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Chair Yoga Poses for All Ages to have Best Posture and Less Stress


Chair yoga poses is a viable option if you want to level up the yoga exercises. Yoga has been known for its low-impact form of workouts. But it has been considered significant because of the improvement in the flexibility of joints and blood circulation.

Chair yoga poses give all the benefits that a standing yoga has to offer. From the motion while seating, yoga poses can be as effective as doing yoga in standing positions.

But who can practice the yoga poses while sitting? Can you imagine it doing while in the middle of work? What could be the benefits of the chair yoga poses?

These yoga poses can be practiced by anyone, especially those who wanted to enjoy the great benefits. Mobility limitations are just the second reason. I have known many people practicing yoga, but they have no worries with space or equipment for doing it. 


Classes are offering different yoga forms. You can find these places in the communities of retired senior citizens. Based on the study, senior or those in the age of 40 years old above, they considered doing chair yoga poses. Others also in favor of these yoga routines because of health conditions like obesity or brain health problems.

Nonetheless, we are not limiting them with the chair yoga poses. Everyone can perform it as long as the poses are appropriately executed. Just start with the easy or for beginners, then you can add more routines for additional benefits of yoga.

Best Chair Yoga Poses

Being said that, here are the chair yoga poses that you can start right away as they do not require any special equipment. 


Chair-Yoga-Poses-for-All-Ages-to-03Our body needs a proper yet comfortable way of breathing. Get a chair and sit at the edge of it. Then place your both hands on your waist, following a deep breath in through your nose. Slowly, make sure that it reaches the sides and your abdomen. After that, exhale slowly and repeat 10 times. That would help you to practice proper breathing.


Is it a cat or a cow? Either of the two, it has no difference at all. This yoga pose will improve your back posture, aside from proper breathing. While sitting at the edge of a chair, start inhaling but make sure that your back is forming an arch shape. It will make you look upwards. Then exhale through your spine, not the stomach. To do so, pull your core muscles. Otherwise, your back will be in straight posture too early. After exhaling slowly, do this pose five times to ease tension at your back and neck.


Chair-Yoga-Poses-for-All-Ages-to-04If you want a quick yoga pose, then this one is for you. The twist is a sitting version of moving your hips in circles while standing. So if you are in a sitting position, push your hips in clockwise and counterclockwise. Make it quick to relax your hip muscles. Overdoing it may cause hip injury or muscles aching in your lower back.


It is another yoga pose that needs your upper body participation. With sun salutations, you can use your arms to create a relaxing yoga pose. Sit on a chair, then start breathing in and lift your arms. Then press over your heads with your palms. Exhale while your arms are floating back down to your sides. You can also add a twist with your wrists when exhaling. Consider doing this five times. Not more than that, so your spine will not get fatigued. It will also release tension in your shoulders and neck.


To do the high altar side leans of the chair yoga pose, you need to lift your arms and interlace with your fingers. Do this in front of you. Then, move upwards until you reach above your head. Hold this position. Slowly, lean to the right for three breaths and your left side alternately.


eglexuyVGSbYUYMostly, shoulders and back muscles need to be relaxed. Yoga chair poses can do something about it. With your arms at your side, stretch it like eagle wings. Next, bring your two arms in front of you but make sure that your one arm is under the other. Then bend your arms at the elbows and make a twist of your arms. Your palms should intertwine with each other. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then go back to the starting position. Do the same with your opposite arm on top. 


It is not only the shoulders and back, but the neck also needs stretching. As we know, the neck is getting lots of stress. And you can destress it while sitting down—no kidding with that. The first thing to do is put your right arm drape over your head until your palm reaches the left ear. Next, fall your head on your right shoulder slowly. Hold this position for five seconds. Then repeat on the opposite side. Ain’t this yoga pose relaxing to your neck?


There are lots of yoga chair poses, including hip stretches. The hip needs additional stretching aside from twisting. For this one, you need to bend your knee, either left or right. Make sure you sit up straight. Next, place your right ankle or over your left knee. Then lean forward and hold this position for five seconds. Repeat this on the opposite side to feel the full relaxation.

You can also try another pose. This one needs your legs to be wide open while pointing your toes out. Next, reach toward the floor but make sure that your one arm is inside one of the legs. You can do the right or left side. Then lift one arm upward and look up to your palm. Hold this position for five seconds. Do this on the opposite side. 

Sharing Our Insights

Make chair yoga poses one of your workouts not to miss your exercise routine even when you have busy schedules. No more excuses if you are serious about your health, you will not miss a thing. Instead, you will grab any opportunities so you can have a quick stretching of your muscles and relaxation.

Beautiful Back for Backless Dress is Essential, Follow these Tips.

Backless Dress

A beautiful back is a dream of many women. The back is one of the most beautiful parts of the female body. Unfortunately, it gets lesser attention from girls. Most of the girls manage time to care for their face and hair, and almost forget about their back, that is also an essential part of enhancing beauty.

A beautiful back is essential, why, just imagine, how would you feel if you choose a backless dress for a party and finally find out lots of acne on your back? You do not want that. Obviously, you want to look gorgeous and sensuous in your backless dress. For this, you have to take care of it. Like our face and hair, other body parts such as back also need attention. If you give the little bit of effort on it, you will get a beautiful, presentable back within a few days.  Check out the list to know what to do to get flawless back.

female back

To achieve a beautiful back, you must consider the following;

Cleaning Back

Cleaning your back is one of the most important things. You need to clean it with a body wash that suits your skin. As we cannot see our back, it is difficult to clean it properly. You can take help from others to clean it. Just make sure, there is no dust attached to your back. Try to clean it thrice in a week.

Scrubbing Back

After cleaning your back, try to scrub it properly with a scrubber. Scrubbing helps to remove dead skin. Choose scrub contains alpha hydroxy acid. You can go to parlor or salon for cleaning your back.

Use Pack

Sea salt, sugar or coffee can be an excellent solution to clear pores from your back and perfect exfoliation. For dry skin, use a mixture of glycerin, olive oil, sugar, milk and patchouli oil.  Apply this mixture to your back. Massage it over your back and leave it for 15 minutes. Clean it after it gets dry. For healthy skin, you have to make a mixture of one teaspoon of honey, patchouli oil, milk, and rice flour. Apply the mixture over your back and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. If you have oily skin, you need to use a mix of a teaspoon sea salt, patchouli oil, and honey. Apply this mixture correctly and leave it for 10 minutes.


After cleaning, scrubbing, and using the pack, all you need is to use moisturizer. You can use baby oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil to moisturize your back. You can also use your lotion and regular cream for moisturizing.


Massaging you back with natural oils such as argan oil, and olive oil can be beneficial. Massage will enhance your blood circulation. Thus, you will get flawless back skin.

Use Warm Water

Try to clean your back with warm water. Warm water will wash the clouds of dust properly. Try hot steam. It will help to remove blackheads also.


Clean your hair. Sometimes oily hair can make your back oily. Do exercises to get toned back. Yoga can also help you to get seductive back. Try to focus on following a balanced diet. Eat foods contain Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Follow these tips to have a beautiful and smooth back. Feel free to choose your favorite backless dress for your next party.