Cauliflower Recipes: A Quick Healthy Meal in less than 20 minutes!


Cauliflower recipes are a substitute recipe for carbohydrates. So if you like carb and want to try some healthier alternative, consider trying this at home. Imagine that you can prepare such a recipe in less than 20 minutes. All you need is to be creative on the ingredients of cauliflower recipes.

Cauliflower recipes are easier to prepare compared to mashed potatoes. So mashed potato lovers will likely consider mashed cauliflowers, which are lighter, fluffier, and creamier. 

Here is an easy mashed cauliflower recipe. It is a quick recipe to enjoy cauliflower and add it to other recipes like salads and vegetables. 

Best Mashed Cauliflower Recipes

In4tdRM5XFEating cauliflower most excitingly can give you high nutritional value.  A creamy, tasty cauliflower that is so versatile with other foods. With a few ingredients, you can enjoy the mashed cauliflower recipes.


Cauliflower 1 piece, medium-sized

*Make sure you can prepare 4 cups of florets out of it.

Cream Cheese 3 tablespoons

Black Pepper ground, to taste

Salt To taste

Green Onion 1 tablespoon (Optional)

How to Prepare:

  1. Cook the cauliflower in less than 10 minutes. With this time, you can make it edible and ready to mash.
  2. But before that, make sure that you have drained all the water from the cauliflower. To do this, you should let it steam for about 2 to 3 minutes. 
  3. Then, if you are 100% sure that there is no water in cauliflower, you can start to mash it. And the best way to have a mashed cauliflower is by using a potato masher.  Skip the food processor and blender. You can save more time with a potato masher, and the texture is more different from mashed cauliflower using a food processor. But if you have more time, you can use a blender for a creamy mash.
  4. After mashing, now is the time to spice it. You can add many flavors like cream cheese. Well, it depends on the taste you want. 

Why cauliflower recipes?

Well, for me, I would love to eat the cauliflower recipe because of the many health benefits. A vegan-friendly recipe indeed, which I can enjoy with cream cheese if I want to make it creamy. But as for other flavors, I can add additional flavors.

As for the nutritional facts, you can have the following benefits, and you will be surprised by what it could do to our body. Who would reject these nutrition benefits?

Health Benefits of Cauliflower Recipes

Plane cauliflower is not as enjoyable as other vegetables. Also, as a side dish, this veggie needs some flavors. Cooking and food processing of cauliflower is the right way for your heart desires on how to enjoy cauliflower recipes. You can never go wrong with cauliflower, with the health benefits it gives to you.


There are many reasons to consider eating cauliflower. Here are some of the reasons why choose cauliflower recipes, among others.

Healthy Carbohydrates

Enjoying the cauliflower is a good thing. When I eat some cauliflower in my meals, it makes me full, but it is not purely carbohydrates. Cauliflower is high in fiber, and this is the reason after eating some caulis, we feel full quickly. This vegetable offers at least 2 grams of fiber, which can fill our stomach until our next meal. It is an excellent alternative to our diet.

Highest Fiber 

Speaking of fiber, we are all familiar with the benefits of fiber in our digestive system. The higher the fiber content, the healthier our digestive health. The fiber is good for digestion to prevent constipation and also reduces the risk of bowel disorders. Naturally, it also has high water content, which can prevent GI-related health problems. 

Contains Phytonutrients and Antioxidants

One of the reasons why I genuinely enjoy cauliflower recipes is because of the phytonutrients and antioxidants. The cauliflower offers nutrients and antioxidants to address free radicals in our bodies. The free radicals can damage cells in our body, which cause inflammation, and later on, high risk of cancer. The inflammation in our body can cause cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. For this reason, I replace eating rice with cauliflower to maintain healthy carbs and high fiber consumption.

Health Problem Address in Eating Cauliflower Recipes

Cauliflower should be included in different healthy meals since it has high fiber content and healthy carbohydrates. Eating cauliflower recipes can give you these nutrients, which improve overall health. 


Cardiovascular Health

Besides good digestion when it comes to fiber, the fiber also contributes to cardiovascular health. High fiber is associated with reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems. How would this work?

The fiber binds to cholesterol, which reduces the levels of bad cholesterol. According to the study, cardiovascular conditions are the result of high amounts of bad cholesterol in our body. Thus, eating more fiber lowers the risk and increases good cholesterol.

Fights Cancer

The compounds called glucosinolates in cauliflower suggests that this vegetable has the power to address free radicals in our body. While enjoying cauliflower, knowing the health benefits it gives to our body adds to our enjoyment. The compounds found in cauliflower are beneficial because it acts as a substance to prevent damage in our cells. The antioxidants, on the other hand, detoxify the toxic compounds in our body, which also minimize the risk of cancer. Well, I can say that cauliflowers are one of the superfoods in our healthy meal.

Improve Overall Health

Fiber and antioxidants are the nutrients found in cauliflower. Also, there are essential nutrients that cauliflower recipes offer. The folate, vitamin B6, and choline improves tissue formation, healthy metabolism, and supports nervous system health. Also, it provides other vitamins, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Sharing My Thoughts

Cauliflower recipes are usually in a simple form like saute. However, my favorite is the mashed cauliflower recipes. I prefer this because I typically make it as an alternative for rice. As a side dish also, I enjoy cauliflower when I add some flavors that complement my main dish. So I am always considering cauliflower recipes in most of my healthy meals.

Foods to Avoid Before Workout are the Keys to Excellent Results

Foods to Avoid Before Workout are the Keys to Excellent Results

Foods to avoid before workout are usually identified as unhealthy foods. But not all foods to avoid before you hit the gym are those in the red zone. Some of these are the common foods we eat.

Foods to avoid before a workout are those without a portion of nutrition. The common foods we avoid are high in sugar and bad cholesterol. But there are foods that we can keep on eating before a workout.

Eating before a workout is not bad, but choosing what to eat in your meal is what we need to do. If you want to achieve your goal in the time frame you set, you will need to list down the foods to avoid before a workout. Make sure that you opt for fruit as your snack instead of junk foods and flavored drinks. It is essential because if you are eating some foods that make you gain more weight and replace all the calories you burned after exercise, you will not see the progress of your performance.

You will keep on saying that even you workout hard, you are not losing weight. Do not blame your gym instructor or the routine you are making. Maybe you should check the foods you are eating before and after your workout. Also, check how many glasses of water you drink to keep you hydrated as you sweat out the body fats. More veggies mean to improve and maximize your strength in completing your routine.

Therefore, it is crucial to know what foods to avoid, just minutes before a workout because it will have a significant role during your workout. Also, if you are doing your training, your energy should focus on powering your exercises instead of digesting the food you eat before a workout. This will lead to better fuel your blood with nutrients. Morning meal especially breakfast helps you to prevent discomfort for the whole day session.

XcsfsdvdfvHere are some of the foods to avoid before a workout.

Too much fiber foods

Eating foods rich in fiber is a healthy way of getting yourself to feel satiety. But too much fiber is not suitable for your body before a workout. One good example of a food that you need to avoid is flaxseeds.

Flaxseeds are the best source of fiber, but too much of it can develop gas in your stomach. So, getting bloated before a workout should be avoided. However, if you are in a diet full of fiber, you should eat 2 hours before and after a workout.

Other foods to avoid before exercising are bran, high-fiber bread and fiber supplements. Instead, eat foods rich in protein and carbohydrates. Just enough to make you feel nearly full so your energy will be used especially when doing sports, not for digesting the food.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are one of the misconceptions for food to intake before a workout. Why? Because energy drinks contain more sugar than other beverages, but excluding sodas. Though our body needs sugar as a source of energy, the food we are eating contains sugar, which our bodies stored if we are going to do some exercises.

So refrain from drinking energy drinks instead choose beverages that will keep you hydrated for the whole day.

Carbohydrates that are Hard to Digest

Not all carbohydrates can be digested easily. Some of the foods rich in carbohydrates are not easily digested.

For example, hummus is known as a good source of carbohydrates, but the carbs we get from eating hummus cannot be digested for a short period. The carbs we are getting from hummus can cause bloating, according to scientific research. Therefore, before you go outside to do workouts and exercises, you should avoid eating hummus.

Acidic food

Non-acidic food is vital if you want to get the best result of your workout. We suggest skipping consuming dairy products. Though our body needs calcium, the intake of dairy products before an exercise can result in digestive problems like too much burping or being acidic. You do not want to be exposed to this kind of situation during a workout, so better stay away from dairy products.

Salty Foods

Do not get this wrong because foods that are salty like nuts can boost your mood to workout. But high sodium foods can disrupt the natural flow of fluid in your body. You do not want to experience joints and muscle cramps during your exercise, so make sure you only have enough salty foods.

Unripe Banana


Before a workout, you have to avoid eating a green or unripe banana. If you want to eat bananas before a workout to have enough potassium, which is good for the heart and muscles, you have to opt for ripe bananas. 

Green banana should be avoided to eat before a workout because it will make you bloated and uncomfortable. Also, it will take longer to digest because it contains starch. Foods rich in starch are challenging to digest, so you have to avoid these before a workout.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Avoiding hard-boiled eggs before a workout will save you from carbohydrates and protein that you cannot use. Before exercise, it is essential to have foods that provide a good source of carbohydrates and protein.

However, hard-boiled eggs do not contribute to your workout. Instead, you have to avoid this kind of food so you can get the best results of your exercise.

Spicy Foods

spicy foods like Thai or Mexican should be avoided before workout

Aside from salty foods, you have to be careful when choosing other variance of foods. For instance, spicy foods like Thai or Mexican should be avoided before a workout. Though you can see the ingredients of these dishes are more on vegetables and fish, and lots of spices, you should know that these spicy foods can make heartburn.

If you are experiencing heartburn before a workout, you should skip your schedule at the gym. Because, when you are in this state, workout and exercises can only worsen your heartburn. So it is better to skip spicy foods before hitting the gym.


Of course, another food source of sugar are delicacies like muffin and protein bars. Do not be conceived when someone told you that treats are free from sugar and low carbohydrates. Sometimes, these labels can be tricky and affect the judgment of your choice.

For instance, muffins have too much butter and oil, which can make your stomach feel empty quickly. So the tendency is you are going to eat something every once in a while.

The protein bars on the hand contain lots of sugar like candies. You should not go after the labels of ‘more protein less sugar’ or ‘ 0% calories’ — these advertisements about foods to avoid before a workout should be watched closely. 

Caffeine Drinks

you have to avoid foods rich in caffeine

Other beverages have lots of sugar especially juice and smoothie. But also you have to avoid foods rich in caffeine. Lots of sugar and dairy always accompany coffee and other drinks with high caffeine percentage. Milk tea, for instance, is one of the beverages with caffeine and lots of sugar and coffee. A cup of caffeinated drink will make you dehydrated faster than normal people do.

However, you can still consumed the recommended caffeine in a day to get the health benefits. With the right amount of it, you can prevent the feeling of fatigue and do not lose hydration.

rice cakes are foods to avoid before workoutRice Cakes

Asian’s most common foods are rice cakes. When the celebration comes, rice cakes are always present on the table, causing you extra sugar and carbs.

Though you consider as dish or snacks, rice cakes are foods to avoid before a workout. It prevents you to perform and make your routine effective.

But according to studies, the carbohydrates and sugar it contains can replace all the calories you burned after the workout. So take a little amount if you cannot resist the temptation of eating rice cakes. It is that simple and veggie as your option for healthy snacks. Also, try oatmeal to balance carbs and fiber for your diet meal plan. Other alternatives for carbs are cauliflower and wheat.


Avocados are known to be high in fat, and we are aware of it. So we are giving you these ultimate tips when eating avocados – Eat avocados two hours before and after your workout. Why? Because healthy fat is what our body needs to aid the digestion of food. So, eat avocado in moderation and avoid taking it right before a workout. 

Our Insights

As mentioned above, some foods need to avoid before a workout, but it does not mean that we should not eat these foods at all. Health-conscious people recommend to include the right intensity of fitness training with the number of meals or vice versa. Eating in moderations is the best way to enjoy the food you want to eat and, at the same time, achieving the goal you set for your workout.

Best 5 Guaranteed Quinoa Health Benefits


Quinoa health benefits have the five guaranteed nutrition that your body needs. If you are looking for an alternative to carbohydrates and protein, you need to try quinoa. Quinoa carbs are gluten-free with high fiber.

Quinoa health benefits are the same as a whole grain food. However, it does not belong to grass or even related to wheat or rice. It has more relation to the spinach.

The first use of wild quinoa comes from the leaves and seeds. After the development and commercialization, quinoa increases the size of stem and seeds with additional levels of color.


Quinoa origin has a long way history in 3,000 to 5,000 years BCE. The first discovery of quinoa recorded in the side of Lake Titicaca in Peru. Because of being an Andean plant, pre-Columbian civilizations found it. They have cultivated and used by the former.

But later on, Spanish cereals replaced quinoa. Other than in Peru, you can find quinoa in Chile. When the Spanish arrived in Peru, the research and development of quinoa began. From then on, the distribution reached outside Inca territory.

According to historical data, Pedro de Valdivia is the first Spaniards to cultivate quinoa and labeled it as food. Other native Indians at that time began to sow quinoa as a source of their food.


The ecological zones that can adapt quinoa plantation have come up with five groups. These five groups are the classification of quinoa-based on their adaptability.

Dry and Humid Valley Quinoas

Also known as Junín or dry valley, the quinoas grow here with irrigation support. In Cajamarca or humid valley, the water source of quinoa comes from rain. Therefore, it grows up to three meters, higher than the Junín quinoas.

A produce variety in Peru, Nariño, is a type of quinoa with many branches, green leaves, and the grains come in white color and taste sweet.

Altiplano Quinoas

Altiplano quinoas include varieties in low precipitation and average temperatures. Some examples of this variety known as Kcancolla, Blanca de Juli, and Tahuaco. These varieties grow around the lake areas.

There also other types of quinoa that can adapt to high elevation areas. You can have Cheweca, Ccoitu, Witulla, Chullpi, and Wariponcho, which you can cultivate in the mountainous with cold temperatures.

Saltflat Quinoas

The saltflat quinoas need to grow with a unique cultivation process. You need to let the farm soil unused from any growing of crops. Eight years after the last harvesting will be the ideal length of the land to be untouched. This method will allow the ground to have enough moisture content as Salflat quinoas need enough moisture to be absorbed. Likewise, it can restore soil fertility to increase the volume of quinoa produce.

Sea Level Quinoas

Sea level quinoas are a variety which can adapt to more humid conditions and reasonable temperatures. You can find it near seas areas. This location has higher humidity and temperature, making it suitable for sea level quinoas.

Subtropics Quinoas

Subtropics quinoas can sustain high temperature and heat. This variety can adopt various climate conditions; you can identify matured subtropics quinoas if the stem turned into color orange. Therefore, you can plant it as long as you know the area conditions.


The quinoa health benefits come from its seeds. You need to process it before eating. It has protein, dietary fiber, vitamins B and other minerals. Also, it can be a source of healthy carbohydrates as quinoa is gluten-free.

Quinoa nutrition value focuses on the high concentration of protein. It makes the quinoa a lifetime food for people who love to take long journeys. In eating quinoa, 100 grams serving can provide 120 kcal.

Because of the characteristics of quinoa, it is one of the best weight loss foods in our diet program. Moreover, you can get the best five guaranteed quinoa health benefits from daily consumption.

Good for Anti-inflammatory

Quinoa contains nutrients good for anti-inflammation as well as antioxidants. It comes with a massive number of antioxidants.

Quinoa antioxidants properties are responsible for slowing down inflammation. It can also prevent the occurrence of viral diseases, depression, and anxiety. Further, it can neutralize cancer cells. The anti-inflammatory properties can also make you feel and look younger than your age.

How can we attain one of the best health benefits of quinoa? If we include quinoa in our daily meals, we can get the most health benefits of it. We can have positive results of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components.

Regulates Blood Sugar

You can consider quinoa as one of the carbohydrates food sources. However, quinoas’ carbohydrates do not contain a higher glycemic index. It is a naturally gluten-free carb.

What is gluten? Gluten means glue. It is a group of protein with other nutrients stored in the endosperm of cereals grains. Foods based on artificial gluten-free diet is harmful. It causes serious health problems; It can make your blood sugar level high.

Also, it has the same effect as carbohydrates that are not gluten-free. It will result from increasing your body weight. Elevation of blood sugar can attribute to non-gluten-free carbohydrates.

Nevertheless, if you are considering carbohydrates while losing weight, you need to include quinoa or natural, gluten-free foods. Adding quinoa in your meal can boost the nutrients and antioxidants in your body, and your blood sugar level will stay at a healthy level. It has an impressive effect on the regulation of blood sugar despite eating carbohydrates. Further, it helps the digestion of healthy foods as well as to absorb proper nutrition.

Provides Adequate Source of Protein

Quinoa has an exceptional source of complete protein. What is the significance of protein in our body? If you are doing strenuous exercise, you need to have enough protein to support your bones, muscles, and cartilage.

Protein helps to build and repair the tissues we need in our day-to-day activity. It has value to create enzymes, hormones and other body nutrients. If you are wondering, how quinoa consists of complete protein?  It is because quinoa comes with the essential amino acids.

Our body can not produce some amino acids. Therefore, consuming protein is necessary. The common source of protein is meat. In this case, people who opt not to eat meat can now have nourishment of protein from quinoa. You can add it to your meal to have adequate amounts of functional protein and other nutrients.

Champion Food for High Fiber Diet

Quinoa is excellent for digestion because of its high fiber content. Getting fiber benefits from eating quinoa can result in proper digestion, and over time, weight loss.

The most fiber in quinoa is insoluble. However, the soluble fiber it includes still promotes proper absorption of foods—nutrients and minerals from other healthy foods. Also, it makes you feel full to avoid eating between meals.

Fiber foods such as quinoa are essential for your meal plan when you want to lose weight. Over time, it maintains your body to be in good shape.

Quinoa is the champion food for a high fiber diet when combining fiber with protein and gluten-free carbohydrates. With it, you will take fewer quinoa calories than you need to burn and at the same time will increase your metabolism.

Excellent Source for Manganese and Magnesium

Another antioxidant from quinoa is manganese. It has preventive properties to protect the cells, especially the red blood cells, from injury by damage cells. This vital mineral from quinoa maintains the red blood cells and is the primary component of our body to fight diseases and other health problems.

When you are suffering migraine, it can be a symptom of magnesium deficiency. One of the health benefits that we can get from magnesium is relieving of pain from the headache. Magnesium relaxes our blood vessels that trigger our migraine, otherwise.

Other health benefits of having magnesium from quinoa are body temperature regulation, detoxification, transmission of nerve impulses and formation of healthy bones and teeth.


Quinoa has many uses when mixing with other grains and alternative foods for rice. You can have quinoa as fiber-rich and gluten-free carbohydrates when you process it. It can be edible and can offer another option for healthy foods.

Quinoa can be beneficial in many ways aside from daily consumption. The leaves of quinoa together with the stems and grains have many uses too. If you have wounds, you can use quinoa to reduce the swelling and promote faster healing. It can also produce natural remedies for urinary tract infections.

Further usage of quinoa comes from its green forage. During harvest season of quinoa, the waste material can be used to feed livestock most of the time. If you want to use organic insect repellents for your crops, you can also use quinoa to ward off insects.

Quinoa as baby food

Compared to other instant meal foods, quinoa has more nutritional benefits. For example, you can have flour from quinoa that provides more fiber. It will be the best ingredients in making bread, noodles, and biscuit. You can also add it to prepare semi-processed products, only with the right amount.

High-level protein from the plant can be found in the embryo of the quinoa seeds. Almost 45% of protein can be sourced out from its seeds. The percentage is enough to consider quinoa as the first food of the baby. You can have cereal with quinoa flour, for example. As gluten-free carbs, it can reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes during early years. It is also one of the best foods for pregnant women to help regulate their blood sugar.

Quinoa Medicinal attributes

Quinoa can be used as cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. The parts of the quinoa plant can be processed to develop products that have diversified usage.

Saponin is one of the properties that need to remove from quinoa. It is the bitter part of quinoa which is essential for medicines absorption in our body. Saponin is also significant to prevent fungi and promotes antibodies.

Quinoa oil of life

Another product that can be extracted from quinoa is oil. Quinoa oil has similar properties like other vegetable oil.

The oil from quinoa is healthy fatty acids. The composition contains linoleic and linolenic acids. As a result, you can consider it more essential than corn oil.

Quinoa fatty acids can improve healthy skin. Since quinoa has minerals and vitamins, it can slow down aging properties and skin conditions. Some of these conditions are pigmentation, acne, and dark spots. With adequate B vitamins in our body, it promotes healthy and younger looking skin.

Salon-grade beauty essential

Quinoa as a face mask

If you are looking for a home-made regimen like a face mask, you can use quinoa with soy milk. With 1.4 cups of quinoa cooked in soy milk, you need to mix it with three teaspoons of unflavored yogurt. Then add two egg yolks and two drops of mimosa essential oil. Let it cool, and then apply it on your face and neck. For best result, you need to leave it for about 20-30 minutes or until the quinoa face clay dried up. Afterwards, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Quinoa as hair damage protector

Essential amino acids in quinoa can strengthen your hair follicles and keep your scalp hydrated. Quinoa protein is a natural coating to prevent damage to your hair follicles while providing nourishment to your hair follicles. It can also promote hair growth over time.

A healthy scalp means hydrated and well-conditioned. It will keep you from having dandruff which causes by dry scalp. Pollution and dust are also one of the factors in having dandruff.

A home remedy for scalp care using quinoa is straightforward. You need to crush the quinoa until it became a paste. Then, you can apply your hair and scalp. For best result, leave for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off.

Vitamins and minerals keep our hair and scalp healthy; prevents hair tangled and split ends. Also, it maintains the color of our hair naturally. Given this, quinoa promotes organic hair and scalp treatment while reducing our exposure to formulated beauty products.

Quinoa Side Effects

Quinoa can trigger some digestion health problems. Too much consumption of it can cause side effects. Therefore, people with underlying digestion problems need to have limitations in quinoa intake.

Overeating of quinoa for the belief that more fiber can make you lose weight is a myth. Too much quinoa fiber in your stomach can result in health issue like stomach ache, cramping of the abdomen, bloating and diarrhea.

Nevertheless, adequate consumption of quinoa is essential to prevent intestinal blockage, anaphylaxis, heartburn and allergic reaction over time.

In some cases, quinoa can have a bitter taste caused by saponin. The preparation of quinoa is important before consuming it. Therefore, you should wash quinoa thoroughly before cooking.

Saponin is a natural defence mechanism of quinoa against insects and pests in the field. It is a phyto-compound in the quinoa that in some instance is dangerous to our health. You can use saponins as a natural cleanser.

Quinoa Food Recipes

When having quinoa, we need to follow the accurate processing of it to enjoy its rich taste that goes well with other foods. Also, it is a healthy and safe replacement for people with high blood sugar because of its non-gluten-free carbohydrates.

Cooking of quinoa involves techniques to achieve its fluffy appearance. To prepare, wash quinoa twice as long as there is no presence of saponin compound.

If you cook it like rice, you must put the cover on it. Wait for the quinoa to absorb all the water. Afterward, you can remove it from heat and let the quinoa steam for almost five minutes. Once the quinoa is perfectly fluffy, it is ready for consumption; otherwise, it is not well cooked.

Additionally, you can make quinoa into a salad combined with shredded carrots, cucumber and sweet snap peas. It will be complemented to the carrots and size serving of quinoa. You can also add raisins, parsley, and walnuts for a more flavorful taste. Serve with dressings made from avocado, olive oil, white balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Our Insights

Quinoa has nutrients and minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium, and iron. These minerals, together with carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and flavonoids, can make a difference in our body.

Iron from quinoa plays a role in keeping our red blood cells healthy and promotes the formation of hemoglobin. It is responsible for supplying oxygen from one cell to another.

Consuming of quinoa will benefit us to regulate body temperature and increase metabolism. Also, it increases enzymes activity in our body. More importantly, iron increases brain functions by supporting the oxygen it needs.

Quinoa comes with riboflavin which improves metabolism within brain and muscle cells. It will create proper energy production in cells.

Indeed, the health benefits that we can get from quinoa are impressive and can contribute to our daily consumption of healthy foods. Moreover, it will be beneficial for us to be healthy and fit.

Abundant Natural Health Benefits of Walnuts

Walnuts Benefits

Walnuts benefits prove that size does not matter but what matters the most is the nutrients it can offer. It has protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and fiber.

One of walnuts benefits promotes weight loss. It can be a beautiful mix in your salad if you need to have another source of protein and fats. It is one of the healthiest nuts.

According to a scientific study, eating 1.5 ounces per day of walnuts may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. It is when you include walnuts in a low cholesterol diet.

It will also decrease your calorie intake as 100-grams calories of walnut measure about 654 kcal. Other nutrients like walnuts magnesium and other vitamins can be found in walnuts.

Walnut benefits to your Body

What are the walnut benefits of consuming it? Here are the top 6 genuine walnut benefits and nutrients when eaten it daily.

Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases with High Omega-3

Walnuts are heart-healthy foods that considered being one of the omega 3 sources.

The health benefits of walnuts can reduce your risk of having heart diseases over time. It can be included in your diet to have an adequate amount of omega 3 fatty acids in your body.

Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy fats that you need for your diet. A single serving of walnuts can suffice.

Prevent the Occurrence of Chronic Diseases (Heart Attack, Diabetes, Cancers)

Walnuts nutrients have preventive measures to slow down inflammation in our body which can start the progression of heart attack, diabetes, and cancers.

One of walnuts best nutrients is magnesium. Walnut Magnesium is about 158 mg per 100 grams. Walnut magnesium has a multitude of functions in our body, which includes the healthy maintenance of our bones, heart, nervous system, muscle tissue, cells, and hormone regulation.

How can walnuts prevent the symptoms of cancer?

The polyphenols in walnuts help fight the stress causing inflammation in our body; it reduces the risk of certain cancers such as breast, prostate and colorectal cancers. It enables the blockage of hormone receptors in our body. This blockage can help reduce the risk of hormone-related cancers like in breast and prostate.

In what way do walnuts slow down diabetes?

Another benefit of walnuts in our body has something to do in the risk reduction of type-2 diabetes. Being overweight increases your risk of high blood sugar and diabetes. Therefore, if we want to have low blood sugar, we should look first at our weight. Is it proportional to our height?

Is this applicable also with heart diseases?

It goes the same with our heart. When your blood pressure is not at normal levels, it means that you have a high-risk chance of getting heart disease and stroke.

Having walnuts as supplements for high blood pressure should be monitored. It is very risky if you just east walnuts without hesitations.

Another factor for getting a high risk of heart disease is having a high level of bad cholesterol. Not all cholesterols are bad, but it is not good if we exceed the baseline of cholesterol level in the chart.

For example, if you are experiencing high blood pressure, you should be careful about consuming walnuts. It is the same with people who have elevated blood sugar.

Walnuts health benefits decrease inflammation that can lead to serious chronic diseases. The best way to have prevention from inflammation is to include walnuts in our diet meal.

Promotes Healthy Gut with Good Bacteria

The nutrients found in walnuts promote a healthy gut.

If you have an unhealthy composition of the microbiota, it can contribute to inflammation and diseases in your gut. This condition increases your risk of obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

Eating walnuts may support the health of your microbiota and your gut. It includes an increase in bacteria that produce butyrate, a fat that nourishes your stomach and promotes gut health.

The walnuts benefits can influence the makeup of your microbiota. Enough intake of walnuts nourishes your body and can be beneficial in the bacteria that live in your gut.

Walnuts for weight loss

Eating walnuts can suppress your appetite.

In a study, after consuming walnuts for five days, the participants have high resistance on tempting foods like cake and potato fries. The suppression of appetite has a massive impact on diet plans. It helps us to avoid foods that high in calories and sugar contents.

The walnuts benefit to our body can be beneficial in losing weight. Though walnuts are calorie-dense, only a few amounts of calories were absorbed into our body. Walnuts help you control appetite and hunger without causing digestive health problems.

Improves Brain Activities

Our brain is functioning for 24 hours a day even when we are sleeping. It is crucial that we need to infuse our mind with nutrients to keep sharp and alert all the time.

Indeed, walnuts are good for our brain. It has nutrients like vitamin E, protein, and fats that improve our learning skills, memory and anxiety reduction.

One of the common diseases due to the lack of nut nutrients is Alzheimer. It is a disease due to brain cell damage as we lack the absorption of nutrients good for the brain.

Given this, it is essential that we consider eating walnuts for better brain activities. Over time, walnuts will help us process things around us accurately. Our reflexes will stay sharp, and we will not experience short memory term lose.

The walnuts health benefits also include protection of our brains from inflammation, as we have the right nutrients when we are using it in our day-to-day activities.

Natural Ways to Increase Fertility Health among Men

Daily consumption of walnuts will increase the chances of improving sperm health.

Our lifestyle nowadays begins to have harmful effects on our health, especially in sperm health. Processed food, refined grains, sugar intake, too much coffee, alcohol, and other less ideal eating habits have contributed to reducing sperm function.

Adequate eating of walnuts can have effects on the fertility health among men. It may improve sperm shape, vitality, and mobility. Also, it has the property to protect the damaged membrane of the sperm.

Other Walnuts Benefits

For Radiant and Healthy Skin

Consumption of walnuts promotes radiant and healthy skin. With walnuts vitamins, you will have adequate nutrients for your skin. The role of vitamins B and E from walnuts can reduce stress to our body.

High-stress levels in our body can result in various diseases and can have visible effects on our skin. For example, when we have so much stress from our work, it can formulate wrinkles, and the process of ageing is advancing.

To have glowing skin, using walnuts as a home remedy is another excellent option to test the walnuts benefits in your skin. Walnuts have hydrating components that will keep our skin to look young and fresh.

As preparation, you need to blend 4 pieces of walnuts with two tablespoons of oats, one teaspoon of honey and cream and four drops of olive oil. If successful, you will come up with a walnut paste or walnut face mask with natural ingredients.

Apply the mask on your face and neck areas and let it dry to make sure that your face and neck absorb the nutrients from the mask. Afterward, you need to wash the areas with warm water.

Walnut Oils

Other than walnuts intake, we can have walnut nutrition through its oil. During the cold-pressed process, the walnuts nutrients are still intact in oil.

Walnut oils are best for skin moisturizers, getting rid of dark circles, and promotes glowing skin. As for moisturizers, walnut oil is effective when applied in lukewarm temperature.

The walnuts oil will penetrate your inner skin and prevent the occurrence of dry skin. It is essential that our skin is moisturized as healthy skin can protect us from skin diseases.

Using walnut oil in your scalp daily will keep you from experiencing dermatitis. Walnuts oil has anti-fungal properties that prevent your scalp from having infections. It will also keep your scalp hydrated with 100% organic ingredients. Note that, having dandruff means that your scalp is dry and lack of nutrients.

Dark circles under your eyes are noticeable especially when you are working late daily. Not enough sleep is one of the reasons for dark circles under your eyes. Lukewarm walnuts oil is said to help get rid of the dark circles. With its properties to calm the nerves under our eyes, walnuts oil prevents the puffiness and recovers the usual form of your eyes. It can lighten the portion of your skin under your eyes.

Natural Care for Hair and Scalp

Other than skin, we are conscious of our hair and scalp. One of the things that people often look after is their hair. Salons and other beauty-product boutiques offer regimens like hair masks, ointment for a healthy scalp, shampoo and conditioner for daily maintenance. They also claim that these products are 100% safe to use and have no side effects over time.

We need to provide care and treatment in our hair and scalp that will reduce the adverse effect on some of our unhealthy daily routine and lifestyles. Best results for hair and scalp treatment are noticeable if we have adequate nutrients from walnuts.

Generally, it recommends applying walnut oil thrice a week will produce the benefits to our hair and scalp. It can be mixed with virgin coconut oil or olive oil for more impressive results.

Our scalp and hair need nutrients from insides; therefore, we need to prefer healthy foods that will provide and strengthen our hair follicles. Aside from being good omega-3 sources, walnuts have also potassium.

Walnuts potassium contributes to a healthy scalp and hair. The benefits of having a healthy scalp are an excellent prevention of getting bald and keeping our scalp hydrated to prevent the onset of dandruff.

Given this, if you have proper treatment and care to your scalp and hair, you can make your hair longer without split ends and breakage. You can apply walnuts oil daily in your hair for stronger and shinier hair.

Other than oil, walnuts can be used as natural coloring components. The walnuts husk can be used to have a better hair color. Walnut oil is very reliable for skin and hair treatment because of the protein contents. Walnuts protein promotes the glowing and vibrant color of our hair.

Recipes of Walnuts with Benefits

Salad Dressing/ Toppings

Walnuts oil can be used in salad dressings. This oil is cold-pressed to preserve the nutrients of walnuts while extracting it. Other than this, there are proper ways to prepare recipes while maintaining walnuts nutrition.

The most common use of walnuts in our meal is to make it as topping to your favorite meal. When you are avoiding fats and salty taste in your cooking, you add semi-crushed walnuts on top of your meat dishes.

By adding walnuts toppings, it will increase the taste of your meal without frying or adding sauces. In this way, you can achieve a healthy recipe without worrying that you ruin your weight loss program.

Moreover, you can make your dressings at home. With natural fruit puree and apple cider vinegar, you can create combinations with crushed walnuts. Ready-made salad dressings in the supermarket have preservatives and artificial ingredients like sugar. You can also bake cookies and muffins with walnuts bits.

Replacement for Gluten Food

Walnuts nutrition comes with more fiber nutrients. The number of calories that we can get from daily consumption of walnuts can replace food with gluten and carbohydrates. Refined grains can contribute weight gain and increase blood sugar which results in type-2 diabetes over time.

As a replacement, include some walnuts to your recipe. Walnuts can replace carbohydrate intake with fibers. Fibers are essentials for a weight loss program because it cuts off your consumption of carbohydrates and other unhealthy foods.

Walnuts as Snacks

Other quick recipes are making walnuts as snacks by combining with fruits, measuring ¼ cup unsalted. It is essential that you should choose unflavored walnuts to avoid preservatives that can alter the natural walnuts health benefits.

Walnuts can be blend together with your favorite classic yogurt. You can also add walnuts as toppings to your side dishes to have some flavorful taste.

Walnuts have a natural flavor that will make your side dishes more exciting and addictive to eat. It can also add a twist to your smoothies and can replace other nuts if you have allergic reaction except for walnuts.

Our Insights

The health benefits of walnuts can have a direct effect on our body. Not only for weight loss but as well as heart attack, diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, brain functions, and sperm health.

Indeed, walnuts play a significant role in our health. From hair and scalp to the skin, you can see the walnuts benefits. If following the recommendations of consumption, you can feel the improvement to your health.

Walnuts are available in most supermarkets and grocery stores. Before deciding what to buy and choose from different varieties of walnuts, make sure the walnuts have a mild nutty and sweet smell. Given this, you will be assured that the nuts you will buy are fresh.

How to store properly and to determine if walnuts are fresh?

Walnuts with foul-like paint thinner smell should be excluded from your choices. These characteristics show that nuts are not fresh and already exposed for a long time.

To ensure that your walnuts will not lose its freshness, you need to prepare proper storage. Walnuts and other nuts need to be stored in an airtight container fit to be placed in the refrigerator, crisper drawer or a cold temperature container. When putting inside the fridge, walnuts should be isolated from other perishable goods with a strong aroma like spices, fish and seafood. Proper storage of walnuts will ensure the freshness and nutrients after some time.

If you are following a meal plan for your weight loss program, you have to avoid the flavored walnuts. You need to have the plain ones to get the best walnut calorie to maintain your weight goals.

Side effects of Walnuts

Considering walnuts in our diet and as beauty products, there are side effects that we should be aware of.

First, if you believe that you have allergy with nuts, it is crucial that you seek advice to your doctors. There are components in walnuts that can trigger your allergy. For that reason, you should look for other healthy foods that can provide an adequate amount of nutrients which are likely to have an equivalent of what walnuts benefit provide.

Second, when you consume more than the daily recommended serving, it can result in stomach bloating and diarrhea. Also, over consumption of walnuts can lead to an increase of uric acid and blood pressure.

Lastly, black walnuts variety contains irritants that make your skin red and swollen. Therefore, before applying beauty products with walnuts ingredients, double check the labels and have a small number of tests on your skin to prevent rashes. Also, make sure that walnuts beauty products are safe to use daily.

Walnut benefits should not be taken for granted because of its size. It comes in small size but the nutrients we can find in it make a difference in our body.