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Snacks without Borders: Your Cravings Satisfaction!


Snacks are the food that we love to have after our meals and after dessert. Of course, who would miss the goodness of eating snacks? Some of us are eating snacks because we crave it. But what are the healthy snacks we should eat?

Snacks should be healthy and will not affect our diet meal plan. Imagine all the nutritional value of these foods; we should not take for granted the snacks that we are eating.

Yes, we enjoy snacks to get over our hunger. But should we have it after dinner? For many, they still eat after dinner, but they are even considering it to be healthy. Eating snacks should consist of nutrients that will help your body to be fit and healthy.

If you want to keep healthy food even if you are just eating snacks, it is a good idea to shop for some snacks that you can pack. It is an excellent way if you want to have something in your bag for your meals.

Do you want to be sure if you are eating healthy snacks? There are many choices that you can have and mix with other food as your after-meal food. You can have snacks with protein, fat, and fiber. And for evening snacks, keep away sweets. You can have healthy food after dinner if you want to satisfy your tummy.

Snacks without Borders 001

Inspiration for Healthy Snacks

If you are losing weight, but you want to enjoy snacking, here are some of the foods that you need to have. You can choose among these if you’re going to have something in your bag and pockets any time of the day.

Aloha almonds!

Snacks without Borders 002Almonds are one of the healthy foods that you can consider eating in between your meals. Belongs to nuts, this is a great excuse if you want to eat but want to lose weight. The right serving of almonds should be one ounce or equivalent to 23 almonds. According to the study, this amount of almonds has 164 calories, 4 grams fiber and protein. Can you imagine you can get all of those with a single serving of almonds?

Reaping the GrapefruitSnacks without Borders 003

Looking for other healthy options for snacks? You can obtain the nutrients from grapefruit if you want some alternative snacks. Aside from vitamin C, you can have calories and fiber in one serving of grapefruit. One serving of grapefruit can contribute to weight loss in three months. How did it happen? Well, the nutrients of grapefruit manage your appetite by decreasing insulin levels, according to the research study.

Meaty and nutty chickpeas

snk3How can you handle chickpeas if you want to get some of it in your bag? Chickpeas can have a meaty texture and nutty flavor, which can give fiber and protein. If you’re going to lose weight, this is one of the healthy snacks you must try. You can try roasting it for some crunchy effect, and you can pack it easily. Make sure you will only have a half cup of chickpeas so you can have 100 calories with 5 grams of protein and fiber.

Toss those grapessnk4

When you have enough grapefruits and nuts, you can have grapes. According to the study, you can have a cup of grapes if you want to have 100 calories. The taste of grapes can be sweet, but it will not contribute to your sugar level. Instead, you can get the satisfaction you want. So you should not be worried if you are going to eat grapes for your snack time.

Love the chocolate

snk5For most of us, chocolate is one of our favorite snacks. Who would not love the aroma and bittersweet taste of chocolate? From cocoa, chocolates are considered a treat to yourself without worrying about your blood sugar level. Also, this is one of the foods that can help you lose weight. Chocolate can be replaced if you like a glass of wine with your dinner. Instead, make room for a little slice of chocolate. It will satisfy your cravings.


Guess what, popcorn can be a healthy snack, but take note it should be served without the flavor. Popcorn is high in fiber with protein, so an ounce serving or almost three cups can give you 4 grams of fiber and protein plus 110 calories. How is this possible when you feel like eating air? Well, this food came from whole grain, which is good for your health, especially when you are trying to be fit and healthy. You will enjoy this when it is crunchy, a little bit of salt like chips. But this snack has no additives or any kind of flavors.

Eat that Yogurt

snk6Do not confuse yogurt with milk because they are different. Yogurt gives our body the calcium and fiber which our body needs to be healthy. So this is the right choice of snacks. Make sure you choose plain yogurt with no artificial sugar. Aside from that, you can look for whole milk as an alternative. The low-fat plain yogurt can be the best choice if you are losing some extra weight. According to research, Greek yogurt doubles the protein and fiber as compared to ordinary yogurt.

Add some hummussnk9

If you hear this, yes, you are not mistaken. Hummus can be your snack choice. Why? Well, for some, this is not enjoyed food, but when you add this to your favorite salad and veggies, you can have extra nutrients. One serving of hummus is equivalent to two tablespoons. But do not belittle this serving of hummus because it can give you carbohydrates and protein. There is so much to know about hummus, but you should never doubt it now.

Oatmeal is carbs

snk8Yes, oatmeal has a complex carb, but it does not affect your blood sugar. If you think what kind of carb does a serving of oatmeal has, well, you need to imagine that you are eating a good source of fiber. Fiber helps you lose weight by giving you a satiety feeling in your stomach. Filling your stomach with healthy snacks like oatmeal is the right choice.

Portable Fruit

Sounds fun and natural, right? Portable fruits are dried fruits packed into something handy that you can carry wherever you go and whenever you want to. Without artificial sugar and sweeteners, you can have balanced carbs and proteins. It is a good snack option for snacks if you are at work.

Our Delightful Insights

Indeed, snacks can be in many forms so you can enjoy healthy and sumptuous food in between your meals. Do not bother if you are eating most of the time as long as you are consuming foods rich in fiber, less sugar, and carbs. With enough calories, a day that is equivalent to your movement can be a great way to maintain and lose some weight.

Grapefruit Nutrition: Simple yet Nourishing Fruit on the Table

Grapefruit Nutrition

Grapefruit nutrition is rich in vitamins and minerals that are proper for your body especially when you are trying to lose weight.  Also, it is high in fiber. You can never go wrong with all the grapefruit nutrition it offers.

Grapefruit nutrition does not magically make you lose weight in a snap. Also, it is a very low-calorie food which can help speed up your metabolism and reduced your body’s insulin resistance.

Enjoying a grapefruit as a snack or an appetizer can help you feel fuller because of its high fiber content and stop you from overeating at mealtime. Plus, it enables you to suppress your appetite, reducing low-calorie intake for the rest of the day.

Dieticians studied the effects of grapefruit after including it in the diet. The study showed that eating half fresh grapefruit before meals can lead to weight loss of 1.6 kilograms or 3.5 pounds.

Colourful Grapefruit Nutrition Choices

If you want your grapefruit recipes like salad dessert, smoothies and dishes to be colourful, you should know that adding grapefruit can make it lively. Grapefruit varieties have different characteristics and colour. Just choose below the type that fits your taste.


Pomelo is one of the most common grapefruit in the market. It has a thick cover with a layer of yellow flesh and a bit taste of bitter. You can easily peel the skin, so you do not need to use peeler or knife. The pulp bits of pomelo are great to include in salad whether it tasted sweet or sour. It can instantly go along with the taste of your salad.

White Grapefruit

The white grapefruit has the slightest sweet taste, but it has the most intense and vibrant aroma. Given this, it is one of the favourite fruits in the kitchen. Also, it has bright, creamy yellow skin.

Ruby Red Grapefruit

On the contrary, Ruby Red grapefruit has no hint of sweetness. It has more taste of bitterness which beliefs to be the effect of the red colour. The pulp bits of Red grapefruit have lycopene nutrients that can prove to resist cancer cells and prevent further complications. It also promotes antioxidants with beta-carotene.

Duncan Grapefruit

Another choice for grapefruit juice is Duncan. This variety considered to be the highest quality grapefruit. The pulp bits are juicy with intense flavour. It has an intensely sweet taste compared to other grapefruits variety. The Duncan grapefruit is larger than Pomelo, and the skin colour is yellow. The harvest time of this variety is earlier than other grapefruits.

Lavender Gem Grapefruit

The Lavender Gem grapefruit is the favourite of the chef because of the diverse uses in cooking. It can be used for food preparation like meat or fish marinade. Because of the juicy content, you can make juice and beverages from it. You can also add it to your favourite fruit salad. The pulp bits of Lavender Gem grapefruit have a light and delicate flavour. Its peel can be seen in colour pink or lemon-yellow, and its size comes with mini-grapefruit.

Oro Blanco Grapefruit

When pomelos and white grapefruits are mixed in farms, you can produce the Oro Blanco variety. The thick skin colour of Oro Blanco is a combination of bright green to lemon yellow. Its pulp bits are one of the sweetest with no hint of bitterness.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit comes between the Red and White grapefruits characteristics in terms of sweetness and colour. The sweet and sour taste of Pink grapefruits makes it one of the favourite grapefruits for making juice and beverages. The strong flavour of Pink grapefruit can complement your favourite fruits and vegetables salad and smoothies.

Melogold Grapefruit

The first known variety of grapefruit is the Melogold. It can be in different sizes, but it can also grow as large as Pomelo. The skin of Melogold grapefruit can be peeled off easily and has a smooth texture. It can be considered as seedless because you can still count the seeds in its pulp bits. The taste of Melogold variety is like with the oranges. Also, this variety can be used in salad dressings and beverages.

Marsh Grapefruit

Another unusual variety of grapefruit is the Marsh; it is the variety of grapefruit with three classifications, the white, pink and ruby red. The pulp bits of White Marsh grapefruit come in yellow-white colour. It covers with yellow skin with a sweet-acidic taste. For Pink Marsh, it also has yellow skin, but the pulp bits are colour pink with a shade of blue. It is less sweet than White Marsh but with the same acidic flesh. The last one, Ruby Red Marsh has yellow to light-red skin with a red colour pulp bit. It tastes sweeter but less acidic than the White Marsh.

Flame Grapefruit

More attractive than Ruby Red grapefruit is the Flame grapefruit. Its colour comes with a shade of dark-pink colour which is more noticeable than other grapefruits. The tastes of its pulpy bits are sweet and juicy. You can enjoy eating the Flame grapefruit because it has less seed which makes it uncomplicated to eat.

Pink Grapefruit

If you want to know the best variety for grapefruit recipes like smoothies and juice, you should pick the Pink Grapefruit. This variety comes with a sweet taste. The colour of the skin is in the middle of red and white.

Star Ruby Grapefruit

Star Ruby grapefruit comes with yellow skin and pulp bits in red and pink colours. In this variety, if you see the pulp bits in super red and getting the hot red colour, it means the taste is getting sweeter.

Sweeties Grapefruit

Another variety that carries the sweet taste is the Sweeties grapefruit. It has a sweet taste, but it still looks unripe because of its green colour.

Each variety of grapefruit has distinct colour so you will have an easier time to pick and buy the perfect one that will you add to your grapefruit recipe.

The Nutrients and Benefits of Grapefruit

Vitamins and minerals can be sourced out from grapefruit. We can get the highest vitamin C content in grapefruit. Also, we can have an ample amount of vitamin A from it. Other nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fiber are present in grapefruit. Minerals like potassium, thiamine, folate, and magnesium can also be found from it.

To know the details of the nutrients and minerals that we can get from consuming grapefruit, here are the details for grapefruit nutrition:

Source of Highest Vitamin C

We can get the highest vitamin C from grapefruit. Vitamin C plays a significant role in our body.

An adequate amount of grapefruit vitamin C can boost our immune system. It has antioxidant properties that protect our body from diseases. Vitamin C helps our body to recover quickly from cough and colds. If we have a low immune system, we can get sick fast. We have no protection against infectious diseases and cancer cells.

Typically, a functioning immune system can be seen through our radiant skin. Yes, if we have radiant skin, we can say that we are healthy inside and out. Our body will have the antioxidants that protect our self from damage cells and any harmful substance in our body.

With this, we keep our body from the development of cancer cells. Also, we can have anti-inflammatory properties. These properties maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can lead to chronic conditions if not reasonable.

The health benefits of grapefruit play a significant role in the immune system of our body. Our body can fight diseases with enough vitamin C to maintain our immunity against it.

Grapefruit nutrition includes Vitamin C is abundant in grapefruit. Therefore, it is essential as one of the best weight loss foods. The grapefruit health benefits empower our immune system.

Boast with Citric Acid

An organic acid from grapefruit promotes the removal of waste material through urine. Citric acid can be found in grapefruit. It is essential in the prevention of kidney stones and other kidney-related health problems.

When our body is removing waste materials, one way is excretion through urine. If these materials build up in our kidneys, it will form crystal-like substance. Over time, kidney stones will be developed. Large kidney stones can block the urinary system which will result in more severe kidney problems. In some cases, it can result in kidney failure. It is a tragedy for us because we need to undergo dialysis if this happens to us.

Regular consumption of citric acid can prevent kidney stones and keep our kidney in good shape. It will support the organs to flush the waste material in the body. However, excessive intake of citrus can lead to other problems. Therefore, it is important to consume only the right amount of nutrients to avoid other health problems.

Grapefruit nutrition including citric acid is essential for individuals who are dealing with urinary tract infections and other kidney related diseases. Given this, grapefruit health benefits improve our body for proper waste disposal.

Adequate Amount of Fiber

The nutrition of grapefruit comes with a sufficient amount of fiber. The fiber in grapefruit is beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. You can add texture in your meal plan to increase your digestion time.

In this case, it will make your stomach to empty slowly. It has a suppression capability that can stop you from having a bigger appetite. The suppressant will prevent you from consuming foods rich in calories and fats. The practical way to eat grapefruit is before a meal. Consumption of grapefruit before meals will affect your eating habit for the rest of the day. The fiber helps your digestion to work at pace and keep you from eating between meals.

The grapefruit nutrition in our diet is highly noticeable. The effects of fiber together with vitamin C and other nutrients can keep your body healthy and fit over time.

Rich in Potassium

Believe it or not, grapefruit contains potassium which is essential to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Our heart is the very core of our body to operate normally. Grapefruit potassium reduces the factors that will risk the safety of our hearts. It should be the primary concern above else. Regular intake of grapefruit can also promote a healthy blood pressure level. It will make our hearts to function normally.

Grapefruit nutrition is good for the heart. The nutrients it offers to our body prevent heart diseases. High blood pressure and cholesterol can be avoided if we are going to eat healthy foods.

The grapefruit potassium helps protect the heart in keeping the blood pressure and cholesterol levels at an average rate.

Other Minerals and Vitamins

Aside from vitamin C, fiber and potassium, grapefruit provide vitamin B, zinc, copper and iron. These vitamins and minerals have to do with the normal function of our immune system. Combined with vitamin C, it improves our health and body for day-to-day purpose.

If we have all the vitamins and minerals that we need, our body will be strong enough to fight all the virus and bacteria around us.

Also, you can have a small number of grapefruit calories, making it the lowest-calorie fruit. It is an excellent reason to include grapefruit as one of the best foods for weight loss.

Included grapefruit nutrition is carbohydrates. Grapefruit carbs only measure about 26 grams in a grapefruit. It serves lower carbohydrates than other fruits. The protein and fats in grapefruit are considered 0% to less than one gram of half size of grapefruit.

Other nutrients in grapefruit prevent our body from insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes.

What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar in your body. High insulin and blood sugar levels can result in type-2 diabetes.

In a way, grapefruit controls the insulin levels in your body. Normal insulin levels reduce the likelihood of becoming insulin resistant. If you eat fresh grapefruit before meals, you will experience a significant lowering both insulin levels and resistance over time.

In our meal plan, adding grapefruit does not only lead to weight loss. It also plays a role to maintain our blood sugar and insulin to normal levels. The health benefits of grapefruit offer the regulation of blood sugar and the reduction of insulin resistance. If these two functions are working harmoniously, you can prevent type 2 diabetes.

Our Insights

The health benefits of grapefruit are impressive. Making it a habit to have a dosage of grapefruit in our daily meal can make a difference in our body.

The nutrition that we can get from grapefruit helps our body maintain good health condition. However, excessive intake of grapefruit can result in health problems like tooth enamel erosion. The thing is, every excess in the amount of food that we intake will result in some issues over time.

Like other fruits, grapefruit is considered as the highest source of vitamins C. If you are not familiar in eating grapefruit in its pure form, you can make some twist on it.

Moreover, you can eat grapefruit in many forms. You can make juice with basil leaves and mint to neutralize the taste. To add more aroma, you can boil it with cinnamon. But the most common recipe of grapefruit is toppings in your favourite fruit salad. Adding it to your favourite snack or making it a replacement to your dessert food, grapefruit is a less complicated fruit to prepare. You don’t need to worry about the time you will spend when preparing. To add flavours in your grapefruit, you can blend it with other fruits and veggies without adding artificial sugar. Sweets can ruin your diet, and any fake foods are considered dangerous to our health. Also, combining it with kale and avocado, it can give you an exaggerating twist of nutrients in a salad.

Grapefruit Daily Consumption

You cannot take a bunch of grapefruit to feel the effect quickly. It is still better to consume daily of a variety of fruits and vegetables to prevent any damage in our body.

Eating large quantities of grapefruit in pure form can lead to hormonal conditions. Therefore, if you are having a hormonal imbalance and taking medications, you should avoid consuming grapefruit. Also, if you are breastfeeding and on-going pregnancy, eating foods with grapefruit content more than the recommended daily serving can lead to severe complications. So, before putting it on your meal plan, get advice from your physicians.

According to a study, up to 30% of postmenopausal women who consume more than a quarter of grapefruit juice will have a high risk of developing breast cancer. Grapefruit can increase estrogen levels in women’s body. On the contrary, it decreases the synthesis of estrogen in the body.

Indeed, to achieve the full benefits of grapefruit, we should follow the doctors’ recommended daily intake. Grapefruit nutrition focuses on promoting our immune and digestion system. Vitamin C maintains our immune system at its fullest to protect our vital organs. Furthermore, it makes our skin look healthier and radiant. The most amazing in grapefruit is potassium. An adequate amount of potassium can lower the risk of heart diseases and other heart problems.

Like other fruits and vegetables, you know that the real secret to being fit and elegant is to eat healthy weight loss foods. Also, doing exercises and sports at the same time will have a better result.

For getting fit and healthy, you need disciplines. There are no shortcuts but to follow the simple rules in weight loss program and that is—to eat healthy foods and do some exercises.


Kidney Disease Preventive Solution with Detox and Healthy Foods

Kidney-Friendly Foods

Kidney disease, if left untreated could affect 10% of the world’s populations. Did you know that? Furthermore, the average of Americans with kidney disease is more than about 26 million.

Kidney disease is the reflection of how well you know your kidneys. This bean-shaped organ is small in size but, implements several essential functions in the body. Therefore, it cleanses waste products,  fluid balance, creating urine, and, regulating hormones that control blood pressure.

Various factors are responsible for damaging the kidney; diabetes and high blood pressure are among those. Nevertheless, genetic problems, hormonal imbalance, smoking, and obesity are also blamable for kidney disease.

That is why it is necessary for people who have kidney disease to consume foods that ensure the betterment of kidney health. Swipe up to discover the food list for a healthy kidney.

Healthy Foods Preventing Kidney Disease


Water is the best element to maintain the total water balance in the body. It is known to many of us that, experts always recommend imbibing 8 glasses of water daily that clean out the toxins that are responsible for kidney stones. Do not forget, water is the best thing you can drink to cleanse your system. However, though doctors recommend drinking 8 glasses of water daily, consult with your doctor to know how many glasses of water you should sip each day depending on your kidney conditions.


Cabbage is a rich source of phytochemicals. The antioxidant properties present in this leafy vegetable filter the risk-free radicals in the body. Thus, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, and risk of cancer.


Cauliflower is an excellent source of Vitamin C, folate, Vitamin K, and other essential nutrients. It is packed with fiber and anti-inflammatory elements. Cauliflower is a natural kidney-friendly vegetable. Moreover, it prevents liver diseases.  You can eat this super veggie by boiling, raw, fried, and cooked.


Apples are lower potassium fruits that are kidney-friendly. It is a fantastic source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals that act as the natural cleanser and cleanses the system in your body. Apple causes repeated urination that assists in cleaning your kidney. Quercetin presents in apple keep your heart healthy and the fibers in apple, control blood sugar level.


Mushrooms are a fantastic source of Vitamin D which is required to keep your kidney healthy. It controls kidney functions and prevents several organ-related diseases. If you want to limit protein, eat shiitake mushrooms that can replace the meat. They are the rich source of Vitamin B, selenium, manganese, and copper.


Grapefruits are an excellent source of Vitamin C and essential minerals. It keeps your immune system healthy and prevents the development of bacteria in your body. Grapefruits are lower in sugar and potassium. That is why; they are kidney-friendly.


Fish is a fantastic source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids that decrease inflammation and prevent heart disease. Moreover, studies suggest, fish is essential to protect your kidneys from damage.


Cherries are an excellent source of phytochemicals and antioxidants. They protect your kidney and heart. Eating cherries every day reduces inflammation in the kidneys. Thus, it protects the organs from developing diseases.


Although oats are higher in potassium, they are full of iron and Vitamin B6. They curb the risk of developing kidney stones.


Raspberries are an excellent source of ellagic acid, anthocyanins, Vitamin C, dietary fiber, folate, and manganese. This tangy fruit prevents cancer cell growth. Moreover, it protects your kidneys from several diseases.

What can we say?

Kidneys are the natural detox components. Consider incorporating the food items listed above in your daily meal to keep the kidneys healthy.