intake of toxic alcohol in our body. And an excellent way to start alcohol detoxification is by eating healthy foods. OTC medicines can relieve nausea, but the real thing to be done is to flush out toxins in our body. If you want a natural remedy for hangovers, try to drink water-soaked with peeled Saudi dates. There are properties of dates that can reduce the intoxication effect in our body.

Fights Vitamin A Deficiency

With modern technologies that affect our eyesight, especially at night, most people are wondering what to do to prevent it. Typical cases of blindness nowadays are night blindness. This case involves the restrictions of seeing natural light caused by vitamin A deficiency. One way to enjoy fighting night blindness is by eating dates. Saudi dates are rich in vitamin A which helps us to maintain good eyesight. According to the studies, one of the health benefits of Saudi dates is vitamin A which also use as one of the oldest natural medicine in the middle east countries.

Our Plentiful Insights

Saudi dates indeed have many practical uses and health benefits. When compared to other fruits, dates can be eaten raw or cooked. You can have it on your table fresh or dried. It can also be added to other recipes. Thinking of the excellent health benefits of dates, you will never regret adding it to your diet meal plans.

Perfect Workout for Perfect Body Shape: Top List for You

Perfect Workout for Perfect Body Shape: Top List for You

The perfect workout is a combination of different routines. You can do it in the gym or at your home. It can be an intense or easy workout, but surely it will give your body the total health benefits of exercising.

The perfect workout for men and women is essential in achieving the results of doing exercises. You can select your preferred workout and make it your routine. Then over time, you can choose the perfect workout you can enlist in your routine.

So how will you categorize a perfect workout? There are plenty of exercises that will fit your body. Your target muscle group is essential and making sure that you are working with it will have a good effect on your health.

How will you achieve perfect workout at home?

Working out at home is the perfect place for many, especially to those who have limited time and have a strict schedule. So with limited time, you will need a workout so intense and can give you the best results. 

Make sure that you will use the yoga mat when you workout at home. And watch out for the duration because there is a different workout that makes your muscles stronger and improves your posture. Sometimes you will find the perfect exercise relaxing, and it should be.

For instance, you can do traditional boxing. It will focus strength to your arms, and at the same time, it will burn fats around your biceps and triceps. Just make sure your fist is well protected, so it will not get hurt.

Some Perfect Workout

Some Perfect Workout

Other than boxing, you can try different exercises that will give you the perfect workout. You can perform pushup, pullup and plank using a barrel. For beginners, these workouts can be intense, so better do it with a professional gym instructor rather than doing experiment movement.

You can also try the wall sit movement. Your starting position is leaning against a wall. Then your knees should be bent at 90 degrees, like a squat down position. Make sure your shins are vertical to the ground. Hold this position and complete a single set. Hold the position as long as you can. But do not force yourself to do it.

Another perfect workout that you can try is the deadlift. A Romanian deadlift can give you the ideal results. Your starting position is lying your face down on the ground. Then your hands should be in a pushup position. Then push yourself up, but your hips and legs should stay on the ground. Hold this for one second then return to starting position.

Why do we need a perfect workout?

The significance of doing the perfect workout is to improve performance and body function. You can also manage your weight easily and makes your body more toned. It also enhances your balance and prevents to have injuries during a workout because perfect workout means the movement is suitable for your weight, height and body shapes.

And that is one rule in finding the perfect workout for you. You should include the fact that everyone has a different mindset when it comes to exercise. One can say the routine works out just fine, and one can say otherwise. But you should not influence your decision with this kind of thinking because everyone is unique when it comes to workout.

What do we need to achieve it?

Foam Roller

When you are doing the workout at home, you can make it perfect and comfortable by using a foam roller beforehand. Did you know foam roller can increase our blood flow and improve the quality of your tissue? Yes, a foam roller is essential before a workout, but you can still use it daily. It will strengthen your muscles and prevent trouble spots. Good blood circulation prevents your body from tension and pain, which becomes a hindrance during a workout.



Warming up and cooling down your body is essential for your workout. And dynamic stretching means that before a workout, you will need to hold your muscles in a fixed position for an extended time. It also considered the standard protocols before doing the exercise. 

According to research, it regulates blood flow in our body, which is good for our tissue. Unprepared tissue creates health problems in our body, like damaging your muscles and tendons. So for a perfect stretch, every movement should have 60 seconds and more if you feel like you need to stretch more.

Preparing your Core Muscles

Wondering what might be your core muscles? Well, core muscles include in your back, abdomen and muscles and getting your muscles prepared, some injuries can be avoided. Also, the perfect workout provides balance and stability. It also ensures proper posture for your back. Some exercises that you can do are planking and bridges.

Three Dimensions Movement

Movement can be made in many directions during your workout. You can do the front, back and side to side, or even rotational. It will make every joint and muscle to move while working out efficiently

To achieve the moves in three dimensions, you can move in multiple planes – the transverse (top and bottom), front (front and back) and sagittal (right and left).

Pulling is better than Pushing

Pulling is better than Pushing

One of the perfect workouts for your body is pulling rather than pushing. Traditionally, you are always doing pulling than pushing movements. But to help improve your posture and reduce your injuries, you will need to train to do the pulling. It will also develop your balance. But this movement is beneficial to your back and make more strength to your front.

Alternative Weights

Did you know that high-intensity workout does not mean that you should focus on heavy weight lifting only? You can do alternates weight lifting. You can do heavy, medium and light. Making the alternatives will train your muscles and make them optimize and fitter than before.

Cooling down is essential as warming up.

Doing the perfect workout can help during intense workout so you can achieve its goal.Cooling down makes our muscles and nerves to recover from the workout. Doing the right cooldown will prevent muscle soreness and creates a faster recovery. It also prevents the clotting of blood in our veins, which leads to dizziness. The fresh blood increases the resting of the pulse quicker in a safe manner. So you will not get worried if something might happen in your heart.

Our Insights

Doing the perfect workout can help during the intense workout so you can achieve its goal. With proper eating of healthy foods and enough sleep, the ideal workout will help you attain the goals. Also, make sure that you will perform the exercise that will suit your body shape and weight.

Health Benefits of Eating Guava: From Leaves to Fruits, Raw or Riped

Health Benefits of Eating Guava: From Leaves to Fruits, Raw or Riped

Health benefits of eating guava are familiar to us. But what good it gives to our body? Other than it is rich with Vitamin C, it has many nutrients and vitamins that are good for our body.

The Health benefits of eating guava are undeniable practical and can be felt instantly. The flavour and fragrance of guava entice us to take a bite and enjoy it, especially when raw and ripe.

Guava is an edible tropical fruit that its peel can be eaten. You will need not to worry about the seeds because it can be eaten as well. Most type of guavas are sweet, but its sugar is healthy, meaning it is glucose-free. So it does not affect our blood sugar.

The use of guava does not start and ends in eating it raw. Many cuisines around the world used guava as ingredients and to add flavor. Fresh guava is the most natural way to add, but some people use powdered guava too.

Nonetheless, the health benefits of eating guava are amazing, and it has limitless possibilities that you can get nutrients like antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.

Actually you can extract juice from its leaf. Drinking guava tea suggests better conditions, which has an effect on your diet. The effects of juice can treat diarrhea. The treatment also gives nutrition and antioxidant. But evidence shows that too much of it can cause constipation.

To know what are the full health benefits of guava, we will give you the list. Here are the things you need to know about the contributions of guava in our bodies.

Complete Health Benefits of Eating Guava

Vitamin C to Boost Immune System

Have you ever wondered though guava has a sweet taste, it contains vitamin C? Yes, guava is rich in vitamin C, which our body needs to strengthen our immune system. Compared to citrus, guava can give our body four times vitamin C. What is the significance of this number? Because vitamin C boosts our immune system to protect us from infections. And a bonus to it, it keeps our eyesight in healthy condition.

Antioxidants to Fight Off Cancer 

Antioxidants to Fight Off Cancer

As vitamin C is the primary nutrient that guava can give us, it has other potent antioxidants that our body needs. Getting complete antioxidants is another health benefit of eating guava. With lycopene, quercetin and polyphenols, you can have antioxidants combined with vitamin C. Enough antioxidants can reduce the risk of cancer. The most common cancers that occurred around the world are breast and prostate cancer. So eating guava can give us vitamins and nutrients that can prevent the proliferation of cancer cells in our bodies.

Low Glycaemic Index to Prevent Diabetes

Yes, guava has a sweet taste, but it does not contribute to our body in the development of diabetes or increasing our blood sugar levels. In fact, one of the health benefits of eating guava is preventing diabetes. Aside from the low glycaemic index, guava has fiber to ensure that sugar levels in our body are healthy and regulated.

Fiber for Good Digestion

Another good thing about eating guava is getting the fiber that will be beneficial to our digestive health, and eventually affects your dietary meal plans. The fiber from guava fills the 12% daily recommended intake of fiber in our body. And the seeds of guava has some properties that serve as an excellent laxative. So eating guava can give you proper digestion.

And proper digestion contributes to weight loss. Metabolism is the key to weight loss and guava, with its fiber, it improves the absorption of other nutrients. Some of these nutrients are proteins and vitamins that regulate metabolism.

Vitamin A for Excellent Eyesight

Vitamin A for Excellent Eyesight

Did you know that other than vitamin C, guava is rich in vitamin A? Vitamin A in guava gives an excellent booster for excellent vision. It prevents the early degeneration of eyesight. And regularly eating guava, it will slow down the risk of eyesight problems like cataracts. You can compare guava and carrots as a good source of vitamin A.

Complete Vitamin B to Benefits our Body

Focusing on vitamins in guava, you can include vitamin B, which has many roles in our health. Let us start with vitamin B-9 or folic acid. Vitamin B-9 is essential to women, especially the pregnant ones. The contribution of folic acid is to prevent some neurological problems during fetus development.

Other than folic acid, one of the health benefits of eating guava is to improve the blood circulation of the brain and stimulates brain function. Vitamins B3 and B6 or niacin and pyridoxine help relax our brain nerves. Then, eating guava is not bad, after all. Hence it is a good source of the vitamin B complex.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

Aside from the fruit, you can also use guava leaves. Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. For instance, when you have swollen gums, you can use guava leaves as a remedy. It can fight infection and kill germs according to the studies.

Magnesium to Relax Muscles and Nerves

Feeling tired and exhausted after a long day of work? Well, you may need this fruit. Because one of the health benefits of eating guava is providing magnesium that helps in muscles and nerves to relax. The delicious taste of this fruit can take away the pain. And when you feel relaxed, there is less stress, and you will have the energy to do more tasks for the day.

Vitamin K for Skin Brightening

Vitamin K for Skin Brightening

Did you know that you can get the health benefits of guava by using it as a scrub for your skin? Some try using guava for a scrub. You will need ripe guava. Smashed it and mixed with egg yolk, then you can apply it on your face, and after 20 minutes, you can rinse it with warm water. It will remove your dead cells from your skin. It will also lighten your complexion. The properties of guava that are responsible for this health benefit are vitamin K. Yes, guava has vitamin K that prevents our skin from having discoloration, dark circles, acne and skin irritation. So if you feel like your skin is having irritation, then you can add guava to your daily meal plan.

Other Health Benefits of Eating Guava

Like other fruits, eating guava is good for our hearts. The nutrients of guava help in the regulation of cholesterol in our bodies. Our body, especially the heart, needs to have low bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. It is the standard blood regulation in our collection to decrease the risk of heart disease development.

In several articles of the medical journal, the extracts of this fruit have effects on cold and cough. You can try supplements as an alternative for this fruit but make sure that it is safe to take. Check the clinical recommendations and ingredients.

Also, by eating guava, its vitamin C has a contribution to strengthening the respiratory tract, throat and lungs. If these parts of the body have enough immunity from colds and viral infections, then you will have no worries of getting sick. Make sure that you eat this food it unripe and raw to get the highest quantities of vitamins.

With a guava a day, it helps your body to be perfectly healthy,Our Insights

Indeed guava has particular health benefits when you ate it. Vitamins like A and C are essential to strengthen our immune system, including antioxidants that play a significant role in our health. Aside from getting yourself free from radicals, your skin should be free from wrinkles as well.

It has the highest astringent properties among fruits. So you will have no worries in toning and tightening of facial skin and muscles. With a guava a day, it helps your body to be perfectly healthy, especially when combined with a perfect workout.