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Strength or Cardio, which one provides Best Results for Mental Health?


Strength or cardio – this is the common question of those anxious individuals who love to workout. These two kinds of exercises can give benefits to your body over time. So it is essential to know what it can do to your body.

Strength or cardio – you do not need to worry too much because these two have unique benefits. But if you want to improve your mental health, I suggest you should consider doing cardio exercises to increase brain functions.


Cardio workouts are more favorable to increase mental health. Exercise for strength includes weight lifting. But make sure that if you do weight lifting, you know your capacity to lift. The workout you are going to do connects your muscles to your brain so you can assess if you are strong enough to do some strength workout.

If you want to know better about the mental benefits of cardio workout, you should know how it transforms simple exercise to benefit your brain. Choose what activities are suitable to increase your mental capacity.

Now, let us focus on what exercises can be done to benefit your mental health. Knowing both strength and cardio exercises will give you a better overview of activities that you can try.

What are cardio exercises?

Strength-or-Cardio-Workout-002So first, let us look into cardio exercises. Cardio includes running, and according to study, running can help you clear your mind. It increases positive mental results to forget dilemmas and worries.

I try doing cardio exercises when I want some peace of mind. For instance, doing aerobic exercises help me improve blood circulation. We know that proper blood circulation helps our brain with more oxygen.

It can be recalled that increased oxygen to our brain clears our mind, improved focus, and disregards overthinking or anxiety. Depression is a common issue among us, so that proper cardio exercises can lessen negativity.

Between strength or cardio workout, how the latter exercises help our body?

There are links between exercises and our brains and to be specific the cardio exercises. I am amazed by how the exercises are linked with mental health. But looking into some readings, I encountered the following studies on the difference in strength or cardio exercises.

It releases endorphins and binds endogenous opioids.


Based on the endorphin hypothesis, cardio exercises increase our overall health, from physical to emotional to mental health. How does this happen? It is the result of the release of endorphins to receptor sites in the brain. Also, doing exercises make several subsequent binding of endogenous opioids.

It boosts overall health.

In my experience, I see the difference between exercising before and after and how it affects our life. Boosting our overall health is one of the right reasons why cardio exercises are essential. When you do this exercise, your body temperature will start to elevate, and every time you move, you will feel the blood rushing into your veins.

It distracts negative thoughts and refocuses your senses.

There have been studies that I have read about strength or cardio exercises. And what amazed me is the fact that cardio exercises like running, walking on a treadmill, and meditating can decrease stressful stimuli and feelings. It redirects your focus on things that can help you to be more optimistic.

It increases self-esteem.

I think that any of these exercises, strength or cardio, the most important is the health benefits that we can have. Finding the real power and making our physical and mind to be fit, there is no doubt that cardio exercises are what we need to do. I, for example, have been doing a routine activity that suits my schedule. Also, I have checked my capability to do workouts to test my agility and balance. And if I am feeling stress, perform the exercise to lessen it and increase my happy hormones.

Meanwhile, strength exercises give us some health benefits as well.


In my search to find what are the health benefits of strength training, there have been some studies showing significant results of lifting for mental health. Here it goes.

It addresses depression.

Like cardio exercise, strength exercises help reduce symptoms of depression, especially among adults. Also, I did some low to moderate intensity strength training, and I found out that it changes something in my body and mind. I tend to think less of negative thoughts. So I imagine what about depression. So I want to believe how it helps those individuals who manage to perform mild to moderate depression?

It improves brain function.

Like cardio exercises, studies showed that strength exercises could improve cognitive function. Especially for adults, it enhances the decision making of a person and the focus on an issue or matter. Brain training is not enough to improve reflexes and other cognitive functions. The practice of coordination and balance help the brain to function as it should be.

What can we say about it?

Actually, strength or cardio exercises, either the two, can help our overall health. From physical, mental, and emotional health, these exercises give us excellent results. For instance, when it comes to focusing, these exercises help us to achieve our goal every time we are doing a routine daily.

When I tried it, each session of strength or cardio exercises, there have been many changes. Look closely with each routine and sets, so you will know what to be repeated for your workout.

Assessment of each workout daily is essential to achieve the mental benefits from your workout. It is not really important if you hit the gym or you are doing it at home. As long as you know the proper way of exercising, you will see the difference.

Group Fitness Workouts: The New Adventure of Performing Exercises


Group fitness workouts have been the new norm in the fitness world. Trainers around the globe are now looking for a more effective way of performing workouts. If you want to know more about group fitness workouts, you will need to pay attention to the selection of your exercises and the style of training you will have.

Group fitness workouts are more effective than performing exercise on your own. You will be asking why? Because we have simple answers to that as we will give you the ultimate facts about group fitness workouts.

How can you achieve the perfect results? Let us focus on the things that you need to make your group fitness workouts work more effective and accurate.

Keys to becoming successful in group fitness workouts

Being organized with the training session, it will help you build more productive training sessions. If you will observe, a practical exercise has a timed interval, and so does the group fitness workouts. Make sure that you will have a range that will produce more optimal results. Try to incorporate more movements during warm-up to set your body before performing group fitness workouts.

If you finally know the interval and type of exercises you will perform, you can hit the gym. Why do you need that? Doing your workout at home is practical, and you can save a lot of time and money, but if you are hitting the gym and performing group fitness workouts, you can have other benefits.

For instance, you can meet a great coach and team that will encourage you more to perform effectively. You will be taught many things, and sharing experiences can help you improve your workouts.

By improving your workouts, you should have a three-day program that will increase your productivity. With proper conditioning of your body, you can have all the strength you need. Make sure that you will choose the appropriate exercise.

How will you know if it is effective?

Since you are going to be comfortable in doing group fitness workouts, you will get good results rather than doing exercises alone. According to a study of dancers, each one of them encouraged the group to perform well and achieved the results that everyone is wanting.

There are different ways on how to perform it aside at the gym. The first place you can work out better is outdoors.

Top 5 Outdoor Activities you can consider.


What more enjoyable group fitness workouts than hiking? You can take hiking during the weekend with your friends. Look for an excellent outdoor trail and ready your boots. Climbing and walking at the same time can give you good cardio. Plus, you will have fresh air to breathe.


If you are not into walking and climbing, then you will need excellent kayaking. In every stroke of kayaking, it is a good start of physical fitness. This workout is perfect if you want to appreciate both your exercises and your surroundings. The benefits of this workout are strengthening the arms and your core to burn more calories than average.


Another workout for a group, you can do is biking. Of course, you can do this alone, but if you are going to do it with your friends, you will enjoy it. Biking benefits our body because it is right for your health. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and prevents the occurrence of cancer. There are many cycling enthusiasts that you can tap and hit the road for more group fitness workouts.

Join the Volunteer Services for Group Fitness Workouts

If you want to be more productive, aside from getting fit, you can enjoy group fitness workouts from doing volunteer services.

For instance, you can be a volunteer in cleaning the park while preserving nature. Is it a good feeling when you pull the trash from a lake or at the park. And what is right in doing this is a team effort and workout.

Another option that you have is tree planting. There is a volunteer service that involves tree planting. It is a good idea, and according to a study, tree planting as group fitness workouts can reduce your chance of getting type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

You can also enjoy and involve yourself in group activity if you have pets at home. Well, take it as an opportunity because you can walk your dog with other people who walk with them too. And as walking is good exercise, you can meet other people or make friends with pet lovers at the park. Over time, you will have a schedule of walking your dogs.

Another option for group activity as a volunteer service is you can lend a hand in a car wash. With lots of scrubbing and bending, you can work your arms and legs and back muscles to burn more calories.

Be mentally and physically prepared.

Some group fitness workouts can be beneficial to your mind and body as well. One exercise that can help your thought and emotion is yoga. Doing it alone is better so you can have a concentration easily. Still, doing yoga with other people, you can have less stress, a more balanced, and stronger bond so that yoga time will be enjoyable and productive.

Aside from yoga, you can do Chinese meditation practice. This exercise focuses on breathing and balance. One example of this is martial arts that perform gentle moves, focuses and breathing exercises. It is also another form of stress reliever.

Attend some cultural activities.

Yes, there are plenty of shows in the theatre, but what tourists love most is watching cultural activities. If you are a performer, you can dance as much as you want, like nobody’s watching. Be yourself and feel the rhythm you heard. You will be serious about reducing your cardio.

If you want another enjoyable cultural show, seek for a reenactment group that will entertain you as well as burning your calories. In reenacting,  you will have lots of walking, running and galloping. These can burn your calories.

Our Thoughts in Group Fitness Workouts

Indeed group fitness workouts can help you burn more calories than performing exercises on your own. Make sure to have a good company that will motivate you and enables you to perform at your best. Most importantly, you should choose the right exercises routinely to help you get physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

What Are The Essential Things to Do to Avoid Workout Mistakes?


Workout mistakes can be painful or fatal if you don’t follow the proper workout routines. You can avoid these mistakes if you know when and how to begin your workout. Asking a fitness professional or gym instructor can help you prevent workout mistakes.

workout mistakesWorkout mistakes happened unintentionally and seeing individuals suffered during workout sessions can be frustrating. Especially when you know how to do the workout properly, it will make you feel uncomfortable witnessing workout mistakes.

Well, as a beginner, workout mistakes are typical, but you should not allow it to happen while you do some exercises. Understandably, many have experience workout mistakes, and just after that, they will seek some dos and don’ts to avoid it next time.

So here, we have the top things you need to refrain from doing before, during and after your workout. These are the common mistakes that you should keep in mind before performing your plan routine.

But technically, you have to approach your gym instructor or fitness professionals to know what exercises and workout you can perform without injuring yourself. It is unsafe if you start your workout and make plans on the spot without looking for professional advice.

Because being safe is the most important rule, and of course, you don’t want to experience workout mistakes. By only doing the basic routine to keep safe while doing a workout, you will have no worries at all.

Top Things to Do that will Keep your Workout Safe and Effective

Be consistent with your moves.

Workout mistakes can happen if you have no consistency in your movement, and you are just moving your muscles. Moving only your muscles may result in some injuries that will make your muscles in pain. So instead of just moving your muscles, you can be consistent with your moves so it will burn fats and build more muscles to your target areas.

Be creative and refrain from depending on workout machines.

You can do several exercises, even without using workout machines and equipment. Devices or equipment for your workout can result in injuries if you are not knowledgeable on how to handle it. Therefore, to keep you safe and avoid workout mistakes, you will go for exercises like yoga, which most of the time does not need to use equipment and machines. Another thing about workout machines is that it has limits when it comes to the size and weight of an individual. Not all individuals have the weight and height that machines at the gym can cater to.

Other than that, when using machines and equipment, it prevents total engagement to your core muscles. Also, the focus is not on your muscles group, but the effect is focusing on individual muscles.

Cardio exercises have limitations, and you have to avoid them.

To avoid many workout mistakes, refrain from doing too much cardio. According to fitness professionals, too much cardio is not suitable for you because it makes your cortisol higher than average. It also decreases thyroid function, testosterone and growth hormone.

But you are looking to maintain your metabolism? Well, what you need to do is not too much cardio but interval training. With different sets of an exercise, it will keep you away from repeating workout mistakes. Also, the interval training will make your calorie burns while boosting your metabolism. Instead, it will make your workout routine perfect and achieving the results. It is what you need to get the results you wanted.

Refrain from doing the same workouts daily.

At first, you will have the same routines of workout. However, doing this for a long time will not challenge your muscles to develop. Then, this is one of the workout mistakes you have to avoid.

Doing repetitive workouts will make your muscles used to the same patterns of movement. You have to switch for different routines weekly or every two weeks to balance the flow and build-up of your muscles. Also, doing different sets of muscles will make your mind engaged with your workout.

Results of workout cannot be defined on long terms.

One of the typical workout mistakes that everyone was guilty of doing is the time spent in doing such a workout routine. Though you have invested so much time in the gym to finish your workout routine, you are doing harmful effects to your body.

Long hours spent at the gym only means that you are not getting the results you want. Focusing on the muscle group that you want to develop is one way to avoid workout mistakes. For instance, when you are into lifting weights, then you have to do fewer rounds to lift heavier weights than to repeat more than a dozen repetitions. Also, in this way, it is more manageable. You need to set standards that you can past over time.

Doing sit-ups are isolated movements so, make fewer sit-ups.

Indeed, sit-ups can make your abs leaner, and muscles in this area are getting in good shape. But only doing sit-ups is one of the workout mistakes because, while doing sit-ups, you are focusing on one muscle area.

To avoid workout mistakes, refrain isolated movements, and it includes sit-ups. What you can do so you can still perform sit-ups is doing some alternative exercise for this one. Because it only focuses on making your abs muscles intact, you may forget that this workout does not support a workout to burn more fats and calories.

Plan your day to day workout activities.

Planning your daily activities can reduce your zero productivity. If you want to accomplish your goals, then making schedules of the workout routines and sticking to it will help you to achieve it. Otherwise, you will have a low percentage of productivity, and the daily workout would not bring you the results that you are working hard for.

Making a daily record of the workout you have done

Anything planned that needs to have confirmation if results have been achieved will need a record. Small or big goals in each workout routine will need daily records to know the progress and what needs to be improved.

Some Quick Tips to Maintain Successful Workout Routines

Some Quick Tips to Maintain Successful Workout Routines

Quick Tip 1: Make the necessary breaks between sets. Letting your body cool down for a maximum of 30 seconds is the ideal cooling down of the body between sets. Avoid exceeding in this time to keep your heart elevated.

Quick Tip 2: Make sure to have good posture while doing the routine. If you want to know if you are in proper formation while doing the workout, you can look into online videos for some references. You can also go to the gym for actual fitness professional guidance.

Quick Tip 3: Warm-up and stretch to avoid workout mistakes. Warm-up is excellent as stretching and vice versa. Usually, the warm-up helps to have a good stretch for your bones and muscles. You can have different warm-ups, like walking. While stretching is prep for a workout, it can also be a faster way to repair muscles fiber so you can have more strength for the next schedule of routine.

Quick Tip 4: Wear the right attire. When performing some workout routines, you will need to wear the right clothes. Otherwise, you can have the possibility of making workout mistakes.

Quick Tip 5: Eating the right food and drinking enough water. When you want to achieve your body goals, these two things are essential.

Final Technique to Stop Workout Mistakes

Workout mistakes can happen to anyone. But you can avoid it by following different techniques and doing tips to ensure successful workout routines.

Injury Prevention while doing HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training)


Injury prevention during a workout is essential to practice. With all the keys to perform each routine and exercise successfully, injury prevention should not forget. Free from injury during a workout is what everyone wanted.

Injury prevention can be appropriately done while doing your exercise and routine. One of the major causes of getting injured is not following the step by step of your workout. Also, when you force your body to do more than the capability is one of the reasons for the high risk of injury could happen.

For instance, when you know you will be doing high-intensity training, you should know your requirement before starting your exercise. High intense workouts are a physical activity with various intervals with quick rests.

By doing this kind of training, you are burning calories at a higher rate than regular training. Regular high-intensity exercise increases metabolism, cardiac function, improve endurance levels and reduce insulin resistance. But this kind of training is not recommended for everyday performance. The recommended to perform intense training is every 1-3 days weekly. If you follow this weekly routine, you will have injury prevention.

Why intense training?

Aside from injury prevention, high-intensity training is good for our health. You can have different benefits.

Given the intense workout, it will help you burn more fats. If you want to have tone muscles, intense training is right for you. The routine in intense training is to burn away stubborn fat. Due to intense exercise, it will lead to an increased rate of fat oxidation.

Moreover, intense training can contribute to your appetite. With the entire workout, your digestion also increases, but it also reduces your appetite. In this event to your body, it increases insulin sensitivity, which means that intense training regulates your blood glucose at healthy levels. Having regular sugar and less appetite is one perspective of injury prevention.

How to start intense training?

After getting the benefits of intense training, which injury prevention is more critical among others, you can start doing some intense training. Such as circuit, pyramid and EMOM, these are the high-intensity training that you can perform.

If you want to try circuit, here are the things you need to know about this training. Circuit training is involving different muscles in-circuit motion. You will only spend an average of one minute in each station then moving to the next station. The time of recovery, movement and adjustment to the new station is your rest.

When we say pyramid, though the structure is like a circuit, the repetitions in each station is different. Doing the pyramid is choosing either step up or down the number of repetitions. You have a choice. Unlike with circuit, you will need to stick with the routine.

More so, have you heard about EMOM? EMOM or Every Minute On the Minute is just like playing words in your head, but it has a deeper meaning. In EMOM, your interval is our focus. Within one minute, you will have different ranges; but in each interval, you will have to complete the designated number of repetitions in each exercise, respectively. If a minute has already passed, then you need to restart on a new minute. And work to complete your repetitions all over again.

Are you wondering when the best time to rest while during high-intensity training is? The answer is simple. Since we do only high intense training thrice weekly, you will need to have a 24-hour rest after each day of training. Following the proper intervals in between exercise, you are practicing injury prevention routine. Some injury that needs to prevent is not always in terms of physical. Prevention in other aspects can be referred to as physical and mental burnout.

Therefore, refrain from skipping your rest day. Especially when you are doing high-intensity training, you need to prioritize the rest days. Your body must recover after the high-intensity exercise.

How to do high-intensity training?

For injury prevention, you will need to know how to do high-intensity training properly.

First, to make sure that your heart has a regular rate while doing high-intensity training, you should monitor your heart rate. Typically your heart rate will increase while doing high-intensity exercise. Keeping your heart rate’s track is a way of injury prevention during high-intensity training.

Before making the moves, don’t forget to warm up. A proper warm-up will enable your body to perform high-intensity training. Some of the warm-ups you can do are slow jogging, stretching or simple exercises that can prepare your heart, lungs and muscles for intense training.

Your form is your key for injury prevention. It is a habit that when we do a workout, we forgot to look for our formation. Our form during training will ensure that we are far from getting injured. If some exercise you are too complicated for you to perform, you have the free will to choose not to do it. Forcing yourself in high-intensity training that you cannot act is like getting voluntarily to be injured. It is vital that when you do a high-intensity workout, your form will not be lost.

Injury prevention also involves hydrating yourself and getting healthy food after and before the high-intensity training. With intense exercise, you will need more energy.

Other Tips for Injury Prevention

How about when you decide to stick with your simple and less complicated routine? Well, we have some essential tips for injury prevention during a workout.

What you wear controls your body temperature. When you do a workout or simple exercise, your dress is your safety precautions. Choose fabrics that are breathable and lightweight. Also, prevent wearing dark colors during hot and humid weather condition.
When winter, the opposite choice like wearing thicker fabric and dark in colors so it will keep your body warm. Also, you should consider wearing the right shoes. If you are comfortable with your footwear during high-intensity training, you will prevent injury with your feet. Over time, it will be a key for injury prevention.

What can we say?

When it comes to injury prevention, we have prepared some practical ways on how to do workout safely. Of course, the first thing that you will need to know is to be aware of your body. If you feel pain in your body after doing the high-intensity training, then you should stop and consult your doctor.

So to know if your body is in good form before and after a workout, you will need to do some warm-up and cool down. In this way, you can feel the condition of your body. Warming up is one way to condition your body during workout and exercise, especially when high intense training.

While doing high-intensity training, injury prevention routine includes proper pacing. Remember that you only have a day to recover from the intense training. But if you feel that your body is still in pain, then you have to rest until your body is prepared for more intense exercise.

Lastly, you should look for techniques to make the perfect form, proper pacing and the routine of high-intensity training. Techniques are vital so you can have an injury prevention routine.

Knowing all these about injury prevention from doing high-intensity training can be a lot of help to assure that you will successfully achieve your goals.

The Latest Fitness, Your Ultimate Road to Shape Up Perfectly


The latest fitness this year comes in unique ways. There are different ways to perform different latest fitness. But for sure you can do it correctly.

The latest fitness this year comes in unique ways.

The latest fitness can be advanced and not the kind of usual fitness training that everyone is doing. The advantage of doing the newest fitness can make many differences in your body.

There is much latest fitness that you can try. You can start with the simple, and I think it’s trendy. Here are the choices you might want to know about the latest fitness.

Get your favorite treadmill!Get your favorite treadmill!

While in the past few years, the treadmill is one of the most reliable workout equipment. And for the latest fitness this year, you can do it using your favorite treadmill.

According to the study, most people looked for treadmills in their workout last year. The statistics show that using a treadmill will be the latest fitness this year. So we are looking forward to more exercises with the use of a treadmill this year.

Perform your favorite yoga.

This year’s latest fitness includes yoga. Doing yoga is one of the exercises that never go out of trends. So the newest fitness this year involves doing yoga. But to achieve goals by doing yoga, you will need to perform the basics going to advance. Never skip performing basic routines for yoga. By doing yoga, it improves your cardio, strength, training and a no-sense hybrid mixture of the two.

The perfect way to master your balance.

Balancing is most important in every workout. And if you are looking forward to getting a grasp on your balance ability, you will need to learn an aerial fitness. For the latest fitness, aerial exercises can be an excellent option to master your balance. You can do aerial fitness together with other workouts like hoops and yoga classes.

Get used to High-Intensity Interval Training.

Get used to High-Intensity Interval Training.

When we see the trend of 2018, we have to deal with what will happen for this year. The high-intensity interval training helps a lot of individuals who cannot allow the regular hours required of exercise every day.

The duration of the workout is not your basis if you burn enough calories. What important in training is performing the right exercise, with proper intervals? Though the time of activity is shorter than before if it is proven to have quick results, you are doing the latest fitness. Plus, you have just the right time for a workout after a long day.

Attend wellness festivals.

One of the latest fitness that becomes unusual yet proven effective is attending some wellness festivals. This event gives excellent music in which, when combined with healthy eating and regular workouts like yoga, can provide a significant improvement to you.

Work out versus work

What is the difference? When you work out, treat it like regular work. If you are allotting time with your work, you can do the same while doing work out. Space at home can be used in many things, and the least you can think about is your space for workout. But when you decide to do the latest fitness at home, you should consider allotting space.

Your home where it all begins

Before pushing you to do a workout, everything starts at home. So one of the best ways to achieve your body goals, you can use some space at your home. For instance, you can do yoga at home. Yoga is one of the easiest ways to perform at home, yet it gives you the results you want to achieve.

Also, you can set up some work out equipment like a stationary bicycle. If you have no time to do cycling around the corner, you could do some cycling at home. Other than yourself, your family can engage without going outside.

By looking only with the bicycle, you will not notice that it is not as simple as it sounds like. Doing a bicycle at home is the latest fitness at home because it gives you high-intensity training at home.

But before doing exercise at home, you may want to watch for some online tutorial. This will help you make workouts more comfortable.

What can we say?

Since we deal with different exercises now and then, our advice is to keep a journal of your fitness program. You can start using the latest fitness but the simple one. Then you can upgrade little by little.

Deciding what will be the latest fitness you can use will depend on your health condition. Though you have some health problems that hinder you from doing high-intensity training, there are some exercises that you can perform.

At present, there is the latest fitness that you can enjoy. Also, it will be beneficial for you if you are fully aware of the latest fitness.

Yoga 101 – Your Ultimate Guide How to be Relaxed and Fit


Yoga has great significance in making an individual healthy. Though there are lots of yoga exercise offerings, it can provide you with different health benefits. Most of these benefits can give you over-all health maintenance.

Yoga involves many more techniques beyond the familiar routine we know and what we sometimes practice. But why we continue doing yoga? What good can we get from it?

According to some medical professionals, yoga has significant contributions when it comes to health and becoming fit. If you do it regularly, you can have less chronic pain. Most common health problems that we have are lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. In other words, yoga gives you less chance of having high blood pressure. But when I tried, it helps me get enough sleep. So I guess yoga really helps a person a lot in many ways.

Key Health Benefits of Yoga

Since we are talking about yoga health benefits, let us know more reasons why we should do it, even at home.

Yoga routines involve all our muscles and joints. So to increase flexibility and muscle strength and mass, you better start doing yoga. Also, it is the key to jump start the vital organs like the heart and lungs to keep up in your daily exercises.

Another critical health benefits we can get from yoga is improved your digestion to reduce weight. It will also give you balance metabolism and protection from injury.

And of course, yoga has tremendous benefits on mental health. If you feel you lack of focus and you feel stress, then you have to turn yourself in doing it. Basically, it helps a person to manage stress, which, on the other hand, has no beneficial effect on our body. Stress is a severe factor why an individual surrender to vices or worst they do things which they totally regret at the end of the day.

So, to give your mind some peace out of chaos, yoga is the key. Simple routines, aside from involving muscles and joints, use meditation and later on proper breathing. According to the study, doing yoga continuously will improve a person mental well-being. It helps your mind to have peace and organize.

Say, if you do yoga you can have all these good things for your health and body.

Know When You Need To Start Yoga

Doing it does not need that you do it in a gym or attend a yoga class. For instance, like me, my time is not like other women who have lots of time visiting the gym or yoga classes. So for me, knowing the techniques and setting a place suitable for doing it will be a great help.

Then I realized I could do it at home. But doing at home is not merely putting a map on the floor. Well, here are my tips on doing it at home.

Tip 1:  Your home has many spaces but believe me, you will need to consider finding a quiet and uncluttered space. The area does not need to be large, just enough for your mats, blankets and other yoga materials.

Tip 2: Set your goals, but be mindful that whatever goals you should set are realistic, and you will not have a hard time achieving it. For instance, start with short duration of doing yoga exercises.

Tip 3: My final tip would be started as a beginner. Though you know for yourself that you can do more than beginner’s yoga sequences, you still need to complete these sequences. By doing so, you can prepare your body from advance and more professional yoga routines.

What to Have and Some Reminders before Doing YogaWhat to Have and Some Reminders before Doing Yoga

If you are serious in doing it, you have to carry all that you need and list some reminders to achieve your goals daily or in a week before you start.

When you decided to perform it at home, prepare all the accessories. But what you need except for soft fabric leggings and comfy tops, you will need to get a yoga mat. You should start looking for the non-slip mat, and the materials are susceptible to sweat or water. Your secondary requirement is to get some blocks. But if you want adjustable and less in your expenses, you can use some books. But in my experience, I opt for pillows, blankets or towels, whichever gives me my preferred support.

Speaking of yoga routines, you will need to choose what sequences you will perform carefully. If it is your first time to do yoga, my advice is to do some routines for beginners. You should not skip this stage of yoga because, in this part, you will learn to do the proper breathing and meditation. When you master these two, you can deliberately perform different yoga routines.

Since you do it at home, the question is, what will be your perfect guide for yoga routines? You can have two sources of class while at home. You can have books or video tutorials on how to do it.

Yoga with Video TutorialVideo Tutorial

If you opt for the video tutorial, you should choose a series of the program where you have put together a series of classes. In this way, putting up a series of yoga classes for each session can give you more learning to your next level of routines.

So while doing it, you have to be careful in your routines. Most common injuries while doing it happen in your knees, spine and neck. So be mindful in these areas. Be watchful that you don’t feel any pain in these areas most especially when you are doing it. Discontinue your routine if you know something is wrong the very moment you feel it.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you do enough warm-up before attempting to start your yoga routines. Also, the potential risk of injury can happen in between poses. And if you missed proper alignment, the tendency of getting injured will be higher.

What can we say?

We know the importance of yoga, especially to professionals who wanted to destress and give their self a favor to have peace of mind. In yoga, not only meditation and proper breathing are things you will learn. You will also learn how to relax your body. Of course, full relaxation can be achieved afterwards.

In my cases, after I do the routines, I feel different as I think that my whole body has been undergone a workout. But it feels good to know that I made some change in my body, which is being physically and mentally fit.

Since day one of doing it at home, I learn to practice it regularly. I never missed any day of my lessons at home. It is because one time that I have missed it unintentionally, the following days have been hard for me to cope with a day of absence.

Indeed, seriously taking yoga contributes to my overall health. Even you can do it for less than 30 minutes, or three times a week if your schedule is tight, then it is enough. At least, you know you are doing something good for yourself beyond your busy schedules.

Running Techniques and Health Benefits Better than Going to Gym


Running techniques are taken for granted by many because, in their point of view, it has no importance. But how can you be so sure that you are doing the right thing?

Running is a simple exercise that people can depend on if you want to lower the risk of getting injured. Also, doing proper techniques can make you feel more energetic and enjoyable.

As a part of getting yourself to be fit and healthy, we are giving some of the tips that you might want to try. These are basics as you read along. However, it will affect your performance as runners and burn fat a lot according to different types of studies.

Based on a study, they track why an individual runs. Surprisingly, it has a direct benefit to normalizing your breath per minute versus individuals who walk.

What are we lacking when running?

1. While running, keep your head straight.

In other words, runners are not looking at their shoes. Why? By doing so, it will create tension in your neck and shoulders. Also, it will keep your jaw and neck relaxed for the whole duration of it. So follow the recommendation distance of looking in front of you. The distance that will keep your head straight is 30 to 40 meter in front of you.

2. Keep your shoulders back and down.

A common mistake is making your shoulder in a hunch position. If you do this, it will restrict your breathing and only less oxygen will get into your muscles. So, make sure that your shoulders are back and down. No tension, just relaxed. Good posture will help you in your training.

3. Like your shoulders, keep your hands at ease and your arms at 90 degrees.

Keeping your hands relaxed doesn’t mean that you need it to flop. But, tight and closed fists can cause tension up to your shoulders and back. In another way, make it easy for your hands.

For your arms, don’t bend it over and below a 90-degree angle. At the right angle, move your arms back and forth across your body. The movement will help you with any action forward. And moving your arms sideways will create a waste of energy.

At first, it will be difficult to maintain this kind of relaxation. As a matter of fact, stretching can help you with these activities. It prevents yet recommend to have efficient while maintaining lean legs. Make sure to prevent maximum warm-up and stick to level for a beginner.

4. Leaning forward while keeping your hips stable will help you enjoy your running.

Running at proper pace and motion is not enough to enjoy the good effects of this in our body. One of the techniques you need to do is leaning forward. This technique will help you reduce the chance of experiencing a heel strike. Also, it will make you land in the middle of your foot, improving your balance.

When leaning forward, you must maintain your hips stable. Don’t make your bottom out and your hips rock side to side. What we mean here is your hip’s position should be permanent and forward-facing. This position will prevent low back and hip pain.

5. Land in a mid-foot strike and avoid lifting your knees too high.

One of the myths is raising your knees too high will make your running more intense. Fact check – landing with a slight bend knee will help you absorb the impact on hard surfaces. The right motion of your knees when lifting is forward rather than upwards.

And when we say that your feet when doing it should aim mid-food strike, it will give your feet the safest way to land. Your foot should fall below your hips and not in front of you.

6. Good running always comes light and quiet.

Running in light and quiet can make an impression of efficiency and less stress on the body. You do not have to run for miles like a race, otherwise, injury cannot be avoided. Actually, a week of doing this activity benefits you of weight loss. You can have it started with a jog to catch air. Then you can take it into a sport by using a treadmill. But think twice about performing a marathon. You need to gradual the speed for you to perform jogging then make it fast like a runner.

When doing this, it is essential to avoid feeling the pressure. Instead, feel the goodness in it. And wearing a mask is not as helpful and comfortable. Masks are a factor of affecting the quality of breathing rate. But there is a reason why we need to wear it.

7. Learn proper breathing.

Breathing is essential when doing exercises. This is important so that proper blood and oxygen circulation in your body which may cause injuries over time. Try to aim to breathe for every two strides. But don’t be afraid to try longer breathing. Also, avoid as much as possible the wearing of the mask. Though COVID19 causes everyone to wear a mask, it is not necessarily needed to wear one while doing a workout.

Quick Tips

When you are decided that you will go for it in your block or across the streets, you should be prepared. Full battle gears in the running start with understanding the goodness of doing it.

For instance, you are burning more calories with this. Doing it regularly can lessen the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart diseases.

So before starting to run, you will need to build your fitness levels. But how will you do it with little equipment and sometimes, no equipment required?

The key to starting, aside from the techniques we mentioned earlier, is to have a good pair of shoes. For women, don’t forget to wear a sports bra that will give additional support to your chest.

When you start, try to run slowly and increase your pace and distance as you do it regularly. A warm-up of at least 5 minutes will give the conditions of your body. Warm-up exercises like walking, marching, knee lifts and sidestepping can make you upbeat in no time. Then, when you start moving, try to alternate between running and walking.

Choosing a pair of shoes is one of the quick tips we are offering you. So your ankle will not get loose and stay on active. But perhaps you need to do intervals like cycling and recovery workout. To avoid a bad effect, you can make a plan for workouts. Slow pacing can determine if you can do stride step so you can avoid shock to your muscle. By doing this, it can give a good prep for your legs muscles. This should not push harder so your health will not jeopardize.

Our Running Thoughts

Indeed running is one of the popular exercises among us. And when we say that staying motivated when we are doing exercises, there are things we need to keep in mind.

One thing that will keep us motivated is setting your goal and timeline to achieve it. When we say goal, it is vital to run and set challenges that will keep you pushing to your goal.

And one more thing, doing it with a friend can make it more enjoyable. Companionship in any exercise has no difference from other exercises. It will create friendship, and you will enjoy it because of this.

Since you have companionship, your routine and your friend’s can be mixed and create a more exciting variety of workout. Imagine that you are running regularly at the same pace, environment and distance? This will make it boring. So try with different sets and repetitions to create it as more enjoyable and advance.

The perfect way to enjoy running and get the results is discipline. Developing outdoor activities, not vigorous, can make your ankles improve its limit and increasing mood this pandemic.

Core Workout Tutorial – Your Basic and Advance Preparations


Core workout tutorial gives you a valuable asset to have like balance and better posture. How hard can this be? Well, we have here core workout tutorials for beginners. But if you have the urge to level it up after doing well in basics, there you have it.

Core workout tutorial is essential to build and maintain muscles. There are different routines on how to do a core workout tutorial. And each set of method depends on how what level of familiarity you have for that particular workout.

So why focus on our core? Our core is made up of muscles that play an essential role in our primary activities. Also, it has a significant function when doing exercises.

For Beginners

We have here some of the basic core workout tutorials for you, especially when you are beginners. If you are starting, you will need the following core workout tutorial.

How to do knee fold tuck?

  1. Sit tall while your hands on the floor.
  2. You bent your knees while squeezing a ball between your knees.
  3. Then lift your knees until parallel to the floor while extending your arms.
  4. While your knees lifted, pull them toward your shoulders. Keep your body still while doing this position.
  5. Bring your knees back to starting position.
  6. You can repeat this up to 20 times.

How to do climbing rope workout?

  1. Your first position is sitting while your legs are extended.
  2. Make sure your feet are turned out in a V position and toes are in the pointed direction.
  3. Then contract your core muscles and make a roll so your spine will be in a C-curve shape.
  4. While doing this, lift your arms and move them as if you were climbing a rope.
  5. Then slightly twist each reach.
  6. Complete this workout with 20 reaches with each arm.

How to do side balance crunch?

  1. Begin with the left knee and left a hand on the floor.
  2. Put your right arm straight upward and your right leg, so your body forms a straight line.
  3. Then pull your right knee towards your torso and right elbow toward knees.
  4. Afterwards, straighten arm and leg.
  5. Repeat for 10 times. Then you can switch sides.

How to do circle plank?

  1. Make a plank position with your abs tight.
  2. Pull your right knee in and circle it clockwise and counterclockwise.
  3. While doing this, make sure your body is stationary.
  4. Do this for 5 repetitions and switch legs.

How to do sliding pike?

  1. Sliding spike begins in a plank position.
  2. Your hands under shoulders and put a towel under your feet.
  3. Make sure your legs are straight, your hips are raise.
  4. Draw your legs toward your hands to form a pike position.
  5. Your feet should slide easily while in this position.
  6. Give a few seconds holding this position then return to your starting position.
  7. Do this for 10 repetitions.

How to do oblique reach?

  1. Sit while your knees bent and feet on the floor.
  2. Slowly straighten your right leg and make a roll so your spine can form into C-curve.
  3. Then place your left hand behind head and extend the right arm.
  4. Make a twist to your body to the left side while rolling a bit more.
  5. Then stand up and repeat for about five times.
  6. Afterwards, you can switch sides.

For Advance Core Workout Tutorial

After you have learned the core workout tutorial for beginners, you can start doing advance training. These routines involve more muscles and restrain to target your inner core.

Perform the panther shoulder tap.

  1. Keep your back flat and your butt down like a plank position.
  2. Lift your knees and off the floor about 3 inches.
  3. Make sure your head is few inches above the floor to keep your neck in a comfortable position.
  4. Then tap your right hand to your left shoulder, while your left hand to your right shoulder.
  5. Using your core strength, keep your hips as still as you can.
  6. Repeat this on the alternating sides.

Perform the butterfly sit-up.

  1. Make your knees bent out to sides, able to reach your arms overhead.
  2. Roll your body using your core until you are sitting upright.
  3. Then reach forward to touch your toes.
  4. Slowly, lower back down to starting position.
  5. So you can continue to your next repetition.

Perform the C-curve for your back.

  1. While sitting with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, hold to your leg above the knee.
  2. Begin to lower your torso back while rounding your spine.
  3. Then, make a stop and hold to keep your entire core while your quads are engaged.
  4. For an additional challenge, let your legs move while holding your arms out in front of you. In this way, you can add some movement to your core workout tutorial.

Perform the hip dip.

  1. Start in a plank position where your forearms are on the floor and your elbows directly underneath the shoulders.
  2. Let your hands face forward so that your arms are parallel and your legs extended behind you.
  3. Then start rotating your hips to the left side and tap the floor. Do the same on the right side.
  4. Repeat this for alternate sides.

Perform the tabletop leg press.

  1. It is lying on your back while raising your legs in a tabletop position, with 90 degrees. It is your starting position.
  2. Make your abs contract and lower your back into the ground.
  3. Do some crunch up just a few inches and place your hands on the front of your quads.
  4. Move your quads into your hands while pressing them away at the same time.
  5. In this way, you should not let any visible movement in your body. Just feel the tension in your core.

What can we say?

If you are wondering what the best core workout tutorial that you need is then, we suggest that you need to start with the basics. Good exercise depends on what muscles you want to put pressure and work it out.

If you have back issues, you will need to do exercises that are good for abdomen and working on your core. Also, you will need to put your legs down to make some bridges for your back.

Being satisfied with the results you will get after a few days of core workout tutorial, your self-confidence will help you to perform better in your daily activity.

Fitness Hacks When Workout Went Off Beam and Sideways


Fitness hacks are what you need as your beginner’s guide to be fit. So when is the time that you know you are doing your workout in wrong methods?

Fitness hacks are essential to achieve your goal to be fit and healthy. At first, it can be intimidated when everyone is familiar with doing their workout routine. But don’t be shy and start to show what you’ve got.

In my experience, my first encounter with workout equipment, my coach and the gym, it is kind of awkward. I feel alienated, and all the eyes are on me. And of course, yes, I got their attention.

For new beginners, there are lots of struggles that you can avoid. Especially in handling the equipment, doing repetitions and sets, some mistakes cannot be avoided. Other than that, old habits are hard to change.

But we can help you with that. Here we give you the best of fitness hacks that proven effective. If you are planning to do workout for the first time, then these are your foundation to achieve your goals.

By following these fitness hacks, you can have excellent progress and win over the struggles you will face at the start.

Fitness Tips for Beginners

1. Enjoy your first try

Don’t get pressure on your first day. Like other things, your first day at the gym or doing a workout at home should be enjoyable. Think of the changes you will have after working out an average of four times a week for at least three weeks.

For sure, you will enjoy each week because you can see the changes in your body. And you will notice that it became your habit to the point that doing it will complete your day. Also, as you enjoy your workout, you should be consistent in your plan for each week and think of the results after three weeks.

2. Watch to Learn

In my opinion, the most effective way to learn some fitness tips is watching the professionals, and learn the moves. It is one of the fitness hacks that I guess you can do easily.
For instance, in lifting weights, you should know what your starter weight is. Too much weight all of a sudden can force your muscle and may result from tearing up. So starting with the base weight can prepare your muscles and condition your body to have momentum in increasing the pressure.

The secrets are focus and control. Meaning, you have to isolate muscle groups and make them work with different exercises, angles and techniques. The better isolation can produce correct lift for your muscles to grow.

Remember that increasing the weight can wait once your body is conditioned. The essential of this fitness hacks is learning your muscles to move the weight.

3. Make Different Routine

Among the fitness hacks we’ve got for you, this is the most important. Workout routines that are the same every day can make your fitness boring. So make some changes each day. Since you are a beginner, you can ask for some suggestions with the trainer at the gym. The routine you will do depends on what muscle group you are going to work out.

4. Priority your Spine

Part of the perfect workout routine is making your posture perfect. These fitness hacks mean that you should make sure that lifting the right weight will give your spine an ideal shape. But exemption to the rule when you are a powerlifter and your coach trained you to do otherwise.

5. Making your Core Stronger

When you have a strong core, definitely you will have a healthy spine. So how does a stronger base can be achieved? It is simple. If you have a weak heart, then do some lifting to engage with your core. When you feel your abs is flexing, then you are successfully engaging your inner core muscles that protect the spine.

6. Healthy Food Habit

Healthy food habit is one of the fitness hacks that you need to do to achieve your goals. As beginners, every time you crave for pizza or burger, you have to control yourself. Don’t get the mindset of eating what you want because you are doing workouts.

Watch out for calories and opt for healthy foods. A clean diet is essential when you want to be fit. And preparing your diet is the first thing you will need to do before starting your workout drill.

These fitness hacks don’t mean that you should not enjoy good food. You can still enjoy good food but wisely choose what you intake. Make sure you limit yourself in intake of foods from fast-food chains and restaurant.

7. Finish What You Started

At first, you will find yourself getting bored on your workout routine. Sometimes, you will tend to cut short the repetitions. By doing this, the results you want to achieve are impossible to reach.

Our Personal Opinion

In doing fitness workouts, as beginners, you have to pay attention to your mistakes. It is normal to make mistakes. So, fitness hacks for this scenario are learning from the mistakes you made. Once or twice, errors are typical, but doing it repeatedly, you should figure out how to correct it. You will feel relief and great once you resolve those mistakes again.

Another fitness hacks above all are to ask questions. Before stepping in a gym or holding workout equipment, you should ask first. Learn the basics from asking what to do first and what you will need before starting to do some workout. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

While doing your workout, don’t forget the keys to do the fitness hacks successfully. Confidence that you can finish each day of your exercise and focus on your goals – if you have these, doing workout routines can make your life easier.

Orangetheory Fitness, One-Hour Perfect Workout for Best Results!


Orangetheory Fitness is a workout regimen that targets to exercise our metabolism. This one-hour fitness is practical. Have you tried to attend orangetheory fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness is the newest and trendy routine exercises around the world. The concept of this fitness involves working at a sufficiently high level in which your body creates an oxygen deficit the must be restored after the energy requirements level off. It is how orangetheory fitness works. And you should try doing it.

Me? I tried it many times, and it feels good to experience orangetheory fitness. Aside from the one-hour workout, the orangetheory fitness is practically having the ambiance of surrounded by oranges.

With the name it carries, orangetheory fitness has the vibe of citrus to encourage you an hour of workout. Do you know how many calories can you burn with an hour of doing in that fitness? Well, an average of 500 to 1,000 calories can burn your calories. And burning such amount of calories can help you achieve to lose some weight. And who would miss this opportunity?

So, is it effective?

In my experience, it really does its job for one-hour fitness, and I do not agree with other people say about burning calories. Each individual has a different metabolism. Metabolism works based on your age and gender. Some may experience not losing some calories even for an hour of exercise. But there are testimonies that they burned more than the target calories they should lose. The cause of these incidents always comes in one conclusion. It’s the diet.

When it comes to orangetheory fitness, the afterburn theory can play a significant component in fat-burning. Of course, everyone, especially beginners, can have a hard time adjusting with the routine.

You need to come prepared.

Orangetheory fitness is like a one hour battle with different routines that will test how far you can go in doing the exercises.

The orange theory fitness is an individual effort. When we say individual effort, my workout has different variations. It is not a single type of exercise that will keep you busy in one hour.

The first time I tried doing the orangetheory fitness, I felt the intensity and how many times I told myself that I would not give up.

During my workout, fitness instructors of orange theory fitness center measured the heart rate number based on age. The catch in doing this is to hit the orange zone of high effort. Don’t worry; they will encourage you to hit that zone. That is also the reason why they called it orangetheory fitness.

It is for the reason that when you hit the orange zone, it will give you a satisfying feeling. When I am in the fitness center, there are two sets of exercises for each. The first 60 minutes will be spending on cardio exercises like jogging, running or walking. The rest of the workout routine is doing squats, crunches and other core exercises.

What will you expect from orangetheory fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness has the same workout sets of a workout but the routine changes.  For instance, I tried going to two different orangetheory fitness centers, but the workout or exercises program design is different.

While the workout follows an outlined format each day using the rowing machine, treadmill and gym floor, one workout is never the same as the day before. A group of about five certified trainers designed more than 90 exercises each month that focus on different muscle groups. Then the workouts are tested in a house with members, approved and then rolled out to the higher “orange” public. The workout format includes people of every fitness level. That being inclusive is one of the things that make her workout different.

The workouts in orangetheory fitness consider those with medical conditions but still want to try some simple yet effective exercises. It is one of the reasons why orangetheory fitness prepared two different sets of workout routines, which favors the majority.

How much it gets from your earnings?

I want to mention that it accepts membership to enjoy some of its workout programs fully.

Here are the membership fees, monthly basis:

Basic membership includes four classes for $59. Elite courses cost $99 and premier for $159.

More than a fitness center

Unlike other gyms, I like orange theory fitness centers. As I observed, fitness centers of orangetheory are making collaboration with each other. Aside from friendly coaches, members of orangetheory are approachable, and they shared their experiences.

Finding this rapport with everyone in the fitness center, it gives me high hopes that this is not solely a fitness center. From members to coaches, a good relationship is essential.

Just like me, I only think of training orangetheory fitness temporarily. It’s gullible to apply for regular without trial. So what I did was to take the trial and found out that it’s worth spending my savings.

Our advice

Of course, we suggest that every new workout routine should be tried with caution. The orangetheory fitness, though it has many professional trainers, may need additional support for their institution.

Also, the exercises I experienced at orangetheory fitness were challenging and needed some focus. An hour or two activities with different sets can be exhausted, yet you will feel the fulfillment of sweating.

For me, the moment I sweat when I worked out, it’s a good feeling. I feel that I have lost some weight and of course the calories. That is why I strictly followed my schedule at orange theory fitness. Even you are in the most advanced fitness center; discipline is the key to finish the program.