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Denim Style Fashion 101: Your Ultimate Guide for Versatile Look


Denim style does not only come in skinny jeans. When it comes to denim style, you have to let your imagination fly around you, like a wind that freely goes around without hesitation.

Denim style nowadays has many different forms and styles. Reconsider wearing classic styles and learn to invest in fashionable jeans. Follow my lead when I want to get stylish; I look into my favorite celebrities.

You should not be worried about getting the right fashion styles. Take it from me. My secret to finally get the correct fashion statement and signature items are following my favorite celebrity with their latest fashion ideas.



But I create my own fashion styles. Of course, you will need something to wear on each occasion, so your wardrobe should be prepared.

The best thing that your wardrobe should have is denim. Denim style is a classic fashion signature, and everyone is wearing it and carrying it on different occasions. So do not get it wrong if you see someone walking in a formal gathering with a coat and denim pants.

Now, how can you dress smartly with denim style?

This year you should probably want to keep the old fashion way of denim style. For some celebrities, they still slay wearing denim style in every way they think to be stylish.


Loose jeans

When I want to feel extremely laid back and relax, I do not hesitate to wear baggy jeans or loose jeans. Pair it with a crop top or well-fitted tees. I can feel liberated and free from discomfort. I love to wear this in the summer season.

Below Skinny Jeans

It may seem absurd, but skinny jeans can be the right denim fashion style. Make sure you choose a level up design of skinny jeans.



I have seen celebrities wearing below skinny jeans, a hybrid, and straight jeans, which gives a tighter design to curve with the shape of the legs. You can imagine what it brings if you have toned muscles in your legs and thighs, including your butt.


Classic Jeans

The classic jeans always catch my eyes whenever I see old photos of denim style fashion. If you prefer wearing higher waist jeans, you are getting to wear a whole classic style of denim. These jeans will be hitting your waist as high as they can under your breast. This kind of denim style should consider the height of the person. So be careful wearing this style.

Joni and Jamie Jeans

joniandjamiejeansIt has been the most fashionable denim design. The style comes with straight-leg cut jeans, which can flatter the high waist. If you want to try wearing this, it is better worn with ankle swinger length, a chic shirt, and of course, a statement bag for the accessory. Just imagine you are a formidable model in a magazine and viola!

Turn Up Jeans

It is the long-sleeve version of denim pants. Just a rolled-up cuff, you will end up with stylish jeans. I did this once when I wanted to get casual and effortless. Wearing denim is like freeing yourself from all the burdens of extreme fashion styles.

Split-Front Jeans

It is a fresh design of denim. If you really want to sport a casual outfit, this is the best denim style. The split-front jeans became popular with different options like drainpipe split, cropped kick-flares, and other denim styles with split in front.

Since denim fashion is becoming the crazy trend of clothing design, you should invest in some extraordinary designs.

Earlier, I have given you different styles of denim jeans. Now you have to pay attention because the following are going to provide you with the full list of the latest denim styles.

1. How to style split hem flares?

This kind of denim jeans cannot be categorized as smart or casual styles. So what I did is paired it with a roll-neck or loose tee for grungier events. Then I put on a blazer and wear a heeled shoe to slay the evening gatherings. Now, this is what you called the new concept of split hem flares.

2. How to reboot old denim?

Are you looking for something remarkable and unique denim style? Now is your chance to be creative with your jeans. Making your jeans creative can already catch attention, so your top should be simple, reasonably relaxed. You can try to wear a hoodie if you want to add some chic style.

3. How to deal with wide-leg jeans?

widejeansfashion It is the opposite of skinny jeans. So you should pay attention to the ankle. To slay the denim fashion style with the wide-leg jeans, look for a high-heeled boot. The better the kick, the more style you can have. Then cover your top with a short jacket. You should look neat upwards, leaving your bottom the attention seeker.

4. How to make high expectations of super low rise jeans?

Preparing the look when you wear these denim jeans will need less effort. Even without advice, you know what to do. But for a better look, I paired these jeans with plain white tees and a denim jacket. A cloaking denim style for other classic fashion of denim.

When you know some fashion designs, you can never overlook what you should maintain and avoid.

To pull off the denim fashion, I note down the mistakes I have been repeating. Making a fashion statement is challenging, and it never was easy, especially when you are starting to explore the ideas.

1. When I am in doubt of choosing the colors, I learned to play with it. For a beginner like me before, I started with pairing different shades of denim. There are limited shades of denim, so you will have fewer chances of making a mismatch.

Just a warning, never wear accessories made of denim. Even shoes should never be paired with denim jeans and jackets. This fashion style is sore to every eye.

2. f you want to cover some areas of your body with stubborn fats, you can use denim shades. You can still use the general rule of shades – light shades to cover the body areas and darker shades for slimming effect. And most ladies go after the darker tones with their bottom or the jeans. And the top can come in a lighter shade. It is how I play with my fashion.

Just a warning, keep off the denim with the same shade. It will overdo your creativity in terno.

3. Ripped jeans, for some people, are intimidating, but you should not judge this denim style as liberated. When I first do this to my pants, yes I actually ripped it by myself, and I appreciate the outcome.


What can we say about it?

Denim style is one of the fashion statements that many have been trying to flaunt. But some mistakes should be avoided. Though these mistakes are minimal, you should be mindful of it. When it comes to fashion, a little mistake can make a big difference to your look. So watch out carefully and make sure you feel confident with your style. Then you can carry it with a high chin, your heads up high as well.

Men’s Street Style and Fashion that You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Mens street style and fashion

Men’s street style and fashion is essential as this will be the ultimate for guys for their everyday look. A casual and easy-go manner will result in having the most fabulous trend on the go. Aside from women, men are also looking for new designs and fashion to wear while walking down the street.

Men’s street style is continually evolving, and the best way to keep up with the latest street fashion is going after the latest designs and creations. Like other fashion styles, men need to be in the newest form, so it will not be awkward for them to see how ridiculous they are wearing.

Mens Street Hottest

So what are the hottest fashion for men’s street style?

First, you will be looking at different magazines and outlets to find what is the best way to have men’s street style. You can choose to have the designer’s creations or pick the hottest fashion online.

But what exciting is making your own men’s street style while using the hottest items on fashion trends?

The Trousers

Mens Street TrousersWhen you want to wear trousers, men’s street style with high-waisted pants is one of the coolest fashion trends. It is a flattering style that can complement the outfit and you can wear it any time of the year. So you will not be worried whether you are dressing in summer or winter fashion style.

Why keep it high waisted? Men’s street style with this trouser can be paired with plain tees, or if you want to make it a bit modern, wear it with an open shirt. You can choose from the navy to the cream t-shirt.

Collared Shirts

Speaking of tees, this is one of my favorite tops when doing the men’s street style. With the collared shirts, I can have it in many different designs like bold prints or solid colors. It depends on my mood and occasions.

The Shorts

And yes, we will not forget the over-the-knee shorts for our men’s street style. It is the most comfortable and casual fashion that I can have. Especially when it hits summer, I choose to have this kind of style fashion to be more at ease while enjoying the outdoor activities. You can have it in bold colors and stable prints. Do not forget to pair them with sneakers.


When you hear about blazers, do not attach it with women’s fashions. Because men’s street style also includes oversized blazers. Like 80’s fashion, you can look less formal yet smarter casual. And blazers can go with just a basic tee and a pair of jeans. Your choice of shirt, pants or shorts, as long as you are free of mixing and matching with blazers.

Body Bags

Mens Street body bagsMake another choice for your cross-body bags. It is one of the classic accessories for men. And when you do the men’s street style, you have to look for cross-body bags rather than an ordinary body bag for men. Why? Practically speaking, when you are using cross body bags, the pockets will be more accessible, and you can have larger pockets for your gadgets and mobile phones.

The Designs

Oh, of course, do not forget the designs and colors of your men’s street style fashion. If you want your clothes to be more loud and proud, patchwork prints can be your ally. At first, it will be awkward to wear, but when you have the right styles and colors with your white tees, there you have it. You will stand out in the crowd wearing the best fashion. It is like sporting modern and traditional ways in one style.

The Street Style Suiting

Mens Street Style SuitingWhen you are in the formal outfit, you can turn it to be more casual. How will you do that? You can pair it with sneakers and a white shirt to have a laid back feeling. If you wear the blazer, you can button up. This style can be worn with so much confidence.

How about sunglasses?

Men’s ultimate weapon when they do fashion is sunglasses. But for men’s street style fashion, sunglasses do matter to protect the eyes from the sun. My favorite shade during summer is the cool shade in a futuristic and sleek manner. These are the best accessories for men, and the impact is outrageous that it can give you a powerful punch when you see this fashion.

The Footwear

When you do men’s street style, you can choose two-strap slides for your footwear. It is traditional footwear that can replace your shoes, but it doubles the support to your feet. So not bad and extra cool as you walk down the street. Neither brand shoes nor ordinary footwear, the important is the sole of it that can give you total support and relaxation. Especially when you walk down the street, you will need more comfort.

Our Insights

Men’s street style is essential for guys who love to go outside and do some outdoor activities. Walking down the street with fashion can give you the iconic piece of style that can make you give you the street style you want to be the inspiration for others. You can also create your own men’s street style with the ideas above.

Effective fashion nowadays does not come by copying the style of others. You can make your style. Different methods can be inspiring, and this can give you a unique way of doing your fashion. As long as you feel inspired and confident, nothing to worry about.

Fashion Mistakes Secrets Revealed! Find Some Easy Ways to Avoid it.


Fashion mistakes can be avoided, of course, and you want to know how? There are fundamental ways of how to avoid fashion mistakes. Practically, there is the easiest way to slay it.

Fashion mistakes are commonly made unconsciously, and you might be wondering what the best way to avoid it is. There are lots of fashion mistakes that you need to know so you can prevent yourself from making them.

So now, what are fashion mistakes that you can avoid and have your fashion flawless? Here are some of the fashion styles that you are unaware of. It is ruining your sense of style and design.

Mostly fashion mistakes that we noticed are linked with men’s fashion styles.

Here are some fashion styles for men that are mistakenly done.

T-Shirts Slogan

Most men wear t-shirts that have awkward designs. These designs can be slogans that are not too cute. Fashion mistakes when wearing t-shirts are designs that are not cool. Instead, wear some tees with plain and subtle designs. You can look for slogans printed appropriately.

T-shirts Neckline

As you can see, this is the second fashion mistake that involves t-shirts. When you are going to wear t-shirts, stop choosing the v-neckline. Of course, women can wear it but men? There are v-neck that suits a man’s fashion style, but make sure it is not a deep v-neck. So you can opt for classic crew necks and put the V-neckline away from your wardrobe. Hurray! You ditched one of the fashion mistakes.

Shoes for Men

What can go wrong when you wear shoes? Most men have poor choices when it comes to shoes. For instance, square-toed shoes are one of the fashion mistakes when it comes to footwear for men. How can you resolve this? Instead, you can wear round-toed shoes, especially when you mean business. Ladies are looking from head to toe of a man and mind you; if they noticed the squared-toed shoes, you could be left behind.

Beard, beard, beard

A well-groomed beard is one of the essentials in men’s fashion, and it completes the first impression. Yes, the beard is a big deal for men, and if you want to avoid mistakes in styling your beard, you have to look for the best beard styles and how to take care of it. Sure, there are many ways to make a fashionable beard style.

Perfect Fit Jeans


Jeans can be correctly worn if it fits your booty and thighs. Most men have problems with the size of their booty and legs that they wish they can have an alternative size. So some chose to wear sagging jeans, and this is one of the fashion mistakes for men. Wearing this kind of jeans is like a common way of making some style. So you have to make sure that your jeans will fit your hips and legs. Your jeans should be like hanging against your waist, and they should not fall by itself. Otherwise, it would be best if you changed your jeans fitting.

Belt Buckles

It is the most common fashion mistake that most men are doing. When wearing a belt, most men assume that having big or oversized buckles is cool. Little did we know that this kind of belt should be avoided. How to prevent this big belt buckle? Look for a belt that suits your size. Belt length and width depending on your size and the buckle should not be intimidating.

Mega Tips for Fashionable Outfit for Men

What is confidence?

When doing fashion style, you need to have 100% confidence in wearing it. Self-confidence is essential because it is the driving force that will help you bring out the beauty in you. Being yourself is one of the characteristics to avoid fashion mistakes that lead you astray in doing fashion. So how do you build confidence? You can start by finding a good mentor and learning how to adapt to the styles. You have to ditch those old school fashion statements.

What are the value and an image?

pFmCQ2A75MValue and image are the two critical things in fashion. When you do fashion, and you are confident with what you wear, you will need to know to find the value and image of your style. Make sure that what people saw in your outfit will reflect your inner you. The image and your value as a person are essential when you are making a fashion statement. It will be your brand and identity for many who will see you at first with your fashion. So make sure you make no mistakes in style.

Maintain your clothing.

Most men are very meticulous when it comes to taking care of their clothes. They are anxious about how to wash and dry their clothes. It is essential for men because it is crucial to maintain the quality of the clothes. One of the many fashion mistakes is washing your clothes and drying them incorrectly. It will change the color and texture over time, so it is essential to know how to take care of your garments properly.

Speaking of quality, yes, you have over two dozen clothes, but are they all have the quality you need for lasting pieces of fashion? One best tip is to choose quality over quantity, and you will notice that you can do many styles with class and elegance. It does not mean that cheap clothes can be trashy but the comfort level when you wear quality clothes. It says a lot and builds more confidence.

Reorganize your wardrobe.

Keeping old clothes is okay as long as you are just wearing it at home. I mean, worn-out clothes like tears, holes or distressed looks should be replaced with something presentable. When you do fashion, avoid looking trashy. Remember that your every outfit will be your reflection.

Our Insights

One of the worst fashion mistakes that many are following is the trend. When you follow the pattern in fashion, you will need to be updated on each detail. Why? Because a single misplace of the item you are copying, your outfit will be lost. So keep your eye on how to make you feel comfortable and have contentment with the fashion style.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Easy Women Fashion Tips


Women fashion tips uncover the things most ladies should be done if they want to be more fashionable. If you see women who are doing some mix and match for their clothes, it means they are looking for some new fashion tips. 

Women fashion tips are the things ladies should know, so wearing a fashion statement will not be hilarious. Essential fashion tips for women are becoming the need to enjoy the style of each lady.

Some of the tips we are going to tell you will help you to be comfortable and confident in your fashion statement. Imagine that there are plenty of ways to prevent you from irritation and discomfort. So here are some of the best women fashion tips to enjoy.

Get your closet done.

Everyone in the room wants their closet to be organized. Ditching out the clothes you are not wearing will be easy for you to find the clothes you are going to wear. Organizing your things in the wardrobe will let you skip the times you will get confused about what to wear up to the moment of nothing to wear.

A good designer for your clothes

When you want some clothes that you want to wear, you will need a good tailor to have a great design. Also, you will be surprised that you can save some money to buy other new stuff that you will need. Women’s fashion tips start with what you can get to your old clothes. Some garments can be used over again, but you will need to have a good tailor to do that. Finding one is not that easy, so you will have many trials to find a good one. 

Complement your top and bottom outfits for women fashion tips.

Balance is essential when you are making a fashion statement. A good look always comes in balance of appearance. It is crucial if you know what to wear for your top and to your bottom. It is essential if you know how to plan your fashion of the day so you will need to be careful about what you are going to choose. 

Getting your asset in good shape

One of the women’s fashion tips is getting the best of your form when wearing your outfits. Investing in clothes that you fit you well will make a good impression on other people. How will you know if the clothes will fit you well? Well, you will need to check the items you previously owned so you will have the pattern on what designs and styles work for you best.

Mixing the right items

For women fashion tips, courage is needed when mixing the patterns. Do not be afraid if you will get wrong in mixing the patterns. Eventually, you will know how to mix patterns and balance your top and bottom. Designs are relevant to your fashion statement because it will add exciting styles for your outfit. Sticking to neutrals and black colors is quite dull, so at times, you can switch to other designs and patterns.

Find the right colors for women’s fashion tips.

The colors of your clothes should complement your skin tone. Some colors and shades are not suitable for your skin color. Then you should check your skin tone and what shade is right for you. For instance, if you have a cool complexion, you will have to go with white, black, grey, silver and blue. If you have warm undertones, then you have to go with shades of brown, yellow, gold, olive and red.

Make sure you have three choices of coats and jackets.

Yes, it is important to stock up coats and jackets in your wardrobe. When you are into layering styles, you should need a coat or jacket that fits perfectly with your style. May it tailored or ready to wear,  a blazer, leather jacket and denim jacket should be in your wardrobe. So on any occasion, you are prepared to complete your outfit. You can quickly grab a jacket or coat. 

A little revealing clothing is okay.

When you want to reveal some skin, you will need a design that will create stunning evening wear. Usually, you can wear this kind of fashion when you want to expose the best feature of your body. For instance, you want to reveal the excellent shape of your legs. Then you have to see that you are showing the right amount of skin. 

Pick the right accessories.

Women’s fashion tips include the right accessories to your body. It is easy to complete your outfits. Belts and necklaces can transform your looks in no time. Make sure that the accessories you are going to choose are elegant and will complement your fashion style.

For example, you want to upgrade your casual outfit so you can add some scarves. Accessorized your body, instead of jewelry, you can use a scarf to be more like celebrities and models.

The white shirt is a necessity.

A white shirt is always a necessity for every fashion, and that is why we include it as one of our women’s fashion tips. A fitted white shirt is always the perfect match for your pants, denim jeans, skirts or shorts. Make sure that you can maintain the color to appear more sophisticated. Otherwise, it can look old and sloppy.

Prepare your outfit for the next day.

And yes, this is one of the basic women fashion tips that you are going to love. Of course, it will be easy for you to wear the clothes you will have for the next day if you already prepared it the day before. Instead of deciding your fashion style the morning, you can save time and avoid cluttering your wardrobe if you chose the day before. You can create different styles like formal, business and casual. 

Our Insights for Women Fashion Tips

Actually, the women fashion tips we have here can be adapted by anyone who is looking for fashion advice. Most of the tips come in being practical. When it comes to fashion, choosing styles and designs is essential to build more confidence and comfort you.

Androgynous Fashion: Your New Trend Setter to Express your Style


Androgynous fashion is another trend that sets new rules when it comes to gender. You may be asking what do you call about the fashion without the traditional line that divides both male and female. This fashion is about freedom of expressing your self to express your fashion style.

Androgynous Fashion: Your New Trend Setter to Express your StyleAndrogynous fashion is a liberated style and out of this world fashion, but it is still acceptable by the fashion industry. This fashion does not primarily consider age. 

However, whatever fashion you will be wearing, it sends a message to the world. Androgynous fashion is like a rebellion style of clothing. It needs confidence and true style if you want to try the androgynous fashion. 

Most people tried androgynous fashion, especially the Queer folks who make political statements about gender roles and sexuality. Of course, fashion speaks about gender. But when it comes to androgynous fashion, it sets new rules in clothing style. 

To understand more of the androgynous fashion, it is like a gender-neutral fashion to embrace diversity and equality. In this era of the fashion industry, wearing an androgynous style speaks of your true expression; when you are male, your fashion can be masculine. When you tried to improve your feminine look, this fashion says it all.

Style your blazer with a contemporary chic look.

Fashion Style 1: Style your blazer with a contemporary chic look.

If you would like to have a great dressing, you will need a blazer that can be wear on all occasions. The neutral blazer will keep your classic look. So how can you make the right outfit with the blazer? To make a slaying look, get a pair of heels. Choose a texture that can make your outfit a bold statement. Do not forget the horizontal metal buckle for a contemporary look. It will make your every step accentuate and elegant. Then you can add some accessories like a leather clutch that will give you a chic look. 

Sweater plus shirt, then you will make a fresh preppy look.

Fashion 2. Sweater plus shirt, then you will make a fresh preppy look.

How to do it? This one will make you more on a boyish look. You will need to have a collared shirt but make sure that its tail is sticking out. Then get your sweater to have a classy look that can transform your casual style to chic. A finishing touch of printed pants will complete your androgynous fashion. 

For footwear, you can have pointy-toe flats rather than heels. Don’t forget the metal buckle that will you give a head-turner look. Your nails can be as clean as regular nail, and this can lessen the attention with your nails. And focus on the enhanced cushions. 

Fashion 3. Denim as your top can give accent to your upper body. 

Denim as your top can give accent to your upper body.

On of the hacks for androgynous fashion creates a more mannish look because we will be focusing on the upper body. A top made of denim or thick cotton can broaden the shoulder. My favorite is a denim look – jacket and a pair of ripped jeans.

To complete your androgynous look, you can wear a square-toe flat with rhinestones, instead of the metal buckle. The glossy from the rhinestones will make it suitable for any style you want.

Fashion 4. Cardigans should be button until the middle. 

Cardigans are typical fashion clothing of many. It can create a different look, but mostly, it has something to say professionally. But do not mistake that cardigans are for professional look only. You can play it with your inner clothes. Make sure that button it up to your middle. 

More Androgynous Fashion Tips

More Androgynous Fashion Tips

There are more fashion tips when you want to try the androgynous fashion. It is a quick way on how to make a glamorous fashion statement than can look more feminine and masculine at the same time. Looking chic style using the essential girlish attire is one of the basic hacks for androgynous fashion.

Tip # 1:

If you want to try the androgynous fashion, you need to consider to have simple shapes and clean lines. If you are a regular frill, laces, and brooches wear, you can set it aside and go for more neutral shades and solid colors. But make sure you are always wearing something that can draw a line between the feminine and masculine fashion. 

Tip # 2:

For footwear, having an androgynous fashion, you can choose either boots or sneakers. But you can also have basic pumps. Creating a balance in this fashion style is essential, so you have to know your boundaries when you want to wear feminine and masculine fashion at the same time. 

Tip # 3:

Bracelet is another fashion accessories that need to be balanced with your overall outfit. You can try to have some minimal jewelry for your attire, but you can also wear loud so it can give an accent to your androgynous fashion. 

Tip # 4:

Be careful and avoid bright colors. When we mentioned that you could wear loud colors and accessories, make sure that bright colors are different from deep shades. Especially when you want to go for patterns and designs for your clothes, make sure that you are going to wear stripes and polka dots and avoid too many patterns. It will make your fashion a little awkward, and the essence of androgynous will be nowhere to find. 

Tip # 5:

Skip skinny jeans if you choose to wear denim. Androgynous fashion is not about showing your curves; it is getting in between the style of the girl or guy next door. Instead of wearing skinny jeans, you also can wear loose denim pants and pair them with your tees.

What can we say for androgynous fashion?What can we say for androgynous fashion?

Every fashion needs to have a total makeover unless you are dressing for work, or it is just an ordinary day for you. But for androgynous fashion, you will need to dress it and express it to your face. Heavy smokey eye makeup can give you a total look. Look for a neutral and light powder that can provide your eyes shimmer and funky eye shades. Winged eyeliner can be a game-changer for your androgynous fashion. 

This kind of fashion is not about making your own style. Like other fashion we have for you, androgynous fashion is dressing to make you feel comfortable. The trend is power, but it has to give you confidence without compromising your comfort level.

Winter Style: Fashion Tips to Keep you Warm with Styles


Winter style is another fashion you will need in times of the cold season. It is also another fashion that will keep you outdoors when snow is falling. But how will you get the way you need for winter style?

Winter style fashion can make you wear anything without getting you sweat. But hold your summer clothes if you want to enjoy the cold weather. Make sure you are not pressured with winter style, or you may wear an awkward fashion to keep you warm.

So how can you stay look fashionable despite the winter season? Practically, when its winter, layering is a secret of winter fashion style. Of course, the weather is cold, so you have to keep yourself warm. It is the idea of winter style. Fashion is the second reason why people love winter for most people. 

How to layer during winter?

You will need to be stylish when you want to achieve a good look for winter style. You do not layer your clothes and putting them together for a chic look. Remember that when you are layering clothes, you are playing with patterns and textures. There are clothes, though, appear to be thinner offers the maximum warmth you need for winter. So you can wear a longer shirt, topped with a wool coat. You can also wear a turtleneck, leather leggings and sneakers. It can be your winter style for starters.

Choose the right boots.

Choose the right boots.Of course, for winter style, boots are one of the necessities and one of the favorites of women. Finding the right length of boots is a challenging one, especially for women at the age of 40, but looking at the fashion style when it comes to boots. For the perfect winter boots style, choose the 6-inch leather boots. It is a comfortable size and length that you can match with your fashion style. But if you don’t want heeled boots, you can opt for flat or low heeled boots. You can pair with pants, a skirt or a dress.

Get fury for your winter style.

Since getting warmth is all you need during winter, you can choose some clothes with a touch of fur. Your only exception is when you have an allergy, so do not think about it. But when you are good to go, fury clothes are one of the best choices you can have for winter style. Aside from getting warm, fur can change your look, especially when paired with leather pants.

Have your style and color.

Winter style is not the usual brown, black or gray choice of color. Aside from that, you can have the style by finding your color and accessories. When it comes to pants, shoes and bags, you can have many choices. Coats and jackets can be a statement for coats and jackets. You can choose to have a bright color and bold print as long as it looks subtle. The impression of fashion statement is essential, so you should be careful about what you are going to wear. 

White is elegant.

Jackets and coats can brighten your look, so does the white color. But do not go all white. You can wear darker prints and solids to partner with your white. It will make an excellent balance to your winter style.

Do not forget to cover your head.

When it is winter, one way to solve the cold that bothers you is wearing a hat or wool wide brim hat for more stylish. You can also look for a faux fur hat that will surely give you a warm feeling. Plus, it will provide you with a sophisticated look. 

How about a little drama with your look?

A cardigan or drape can make dramatic shapes that you are looking like an option. When layering of clothes, you will have to concentrate on how to keep it organized. Like for instance, you have to be careful about what belt you are going to wear. Especially when you are fond of wearing cardigans and booties, make sure that you are doing a proper layering of clothes. Consider wearing leggings or slim pants to pair with your sweater.

The scarf adds up some fashion statements for your winter style.

It is a typical winter fashion style that you are always doing. Wearing scarves during winter will make you feel warm, and it is a nice feeling. It is also an opportunity to balance the color and designs of your outfit. You can have an oversized or regular size. Just make sure that you are wearing it right with textures and bright prints and colors. You will also notice that you will need to create a higher impact look.

What cape are we talking about for winter style?

And of course, this is a fashion statement to keep your chic look. Make sure you are wearing leggings or slimmer pants because wearing a cape will take a look of heavier clothes for your tops. But wraps will keep you warm and give you a chic look as well. Your cape can be in print or plain. Just pick the right designs for you.

Keep your hands warm, and you will feel warm.

Keep your hands warm and you will feel warm.

For winter style, you will need to protect your hands with gloves to keep it warm. Who does not want it during cold weather? But gloves should not be on black pairs. You can try other colors to blend your fashion statement during winter. You have to pair it with your coat, boots and your coats or jackets.  

Our Thoughts for Winter Style

For winter style, a neutral and straightforward look can make a difference. Go for a classic look if you want, but you can change that and choose a brighter look and bold prints. You can go for it and wear it by layered because you will need warmth during winter. Make sure that despite winter style, you should know the basic need of it. 

Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Leggings at Work!

Leggings at Work or Office Fashion Statement? Pick your choice!

Leggings at work are the most comfortable to wear aside from dress, which gives no limitations to your legs. Another thing when it comes to leggings, you can pair any tops with it. 

Leggings at work, however, for many is not favorite to wear, especially when they have to attend some meetings. The look and impression at work are essential to portraying, so people will know you mean business.

Nevertheless, wearing leggings at work is an option. There are lots of leggings that you can choose from. Most leggings are worn when people do yoga, but some also select to wear them when going to the office.

Leggings for Yoga

Leggings for Yoga

Some leggings for yoga have pockets that can hold things even if you are doing many routines. But most of us are looking for leggings that give comfort and softness. Remember that leggings are tight when being worn, so you have to consider the fabric being used. Do not look after the brand, but take note of the quality.

Quality is essential above all because leggings should be durable so you can stretch without worries. The length should also consider because you can have leggings that high waisted. It is the right choice if you want to cover your belly. But some leggings make your stomach look more prominent, and you should not fall for that leggings.

There are leggings like capris. These are the most comfortable and stylish leggings. It will keep you warm so better try this kind of leggings for summer fashion. Look for leggings that will look great under your dresses and tunics. Leggings are a good pair with the silhouette. Your style will not impress to be heavy and hot.


When you decide to wear leggings at work, you have many fashion styles to choose from, among others. Here are some of it.

Make sure you have one coat or blazer to mix and match.

Choose the most versatile piece of coat and jacket. Having the perfect jacket can create an ideal layer for your work fashion. Imagine that you have the most versatile jacket and coat that you can match with different outfits you want to wear each day. Go for the jacket or coat that comes in neutral colors and hues.

Choose the right tops.

When you are working five times a week, you will need different tops that can pair with your skirt and pants. Choose tops in silk and high necklines. It is a classic and straightforward tank that will give you a simple look. It will elevate the elegance in you. 

Then you can choose a white shirt. A white top is the most classic item you should have in your wardrobe. You will have an easy match with your coat and jacket and to your footwear.

You will also need a short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops with designs and prints. Button downs and sweaters can be your choice with a neckline that is not too revealing. Remember that what you wear at work will reflect what your personality is. Then make sure that you have a good pair of leggings to match it with your tops.

A Skirt and a Reserve One

You probably wonder if you are not able to get with your leggings at work sometimes. Well, because at work, you will need to be in business attire. Aside from pants, you will need to have two skirts that you can mix and match with your tops.

A skirt in pencil cut with mid-length is the right choice. Then you can also have a longer length one that is more directional and perfectly fit with your top. To sport your tops and skirt, you will need to tuck in your shirt. You will have to consider a neutral with patterns and colorful versions. These work fashion can give a good impression to the people around you because your attire will speak of your personality.

Do not forget the dress.

If you want to skip pants and skirts at work, and like to wear leggings rather then, you will need to get a dress that will show your curves and emphasise your shape. You can have a shirtdress if you want to have a more casual work fashion. Also, the leggings will work best with your shirtdress. It is a little bit more of a winter style. Then you can pair with pumps. Do not forget that you can have your sleeves rolled up if you choose a dress with long sleeves.

Classic Pairs of Pants

A pair of pants is not enough if you want to be more fashionable at work. Because leggings at work are more casual and informal, you will need another pair of pants. You can have a straight cut or distinct shapes pants that can emphasise the shape of your legs.

Versatile Footwear

Footwear is essential if you want to be comfortable and relaxed. Stilettos, pumps, slip-on shoes and doll shoes can be your best friend if you’re going to complete your work fashion. Leggings at work are okay, especially when you pair it with pumps. Getting ready with any of your outfit should be matched with your footwear.

What can we say for leggings at work?What can we say for leggings at work?

Work fashion will need to be presentable, comfortable and reveal your personality with confidence. Therefore, it is best not to stick with leggings at work only.

Leggings at work can be worn when you are going to have a laid back day at work. But when you know there could be some business to attend, you will need to be prepared, such as wearing the right clothes. 

The quality of the clothes you will be wearing is the key to be more comfortable and presentable. The kind of fabric is also important to give you a classy look. Make sure you wear the footwear that will complete your work fashion statement.

Top 20 Shorts Fashion for Summer that will Perfectly Fit to You


Shorts, pair of it, are your almost perfect outfit for summers. You can dressed and style it in many ways. So here you will have different kinds of shorts’ fashion tips to style them in a trendy and fashionable way.

Shorts can be plenty of styles, and all you have to do is to be brave to experiment. From denim to linen, plain to playful designs, these are the versatilities of wearing shorts. Sporting the fashion styles for your shorts can bring the true feeling of summer.

By trial and error, you can have different styles for shorts. We picked the best ways on how to do it and save time from the mistakes.

Top Picks for Shorts Fashion Tips

Style #1: in Coral

Yes, when summer comes, vibrant colors are everywhere, so do in shorts. Shorts with coral or pastel colors are what you need. You can pair it with a neutral cropped tank and a jean jacket. A good pair of white sneakers will do for this one.

Style #2: in Denim

Another summer look with sneakers pair with your vintage tee will never get boring. Try it with denim shorts, and you are good to go for a classic summer fashion outfit.

Style #3: High waist

Grab that high-waist shorts and give the best look with summer while showing some skin. For more kick, sweet and dramatic outfit for summer, choose pink floral patterns.

Style #4: Bike Shorts

For summer, bike shorts can be the right choice. Especially when you pair it with camel colored cropped tank. Then don’t forget to top it with a white jean jacket.

Style #5: in White

Another white in your wardrobe can be your short. Yes, white ones can be your favorite item for the summer. It gives a refreshing feeling combined with the crochet tank with shades in blue.

Style #6: in Blue

For another option, you can have blue shorts for the summer. But still, you have to pair it with a white square neckline top. You can complete your outfit by adding accessories like a rattan bag. And you slay the summer look!

Style #7: Baggy Shorts

Not all pairs of shorts are short. You can try the look with baggy shorts with a jean jacket with playful designs. It is not an ordinary fashion style, but you can try and enjoy it.

Style #8: Romper

Another way to fashion during summer is by wearing your favorite romper. It can be a new look at any season of the year. But pairing it with strapless bikini and flip flops, you have the perfect romper fashion style for summer. This can be your favorite beach outfit.

Style #9: Drawstring Shorts

Looking for a pair of comfortable shorts? Then you are looking for a drawstring short with a bow-topped tank. This style could be your comfort zone during the summer.

Style #10: Plain Shorts

Tired of good all plain shorts? How about floral bike shorts? It can add a pop of color with the new neutral outfit for summer. You can pair this with any sneakers or flip flops that you feel like wearing.

Style #11: Funky Design

Aside from floral, you can wear some funky design ones. Combined with a white tube top, you can be as cool as the old-days beach fashion icon. Don’t forget to finish your summer look with some sneaks.

Style #12: Total in White

A new fashion icon for summer is white. From head to toe, you can beat the heat of this season by wearing a white top, white shorts and a good pair of white sneakers or flip flops. Sandals can also be a good idea. Why is that white is the new summer fashion? Lighter colors tend to give us fresh feeling rather than print or floral print colored clothes during summer. Just play with the designs and styles of white top and shorts. You can make a ruffled pair of shorts.

Style #13: Maya short

The romper can be confused with Maya short. But they are different because Maya short is two pieces of clothes. You can have frilled shorts and a one-sleeve design.

Style #14: Three Tones

Have you tried wearing shorts with three different tones? But if you do, it will be a good pair with a plain cropped top. Then cover it up with a neutral jacket for summer nights. And of course, summer can have chillier summer nights.

Style #15: in High Cut

A little drama for summer can be useful, just a bit. If you want to make a difference, you can have high-cut shorts with printed design. You can combine this with a bow-tie front and subtle neutrals.

Style #16: Skinny Short

Proud with the shape of your legs? Then try to wear skinny shorts and denim will always give you that perfect shape. The perfect beach outfit for your skinny denim short is sleeveless ruffled top with a sweater to cool off the night.

Style #17: in Stripes

Stripe shorts can be your favorite if you have a button-down. Accessories like crossbody with perfect black slides can finish your beach outfit.

Style #18: in Linen

Who would have thought that linen short paired with a silky tank can be the right combination? It is a fresher look that you can match with your perfect neutral heels. If you see yourself to portray a dressier look for your short, you can try this one. Definitely, you will love this new turn of fashion.

Style #19: Tropical Print

Can you not stop the summer fever? Then you will need to have a tropical print short. I think this is one of the comfort fashions that you can have for this summer. Try the tropical print shorts with a knitted top. Then pair it with your favorite sneakers so you will not end up hanging at the edge afterwards.

Style #20: Faded

Faded short is a classic look for beach fashion. But try to pair it with a yellow halter as top and rattan bag. And there you are – typical fashion for the summer season.

Style #21: Bermuda

What is Bermuda shorts? This new trend of short can start simple with knee-length pair and can be called a Carrie short. Pair it with a white tank and black leather belt bag to complete the look. It is a simple fashion with some accessories like a leather belt bag.

Style #22: Snake Print

Getting wild this summer? Well, you can make this quick with snake print short, we call it Jane shorts. The right combination with this short is a brown tank and of course, a good pair of heels.

Style #23: High Rise

The high rise denim shorts can be paired with any cool sweater. Cooler nights during summer are a good thing for layering fashion. The look and feel can be cozier than any style you will have.

Style #24: Cargo Short

Well, cargo shorts are not only for men. It can look suitable for girls, especially pairing with turtleneck and flatform slides. Wearing cargo shorts can be a lot sexier than any short.

Our Fashion Insights

One of the easiest ways to make fashion is how to make short fashionable pieces of clothes. Short can be worn on different occasions and seasons of the year. You can wear it during fall, spring and winter. Just make sure you are doing the perfect combination with other styles of clothes. What we have shared with you are some beach outfits and summer looks that you can have. But still, you can mix and match it if you want to explore more possibilities of fashion styles for shorts.

Casino Fashion and Top Techniques on How to Make it Happen


Casino fashion has been taking over the classic fashion style of men. Nowadays, the casino is one of the favorite leisure places of men to have some fun, music, eat and drink. But you don’t need to go to these places if you want to achieve casino fashion. What you need is details on how to style for that kind of way.

Casino fashion is making you stand-out among men in the crowd. The label casino fashion is making styles that will make you look unique.

Unlike other fashion, this style levels up the men’s entire wardrobe. The whole new level of sporting men’s styles with casino fashion is a combination of being trendy and classic.

What do men need for Casino Fashion?

The usual time when men visited the casino is at night. If you are planning to gamble in taking part in the casino fashion, you will need to know the details. You will need to consider choosing the right fashion style.

For a classic look of casino fashion, you will only need a white collared shirt and paired it ash color pants. Then have a dark brown belt. A wristwatch for accessories can be helpful. You can put on some navy coat to match the black collared shirt and navy pants. You can wear jeans also on this one.

The most important thing when you do fashion, it should be comfortable in you and to the eyes of people looking at you. For instance, when you have dark-toned skin, the right color of the shirt, you will need to choose dark in the shade. You should avoid the color that will make you look less trendy and comfortable.

The casino fashion is one of the things that men look up when they want to wear like celebrities in movies like James Bond, Mission Impossible and Ocean’s film series. However, the casino has no strict dress code. You can wear anything as long as you are comfortable.

But men who wanted to show and feel their presence in the crowd, they will dress accordingly. In a casino, people will look to your attire and judge you by the way you dress. So what could be the perfect casino fashion?

Your Perfect Casino Attire

Let go of being conservative when you want to try casino fashion. You can try different attire to explore how to sport this fashion.

Formal Attire

White and black ties are the most versatile if you want to put on different shades of shirts.

For the white tie, you will need to perfect your attire with a black dress coat and trousers, white vest and shirt with stiff front and wing collars, cufflinks, and black leather shoes. Then you have the perfect attire for formal dinner at the casino.

If you want to sport a black tie, you will have to rule out the old fashion way. Nowadays, casino fashion with black tie needs to wear a waistcoat, white dress shirt, black dinner jacket and black leather shoes.

You notice that black leather shoes are one of the basics when you do casino fashion. So better have different sets of black leather shoes to fit with your style.

Casual Attire

If you don’t want to be too cautious with your fashion, you can have it relaxed. The casual casino fashion does not need ties and black shoes. You can have the freedom to wear khaki pants if you opt not to wear formal jeans. Then you can have your shirt button-down or plain t-shirts to match sneakers or loafers.

Make It Happen with these Techniques

You already know the attire and what to have for your casino fashion. But how could you tell if you choose the right attire? Of course, you will have many things to consider. Here are some questions that you can answer to know if you are doing okay with your casino fashion.

How will you know if you are comfortable or not?

When going to the casino and spend more than a couple of hours in there, like women, men should be wearing not too tight clothes that you cannot move your body freely. For instance, your jacket should have more than two pockets for the things you needed, like a wallet and cellphones. Also, wearing shoes like dark loafers than black shoes is more comfortable.

What time is best for casual attire?

If you are not into formal attire in going casino, you should attend before 6:00 in the evening. In most cases, the night goers in the casino are always in formal attire. They unlikely visit beyond 6 PM wearing casual attire. It has been a rule of thumb for many years, calling all night goers to be dressed in formal or semi-formal attire.

How elegant is your casino fashion?

When you dress in the casino, you can be elegant without making yourself exaggerated. Men can wear shirts with a pair of jeans and a jacket that can be over the shirts to complete your style.

How dark can you go?

Well, black is the color of casino fashion. The darker the color, the better your way will be. It always comes with jeans, a jacket and shoes that black is the color that will suit your style.

Casino fashionOur Insights

Casino fashion is not your regular style, and most people are not into going to the casino to have some leisure time. But having the experience to be in the casino will give you the chance to improve your fashion and to get dress perfect for any occasion. Following the protocol of dressing appropriately is a sign of respect to the host of the event and the people who will attend it.

How to Hide Man Boobs but Keep your Fashion on the Move


How to hide man boobs? No surgical or non-invasive procedure but you can hide the boobs if you are too uncomfortable. At some point in time, man boobs need to cover and make it look as natural as it can be.

How to hide man boobs? It is one of the frequent questions of men when looking for their tees and polo. But hiding a man boobs only need some tricks and techniques. So hold on tight and look for our simple tricks on how to hide man boobs.

First, let us focus on what causes a man boobs, shall we?

There are factors why man has boobs. For instance, it is because of hormonal trouble caused by gynecomastia. These health conditions should not be taken for granted, notably when you observed it for over a year.

Another factor is steroids. Taking steroids is common to bodybuilders. And in doing this, over time, it can develop gynecomastia also. The steroids have too much testosterone if taken daily.

And the common cause of man boobs is gaining too much weight. When you gain weight and not performing any weightlifting, then you have fat in your body. You don’t need to be alarmed because fats in our chest don’t need surgery to take away. You will need to work it out like doing push-ups, bench press and dumbbell files, among others.

Simple Ways on How to Make Your Boobs Look Naturally

Use a Compression Shirt

When you have to make it simple on how to hide man boobs, this is the basic. Using a compression shirt is the first step to conceal what needs to disappear. When choosing this kind of shirt should not be too tight or loose; otherwise, it will feel uncomfortable. Worst, it can make man boobs bigger. Most men think that wearing oversize shirts can camouflage the size of man’s boobs. But this is a myth. Why? Because wearing oversize shirts can make the size of your chest bigger

Wear Shirt with Patterns and Prints

To hide man boobs, you can take advantage of the shirts and polo with patterns and prints. But choose the small or medium scale of parents when you decided to try this option. But don’t try those with high contrast. Look for darker shades that can cover man boobs.

The Thicker, The Better

We think this many times, and it really solves the problem of how to hide man boobs. Thicker fabrics can conceal your man boobs. You can try wearing sweaters, jackets and winter clothes perhaps if the weather is dropping to negative. Or you can look with fabric that is thicker enough to minimize the size of boobs.

The Line is the Answer

Careful with the lines because horizontal lines can make you look bigger and you’re your chest became broader. And the tendency is choosing the vertical lines. This style can create an illusion if you want to answer on how to hide man boobs. Also, look for lines like pinstripes which can really cover the bigger man’s boobs.

Using the Vest for Chest

There has been a buzz around the corner about the vest for the chest. And the best way to confirm is to attend and make a trial to know if it is working. This vest claims that it can make every man boobs look smaller. So if you want to try this out, you have to look for the quality vest. You will find the best quality if you consider cotton made and microfiber and moisture-absorbing fabrics. The color should complement your skin tone. Lastly, keep your vests not exceeding 8 hours.

No More Bandages to Your Chest

Traditionally, men are using bandages to your chest on how to hide man boobs. But this method is going to extinct from society. What you need is an alternative to the vest for your chest. But if you have not to find bandages to be useful, you will need to get another set of it.

What you need to do

How to hide man boobs can be done aside from wearing a vest, shirts or polo. What you have to do is practice to have good posture. Develop by having round shoulders and stand straight with your shoulders back gives you broader shoulders. It will help counterbalance your chest and making your pecs look good.