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Cable Crunch Ultimate Guide for Effective Ab Cable Workout


Cable crunch workout is the most effective exercise for your core or the abdominal muscles. If you want to build noticeable ab muscles, the six-pack abs, you will need to practice the cable crunch workout. It could work for everyone who wants more than lean abs with strong muscles.

Cable crunch workout is the movement that allows you to burn those fats in your belly. And the result is the six-pack ab muscles that will be adored by everybody. In doing the cable crunch workout, you will need to know the basics steps to perfect it. Also, you can try the intermediate cable crunch workout for better results.

As you read along, you will find some tips to work correctly with your cable crunch workout. Remember that this workout will give definition and strength to your core. With the constant tension in your abdominal muscle, you will need to maintain the weight if you want the muscle pops.

Step-by-step Cable Crunch Workout

cable crunch workout steps

Step # 1: Attach a triceps rope handle to the pulley on the carriage of a cable station. Then adjust the carriage to make it close to the top third of the machine. Make sure the position is your height level.

Step # 2: Next, choose the amount of resistance you want. But you can still start with the weight you are comfortable and increase over time.

Step # 3: Facing the pulley, come into a kneeling position approximately one and a half feet away from the machine.

Step # 4: Grab the triceps rope handles and brace your core. You should feel a light stretch in your abs. Otherwise, you should increase the weight of your shins.

Step # 5: Pull both handles with bent arms one after the other. Then, perform a crunch one after the other. Your elbows should be parallel to your thighs.

Step # 6: To complete a repetition, return to the starting position as you maintain tension on the pulley. You can repeat for three sets of 10 repetitions.

Effective Tips for this Workout

tips for abs workout

To effectively get the best results of the cable crunch workout, you will need to consider the position of your hips and hands and the range of motion.

For your hip position, you need to make sure that it is high and still for the entire set of your workout. This position for your hips will make your movement comes only from the spine. Also, it will allow you a full range of motion.

Then for your hand position, you can define the length of the lever to perform the exercise. If you attached a rope, it would work best. Hold the cord with your hands together with your thumb knuckles at the top of your forehead. Then begin to pull it over.

Further, range of motion, as we speak of it, is essential to consider in doing cable crunch workout. During this workout, the spine needs to get neutral at the top and full flexion at the bottom while maintaining control the entire time. For better movement, make sure your elbows rolled as far into your lap, far from your thighs, as possible.

Variations of Cable Crunch Workout

Variations of Cable Crunch Workout

Like other workouts, cable crunch has two variations: kneeling and standing cable crunch workout.

For beginners, you can start with a standing cable crunch. The standing cable crunch is the best advice to do by beginners. The focus of the strength is in your abs and lower back muscles. You can use a cable machine and attachment for this exercise.

How to do standing cable crunch:

First, your starting position is standing with your shoulder-width stance in front of a high cable machine facing away from the weights. Then, reach behind you and grab the rope attachment with an overhand grip, palms facing shoulders. Bring the rope to ear level and slightly bend the neck forward with elbows bent and pointing down. Next is brace core and bend at the waist bringing your shoulders down towards your knees until torso becomes parallel with the ground. Hold this position for few seconds then slowly return to the starting position.

For kneeling cable crunch, this workout will work for your abs, hips and back. You can also use the cable machine and attachment as your equipment.

How to do kneeling cable crunch:

Your starting position is kneeling in an adjustable cable machine. Keep your legs about shoulder-width apart. Then grab the rope with palms facing each other and pull it to the sides of your head. Tighten your abs and crunch forward, bringing your head towards the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

In a Nutshell

Cable crunch workout is the most effective workout if you want to get rid of those belly fats. If you’re going to achieve your dream six-pack abs muscles, then all you need to do is follow our simple yet practical guide for ab muscles. And don’t forget our tips.