Oily Hair Treatment – Effective and Harmless Greasy Hair Management


Oily hair treatment and style can be done at home, just like other hair remedies. However, if your hair is oily, it is wise to find out the reasons for getting oily hair before doing anything.

The oily hair treatment should be determined after finding the causes of getting excess oil on your scalp. And with too much oil in your scalp, it is not very pleasant. Often, many women, who have this issue, think about how they can live with that? Maybe you too have the same question – why is my hair oily?


Most women have excessive oil production sometimes. And when it does, it is a puzzle to manage the oily hair. 

Another term we have got for oily hair is greasy hair. The greasy hair results from excessive oil, which occurs when our oil glands become proactive in producing oil. Well, oil in our scalp is essential to keep our hair dehydrated. But the result of too much oil is the greasy hair.

Why is this happening? In some cases, this is caused by hormonal imbalance or as a result of daily beauty routine. Washing of the hair and types of hair products being used can be one reason why oily hair exists. 

Yes, it is possible that even styling the hair can affect the texture and oiliness of the hair.

Best Tips for Oily Hair Treatment

Choose the right conditioner.

Oily-Hair-Treatment-Effective-and-Harmless-Greasy-03Since oily hair is a result of excessive sebum, it’s crucial to use the right conditioner for oily hair. Conditioner is vital for hair to have proper hydration and nourishment. It also gives protection to hair that cannot provide by only applying shampoo.

To choose the right conditioner as an oily hair treatment, I suggest looking for customizable formulas according to your hair type. When applying conditioner, make sure that you will only put at the ends of the hair. Skip the part of using it on your entire scalp. Thoroughly washing it after is another way to rinse out completely the shampoo and conditioner to your scalp.

Skip regular washing of hair.

Washing the hair too often so that the oil can be washed away is a myth for oily hair treatment. Scientifically, when you wash your hair too often, you are stripping the hair’s natural sebum. And the natural reaction of your body is to replace the oil, which sometimes leads to an overproduction of sebum. 

To resolve this issue with oily hair, skip the shampoo once or twice a week. It may help your scalp to produce less oil. But do not expect that the result can be seen overnight. Give your scalp a couple of weeks to rebalance the oil production.

Find the right brush for your hair.

Oily-Hair-Treatment-Effective-and-Harmless-Greasy-04Boar bristles brushes are a good option for oily hair. Therefore, if you want to get even with your scalp, start using this kind of hairbrush. It is not a myth that brushing hair can distribute the oil in your scalp. This brush can do the job. It helps in picking up and distribution of natural oil throughout the hair. But make sure you only brush enough so it will not stimulate oil production. Well, finding the right balance is essential with every oily hair treatment. 

Try using dry shampoo.

As an option for oily scalp, you can replace regular shampoo with dry shampoo. It can lessen the greasy of the hair, which will give your hair more volume. It can lift your hair from the oily roots. Just a tip, skip the shampoo or conditioner with shine-enhancing or anti-frizz. Hair products with these ingredients can add oil to your scalp.

Keep your hands off to your hair.

Wf4vauFqlI3gqAlmost all are guilty of doing this. Touching your hair too often can affect the look and feel of your hair. Did you know that your fingertips can also produce oil? And when you touch your hair, the oil can be transferred from your fingertips to your hair.  

Schedule a scalp scrub.

Oily hair treatment cannot be achieved alone by choosing the shampoo and conditioner. You can do a scalp scrub to exfoliate bacteria that get deeper into the roots of the hair. Look for hair scrub with sufficient grounds, same with the texture of the sugar. Then apply to wet scalp. Use small and circular motions with the tips of your fingers. Gently massage to exfoliate. The scalp exfoliation is the same as the facial exfoliant. 

If you have a hard time finding the exfoliation products, you can do a homemade oily hair treatment—mix two tablespoons of sea salt, lemon juice, and olive oil. The salt will help get rid of dead skin on your scalp. The olive oil, on the other hand, can help provide a healthy dose of hydration. 

Fashionable Hair Style for Oily Hair

Having oily hair can be treated. And it can be styled in different ways. It can be challenging, but you can find below the handful style for oily hair.

The Bobby-Pinned Side Parts

This style of oily hair is best for people with short haircuts. With this style, you can have a smooth and sleek look with a combination of blow-drying, which can be the best solution. The heat from blow-drying will add volume to your hair. Use a round brush going up when blow-drying. Move it forward on the heavier side of the part for volume. Then pull the hair on the smaller section backward while blow-drying. In this way, you can easily slick back the portion of the hair.

For the sleeker side, you can use a curling iron on the bigger side so you can have the extra definition. And gab the bobby pins and begin putting it to your hair in various directions. Make sure you put some pins behind the ear on the slicked-back side.

Low-Braided Bun

Oily-Hair-Treatment-Effective-and-Harmless-Greasy-05Another hairstyle for oily hair is the low-braided bun. This classic hairstyle needs to use a texturizing spray to have a soft and matte finish since the hair is oily.

To style your hair, brush the hair into a low ponytail while spraying it with flexible hold hairspray. It will tame flyaways as well. Then braid the length of the hair, starting at the nape of the neck and wind clockwise into a bun. After that, tuck the bottom of the braid into the center of the bun. You can pull the brain in different sections of the braid before and after wrapping to create extra volume. Use bobby pins to hold the hair that is missed by the bun.

Natural Curls

Natural curly hair is the best style for oily hair. However, you should make sure that adding volume in it will not be missed. Use a conditioning mist to make your hair more reactive. It is essential for natural hair so that it will be less greasy.


23gtvauFqlI3gqYes, you can still use this hairstyle. The accessorized ponytails are the most straightforward style for oily hair. Make sure that you will create the defined part down the middle of the style. It will feel more polished than it would if you combed the hair straight back.

Use a smoothing brush to gather hair into a low ponytail. The hairline’s hair is hard to control, so apply a small amount of gel before brushing. Use a dry shampoo if you will find your front-facing hair too oily.

Aside from hairpins, you can use the headband to accessorized your ponytails. Too boring hairstyles will a tiring look. The base of the ponytail can be tied with ribbon around it.

Sharing My Thoughts

Getting an oily hair treatment can be bothersome for many, so some women just let it be and not be conscious. But treating oily hair can be done in many simple ways at home and without using harmful chemicals and solving greasy problems.

Hair Care at Home – Worst Things to Avoid that Can Ruin your Hair


Hair care at home is a real challenge, and you will be surprised if you are making one of the common mistakes of many. Top hairstylists uncover the underlying reasons why women are encountering the same problems. Maybe it is time to learn hair care at home for lesser hassles.

Hair care at home can be a try and error for many by using products endorsed online or from a friend. But what is the real deal when it comes to hair care at home is doing some “techniques” that ruined your hair.


There are many false tips for hair care at home. I have tried some of these so-called techniques, and no wonder it has no effects on my hair. Because the thing is, hair care at home can be a cause of hair damage if not correctly done.

Here, I will be discussing the different mistakes to achieve most straightforwardly in our hair care at home. In my case, I have avoided these, and surprisingly my hair ends up beautifully. I maintained my healthy hair by avoiding the following.

Common Mistakes for Hair Care at Home

NOT Washing your Hair THOROUGHLY

Washing hair too often is not a problem when we realized that our scalp has issues. Cleansing is essential to our hair care at home. Like our skin, washing our hair should be thorough. Experts warn that the scalp can be congested with excessive oil, which attracts more dirt and debris. It can result in a foul smell, itchy, and irritated scalp.

The real deal for natural shine and conditioning is using dry shampoo and oil in between shampoos while washing your hair. It is my beauty routine for my hair care at home.

Rinsing your Hair with STEAMING HOT WATER

Hot water can also cause our hair to dry. It is incredibly damaging when you use hot water in rinsing your hair. Imagine using flat irons and hair dryers; the same goes when using warm water.

Instead, use lukewarm water when rinsing out shampoo. Then use cold water after you condition your hair. It will add shine to your hair.


A month ago, before the quarantine, I colored my hair and paid a visit to my salon once a week to have my colored hair treated. But going to a salon is a bit impossible for now, so I began looking for some remedies. DIY hair care at home is my first option. But it does not affect.

Looking carefully, I came across with a color-safe shampoo. Reading about this shampoo, I realized that I am making mistakes for my colored hair. So I started using color-safe shampoo as my hair care at home. Also, I add hydrating shampoo to gently cleanse my hair without losing the color of my hair. Plus, it gives moisture to my hair.

TOO MUCH Conditioner

woman-applying-conditioner-on-hair 10200Our hair needs conditioning. But too much of it can make the roots of our hair to produce excessive oil. Primarily, you are applying too much conditioner to your scalp.

For this one, you just need to apply more conditioner to your hair, 2 inches from the scalp. Make sure the conditioner depends on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair. Like other beauty routines, too much can overdose your body, and results cannot be achieved.

NOT Brushing your Hair BEFORE Wetting

Brushing your hair before getting a shower should not be forgetting. If you do this, you will make your wet hair easy to comb and to avoid tangles.

Tangled hair is the common problem of women after wetting their hair. To avoid, you should brush it before wetting your hair. You will see that your hair can be brush easily and no more tangled hair.

USING a BATH TOWEL to Dry your Hair

Hair-Care-at-Home-Worst-Things-to-Avoid-02A common mistake indeed is drying your hair with a bath towel. Immediately after taking a shower, you will use your bath towel to dry your hair. It is a common practice that needs to change.

Instead, I used a towel turban and made sure not to twist it aggressively. Make sure a comfortable way of tousling it. But you have the option to let your hair air-dry as I am doing this some times.

ALWAYS Ponytail-ing your Hair

Haircare at home includes styling your hair. Everyday hairstyles at home are ponytail and bun. It is the easiest way to tame your hair at home. No one can stop you, and it looks sexy, though.

But did you consider applying a serum or leave-in treatment before you do this? Like other ladies, I do these hairstyles at home. But of course, I used a serum when I observed my hair getting damaged after a few days of a ponytail. It is a habit that I cannot avoid, so instead of skipping it, I look for remedies to consider as hair care at home.

Using the Wrong Brush

Like makeup, hairbrush has different styles and use. If you are a keen observer, you will notice at a salon that your hairstylist is using a different hairbrush to style your hair correctly. These hair brushes depend on hair textures, the styles, and procedures of hairstyling.

For instance, natural boar bristle brushes are best for curly and straight hair. Paddle brushes, on the other hand, are used for straight hair of all lengths and ideal for day to day brushing. See the difference? Did you have the right brush for your hair?

TOO MUCH Dry Shampoo

applying dry shampoo 121Using dry shampoo is one of my favorites. But little did I know that using it too often and applying too much can have a build-up of oil in my scalp.

I almost forgot that dry shampoo does not require wetting my hair, so it means that oil and dirt are not washed away from my scalp, leaving my hair with impurities. It can lead to hair loss and a lesser chance for hair growth.

Therefore, try to wet your hair alternately in using dry shampoo. When using a dry shampoo, massage your scalp with your fingertips to loosen the oil build-up. Then use a hairbrush; preferable, the paddle brush distributes the natural oil through your strands.

TOO OFTEN Hair Coloring and Highlighting

Take a break – this is my mantra when using hair color and highlights. Obviously, when applying hair dyes, your hair is getting damaged. Some chemicals can cause damage to your hair.

But I learned that there are other ways on how to style my hair without adding color and highlights. I am talking about hair extensions. A bit extensive, but this will surely lessen your hair exposure to chemicals. But this can do the trick of transforming your tresses, adding dimension without using hair dyes. Is it amazing?

PRECAUTION before Using a Hot Tool

The heatshield is vital in any beauty care at home, may it for skin or hair care at home. Though you are not getting exposure direct in the sun, the hair can be exposed from hair iron and blow dryer.

So before using these kinds of stuff, you should apply a heat protector. Like what I did to my hair, I used a serum to protect my hair from damage of hairstyling.



Hair care at home should be like what you are doing with your skin and face. Adequate attention to your hair is essential as well, so a way to take care of your hair masking your hair before any activity.

Hair masking can be done once a week or if needed. Your hair is too damaged; then you can do a hair masking regularly. It will bring back the health of your hair. An hour before the shower is the ideal time to mask your hair.

Sharing My Thoughts

Indeed, hair care at home is one of the beauty routines that I cannot let go after learning the mistakes I am doing to my hair. Since then, I make sure that I follow the simple rules in taking care of my hair. Learning how to take care of hair at home on my own is a skill that I am proud of. Because no one can take good care of our hair, but ourselves.