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Makeup Hooded Eyes that will Flaunt the Beauty of your Eyes


Makeup hooded eyes are essential as the key to get the looks for this type of eye. Learning the tricks and techniques to make your dream eye makeup to your hooded eyes is our top priority in this article. What you will learn can unlock your talent in doing eye makeup.

hooded eyes makeupMakeup hooded eyes are challenging eye makeup. It is your eye fashion that you will invest more time and skills. Because hooded eyes are the types of eyes that got some extra layer of skin drooping over the crease, this is the reason why your eyes seem to look smaller.

What are hooded eyes look like if you apply proper eye makeup techniques? Well, you will be surprised by the transformation. Indeed, makeup can change your eyes in any looks that you want it to become. But the challenge lies on the part where you create some styles using different colors and brushes. As you read along, you will get different eyeshadow and brushes that you will need to makeup hooded eyes.

But wait, there are still more things to know about the makeup hooded eyes. For instance, you have to pay attention to how to identify hooded eyes from monolids. Many have confusion with these two types of eye shapes.

Here are the things you want to know about monolid and hooded eyes shape. With monolids and hooded eyes shape, there are no visible eyelids, and even you open your eyes. But the difference comes with the crease of each eye shape. The monolids project no wrinkle, while hooded eyes have more ridges but lacks depth.

Therefore, the makeup hooded eyes need some techniques to transform your eyes. You will need to focus on the hooded skin, which complicates your eyeshadow looks. Adding some depth in your hooded eyes can make your eyes look bright and expressive.

Creating the Perfect Makeup Hooded Eyes

Previously, women have some issues if they have hooded eyes. But makeup styles evolve to create some techniques for makeup hooded eyes. How to do the trick?

Step 1: Prepare your primer.

The secret of lasting makeup is the base of your makeup. So, do not forget your primer. You can apply primer using your fingertip. Make sure the primer is even and let it dry for a minute, allowing it to be absorbed by your skin.

As for trivia, of all the eye shapes, hooded eyes are more susceptible to smudging and smearing. Given this, you will need a primer as it is essential in your makeup hooded eyes.

Step 2: Prepare your brushes and eyeshadow colors.

After applying your primer, you will need the power brushes for your makeup hooded eyes. Brushes like blending, straight and the standard eyeshadow brush will be your magic tools.

But these tools will be useless if you are not yet decided with your eyeshadow colors. For hooded eyes, you will need to use three kinds of shades with a matte finish—light, medium and dark. Also, you can add a light shimmer color for highlighting. Choosing the right colors to blend mirrors your personality. Hence you can create any eye makeup looks. Some of which can be dramatic and alluring by using different shades of shimmer.

Step 3: Highlight your brow bone

Before putting on shimmer, improve your brow bone using light colors. Settling your brow bone dimension will minimize the hood. Make sure you use light shades of champagne, baby pink, light brown and soft silver. You don’t need your brow bone to be the highlight in your eye makeup. So, light colors or neutral shades will be just beautiful to make your brow bone.

Step 3: Mind your crease, first.

After finishing with your brow bone, create your crease before anything else. However, you cannot use shimmer to your crease. You need matte color to define the crease and minimize the hood in your eyelids. Blend the color in your eyelids. Make sure in the inner corner; you will have to brush upwards. It will make your eyes bigger.

Step 4: Place your shimmer at the inner corners of your eyes.

Where to use your light shimmer makeup? Of course, every composition has its place. For shimmer, you can apply it at the inner corner of your eyes. It should make your eyes look vivid and ageless. But most importantly, the shimmers will balance your hooded eyes. You will need to use pink and pearl color for your shimmer but, again, the color choice is your decision.

Step 5: To your outer corners, opt for dark color eyeshadow.

For the outer corner of your eyes, makeup hooded eyes will need for dark shades of eyeshadow. It will give more definition to your crease, and the depth will be visible. You have to blend it evenly so the lines between two to three shades will not be visible.

Step 6: Make your eyelids well-lit with light shades.

Hooded eyes will need many tricks as much as possible to create a perfect makeup hooded eyes. The secrets are with the inner and outer corners that become visible because of the hood. Then when it comes to eyeliner, you will need a light color to blend-in well to your inner and outer corners, as well as with the shimmer. Putting additional color to your eyelids will make your looks too heavy and overkill.

Step 7: Create certainty with your makeup hooded eyes.

Your finishing-touch to your hooded eyes is your eyelashes. Unlike your brow bone, your eyelashes will use dark shades of mascara. Make sure that you will use smudge-proof mascara to complete your makeup hooded eyes.

Things to Remember

hooded eye minimize your hood

Since you will be dealing more with minimizing the hood and making your eyes more prominent, we are giving you the best of professional tips for makeup hooded eyes. Like other makeup, these tips will give more relaxed time in doing this makeup.

  1. Define your upper eyelid using pencil eyeliner.

Make sure the eyeliner has an excellent point and waterproof. Upper eyelid tends to smudge easily. Thus it’s best to buy waterproof. Also, you need to maintain the line of your eyelids to avoid overrunning the eyeshadow. Otherwise, it will make your eyes smaller.

  1. Keep your eyeliner to your waterline.

Using a waterproof pencil eyeliner, you will achieve a more significant look for your eyes. If you apply it above your waterline, you will use the visible space on your eyelid. By doing so, it will make your eyes smaller.

  1. Follow the three-shade eyeshadow and blend in an upward angle direction.

The use of more than three shades of eyeshadow will need proper blending. So, start your inner eyes for bright color and darker shades to outer corners. Add some medium tones to create a more natural mixture.

  1. Bring attention to your eyes by contouring your cheeks.

You need to use in your cheeks the same highlighter from the inner corners of your eyes. The contour, on the other hand, should be in darker shades. It will create a balance between your eyes and cheekbone.

  1. Also, make sure you finish your eyeliner using white or light shade.

We suggest the color white for your eyes to look expanded or bigger.

  1. Then, you can work with your under-eye makeup.

Use concealer to remove dark circles and make even surface for your eyeshadow makeup afterwards. To apply, make a thin mark of dark eyeshadow; one-third of the way in and make a line with bright color. It will create your eyes to look bigger.

  1. Opt for the more significant and fluffier brush when applying your eyeshadow.

These brushes will deliver better blending and more subtle finish.

  1. For the crease, create a new one above the original.

Your makeup hooded eyes will have to acquire the best crease. So, prepare two different shades of eyeshadow to create the new wrinkle. Use dark matte eyeshadow, following the shape of your eye socket to your eyelid. Then the lighter shade will go atop of the darker shade. Blend the colors to avoid hard lines in between the tones.

  1. The advantage of hooded eyes is the ideal eye shape for smokey eye makeup fashion.

Sporting this type of makeup to hooded eyes will minimize the look of drooping eyelids. You can also try other makeup looks as long as it will not make you look clownish.

  1. But try to avoid the winged eyeliner makeup look.

The winged eyeliner makeup will easily cover if you have hooded eyes. And worse, it will make your eyes appear more hooded.

  1. Your highlighter should be applied near the arch of your eyebrow.

Keep it away from your hood. If you place it in the hooded area of your eye, you will add more volume. So, makeup hooded eyes have less highlighter.

Minimize your Hooded Eyes with These Wonder Foods

As we grow old, we lose our facial skin’s elasticity, especially around the eyes. Hooded eyes tend to become droopy when we get older. Wearing eye makeup can minimize the droopiness in hooded eyes. Another but the permanent way is through surgery. If you want a better way aside from surgery, then you can lessen the droopiness with natural methods. And what we mean the natural way by using some healthy foods.

Some of the foods you can try are cucumbers, grapes and egg whites. Cucumbers have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on our skin. Many skincare products are using cucumbers as one of the ingredients. Make your cucumber in cold temperature. Sliced it and placed atop of your eyes while it is close. By doing so, it can reduce hooded eyes.

On the other hand, egg whites boost the elasticity of our skin. Apply the egg whites using a cotton swab while your eyes are closed. Doing this daily can make a difference in your hooded eyes less than a week. You will notice a tighter and more lifted appearance.

Also, you can consider some mashed grapes for your face. Using it can have a significant effect on your hooded eyes. If you want to use it as a mask, mash up the inside, excluding the seeds. And you are ready to use it.

You can try other skincare products that will minimize your hooded eyes. For instance, you can use aloe vera eye mask. Another is chamomile tea. The latter is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. You can take a cup of tea or placing the chilled tea bags atop of your closed eyes. Try this daily, and you will see the difference in no time.

Your Style, Your Image

Certainly, makeup hooded eyes can be challenging. The nitty-gritty details in doing it are essential to flaunt your eyes. For people with hooded eyes, the composition is the easiest way to minimize the droop in the hoods, even though it is temporary. But many still don’t know the power and essence of getting enough sleep. It is the most essential in beauty care. It is one of the secrets many should learn to adapt and apply.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger – Your Nitty Gritty for Big Eyelids


How to make your eyes look bigger means to lessen the big appearance and give a more appealing look for your eyes. Reducing the presence of large eyelids without piling too much makeup has been a challenge. But we got you cover with the tricks and finding the nitty-gritty on details of makeup for big eyelids.

How to make your eyes look bigger is creating glamorous and striking eyes with dark shadows and eyeliner instead of painting on a total makeup mess. It is the outcome we want to reduce the appearance of large eyelids without putting too much makeup on your eyes.

If you have big eyelids, it means that you have smaller eyes. Worst, you are always struggling to find the perfect eye makeup for you. Colors, styles and brushes cannot help you if you don’t know how to make your eyes look bigger. Many of the makeup is not looking after the eye shape. But we are on the other side of the coin!

We know that most women, regular women who are not models, have limited knowledge of putting eye makeup if they don’t have the perfect eye shape.

To create a masterpiece, we are giving you the basics of how to make your eyes look bigger and defining the natural shape of your eyes. You will find here the tips and techniques that you can also use for your eye makeup, whatever results you will like.

Making your Small Eyes Bigger

The things you need before starting your makeup session are a liquid primer, eyeshadows in golden-bronze, natural, gray and white shades, eyeliner pencil, brush (eyeshadow and angled brush), eyelash comb and mascara. Just in case you missed some points or go in excess, you can have cotton swabs and makeup remover. You can add other stuff that you think you might need to do this makeup. Take this easy peasy lemon squeezy steps on how to make your eyes look bigger.

Step 1: Primer first before anything else

So, if you have all the things you need, you will start your makeup on how to make your eyes look bigger by putting on the primer. Your primer is essential for your makeup to last longer and avoid smudging and melting on your face after an hour or two.

Step 2: Making the perfect eyebrow

After you’re done with the application of primer, you need to know the shape of your eyebrow. Giving justice to your eyebrow will help in the enhancement of your eye shape. You can start by applying the concealer around the edges of your brows. It will define and sharpen its form. For more accents, you can add a shimmer to highlight the brow. Blend it for a more natural look.

Defined eyebrows – this is one of the answers on how to make your eyes look bigger. When makeup focuses more on the surrounding of the eyes, it will frame up the eye area.

Step 3: Showing off the crease.

When you are done in prepping your eyebrows, make sure that your next move will be on your eyelids. Making your eyes look bigger, you will need to add dimension to your crease. It will make your eyelids smaller. You can use matte, warm brown or light colors to show off your eyes. Try to combine different shades to highlight your crease.

Step 4: Use eyeshadow but make it look natural.

Eyeshadow plays a significant role in fashioning your eyes look bigger. Well, nothing beats eyeshadow makeup. For the enhancement of small eyes, you will need to apply neutral brown or gray powder eyeshadow above the crease of the lid. Then make shadow by depositing in an arc shape. Start in the middle of your eyelid toward the outer corner of the eye. Use the round eyeshadow brush on this one.

Step 5: Highlights the shadow.

For more enhancements of your eyes, you can use the highlights to certain parts of your eyes. Choose light shades, white or ivory eyeshadows, and apply it as the second layer to create highlights. Focus your application at the inner corner and the center of your eyelid, though.

You can also add shimmer at the inner core of your eyes. It will catch the light and give more appearance to your eyes.

Step 6: Use contour to give shape to your large eyelids.

Another game to play on how to make your eyes look bigger is contouring. You can make your eyelids smaller by creating a contour in the area of your crease to the eyelash lines. Make sure you use dark shades for more capable of more modest eyelid appearance. Blend your contour using a fluffy brush to avoid queues and still look natural.

Step 7: Make your eyes visually pop by using a pencil eyeliner.

Bigger eye makeup includes the use of pencil eyeliner; You can choose either light or black shades of eyeliner. But we suggest nude or light shades of waterproof pencil eyeliner. Black will always be versatile with your other makeup. But nude or light shade color can bring out a more substantial appearance to your eye. It will make the whites in your eyes to appear larger. Also, flesh-toned pencil eyeliner can create the illusion of extending the whites in your eyes. It will make your eyes bigger.

Step 8: Doing your eyelashes.

Other than pencil eyeliner, you will need the power of mascara. It is one of the key on how to make your eyes look bigger. Before applying mascara, make sure you use eyelash primer in your eyes. It will make your lashes longer, more volume and alluring.

Then start curling your eyelashes. Do this on both of your eyelashes. Then start the application of your mascara to your lower lashes. Then next will be your top eyelashes.

For a twist, you can also add false eyelashes. It is unnecessary to add the whole package of false eyelashes. Just add in the middle part of your eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger.

Your Beauty Life Hacks for Bigger Eyes

There you have it for the steps on how to make your eyes look bigger. Now, let make it easier for you by highlighting what should be on the top of our list.

What needs to be resolved is always at the center. And this applies when it comes to making your eyes look bigger. The technique in the mascara application is making the coats thicker at the center of your eyelashes. Do this, and you will have bigger and rounder eyes.

Also, make sure that you are not using a mascara wand. This wand can cause the roots of your eyelashes to have more volume than the tips. So, if you want to be successful on how to make your eyes look bigger, keep off the mascara wand while doing this makeup look.

With your eyeliner, pencil eyeliner is not always the key. You can use cream shades of eyeliner. Apply it in the inner core of your eyes to look them bigger. Opt for nude shades of eyeliner to make it subtle and natural.

To make your eyes look bigger, you will need focus at the inner corner of your eyes. You can use highlighter and eyeliner to brighten this part of your eyes. Choose silver or any metallic highlighter to give some shimmery effect. Pair it with the champagne color of eyeliner to have more room in brightening your eyes.

Who would have thought about cat eye makeup can be done only for those who have smaller eyelids eyes? Cat-eye makeup can do the trick on how to make your eyes look bigger. Make sure this makeup can be viewed as a part of your eye. Use dark color on the top eyelids and a thin line under the lower outer corner of eyelashes.

Dos and Don’ts in Making your Eyes Look Bigger

Like other makeup, you have to avoid things that will make your makeup worse. But there are things you will need to achieve the fancy look.

For instance, you will need makeup remover for your eyeshadows if something goes wrong. It goes the same with other makeup you want to do over again. Make sure you use a cotton swab, not a tissue or towel. Gently move the swab over your eyelid to correct any eyeshadow mistakes.

If you want your eyeshadow to brighten and, at the same time, complement your skin tones, you can have metallic shades. Choose from gold or brown metallic shades to fulfill your eye makeup on how to make your eyes look bigger.

On the other hand, keep you dark shades inside your makeup kit. You do not need those shades to make your eyes look bigger. Keep in mind that darker shades can make your eyes look smaller. And lighter shades can make your eyelids to have a subtle and natural effect.

For your eyeliner, you can skip the bottom lids of your eyes if it looks too much. Given that you use false eyelashes, we suggest that apply less eyeliner. You will need to decide where would be the focus – in your eyelashes or eyeliners?

On the other hand, you can choose eyeshadows in lighter shades if you are undecided on the color. The advantage of lighter shadows is that you can add different shades.

Your Style, Your Image

Your Style, Your Image big eye makeupIndeed, making your eyes look bigger is challenging and exciting, yet it is a real transformation in eye makeup. If you want to out of the ordinary, you can do experiments to your makeup.

You can create effects on bigger eyes using double eyeshadow. In doing this, make sure you blend well the eyeshadows for a more natural look. Place the shades correctly, especially when it comes to eyeliners. You can try the ombre technique.

Also, the contouring of your big eyelids will need a bright look. You can have the smokey eye technique, which is perfect for creating a full expression eye makeup. But don’t forget to highlight the contour in your eyes by using the shimmery eyeshadow. Your eye shadows have many tricks. One of those is the lining of your eyes.

Other than that, you can enjoy the transformation of smaller eyes to look bigger eyes. The ideal eye shape that every girl wants to achieve is the appeal of Disney-princesses eye shapes. Sometimes, we find ourselves wishing for a wide-eyed look.

So, you look for means and ways of mastering the techniques on how to make your eyes look bigger. Once you learned all the methods, you can use it to fashion other makeup. Knowing how to do the basics will help you conquer different makeup looks. And the leas thing you need to keep in your mind, you can do experiments to your eye makeup. There are no limitations, right or wrong.

How to Do Smokey Eyes more Appealing – Take it from Here!

How to Do Smokey Eyes

How to do smokey eyes with perfection and glamor? Well, this eye makeup is like creating some style that you might need on an exceptional occasion. However, there are makeup styles that look astonishing on one woman, but it might seem less appealing to others. Perhaps, trying the smokey eye looks will give you some options for your eye makeup. So, we got you covered for that!

How to do smokey eyes need patience and effort to create something attractive despite a little excessive makeup around your eyes. Smokey eyes makeup look is every girl’s dream to learn. This style does not always use heavy makeup. And sometimes, you can do the smokey eye makeup to look natural.

You may be wondering how can you put on the smokey eyes look without making your eye makeup too dark. Likewise, can you imagine an eye makeup that smudges, smears, and transforms into fine lines after just an hour application? Well, there are ways to achieve the look you want for your eyes. But first, let’s start with the basics.

Achieving the Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

There are many smokey eye tutorials, but here we will give you the essential steps on how to do smokey eyes. Then, as you read along, you will have the different smokey eye makeup looks depending on your eye shapes and colors. Of course, wearing the appropriate eye makeup for your eye shape and color is essential to look more glamorous.

Step 1: Do the necessary preparations.

Making the necessary preparation on how to do smokey eyes will keep your makeup last longer. It will also neutralize any redness and discoloration in your eyelids.

During the preparation, you will need an eye primer, concealer, and powder to serve as the base for your makeup.

Use the primer over your eyelids and under your eyes to keep your eyeshadow makeup from budging.

Then, your concealer will do the trick to cover the dark circles and discoloration under your eyes. If not concealed, it can give you a ‘bruised eye’ effect, considering you wear the smokey Iteyes makeup. Choose the creamy concealer and blend enough amount of it under your eyes. The cream is better than the liquid form of concealer for this one since it will not settle into creases of your eyes.

The power of powder in preparation on how to do smokey eyes is one of the professional makeup artists’ secrets. But we will make this secret accessible to everyone. After putting on the concealer, get your translucent powder and a fluffy brush. The powder should complement your skin tone so that it will look natural. Gently tap the brush with powder atop your under-eye area. The dust will catch loose particles as you apply your eye shadow.

Step 2: Apply your eyeshadow.

Your next step on how to do a smokey eye is using your choice of eyeshadow. You will need different shades of eyeshadow, medium to dark tones to have a sexy blending.

First, apply a medium eyeshadow at the top of your upper eyelid up to the crease. Then add a layer of little darker shade of eyeshadow for a more intense look. In the crease area of your eye, smudge it with dark eyeshadow for additional depth in your eyes. Using the small angled brush, apply the eyeshadow along your lower lash line.

There are no mandatory rules in using black color on how to do smokey eyes makeup. You can also try other hues to give you elegant and hot eye makeup. Try gray, navy, brown, or forest green for a chic look.

Step 3: Smudge the lines.

Looking natural is essential on how to do smokey eye makeup. So, solid lines are unnecessary in any makeup. To avoid this, use a smudger brush to buff the shadow into your eyes creases. Move the brush from left to right and vice versa until you blend enough lines. Do the same under your lower lid.

Step 4: Define your eyes.

After smoking out the lines, it is time that you need to define your eyes. Use an eye pencil or gel liner with a deep color to highlight your lash lines. We suggest a waterproof eye pencil on this one. Make sure that there are no visible skins in between the lashes. Gently pull under-eye skin downward to cover every detail of the lash lines. Do the same to your upper eyelid by pushing up the upper eye skin.

Step 5: Highlight your eyes with its best feature.

The perfect approach on how to do smokey eye makeup includes highlighting your eyes and making it attractive at the same time. Your eye makeup should complement the shape and color of your eyes. To make your eyes visible from the smokey eyeshadow, put some shimmery highlighter along your brow bone and inner corner of your eyes. Blend the shimmers while doing this.

Step 6: Complete your eyelashes with curls and coats.

When you are done with your eyeshadow, your next stop is your eyelashes. You want to know the secret in perfecting the curls of your eyelashes. Slightly heat your curler with a blow dryer, which will make your curls last longer. Then gently clamp to your lashes and hold for three seconds. Repeat this until the ends of your eyelashes.

When you are satisfied with the curl, cover your eyelashes with mascara. Apply black mascara up to four times for more volume and lengthening effect.

It is how to do smokey eye makeup, from preparation to mascara application.

Dos and Don’ts on Smokey Eye Makeup

To achieve a luscious and glamorous smokey eye makeup, here are the best tips for you.

  1. You can always use other colors than black. Opt for a white pencil to rim your waterline. It will make your eyes look more dazzling.
  2. One thing that remains on how to do smokey eyes is making your eyeshadow rules over other makeup. When you wear smokey eyes makeup, be sure to have a lighter shade on your cheeks and lips, and have minimal use of bronzer and highlighter. Otherwise, your overall makeup will look like a disaster. Have you imagined it already?
  3. How to do smokey eyes makeup without the impression of overdoing it? Just a simple reminder, conceal the under-eye circles and make sure you only use gray shades of eyeshadow. Avoid using the darkest shades.
  4. You know what we are talking about here is that your eyeshadow color should complement your blusher. Not exactly the same colors, but you can play your makeup given as long as you choose the shades within the same color wheel. Every color has different shades.
  5. Eyeliner can easily be put on if you know the trick. A simple rule with your eyeliner is to start a little line then work it until way up to your eyes.

Picking the Right Smokey Eyes for your Eyes Shapes

Eyes makeup comes with different styles, depending on the shape of your eye. Since each eye shape is unique, smokey eyes makeup will be different.

For instance, asymmetrical eyes need dark eye shadow closer to the eyebrows and toward the crease. It will create a look visually broad, and it will be like lifting the eyes.

Another shape is close-set eyes. You will need a trick that can make the eyes expanded. The technique will be a transition from light to dark shades. You will need to blend it, starting from the inner corners of the eyes, going to the endpoint area of your brows. You can use shimmering makeup for a more exciting look. Then, put some black lines to your eyelid.

If you have far-set eyes, then you want to take advantage of the full makeup. Using a silver cream eye shadow to your upper eyelids and blending it over the fold with a bronze. The silver shade created the spectacular smokey eyes for this eye shape.

But, if you have small eyes, well, you need a smokey eye makeup that will make your eyes a bit bigger. Repeat the smooth transition from the lightest shades from the inner corner of your eyes up to darker shades to the outer edge of your eyes. Once you are done with your eye shadow, leave your lower eyelids as it is. Putting some makeup under your eyes will make your eyes smaller.

On the other hand, almond-like eye shapes will be in the prettiest form if you know the trick in using glitters and shimmer to smokey eye makeup. Apply glittering eye shadow to the upper eyelid and shimmering ones to lower eyelids with the use of an angled brush — then apply bronzer to crease for new dept to your eyes.

Quick Tips on How to Do Smokey Eyes Makeup Using the Best Color to your Eyes

Smokey Eyes Makeup Using the Best Color to your Eyes

Of course, like other makeup styles, you will consider the color of your eyes when it comes to putting smokey eyes looks.

  1. Blue eyes – Start using brown and bronzer to highlight your eyes. Avoid using black or silver eye shadow.
  2. Green eyes – The shades of chocolate and brown sugar will look amazing.
  3. Brown eyes – You can ace on how to do smokey eyes for this eyes color if you will use the black and gold eye makeup.
  4. Grey eyes – Try gold, brown, grey, and blue eyeshadow if you want to work on your grey eyes.

Your Style, Your Image

Indeed, doing the smokey eyes makeup can make a more significant difference to your looks. How to do a smokey eye depends on what makes you feel confident. Keep in mind that whatever makeup you wear, it will express your personality. And that is the importance of knowing what makeup fits you best.

Eyeshadow Ideas, Using Shadow to Reveal the Beauty of your Eyes


Eyeshadow ideas are makeup styles that give volume to your eyes. When correctly applied, it provides a noticeable transformation look to your eyes. This eye makeup is what you need to achieve that gorgeous and glamorous looks!

Eyeshadow ideas can be your advantage in many ways! You can start by giving depth and dimension to your eyes. The unique eyeshadow makeup you are wearing, the more that you will draw attention to your eyes.

Are you having second thoughts of using new eyeshadow ideas? Well, you can start in simple eyeshadow looks. There are many eyeshadow ideas that you might want to try. Once you can do it correctly, every eye makeup for you will be more natural to do.

You will enjoy every eyeshadow ideas we are about to provide you here because you can play different eyeshadow colors with it. You can have it from gold to brown to copper to colored eyeshadow hues.

Using Neutral Eyeshadow Colors

Neutral Eyeshadow Colors

Now, you can use the brown and gold eyeshadow colors to realize different eyeshadow ideas. Grab your makeup palette and eyeshadow brushes and let’s bring to life the best eyeshadow ideas for any occasion.

Soft Eyeshadow Makeup

This eyeshadow idea can make your eye makeup subtle but with a festive outcome. With the blending of brown and gold eyeshadow, you can add some volume to your eyes.

Gold Festive Eyes

Using winged eyeliner, you can upgrade this by adding gold eyeshadow color. This eyeshadow will go perfectly with those brown eyes. You will have a bright and youthful look to be exceptionally gorgeous.

Rose Gold Eyes

Another from our eyeshadow idea is using gold shades, but this time you will be using a rose gold eyeshadow color. Use a nude eyeshadow as a base then apply the rose gold color with soft brown eyeshadow. When achieved, you will have a classy look that you can wear during the day as well.

Deep-Gold Winged Eyeshadow

Making your simple winged liner into deep gold winged eyeshadow is a trick you might want to do. Use a brown and gold eyeshadow to achieve this look. Add a little shimmer of brown to highlight the gold eyeshadow.

Black and Silver Smokey Eye

The combination of black and silver can give you the fabulous effect of a smokey eye. This look is perfect for parties or when you are about to have some casual dinner. The secret to achieving this is the proper blending of black and silver eyeshadow colors.

Copper and Gold Eyeshadow Look

Using the three neutral colors, this is one of the eyeshadow ideas that will give you a stunning look. The highlighted color of copper and gold will complement your natural skin color. Use the warmer shade of brown to emphasize the copper color. Blend the colors well, and you can achieve a glamorous look.

Using Different Eyeshadow Colors

A combination of neutral and colored eyeshadows can make another twist to your eyeshadow ideas.

Warm Copper Green Eye Makeup

It is a simple eyeshadow makeup that can define the color of your eyes. In this eye makeup, it will look great for green eyes. But it will also go well if you have dark eyes. Make sure you use the shimmery copper eyeshadow with a nude shade. Blending it well can be the key to achieve this look.

Plum Smokey Eyeshadow

Well, other than green, you can go for light purple shades and plum eyeshadow. If you want your eyeshadow makeup to have some edgy style, use purple colors. It will give more elegance to your smokey effect eyeshadow. It also goes well with any eye color.

Winged Blue Eye Makeup

It is one of the eyeshadow ideas with many colors involved. Use color blue, black, bronze, beige, nude and grey. At first, you will think that putting on this eye makeup is complicated. But the technique is to make it look dull and elegant with the colors to make your winged eyeliner double. These will be your guide to achieve a chic look that can be worn during the day.

Mermaid Eyeshadow

If you love blue shades, then try the mermaid-inspired look eyeshadow. By blending aqua blue eyeshadow to your gold eyeshadow, you can achieve the perfect mermaid eye makeup look. Make sure you will add some coral shimmer for a great summer look for your eyes.

Navy and Purple Smokey Eyeshadow Effect

Using matte shades of your eyeshadow palette can go entirely to make your navy and purple smokey eyeshadow effect. This makeup style can give you a hot and impressive impact. Combining the navy eyeshadow to neutral colors, it will go well with every skin tone and eye color.

Metallic Blue Smokey Eyeshadow Effect

Another one of the eyeshadow ideas is to create smokey eye effects with metallic blue eyeshadow. Blend it with nude eyeshadow to add some natural styles. This look will go perfect when you are out and about to meet some friends and catch up evening events.

Go with Natural Eyeshadow Ideas

If you want the styles as your everyday looks, you want to settle with natural eyeshadow makeup.

Soft Smokey Eyeshadow

Smokey eyeshadow effects are not only for gatherings; you can wear it as your everyday makeup. This eyeshadow makeup can be applied easily. You can also pair it with your nude lips to complete your on-the-go eyeshadow make up.

Simple Day Eyeshadow Look

For your low-key and casual style, use soft peach or light pink eyeshadow to have a subtle effect on your makeup. Add some nude eyeshadow for blending and make it comfortable to wear any time of the day on any occasion.

Natural Eye Makeup

Your Styles, Your Image

Indeed, using various eyeshadow ideas will bring you more than what your eyeshadow makeup can offer. Then, by using different eyeshadow colors, you can achieve different looks. The secret for a natural yet glamorous eyeshadow is the perfect blending of colors. Therefore, you can use different eyeshadow brushes like blending brush and flat brush.

Also, never lose your mascara to complete your eyeshadow makeup for the day.

Make sure you use colors that will complement your skin tone and undertone. Also, you can check our other articles on how to choose colors depending on your skin tone and undertone.

Indeed, these eyeshadow ideas can be your guide for glamorous and exciting eye makeup. If you want to try something new out of it, you can do it as long as you will be confident wearing it. Having a great eye makeup can reflect our personality. So, wear it and be proud of it.

How to Apply Eyeshadow: Quick, Easy Tips to Style like a Pro


How to apply eyeshadow might be a struggle for some of you, and that’s why you found this article. In this article, you will learn the techniques in applying an incredible eyeshadow looks. You will acquire everything you need to know.

How to apply eyeshadow quickly and efficiently techniques can save you time and effort especially when you are always on the go. It needs precision and experience to have the perfect eyeshadow looks for any occasion. We know that not all women have time for doing their own makeup. Most women will go for that simple makeup to reflect their inner beauty.

So, if you are just a beginner now, learning the necessary steps as I put together for you below actually will help you become a professional at the end of this article. Following these tips and step-by-step application with proper use of brush will give you the perfect eyeshadow looks.

Having the right eyeshadows are the key to flaunting the beauty of your eyes. You can have so many different eye expressions and auras, with just your choice of the eyeshadow palette.

How to apply eyeshadow: the basic tips for beginner

Before jumping into a more complex application, the basic tips in doing your own eyeshadow makeups are really the first ones that you need to learn. It will also guide you to perfectly match the style and color of your eyeshadow with your best features and facial frame.

Before we go through the steps in applying the eyeshadow, let us first learn the features of your eyes to get the best eyeshadow makeup. The lid section of your eye is the skin covering near your eyelashes. It has three major parts—the upper lashline, outer corner, and inner corner.

The inner corner is perfect for a light and shimmery shade color to make your eyes expressive. At the outer area, you can have a slick makeup to make your eyes look bigger.  Above of the lid’s section is the contour or crease section, where you blend your eyeshadow evenly. Basically, it is the middle part of your eye. The uppermost portion is the brow bone, where you can put the highlight or lighter shade of your eyeshadow. You can even have the option of applying the eyeshadow in your waterline and lashline area.

And there you have the first step in mastering your eyeshadow makeup. The next thing you need to do is to identify your eye shape.

Identifying your eye shape

Your eyeshadow makeup should complement the size of your eyes. Knowing your eye shape and features are essential in creating the glamorous eyeshadow makeup you’ve always wanted. So, here are the different types of eye shapes and the things you need to remember.

Take note that each eye type needs special attention. For instance, eyes with monolids have no defined creases, but eyes with double lids have visible wrinkles above the lash line when eyes are open. Also, women with hooded eyes have lids and wrinkles that are not visible when eyes are open.

But if you have almond eyes, your corners are aligned with each other. On the other hand, if your eye corners are not equal, then you have upturned or downturned eyes. Slanted eyes have a more rounded outer edge than inner while downturned eyes have smaller outer corner than inner.

In reality, our eyeballs have something to do with our eye shape. When you have deep-eyes, your eyeballs are set back in your eye socket, while it is the opposite with the protruding eyes. You have close-set eyes if your inner corner is close to the bridge of your nose while wide-set eyes’ inner corner is far from the nose.

Your eyeshadow brushes

After figuring out your eye shape, now you need to understand the various characteristics of your eyes. It will aid you in choosing the best eyeshadow brushes to get the perfect eye makeup. Here are some of the eyeshadow brushes and their main uses:

a.       Large eyeshadow brush – ideal for highlighter

b.       Precision eyeshadow brush – use for pigment effect

c.        Blending eyeshadow brush – dissolves sharp edges of two shades by blending one another

d.        Blending tip brush – perfect for smoke-eye effect

e.         Angled liner brush – made for ideal stroke in your waterline

f.         Precision liner brush – use to create detailed makeup in your eyes

g.         Smudger brush – perfect for the eyeliner to dissolve sharp edges.

Just try to remember the purpose of each brush and the best way to use them. You can interchange these brushes but only when you’re already a professional makeup artist. For now, let us focus on the fundamentals.

The type of your eyeshadow

Before making your own eyeshadow looks, always prepare your eyes. The first thing to do is to apply a primer for your eyeshadow makeup to make them stay longer. Next, you can choose what kind of formula you want for your makeup.

For stable and single shades of eyeshadow, you can have a cream formula. It works best with powder eyeshadow. You can have loose eyeshadows if you are ready to work on a messy and tricky application.

However, if you’re still a beginner, we advise you not to use them. The last formula we have is the pressed eyeshadow. Most women are using pressed eyeshadow to avoid messy application. Also, they love the blending power of this formula.

At this point, you may be thinking about what shades of eyeshadow will look best in you. You can choose from various eyeshadow colors as long as it complements your skin and hair color. But if you go for extreme shades to stand out from the rest, that would not be a problem. You have to read the secrets further in the article.

Also, choosing from four shades of eyeshadow will give you a different effect. For lightest shade, it is best to apply a brow bone highlighter. The shade after the lightest is perfect for your lid. However, if you opt for darkest shade, it always goes well with your outer corner. The second darkest color is the best fit for your crease.

Given the proper use of shades, you can have different color palettes. Plus, you can try blending of the duo, trio, quad, and quintets eyeshadow colors. By combining the right color, you can have a glamorous eyeshadow makeup.

You can also try using different color palettes. As mentioned earlier in this article, a standout eyeshadow color is not that a big deal. You can always try more colors that are vibrant. To emphasize the shade of your eyeshadow, you can always add some white liner before you apply your eyeshadow. It will give more excitement to your makeup.

How to apply the eyeshadow: Step by step learning for starters

As a beginner, you are yet to be fully aware and familiarize with the different styles of eyeshadow. In the early part of this article, you learned the basics. In this part, you will learn different step-by-step methods for eyeshadow makeup. You need to apply the right shades of eyeshadow for a more sophisticated and elegant look carefully.

It will not give you the perfect look at your very first try. You will need lots of practice to achieve the looks you desire. As a starter, the brushes, palettes, and the tricks for easy eyes makeup are really everyday lessons to master.

So, let us begin on how to apply the eyeshadow. First, you need to know the occasions for having eyeshadow.

You might consider the season like summer, in which you can have a sunny summer-eye makeup look. The warm shades like gold, copper and bronze usually make a shimmery finish for the summer season.

Eyeshadow for brown eyes is done usually with cut crease eyeshadow. You can have a glittery finish around your eyelids. And this eyeshadow style will make your eyes look brighter and show a dramatic look. By blending it well, you can achieve the perfect form of eyeshadow makeup.

Moreover, small patting and dabbing in the application of your eyeshadow will do the trick. You can also make a light stroke in your composition to distribute it evenly.

If you accidentally make a defined shape, you don’t need to worry. You can blend the sharp edges later and still come up with the perfect style. If you are going to make a style with some effect in your outer area, you can use a hashtag symbol. It will create ideal blending for your eyeshadow makeup.

Your final touch

A more dramatic look can be dangerous in eyeshadow makeup. For instance, one wrong color application will give you Halloween makeup. So if you are unsure with your makeup strategy of colorful shades, you can stick with the natural tones.

You can only have the bright eyeshadow makeup if you have masters the applications with your tools and eyeshadow palettes.

How to apply the eyeshadow: your everyday look

Other than a natural look, you can have different styles for eyeshadow makeup. You don’t need to limit yourself to wearing makeup every day.

Previously, we may be caged in simple look to be sophisticated and elegant. We have limited ourselves to explore and experiment on eye makeups. But that was years ago.

Nowadays we can dare and have more exciting eyeshadow styles but still maintaining our chic and classy look. For example, you can have a shimmery eye, which emphasizes your eyelids. You can use a subtle or pastel color with a little light bronze shade for a more glamorous everyday look.

You can also try the gradient eyeshadow. The blending of makeup with this style is lighter from inner and darker to your outer corner. The secret of this style is the perfect blending where two shades meet.

The cut crease eyeshadow can be a natural makeup if you choose neutral colors and lighter shades. You can define the crease of your eyes by adding one shade before the lighter color; it will give a great look yet casual eyeshadow makeup.

Also, the smokey-eye effect can make a difference if you choose a lighter shade, but this one can perfectly go if you blend your eyeshadows very well. A neat smokey-eye effect shadow makeup can give you a decent look.

How to apply the eyeshadow: 5-minute quick application

If you always have limited time for your look, you can have the easy eyes makeup that demands only five minutes from you. And you can have that stunning look in every impromptu occasion.

Here are some of the makeup styles that you can use for those instant occasions:

Sexy Bronze Smokey Eyes

If you choose to have a sexy bronze smokey eye, follow these steps:

1.      Apply three eyeshadow cream shadows or eyeshadow primer.

2.      Use the darkest shade in your eyelid coverage. The medium shades on the crease and the lightest should go over your brow bone.

3.      Blend the shades evenly until you have a gradient effect.

4.      For sharp edges, make sure that you blend it with powder eyeshadows.

5.      For your lashline, you need to have mixed colors for a perfect smudge look.

6.      You can create a more dramatic look if you make a thin line in your lower lashline.

Shimmery Eyes Effect

Want the eyeshadow makeup with a seductive shimmery effect. Here are the steps to follow:

1.      Put a shimmery whitish-gold powder over your eyelid. The concentration of the dust will go in the inner corner of your eye until at the center of your eyelid.

2.      From the center of your eyelid, apply a shimmery bronze shadow in the direction of the outer corner of your eye.

3.      To have a sexier look, you can make your outer edge a deep brown or black shadow. To achieve this look fully, you can add tips at the end of the shadow.

Mod Smokey Eyes with the touch of the 60s

If you want to have the smoky mod eye and the 60’s look impression. Here are the steps of how you can do it:

1.      Use a brown pencil to draw a line in the outer rim.

2.      Then use a brush to smudge it out to dissolve the line.

3.      Choose a brown shade eyeshadow for the crease of your eye.

4.      Blend it outward for a smoky finish.

How to apply the eyeshadow: using a mineral makeup

After you have learned all about the brushes, styles, and shades of eyeshadow makeup, there is always something unique that you need to know. Especially, when all methods are revealed, you may not be able to decide what to choose.

In this part of the article, you will learn something about mineral makeup. Mineral makeup application does not follow the traditional methods. As a loose eyeshadow makeup, you need to pat a brush on the powder then apply it directly to your eyelid in layers. Go along until you have reached your desired shade.

Afterwards, blend it from inner to outer corner. Make sure that there are no lines in between. If you master this procedure, you can do the foiling technique. Foiling is a unique method in mineral makeup application. Mineral eyeshadow has a different effect when applied in damp form; it has a brilliant and high-sheen effect.

However, how can you achieve a foiled eye effect? First, put some loose eyeshadow mineral makeup in an empty palette or a small container. You can even choose what color to be mixed with water. The mixture should turn into a paste-like form. It should cling to the brush when you dab into it.

Be reminded that the water should only be enough. To achieve a foiled eye effect, you should start from the lashline to the crease area. Make sure you have applied it evenly. To emphasize your crease, prepare another mixture with a different color. Concentrate your application in the crease line. You can also make your lashline more polish by applying a sharp line from end to end. If you want to use another color, let the first color dry up before applying the next shade.

Brief reminder:

Beauty products have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. Therefore, it is recommended to consider using natural and organic makeup. You can also have beauty products that contain hypoallergenic compounds if you insist on applying makeup. Hence, it is crucial that you consult first with your dermatologist for some medical advice before applying any makeup. No one wants to sacrifice the health to look more glamorous.