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Makeup Tips to Look Youthful like Beauty Experts to Celebrities

Makeup Tips to Look Youthful like Beauty Experts to Celebrities

Makeup tips to look youthful should show the natural beauty and subliminal signs of makeup. There are many ways to achieve a youthful look using makeup. But there are techniques, simple tips on how to wear makeup to look young.

Makeup Tips to Look Youthful like Beauty Experts to CelebritiesMakeup tips to look youthful can be learned easily, and you do not need to be professional if you want to achieve the looks you want. You will also need the necessary tools for makeup, so you have no worries about getting the expensive makeup kits.

To have youthful-looking skin, you have to start taking care of your skin. In taking care of your skin, you should choose an all-natural or chemical-free routine so your skin will have no exposure to harmful chemicals from other skincare products.

Then, you can start doing simple makeup tips to look youthful. If you maintain the routines of taking care of your skin in the right way, you will need some makeup tips to highlight some of your facial features.

Simple Makeup Tips to Look Youthful

Embracing your natural beauty does not mean that you should stick with no makeup. You can appear to look younger by using some makeup tips. These are not complicated sets of makeup styles so that you can follow it easily.

Start with your Eyebrows

Among your facial features, your eyebrows are the most noticeable. It dictates your facial expression and your age, as well. If you can observe, our eyebrows become thin as we get older. It is unavoidable, but beauty experts emphasize that having fuller brows can make your face to look youthful. But make sure that it will complement the rest of your facial features. 

The first thing you will do is find the shape of your eyebrows. Then look for the color of the eyebrow pencil that will match the color of your hair. 

One thing that you should avoid when doing your eyebrows is the mismatched color of your pencil vis a vis to your hair. It should be the same or almost near the shade of each other so that you will have a youthful look. 

But the safest color you can use is deep brown, and when applied, make sure you make a thin line. This shade of brown is versatile in any color of your hair. At the same time, you will look sophisticated and alluring with a youthful look.

Natural curl for your Lashes

Natural curl for your Lashes

Eyelashes have standard curves. Like eyebrows, it becomes thin as we age. So to look young, makeup tips include eyelash curler. Make sure that you curl your lashes the right way. Then put some mascara for the final touch,

Getting rid of dryness

Skin dryness can advance your skin aging, but with regular usage of moisturizer, you can keep the youthful look of your skin. Especially in your face, you can use serums, creams and lotions to give moisture to your skin. 

According to beauty experts, to keep your skin hydrated, make sure that your moisturizer has vitamin E. Also, coconut oil can be considered as one of the makeup tips to look youthful. But the most preferred tips of our beauty experts, drinking enough water will keep you hydrated from within. 

When going outside, especially when you are enjoying staying outdoors, you should apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the heat of the sun. It will keep your skin from the damage it may cause.

Reshaping your Lip

Shaping the lips, which include the removal of the deep lip, this is considered as one of the makeup tips to look youthful. Yes, we understand the pouty look you want, but if you use the too bright or dark color of lip tint, it can make you look older.

So we advise you to look for more neutral or light shade lip tint color. You can also choose sheer for a more youthful look of your lips.

Create natural blush

Create natural blush

Your cheeks are one of the plain facial features. And choosing the right shade of blush on will keep your cheeks look youthful. Makeup tips to look young for your cheeks is to use a cream blush. It is the safest color for all skin types. You can also try using a light shade of pink for more natural cheek makeup.

The technique to apply blush on is by starting to your apple or the top of your cheeks. Then sweep or brush it up and back to blend thoroughly.

Apply the right foundation

Before any makeup, you will need to apply the right foundation. Balancing the types and color of your skin can be difficult. You will have trial and error when it comes to finding the right set of foundations. 

How to find the right foundation? You will need to have it tested on your neck and facial skin. Then after a while, you can see the result – if it changes color or makes your skin oily. Some foundation leaves a matte texture. Other forms of the foundation come in liquid and powder. 

Finding the right foundation is essential to make your skin look youthful and hydrated as well.

Highlight your Facial Asset

The use of highlighter is a tricky makeup that you will need to know where to apply. But learning the trick will keep you look youthful. Highlighter emphasizes the features of your face. It gives dimension to your face and avoids the too shiny face. 

To have an excellent highlight of your facial features, you can use the sheer or light formula of highlighter for your cheekbones. It will give a subtle yet youthful effect makeup.

Blend your Makeup

The most important makeup tips to look youthful is blending your makeup

The most important makeup tips to look youthful is blending your makeup. You can use a sponge or beauty blender to make your makeup application perfect. For instance, you can mix your foundation with beauty blender or sponge with additional water to get optimal sheer coverage. 

The importance of blending the makeup is to avoid cakey or opaque results from makeup application.

Our Insights

Never think of makeup to cover your real beauty. Makeup tips to look youthful and enhancing your natural beauty is better than wearing makeup to show off a new look, far from your natural beauty.

Indeed, makeup tips are useful if you avoid over-using your makeup. Maintaining your natural beauty is the key to keeping your youthful look.

French Beauty Secrets: Your Natural Glowing Look

French Beauty Secrets

French beauty secrets are not as complicated as we imagined. There are lots of techniques on how to achieve french beauty styles. The secrets are no longer secrets because many followed it because of its being photogenic.

French beauty secrets have become the new addiction of many who want to have a naturally glowing skin. Of course, this kind of beauty can be achieved if you understand how to carry french beauty makeup.

So how will you achieve the french beauty secrets? First of all, you need to follow some routines and apply them while doing the french look.

Top French Beauty Secrets and Tips

Here are the top of our French beauty secrets that can be done when you want to achieve the look.

You should remember that french beauty comes in being straightforward. A simple makeup can enhance more of your natural beauty. Of course, covering blemishes and skin imperfections is part of the makeup procedure. But make sure that your makeup is in moderation. It is one of the basics of French beauty secrets.

While keeping your makeup in moderation, make sure that you have a makeup that will emphasize your assets. For instance, you can wear vibrant lipstick and make smudgy eye makeup to attract the attention of people around you. Remember that in doing this to your lips and eyes, you should maintain the rest of your makeup in simple and less dramatic. It is how you can achieve the best French beauty secrets.

Your makeup should be natural, so no need to maintain a perfect makeup look. You can choose the natural colors of your blush and other makeup like contour, highlighter and bronzer. Keep in mind that you should maintain the natural look of your makeup to prove that French beauty secrets are no longer secrets.

How about your eye makeup? Well, aside from smudge eye makeup, you can have curly eyelashes. French beauty secrets include curly eyelashes and the thicker, the better to attract attention.

And do not forget your lips. Like other makeup tips, your lips to be natural with vibrant color, choose to use lipstick in matte form. You will never go wrong with it.

So how to achieve French or Parisian makeup look?

With all the tips you have, you should know how to make a French makeup look. This kind of makeup look has a natural look, which means that your makeup should be minimal, yet leaving you a flawless finishing. Your french makeup should go along with your hair if you will just tousle your hair naturally. Also, this makeup should be an effortless application that does not need to be formal.

Then, you should start preparing your skin for French beauty secrets.

1. Know and choose your skincare products.

Your skincare products are essentials, especially knowing the ingredients. Before starting the application of your makeup, you should make sure that you use a gentle cleanser to your face. An overnight mask is also recommended if you are planning to wear makeup daily. Some makeup products can cause dryness of your skin. Then you can have anti-ageing treatment wherein the focus area of your application is under your eye. And the last but not the least is the application of moisturizer. Before any makeup, moisturizer is essential. Choose a subtle, vibrant moisturizer that can give you a natural glow to your skin.

2. Put a light coverage as a primer to your skin.

When it comes to coverage of your skin, you should choose a primer that can work well with your makeup and the type of your skin. If you find the perfect primer, you do not need to apply foundation. Why primer? Because this is one of the basics of French beauty secrets when it comes to makeup.

With this, you can skip using contour and bronzer. It will just ruin the natural look of your French makeup. Just do not forget to deal with dark circles and blemishes using your concealer.

3. Highlight your assets naturally.

Earlier it was mentioned that French beauty secrets highlight the assets in your face, so keep the features in your face more attractive. Flaunting your assets should be done with a highlighter with a natural look. Make sure you will not use a highlighter with dark colors which can create shadows. Highlight your cheekbones and cupid’s bow of your lips. It will do the trick to enhance your natural beauty.

4. Subtle blush for glowing cheeks.

Blush on can make a big difference to your French makeup. Make sure that your blush on is subtle and not so vibrant. One of the French beauty secrets is not overdoing it. From blush into lipstick to eye makeup. Keep it simple and natural.

5. Make your eye look wide.

This technique with your eye makeup will not fail you, especially when you only need to accentuate your eyes. To look it natural, avoid doing eyeliner. Just use mascara to enhance your eyelashes. Also, it will give dimension to your eyes without putting vibrant eyeshadow and eyeliner.

6. Red is the final touch.

Your French makeup is incomplete if your lips are pale. Natural lipstick is not ideal if you want to follow French beauty secrets. Just make sure you add some vibrant color to your lips.

Wonderful Add-On Tips

When you are in the middle of your Parisian makeup, you should know the following routines. It is the French beauty tips routines that you can add to your bucket list if you are planning to put on French makeup.

Eat, Drink and Sleep

All the beauty comes within, and this is what most French women practice to achieve the perfect glowing skin. To have the perfect glow, you should know that you are doing a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated and completing your sleep to have healthy skin. Though you applied all the French beauty secrets and tips, your skin is the primary factor in your makeup.

Taking Good of Your Skin

Achieving healthy skin is a long process. You cannot have a youthful and glowing skin if you are not taking good of your skin. A good cleanser is what you need. Choose a cleanser with natural ingredients. Make some homemade natural ingredients to keep the natural moisture of your skin. Also, do not forget to put SPF to your skin if you plan to go out or if you are going to expose your skin under the sun.

Looking and Feeling Good

Cosmetic products should not be taken for granted. Choose the products with quality, which means it will complement your skin to make you feel good. Confidence comes in two ways, inside and out. Of course, when you know you use the products and make you feel beautiful, you will feel the confidence.

Less Complicated

French beauty looks is a good example of a no-makeup look. This kind of makeup is what most women want to achieve to have a natural yet glowing look. It is hard to do, especially when you want to cover some blemishes and wrinkles or fine lines. But with properly taking care of your skin, you can achieve the French beauty secrets, which is about simplicity.

What should you remember?

The real beauty of makeup is something that will make you feel good. It is not a factor to make you sad and humiliated.

French beauty secrets and routines are definitely the ideal makeup style you should wear. Try our best advice to achieve the look you want.

Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin to Enjoy the Winter Season Fully!

Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin to Enjoy the Winter Season Fully!

Beauty tips for glowing skin during winter and cold weather should be in the top list of every woman’s essential beauty products. In the winter season and cold weather, there are secrets on how to achieve the glowing skin despite the negative temperature.

Beauty tips for glowing skin come in many ways like healthy eating lifestyle, regular exercises, and workout routines, and complete sleep like 8 hours daily. But if you cannot do these things regularly, you can opt to use make up and other skincare products to give you more glowing skin. 

There are different ways to get the beauty tips for glowing skin. Some of them are basics in your makeup style. The things you need for beauty tips for glowing skin should help you cover the dryness in your skin, keep off the flaking of your skin. 

During winter and cold weather, beauty tips for glowing skin are your resorts to maintain the radiance of your skin and make it fresh all the time. Also, to prevent the skin from looking dull, we have here the essentials for glowing skin. These are the tips that you can do without any time and anywhere. 

Beauty tips for glowing skin during winter and cold weather


On any occasion and chance, do not forget your moisturizer. When the temperature is cold, one of the beauty tips for glowing skin is the use of a moisturizer to achieve the glowing complexion. It is also one of the makeup bases for your highlighter and other makeup. 

The real secret revealing the true beauty of moisturizer to our skin is to do some massages after the application. In this way, it will give off the natural look of your skin. And when you applied moisturizer, you should include the neck to have your face and neck color evenly. 

Aside from making your skin tone evenly, the use of moisturizer will also help your skin to get hydrated. And the best time to apply moisturizer is the moment you finish taking your shower. Your skin at this time is a bit steamed and freshly washed, which can easily absorb the moisturizer.

Primer or Foundation?

If I will choose between primer and foundation, I would instead pick the primer then the foundation. Moisturizers can have primers at the same time. Other creams like sunscreen will help you prepare your skin before starting doing your makeup. Also, this will maintain the hydration and prevent your skin from drying out, cracks and flakes over time. 

To be specific with primer, you should have it to make the full glowing effect of primer. Especially when winter comes, and the temperature is starting to drop, you will find your skin becoming a little dry and soon, flaky. Then, it will be wiser to stop your skin from turning in this condition. 

For foundation, skip using the same brand and formula of the foundation because each foundation is made to adapt to different kinds of weather conditions. Also, choose the color of the foundation that goes along with your skin tone and your type of skin. But the priority and one of the best beauty tips for glowing skin is considered the effect of hydrating your skin. No one wants to get dry and flaky skin.

However, one of the things that you cannot avoid when it comes to the foundation, it can highlight your flaky skin. Only if you apply in the wrong way, your foundation and primer will make flaky and dry skin more visible. Especially if you are using a matte primer and foundation, you will have an uneven finish. So opt to use liquid foundation. If you do not want to have a more dewy look, you can use apply some powder in your skin to prevent too dewy of your foundation. 

But too powdery is another problem during winter. One of the best tips for glowing skin is the use of powder that is warmer than your skin tone. You should choose powder with slightly brighter than your skin tone so it can have a subtle reflection of your skin when you applied it. 

Highlighter as Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

During winter, liquid highlighter is one of the beauty tips for glowing skin. You can apply it using a beauty blender sponge. Imagine wearing makeup without getting your skin dry or flaky.

But what you need to avoid is wearing bronzer. The use of bronzer is applicable during the summer season, so when the temperature is cold, you should choose to make your pale skin more glowy. Then, better invest your time in wearing pink blush, not bronzer that will make you look a trying hard.

Eye Makeup for Winter SeasonEye Makeup for Winter Season

Your eye makeup during the winter season is far different from what you choose to wear last summer. Of course, you can still use eyeliner during winters such as smudge, cat-eye and black eyeliner. These can match your beauty tips for glowing skin. 

Just make sure you avoid wearing green, purple and blue eyeliner. There are only useful if you partnered with gold liner, which is not the right choice of eye makeup during the winter season.

Try to maintain the natural color like charcoal black, which enhances your eye. Copper and bronze eyeshadow is the perfect eyeshadow makeup. It is a natural go eye makeup for winter that you can wear during the day and night. Also, you will find it more enjoyable to wear that the brighter and metallic colors. 

And when I said brighter and metallic colors, all those included in rainbow colors should be avoided. Again, we encourage you to find the perfect eye makeup and refrain from using loud colors. 

What we keep on saying?

Beauty tips for glowing skin during the winter season and cold weather are – to keep your skin moisturized. 

The power of moisturizers in putting hydration to our skin help set the makeup and provide a little extra moisturizing. Another beauty tip for glowing skin is to spray facial mist to maintain your skin well hydrated.

And to keep your cheeks rosy during the winter season, you can add pink blush. It will make a soft touch in your pale skin. You will have no worries with your skin during winter if you will follow our best beauty tips for glowing skin.

How to Do your Eyebrows: Your Ultimate Guide for Perfect Eyebrows


How to do your eyebrows is like making the frame of your face. Your eyebrows are not just an arch that can be made into any shape you wanted. It is the statement of your character. So, it is true that once you do your eyebrow, there is no turning back!

How to do your eyebrows merely is saying your personality. Many say that the eyebrows show many things about our self. Like any other part of your face, you need to do your brows as well. It will complete the rest of your makeup fashion.

But how do you groom your eyebrows?

To start with this eyebrows tutorial, first, you will need to clean your face. Use a small wet towel, soaked in warm water and rub it gently to your eyebrows.

Then find your ideal shape and style of eyebrows by measuring the inner corner of your brows in line with the sides of your nose. You can use long objects like a pencil or makeup brush to measure it. You will need to find three points to shape your eyebrows. The first point is the meeting area, where you line up against the outside of your nostril and the inner corner of your eye. Then the second point is the top of your pupil when you look straight ahead. The last point will be the end of your eyebrow.

Before plucking and styling your eyebrows, you should first be familiar with the shape of your eyebrows. It will depend on the shape of your face. As you read along, you will learn more about your eyebrows.

Now, you are ready to tame those wild eyebrows, as you’re now familiar with its shape. Use tweezers to pluck those unwanted hairs and shape your ideal brow line. Start plucking a few extra excess hairs below your eyebrow. And never pluck your hair on top of your brow.

Aside from plucking, you can define your arches using other methods. You can try waxing around your eyebrows. If there are leftover wax, you can remove it with warm water. Also, you can try threading. It is how to shape eyebrows if you want to groom it before pulling off your eyebrow makeup.

How to Fill in Eyebrows

The shade of your eyebrows should be one to two shades lighter than your hair if you have dark hair. The same rule is applied if you have blonde or light hair.

Aside from your eyes, your eyeshadow plays an essential role in making your brows noticeable. It also makes your brows less edgy and natural.

Other than eyeshadow, you can use eyeliner to do your eyebrows. You can fill eyebrows using eyeliner. But you should not draw outside your brows.

If you are not into eyeliner, try eyebrow gel to make your eyebrow steady. You can find different colors of gels. Some of it comes in clear, light blonde, dark blonde or brown. If you don’t have any brow gel, you can use mascara brush or petroleum jelly and hairspray as a make-up setting spray to set your eyebrows in place.

What are your best eyebrow pencils?

The typical makeup tool for your eyebrow is the pencil eyeliner. It is essential if you want to make fuller brows. Aside from that, you will need a good brow pencil to transform your eyebrows. Depending on the eyebrow pencil you prefer, here is the list that you want to choose from.

Brow Precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil

If you want a lightweight pencil eyebrow, you can have this one. It has seven shades, which include colors that can go well with red hair. You can wear it for fuller brows, looking so naturally.

Brow Wiz

Who would not appreciate an eyebrow pencil that can make your eyebrows appear super real? If you have this pencil, it will create hair strokes to look like your natural follicles. It is the top choice of many since the strokes are unnoticeable.

Eyebrow Enhancer

Looking for another brow pencil that you can pair with any of your OTTD? This one is for you. It has three shades only, but you can do many shades to complement your hair color and your fashion. Also, you will need this eyebrow enhancer to complete your face makeup.

Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

This 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil provides many results. It is an angled pencil, which pulls off hold of a wax, precision of a pencil and impact of a powder. The opposite end is flat to fill in large spots. If you are practical when it comes to makeup, you will need to have this.

Brow Definer

If you want to have bolder eyebrows, you can use this pencil with a wax formula. It can be easily washed off using water when you are removing the rest of your makeup.

Universal Eyebrow Pencil

This specific eyebrow pencil can be used in any hair colors. Just by pressing, you can have color that will complement your blonde hair color. And a little more laborious can make it go well with dark hair color. Also, every time you are going to use it, it gives your hair biotin and hair strengthener.

Brow Lift Pencil

With this eyebrow pencil, you can use it for dual purposes. It has a powder highlighter that can make your arches to look higher.

Brow Tech to Go

If you are enjoying using brow pencil with a dual purpose, you can try this one. It has a dual function of waterproof and brow gel. Isn’t it amazing that you can have these both in one pencil?

Brow Contour Duo

This eyebrow pencil has four functions. You can switch it between a lighter or darker brown shade, a highlighter, and concealer. This eyebrow fill-in pencil can make your eyebrow look sharp.

Eyebrow Types for Each Face Shape

Eyebrow Types for Each Face Shape

Now, you are holding your eyebrow pencil; you will ask yourself how to do eyebrows. If you don’t know what eyebrow shape will go well with your face shape, we got your back. Here is the list of eyebrow styles. You can transform your eyebrow using the following eyebrow shape.

Eyebrows with angel arches and longer ends

This shape is suitable for those who have round faces. It adds a bit of dimension and definition to the look. Also, it creates a slimming effect until it appears oval.

Contoured and well-balanced eyebrows

This eyebrow style is the perfect shape when it comes to brows makeup. How to do eyebrows like this? The secret is to ensure that the thickness of your brows will look natural. To make it balance, know that when you have a high forehead, large eyes and lips, you should go for thicker brows. Otherwise, you can have slimmer arches. Make sure it has a balance with other makeup.

Soft and Round Arch Eyebrows

When you have a heart-shaped face, this style will complement your face shape. Go for the type of brows that will create curves. You can quickly achieve this by creating soft, rounded browns with the natural color of eyebrows.

Angled Peak Eyebrows

This type of eyebrow is best for square face. It is adding an angle to your eyebrow to create the illusion of having a longer and narrower face. Also, this type of eyebrow creates a softer and less edgy look for a square-shaped face.

Short-Length Eyebrows

If you have an oblong face, you may want to get this look. Make sure you pay close attention to where your eyebrow ends.

Linear Eyebrow

This type of eyebrow shape is without high arches. With your diamond shape, you will need to have this style to have a look of shorter face length.

Your Eyebrow Styles

How to do your eyebrows using the latest style? You can have a feathery texture if you want something lush-looking and laissez-faire approach. This style will look great to any shape and size of eyebrows. It creates the illusion of a full eyebrow looks in less than a minute. To make this style, start by using a brow gel. Then brush the hairs up and outwards direction. Your final strokes will be towards the temples to finish it off.

Another style you want to try is high and bright. Highlight the arch under your brow and blend it. It will draw the light under the brow, will also emphasize the shape of your brow. You can try matte highlighter for a more natural and luminous finish.

While the straight tails are the type of eyebrows that will make a facelift in an instant. This style will elevate your brows to focus up and out into the point towards the temples of the face. You can use brow pencil in tracing a straighter tail on the top line of the brow.

But if you love the simple style, you have to try the soft arches. It has no lines but only curves in the angles of your brows. This style creates a feminine look. You can use a mini sponge or brush for brow powder. Use a spoolie to blend any colors.

Things to Remember for your Eyebrows

Your Eyebrow Styles

To achieve and maintain your perfect eyebrows, you will need to remember some ideas on how to do eyebrows. It is essential to know what to avoid and what you can do for your eyebrow looks.

Here is the list of the things that you need on how to do eyebrows.

  1. Make sure your eyebrow color will complement your hair color. In this way, you can achieve the natural look and framing of your face.
  2. Opt for eyebrow gel. Unlike pencil eyebrows, you can use a gel in doing your eyebrows. It will hydrate, enhance and define your eyebrows while filling the gaps. Using gel will still provide you with a natural look.
  3. But you can also have your favorite eyebrow pencil. The most practical eyebrow pencil you can have is multifunctional. Choose eyebrow pencil that includes brows color, invisible taming wax and double-ended pencil. It gives fleek in your brows.
  4. You can always admire your work from time to time. While doing your eyebrows, check if your eyebrows have the same styles. Step back a little and look if you are doing it right.
  5. It will be beneficial to go to a salon for a professional eyebrow looks. DIY at home will save you some penny, but getting your eyebrows done by a professional occasionally is not bad at all. You can visit your salon and let your beautician gives some standards in your eyebrow. Afterwards, you can maintain it.

To have the best brows, you still need to know what to avoid how to do eyebrows.

  1. Even your eyebrows are well-groomed; avoid leaving it without a quick sweep of eyebrow pencil or gel. There are brow pencils that can give you a natural look. So have it to your eyebrows to provide more frames to your face.
  2. Your hair color and eyebrow should be in the same shade of color so stop doing what others fashioned such as five shades darker than your hair color. It is not a good look for your makeup fashion.
  3. Not all hair is needed to be bleached. Your eyebrows are not made for bleaching. If you bleach your eyebrow, you will take away your facial definition.
  4. Don’t do too much plucking of your eyebrows. Make sure you pluck only the excess hair in lower areas of your eyebrows. If you do too much plucking, you will have a hard time making the styles of your eyebrows.

Your Style, Your Image

On how to do eyebrows, it is fundamental to know the shape of your face before doing some styles to your brows. Also, making shapes to your eyebrows is essential if you know the things to avoid and essential. Like other makeups, you will need to remove all the makeup at the end of the day. With your eyebrows, you have to be gentle so that hair follicles will not fall out. Then use a moisturizer around your eyebrows.

Indeed, how to fill in eyebrows with knowledge and the professional beautician will make the perfect eyebrows.

Pregnancy Beauty Tips from Experts? Use all Natural Ingredients!


Pregnancy beauty tips are needed to be safe, and that is what this article all about. For pregnant women, taking care of their skin should not be taken for granted. And what needs to be on top of the list in the skincare routine for pregnancy beauty tips is the safe ingredients or natural beauty products.

Pregnancy beauty tips from experts are the things we need to ensure that products to be applied to pregnant women will not cause any trouble. So in this article, we have the safest pregnancy beauty tips.

At first glance, these tips can be no different from the ordinary beauty tips. Though the procedures can be the same, there are details highlighted, so it will be safe for soon to be a mother. And these pregnancy beauty tips will make these women the queen with a baby bump.

Natural Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women

Always maintain your skin clean.

Cleaning your skin, especially your facial skin is one of the necessities when you are pregnant. It is given that your hormones can be a roller coaster ride, but you should not stop maintaining your skin clean. By cleaning, you can manage the pores and remove dirt, which can add up to your acne problems later on.

Use sunscreen when going out.

We know that sunlight or vitamin D is good for pregnant women. But our pregnancy beauty tips are to use sunscreen when you are going out. Even you are sure that sunlight may not reach your skin directly, you have to take the chances that it might. Remember that pregnant women’s skin is more sensitive under the sun. So you might want to try a sunscreen with zinc oxide. It will be safe for your pregnancy.

Study the ingredients of beauty products.

We believe that the priority of pregnancy beauty tips requires safety for pregnant women. So we look into each beauty product and research what are the ingredients you should stop using while pregnant. According to the study, there are over more than a dozen chemical ingredients that you should be stopped using. Some of these chemicals are parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, aluminum chloride and many more. So how will you know if products are safe to use when you are pregnant? Well, you can consult your OB Gynecologist before trying some beauty products. Also, you can choose products with natural ingredients. It should be safe to use.

Leave your acne be.

When you are pregnant, acne or pimples are regular. During pregnancy, your hormones are not stable. It is like a roller coaster, so expect that changes in your body are not permanent. And this goes when you have acne or pimples. First-timers’ pregnant women have no idea that medications to acne can cause severe side effects on your baby. Anything you apply or take oral medications can harm your skin.

Body oil is harmless.

Speculations on pregnancy beauty tips can jeopardize what safe ad unsafe during pregnancy. One common skin problem that pregnant women are dealing with is stretchmarks. But before having stretch marks, you can avoid it. Stretchmarks happen by the fierceness of stretching skins in your belly, hips and breasts. Our pregnancy beauty tips are using the best natural body oil like almond oil. You can add some essential oils to help your body relax.

Exercises are never to be avoided.

When you are pregnant, slow movement should never be avoided. Only those intense exercises that include lifting, running and jumping should be crossed out. We include this as one of our pregnant beauty tips because beauty tips for pregnant women are not all about skin. But it also needs to start inside.

Drink lots of water.

So drinking water is essential for us, pregnant or not. Enough water in our body will keep us hydrate and keeping our kidneys hydrated throughout the day. Drinking lots of water every day can keep your skin complexion bright and fresh. But when you are pregnant, your baby is the firs who will receive water and food.

Extra care to your skin

Our pregnancy beauty tips include a skincare routine. As it is the same procedure with other regular skincare, when you are pregnant, you need to avoid shedding too much. Make sure you treat your skin delicately. As we have mentioned, the skin of pregnant women is sensitive.

Learn to relax.

When you are pregnant, getting stressed is our top list of what to avoid. Stress can harm the health of pregnant women; therefore, relaxation is one of the things you need to maintain a healthy pregnancy cycle.

Eating the right food

The key to a beautiful pregnancy is eating the right food. Even we follow the rules in skincare during pregnancy; food intake has a significant role in maintaining pregnancy beauty tips. Other than that, eating the right food will make your baby grow healthy.

Get enough sleep.

Sleep is the most important habit that we should do. At least 8 hours of sleep is what pregnant women should have. Note that pregnant women are easily got tired. Therefore, proper rest is what expectant mothers need.

Maintaining the ideal weight

Pregnant women can gain weight, and this is a natural process. But you should watch for the perfect weight if you are pregnant. Overweight can harm both the baby and mother during the process. So, as one of the pregnancy beauty tips, soon to be mothers should maintain the curves of their baby bump. There are healthy diets for pregnant women, which cut out sugar and carbs intake. Also, wearing the appropriate dress to show what beauty has the pregnancy. Baby bumps should not be hidden, but it should be flaunted like you are one proud mother.

Our Best Advice

Pregnant women have an undeniably rollercoaster hormonal imbalance. So the most seen effect of this condition is in our skin. During pregnancy, let us expect that the skin is undergoing several changes.

Beauty products with natural ingredients should be used by pregnant women to avoid skin damages. Make sure to consult with medical professionals to know the list of what to avoid and what to use skincare products to be used by pregnant women.

Of course, you can still use makeup. One of our pregnancy beauty tips is to use makeup to cover eye bags. Also, concealer for pregnant women should be used to conceal and cover-up hormonal changes. Just make sure to select the brands which have no chemicals that can harm your pregnancy.

Common Beauty Mistakes and How to Correct Them


Common beauty mistakes are serious matters that need to attend to. It can be found in simple routines that we thought would be safe for our skin. So how do we know the correct ways of being beautiful?

Common beauty mistakes started in small errors in our routines. So we highlighted some of the mistakes we keep on repeatedly doing. With this, many will be thought of how to control beauty mistakes and refrain from making the same errors over and over again.

Common Beauty Mistakes and How to Correct Them

What to Prevent

So, here are the things you should probably know.

Conditioner is not shampoo.

It is one of the common beauty mistakes of many when applying conditioner to their hair. As we all know, conditioner is different from shampoo, so you don’t need to use it from roots to tips. Remember, conditioner is essential for the tips of our hair because it is said to be the most damaged part.

Let your moisturizer dried first.

Giving your moisturizer for about a few seconds to dry up can give your foundation and makeup to be absorbed quickly. If you do it otherwise, your skin will not hold the composition, and the result won’t be satisfying like blotchiness.

Wearing your favorite perfume…too much!

Well, being fragrant is not bad at all. But too much of your perfume can be irritating to other people smelling it. The fragrance has a scent of molecular structure, which is the factor of how it interacts with the heat of our body.

Keep the natural shape and hair of your eyebrows.

One of the common beauty mistakes of many girls is plucking eyebrows unevenly and without thinking about the shape afterwards. Don’t overthink the little hair in your eyebrows. Just let it be to add a natural look to your eyebrow.

Double care to our neck.

Unlike facial skin, our neck is more sensitive, and that is why it needs protection from skin problems like pigmentation, elasticity, texture and wrinkles. So how to avoid these? Extend the use of sunscreen from your face to your neck. You can also extend up to your chest. Then try using moisturizer as well. The moist will keep your neck hydrated.

Refrain from eating salty foods.

Yes, a salty diet is one of the common beauty mistakes that many are doing. One way to identify if you are experiencing a salty food is puffiness around your eyes. So, if puffiness is visible around your eyes, you need to control the use of eye cream. Keep in mind that moisturizer has plenty of hydrating ingredients. And applying it to your eyes will make it more look puffy. Then, to avoid this, you may need to use a cold compress around your eyes. Or beauty products with caffeine ingredients can control these common beauty mistakes.

At the time of skin breakouts, don’t break yourself.

At times of skin breakouts like blemishes, acne, you need not worry about it too much. Worrying too much will not help you or solve your breakout problems. According to the study, breakouts are caused by peeling and irritation, which results in redness of your facial skin. Proper care of your facial skin can avoid the common beauty mistakes you are doing. Make sure that you use beauty products with dermatological tested. And to know if your skin has no adverse reaction, you can check a small amount to your skin first before applying thoroughly to your whole body.

Concealer not to crease

Ladies, when you noticed that your concealer is starting to crease, look for alternatives on how to apply it. You can use a beauty blender to make sure the concealer is equally distributed in your facial skin. Even when applying powder after your concealer, you can use a sponge for best results. The blending of concealer and powder should meet from your eyes and nose. Avoid putting excess powder on your wrinkle areas, especially around your eyes.

Control how you exfoliate.

Too much exfoliation can make your skin dry. And many thought that this is an ordinary result after you scrub. You can have this under control by using moisturizer right after you exfoliate. 

Control the oil and make your skin shining naturally.

One way to control your oil is by using some oil absorbing sheets. Well, you cannot let your face to produce too much oil. Also, you can use loose powder to control the oil production of your skin.

Make your cheek glows naturally.

Stop trying too hard to make blush on your cheeks. Creating a natural blush is better than applying too much, and you don’t follow your cheek edges. Blending is the key when applying blush on, and other make up products.

Know the right temperature for your hair.

Hairdryer and straightening iron can be your best friend, but at the same time, it can be the greatest enemy of your hair. Dry hair can be the cause of too much use of hairdryer and curling or straightening iron. If accidentally you fried your hair, you will need to put conditioner or olive oil right away. It will restore your hair’s strength and moisture.

Making the perfect manicure

Common beauty mistakes can be seen in your nails. And when I say in your nails, I mean to say is your manicure and pedicure. It is unavoidable that your nails are smudged right after you went to nail salon. To avoid, use a buffing block and even out the wrinkles on your nails. Then you can add some coat of color to your tips. A top coat can seal the deal with your nails.

Few Common Beauty Mistakes We ObserveFew Common Beauty Mistakes We Observe

Wearing too much perfume is one of the common beauty mistakes. Though having your favorite scent is not a problem here. But too much of it can irritate someone. If you over-apply, rub it with alcohol and change clothes if necessary. Another mistake we got here is the before and after waxing. Using antiseptic or antibacterial, before or after the procedure, can make your areas safer.

Another mistake we notice is wearing mascara. Though mascara is beautiful if worn correctly, you will not avoid it to be smeared or got clumpy. If you get your mascara smeared, you will need to wipe it gently so your lashes will not fall apart. While clumpy mascara can be taken care of, so no need to remove it, all you need to do is prepare cotton or wipes and place between your forefinger and thumb. Then pull the lashes all the way through to remove any excess formula. You can use lotion or cream than can soften your mascara.

These are the common beauty mistakes that can be avoided using simple ways. Natural methods to correct the errors and prevent it can definitely win your beauty back.

Makeup Sponge: Any Woman’s Best Friend in Makeup Blending


Makeup sponge, like brushes and the rest of makeup applicators, are essential to achieve the looks you’ve always dreamt of. Now available in different shapes, sizes and textures, you can have your ideal sponge for specific makeup you are going to pull off. At this point, we are giving you the choices of makeup sponge that will trigger your excitement!


Makeup sponge may have been around the corner for quite some time. From different types of makeup sponges, it will be a little confusing if you don’t know what and when you are going to use each sponge.

Well, with this article, you will find yourself amused with different kinds of makeup sponges with their use for makeup.

Before, a makeup sponge lasts only for a single-time use. Since the demands got high, makeup sponges nowadays last for months and even longer if you clean them properly with your brushes.

Why choose a sponge over brush? Well, many prefer it because of the absorbency of excess liquid makeup. You can also use it with powder makeup for a smoother and natural look. However, you can do this after a wet application. In the meantime, you can still use brushes. It will do great with the powder formulation of makeup.

While using it on your face, you will see a smooth blending of your liquid makeup. It will clear any blots and patterns of your makeup, making your makeup-less visible and come out naturally.

Makeup sponge comes in different sizes and shapes, serving makeup lovers to use it on the specific areas that makeup needs to apply.

Time to Choose your Makeup Sponge

variety of Makeup Sponge

As we are saying earlier, makeup sponges come in different shapes and sizes. All you have to do is know what type of application you are going to do and where you will apply it. As you will read along, you can find the basic makeup sponge. And we have some of the nitty-gritty on why you should pick this makeup sponge over the others.

Beauty Blender

Before any sponge, the beauty blender is the root of all. It delivers a dewy application of foundation, cream blush and even highlighter. We suggest this for beginners to practice easy maneuvers and simple results. Many are still using this compared to other makeup sponge.

Latex-Free Sponge

One of those is made of latex-free that offers three sides—round body, broad flat bottom and a blunt, crescent-shaped tip. This sponge can work well with the right angles of every contour.

Makeup Sponge for Pro

But if you are looking for a more professional foundation sponge, you can use this makeup applicator. It is the closest sponge you can use as a makeup pro. It comes with sonic pulses at 15,000 vibrations per minute. As a result, it will help your makeup melt into your skin.

An 8-Like Shape Makeup Sponge

If you are the type of person always looking for dual function in every makeup, then this 8-like shape is your thing. You can use both ends to add highlights and dimensions to your bone structure. By using this, it will make your skin more radiant.

Gel-like Sponge

Now, don’t be confused with this type of sponge. Well, milk makeup is not your typical applicator. Instead of the sponge texture, it comes with gel-like, which minimizes the loss in your liquid makeup. Then, it maximizes your foundation application.

Round Sponge

Another sponge does not always come with a rounded edge. The round shape is a type of makeup sponge which is made up of wedges. Often, it is used for more streak-free complexion results.

Bullet Shape Makeup Sponge

Going back to a round shape edge, you can use a makeup bullet if you want the feeling of finger-painting to your face. It is the right sponge for you since it allows you to hold it on the tip of a finger with the use of the hole in the bottom.

Soft and Velvet Textured Sponge

If you want something different for your beauty sponge, you can check this out. This type of sponge is not the traditional applicator. You can find it with a soft and velvet-like texture, which is perfect for buffing down products. It will give you amazing results.

Sponge for Powdered Makeup

Looking for some sponge that can work well with powdered makeup? We can suggest this makeup sponge to you. Since you are not using liquid composition, then you can use this to have better and more natural makeup results. You can use this both as a concealer and a foundation.

Eco-Friendly Sponge

Another unique sponge that you can have is the eco-tools. Believe it or not, this sponge is made of 70% plant-based materials. Knowing you are using organic made makeup, you will not need to worry about chemicals that may harm your skin over time.

Diamond Shape Sponge

Well, well, well, what we have here is the makeup sponge that is the woman’s best friend. This sponge has no round edge. But instead, it has a diamond-shaped sponge that will allow you to apply multiple different products and shades. With the shape it has, it will prevent from mixing the colors during makeup application.

Simple Steps on How to Use Makeup Sponge

Now that you get to know what your applicator is, you may need to use them. In using them, you can come across with different dilemmas. These are just normal when you are applying makeup. Therefore, you can follow these steps for more natural and even makeup application.

Your sponge has different shapes and sizes. So you will have to decide which sponge you will choose for each area. Most areas you want to deal with are the under eyes and the blemishes that you wish to conceal.

To begin with, wet the sponge beforehand for better results. The water will help you smooth out the application. Using a liquid foundation, squeeze a small amount to your sponge and begin to apply this to your face.

When applying your makeup, avoid swiping and dragging your makeup sponge across your face. These motions will not give you a smooth coverage. Instead, make a stippling motion for consistency.

Add a little amount of foundation from time to time until you have completely covered your face.

Then, go over again in your face in a stippling motion to blend anything that you may have missed.

Other Variations on the Usage of Makeup Sponge

Other than foundation application, you can also use it to buff away blush overload or foundation patterns. Its textures work as an eraser, but make sure it is dry so it will not erase your makeup. It also lifts off excess makeup without leaving any traces behind.

Also, you can use it to have even the application of SPF, primers, concealers, serums and moisturizers. You will be happier to see that your makeup is evenly distributed and smoother than using makeup brushes. Look for quality beauty blenders so that you can have the best results.

Dos and Don’ts

Dos and Don’ts

Like other makeup applicators, you will need to choose what is best for you. For beginners, you will see the difference in using makeup sponge compared to brushes. We can agree with that.

But like makeup brushes, you will need to make sure that you are not making mistakes while using it.

You will need to keep it always clean for any time use. Using a dirty one is not hygienic, even if you’re the only one using it. You can clean it using baby shampoo. But yet you are doing it; it has only a few months that you can use it.

And there is no such thing as a universal sponge. Make it habit to use a separate sponge on each makeup application. Also, you will need different shapes for application. For instance, you can use it for concealer and foundation since they almost have the same formulation. Also, you can use the same sponge with cream blush and highlighter. But make sure you will not mix in your sponge with other makeup products.

As we mentioned earlier, quality makeup sponge would cost you more than the cheapest one. But does it make it different? Of course, it does. You can see the difference when you use it in your makeup application.

It is not a ready makeup applicator. First, you will need to get your sponge wet and make sure to squeeze out the excess water. After that, you can use it for your makeup application. A damp sponge can give you less amount of foundation but more sheer coverage.

Your Style, Your Image

Makeup sponge is essential to every makeup artist. For the best results, you can choose a variety of sponges for every makeup application. But how can you make your makeup sponge last longer?

Since you have an investment in your makeup sponge; you will need to store it properly. The package that your makeup sponge comes in, you will need it for storing. In this way, you can use it for a more extended period.

Pale Skin Makeup: How to Make your Look Vibrant


Pale skin makeup is adding tone and color if you have this type of skin. Most women with pale skin have struggled to deal with their complexion when putting on some makeup. There are specific colors of makeup that need to be avoided in achieving perfect pale skin makeup.

Pale skin makeup can have either a favorable or unfavorable effect when you don’t know the secrets on how to do it. But keep in mind that you don’t want to have a pasty look. So, you can choose the right color of makeup you are going to wear.

In that case, we are going to give you what you need for this makeup. These are the tips for this makeup that you can use to achieve natural beauty.

Secrets to AchieveagsvSecrets to Achieve Pale Skin Makeup

Choose the right foundation.

Pale skin is not the only skin type that has a hard time finding the right foundation. Other skin types like dark skin, oily skin, and dry skin need the foundation that can make the perfect base for your makeup. Foundation for pale skin make up should be the same shade of the skin and what type of skin.

Use concealer for everything that needs to conceal.

Of course, after your foundation comes to your concealer. Concealer is what we need to cover our imperfections like acne scarce, blemishes and skin pigmentations. But if you have pale skin, choose a concealer that has the same color as your skin. In this way, it will not become too apparent if you use concealer.

Pale skin makeup needs blush.

Unlike other skin types, pale skin needs blush. Imagine a white canvass. To make it appear vibrant, alive and beautiful, you will need to put some color on it. Well, it goes the same way with your pale skin makeup. This makeup needs blush. A rosy red and subtle pink color can be your good options for blush. As you read along, you can choose different shades for this makeup.

Set aside your highlighter, keep your bronzer.

But for highlighter, we suggest that you will not need this makeup. Why is it? Because of pale skin can be highlighted naturally. If you need to cover circles under eye or other skin imperfections, you can rely on concealer.

On the other hand, the less you will need a highlighter, the more you need your bronzer. Pale skin makeup needs something to get people’s attention. With the blush, you can add some bronzer to your makeup. Make sure that it will be enough to focus on some parts of your face.

eye makeup for pale skinWhat are you going to do with those eyes?

Also, pale skin makeup needs some tricks on how to set the eye makeup for this type of skin. Don’t tame what you can do with your eye makeup if you have pale skin. You can have different eyeshadows for your pale skin makeup. For instance, in evening gatherings, you can have dark shades of eyeshadow. While, for daytime events, you can have natural or light shades of makeup.

Then you can have the combination of darker shades for eyeliner and mascara. Black colored eye makeup can define and give you an alluring personality. Other than black, you can sport purple or blue colors for your eyeliner.

After getting your eyeliner, next to that, you need to apply to complete your pale skin eye makeup is your mascara. This time, you will need to stick with black color. You cannot go with other shades of mascara, mainly white, because you need to blend it with the rest of your makeup. Go for deep and dark mascara because it flaunts the eyes over the pale skin.

Your lipstick is limitless for pale skin makeup.

Yes, when you have pale skin, you can sport any color as long as it complements with your eye makeup. And also, your lipstick alone can bring your entire look to any occasion without your eye makeup. You can play with dark or bright colors. Also, you can try light, vibrant or natural shades of lipstick. And you can try it all as long as it will work well with your makeup.

Check your eyebrows.

When it comes to your eyebrows, you will need to apply the basic rule of makeup. It is when you have fair skin or pale skin; you will need to have one shade darker makeup. Especially when it comes to your eyebrows, you will need to apply color that is one shade darker to your skin. Making your eyebrows shape perfect, it will give your complete glamorous pale skin makeup.

Your Beauty Makeup for Pale Skin

Having pale skin is not easy when you have to choose the right shade of makeup. Empowering your eye makeup is one of the keys to getting your pale skin makeup on the spotlight.

For the color of makeup that can go well with your skin, we suggest the following for you.

  1. You can always use green eyeshadow. As a contrast to your pale skin, green color can give you a striking yet refreshing look for this makeup. You can add light green on your eyelids. It will visually make your eyes pop with your pale skin makeup.
  2. Also, try some brown color to your eyeshadow as it will complement with your pale skin. The result can be subtle, but it will be a great look to fashion during daytime events.
  3. Bright colors like pinks and reds for your lipstick can be a right choice for this makeup; The shade of pinks and reds for lipstick can go in any skin type as long as it complements your eye makeup. The color of your lipstick depends on what kind of color you want to wear.
  4. But if you want colors other black and brown, you can go for gray. Pale skin makeup can have gray eyeshadow. You can use gray with different colors to have some twist and more exciting makeup.
  5. Like gray, you can choose other in-between like navy. You can use navy eyeliner. It will do the trick to different fashion style for your makeup.

Fun Facts about having Pale Skin

There are things you need to know about pale skin. Being one of those who have this complexion, they need to deal with certain things. For instance, for pale skin to look healthier and radiant, beauty tips are essential.

Like our first beauty tip – your friend is SPF, but the powder is not!

Most people need powder to keep oily skin at bay. But with pale skin, the powder is a big no-no. If you find your skin getting oily, you can opt for a tinted moisturizer that can give your skin some color. A little dewy can work fine if you have pale skin. It will provide you with some natural glow. But don’t forget to use SPF. Every skin needs protection and doesn’t except your pale skin for that just to make some tan effect to your skin. Look for skin products with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which gives protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Our next beauty tip – how about trying smokey eye to your pale skin makeup?

Eye makeup is the focus of every face makeup. If you want to have a different look, you can always try different eye makeup. But for pale skin, the most convenient style is the smokey eye. However, you cannot have the typical smokey eye makeup. Instead, you will need to tone down the shades you will use for this eye makeup. Adjustment is the key to the success of your makeup. Experiment and try different shades until you are confident with your look.

Last but not the least beauty tip for pale skin makeup – Blush is equal to patience.

Finding the right blush is like the movie of Finding Nemo. It will test your patience because choosing the right shade of blush is fundamental for this makeup. Avoid shimmers and glittery blush makeup. Otherwise, you can be a walking disco ball. You would not want that, would you? So, choose shades that will complement your skin and eye makeup. You can opt for lighter shades or colors that go well with your pale skin.

pale skin makeupYour Style, Your Image

Indeed, knowing the techniques for pale skin makeup can make your life easier. But not all skincare and beauty products are right for you. When you have pale skin, there is a high tendency that you also have sensitive skin.

With that, you have to consult your dermatologist about the makeup for your pale skin. Other than makeup, you can seek advice on skincare products that suitable for your skin. If you just carelessly go and but what you think you need and want for your pale skin makeup, you are not doing a favor to your pale skin. Make it a habit to read and be cautious about what you purchase especially makeup.

Another thing, we know you that are excited to pull off the makeup that you dream about. But, relax and take your time to do it. Don’t put everything on your face. If you think it will look good on you, think twice because pale skin is sometimes hard to please.

Pale skin makeup needs to be naturally beautiful. For additional style, you can do add some bronzers to highlight parts of your face.

Overnight Beauty Tips: 13 plus More Ways to Feel Fresh All-Day


Overnight beauty tips that work well while you sleep so that your body can recharge at the same time is the dreamed of every woman. But how do you know if you are following the right overnight beauty tips to wake up beautiful?

Overnight beauty tips, for some, are routines that time-consuming. Pampering our self is the least priority in our daily task and sometimes, taken for granted. So many are looking at how to become pretty overnight with a little less time to be consumed.

And just like others, I am looking as well. So when I heard about overnight skin treatment, I also think of beauty sleep. Because as far as I know, sleeping of eight hours will give you a fresh wake up. Other than that, I have also learned about overnight beauty tips. You will find it as you read along.

Overnight Beauty Hacks

Tip # 1: Get the hang of using a mask for 15 seconds before going to bed at night.

The best time when skin renewal kicks is while you are sleeping. It is the best time for a supercharged mask treatment. Choose a mask that won’t leave an excessive amount of oil on your pillowcase. You can do this within 15 seconds.

Tip # 2: Overnight exfoliation in 20 seconds.

Smooth skin can be achieved through exfoliation. For 20 seconds, you can have an overnight peel with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic, lactic, or citric. The exfoliator can make your skin soften the appearance of fine lines overnight. If acne is your main skin concern, try zapping it overnight with one of these blemishes fighting cream.

Tip # 3: Hair mask for 30 seconds.

Silky and healthy hair is one of the essentials overnight beauty tips. Apply a leave-in, overnight hair mask to you hair-damp or dry. The formula will seep into your strands and reverse over-processing and repair damage while you sleep.

Tip # 4: Do braids in 2 minutes.

Overnight beauty tips include making hairstyles. For instance, when you want to have perfect braid when you wake up, take a shower before bed — the braid your hair in one loose braid for loose waves. When you wake up in the morning, unbraid, muss it up with your fingers a bit, spritz on a shine-enhancing spray, and go.

Tip # 5: Make some tender loving care to your skin.Top of Form

Skin is very delicate, especially on your face. Winds, harmful rays from the sun or pollution can harm our skin. So, before you hit the sheets, make sure to spend time on cleansing your skin and ridding it of all the dirt that can get caught up in your pores. Washing your skin at night allows you to rid your face of everything your skin encountered through the day.

Tip # 6: Don’t sleep with your makeup.

And please, whatever you do, don’t fall asleep while you still have your makeup. Your skin needs time at night to breathe, and falling asleep with your makeup on can clog your pores. Following your own cleansing routine will ensure that all traces of makeup are removed and you can wake up in the morning with refreshed, beautiful skin. And don’t forget to moisture. Whether you have oily or dry skin, moisturizing keeps your skin looking soft and healthy.

Tip # 7: Change your bed sheets often.

It is not about pillowcase only. Try changing bedsheets as well. Dirt or oil from your hair and skin comes into contact with that pillowcase as well as dead skin cells and sweat in your bedsheets. So, changing your pillowcase and bed sheets every week before bed is a simple trick to waking up with better skin. You will see the difference after changing pillowcase and bedsheets at least once a week for a few weeks. I started to notice lesser breakouts on the sides of my face. It is one of the most straightforward overnight beauty tips that you will have no excuses.

Tip # 8: Use natural oil to improve hair appearance.

Before going to bed, I have to lather my hair with a healthy amount of coconut oil using an old tee. I am doing this while before I go to sleep. It helped make my hair smoother and shinier in the morning. Coconut oil has been known to add some extreme shine to your locks, so adding it to your hair before bedtime is one of the overnight beauty tips. And finding out which way coconut oil can make a fantastic way will make selfie-worthy hair!

Tip # 9: Don’t forget a full glass of water.

Before going to bed, ensure that you have to drink a full glass of water. But of course, drinking plenty of water during the day is a must. Making sure we keep our body is well-hydrated, especially the hours we are not getting water while I sleep.

Tip # 10: Complete your overnight beauty tips with enough sleep.

This tip looks simple yet so challenging to achieve daily. All-nighters full of cram sessions, papers and other responsibilities are shared among students, and those professions involve in customer service, sales and events. Sleep deprivation can do more harm than you can imagine. It can damage not only your skin but your overall health over time. So sleep is essential as we grow older. It helps in many ways, especially improving our appearance and health.

Tip # 11: Set up a humidifier during cold weather and below room temperature.

Dry skin during winter season needs more than moisturizing skincare products. So what you need to do is keep yourself hydrated. One of the overnight beauty tips is humidifier will keep moisture in the air and allow your skin to stay hydrated. During the night, your skin will dry out regardless of how much water you’ve been drinking. But a humidifier will make a difference.

Tip # 12: Try green tea to fix dark circles under your eyes.

Overnight beauty tips involve green tea if eye cream or moisturizer is not working anymore.

How to do it: Brew two caffeinated green tea bags and then leave them in the fridge for 10-20 minutes until they’re cool. Squeeze the excess moisture out and apply to your eyes and leave for 15-30 minutes. Caffeine shrinks blood vessels while the tannins in the tea bags tighten and soothe skin.

There you have it – problem solved.

Tip # 13: Lengthen lashes and thickened your brows using castor oil.

Before going to sleep, apply castor oil to a clean mascara wand and apply from root to tip of your lashes. By doing this, you are conditioning your eyelashes and help to promote growth. If your eyebrow hair is lacking, you can brush the oil into your brows before bed too. Just remember to wash it off in the morning.

What can we say?

These overnight beauty tips are your ultimate guide for healthy and younger-looking self. But you also need to do exercises to sweat out the toxins in your body. Eating the right amount of healthy foods and getting enough sleep are my top overnight beauty tips.

Dry Skin on Summer or Winter: Basic yet Effective Way to Hydrate Skin


Dry skin is one common problem of many during summer or winter. Yes, it is not only the heat of the sun that could make your skin dry, but the cold of winter can also damage your skin.

Dry skin can be treated with many skincare products. But most of them may have side effects. Remember that these skincare products have harmful elements that could damage your skin.

I experienced using skincare products, but it only gave me more problems. My skin peeled off, and I had a burning sensation. So I decided to look for alternatives. And I found out some home remedies. Most of what I found and tested in my skin is facial skincare.

Why I gave priority to my facial skin? It is because our facial skin is more sensitive. So to battle the dry skin face, I tried some of these beauty tips.

DIY Beauty Remedies for Dry Skin

When I found out that there are home remedies that I could use for dry skin, I don’t hesitate to try it by myself. It is quite fun and exciting. But what I like in making DIY home remedies for dry skin, it is way better safe and effective.

Exfoliate using Baking Soda

It is not a myth. The power of baking soda in using facial scrub is proven. Compared to beauty products with exfoliation compound, baking soda can exfoliate my skin without leaving it dry or making some reddish after used.

How to mix and use: In a small jar, mix half cup of baking soda and 8 drops of each Frankincense and lavender essential oils. Then add 1 – 2 teaspoon of water to make it like a paste texture. Massage gently to your face to remove dead cells in your skin. Do this for a couple of minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Face Wash using Essential Oils

I tried to use some of the leading facial skincare products in the market. But I ditched them and switched to natural beauty tips for dry skin.

You will need ¾ cup of brewed chamomile tea, ¼ cup of liquid soap and some drops of essential oils. You will also need ½ teaspoon of organic almond oil. These are ingredients of my favorite facial wash to ease dry skin of my face.

How to mix: In a bottle, pour the liquid soap, organic almond oil. But I discovered that adding some vitamin E oil can give the best result. So after adding almond oil and vitamin E oil, add 8 drops of lavender essential oil. Then fill the bottle with chamomile tea. Shake well before use as needed.

How to use: You can use the face wash for dry skin by wetting your face with warm water. Then massage your face with a palm-size face wash with your both hands. Give a minute in doing this and rinse with warm water.

Beauty Tips to Rescue your Skin during Summer

And yes, you cannot defeat sunburn by wearing sunscreen or SPF throughout the day. But you can have some alternatives on that.

In my experience, I tried a different organic and natural way to soothe the burning sensation of the heat during summer. Here are some of the home remedies for sunburn.

Try aloe vera and enjoy the natural soothing effect on your skin. It is safe and effective, according to dermatologists. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that can give a soothing sensation to your skin. When I found this, I bought an aloe vera plant. The gel from the actual plant is better from what you can buy in the market.

You can also have white vinegar. White vinegar has antiseptic properties that can prevent your skin from getting infected. It can also relieve some of the pain and inflammation caused by the sunburn.

Another beauty tip that I can share with you is using Greek yogurt to soothe and moisturize sunburned skin. According to recent studies, the application of probiotics can decrease skin sensitivity and redness. That is why I make time to mask my face and body with organic Greek yogurt. For as long as leaving it on my skin for 15 minutes, I can have the best results.

Dealing with Dry Skin during Winter

No one can escape from getting dry skin, and even the cold weather is just around the corner. Aside from the heat of the sun, cold weather can also make your skin dry. Believe me, I both experienced dry skin of summer and winter. And either can kill me with irritation.

So here are my beauty tips to keep your skin hydrated during cold weather.

Feeling cold should not be an excuse to take a shower. But skip the hot steaming shower during winter or cold weather. Just play it in a lukewarm bath.

Then try to use my DIY exfoliating mix, as I have mentioned earlier in this article. Using some chemical-based exfoliation cream can do more harm than good. And during cold weather, exfoliation will help you absorb more moisture. It will keep your skin hydrated afterwards.

After taking a shower and doing exfoliation, my habit is damping myself with shower. I prefer doing this after the bath than making my skin completely dry. I suggest you used bath lotions to maintain moisture to your skin.

My bath lotion to fight dryness consists of honey and olive oil. Yes, honey and oil with a squeeze of lemon juice. Just mix a spoonful of honey and olive oil with lemon juice. Then apply to your dry skin and let it be for 20 minutes. Wipe off with a warm washcloth.

What can we say?

Rescuing our dry skin with these beauty remedies can be a great help. We have seen some of the side effects of using skincare products on dry skin caused by sunburn. The results are not simple though it can subside for a couple of days.

Also, when the weather is cold, our skin tends to become dry. So what I have shared to you are the most reliable and effective way to rescue dry skin. And using non-chemical and organic skincare products will give make our skin hydrated.