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Personal Style, Your Very Own Unique Fashion Statement


Personal style has been the constant effort of making the fashion to be unique and recognizable. There are different fashion trends that you can try, but what is truly exciting to wear is your particular style.

Personal style comes in many forms, and you can adjust your outfit any way you like it. This style is about comfort and portraying yourself, the real you without losing your confidence.


Some styles can come in outrageous designs and the increase of influencers in social media. But you can deliberately change it the way you want to look. Personal style comes from trend and fashion styles, but it reflects more of your attitude and character.

However, if you still have no idea of some styles to wear, you can try some of the classics and experiments below in combination with the new fashion trend.

Head Turne

Do not be confused with all the fashion designs and styles that are going around. So better catch up with the one that fits you.

Classic Style

Personal-Style-Your-Very-Own-Unique-Fashion-004It is the favorite of many – vintage styles. Most of the personal styles come from this classic look of the past. From footwear to the headdress, you can begin with new methods like choosing retro designs.

Bohemian Style

If you want to look extraordinary and non-traditional, you can try wearing a bohemian style. This look comes with wild patterns and extravagant designs. The textures of clothing can be exotic, and you can see the difference easily from the usual personal style you have been trying. A gypsy or hippie look is some bohemian style that you can wear. A Boho look we mean, for example.

Chic Style


Are you trying to look smart and nerdy yet trendy? Chic style is a personal style that you can follow if you want to get a striking look. For instance, you can choose intense colors, yet it will be comfortable with the eyes. It is not a casual style but with more touch of your character.

Artsy Style

If you have a creative personality, you can show it with an artsy style. This style does not follow the traditional norms, so you can grab the chance to innovate the trends and create your unique fashion.

Sexy Style

Personal-Style-Your-Very-Own-Unique-Fashion003Sexy styles come with skin exposure. You can wear clothes that can be seen as some flesh of your bodies like your chest and stomach. So you may get it now that this personal style is not for conservative type. Skin exposure in this fashion is extreme, and you should know if you have the guts and confidence to flaunt it to everyone. Otherwise, look for others’ styles.

Casual Type

In this kind of fashion, the casual type is about elegance and comfort. If you are trying hard to look fabulous, you should take it easy. Prioritize comfort rather than wearing something that will limit your freedom. For instance, a casual person with a personal style is wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. With this pair, you can match some accessories to highlight your personality.

Sophisticated Style


Sophistication is one of the hardest characters to achieve. Some are lucky if this trait is natural with them. Nevertheless, you can do this as well. A sophisticated style, for instance, can be your personal style. Make a statement with quality and polished with manner and culture. These are vital points. You can see this style with the dress-up of a businesswoman. If lifestyle and luxury is your unique style, then this one’s for you.

Boyish Style

Not all women are fond of wearing dresses or clothing like other ladies. Tomboy style is one of the personal forms that perfectly fits with women who want to wear dark shades of color rather than pink, red, or alike. Also, if it fits your personality, this style portrays a little baggy, and the designs and prints of the clothes focus on graphic designs.

Rockstar Style

rockgirlleatherjacketSometimes, you might feel like making yourself look like your favorite rockstar. Then probably you should try the rocker style as your personal style. People may call this versatile style of fashion, but choosing this depends on what rock music you are going to portray. Some accessories to complete this style are metal giants but avoid the baggy method. You can opt for smaller sizer clothing and a hoodie jacket for a more intense rocker style.

How to Identify the Perfect Personal Style

After knowing the different fashion, there are techniques that you should know. These techniques can help you figure out the best style and way for you.

Know your body shape.

It is the primary know-how if you want to get the best dress for yours. Fashion will always look good if you know your body shape. Try to look for celebrities with the same forms as you. It is the easiest way to find what style you can wear.

Look for the signature piece.

A signature piece is something that will help you look gorgeous on any unexpected occasion. It can be accessories, the design or pattern of the clothes can be one of your choices to find the signature clothes for you. Then you can invest in these items which you can wear over time. No hesitations but will give you confidence.

But pay attention to details that might compromise your fashion. Look for the designs and pieces that make your self-esteem low. Then you should toss these stuff aside and replace it with some accessories and clothing that will make you feel fantastic.

Look for the right colors.

Of course, perfect fashion styles depend on your skin tone. Look for colors that will give power to your complexion. Mix and match the colors as you have seen to fashion magazines and TV shows.

Create a unique wardrobe.

Making a personal style comes with an organized wardrobe. Make sure you have not more than 50 pieces in your wardrobe if you want to get your unique perfect style. Never underestimate what you got in your closet.

Make a “terno” sometimes.

Wearing a “terno” is one of the classic looks you can wear, and you should not be afraid of it as your fashion statement. You can wear this on any occasion as long as you know the proper designs and patterns. There are loud designs and simple patterns that you can choose from.

New fashion should not be the focus.

Your attention should not focus on new fashion trends. You should also look for other fashion like the vintage and those that look classic. Then add some elegance and sophistication to it. Your personal style should not always depend on a new fashion statement. Instead, you can restyle your look with some fashion that fits your character.

Our Insights

Indeed personal style is a fashion statement that reflects your character and attitude. If you do not want to exert effort in always finding the right piece, you should look for some brands that fit your body shape and skin tone. Branded clothes offer most of the time, the shape and design. You can also look for a good tailor that can make your personalized fashion items. Also, try some DIY accessories based on the popular signature items of your favorite celebrity icons. See that personal style should not always copy the one that you can see in fashion magazines and TV shows.

Bohemian Style: The No-Hippy and No-Gypsy Look Guide

Bohemian Style

Bohemian style, unlike other fashion styles, has its own identity. Instantly you will know that it’s a bohemian style with just your first look. Gypsy and hippy looks are related to bohemian style dresses. Do you want to know more? Well, you need to read along!

The bohemian style started in the 1960s and the 1970s. During this time, it was an era for boho fashion. And until now, you can see people wearing bohemian clothes style. The personality of the bohemian style indicates freedom and being close to nature. As you can see what’s boho style about, you can vibe a very relaxed fashion, casual feeling of wearing accessories and intensely artistic in many ways.

There are elements of surprises for the bohemian style. So, you want to know what are these? Well, you need to know first the “Dos and Dont’s” in wearing boho style. Freedom in wearing layers can be awkward if you do not understand how it works. Mixing and matching your tops and bottoms is very challenging. Your accessories might be in the wrong place if you just carelessly put it on. Therefore, you need to avoid it. How can you do the perfect bohemian style?

It is a must for you to wear your bohemian style flawlessly. This style will save you from being called an old hippie; nobody wants his or her clothing style to be dissed by anyone. Therefore, to get the classic boho fashion right, you need to focus on the details. It helps if you will get the following tips before trying to make a bohemian style.

Best Tips in Making your Bohemian Style Admirable

For new blood to get into the bohemian fashion, one must be adventurous, daring and free-spirited. If you are a bit shy to get into the Boho look, then that may be unavoidable. But we know how you can overcome it. So, here are some boho outfit ideas. You can try simple headbands, fringed purses and footwear with ethnic designs. Just start putting accessories that will make you comfortable.

Your hairstyle

You can also do a makeover in your hairstyle. Try to make your hair a boho-maven, and not looking like an old hippie with no shower for over a year. The hairstyle is essential to the bohemian style, so making it should be slick.

Vintage look concept

Other than your hairstyle, you should try on some clothes based on vintage look concepts. Find old items such as fabrics, accessories, shoes and sometimes your tops and bottoms. Your bohemian style will never go wrong if the vintage look inspires this. But not all vintage is good for bohemian. There are a few things to skip from wearing old clothes. For example, avoid tops with puffed sleeves.


For the bottoms that will make a kick to your bohemian style, try wearing flared pants. With perfect tops and outerwear, this will keep your boho style ready for action. Short length skirts are best paired with cowboy boots. Seeing you in this outfit will be irresistible.

Maxi to Floral Dress

If you are not a fan of tops and bottoms, you can look sassy with a maxi dress. With a pair of gladiator, flat, or wedge sandals, this will make you the portrait of boho fashion style.

Another fresh look is with a floral dress. We know that this will get your mood started. Just add fringed gilet in neutral colors and headpiece with minimalist design.

But you can mix and match the patterns with just the same shades of color. With only three colors of earth tones, you can quickly come up with a fabulous boho style. So avoid wearing too many colors, or you will end up people laughing at you.

Your Own Boho Look

So, can you create your own boho look? But of course, you can! Bohemian style is about fashion with freedom of choice. You can make the styles you want and select what to wear. It seems that the personality of those wearing bohemian is adventurous and nature loving.

Your guide in the mix and match your wardrobe for boho fashion will definitely rock the street. At the end of this article, we bet that you can have your bohemian style. Check our best 15 boho look!

Style 1:

Make a sophisticated look with white lace mini-dress and a pair of ankle boots. Add a fedora to feel the retro vibe! For a summer look, you can pair it with gladiator sandals. Your headdress should be a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses with a solid color. You will make the summer sizzling!

Style 2:

Bohemian will look great for summer. Oversized tops, blue in color, light or baby blue is perfectly matched for your denim shorts. Make sure your top will have bohemian prints to get that vibe of boho fashion!

Style 3:

Summer boho vibe is not over with your fringed leather. Oversized denim jacket paired with jeans and a fringed leather bag can complete your another look for summer. Just don’t forget the tassel details on your bag.

Style 4:

Looking for a gorgeous twist in your boho style? Try wearing the faux fur on your top to get a yay look. Paired it with a mini skirt and ankle boots for an authentic look of bohemian style!

Style 5:

Off the shoulder, tops look fantastic with bohemian style. Off shoulder, Aztec style dress will be exciting if paired with classic multicolour sandals. With poms-poms and tassel detailing to your sandals, your bohemian style will be triggered! Your option for the off shoulder is paired with cowboy style boots that will make an authentic boho look.

Style 6:

Black is sexy, and boho fashion proves it. Many have tried the black mini-dress paired with strappy gladiator sandals make a new boho look. You can even try the full-length black lace dress paired with flats or wedge sandals and accessorized by the leather bag. It becomes the ultimate bohemian style in code black!

Style 7:

Not a fan of black? Well, stick with the neutral colors of the blue and white playsuit. Put some accessories to upgrade it into chic bohemian style.

Style 8:

White maxi dress with a side slit will sizzle the boho vibe. This maxi dress paired with a wedge or flat sandals and rattan bag for a complete bohemian style.

Style 9:

Tired of off shoulder dress? Well, try the ruffle dress and clutch bag with embroidered and sequin detailing for a more boho-chic look and feel. Just add fringed leather to make yay for your boho look!

Style 10:

Floral print dress in technicolor will make a more vibrant boho look. Paired it with your strappy gladiator sandals and a pair of vintage style shades, you can make it your favourite bohemian style.

Style 11:

Let us go for what bohemian style really implies and that is freedom and feeling warm. With gypsy print mini-dress, you can add an oversized scarf paired with knee-high boots. Accessorized it with vintage sunglass and viola, you can have a happy looking boho style.

Style 12:

Sheer maxi skirt, leather jacket and leather pixie boots – wear all this at once, and you can have the best-sophisticated bohemian style.

Style 13:

A gypsy designed maxi coat can give that boho vibe! Make it paired with high waist fringed denim and a tee with plunging neckline. And that is another style that will crack the boho fashion.

Style 14:

If you have a boho-chic style, let us do it with a boho-rock star style. Also, cardigan made of wool, leather bag and cowboy boots in loud colors can rock your boho fashion.

Style 15:

Knitted cardigans can be matched with your bohemian style. Leather bottoms and gypsy print tops will make a wonderful pair to your cardigans. Don’t forget your strappy gladiator sandals or your cowboy boots.

What we see in Fashion

These are only a few things to level up your bohemian style. Your fashion reflects your personality, and that is important before getting yourself a makeover. Make time to know what fits you perfectly.

So, whats the boho style? Boho style includes prints, patterns and colors closed to earth or nature. So you will need appropriate accessories and ditch the idea of putting all your accessories. Once done in your outfit, look yourself at the mirror and see where to put your accessories. When you feel that you have done your job, then your boho look will be exceptional.

Just like what we said, imitation of someone else’s style is a big no-no! You cannot do the same fashion to yourself, knowing that you have a different body shape and figure.

However, remember that doing your style is like expressing your character and emotion to other people. It is another way of saying that this is about me. No one can make me feel intimidated. If you dress smart and confident, then you have no worries about other people’s opinions.

And with Boho fashion, try to feel what you want to wear on that day, so it would come out so natural. Just be free with Boho look.