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Barbell Row Forms for Stronger and Firmer Shoulder Back


The barbell row is one of the best exercises that will build strong and firm shoulders and biceps. However, doing a barbell row is not an easy workout to do. Given that, some mistakes cannot be avoided.

The barbell row is not an everyday workout that bodybuilder does. It is one of the best exercises that many are doing. However, not everyone does it in the right way. And still, some people don’t fully understand the benefits of doing barbell rows.

If you have already started a workout routine, you can still consider doing the barbell row. It is an excellent add-on to your exercises for stable and firm shoulders and back. When you have strong shoulders, it will be easier for you to do other workouts involving heavy lifting.

The muscles involved in the barbell row are your back, abs, arms and hips. Building these muscles will give you a balanced shape. For instance, a barbell row makes your upper back or the shoulder-blades at your back a V-shape. It also involves your traps, rear shoulders and the rest of the muscles in your upper back. For the lower back, which is your lower spine, your muscles in that area need to workout. In doing the barbell row, you will need to avoid having disc injuries. The gravity tries to bend your back by pulling the bar down. However, resisting the force strengthens your lower back muscles.

Another muscle that gets worked out with a barbell row is your abs. Your abs muscles are essential to strengthen, which will support your lower back. Then your hips will also benefit from doing barbell row. This workout gives dynamic and static contractions. When you raise your torso to get the bar moving off the floor, muscles in your hips are working. They also provide support to your lower back. The most apparent muscle that works during the barbell row is your arms. Muscles in your forearm are essential for daily work. Your movements always involve your forearm, especially when lifting.

How to do it?

Barbell row, unlike other workouts, focuses their strength and building muscle mass to your whole back. By using more massive weights over time, this will increase the force that will make your shoulders firmer and stronger.

If you want to build your muscles in your shoulder-back, we have here the natural and necessary steps for the barbell row.

Step 1: Your starting position is standing with your mid-foot under the bar. This is what we call a medium stance.

Step 2: Your next position is bending over as you grab the barbell with your palms down and a medium grip.

Step 3: Then, unlock your knees while keeping your hips high. While doing this, lift your chest and keep your back straight.

Step 4:  After doing that, pull the bar against your lower chest.

Step 5: Return the bar to the floor. Practice breathing and straighten your back.

Step 6: Hold this position for a few seconds and continue with repetitions.

Keep in mind that barbell rows are full body and compound exercise that provides a workout to your upper back, lower back, hips and arms. In doing a barbell row, it also gives you a muscular back and bigger biceps. This workout is your preparation before doing squat, bench press and deadlift.

Variations for Row Workout

Though it is considered as one of the best and most effective exercises, barbell row has its limitations. If you want to have less stress on your shoulders and back, you can have other activities aside from barbell row exercise.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

Many choose to do the one-arm dumbbell row because it improves strength in your back and biceps. It also exercises a good grip, especially those with smaller hands and a weaker grip.

How to do it: You can perform this workout with a knee while your hand is placed on the same side of the bench. Then, put your other foot on the floor to reduce the demand on your lower back.

Inverted Row

It is a good alternative for the barbell row workout. It has the same stance, but instead of pulling the barbell up to your body, you will pull your body to a bar. This workout is included in the training routine of beginners.

Chest Supported Row

You can do this workout using a machine or a bench set to a low incline with dumbbells on both hands. If you do the chest supported row, unlike the barbell row, it will limit your movement while using some weights. It is an advantage, especially if you want to give your low-back a rest.

What’s good in doing the barbell row?

Like other workouts, the barbell row provides some goodness in your body. If you can do it properly, you can enjoy the following:

Better Posture

Since the barbell row targets your upper back muscles, it also gives excellent support to your shoulder-back. It provides strength imbalance between your chest and your back, which your shoulders will hunch forward.

Bigger Lifts

Barbell row trains your muscles in your shoulder blades to do great while doing other shoulder workouts like the bench press. The more stabilize your shoulders, the more strength you can generate in your arms and chest. It also provides a platform to press the weights and decreases the risk of a shoulder injury.

Firm Upper Body

If you can observe, a thicker, broader and more muscular upper back can result in you having a V-shaped torso. Barbell row also provides total body strength that will prevent your spinal from breaking during deadlift and squat. It means that you can carry loads with better form and less injury to your back. It gives more strength, muscles and power from head to toe.

Common Mistakes with Barbell Row

You cannot get the benefits from the barbell row if you are doing it wrong. To avoid these mistakes, we noted down the common improper way of doing it.

Don’t do the “bouncing” stance.

It is a big no-no if you are doing the bent-over barbell row. It’s typically the result of using a weight that’s too heavy, forcing you to bounce up and down to generate enough momentum to move the load. You may think that this is the best technique, but it is plain cheating.

How to avoid: Use a lighter weight for bent over row barbell. Performing the exercise with a weight you can control will more effectively recruit your back muscles. It will also give you the momentum for this barbell row form. But a small bounce can improve your lift. Since your biceps have a limiting factor, a little bounce can help you overcome this weakness. It will allow you to lift a weight and challenge your back muscles.

Never reach the 45-degree angle.

Another thing to avoid when doing a barbell row is getting your torso at a 45-degree angle. If you are doing this, then you are doing this wrong. It happens a lot when you lack core strength, or the weight is too heavy.

How to avoid: Before doing the barbell row, build a stronger core that will prevent you from making the 45-degree angle. But if you have a strong core and still doing this angle, you will need to place a plate on your lower back to maintain the proper position. It is the technique to have an appropriate posture during the exercise.

Avoid Flaring of your Elbows

It is unavoidable that your elbows will shift while doing the barbell row. This is because of the movement of the bar, forward and in front of your midfoot. This stance increases the amount of stress to your lower back. Also, it causes pain to your shoulder.

How to avoid: Row the bar in a vertical line over your midfoot to just below your chest and make sure your elbows are at about a 45-degree angle with your body.

Rounding Position for your Back and your Neck

While doing a barbell row, avoid doing some unnecessary movements like rounding your back that places your spine in a dangerous position. It will increase your risk of injury. Also, your neck position is essential. Looking too far up or down can throw the rest of your spine out of whack, making it difficult to hold a safe and stable torso position as you row the heavyweight.

How to avoid: Brace your abs as if you’re about to take a punch with your back in a neutral position. You can use a lighter weight if you can’t maintain this position. For your neck, align it in a straight line with your back. The easiest way to find this position is to focus your eyes on the ground a few feet away in front of your body and give yourself a double chin.

What can we say?

Indeed, the barbell row is a crucial workout to prepare your shoulder back before doing the lifting. Three essential factors will lead you to perform it properly.

You’ll need to have compression, range of motion and contraction. Compression is something that’ll allow you to squeeze the muscles against a significant load. It’ll also give your muscles some connection with each other. But you’ll need to handle considerable weight to achieve the level of compression required.

Range of motion means you’ll allow your muscles to work in longer intervals. Some variations of barbell row provide rip from your body, and the other end of the repetitions can get your elbows back.

Also, you’ll need contraction that will allow you to feel your back contract. It’ll be a result of your biceps and triceps. It will also take time and practice, but when you master it, it’ll make a massive difference in terms of results.

But then again, doing the barbell row properly, it’ll keep your lower back neutral. There’s no squeezing on your spinal discs. Also, never hold the bar in the air between repetitions or else your back will be forced. Instead, rest the bar on the floor between repetitions. Set your lower back in neutral before your next barbell row repetitions.

To quickly achieve your barbell row, there are ways to simplify them, but try not to cheat. The techniques are lifting heavier weights by using your hips, but you will still need your upper-back to do most of the work. If your torso rises above horizontal, the weight will not be easy to lift. If you lower it, it’ll work best to your upper back. Therefore, the barbell row focuses on strengthening your shoulder back, not your hips or lower back.

Tricep workouts for Perfect Toned and Strong Arms


Tricep workouts to build more muscles are essential for upper body movement daily. You can find tricep muscles in your upper arm, opposite of your biceps muscles. Tricep muscles start below the shoulder blade, downwards to the upper part of your forearm. Therefore, it is the primary muscles used to lift heavy objects.

Tricep workouts make the muscles firm and strong for quickly pushing objects. Workout routines can build your tricep muscles in condition to do the significant lifting of objects at home or in your workplace.

Since tricep workouts are essential, it makes the muscles in your arms to be toned and in shape. Having strong tricep muscles is one of your upper body assets.

To achieve toned and robust tricep muscles, you will need regular tricep workout. The routine workout should include sets of exercises that create movements in every angle of your tricep muscles.

How to build muscles using Tricep Workout

Well, here in our article, you will learn the ultimate tricep workouts to make strong upper arms. Tricep workouts can be done, not only at the gym. You can also try some Tricep workouts at home.

At the gym, you will be using some equipment and machine to build your tricep muscles. While at home, you will need some basic workout material, and you can already start your routine.

When doing tricep workouts in the gym, how about you try our best pick ultimate workout routine.

Close-grip Bench Press

You can do the close-grip bench press if you want to develop muscles of your chest and core. In this workout, you will need more force in your grip to support your arms. Place your hands together to work your triceps and get some strength.

How to start this workout?  Get a grip to a barbell with overhand, making your shoulder-width apart. Then hold it above your sternum with your arms completely straight. Keep the position for a few seconds then lower the bar straight down. Stop for a moment to press the bar to your starting position.

Rope Tricep Pushdown

When doing the rope tricep pushdown, it should only involve your tricep muscles. This workout, if too much weight will be put in the load, may contribute to a sore back and shoulder muscles. Therefore, make sure that the pressure will be light enough for your tricep workouts.

How to start this workout? You will need to attach a rope handle to the high pulley in the cable station. Bend your arms and grab the bar with an overhand grip and your hands shoulder-width apart. Then keep your upper arms tucked next to your sides. You can push the bar down until your elbows are locked and without moving your upper arms.

Overhead Tricep Extension

Another tricep workouts to build strong muscles are the overhead tricep extension. This workout affects the movement of the muscles in your tricep, the lateral, medial and long head muscles. Among the three muscles of your Tricep, the long head part is sometimes taken for granted. Therefore, this workout can help your overhead tricep muscles to be stronger.

How to start this workout? Your starting position is sitting on a bench, form a diamond shape with both hands to grip the top end of the dumbbell. Then raise the weight over your head and keep your elbows up and your core tight. While your arms are extended, pause for a minute. Slowly, lower the weight down the top of your back by bending your elbow. This will enable your chest and shoulder to be stronger.

Bar Pushdown

For bar pushdown, this workout is similar to the rope pushdown. You will need a cable machine to complete this workout. Also, using the machine, you can achieve the tricep exercises with cables. But it can be set up at home using an exercise band, and a small pole or bar threaded through the handles.

How to start this workout? Stand in front of a cable machine and hold the bar while your elbows are bent about 90 degrees. Maintain the elbow at this position. Then, push the bar down and contract the tricep as you extend the arms. Afterwards, bring the bar up to your chest level without moving the elbows. There will be a tendency that your elbows may come forward. So, keep the elbows stationary as you push the dumbbell down.

Tricep Workouts at Home

Not toned triceps, or what many called as Lunch Lady Arms, is one of the common factors why many opt for tricep workout. Untoned arms are those that wiggle and jiggle as you use your arm.

Doing tricep workouts at home is your choice if you have limited time to go to the gym. So we are giving you our best pick tricep exercises that you can do at home.

Tricep Extensions

The tricep extensions can be done at home. It is one of the most natural exercises for the right muscle in your tricep to work out.

How to start this workout? Stand with your feet apart, aligning at your shoulder width. Then get the weight with your both hands and place behind your head. Aim between your shoulder blades. Afterwards, lift your arms, so they are straight above your head. Make sure your elbows don’t flare outward too much. You can repeat this routine for 4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Tricep Kickback

While doing the tricep kickback, your position can be compared to a crouched over, speed skater-alike position. Another position you can make is kneeling on a bench with your leg opposite the arm lifting. Also, you can try it with one of your arms placed at the back which gives easier to this position. If you place your elbow straight, this exercise can be a bit easier than tricep extension.

How to start this workout? Your position should be standing with your feet together; knees are slightly bent forward, including your waist. Next is holding the weights with your arms and let it hang straight down at your side. Then lift upwards, keeping your arms close to your side. Bring your forearms back, staying close to your body. Repeat this routine for 4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Tricep Dips

When you are doing exercise at home, it doesn’t mean that it should be easy. You can also try some of the Tricep workouts, which is more intense, like doing the Tricep dips.

To achieve the best result of tricep dips, you will need a low chair, table, or bench, as long as it is secure. Then place your hands on it while your feet in front of you with a slight bend. Without locking your arms, straighten your arms. Then bend your elbows slowly and lower your body towards the floor. The measurement of your elbow is about 90-degree angle. While your gut is close to the bench, you may straighten your arms to push down on the seat. Repeat the routine about 3 sets of 15 reps.

Safe Tips for You

Safe Tips for doing tricep workouts

Doing tricep workouts or any forms of exercises are not easy, especially when you are beginning to make it as a routine. Therefore, we have identified what the standard errors are and provide you with the safety tips to do it.

Tip # 1: Perform the tricep workouts as you mean it.

Since our tricep muscles are made of different portions, you will need to work on those. Complete tricep exercise can make your arms toned evenly. When you outwit one of your triceps muscle, it can make your lateral heads overemphasized. On the other hand, your long and medial heads will be underemphasized. Therefore, you will need to work out your triceps in complete sets for each muscle part.

Tip # 2: Prepare your exercise routine for more effective results.

Doing tricep workouts regularly with routine in order can make your tricep muscles strong and in shape. Otherwise, you will begin to notice that you are not achieving the best results, especially when you compare yourself with those that have discipline in doing their tricep workout.

Tip # 3: Find alternative training equipment for your workout.

As you are doing the tricep workouts regularly, you will need to find some alternatives for your workouts. For instance, you should lessen the use of machines and cables. You can have v-bar or rope pushdowns if you want the same result as using the traditional workout equipment.

Tip # 5: Maintain good posture while doing your workout.

The perfect form if you want to focus on your triceps muscles is to maintain your elbows locked in place. If you start moving your elbows, you shift the emphasis of your workout to your shoulders. To avoid this, do some partial pullovers which give your triceps less weight and reps.

Tip # 5: Doing training more than your body can handle.

Overtraining means doing exercises more than your body can handle. Unlike other parts of your body, your triceps have the most natural muscle affected by overtraining and doing different workouts change the triceps like when you are training for your chest and shoulders. So, make sure that you are doing the correct routines for your tricep workout.

The conclusion.

Indeed, workout for triceps will make our upper arm to be in better shape, stronger and firmer. But, before and while doing this workout, you must not forget to emphasize on the long, lateral and medial heads. Also, perform compound lifting first before the two-hand free-weight and for final routine, finish it with one-arm or cable exercises. Make sure that you will include the free weights in each of your methods. Further, limit your routine with 12 sets each. And don’t forget to rest at least two days between your tricep workouts and your chest or shoulder training.

Bodybuilding Workout for Arms to Keep more Grasp more Tasks


Bodybuilding workout for arms is challenging exercises that your biceps, triceps, and forearms need. These are the muscles that compose your arms. Therefore, giving each the appropriate time during a workout will provide you with better results!

Bodybuilding workout for arms cannot be done with exercises involving other body parts. If you have to build muscles for your arms, you have to do it for your arms alone.

So, how to gain arm muscles? Pumping your arms with weights should be consistent. Make sure you have workout plans for your arms, so you will not miss doing the workout for each of your muscle. If you do variations, you will need to follow the sets and repetitions for each exercise.

Also, you will need to consider the weights that you can lift. If you are a beginner with bodybuilding workout for arms, start with lightweights for 12 to 15 repetitions. By doing so, you will not experience muscle tear outs during your first try out. Then you can try adding weights to increase your muscle strength.

Speaking of weights, you will have to be familiar with the equipment for your arm workout. You can check free weights and machines in your fitness centers. Using free weights like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and bar can be used at home as well while machines like rowing, pulldown, treadmills and step machines can be used for an additional arm workout.

Now, before doing any of the exercises, you will need to prepare your body. Just do some warm-up exercises like stretching, aerobics or jogging for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then you can proceed with your bodybuilding workout for arms.

Double the bodybuilding workout for arms (Biceps, Triceps, Forearms)

Double the bodybuilding workout for arms (Biceps, Triceps, Forearms)

Your arm workout should be balanced in your biceps, triceps, and forearms. It is essential that your arms have well-built muscles to function correctly. Bodybuilding workout for arms will enhance your muscles work both upper and lower limbs.

There are various workouts on how to build muscles in your arms. Same intensity and volume of repetitions and sets will work for your triceps, biceps, and forearms.

Make sure that your workout for your triceps and biceps have the same intensity and volume of repetitions and sets. Here is the list of the bodybuilding workouts on how to get muscles arms!

Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell Curl

You can tone those arms of yours by using dumbbells. There are two options in arm workouts using dumbbells to perform 3 sets with 12 to 20 repetitions.

  1. Concentration Curl with Dumbbells

To perform the concentration curl, sit at the edge of a bench. Pick a dumbbell and bend forward a little. It is your starting position. Make sure your arms are in place to your inner thigh on the same side of your arms. Your other arm’s hand should be on your leg for balance. As you move your elbow, curl the weight as high as you can toward your upper body or to your chest level. Make a squeeze to your bicep before lowering the dumbbell to your starting position. Repeat the recommended sets before working to your other arm.

  1. Incline Dumbbell Curls

You will need a bench in a reclined position to start doing the incline dumbbell curl. Your starting position will be leaning your back against the pad, and your feet stay on the ground. Pick your dumbbell and curl the weights to your shoulder level. While swirling the dumbbells, maintain your back leaning to the pad. Squeeze your biceps and slowly straighten your arm. You can have one arm or both arms to do the incline dumbbell curl.

Barbell Curl

Barbell Curl

If you are doing weight lifting for some time, you can try barbell curl. Your starting position is holding a barbell with your arms extended downwards in a standing position. As you curl up the barbell towards your chest, keep your elbows to your sides. When you reach your chest, make a squeeze to your biceps. Then you can put down the weights and perform the recommended repetitions.

Palms-Up Barbell Wrist Curl over a Bench

Another workout that will help your arm to get some muscles is the palms up barbell wrist curls over the bench. This exercise enhances your muscles in your forearms. To perform, place a barbell on one side of a bench and kneel on both of your knees. Make sure your body is facing the bench, and your forearms are resting on the bench. Then get a hold your barbell to your forearms while you are leaning against the seat. Make sure your wrists are hanging at the edge. While holding the bar with your palms up, start making a curl with your wrist upwards and downwards. Keep your forearms steady while doing this. Also, You can practice this by placing your forearms over your thighs, and your wrist is hanging at the edge of your knees. At this scenario, you can use dumbbells in placement for the barbell.

Lying Triceps Extension

After giving strength to your biceps and forearms, let’s do something about your triceps. Your triceps need also proper workout so you can have a sturdy grip. So, learning the lying tricep extension will give your triceps the stamina you need for daily activities.

Your starting position with this exercise is lying on a flat bench with your feet on the floor. Make sure you will be assisted by the gym instructor to hand you a dumbbell, barbell, or any hand equipment with weights that can give you a good grip. Stay your lying position on the bench when holding the bar. In this position, your triceps will have more tension than holding the bars to the floor. Make your elbows reach the 90-degree angle to extend back to your starting position.

Bench Press   

Another exercise for your triceps is the bench press. You can use barbells and dumbbells to give form to your upper body. Having said that, the bench press is also used to strengthen your chest and arm muscles. So here is how you can achieve the perfect bodybuilding workout for arms.

Your starting point is lying on the bench of the smith machine, wherein the pad is between the rack that holds the bar. Your feet should be flat on the floor and 1 foot wide apart. Extend your arms upward to keep the bar with your thumbs outside of your closed fist. Grasp the bar tightly and remove slowly from the rack.

Your elbows should be locked out before lowering the bar to your middle chest. Make sure you will follow the path of the smith machine and avoid the arc movement. Then you can raise the bar, pushing it upward. Aim for the same spot when you brought down the bar. Return the bar and repeat the bench press for 3 sets and 10 repetitions as recommended. To finish, make sure that you already placed the bar on the rack for locked out position before you will take the rest. You can also do an overhead press.

Doing the Deadlift

The deadlift is the most common and versatile exercise for bodybuilding workout. Aside from legs, you can do deadlifts to strengthen your muscles in your arms. It is not a shortcut, though. What we are trying to emphasize here is that deadlift is essential to bodybuilding workout for arms, legs, and other primary muscle groups that we need to build.

You can perform deadlifts by using a barbell with lightweight for beginners. To start the position, make your knees in a bent position like squat and keep your back straight. Make sure you stand in an upright position holding the barbell. Then as you hold the bar, let your movement like sliding the bar while going up and down along the front of your legs. Give a rest when the bar is in your thigh level. Avoid your back to bend backward while getting your shoulders in a straight position. Make sure that while lowering the bar to the floor, your back is straight throughout the routine.

Doing the bodybuilding workout for arms has many alternativesThoughts to Ponder:

Doing the bodybuilding workout for arms has many alternatives, aside from what have we discussed earlier in this article. But they are the most useful and practical exercises that you can do from home or in training facilities. You can have the modifications as long as you seek advice from your trainer.

While doing each exercise, you need to have proper breathing. Breathing is vital as appropriate pacing in your workout. Also, you will need to follow the recommended sets and repetitions to each exercise.

When doing exercises, either at home or your local fitness centers, you should always be in proper workout attire. The perfect attire when doing your workouts will be the following: sports shoes, preferably those cross-training ones, dry-fit or sweatshirts and gym shorts for men.

Another significant thing is your workout plans depending on your capability and health status. Before getting into a workout program, you will need to prepare yourself. Getting the body shape you want cannot be achieved in a single workout or one-day exercise. You will need a routine or workout plan to have an excellent form of your muscles.

Moreover, if you want to maintain an excellent body shape that you desire, then eating the right food and doing the proper routine exercise would be the best option. Making yourself fit both mentally and physically can make a difference in your life.

To wrap up, bodybuilding workout for arms with proper skills and equipment can help you achieve your goals to have perfect and well-toned muscles.