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Makeup Hooded Eyes that will Flaunt the Beauty of your Eyes


Makeup hooded eyes are essential as the key to get the looks for this type of eye. Learning the tricks and techniques to make your dream eye makeup to your hooded eyes is our top priority in this article. What you will learn can unlock your talent in doing eye makeup.

hooded eyes makeupMakeup hooded eyes are challenging eye makeup. It is your eye fashion that you will invest more time and skills. Because hooded eyes are the types of eyes that got some extra layer of skin drooping over the crease, this is the reason why your eyes seem to look smaller.

What are hooded eyes look like if you apply proper eye makeup techniques? Well, you will be surprised by the transformation. Indeed, makeup can change your eyes in any looks that you want it to become. But the challenge lies on the part where you create some styles using different colors and brushes. As you read along, you will get different eyeshadow and brushes that you will need to makeup hooded eyes.

But wait, there are still more things to know about the makeup hooded eyes. For instance, you have to pay attention to how to identify hooded eyes from monolids. Many have confusion with these two types of eye shapes.

Here are the things you want to know about monolid and hooded eyes shape. With monolids and hooded eyes shape, there are no visible eyelids, and even you open your eyes. But the difference comes with the crease of each eye shape. The monolids project no wrinkle, while hooded eyes have more ridges but lacks depth.

Therefore, the makeup hooded eyes need some techniques to transform your eyes. You will need to focus on the hooded skin, which complicates your eyeshadow looks. Adding some depth in your hooded eyes can make your eyes look bright and expressive.

Creating the Perfect Makeup Hooded Eyes

Previously, women have some issues if they have hooded eyes. But makeup styles evolve to create some techniques for makeup hooded eyes. How to do the trick?

Step 1: Prepare your primer.

The secret of lasting makeup is the base of your makeup. So, do not forget your primer. You can apply primer using your fingertip. Make sure the primer is even and let it dry for a minute, allowing it to be absorbed by your skin.

As for trivia, of all the eye shapes, hooded eyes are more susceptible to smudging and smearing. Given this, you will need a primer as it is essential in your makeup hooded eyes.

Step 2: Prepare your brushes and eyeshadow colors.

After applying your primer, you will need the power brushes for your makeup hooded eyes. Brushes like blending, straight and the standard eyeshadow brush will be your magic tools.

But these tools will be useless if you are not yet decided with your eyeshadow colors. For hooded eyes, you will need to use three kinds of shades with a matte finish—light, medium and dark. Also, you can add a light shimmer color for highlighting. Choosing the right colors to blend mirrors your personality. Hence you can create any eye makeup looks. Some of which can be dramatic and alluring by using different shades of shimmer.

Step 3: Highlight your brow bone

Before putting on shimmer, improve your brow bone using light colors. Settling your brow bone dimension will minimize the hood. Make sure you use light shades of champagne, baby pink, light brown and soft silver. You don’t need your brow bone to be the highlight in your eye makeup. So, light colors or neutral shades will be just beautiful to make your brow bone.

Step 3: Mind your crease, first.

After finishing with your brow bone, create your crease before anything else. However, you cannot use shimmer to your crease. You need matte color to define the crease and minimize the hood in your eyelids. Blend the color in your eyelids. Make sure in the inner corner; you will have to brush upwards. It will make your eyes bigger.

Step 4: Place your shimmer at the inner corners of your eyes.

Where to use your light shimmer makeup? Of course, every composition has its place. For shimmer, you can apply it at the inner corner of your eyes. It should make your eyes look vivid and ageless. But most importantly, the shimmers will balance your hooded eyes. You will need to use pink and pearl color for your shimmer but, again, the color choice is your decision.

Step 5: To your outer corners, opt for dark color eyeshadow.

For the outer corner of your eyes, makeup hooded eyes will need for dark shades of eyeshadow. It will give more definition to your crease, and the depth will be visible. You have to blend it evenly so the lines between two to three shades will not be visible.

Step 6: Make your eyelids well-lit with light shades.

Hooded eyes will need many tricks as much as possible to create a perfect makeup hooded eyes. The secrets are with the inner and outer corners that become visible because of the hood. Then when it comes to eyeliner, you will need a light color to blend-in well to your inner and outer corners, as well as with the shimmer. Putting additional color to your eyelids will make your looks too heavy and overkill.

Step 7: Create certainty with your makeup hooded eyes.

Your finishing-touch to your hooded eyes is your eyelashes. Unlike your brow bone, your eyelashes will use dark shades of mascara. Make sure that you will use smudge-proof mascara to complete your makeup hooded eyes.

Things to Remember

hooded eye minimize your hood

Since you will be dealing more with minimizing the hood and making your eyes more prominent, we are giving you the best of professional tips for makeup hooded eyes. Like other makeup, these tips will give more relaxed time in doing this makeup.

  1. Define your upper eyelid using pencil eyeliner.

Make sure the eyeliner has an excellent point and waterproof. Upper eyelid tends to smudge easily. Thus it’s best to buy waterproof. Also, you need to maintain the line of your eyelids to avoid overrunning the eyeshadow. Otherwise, it will make your eyes smaller.

  1. Keep your eyeliner to your waterline.

Using a waterproof pencil eyeliner, you will achieve a more significant look for your eyes. If you apply it above your waterline, you will use the visible space on your eyelid. By doing so, it will make your eyes smaller.

  1. Follow the three-shade eyeshadow and blend in an upward angle direction.

The use of more than three shades of eyeshadow will need proper blending. So, start your inner eyes for bright color and darker shades to outer corners. Add some medium tones to create a more natural mixture.

  1. Bring attention to your eyes by contouring your cheeks.

You need to use in your cheeks the same highlighter from the inner corners of your eyes. The contour, on the other hand, should be in darker shades. It will create a balance between your eyes and cheekbone.

  1. Also, make sure you finish your eyeliner using white or light shade.

We suggest the color white for your eyes to look expanded or bigger.

  1. Then, you can work with your under-eye makeup.

Use concealer to remove dark circles and make even surface for your eyeshadow makeup afterwards. To apply, make a thin mark of dark eyeshadow; one-third of the way in and make a line with bright color. It will create your eyes to look bigger.

  1. Opt for the more significant and fluffier brush when applying your eyeshadow.

These brushes will deliver better blending and more subtle finish.

  1. For the crease, create a new one above the original.

Your makeup hooded eyes will have to acquire the best crease. So, prepare two different shades of eyeshadow to create the new wrinkle. Use dark matte eyeshadow, following the shape of your eye socket to your eyelid. Then the lighter shade will go atop of the darker shade. Blend the colors to avoid hard lines in between the tones.

  1. The advantage of hooded eyes is the ideal eye shape for smokey eye makeup fashion.

Sporting this type of makeup to hooded eyes will minimize the look of drooping eyelids. You can also try other makeup looks as long as it will not make you look clownish.

  1. But try to avoid the winged eyeliner makeup look.

The winged eyeliner makeup will easily cover if you have hooded eyes. And worse, it will make your eyes appear more hooded.

  1. Your highlighter should be applied near the arch of your eyebrow.

Keep it away from your hood. If you place it in the hooded area of your eye, you will add more volume. So, makeup hooded eyes have less highlighter.

Minimize your Hooded Eyes with These Wonder Foods

As we grow old, we lose our facial skin’s elasticity, especially around the eyes. Hooded eyes tend to become droopy when we get older. Wearing eye makeup can minimize the droopiness in hooded eyes. Another but the permanent way is through surgery. If you want a better way aside from surgery, then you can lessen the droopiness with natural methods. And what we mean the natural way by using some healthy foods.

Some of the foods you can try are cucumbers, grapes and egg whites. Cucumbers have an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on our skin. Many skincare products are using cucumbers as one of the ingredients. Make your cucumber in cold temperature. Sliced it and placed atop of your eyes while it is close. By doing so, it can reduce hooded eyes.

On the other hand, egg whites boost the elasticity of our skin. Apply the egg whites using a cotton swab while your eyes are closed. Doing this daily can make a difference in your hooded eyes less than a week. You will notice a tighter and more lifted appearance.

Also, you can consider some mashed grapes for your face. Using it can have a significant effect on your hooded eyes. If you want to use it as a mask, mash up the inside, excluding the seeds. And you are ready to use it.

You can try other skincare products that will minimize your hooded eyes. For instance, you can use aloe vera eye mask. Another is chamomile tea. The latter is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. You can take a cup of tea or placing the chilled tea bags atop of your closed eyes. Try this daily, and you will see the difference in no time.

Your Style, Your Image

Certainly, makeup hooded eyes can be challenging. The nitty-gritty details in doing it are essential to flaunt your eyes. For people with hooded eyes, the composition is the easiest way to minimize the droop in the hoods, even though it is temporary. But many still don’t know the power and essence of getting enough sleep. It is the most essential in beauty care. It is one of the secrets many should learn to adapt and apply.

Curly Eyelashes – A trendy or just viral eyelash fashion?


Curly eyelashes are not what we think as the natural curl of our eyelashes. If you can see the picture of it, curly eyelashes are not what you imagined, right? You can simply call it like a “puberty eyelashes.”

Curly eyelashes are the latest lash fashion trend of Sofie Petersen. But does it actually become trendy? Makeup artist Petersen is also known as social media influencer who loves to post bizarre makeup trends. And in her latest Instagram post, she created the curly eyelashes.

When I first saw it on her IG, I cannot believe that she actually did it again. Of all her fashion look on eyelashes, the curly eyelashes are a big no-no for me. So, others may think that it is not a trending look for eyelashes after all.

For some, curly eyelashes are Bizzare makeup but not trending. No one tried the look of Peterson because they found it awfully awkward to have. Though maybe some people tried it and afterwards, decided to keep for themselves what do they look with the curly eyelashes. In other words, no sharing even a word through social media.

What does it truly look like?

Well if you have seen it, it will be forever in your mind. We avoid comparing it, but internet spoke of it – curly eyelashes look like pubic hair.

You can see it on the internet or in a person and will notice that both up and down eyelashes look too much curled and seems like a disaster. Imagine you have thick, dark and fully curled eyelashes from upside down, but thankfully it is not natural.

Yes, these curly eyelashes are just extensions. And thankfully, it is! Can you imagine having these eyelashes on your eyes permanently?

Pushing the limits of eye fashion is okay. But with the curly eyelashes, it went a little too far. We don’t blame makeup artists on doing that, but hey some things are meant to keep out the internet. But since it is a bizarre thing, it went viral. But not a trendy makeup fashion and we’re glad it did not go that far.

Curly eyelashes: Trendy vs Viral

Anyway, what is the difference between trendy vs viral?

If something wild happens or out of ordinary ideas that came to your mind and you start posting it on the internet, for sure it will go viral. For instance, these curly eyelashes went viral after Petersen posted it and labelled as “puberty isn’t over.”  Many gave their witty comments, but others leave dismay remarks on it.

Does it go trendy? No one dares to fashion it outside their comfort zone. The beauty of eyelashes comes in with the natural look, the style and length that complement your eyes shape. So wearing the curly eyelashes, it does not make any sense. It is just like putting some random eyelash extensions and never bothers to check if it looks right.

Well, since it is a bizarre fashion, it will just go viral but not trendy after all.

What are your choices for your lashes?

If you want something trendy, you can check other eyelashes makeup. There are sets of eyelashes makeup that suits every eye shape. You don’t need to wear something unusual to go with the fashion trend.

What important is wearing every makeup fashion comfortably? Ditch out the bizarre eyelashes and other makeup fashion. Instead, stick to natural look eyelashes extensions.

What are curly eyelashes?

Additional eye beauty and capturing everyone’s attention – these are what eyelashes for. Lucky are those who born with curly eyelashes. But don’t lose hope for those who got straight eyelashes.

Nowadays, there are techniques on how to curl your lashes. Just with a little curl to enhance and brighten your eyes, you can create something beautiful naturally. If you are unlucky to have short and thin eyelashes, you can opt for eyelashes extensions.

Eyelash extensions come in many shapes, size and length and wearing them follow the same procedure. If you want to have permanent eyelash extension, you will need to be attended by professionals. But if you wish to just an extension for a day, you can wear fake eyelashes and put it by yourself. Just expect to fall it anytime though.

What about eyelash perm?

We understand if you are not into eyelashes extensions or the fake ones. Women disregard wearing eyelash extensions because of the fear of it falling anytime.

So, they try to undergo eyelash perm. Eyelash Perm is a semi-permanent treatment to curl your natural eyelashes upwards. The process makes your eyelashes look much more extended than straight ones. It will make your eyes look attractive.

How to do it: Eyelash perm is not a DIY. You should go to your favorite eyelash salon to do the perming. The procedure for this one will take about 45 minutes. First, your eyelash perm will be coated with adhesive and wrapped around mini foam rollers or equally diminutive heated clips. While holding your eyelashes in the curled position you desire, a perming solution or cream will be applied to your eyelashes. After that, your eyelashes will be covered with rolled-up lashes in a plastic wrap. After five minutes of waiting, they will apply neutralizer and conditioner to your eyelashes. Then you can enjoy your perm eyelashes for three months.

What can we say about curly eyelashes?

Building up confidence or self-esteem to someone is essential. And many depend on the way they dress and how to fashion their makeup.

For eyelashes, you have your choices if you want the curly eyelashes, the bizarre or the natural. Or you want to try the no messy eyelash perm rather than eyelash extension. Which one is for you?

Of course, you are not considering the bizarre curly eyelashes, so we are setting this straight. If you want low maintenance and more natural-looking eyelashes, then eyelash perm is for you.

Since perming is only for long eyelashes, this won’t help those with short eyelashes. Therefore, you have to go with wearing eyelash extension. It can transform your sparse lashes into more voluminous looking eyelashes.

Indeed, eye makeup, which includes your eyelashes need to be seductive yet natural-looking lashes.

Eye Makeup Looks: Define Your Attitude with Sophistication and Elegance


Eye makeup looks define your attitude and express the inner beauty. It is like giving your eyes the fashion statement that will enhance the natural look of your eyes. To know more about the techniques of putting eye makeup, you can read on to get the details.

Eye makeup looks have unique ways that will make our eye looks stand out than the others. You need to know the proper way of doing it. Also, make sure that you have the proper tools and color that will complement your skin tone.

Furthermore, you can achieve the perfect eye makeup looks if you know what style will be best for your eyes’ shape and color. As for beginners, be reminded that each shape, skin tone, and color of your eyes follow some unique rules. These guidelines have set straight the proper way of putting on eye makeup.

Eye makeup looks using eyeliner

For instance, putting on the right eyeliners depend on your skin tone. Make sure you pick the right color of your eyeliner. Like if you have a darker skin tone, you can have darker shades of eyeliner. With light complexions, light browns will do the trick. Other styles come with new eye makeup looks that make the eyeliner stand out against your skin tone. This fashion statement will give you dramatic styles than most conventional looks.

How eyeshadow blends with the different eye color?

Aside from eyeliner, you can play with the eyeshadow to complement your eye color. For hazel eyes, you can have the different eyeshadow looks with shades of lavender, gold, and silver-grey.

So, are you worrying with your brown eyes makeup? If you have brown eyes, you can add hints of gold, pink, grey, purple, and green. On the other hand, if you have darker brown eyes you need to make sure to go with lighter shades. Then, darker tones will complement with light brown eyes. Blue eyes do not need the dark shades of eyeshadow. But the colors of shadows that easily complement with blue eyes are orange, copper, purple, and pink light shades. On the contrary, green eyes can take the color of pink, purple, peach, beige, and dark browns eyeshadow.

The application of loud eyeshadows looks can go well with your eyes if you blend medium and light shades of color. This new shade of eyeshadow can give you a vibrant eye makeup looks.

Makeup can differentiate your eyes with your different skin tones

So, even if you know all the shades for your eye makeup, you can still go wrong if you have no idea what is your real skin tones. Our skin can have a different reaction with makeup. The responses can change the makeup color when applied to our skin.

Therefore, you need to determine your skin tone for you to know the right color combination. Just by looking into your veins, you can decide whether or not you have a warm or cold skin tone.

For cool skin tone, you have bluish veins. The strong and vibrant colors of green, blue, pink, lavender and metallic will complement your cool skin. For warm skin tone, you can have the shades of gold, brown, copper, and green. These shades can give you both natural and stylish look.

Eye makeup can give that powerful look and appearance

But, if you want to have a new eye makeup look, you can use this intense style. It provides a compelling look in your eyes without intimidating others.

You can have dramatic eye makeup by creating a contrasting effect between your black mascara and eyeliners. Adding additional layers of mascara and eyeliners can give you a simple yet slick eye makeup. To add a stronger look, you need to enhance your eyebrows. Make sure that your eyebrows have shape and structure to support your eye makeup look.

Another eye makeup look that can make you more fashionable highlights. Highlights by using glittery shades can make your look more stylish. The highlights should be applied above the crease in your area. Then, make sure to blend the shades.

Techniques to grasp the daunting eye makeup looks

The appropriate blending of colors on your eyes depends on the shape of your eyes. You need to define the shape of your eyes to achieve the perfect eye makeup looks. Also, these makeup tips on how to easily create your eye makeup styles are based on the various eye shapes.

If you have definite defined eye shape, you can apply the following makeup tips to create different designs. The designs will set aside the imperfections you got from this eye shape.

For almond eyes, the weakness comes from the depth and intensity of the eyes. So, if we are giving it some enhancements, make sure that you only stroke once in the top eyelids. You can make the appearance of your eyes more rounded by leaving the outer corner of your eye without makeup.

For round eyes, you can use darker eyeliner to extend your eyelids at the outer corners. You can extend the effect of eyeshadow upward, near your eyebrows. Also, if you will put some shade near below the lower lids, this will create an illusion that makes round eyes more elongated.

Oval shaped eyes can be transformed by using certain make up techniques. You can give more height if you will create a thin line in the outer corner and make it thicken. It will continue towards the inner corners of the eye. If you have small eyes, you can put a line at the bottom eyelashes.

Let us go pink for our eye makeup looks

Given the needs for different eye shapes, there are various techniques on how to put on the right eye makeup style. You have many considerations, but the most important is the color and style.

By knowing the right color and style, you can have the eye makeup look with elegance and sophistication.

So, have you tried the pink makeup looks? You can try different versions of using pink color for eye makeup.

The first version is the pink makeup for everyday wear. Putting a subtle pink eyeshadow across your lids and beyond your crease will give you a natural look with a touch of pink color. You can also add some pink dust effect in your lower eyelash. Just add the lightest shade of pink.

With the second version, you can try the solid pink eye makeup looks. Make sure you properly blend the pink eyeshadow on your eyes. Then, get your favorite dark shade eyeliner and make a stroke in the upper eyelash line. You can have the option if you want to cover all your eyelids. Afterwards, you can see the balance of the dark eyeliner with the dark shades of pink.

You can create the third version of the pink eye makeup. It is a trendy look for eyeshadow. With just a hint of glittery effect and jewel-toned pink, you can transform your eyes with rose gold eyeshadow. This eye makeup look gives you a stand out pink eyeshadow.

The last eye makeup look for pink eyeshadow comes with a hint of violet. You can wear this loud eyeshadow for selected occasions only. With two-toned eye makeup, you’ll have a regular pink eyeshadow then an accent of violet shades. The emphasis should be darker than the overall eyeshadow. Make sure that you blend the two colors properly.

From light to dark shades of eye makeup looks

Blending colors especially with dark hues are the most common mistakes of beauties. Dark shades have an impression of sophistication and elegance. It is the reason why many wanted to have darker shades of eye makeup.

But the problem they always fear is creating even a little mistake in doing the eye makeup with darker shades. Just a slight miscalculation of doing your makeup can result in more significant adjustments in styles and colors of eye makeup.

Therefore, dark eye makeup needs a more precise application, especially those blue makeup looks. Make sure you have all the tools, including a smudge remover, before starting the process. You need to take things slowly while doing your eyeshadow or any eye makeup to lessen the color and style adjustments.

Eye makeup looks excellent in gold

After taking the dark shades of eyeshadow, you can try the gold eye makeup. This eyeshadow color and style is usually what ramp models wear. Some may also try this eye makeup for parties. Wearing this eye makeup will make you stand out. So, you need to wear it correctly. By practicing and learning the techniques in applying the gold eye makeup will do the trick.

Eye makeup looks – Quick tips for day and nighttime

It’s necessary that you can have eye makeup styles that can smoothly go along during daytime and nighttime. As eye makeup looks can transform you in many ways, one of these is to make you noticeable with a look of elegance and sophistication. To have that day and nighttime eye makeup look, below are some techniques.

Tip # 1: Enhance your eyes with dark shades. Make sure it sweeps from eyebrow bones to crease.

Tip # 2: For a beginner, you can have the matte-eye powder beauty products. It is a perfect texture that goes well with any skin type.

Tip # 3: The perfect eyeshadow technique with a single color of eyeshadow can be tricky to apply. Make sure you do the layering many times around the eyelash line. Make blending strokes at the crease to prevent a broken line over time. Proper blending will make the fades naturally.

Tip # 4: Deep-set eyes need only light and natural shadow under the brow bone and at the inner corner of the eye. Use a dark shade of eyeshadow for upper eyelashes.

Tip # 5: Blending is essential in eye makeup looks. For smaller eyes, you need to create an arc of medium-toned color in your eyelid. The creases in smaller eyes are not visible. So, with proper blending, you can have a natural crease.

Tip # 6: With thin eyelids, make sure you apply the lighter first then, the darker shade at the corner of the eyes. In this sequence, you can have a more dramatic effect.


Tip # 7: Prepare the eyelids with a concealer or based primer before applying the eyeshadow. It will hold the makeup longer. Also, it will give you a smooth texture before putting on the eye shadow.

Tip # 8: Make use of the concealer to maintain the brightness and lessen the puffy-eyes and dark circles under the eye area.


Tip # 9: Hold the mascara wand and stroke back and forth with a little wiggling of the mascara. The application should start from the roots towards tips, to create illusions for lengthy eyelashes,

Tip # 10: Make sure that you put some black mascara. It gives shape to your eyelashes and defines your eyes.

Tip # 11: If you have short eyelashes, you can try to use false eyelashes. However, you need to have individual false eyelashes with that full fringe. False individual eyelashes are more natural looking.

Tip # 12: Simple and natural eye makeup looks have been the favorite of many. Natural shades are always on the go on any occasion if you opt to use darker shadows. But, with the natural look, you can add two coats of dark mascara.

Brief reminder:

Beauty products have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. Make sure that you will consider natural and organic makeup. You can also have those beauty products that contain hypoallergenic compounds if you insist on using makeup. But, the most important that you need to do is to consult first your dermatologist for some medical advice. No one wants to sacrifice your health just to look more glamorous.