Avocado Hair Mask – For a Total Revitalize and Moisturize Long Hair


The avocado hair mask is a beauty routine for your hair to look healthy without even using chemicals. I say this because I am using the avocado hair mask for almost a year now, and the results are amazing.

An avocado hair mask can give your hair the top benefits that your hair needs the most. Well, your hair is not different from mine and others. Our hair needs to look healthy, yes, but we need to provide nutrients for healthy growing hair, revitalize, and moisturizer.


Before I discovered the avocado hair mask, I used different treatments, and it costs a lot. So that is why I decided to go over natural remedies for my hair treatment. There are many suggestions and trials and errors that I made.

Eventually, I chose to use avocado for my hair treatment. At first, you will not get used to it, but when you see the results, you will get addicted to using an avocado hair mask.

The Benefits of Avocado Hair Mask

Promotes Growth of Hair

prmtoewhairgrthw01wSince avocados are rich with vitamins B and E, which helps our hair’s cellular level to protect and strengthen it, these vitamins are essential to prevent hair loss and increase hair growth. It also strengthens our hair and repair damage because of vitamin E. If you will notice some celebrity with their hair that is naturally healthy-looking, well better think that they are using natural ingredients for the hair mask.

Hair Protection

Aside from hair growth, you can also see the effect of avocado hair mask with your hair being shiny and bouncy. The original score after using avocado to your hair is the improvement of the texture and appearance of dull and lifeless hair. The avocado nutrients enhance the shine and protect the hair from getting brittle and less likely for breakage over time.

Hair Moisturizer

I get it that sometimes stress got in our way to experience excessive dryness of hair. Also, a poor diet affects the looks of the hair. For instance, our scalps tend to flake and cause a massive amount of dullness to coat the hair. To avoid hair dryness, you can use an avocado hair mask. Aside from improving the texture of hair, it helps restore moisture to the scalp and even the inner layer of hair follicles. When this happened, avocado enables protection for your hair and a healthier look.

Simple Secret Ingredients for Avocado Hair Mask

The avocado hair mask uses 100% natural ingredients. You do not need chemicals to add to your homemade hair mask.

What you need are:

1 and 1/2 avocado

1/2 squeezed lemon

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons manuka honey

You can also add 1 to 3 drops of essential oil for a more glamorous effect.

To make the avocado hair mask, you need to mix the avocado, lemon, olive oil, and honey until you reach the consistency of smoothness and creaminess. Then, apply to your hair and cover it for about 45 minutes maximum. Make sure that you comb your hair to reach the root to ends of your hair. Rinse your hair after the given time. No individual instruction and you can even style your hair the way you want.

You will notice that your hair will never get tangled and brushing your hair while blow-drying it can call it a day. And you can see that your hair looks naturally bright.

Other Hair Treatment

Aside from the avocado hair mask, you can also use the following homemade hair treatment. Of course, we will be using natural ingredients for a more natural look of our hair.

Black Tea

Avocado-Hair-Mask-For-a-Total-Revitalize-03Tea has natural ingredients that can make your hair shine naturally. Not only a  natural shine and gloss, but the black tea, like an avocado hair mask, also give revitalized shine to your hair.

To make a black tea hair mask, brew some black tea, and let it cool off. When it is lukewarm, pour some tea on your hair and leave for 10 minutes. Afterward, wash your hair and see it shining like a diamond.

Raw Eggs

When we say eggs, we are talking about the raw eggs. The egg yolk is rich in fats and proteins, which are useful to moisturize your hair. At the same time, the white part of the eggs contains bacteria eating enzymes that remove unwanted oils. I am using egg yolks in some of my beauty routines. But let us focus now on the egg hair mask.


To make a hair mask from eggs, identify if your hair is dry, oily, or average. If it is reasonable, you can use the entire egg—no need to separate the yolks and whites. But if you have dry hair, you can only use the egg yolks, and for oily hair, the egg whites are useful as a treatment.

After taking a bath, blend a half cup of egg, depending on your hair type. Then apply it to your clean and damp hair. If you have more areas to cover, prepare, and add some egg mixtures. Make sure your scalp and entire hair are included with it. Then leave for 20 minutes and rinse with fresh water afterward. Clean your hair with shampoo, so no egg residues remain in your hair. The egg hair mask can be done only once a month.

Dairy Products (Yogurt)

ygurtwsdfAnother food that you can use as a hair mask is the dairy products. The yogurt, for instance, has healing ingredients that can repair damage to your hair. And what is exciting about this is you can apply this for all hair types, especially when you have curly hair. Protein in yogurt can enhance natural curls.

To prepare the yogurt hair mask, get half cup yogurt. Make sure you will use plain yogurt for your hair mask. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Then followed by freshwater before applying shampoo as you usually do while taking a bath. Once a week, the treatment of a yogurt hair mask can improve your hair condition and lessen the damage.

Lemon Juice

lmonsdjuice12Natural lemon juice can relieve your itchy scalp. But never use pure lemon juice to your hair. The level of acidity makes your scalp dry, so you should mix it with oil. In my case, I used olive oil with lemon.

To have a lemon hair mask, mix two tablespoons of each: fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and water. Then apply to your hair while massaging to your scalp. Leave it to your hair for 20 minutes. Afterward, rinse and use shampoo to your hair. The use of this mask can be done every other week.

Corn Meal

cornmeal-124004erFabulous hair comes when excessive oil and grease are not present. To have this kind of fantastic hair, you need the cornmeal for a great source of iron that can generate the growth of your hair cells. When enough iron is in the hair follicles, too much oil is a problem to your hair health.

To have the cornmeal mask, you need tablespoon cornmeal. Unlike other hair treatments, this one should be put into an empty salt or pepper shaker and sprinkle to your dry hair. Make sure it reaches the scalp. After 10 minutes, use a hairbrush that will make the cornmeal out to your scalp.

Sharing My Thoughts

Whatever hair treatment you are going to use, using natural ingredients is the safest and most practical way to make your hair healthier. A chemical-free hair mask can make improvements to your hair.

How to Grow your Hair Twice Faster using these Powerful Home Remedies


How to grow your hair using natural hair care products can be your savior if you are struggling for too long to grow your hair. Remember that our hair is made of protein that makes up keratin. Hair follicles produce this protein.

How to grow your hair is a common problem of many as a sign of ageing. Some signs of hair loss are because of the side effects of some medication, hormonal imbalance or sudden change of diet. Lack of sleep is also one of the reasons why many are losing their hair.

So what can we do to stop our hair from falling and focus on how to grow it? When we first notice more than a dozen hair strands falling, we tend to look for quick response on how to prevent hair fall. However, often, we ran into the products with more harmful effects, and if we are unlucky, we experience more hair fall.

Who wants to lose more hair? Well, nobody wants to lose more hair, but everybody wants to grow hair and increase the volume. So, nowadays, many people are looking for organic options to use for their hair grow. How to build hair using natural ingredients is the best way to maintain the volume and length of the hair. But most importantly, natural ingredients keep our hair healthy.

grow hair using natural ingredients

How to grow your hair by skipping the use of chemicals to your hair?

There are many options to use natural ingredients for your hair to make it grow. But the quick fixes that we can have are ingredients available at your kitchen.

Some onion Juice to boost collagen in your scalpSome onion Juice to boost collagen in your scalp

Using onion juice lets your hair regrow because of the sulfur that it contains. The natural sulfur is responsible for stimulating collagen production of your tissue, giving your hair a healthier look. Though it has a smell that will keep you from using it is one of the challenges in this natural remedy on how to grow your hair.

How to Prepare:

Get few pieces of onion and cut it into slices then squeeze out its juice. Then you can apply to your scalp for about 15 minutes. Then you can rinse it with a mild shampoo.

Coconut milk to give essential fats for shinier hairCoconut milk to give essential fats for shinier hair

Natural fats like what we can get from coconut milk, will make your hair shinier. Compare to other hair care products; coconut milk can provide full nutrition like iron, potassium and essential fats.

How to Prepare:

With these all nutrients, you can have coconut milk on how to grow your hair. To prepare, you will need to add fresh lemon juice and 4 drops of essential lavender oil. Have those in the mix with coconut milk and apply it to your scalp. Leave it for a maximum of 5 hours before rinsing it off.

Use of apple cider vinegar to maintain the pH balanceUse of apple cider vinegar to maintain the pH balance

 As one of the reliable homemade products for beauty care, you can try it to your hair. If you are losing hair, you can use apple cider vinegar to cleanse the scalp. It also maintains the pH balance of the hair, which can accelerate hair growth.

How to prepare:

Avoid applying the apple cider vinegar to your hair. But what you can do is diluting 75 ml with a liter of water. As a result, you will have a 15 ml of solution. After you rinse your hair, you can apply the solution. It is the most effective way on how to grow your hair.

Hair masks using egg for more protein.

Sometimes our hair has its lousy day. And when we realize this, we think of many ways on how to deal with our hair. One of the common natural remedies is making a hair mask using eggs. As we all know, eggs are one of the nutritious foods that we always put on top of our list.

How to Prepare the egg mask:

A hair mask using egg uses only the white of the eggs. In a bowl, add a teaspoon of olive oil to the egg whites. You can use lavender oil for more aroma hair mask. Then you can add some honey to make a paste texture. Once you have this solution, you can apply to your hair and scalp for 20 minutes. Afterwards, you can rinse using freshwater and use shampoo to prevent your hair from being sticky.

fenugreek for hair growth stimulationUsed some herb like fenugreek for hair growth stimulation

If you want to make sure to have the results on how to grow your hair, you will need to use fenugreek. This kind of herb helps you stimulate the growth of your hair without stressing it. In addition to your coconut milk home remedy, you can add fenugreek. The advantage of this is it can protect the natural color of your hair.



Apply green tea extract to have additional antioxidants to your hair.Apply green tea extract to have additional antioxidants to your hair.

Green tea is known to have powerful antioxidants, and it is believed that using it to your hair can give your hair a boost for hair growth.

How to use:

Don’t worry if you have no green tea plant at home. What you can use are used green tea bags. While it is warm, apply it over your scalp and leave it for an hour. Then you can wash your hair with cool water. You will notice some improvements to your hair.

 Use amla with lime juice for extra boost to hair growth.Use amla with lime juice for an extra boost to hair growth.

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is a magical fruit with all kinds of nutrients. It is rich with vitamin C. You know what happens when you have an adequate amount of vitamin C? Expect your hair to grow faster than usual.

How to prepare:

Get lime juice and amla mix together and apply to your hair. Let it dry and rinse it off with warm water. Aside from accelerating the growth of your hair, it also keeps away your hair from hair pigmentation.

Daily serving of yogurt will give you probiotics.Your hair needs probiotics.

One of the many reasons why you suffer from hair loss is because of poor nutrition and diet. On how to grow your hair, you will have to nourish it with probiotics. And a good source of this nutrient is yogurt.

How to get these powerful probiotics? For this one, you don’t need to apply or leave the yogurt to your hair. All you have to do is get a serving of yogurt and consume it. A daily serving of yogurt will give you probiotics.

Hibiscus can reverse excessive hair fall.Hibiscus can reverse excessive hair fall.

Hibiscus is an ornamental plant, and the frequent use of this is for tea. But Chinese hibiscus has found a way to extract juice from leaves and flowers of hibiscus to promote hair growth. And with this, it has a powerful effect to reverse hair loss.

How to prepare:

Get some fresh leaves and flowers of hibiscus, or you can use hibiscus tea bags. Then you can add one teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply the oil mixture from roots to tips and leave it for one hour. Afterwards, you can use a mild shampoo to wash it off. For the best results, you can do this once a week.

Our Insights

fish oil for hairHow to grow your hair? There are nutrients that our hair needs and most of these nutrients can be found in fish oil and coffee.

Firstly, fish oil has bioactive compounds and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which has an impact on preventing hair thinning and balding. It also ensures that the scalp is healthy, well moist and no sign of dandruff.

Secondly, coffee is one of the most versatile beverages. The main components of coffee are caffeine, so with this one, we have limitations. According to the study, too much caffeine can be a danger to your health. But drinking enough amount of coffee, it contributes to how to grow your hair. It also prevents you from balding and thinning of hair.

So how to grow your hair can achieve with one important rule. Natural hair growth starts by keeping a healthy diet and limiting the excessive use of hair care products.

5 Natural Home Remedies to Promote Hair Growth

Promote Hair Growth

Hair growth for women is essential as it is hard to find a woman who doesn’t have cherished a desire to get thick, long, and lustrous locks. Women from different ages love their hair because of the vital role it plays in stating the beauty. Unluckily, most of them face common hair issues such as hair fall, hair damage, and hair breakage.

One of the biggest complaints of most of the women is that hair does not grow quickly. Do you know the interesting fact that hair grows at least half inch per month if treated well? Some women use vitamins for hair growth, while others have the haircut for hair growth.

However, there is no specific rule involved in hair growth. Our lifestyles, chemical leached hair care products, lousy food habit are to blame for unhealthy hair. All that is required is to start healthy hair practice. Keep reading to find out some incredible home remedies to make your hair longer and stronger.

Your Hair Care


Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin, also known as Vitamin H. Green vegetables, egg yolk, nuts, mushrooms, and whole grains are the rich source of biotin. Deficiency of biotin can be the primary cause of hair fall.

Take 2 to 3 biotin tablets and crush them. Mix the powder with olive oil or coconut oil. Massage it into your scalp and leave it for hours. Also, you can use this mixture before going to sleep. Wash your hair in the morning. Apply this Biotin hair mask twice a week.

 Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is extracted from rosemary herb which is quite beneficial for promoting hair growth. It ensures cell division and enlarges the blood vessels that increase blood circulation. Antioxidant properties of rosemary oil strengthen roots and enhance hair growth. Moreover, sulfur and silica in rosemary oil prevent hair fall.

Add 1 teaspoon of rosemary oil with two teaspoons of coconut oil or olive oil. Apply the mixture to your hair and the scalp. Massage it for 5 to 10 minutes. After that, leave it for overnight and rinse it off the next morning with cold water.

Furthermore, you can use rosemary oil by mixing it with your shampoo and conditioner.


Sulfur in onion lifts collagen production in the skin and contributes to hair growth. It is one of the most efficient home remedies for healthy hair.

Peel and chop two to three medium sized onion and blend the slices to squeeze out its juice. Rub the juice throughout your scalp with a cotton ball. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash it off with baby shampoo. To obtain the desired result, you can use it once in a week.

Aloe Vera

The proteolytic enzymes of Aloe Vera eradicate dead skins from the scalp. It can make hair smooth and shiny. Nutritional properties of Aloe Vera support hair growth.

Cut an Aloe Vera leaf and extract the gel from it. Apply this gel on your hair and scalp and let it sit for hours. Rinse it off with shampoo. Use this twice or thrice a week to boost your hair growth.

Likewise, you can mix 1 cup of Aloe Vera gel with 2 teaspoons of castor oil and 2 teaspoons of Fenugreek Powder. Mix them well to get a good consistency. Apply this mask to your hair and cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave it for overnight and wash it in the morning. Do it once or twice a week.


The egg is a rich source of proteins, sulfur, iron, and phosphorus that make it one of the finest ingredients for hair growth. Also, it can nourish the hair strands and hair follicles.

Take an egg and beat it very well. Add olive oil and honey to it. Make a smooth paste and apply it on scalp and hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash-down it with shampoo.

Besides these natural home remedies, a healthy diet plays a significant role in hair growth. Try these effective home remedies for happier and healthier hair.