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Hydration Drink: Getting Yourself Hydrated in Healthy Way


Hydration drink is what most athletes need when they do their athletic performance. Aside from athletes, ordinary individuals also need drinks that will fuel their bodies.

Hydration drink, besides water, can be a great help to our overall health. But hydration drink is far different from an energy drink. Hydration drink is essential than an energy drink. Why?

Hydration drink Getting hydrated with water

Getting hydrated with water is the primary choice of many. But others opt for hydration drink, which they feel that they get more hydrated than drinking water.

There are many choices of hydration drink. But we suggest refraining from buying those ready-made drinks. The substance contained in such hydration drinks can result in serious health problems of your kidneys and liver.

How will you tell if you are hydrated or not?

There are signs that your body is hydrated or not. You can easily observe that your skin is dry, and your lips are cracked. Another sign is also your eyes are getting dry. Therefore, when you see one of these signs for a long time, you may need to consider some hydration drink to keep you up and to move.

So what should you drink?

Unknowingly, we drink different beverages, and some of it is helping our body to be hydrated all the time. So, we will provide you with some of the hydration drink ideas that you can prepare at home. And bring it to your office work or at the gym during and after your workout.

According to the study, hydration drinks maintain the balance of salt in our body and create enough fluids to be retained in our collection for the most extended duration of time.

lemon waterWater Mixture

The most effective hydration drinks that will not have adverse effects in your body are a home-made formula. You can start from lemon, cucumber, herbs, aloe vera and chia. These are the main ingredients of our natural made hydration drinks.

Lemon has been a universal ingredient when it comes to healthy foods and even for good housekeeping. To achieve the excellent effect of lemon as a hydration drink, you will need to mix two pieces of lemons and a pinch of rock salt in a glass of water. Other than getting hydrated, lemon water is a good source of vitamin C.

Next is cucumber, which contains approximately 90% water, considering that it is one of the vegetable juices. Compared to fruit juices, cucumber juice can get you more hydrated. It debunks the orange and beetroot juices that have been identified with more concentrated sugar.

Teas from herbs are one of your options if you are looking for a homemade hydration drink. The best choices you can have are hibiscus, rose or chamomile tea. These are great during cold weather like winter, and it can make your mind and nerves relax.

Moving on, one of the secrets for all-natural hydration drink is using chia seeds. The characteristic of chia seeds has been an excellent way to use it as a hydration drink. Chia seeds absorb more water, which makes your body to cool. That is why chia water is one of the choices to beat the summer heat.

Milkmilk can retain a third of the fluid that our body consumed for two hours.

If you are not with a water mixture, you can buy some hydration drink in many forms. The first one is milk. You can have it skim or whole milk, and it is the top choice for hydration drink. But what is in milk?

All excellent and natural blend of sodium, carbohydrates and protein makes the milk to counter dehydration. In short, milk can retain a third of the fluid that our body consumed for two hours.

tea and coffee provides more health benefits.Tea and Coffee

Both tea and coffee have caffeine, but this is not a problem. As per the study about the effects of tea and coffee, it has been discovered that tea and coffee have no direct impact on dehydration. Instead, tea and coffee provide more health benefits.


juice is great for hydration

What about juice? Earlier, we discussed that vegetable juice is better than fruit juice. But when it comes to water content, both have a significant percentage of 90-100%. Some of the liquid that can keep you hydrated at any time of the day is orange, lemon, tart cherry and beetroot. Try some of these and tell the difference between your experience before and after.

What you need to do when there is too much dehydration?


You cannot avoid the times that you are dehydrated after your workout, athletic performance, or when you experienced diarrhea. It happens when you are super active, and you need to monitor electrolytes in your body by drinking a hydration drink.

In times like this, when your electrolytes are its lowest level, hydration drink oral solution is your only rescue.

Unbelievable Facts about Hydration Drink

Hydration drink is not solely can be found in water mixture, juices or coconut drink. Studies are proving that some beverages have properties to counter dehydration.

For instance, you can have a bottle of beer as a hydration drink. However, look carefully into labels and make sure that it only has 2.3% alcohol content. Higher than that can weaken your body in recovery and rehydration.

Another fact about hydration drinks can be found in sports drinks. One thing unusual about sports drink is that it contains sodium and carbohydrates. These two primary components of sports drinks are good factors to hydrate your body. At the same time, it also boosts your performance and fueled energy to your body.

When you see a bottle of sparkling water, did you wonder what the use of sparkles in the water is? The sparkles show the carbon content in the stream. The carbon found in sparkling water is calorie-free. Therefore it is a harmless hydration drink. It is an excellent way to keep your bad habit of drinking sodas at bay. Though you have the option of getting diet sodas, still, you are not hydrating yourself. Sodas can worsen your dehydration and at the same time, increase the chance of your kidney to get damage.

Our Advice

Hydration drink, aside from water, should only be done when you feel too fatigued. If you feel thirsty, water is just enough to replenish the lost water in your body. It is not necessary to get yourself a drink, especially beers, sodas or sports drinks. Opt for hydration drinks that have all-natural ingredients.

Slow Metabolism? Avoid These Habits to Speed Up your Metabolism


Metabolism of our body is one of the keys to losing weight. However, we don’t think metabolism as one of the critical factors. Instead, we focus more on the food we eat and the exercise we need. How about understanding what really metabolism is?

what really metabolism is?Metabolism defines our body’s capability to burn calories. It is the process your food has to convert into energy by your body. So, even we had the proper exercises, we must speed up our metabolism. Also, if we eat healthy food and the right amount of calories, our metabolism should be working at pace with our diet meal plan.

And now, you are asking how to know if you have working metabolism. Well for sure everyone has done things unrightfully that may give a negative effect on our metabolism.

For instance, there are habits that we need to start avoiding if we want to speed up our metabolism.

What could go wrong?

Here we list down the things you have to refrain from doing.

things you have to refrain from doing.

  1. You are keeping less than 4 hours interval when eating your meals.

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. And eating it nearly to your lunch is not an excellent way to maintain your metabolism. So when is the time to eat your breakfast? To boost your metabolism; breakfast should be consumed within an hour after waking up.

  1. Less protein and more carbohydrates.

And don’t forget the importance of protein in your meal, especially during breakfast. Your first meal of the day is crucial. What you eat after waking up is your key to boost metabolism. So, eating protein rather than carbohydrates can give your body enough energy for the rest of the day. Also, diet meal plan with higher protein content can help you reduce body fats and making you leaner body mass. It is one way to boost metabolism.

  1. No coffee in your body.

Who said that coffee could make you gain more weight? According to the study, drinking coffee for at least 3 – 5 cups a day is right for your health. This study overshadowed the belief that drinking coffee can increase specific health issues like diabetes, heart and brain diseases. So let us take it from experts. Drinking coffee its purest form is the best way. Keep away sugar syrup and creamer if you are drinking coffee.

  1. You are drinking less than 6 – 10 glass of water.

Water is essential to our body. Without it, our internal organs, especially our kidneys, will suffer. So, how about our metabolism? Since our body needs to convert food into energy, the main ingredient in this process is water. Imagine if you don’t drink water. You may have less power to perform your daily routine. Therefore, you cannot burn calories which may result to gain weight.

  1. You are not eating to lose weight.

Losing weight is the undying challenge in our body. But doing a diet in a wrong way is making your body suffer more. Let us get into more details. When you cut eating the healthy meal plan like calories, fibers and carbs, you are making your body to cling tighter to your body fats. Well, of course, body fats can be a source of energy. But skipping your meals to compensate for the idea that not eating is equivalent to lose weight is a myth. So, what you need to do is to eat the right amount of food. In your meal plan, include healthy foods in the right portion. If you are getting hungry quickly, try to munch a small amount but well-balanced meals in your day. But don’t forget the intervals of 3 – 4 hours for each meal.

  1. You have a sedentary lifestyle.

Of course, you have to consider and take your workouts seriously. If you have no time going to the gym, you can do simple exercises like walking, running, jogging or yoga. These simple exercises can help your body to be relief from a whole day of sitting in your work station. Activity is one of the best ways to speed up your metabolism. You don’t need to do high-intensity training. Just doing some workouts for your muscles can help your metabolism boost. You know that when you are doing exercises, your heart and lungs are working together to burn calories in your body.

  1. Sinking yourself to more stress

Getting yourself in a stressful situation is your choice. So, make it sure that you have two options in every case – to be stress or not. However, if you really cannot avoid a stressful situation, watch out for the food intake you are about going to eat. According to the study, stress hormones stimulate your appetite to look and eat comfort foods, which are foods with sugar-filled treats. How to control stress? Some foods can help you lower stress hormones. You may need to opt for fruits and nuts that can help you lower stress.

  1. You are sleeping for less than 8 hours.

Ditch out your excuses in sleeping less than 8 hours. Why? This habit should be stopped, especially when you reached the age of ’30s and above. Other than it can trigger some health problems, it can also slow down your metabolism. As we age, our metabolism becomes slow and to prevent this from getting worse; you will need to sleep at least 8 hours daily. Sleep loss is one of the problems that lead our body to have an increase in blood sugar levels and hypertension. With healthy meals and enough sleep, your metabolism can speed up even if you are in the 30s and above.

boost_metabolismOur Simple Ways to Speed your Metabolism

Though we have mentioned what you need to avoid slowing down your metabolism, we still have our pockets full of secrets to speed up your metabolism.

For instance, early waking up is one way to boost your metabolism. While you have enough sleep, waking up early and eating breakfast is a significant impact on your metabolism. If you wake up early, you will have enough time to prepare before going out and start your day.

Since food is one of the reasons for our metabolism and overall health, you can consider eating spicy foods. Spicy foods like jalapenos, chili peppers and hot spices can increase your temperature. Therefore, you are eating for your metabolism to be specific. According to experts, eating spicy foods can increase your feelings of satiety.

Other than spicy, you can count on calcium. Calcium is one of the essential minerals that can boost your metabolism. The combination high-calcium, low-calorie diet can make you lose weight. It is not a myth. Scientific studies have recorded it.

So have no fear and watch out for metabolism to speed up afterwards.

Coffee Mends the Broken Heart and Gives Life Some Meaning


Coffee, aside from it is the world’s most popular beverages, has impressive health benefits. Ditch out the ancient beliefs that coffee affects your health negatively. Instead, consider a cup of coffee daily for more energy!

Coffee, in a recent study, is considered as the healthiest beverages around the world. In a recent survey, it shows that drinking coffee provides our body with enough amounts of antioxidants. Coffee drinkers show signs of having a lower risk of several serious diseases. Given this, drinking becomes a habit of many.

Like other foods, eating in moderation is the best key to become healthy. In other words, food intake should be according to the recommended daily serving. For instance, drinking coffee has different servings, which depend on the amount of caffeine it has.

Coffee Mends the Broken Heart and Gives Life Some Meaning

Yes, coffee contains caffeine, and with that, we need to know how many cups you can drink in a day. The amount of caffeine intake of an individual depends on your gender and age. For instance, women can only drink an average of four cups in a day. It will be equivalent to 400 milligrams of caffeine. Take note that a proportion of the 8-ounce cup has 95 milligrams. But, caffeine intake for pregnant or breastfeeding, the rules are not the same. We cannot suggest because the consumption of caffeine for pregnant or breastfeeding depends on the diet.

While others have a natural barrier for caffeine, and that is why they are called caffeine tolerant. It is because our body has different reactions against caffeine, and that is why following the recommended intake of caffeine daily is significant.

Too much caffeine in our body can result in some health problems. And this is why it has been associated with different health issues. But thanks to further research that disapprove the claims related to some ailments, especially when it comes to hearth health.

Why is coffee good for our heart?

Why is coffee good for our heart?

Previous studies concluded that coffee is not suitable for those individuals with a heart problem. But, this study did not take into account the factors of heart diseases, thus the result. Therefore, heart problems related to drinking coffee is a myth, and no proof shows drinking; it negatively affects our health.

But the problem of this belief has been going around for decades. It will be difficult to convince that coffee helps in regulation of blood pressure, lower the risk of heart diseases and normalize the cholesterol level. Just make sure drinking it in moderation should be practiced by each individual.

Drinking is also associated as one of the factors of what we called the heart arrhythmias. Heart arrhythmias or called by many as palpitation pointed out drinking too much caffeine as the trigger point. But are there any studies about this? Yes, there are studies about how coffee affects our heart health and it disregard that drinking it causes palpitation. On the contrary, coffee causes fewer incidents of palpitation according to a study.

Aside from arrhythmias, coffee reduces the risk of stroke. Coffee drinkers who consume up to three cups per day minimize the risk of stroke according to the study from Japan. Imagine a 20% reduction of chances of having a stroke over drinking of coffee. That’s a significant advantage against stroke.

Well, of course, if drinking it can reduce the risk of stroke, you might consider the fact that it has nothing to do with your cholesterol. Unless you are drinking unfiltered coffee, an instant mix, for example, it will increase blood cholesterol levels. The presence of cafestol substance in coffee causes the increase of cholesterol levels.  So, we suggest that drinking it in brewed form is the best way to enjoy the health benefits of it.

Drinking coffee in moderation should not exceed above four cups dailyWhy in moderation?

Drinking coffee in moderation should not exceed above four cups daily. Otherwise, health benefits will be lost. And too much caffeine is not right in our health, especially to our heart.

In some point, our liver cannot process too much CYP1A2 enzyme. Our body will become caffeine sensitive, which means we can experience adverse effects like palpitations, insomnia, jitters and other health conditions related to too much caffeine. Now you will understand why people, especially working at night, need caffeine to their body. Caffeine keeps its body alert and hyper.

Going back, an enzyme in our liver that promotes caffeine insensitivity of our body is affected by different factors, making our body sensitive to caffeine. Some elements are age, gender, contraceptives and genes.

If you can observe in a coffee shop, older people can only drink one regular cup of it. On the contrary, teenagers and young professionals can consume more than one daily cup of coffee.

And women should take it slow in consuming caffeine because, unlike men, women have lower CYP1A2 enzymes in the liver. Also, when you are taking contraceptive and pregnancy pills, you might need to cut caffeine intake. Combination of caffeine to oral contraceptive or any pills can increase the sensitivity of our body to caffeine.

What can we say about it?

Indeed drinking coffee has many health benefits. But when consumed over the recommended daily intake, you can have a caffeine sensitivity. Caffeine is something that you should avoid, especially when you are taking pills. And if you drink coffee, make sure you drink two glasses of water afterwards.

Like other foods, you have to consume coffee with the recommended daily serving. But in any case that you have caffeine sensitivity even a small amount, you might need to be careful in drinking it. Based on a scientific study, coffee provides health benefits as long as it is taken in moderation.

The true essence of drinking it is without adding creamer, sugar or any sweetener. Plain and just black coffee is more than what you need if you want to enjoy the true meaning of drinking coffee. Avoid drinking instant one. An instant composed coffee has lots of sugar and creamer, which is not suitable for health. So set aside those and start to have some black one. So, we suggest drinking brewed can complete your day.

Weight Loss with Coffee has Absolutely No Side Effect


Weight loss with coffee has been the talk of everyone lately. Does drinking coffee really play a part in reducing weight? How do coffee and weight loss correlate?

Weight loss with a coffee may be possible. According to a study, you can drink coffee and begin losing some weight if you prefer no additional cream and sugar. How be a coffee a factor as a weight loss drink?

You can start pointing out the possibilities of caffeine. Coffee contains caffeine, and there are good and bad effects of caffeine on our body. As I was trying to understand caffeine in coffee and how it contributes to weight loss drink, I came up with the nutritional facts of caffeine and the dangers it caused when over-consume.

Caffeine Nutritional Facts

A cup of black coffee contains antioxidants more than what raspberry, blueberry, grape or orange juice can offer, according to studies.

Aside from getting weight loss with coffee, those who are drinking coffee are revealed to be fewer probes to have type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, caffeine in coffee is said to reduce the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease, another study revealed.

Why should caffeine be avoided?

Though coffee is reportedly effective, you should keep the 4-6-hour interval of drinking coffee before going to sleep. Otherwise, you will end up having disturbed sleep.

I also experienced some gastric reflux and heartburn after drinking coffee. Only then I found out that according to studies, coffee contributes a high amount of caffeine that can increase blood pressure.

Other than that, too much caffeine can increase urinary excretion of calcium, which makes you prone to osteoporosis.

Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee for Weight Loss

After I revealed the caffeine in coffee, how about weight loss with coffee? In a recent report based on the study of Professor Michael Symonds from the University of Nottingham, he discussed the brown and white fat. Brown fat is charged by coffee, while white fat occurs as a result of excess calories. And the effects of brown fat works differently compared to other fat in our body, he explained. The brown fat produces heat by burning sugar and fat, often in response to be cold. In this way, the tendency is coffee creates heat in our body that can burn calories and fat in some ways.

In my point of view, weight loss with coffee is really happening. For instance, coffee can increase your body temperature. Higher body temperature causes your metabolism to work harder and to speed up the time it takes your body to process some fat and calories. With the right amount of caffeine, coffee can speed up your metabolism.

Aside from metabolism, weight loss with coffee accelerates the distribution of fats in our body. Caffeine in coffee helps to process fat more efficiently.

I observed one thing while drinking coffee. It can suppress my appetite. I tried drinking coffee at mid-morning, and my next food intake is lunch, which saves me from eating in-between meals. Isn’t it great?

Some Side Effects of Weight Loss with Coffee

Of course, while doing some research and based on my experience, drinking coffee to lose some weight has some side effects. Adverse effects of weight loss with coffee are a natural thing since coffee contains caffeine. And too much caffeine in our body is unhealthy.

The time you feel irritable and grumpy, rather than calm and in control, it is time you need to stop drinking coffee. In a study shows that after drinking coffee, a sudden release of sugar into the blood occurred. This process will make you crave more sugar than getting a firm on your weight loss meal plan.

Understanding Caffeine for Weight Loss with Coffee

Understanding Caffeine for Weight Loss with Coffee

Caffeine in coffee has many variations, and thankfully; we have a list of the amount of coffee in each type of coffee drinks. Caffeine in these drinks may have different effects on you and your weight loss with coffee.

Brewed Coffee

Since brewed coffee is prepared by keeping the hot water in contact with the coffee beans or grinds for a lengthy period, it tends to have higher caffeine content, and in some cases, an over-extracted taste.

There are distinctive methods of brewing coffee. For weight loss with coffee, each process has different caffeine content.

  1. Drip or filter has an equivalent of 115 to 1,175 mg.
  2. French press or plunger has 80 to 135 mg.
  3. Percolated provides 64 to 272 mg.
  4. Boiled has 160 to 240 mg.


Stronger than brewed coffee, this type of coffee is prepared by forcing a small amount of hot water through finely-ground coffee beans.

The caffeine content of a single shot is about 30 to 50 ml, equivalent to 53 mg of caffeine. Double it, and you will have about 125 mg of caffeine.

Instant Coffee

The preparation of coffee drink using instant coffee is different from brewed or espresso. It is made by adding one or two teaspoons, depending on the flavor you want, into hot water. This one has lower caffeine, which equivalent between 30 to 90 mg.

The powdered coffee comes from spray-dried or freeze-dried coffee. It can be subtle or rough in texture.

Decaf Coffee

Still insisting for weight loss with coffee? Go for decaf coffee. This coffee variation has the least amount of coffee, about 0 to 7 mg of caffeine per cup. However, the average is usually 3 mg.

What can we say about it?

Caffeine intake depends on how your body will process it.

Caffeine intake depends on how your body will process it. Given that, other alternative drinks will avoid the adverse effects.

Some of your choices are green tea or peppermint tea. Aside from no caffeine, it is said to be more helpful in losing weight. Additionally, the calories it contains are only minimal.

Even so, if you really cannot avoid drinking coffee, you can still lose some weight. Just make sure you drink coffee, not beyond your limit of caffeine. Keep in mind that losing weight cannot be achieved right away. It takes discipline, and you will need to have one when choosing to lose weight.

Black Coffee Reclaims its Throne as one of the Best Weight Loss Foods


Black coffee is one of the leading beverages around the world. It recently has gained a spot in the list of weight loss foods.

Black coffee gives you a kick in the morning to complete your day. It also helps you to lose some weight. While adding things like sugar and cream can send its calorie content through the roof, black coffee can speed up weight loss and offer you some other great benefits too.

Caffeine is not only a stimulant; it is an appetite suppressor. That means your cup of coffee could make you less inclined to get the urge to start munching before lunch.

In addition to defeating your appetite, black coffee also offers some health benefits like slowing down glucose production, because of its chlorogenic acid, fights water retention, boosts your metabolic rate, and serves as antioxidants in your body.

If you are a coffee drinker, then have no fear, just hold the sugar and the cream. Black coffee is one of the lesser-known weight loss foods that can boost your energy levels and your weight loss results.

If you decide to keep it on your list of diet meals, you need to know everything about coffee. First, let us discuss about the coffee bean.

Coffee Bean

Coffee bean comes from two known varieties, Arabica and Robusta. Among the 100 species of coffee plant, these two are quite famous and commonly used for making black coffee. The color and shape of coffee beans are almost the same. Only the fruit trees are different if you notice the shape of the leaves.

A coffee tree can bear fruit after four years. It is the maximum growth years before the harvest and processing of its red fruit. Inside the red fruit is the seed, and if you hulled, polished, graded, and sorted out for quality control that grain is what makes the coffee bean.

If you see a coffee bean in green color, it is still a milled coffee bean. It only has undergone a slightly roasting procedure to make a lighter coffee bean that has weight loss properties.

Coffee bean processing

They believe that the processing of a coffee bean has an excellent effect on the nutrients it provides and the aroma it produces while brewing. In roasting, you can choose three categories from light, medium, and dark roasts.

Light roasts give off a delicate taste when brewed but more acidic than other roasts coffee beans. You can use high-quality beans for during roasting to retain their original flavors and taste. On the other hand, medium roasts coffee beans are commonly known as ‘American roast’ because of the color and taste it provides. Most people choose this type of roasting. Why? In this type of roast, you can have a black coffee with less acidity content, and the color of the roast bean is medium brown. The last kind of coffee bean roasting is the dark roast. The dark roasted coffee bean has low acidity but has a strong taste. The types of coffee bean that are being roasted in this state are beans of low quality.

It is essential to identify the types of coffee beans before the process of coffee bean roasting.

Type of Coffee Beans

The variance of coffee beans are commonly dropped into shapes, sizes and the aroma it produces while brewing. Making a black coffee can tell the difference between Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica coffee beans are flat and elongated and can be harvested from the coffee trees that are growing about 2,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level. The area should have a cold temperature between 15 to 24 degrees Celsius and a moderate amount of rainfall. These farming conditions make Arabica coffee to cost more than other types of coffee. Arabica coffee trees need intensive cultivation because of the terrain, climate requirements and also ensuring that no pests and diseases can come forward from the flowering to fruiting stage.

Moreover, Arabica coffee beans contain low acidity level and caffeine. Therefore, most people choose to have black coffee made of Arabica. It tastes less bitter than any coffee.

But other people opt to have Robusta black coffee. Unlike Arabica, Robusta coffee requires low altitudes and steady temperature between 24 to 29 degrees Celsius. The cultivation needs lesser attention than Arabica; hence; it is sold at affordable price. If you are a coffee drinker and used to instant coffee blends, then you are drinking Robusta coffee. If you have heart problems and palpitations occurrences, you are not allowed to take Robusta.

Also, Robusta has high levels of caffeine and taste bitter. If you want an espresso, Robusta is a key to appreciate the bitter taste of coffee.

Why is drinking black coffee important?

Given the two popular coffee blends, you need to look into the nutritional value it offers. Black coffee has no other components but water and coffee. You can never add sweetener and creamer if you want to keep it in your diet program.

Black coffee contains a low amount of calories, approximately 2 calories according to USDA – National Nutrient Database. Therefore, it is perfect for your health as long as you take only an adequate amount of coffee daily. The average black coffee you can consume daily is 3 to 4 cups. Beyond that, it is risky especially if you have underlying health problems.

To know the aromatic and beautiful effects of drinking it, here are the health benefits we can acquire.

Black coffee as Memory Enhancer

Black coffee promotes cognitive skills and prevents the occurrences of Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease by 65%, and Parkinson’s by 60%. At morning, drinking black coffee helps the brain to stay focus and enhances brain function like memory and alertness. Black coffee is responsible for keeping the nerves active, and for slowing down the symptoms of brain disorder.

Decreasing of brain functions like memory, alertness, and concentration are unavoidable. However, it can be prevented by eating healthy foods like black coffee and regular exercises. Increasing the neurotransmitters in our brain can prevent Alzheimer’s disease and boost brain functions like response times and memory. It also contributes to the overall purpose of our body in terms of cognitive functioning, moods and energy.

Black coffee for Weight Loss

Drinking black coffee for weight loss is possible because it increases the adrenaline levels in your blood. Before hitting the gym or doing your workout for the day, drink at least a cup of black coffee 30 minutes before. This regimen can boost your physical strength by 100% and accelerate your nervous system to break down your fats into energy for your workout.

Besides, black coffee is right for your health to make sure to take the average serving per day. The compound in coffee responsible for burning fats is caffeine. Adequate intake of caffeine in our body should help us lose weight, but too much consumption can result otherwise.

Black coffee to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

If you have symptoms of cardiovascular diseases, you should take note of that before drinking coffee. But, what is right in drinking daily 2 to 3 cups of black coffee has health benefits.

Black coffee reduces the symptoms of heart diseases by 20%. It is true that caffeine increases your blood pressure and heart rate, but it will subside after a while. The effect of caffeine on our body is equivalent for a short distant walk around the corner.

Black coffee as Liver Healthy Food

Are you worrying about the harmful effects of black coffee on your liver because of the caffeine contents? You don’t need to worry because black coffee is considered as one of the healthy foods for the liver.

People who drink four or more cups of black coffee daily have 80% lower of having liver disease. It helps in lowering the risk of liver cancer by 40% and preventing other liver diseases like hepatitis, fatty liver, and cirrhosis. Black coffee has a way to help lower the harmful enzymes in our blood which caused by unhealthy liver

Black Coffee Prevents Cancer

If you are looking for a drink, which contains antioxidants, you are now reading about it. Black coffee has more antioxidants because of the vitamins and minerals it offers.

Black coffee has vitamins B2, B3, B5, and minerals like manganese, potassium, and magnesium. You are aware that our body can quickly absorb foods in liquid form, and therefore, in a single cup of black coffee, you can have all the antioxidants that your body needs. An adequate amount of antioxidants in our body can reduce cancer risk and inflammation for early symptoms of tumors.

With 4 to 5 cups of black coffee daily, it can lower by 15% the risk of colon cancer, which is good because colon cancer is one of the unrecognizable cancers in an early stage. Black coffee reduces the risk of skin cancer by 20%.

Black Coffee Promotes Normal Blood Sugar

Drinking black coffee with creamer and sugar can ruin the health benefits of coffee. Even a small drop of creamer and a pinch of sugar can alter the nutrients it offers and can result in the proliferation of blood sugar level in our body.

Black coffee helps to maintain the average level of blood sugar in our body. It promotes insulin production in our body; therefore; it reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes. One cup of black coffee daily can reduce the risk by 7%.

As a result, it will not harm your sugar level if you drink enough of it daily. Furthermore, it promotes the reduction of type-2 diabetes.

Black Coffee Slow Down Aging

Aging is a natural process. You can only slow it down during the process. Try to make your self calmed and blissful in any circumstances. The aroma of black coffee can trigger the brain to be at ease and boost our brain nerves in the morning.

Black coffee boosts the dopamine levels in the body, which keeps us calmer and prevents the early signs of Parkinson’s disease. The more composed our brain, the better we can feel relax and taking the day motivated and less-stress.

Black Coffee Can Fight Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are common enemies of each one nowadays and to fight it, we need medical attention. In some way, we can take up to two cups of black coffee to ease our depression and anxiety attacks.

Black coffee keeps our negative emotions and dilemmas at bay. It offers some pleasure chemicals to boost our moods and alter our depression and anxiety emotions. Drinking at least four cups of it increase our spirits to become happier by 20% and become less depressed.

Of course, drinking coffee alone is not a cure for depression and anxiety. People who are suffering from these emotions need medical attention and a good conversation over a cup of coffee in a pleasant ambiance coffee shop.

Side effects of Coffee

Furthermore, if you want to maintain your heart health and reduce the risk of stroke, all you need to do is enjoy your cup of black coffee. It is unnecessary to add sweetener or any flavorings to have some twist while drinking it. Black coffee should be served as it is to maintain all the goodness and prevent any risk of stroke in your health. Any amount of food preservatives that you will add in your coffee can trigger harmful side effects. Other side effects of black coffee are as a result of drinking more than 10 cups of coffee in a day. Above the daily-recommended caffeine, consumption can lead to heart problems and disorders over time. However, pregnant and lactating women should avoid caffeine because of the health risk effect on the baby.

Other Uses of Coffee

Other than the health benefits we can get from coffee, we can use it in many ways. It is versatile as other foods, which is considered as one of the healthy foods.

For example, we can use coffee in our cooking. We can mix it during marinade, in our gravy and sauce. For baking to add coffee flavor, just semi-crushed a tablespoon of coffee beans to your cake, cookie, and brownies.

Other than cooking, you can use the coffee ground left from your coffee makers as a nitrogen source in your garden. To make use of it, you need to add directly to your compost pit and let it decomposed for a couple of days. Afterwards, you can use the mixture to your plants.

Beauty benefits of coffee

Moreover, coffee grounds are a process and used for body exfoliation. At home, you can rub coffee grounds gradually in your body and face then leave it for a couple of minutes. It can be applied to your hair for a natural regimen of making your hair shiny and healthy. After using your regular shampoo, you can grab a handful of coffee grounds and mix with your conditioner. Applied to your hair and you can rinse thoroughly. Coffee grounds are also a natural way to color your hair. To do this, dip your wet hair into a bowl of dark coffee and repeatedly pour the coffee in your hair. After doing this, place your hair under a shower cap, making sure it was sealed. Afterwards, you can rinse your hair.

If not satisfied with the color it produces, you can prepare a thick paste of instant coffee using hot water and apply the paste in the sections of your hair that need darkening. In doing this, make sure that all your hair has the same shades of black to avoid a hilarious result. You can also make a unique color in your clothes or any fabric by soaking into the coffee mixture. The shade will be different from the other fabric color because of the natural look that coffee sap offers.

Coffee for Home-Use

Moreover, coffee can be used as a natural deodorizer in some closed-door areas in your house. You can place coffee grounds in an empty jar and punch some holes in the cover. After doing that, you can put it in your cabinets, microwave, shoe cabinet, and in your car neutralize the undesirable odors. You can also place a coffee ground in your kitchen or pantry to reduce smell residuals from your cooking.

Our Insights

Indeed, coffee black is essential to our health, but we should consume enough coffee to avoid heart diseases or otherwise. If you are going to buy coffee beans in the market, you can say that it is fresh with the aroma.

Black coffee can be prepared quickly. You should not use any chemicals to clean the beans before brewing the coffee. Usually, well-packaged coffee grounds have been made safe and clean and following the quality control of seeds. Remember that in preparation of coffee grounds, it already went through the process.

To conserve the freshness and aroma of coffee beans, the storage is essential. If the storage is sealed and has the right room temperature for coffee beans, it can last up to two weeks. After that, the characteristics of coffee beans will change. The acidity and aroma will be different. And so, black coffee brewed from stored coffee beans may have a distinct smell and taste.

Black coffee has great significance in our health especially for losing some of our weight. If you would notice, drinking black coffee has caffeine, which in the right amount is useful to our health. It also promotes nutrients that support our overall health and prevents chronic diseases. The most significant thing to remember before drinking black coffee is to take only the average amount of daily consumption and everything will work just fine.

Discover the Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee

Benefits of coffee affect more than 400 billion cups of coffee who consumed every year. Besides, 85 percent of Americans take a sip of coffee daily. The delightful taste, the rich aroma, and the cheering feel of a cup of coffee offers more than just morning-pick-me-ups.

Benefits of coffee are unquestionably. Just the smell of coffee is sufficient alone to make anyone love it. This worldwide favorite drink is not only a great energy booster but also healthful. Though the health impact of this drink is always debatable, the newest wave of researchers shows that coffee is full of antioxidants and nutritional properties that can lower the risk of many diseases. Keep reading to find some unbelievable health benefits of drinking coffee.

Some Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Prevent Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is presently affecting almost 300 million people around the world. Several studies have suggested that, fortunately, people who drink coffee more than 1 cup of a day have the lower risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Moreover, drinking a cup of coffee daily reduces 7% risk of developing this health problem.

Reduce Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common and long-term neurodegenerative disorders that affect the nerve cells in the brain. Symptoms of this disease start to appear after the age of 60. The latest wave of numerous studies has suggested that coffee drinkers have 32% to 60% lesser risk of this disease.

Fights off Liver Cancer

It is quite shocking that up to 60,000 deaths occur every year around the world due to liver cancer, and 700,000 people are diagnosed with this disease each year across the globe. Different studies suggest drinking three cups of coffee reduce more than 50% risk of liver cancer. Additionally, coffee consumption lowers 22% risk of liver cirrhosis for alcoholics.

Increase Heart Health

Do you know more than 15 million people suffer a stroke each year? But, researchers have brought the wealth of good news for coffee lovers that; moderate amount of coffee intake can reduce 14% risk of stroke. Furthermore, drinking 2 cups of coffee cuts 11% threat of heart failure.

Promotes Fat Burn

If you are a coffee lover, you will be happy to know that a mug of warm coffee has extra benefits for your waistline. Studies show that caffeine can aids fat burning. It can boost fat burning rate by 10-29% by increasing metabolism.

Lower Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most leading neurodegenerative disorders throughout the world. People over 65 years are mostly affected by this disease, and there is no cure for this illness. Nevertheless, prevention is the only way, and drinking coffee is extremely beneficial to prevent it. Taking a coffee can reduce 65% risk of developing this disorder.

Address Depression

Depression is a severe psychological state that can significantly hamper normal life. You will be shocked to know that, up to 350,000,000 people around the world are suffering from depression. About 4.1% of Americans are in distress. There are some shreds of evidence that more than 4 cups of coffee curbs the risk of depression.

Keep off Migraine Headaches

Caffeine is one of the very few natural substances that can ease migraine pain. A strong cup of coffee can wonder to treat this pain. However, it works well for people who are not the regular coffee drinker.

What can we say?

Coffee is one of the healthiest beverages around the world. Try to sip moderate amount of coffee for daily for the betterment of your health.