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Simple Pregnancy Fashion Tips: Discover How to Create Yours Easily


Pregnancy fashion is a kind of style for women who want to look gorgeous even they have a baby bump. Every woman is proud to show her baby bump and will have to embrace their growing belly.

Pregnancy fashion does need to be complicated. You will need to feel comfortable and increase your confidence. Your maternity wardrobe should consist of clothes that can be mix and match without hurting your belly.

So what it takes to fashion if you are pregnant? Considering that you are not wearing complicated clothes because you have a growing belly, you should not limit yourself to wearing some clothes you want. 

Here are some hacks if you want to get the best pregnancy fashion. Of course, this is safe and guarantee to make you feel comfortable, but at the same time, you will enjoy choosing your style.

Be attractive.

When you are pregnant, you will have an enhanced breast size. So the tendency is you can flaunt your cleavage. Take advantage of this and get your scoop neck t-shirts and sweaters.

Reveal good shape of your legs and thighs.

Yes, we know you have slimmer legs because you have a bigger belly. So wear skinny pants or leggings to flaunt your baby bump. Who will not get proud of becoming a mother?

Emphasize your features and baby bump.

Choosing bigger clothes than your size is a no-no when you are pregnant. However, you should wear loose clothes that will make you feel comfortable and fashionable, so choose the silhouette. You can also wear button-down shirts and blazers. Just leave it unbuttoned. Also, knitted clothes can help emphasize your form. It is a good thing for modern and classic pregnancy fashion.

Look for more vibrant colors.

Black and neutral colors are classic, but you can choose other shades to brighten your mood. If you see yourself in brightness in a vibrant hue, it will uplift your mood. Yes, color can change the spirit of a person, so it will surely work if you are pregnant.

Plus, choose designs and patterns to look great!

The designs and patterns of your clothes is another great thing if you want to have beaded and embroidered. These accents can get attention from other people. Then make sure you choose the pregnancy fashion you feel comfortable yet astonishing.

Other Ways to Fill your Styles

We know you have favorite jeans like other women who got pregnant. For others, it is a problem when baby bump is getting bigger. You cannot button it, and it will be suicide if you force it. So grab a maternity pants extender. You can ask a tailor to do it for you, so you will get to enjoy your favorite jeans.

Choose comfy shoes.

Get some shoes that your feet will not be swollen. Because you will need simple shoes like slip-on and no ties, imagine you will bend down to get those shoes on. Then opt for a shoe that will give you some comfort and a good sole to support your feet when walking.

What are you going to buy for a bra?

Traditionally, pregnant women are wearing a maternity bra, but did you know that sports bra is way better than it?

The good thing when it comes to a sports bra, aside from the price comparison with the maternity bra, is the support. It will not make your breasts look saggy because of the back closure that would be enough for you. Also, you can have many good selections.

Maxi dress is the safest way to pregnancy fashion

Style Tips for Skinny Guys to have Instant Muscles Built


Style tips for skinny guys can be as exciting as other fashion. When you know you are not muscular like other guys, you opt for another way to look like one. Well, being skinny is not bad, after all.

Style tips for skinny guys are popular, but let us give you some tips, so you don’t need to struggle in finding some styles. You will need to eat more and start to do weight liftings. However, this process is not instant to get more muscles, but it will give you the permanent body build you want.

So, while waiting for your body to gain more muscles, there are many ways on how to look bulky. Here we have the top style tips for skinny guys like you. And we want you to look into it and find some exciting ways to begin your fashion.

Style Tips for Skinny Guys

Style Tips: What are the tricks?

Learn how to layer clothes.

Knowing the perfect combination of clothes like sweater, jacket, blazer or shirt, it can be your fastest style tips for skinny guys. Underneath your jeans, you can wear basketball shorts, a combination of your boxers. It will make you look not skinny; instead will create the illusion that you have more muscles.

Light colors will make you bigger.

Take advantage of the colors you will wear. Being skinny does not need dark colors. According to the psychology of color, people perceive the size of a thing or person depending on the colors. If you are wearing light colors, your waist will view to be more significant. But when you wear dark shades, your size will downgrade. So for skinny guys, you should choose lighter colors of clothes.

Wear the appropriate size of accessories

Beard Styles – The Appealing Look That Every Man Desires!


Beard styles among men are essentials as their necessities. If you will notice, most men fashioned different beard styles. It is their way of showing they’re masculine in the crowd.

david beckham beard styleBeard styles, several of them, can be seen to some celebrities like Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake and Hugh Jackman, among others. And with the beard styles of these celebrities, most men are inspired to be bearded.

Other men like me are starting to grow my beard and style it fashionably. Beard styles, nowadays, have different looks compared to what men had years ago. Looking back during the time of the Viking era, beard styles are one of the typical looks among men who went out into the wilds. At present, bearded men can be seen everywhere. But most of the time, sporting good looking beard styles are hard to recognize. Most men thought that they have beard styles to look good. On the contrary, it did not go according to what they imagined.

When you styled your beard in a not-so-nice way, you will have to redo it eventually. Yes, you can do it yourself if you have a tight schedule to have an appointment with your barber.

DIY Beard Styles

So, we did a little digging, and we found these fantastic self-taught in making beard styles.

Prepared your beard to make it Clean and Soft

Prepared your beard to make it Clean and Soft

Beards are hair, so don’t forget to maintain it clean and soft at the same time. What happened when you left it unclean? Well, trimming and styling can be hard for you and to your barber.

To maintain your beard’s hygiene, make sure you also wash it with shampoo. But the shampoo you will need should be delicate. The face skin and scalp need different formulation of shampoo. Then you can also use a conditioner to make it easier to comb and maintain the softness of your beard.

Brush and Trim

Since you have cleaned your beard and ready to make some styles, you will need first to trim it. Trimming is necessary when you don’t have any ideas on what beard style you will have.

So while trimming, make sure you are using clippers to have a proper measure of length. Otherwise, the tendency is your beard will have different measurements. But when you need the beard styles, trimming is not the only way.

Beard is not Mustache

Looking for the Perfect Fashion with Elegant and Beauty?


Fashion and beauty looks, when combined, is astonishing. The key that every woman needs is the right design and color of the fashion that will complement the beauty they hold. Regardless of the skin color and body shape, fashion and beauty looks will feature accessories, and another way will complement each other.

Regardless of your age, you can have the fashion and beauty looks. So what could be worn to be classy and trendy?

Fashion and Beauty Looks: OuterwearFashion and Beauty Looks: Outerwear

Trench Coat

You got to hold with your trench coat. Way back to 1850s, this type of jacket has been the ideal clothes of women. And nowadays, you might try to wear it but give it a little modern touch like rolling up the sleeves.


Set aside the thought of wearing blazers as if you are going to be informal fashion. But consider the fact that you can wear blazers with a pair of jeans and heels. Also, you can wear blazers with a tight-fitting dress. The best blazer that every woman should have is a black blazer. It can go well with other color and style.

If coat can be worn oversized, blazers should be at the right length, which is a hip-length style and precise shape at your waist. Then try to stretch your arms forward to know that your blazer fits well or too restrictive for your movement.

Slip Dress

Well, for some, this type of dress is mind-blowing. For the conservative individual, wearing a slip dress in the street is inappropriate. However, with modern technology and fashion, you can wear this dress as a symbol of being laidback and a little grunge-chic style.


Choose skirts that will give your butt a pencil shape. Why this shape? Well, it is flattering and classic for many to see a woman in a pencil skirt. If you have a piece of a pencil skirt, then you have a powerhouse wardrobe. A good pencil skirt should be flexible and will keep the shape throughout. And to be safe with the color, choose neutral colors. But printed will do excellent but you can wear it with limitations.

Little ‘Black’ Dress

Most women required to have a little black dress in their wardrobe. So here it is. Why should we need this black dress and why it should be little? Little black dress is an iconic dress of women from known celebrities. When worn, you can never fail to have a fashion and beauty looks. You can have the look of a classy, sharp and fashionable lady in a black dress.

When we say little, don’t take it literally little. This dress has a knee-length or mid-length dress to your legs. If you finally found the right fit and length of your black dress, then probably you will need to think of how you sport it. To have fashion and beauty looks, you can try different footwear with your dress. The shoe will be your final touch on what look you will have for the day.

Footwear Fashion

Footwear Fashion


One of the fashion and beauty looks accessories that you every woman should have in their wardrobe are pairs of shoes. You can have it in color red or black. But to seek to be classy and fashionable, black pumps will look great. A pair of pumps does not only match with a skirt or dress. How about pairing it with your jeans? Well, it will be awkward at first try but when you realize that it gives you the confidence; then go for it. Pumps with a round-toe and pointy-toe are your choices.

More Fashion and Beauty Looks: Outerwear

Fashion Hacks: Your Ultimate Guide to Mix and Match


Fashion hacks are what women look for. They have to find the essential and most accessible fashion tips that they can do. And if you are reading this, then you are looking for fashion hacks.

Fashion hacks come in mixing few pieces of old or new clothing. I love fashion hacks and tips. These tips become handy when you want to add some twist in your fashion statement.

My friends and I are always looking for fashion hacks. We get the best and excellent fashion tips to get ready for our fashion look.

Your Ultimate Hacks for Fashion

These tips come in handy, and we are grateful that we finally encounter these fashion hacks. So, we love to share what we have learned about it.

Fashion Hacks 1:

Have you encountered makeup smudges? So am I and it drives me crazy when I do makeup then it all goes wrong. What I did is I use shaving cream to get rid it off. It works well, and I finally said goodbye to smudges.

Fashion Hacks 2:

Do you have a problem encountered in doing laundry off your socks? Well, as for me, I get annoyed when I lose the half pair of my socks. So, what I did was, I use of lingerie bag. Of course, the bag is different from what I use with my lingerie.

Fashion Hacks 3:

I am bothered when strings of my hoodies are not coming out or get displaced. If you also encounter this, you may want to use a safety pin. This is an easy trick to pull back the end of the string. You may want to try it.

Fashion Hacks 4:

Do you have crayons or candles at home? And you suddenly found that the zipper of your favorite tote bag got stuck? Then I think you will need those crayons and candles. Just like I did, you need to rub the crayon on either side of the zipper. Then you will find it unstuck. Isn’t it simple?

Fashion Hacks 5:

Stains are annoying, especially when it gets to your colored clothes. Of course, you cannot use bleach formula to remove it. So I will give you the trick. Just use vinegar, baking soda, salt and hydrogen peroxide. Using this can remove the stains without discoloration of your clothes.

Fashion Hacks 6:

If you have problems with your jeans like me, then you will need these fashion tips. Now you have no excuse not to buy those awesome pair of jeans that are two sizes too small. And if you’ve gained a little bit of weight, you can sport your jeans like what I did. I can wear with designer tees.

Find out 5 More Fashion Hacks