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Banana Nutrition Fact Provides Overall Health Benefits

banana nutrition fact

Banana nutrition fact has a significant impact on our overall health. Daily consumption of banana will give the nutrients we need. But you need to consume it in the recommended amount. Otherwise, it could lead to some serious health problems.

Banana nutrition fact provides all the nutrients we need. It is a versatile fruit that promotes right health conditions in our body and has a soft curved flesh. The size varies from three inches to six inches long.

The complete banana nutrition fact includes fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and C. These nutrients are responsible for making our body healthy. So you may ask this query—does banana have protein? The answer is yes. So how much protein banana has? It only has about 1 percent or 1.1 grams protein in every 100 grams.

This is why a banana only diet can put our health at risk. It can lead to several harmful side effects, as we will not have the necessary protein our body deserves.

According to a study, getting vitamins in banana only for the whole day will not satisfy your body with the nutrients it needs. It is a fact that banana is rich with fiber and potassium. However, your body needs other nutrients like calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for keeping our body energized to perform day-to-day activities.

Banana nutrition fact versus the side effects

Most of us believe that consuming anything in one attempt can resolve our nutrients deficiency. This is entirely false. By doing so, you’re not giving yourself a chance to become fit. Otherwise, you’re just giving yourself the worst problem.

The first symptom that you might have is an abnormal condition of your digestive system. Banana nutrition fact is rich with fiber, and too much fiber can affect our digestion. Most likely, constipation and bloating are few of the side effects that will occur. It will affect the nutrient absorption of our body in such a wrong way.

Another side effect that doctors would notice will be a higher potassium level in our blood. Medical specialist identifies this condition as Hyperkalemia. Potassium is good for our heart when taken in the right dosage. We cannot force our body to process all the potassium. Too much intake of banana daily can have a disastrous result like a heart attack. Therefore, moderation in eating banana will have a massive impact on your body.

Also, when you have only bananas in your diet, you can gain more weight. Over time, you will become a bit sluggish than before.

Too much consumption of banana can make you too sleepy. It is not a normal condition if you are pregnant or taking any medications with a drowsiness effect. The carbs cause this health condition in bananas. Bananas’ carbohydrates blocked the flow of amino acids to your brain, according to a study. The blocking of amino acids creates serotonin, which promotes sleep.

Again, banana nutrition fact is good for our body, but we forbid you to have a banana-only diet if you are planning to lose weight. The quickest weight loss programs are usually the ones that could harm us in the worst possible way.

Significance of eating a banana with the recommended daily consumption

The average serving of banana should be two pieces of medium size. It can be a maximum of seven pieces in regular size. Balance nutrients in our body should be observed. So with the right consumption of banana, you can still eat other healthy foods like fish and vegetables.

On the bright side of overeating banana, it can address your difficulty in sleeping. Many other health benefits prove the banana nutrition fact.

Good source of vitamin B6 for blood regulation

With banana nutrition fact, you can have vitamin B6. It is essential to create red blood cells that prevent anemia. Also, it contributes to the production of antibodies for our immune system.

Vitamin B6 can be an excellent blood regulation to kick off brain function as well. So, healthy brain functions can stimulate sleep. Getting enough sleep will recharge the body’s energy.

Prevents digestive health problems with fiber

One of the banana nutrition facts is fiber.  Enough fiber in our body can absorb the proper nutrients from the food we’re eating. It has a massive role in promoting regular bowel movement. Also, it prevents the formation of hemorrhoids in your anus. Hemorrhoids are common when you have a poor fiber diet.

By eating the recommended amount of banana daily, expect your gut to have some natural laxative properties. It will easily regulate your bowel movement. According to a study, bananas have enough fiber to replace laxative medications. It also has fructo-oligosaccharides features that enhance good bacteria to absorb nutrients.

The banana nutritional fact can be observed over time. The powerful effect of banana fiber creates a lining in our stomach to keep the acid compound away. The fiber maintains the normal pH of your stomach that will reduce in producing acids. These acids can destroy the mucus barriers. The damaged mucus barriers can lead to serious digestive problems like an ulcer. So, if you have digestive issues, banana can save the day.

Furthermore, fiber supports our digestive system after diarrhea and even during vomiting incidents. Banana can replace the lost potassium in our body, which has been flushed out.

Supports the production of white blood cells with cytokine

Other than fiber, white blood cells in our body play a significant role. It is responsible for keeping our immune system on top of everything. Like banana, it supports the production of white blood cells by releasing cytokine.

Cytokine is a compound from banana that helps enhance the proliferation of white blood cells in our body. The white blood cells fight free radicals in the body. It also reduces the risk of early cancer symptoms.

Manages normal blood pressure with potassium

As mentioned, one of the minerals in a banana is potassium. It prevents blockage in the arteries and veins. Healthy arteries and veins reduce the risk of getting heart attacks and mild strokes.

The role of potassium is to provide adequate nutrients for our body that can regulate the average blood pressure level. It helps our vital organs to have optimal function. The combination of fiber and potassium from bananas can remove bad cholesterol easily. Given this, eating the right amount of bananas can enhance the purpose of your cardiovascular system.

Inhibits diabetes with pectin in bananas

Our eating lifestyles have more sugar and other preservatives that we are not noticing. We tend to buy and eat in fast-food restaurants or even in casual dining bistro. All the food we eat has more than the daily recommended servings.

According to a study, pectin found in banana nutrition fact can strengthen our insulin sensitivity. It will increase our glucose tolerance, which can reduce our risk of having diabetes. Pectin is essential to prevent any complications that can lead to diabetes.

Losing and gaining weight with bananas

An argument about the banana nutritional fact for weight loss and gaining weight is a matter that needs to be resolved. How many Banana provides calories and fiber that makes you feel satiety for a longer time. In this instance, an overweight person should avoid eating other foods with more calories and fiber. It will have a better result if your diet includes bananas. Otherwise, you can opt to have different foods with enough calories and fiber.

How many calories in banana nutrition fact? There are about 90 calories in 100 mg of bananas. If you are underweight, then eating a banana is best to normalize your weight. You can add peanut butter or dairy with your banana. You can also increase your banana consumption as long as it is not beyond the maximum allowable intake or in contradiction to your medications. It is also vital that you do not overlook some health problems in your digestive system.

Better eyesight to see the beauty of life

Antioxidants and carotenoids can contribute to dealing with macular degeneration. These nutrients are both provided by a banana. Alongside the other nutrients from bananas, it can lower the possibility of early signs of blindness, cataracts and glaucoma. Therefore, it is significant to make eating bananas a daily habit. With bananas, you have the luxury of enjoying the scenery of your surroundings.

Banana nutrition fact from banana flowers and peel

The good news is, you can still get more nutrients beyond the regular fleshy fruit of the banana. You can also get it from its flowers and peels. Of course, you cannot consume it raw or uncooked. For example, banana flowers need to be cooked to have health benefits.

Banana flowers can improve your pain tolerance during menstruation period. It also enables the smooth flow of blood discharge from your body.

You can also have banana peels to prevent skin diseases. Common skin conditions are acne and psoriasis. With this treatment, you need not cook the banana peel. You have to rub the raw peel in the affected areas. The banana peels will prevent skin breakage, and will surely give your skin the relief and moisture it deserves.

Relieves stress and increase positive moods through serotonin

Serotonin is a compound found in bananas. It is a by-product of the amino acid tryptophan. Aside from promoting good sleep, serotonin also relieves our body from stress and increase positive moods.

So you might again ask—is banana good for you? One of the answers will be Serotonin. This is actually one of the many reasons why people choose to eat bananas when they are feeling down—the lack of serotonin. It also helps fight stress after a long day from work.

Recovering from alcoholic stimulants

Other than caffeine to address hangover symptoms, you can have a banana to reduce alcohol influence in your body. You need to prepare a smoothie with some bananas and coconut milk. Added with berries, it can give you the required rehydration in no time. It will also provide you with higher energy levels while countering some of the effects of alcoholic stimulants.

How to choose banana nutrition fact good for you

Banana nutrition fact has impressive health benefits. We also uncover the harmful effects of banana if you consume more than the daily-recommended serving. That is why you need to know the right selection for banana.

In choosing the right banana, you can select either between Cavendish or Plantain. Cavendish banana is commonly offered as dessert. It comes with sweet yellow flesh. The skin can vary from green when unripe and yellow when ready to eat. When buying, you need to avoid bruises on the surface of the banana. It indicates that there some mishandling of the product from harvesting to packaging. Likewise, it may show unsafe cultivation.

Plantains, on the other hand, are green bananas. The green banana benefits provide carbohydrates when cooked. There is a need to cook plantains when it is not yet ripe. Once you have it matured, you need not cook it and enjoy eating it in its raw form. Just remember that unripe banana should not be placed inside refrigerators. It will disrupt the process of maturity.

For ripe bananas, you should let the banana be a little exposed to avoid rotting when sealed in a bag or box. The lifespan of ripe bananas under room temperature is about 4 days. If you store it in the refrigerator, it can last a couple of weeks. Yes, you can store ripe bananas inside your fridge. The skin will become dark, but the flesh inside can still be eaten.

Some facts about banana nutrients

Aside from the banana eating benefits, other parts of the fruit are edible. Banana flowers and peels of the fruit, banana leaves are also beneficial in the packaging of meats and other vegetables. It is an alternative to avoid using plastic.

We are familiar with the benefits as well as the banana nutritional fact. But are we familiar where do bananas come from? Historians have dated the cultivation of bananas as far as 8000 to 5000 BC. The history identified that banana originated in Southeast Asia and South Pacific. These are the regions where bananas’ were first enjoyed.

Banana comes from the Arabic word ‘banan,’ which means finger. It has been tagged as ‘fruit of the wise men.’ There have been artifacts discovered that are related to banana in Sanskrit 500 BC years ago. This staple food of Asians has saved many lives from starvation.

Bananas don’t come in yellow only. Essentially, the color of banana skin has many variations. Other than yellow, you can actually buy bananas that are brown, purple, or just light yellow or light green. These colors depend on the variety of bananas. From 500 types of bananas, you can enjoy each and every one of them. You might even discover more banana uses. But for its nutritional value, it is safe to assume that there will be only a few differences from each other.

Maintaining food safety for banana

Growing banana needs tedious cultivation. With the recent incidents of fungal diseases in most of the banana plantation, careful observation on the farming methods has been applied. The Panama disease is a threat in our banana plantation until now.

Panama disease is caused by Fusarium soil fungus. It can attack the banana plant by entering in its roots through the water stream. Then it goes up to the trunks and leaves, with nothing left to survive. From then on, banana plantation operators and managers are securing the parameters of their farm. The contamination can spread quickly. But sadly, it cannot be treated easily.

To grow banana, you will need to locate a farm with warm tropical temperature. You need to inspect the soil to test its fertility. It should be a dark soil to achieve the computed yield after harvest. You will need almost a year to make the full harvest of the fruit. Therefore, you need to consider what needs to be done correctly and avoided immediately.

The leading countries in banana production are India, China and the Philippines. These three countries have significant contributions to satisfy the demand of the growing global market. Yearly, they need to increase their production to meet the needs of the market. Also, other countries have already contributed to some factors in the banana industry.

Our insights

Banana is an essential fruit. You can digest it quickly and have all the nutrients you need. But you need to remember that unripe bananas can lead to indigestion. Therefore, make sure to eat the ripe ones to enjoy banana digestion.

Bananas have many nutrients you can enjoy. But you can have other side effects like migraine and dental problems. Migraine can be triggered by banana because of its Tyramine properties. Also, you need to avoid bananas if you have present dental conditions. The starch content of banana can increase the underlying dental problems.

Another thing, you need to know before consuming banana is your allergic reaction with the compounds found in a banana. Try to test it to your skin. If you encounter the symptoms like itching and swelling, you need to consult a doctor for antihistamine. You can have other options the same as with banana nutritional facts.

Bananas can be made into some of the healthiest recipes; You can have fruit salads, smoothies and shakes. You can also add a banana for oatmeals, cereals, and pancake. It will add flavor to your cooking. Also, there are other processed products using banana. You will find banana wine and fiber. Decorations made from banana are appreciated. It is also a source of livelihood for some people.

Anti Aging Foods that Will Keep You Evergreen for Long time

Anti Aging Food

Anti Aging Foods, Time and Tide wait for none- one of the most shared proverbs that always remind us we are getting old. We are aging as wrinkles are appearing on the face as proof. Every day the person we see in the mirror is becoming old in a new way. Isn’t it a big fear that is silently disturbing your mind?

Let’s face the truth -Who wants to get old? I think no one does. Almost everyone starts thinking about their aging after a particular time of life. I also think about it. When I see my University juniors in social media, fear comes to mind that- “hey you are aging”- that fear says. No, I do not want to live in this fear; I want to see new me in the mirror in new ways. The evergreen me! I am sure, everyone does. We have to accept the truth that no one will remain evergreen for a lifetime; only we can stay evergreen for a long time if we try. Experts have suggested some foods that incredibly act as anti-aging and help to look younger for a long time. Read below to find out those foods.


anti aging foods avocado 01

Avocados are full of omega-3 fatty acid. It helps to moisturize skin from inside. Furthermore, it helps to prevent wrinkles, acne and increases collagen production. They also control the cholesterol and promote better brain function.

Bananasanti aging Banana

Bananas are the excellent source of potassium. They help reducing belly fat, puffy face and also help to prevent bags under the eye.

Tomatoesanti aging tomato

Tomatoes are packed full of Vitamin C. It assists to get glowing skin, and increases collagen production. There are some components in tomatoes that protect skin from UV damage.  Some studies have suggested that you can start noticing the actual benefits of this veggie after consuming it subsequently six weeks on a regular basis.


Yogurt is the high volume of bacteria that help to maintain good health. It reduces age-related illnesses. It contains calcium that keeps bones healthy.<!–nextpage–>


Complex carbs like oats contain low-glycemic. It prevents wrinkles and acne as well as keeps blood sugar under control.



Berries contain flavonoids, Polyphemus, vitamins, and tons of antioxidants that helps get better skin and promotes cell regeneration for new skin.

There are other foods like nuts, orange, Fish, Vegetables that promotes better skin. Try to keep these foods and foods listed above in your daily meal and see new you in the mirror in new ways.

Learn How to Take Care of Color Treated Hair Naturally!

Coloring hair Treated Hair Naturally

Coloring hair is always exciting to do, and it gives a trendy and fashionable look. Most of the women love to play with their hairstyle, and coloring them is a part of styling.

Coloring hair is better than hair dying. Though doing hair dying is quite fun, but it makes hair dry and dull. No one can be confident with lifeless and frizzy hair. You are coloring your hair to add spice to your look, but the result is opposite. Nobody wants that. Also, coloring is necessary for enhancing pizzazz to hairstyles.

So, how do you avoid having dry and dull here after spending money and time to have your hair colored? If you want your color treated hair to be shiny and smooth, you must give additional effort to your dyed hair. Taking care doesn’t mean applying shampoo and conditioner regularly. Colored hair needs extra attention. Keep on reading to discover how you can take care of your dyed hair.

Natural Ways to Treat and Do Hair Coloring

Daily Care

Dyed hair requires daily care. Make a routine for it. Use the shampoo that suits your hair type but try to avoid washing it every day. Nevertheless, make sure you moisturize them every single day as moisturizing is necessary for healthy hair. Make a habit of using oil before going to bed at night to keep your hair hydrated. Try to make ponytails before sleeping to prevent hair breakage.

Be Gentle

Always be gentle with your hair as much as it is possible. Wash it softly. Get yourself a good quality comb to avoid hair loss and hair damages. Purchase hair care products that are suitable for colored hair. Consult with a beauty expert if needed. Don’t forget to use conditioner after using shampoo. Conditioner ensures smoothness of your hair. Also, giving your hair treatment twice in a month is necessary.

However, it is challenging for many of us to manage time to go to beauty salon regularly for hair treatment. If you are one of them, try to use home remedies for that. Make hair mask with your regular kitchen ingredients.


Coloring hair Banana for hair

Banana is not only good for your health but also for your hair. Take a ripe banana and mash it. Add a tablespoon of honey. Mix them properly to make a smooth paste. Now, apply this paste to your hair and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, wash it with shampoo and don’t forget to condition your hair.

Also, you can make a paste of banana and avocado. This hair mask is also good for painted hair.


Coloring hair Mayonnaise for hair

Mayonnaise is one of the most common ingredients in everyone’s kitchen and effective to bring shininess to your hair. Just take 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and apply it in your hair accurately. Leave it for 20 minutes and after that, wash it with your regular shampoo. Use cold water while washing. Try to give your hair a mayonnaise massage twice in a week.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is an excellent source for nourishing your hair. Rub olive oil in your hair and scalp. Massage it for at least 20 minutes. It will keep your hair hydrating and nourish your scalp. Try to use this super-natural oil every single day to make your hair color long lasting.


Egg for hair

This easy to find kitchen ingredient can heal the damaged hair and also, keep them moisturized. You can apply egg directly in your hair. Take one egg and beat it appropriately. Add 2 tablespoon of honey and castor oil in it. Combine them properly. Apply this hair mask in your hair and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it with your regular shampoo.

In our opinion?

No more worries to have fun with your dyed hair. Just take proper care of them and enjoy the beauty of your shiny and vibrant hair!