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Top 20 Shorts Fashion for Summer that will Perfectly Fit to You


Shorts, pair of it, are your almost perfect outfit for summers. You can dressed and style it in many ways. So here you will have different kinds of shorts’ fashion tips to style them in a trendy and fashionable way.

Shorts can be plenty of styles, and all you have to do is to be brave to experiment. From denim to linen, plain to playful designs, these are the versatilities of wearing shorts. Sporting the fashion styles for your shorts can bring the true feeling of summer.

By trial and error, you can have different styles for shorts. We picked the best ways on how to do it and save time from the mistakes.

Top Picks for Shorts Fashion Tips

Style #1: in Coral

Yes, when summer comes, vibrant colors are everywhere, so do in shorts. Shorts with coral or pastel colors are what you need. You can pair it with a neutral cropped tank and a jean jacket. A good pair of white sneakers will do for this one.

Style #2: in Denim

Another summer look with sneakers pair with your vintage tee will never get boring. Try it with denim shorts, and you are good to go for a classic summer fashion outfit.

Style #3: High waist

Grab that high-waist shorts and give the best look with summer while showing some skin. For more kick, sweet and dramatic outfit for summer, choose pink floral patterns.

Style #4: Bike Shorts

For summer, bike shorts can be the right choice. Especially when you pair it with camel colored cropped tank. Then don’t forget to top it with a white jean jacket.

Style #5: in White

Another white in your wardrobe can be your short. Yes, white ones can be your favorite item for the summer. It gives a refreshing feeling combined with the crochet tank with shades in blue.

Style #6: in Blue

For another option, you can have blue shorts for the summer. But still, you have to pair it with a white square neckline top. You can complete your outfit by adding accessories like a rattan bag. And you slay the summer look!

Style #7: Baggy Shorts

Not all pairs of shorts are short. You can try the look with baggy shorts with a jean jacket with playful designs. It is not an ordinary fashion style, but you can try and enjoy it.

Style #8: Romper

Another way to fashion during summer is by wearing your favorite romper. It can be a new look at any season of the year. But pairing it with strapless bikini and flip flops, you have the perfect romper fashion style for summer. This can be your favorite beach outfit.

Style #9: Drawstring Shorts

Looking for a pair of comfortable shorts? Then you are looking for a drawstring short with a bow-topped tank. This style could be your comfort zone during the summer.

Style #10: Plain Shorts

Casino Fashion and Top Techniques on How to Make it Happen


Casino fashion has been taking over the classic fashion style of men. Nowadays, the casino is one of the favorite leisure places of men to have some fun, music, eat and drink. But you don’t need to go to these places if you want to achieve casino fashion. What you need is details on how to style for that kind of way.

Casino fashion is making you stand-out among men in the crowd. The label casino fashion is making styles that will make you look unique.

Unlike other fashion, this style levels up the men’s entire wardrobe. The whole new level of sporting men’s styles with casino fashion is a combination of being trendy and classic.

What do men need for Casino Fashion?

The usual time when men visited the casino is at night. If you are planning to gamble in taking part in the casino fashion, you will need to know the details. You will need to consider choosing the right fashion style.

For a classic look of casino fashion, you will only need a white collared shirt and paired it ash color pants. Then have a dark brown belt. A wristwatch for accessories can be helpful. You can put on some navy coat to match the black collared shirt and navy pants. You can wear jeans also on this one.

The most important thing when you do fashion, it should be comfortable in you and to the eyes of people looking at you. For instance, when you have dark-toned skin, the right color of the shirt, you will need to choose dark in the shade. You should avoid the color that will make you look less trendy and comfortable.

The casino fashion is one of the things that men look up when they want to wear like celebrities in movies like James Bond, Mission Impossible and Ocean’s film series. However, the casino has no strict dress code. You can wear anything as long as you are comfortable.

But men who wanted to show and feel their presence in the crowd, they will dress accordingly. In a casino, people will look to your attire and judge you by the way you dress. So what could be the perfect casino fashion?

Your Perfect Casino Attire

How to Hide Man Boobs but Keep your Fashion on the Move


How to hide man boobs? No surgical or non-invasive procedure but you can hide the boobs if you are too uncomfortable. At some point in time, man boobs need to cover and make it look as natural as it can be.

How to hide man boobs? It is one of the frequent questions of men when looking for their tees and polo. But hiding a man boobs only need some tricks and techniques. So hold on tight and look for our simple tricks on how to hide man boobs.

First, let us focus on what causes a man boobs, shall we?

There are factors why man has boobs. For instance, it is because of hormonal trouble caused by gynecomastia. These health conditions should not be taken for granted, notably when you observed it for over a year.

Another factor is steroids. Taking steroids is common to bodybuilders. And in doing this, over time, it can develop gynecomastia also. The steroids have too much testosterone if taken daily.

And the common cause of man boobs is gaining too much weight. When you gain weight and not performing any weightlifting, then you have fat in your body. You don’t need to be alarmed because fats in our chest don’t need surgery to take away. You will need to work it out like doing push-ups, bench press and dumbbell files, among others.

Simple Ways on How to Make Your Boobs Look Naturally

Use a Compression Shirt

When you have to make it simple on how to hide man boobs, this is the basic. Using a compression shirt is the first step to conceal what needs to disappear. When choosing this kind of shirt should not be too tight or loose; otherwise, it will feel uncomfortable. Worst, it can make man boobs bigger. Most men think that wearing oversize shirts can camouflage the size of man’s boobs. But this is a myth. Why? Because wearing oversize shirts can make the size of your chest bigger

Wear Shirt with Patterns and Prints

To hide man boobs, you can take advantage of the shirts and polo with patterns and prints. But choose the small or medium scale of parents when you decided to try this option. But don’t try those with high contrast. Look for darker shades that can cover man boobs.

The Thicker, The Better

We think this many times, and it really solves the problem of how to hide man boobs. Thicker fabrics can conceal your man boobs. You can try wearing sweaters, jackets and winter clothes perhaps if the weather is dropping to negative. Or you can look with fabric that is thicker enough to minimize the size of boobs.

The Line is the Answer

Careful with the lines because horizontal lines can make you look bigger and you’re your chest became broader. And the tendency is choosing the vertical lines. This style can create an illusion if you want to answer on how to hide man boobs. Also, look for lines like pinstripes which can really cover the bigger man’s boobs.

Using the Vest for Chest

There has been a buzz around the corner about the vest for the chest. And the best way to confirm is to attend and make a trial to know if it is working. This vest claims that it can make every man boobs look smaller. So if you want to try this out, you have to look for the quality vest. You will find the best quality if you consider cotton made and microfiber and moisture-absorbing fabrics. The color should complement your skin tone. Lastly, keep your vests not exceeding 8 hours.

No More Bandages to Your Chest

Traditionally, men are using bandages to your chest on how to hide man boobs. But this method is going to extinct from society. What you need is an alternative to the vest for your chest. But if you have not to find bandages to be useful, you will need to get another set of it.

What you need to do

How to hide man boobs can be done aside from wearing a vest, shirts or polo. What you have to do is practice to have good posture. Develop by having round shoulders and stand straight with your shoulders back gives you broader shoulders. It will help counterbalance your chest and making your pecs look good.

How to Rock Your Fashion with These Simple Outfit Ideas


A simple outfit for women is essentials when they need to be on the go in no time. With these outfit ideas, you will know what right or wrong outfits are.

Simple outfit ideas are the most effortless fashion to wear. You will not be worried too much if you wear it too much or too simple. These ideas will be helpful if you have to attend many attentions and you will need to wear just simple clothes.

There are many occasions, and in those events, you will need to wear different outfits. Simple yet elegant can be your fulfillment for your fashion. You don’t need to wear too much or too simple. Just wear what looks best in you and what makes you comfortable.

Some Occasions

Some occasions that you need to be prepared are what we listed here. And we hope that it will get you off the hook when it comes to simple outfit ideas.

Weddings with Simple Outfit

Weddings with Simple Outfit

For sure you will hear about some etiquette about fashion on this occasion. Mainly, you should avoid the shade of colors white, black or red. But these are rules when we don’t know the true meaning of fashion. It is the combination of bright and dull colors like red and black that can complete the main entourage and guests of the wedding.

So what simple outfit to wear? You will need to dig into the guests’ list, theme and venue of the wedding. In this way, your dress codes will not get lost. Once you do this, you will need to lay your outfit low and possible to be simple. No beaded or sequined too much. Remember that your dress should not overthrow the beauty of the bride or the looks of the grown. That is why we need to be a simple yet elegant outfit.

Going to a Party

How to Dress Like a Nerd with Class and Elegance

How to Dress Like a Nerd

How to dress like a nerd is simple. You only need some essential items from the store to your wardrobe. Do you hate rules and restrictions over fashion? Then nerdy look will just fit you right. For the nerdy fashion statement, you don’t need to have novelty items for your style concepts.

How to dress like a nerd that will look classy and cool despite being branded as a geek person? Geek is what we usually say to an individual who loves to wear tees with movie characters. They wear fashion with academic references.

Just before we hit the 20th century, you can more likely compare nerd fashion to bookworms. Those individuals who loved to be in the library and talk about science and series on Discovery Channel or National Geographic are geek people. Now, you can imagine what it looks like to be a nerd.

But that was decades ago. At present, how to dress like a nerd is one of the prominent and elegant looks we have. It is a good thing that people have given another twist in doing fashion when it comes to nerd outfit.

The traditional outfit for nerd fashion is tees. Tees or t-shirts give us many options on how it can be paired with bottoms for a geek vibe. But as you read along, you can learn more about how to dress like a nerd. You can also get the chance to know what items should be in your wardrobe.

In any fashion style, your wardrobe is your only true friend to get the look you want. You can achieve the fashion statement, but you will still need other stuff that will complete your totally genius nerd style.

How to Dress Like a Nerd with your Wardrobe

Let us just start with the basics. Sophisticated nerd style will give you a headache because a single wrong item in your outfit will be a sore eye in fashion. Who wants a big no-no fashion statement? Of course, no one wants to be booed at for their style. So hold on a while. At the end of this article, you will have everything you need to know how to dress like a nerd. But, first, let us check your wardrobe.

Comfort with your Pants

Your tees should match your bottoms. How to dress like a nerd with your leggings and slacks? Leggings and slacks can give you a slick look of nerdy style. Choose quality garments to provide you with the most comfortable feeling. Leggings and tights are made of thin fabric, unlike slacks. So, wearing a skirt made of wool atop of your leggings or tights can give you a nerdy look and warm feeling over time.

On the other hand, slacks can give you a slouchy style. Before purchasing slacks, try to really fit them while in the store. Most slacks that are form-fitting—not too tight and too loose—are hard to find. One way to make it easy is to know your body figure, especially your lower body. But if there are no slacks to match your waist and hips size, you can go straight to a tailor and have it made to measure.

Flaunt it with your Nerdy-Looking Footwear

Look Taller and More Fashionable with These Styles


Look taller with the way you dress promises you the real deal. With the right fashion styles, it will create illusions to lengthen your muscles. Do you want to know how to look taller and at the same time, fashionable?

Look taller fashion statements are what petite girls are looking nowadays. Sporting the right clothes to look taller are better options than others. But doing yoga as a belief to lengthen the muscles – I don’t see something wrong about it.

In fact, doing yoga is good for our health. And when we feel good, the tendency is to have a great outlook in our day to day activities.

Doing fashion techniques to look taller is a challenging role for a stylist. But you don’t need to spend too much to complete your wardrobe. Body’s shape and size are actually crucial in every fashion styles we are doing.

So here is what we’ve got for you. Some fashion tips to look taller might give you a shot.

Your Fashion to Look Taller

Get Tailored.

One easy way to be sure that your fashion will make you taller is to get your clothes tailored. Especially when you are petite, your clothes are more often not that too long. So it really is worth getting to know a good tailor. Your clothes may cost a little more, but the quality is there.

Solid Single Color.

Definitely, you heard about this. Forget mix and match when you want to look taller, dressed in one color. Your top and bottoms should be the same color, and you will give an illusion to everyone to look taller.

High-waist means higher height.

Forget about it when we say that wearing jeans or pencil skirts, you can always put it on high-waist style. To look taller, this is one of the effective ways to create the illusion that your middle part of your body is much longer than it really is.

High Heels in Nude Hue

Obviously, high heel shoes are one way to look taller. With nude color, people will less recognize that you wear high heels. Nude color high heels can make your legs look longer and really remarkably chic.

Crop Top for more Upper Body Length

High waisted trousers and skirts paired with a crop top, it will accentuate the illusion of being tall. Also, showing skin can make you look slender as well.

Wearing Fitted in some Parts

Fashion Hacks: Your Ultimate Guide to Mix and Match


Fashion hacks are what women look for. They have to find the essential and most accessible fashion tips that they can do. And if you are reading this, then you are looking for fashion hacks.

Fashion hacks come in mixing few pieces of old or new clothing. I love fashion hacks and tips. These tips become handy when you want to add some twist in your fashion statement.

My friends and I are always looking for fashion hacks. We get the best and excellent fashion tips to get ready for our fashion look.

Your Ultimate Hacks for Fashion

These tips come in handy, and we are grateful that we finally encounter these fashion hacks. So, we love to share what we have learned about it.

Fashion Hacks 1:

Have you encountered makeup smudges? So am I and it drives me crazy when I do makeup then it all goes wrong. What I did is I use shaving cream to get rid it off. It works well, and I finally said goodbye to smudges.

Fashion Hacks 2:

Do you have a problem encountered in doing laundry off your socks? Well, as for me, I get annoyed when I lose the half pair of my socks. So, what I did was, I use of lingerie bag. Of course, the bag is different from what I use with my lingerie.

Fashion Hacks 3:

I am bothered when strings of my hoodies are not coming out or get displaced. If you also encounter this, you may want to use a safety pin. This is an easy trick to pull back the end of the string. You may want to try it.

Fashion Hacks 4:

Do you have crayons or candles at home? And you suddenly found that the zipper of your favorite tote bag got stuck? Then I think you will need those crayons and candles. Just like I did, you need to rub the crayon on either side of the zipper. Then you will find it unstuck. Isn’t it simple?

Fashion Hacks 5:

Stains are annoying, especially when it gets to your colored clothes. Of course, you cannot use bleach formula to remove it. So I will give you the trick. Just use vinegar, baking soda, salt and hydrogen peroxide. Using this can remove the stains without discoloration of your clothes.

Fashion Hacks 6:

If you have problems with your jeans like me, then you will need these fashion tips. Now you have no excuse not to buy those awesome pair of jeans that are two sizes too small. And if you’ve gained a little bit of weight, you can sport your jeans like what I did. I can wear with designer tees.

Find out 5 More Fashion Hacks

Fashion Tips with Hijab in Any Occasions to Look Elegant and Class


Fashion tips for hijab have been going crazy around in Muslim countries. As part of the religious obligations, Muslim women can have their way to style their hijab. After all, every woman has the right to stay beautiful and elegant, regardless of their belief.

Fashion tips on how and when to wear hijab are what you can have as you read along. There are different ways on how to sport hijab without looking awkward. We are aware that the veil comes in many colors. And if you are not aware of what is to mix and match, then you will not achieve the glamorous look you want.

Wearing hijab in different looks needs to have the best fashion tips now. So we have here the collection hijab fashion tips.

Fashion tips for Hijab

Hijab Fashion Styles

Nowadays, wearing the hijab has been influenced by modern fashion tips. Therefore, we are giving you some of the fashion tips to wear, mix and match hijab with a stylish look.

Hijab + Seasons

One of your fashion tips for hijab during summer is, style it with baggy pant and sandals. You can add some cool shades glasses for a more chic look.

On winter, you can pair your hijab with a leather jacket. Our fashion tips also come with maxi skirt and wedges. Then you will look great with your veil.

Hijab + Abaya

Another modern way for hijab is matching abaya to look elegant, which can be your party wear.

Find out More Hijab Fashion Styles

Preppy Style – Your Ultimate Guide and Top Picks Outfit Ideas


The preppy style is your love for fashion of several colors, prints, and garments. This fashion style more likely to be compared in seasons. Well if you do like to get in preppy mode, you can start with following the four seasons!

Preppy style can be seen with floral, neutral, layers, plaid and more on bold colors. If you can imagine, you are mixing and matching different designs and styles to flaunt what’s your personality going to be. Trying a new look, especially each day, is challenging when you are a beginner.

Doing a preppy style might be mistaken doing a chic style or classic style. So you better get some tips and guide on how to slate the preppy look. For instance, floral and bold colors are fabulous during the spring and summer seasons. Then you can wear neutrals, plaids, and layers in fall and winter. If you continue mixing matching, you can be familiarized with everything for preppy style.

But before giving you the ultimate guide and tips, the whole idea of preppy style is to have the look of young professionals. In other words, get the look of college students with a kick of formal attire. Preppy style fashion needs to have quality garments that can last over a year or two. But if you want to try for the moment, raid your wardrobe for clothes that can do a preppy makeover.

Wardrobe in Preppy Mode

So, whats, preppy? First thing, you might want to check your wardrobe if you have the basics—neutral colors and bold patterns and designs. Make sure you have stripes, plaid, and floral.

To be in detail, your main directions for your wardrobe makeover are the four seasons. Imagine yourself walking the street during spring and summer. What are your options on that day? For sure, you need bold and vibrant colors and floral patterns in simple silhouettes. You can feel the elevation of your mood and personality along with spring and summer.

How about fall and winter? You cannot go wrong with cream, black, gray, navy blue and camel-like colors for fall. The vibe of fall is more on a dull personality. For the winter season, take your plaid and stripes ready. Outerwear is also essential in this season.

These are your basics for the preppy definition. Have all these in your wardrobe; then you are ready for the preppy look in no time.

How to dress preppy?

Intrigued with what are the ideas of preppy outfit styles? Here are the top picks to ace the classic preppy style:

Your Tops

  1. White-collared blouse can be useful for preppy style. Put on top a black short sleeve over your gown paired with an asymmetric skirt. Pointed-toe pumps will be great on this preppy.
  2. Then, you can have striped tees. It is your preppy look that you can pair it with your favorite jeans and red pumps.
  3. Also, try Red stripe tees that can go perfectly with dark blue trousers. Add the denim jacket and white trainers.
  4. Likewise, give a try for the preppy style dress—knitted long-sleeve dress atop with tees and paired with your brown boots.


  1. A pair of black leather loafers are just right with a rib-length knitted sweater in charcoal color. It will look fantastic if paired with a plaid skirt.
  2. Try also slim fit riding pants with blue-white striped tees to give you a yay preppy style. Just add a white knitted sweater, red blazer or trench coat in white color.
  3. High waist skinny bottoms in white color then paired with printed tees – can this be a preppy look in country style?
  4. What else could go wrong with white tees and black denim shortalls? It can be your favorite preppy style! Just don’t forget the print brogues.


  1. Printed sleeveless dress and dark blue blazer are best paired with heeled sandals. Orange clutch completes your preppy outfit.
  2. Sweater with camouflage designs and a leather beige skirt with pleats will look fabulous with ankle boots.
  3. Knitted sweater in pastel fuchsia color paired with white tees and black neck-tie underneath is a combination preppy style. Your bottom can be printed or in pattern designs mini skirt.
  4. For another twist of a classic preppy style, you can choose outerwear between a collarless coat and a navy blue dotted sweater. Then a striped skirt with prints paired with your favorite top.
  5. Can you appreciate nature? Well, you do love green then your khaki green trench coat will be the stylish cover. Black and white stripe tops are classic. You can pair it with beige short and black brogues. Your complete touch is the camel fedora hat, and you have your preppy style on the go!
  6. Preppy style can be retro-inspired fashion. You can have the short-sleeve sweater in mustard-yellow color paired with a yellowish tartan skirt.
  7. Camel coat over white sweater paired with black trousers and black leather ankle boots is your preppy look for the winter season.

What to Wear and What to Hate in Preppy Style

Chic Style: You’re Going to Love this Fashion in Many Ways


Chic style defines your inner beauty with simplicity and elegance fashion statement. What does it mean? How to achieve chic style? Is this your style? Does it limit your resources?

Chic style is like dressing smartly to achieve elegance and simplicity, both at the same time. More likely, you are choosing styles in black, white, and neutral colors. You are leaving behind those garments in prints, patterns, and floral designs. For accessories, you are giving more detail to it, like with your makeup, purses, and clutches. Jewelry accessories are only minimal in chic style.

Since you are getting your chic definition ready, your wardrobe will be more on the modern and sleek choices. Wearing a chic style does not mean that you have to be on the latest trends. Being fashionable is not trying so hard to look gorgeous and fabulous. It is a way of expressing your personality and character.

You are doing your fashion styles, which are limitless and have no end. As long as you have the desire to mix and match your clothes, you will create various styles. But not all the clothes in your wardrobe will fit this new taste of fashion. Your previous garments may not look fresh and not as stylish as it looked before. So, picking the best details of garments is essential for your wardrobe.

How to Perfect your Style

Your wardrobe should keep the essential ingredients for you to dress fashionably to achieve the perfect look of chic style. You can start by thinking about what to mix and match with colors, patterns, textures, and print. But remember that black and white colors are the most versatile colors.

If you are trying to mix and match, you have limitations for three colors in your chic style. However, white color is considered a neutral color, meaning that you can still add another color variation. Tops or bottoms with busy prints designs are also considered as one color. So, the significance of three-color mixing is making your fashion to look natural. More than three colors to your style will look intentional and trying hard to impress people.

By impressing people, you also hit the store and purchase everything on promo items. Impulsive buying is not a wise move if you are trimming down your wardrobe to clothes that fit your styles. The chic style needs simple garments or clothes that can perfectly balance your other fashion statement later on.

Going to a thrift store could be an option. Many have experienced finding suitable quality garments in a thrift store. If you have seen old clothes in good condition, you can make it look new and presentable. There are many ways to reverse the effect of old storage and improper maintenance of quality clothes.

But before doing some buying of new garments, make sure you have checked your wardrobe. Sort out the clothes that you want to give up and those that fit you well.

Best Tips to Keep your Chic Style Wardrobe Look Always New