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Beauty Problems? Find what you need, Effective and Affordable!


Beauty problems are a regular thing among us. Men and women suffer from beauty problems, and we have a standard solution to bring back the natural beauty. What is the key to resolve these problems?

Beauty problems occur inside and out among us, and there are remedies that you can do. One of the common ways is using castor oil. Maybe you hear about this, so let us give you some tips on how to deal with beauty problems.

Did you know that you can use a particular ingredient so your beauty problems will not bother you? The popular element that you can use is castor oil. But do not be too excited because this oil has many pros and cons if you are going to use it.

Nevertheless, let us look into castor oil. From vegetable castor, you can get this oil for medicinal and beauty remedies. It has been a practice for over 4,000 years. Until now, many chose castor oil to solve beauty problems because of its content. It has unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, also known as ricinoleic acid. Since then, it has been recorded that castor oil can be used as medicinal and beauty products.

For the medicinal use of castor oil, you can have the following benefits.

Remember that beauty comes from the inside, so relying on beauty products is not enough. Now, you will be mistaken if you are taking a toll from castor oil because using it, you can get anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. It can also improve the immune system, promote healthy digestion and decrease the risk of getting arthritis.

Benefits of Castor Oil for Beauty Problems


Aside from health benefits, castor oil can be used for your beauty remedies. You can start with simple regimens utilizing this oil to solve beauty problems. Do you want to know what those are?

Beauty problems like inflamed skin, aging, acne, dry skin and stretch marks, dry lips and sunburn can be addressed by castor oil. What helps this oil can give?

Castor oil can heal inflamed skin, fights to age soothe acne, moisture skin prevents stretch mark and maintains moisture to your skin and lips.

If you will ask how much it costs? Well, castor oil is cheaper than any beauty oil products. Compared to coconut oil, this oil has a thicker consistency, and this is the reason why it can give better results.

Another good thing using castor oil is the improvement of blood circulation to the scalp. It can reduce flakes that can stimulate healthy hair growth. Its characteristics revealed that it has a regenerating effect. Make sure that you will dilute the castor oil with something like argan or jojoba oil.

Since we are talking about hair, we can use some of it with our eyebrows. It can make thicker brows.

Beauty problems also come with puffiness of your eyes. The soothing feature can decrease the puffiness around your eyes. Just massage some oil under your eye area, starting from the outer space working your way inward. In less than 20 minutes, your eyes can absorb this.

More Choices of Castor Oil

Looking in too many health and beauty benefits of castor oil, you can choose from different kinds of it. Imagine that using this oil regularly can solve your beauty issue, so what more if you will be using different types of castor oil.

Black Castor Oil

The black castor oil comes from the seeds undergone roasting. It will give your oils the dark and roast smell, but still, it has excellent purifying components because of the pH level. But in the black castor oil, the castor oil has an increased level of pH because, by roasting, it keeps the more clarifying properties that our skin needs. This kind of castor oil is essential by reducing acne and cleansing your scalp. Also, it helps open your hair cuticles.

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

If you have a hard time finding a roast castor oil, you can look for the cold-pressed castor oil. This process involved the pressing organic castor seed with no heat required. It means that the natural healing properties of castor seeds will be stored and lower the risk of degrading its natural properties.

Compared to others, this is the purest form of castor oil. And what is shocking is that it is cheaper than the roasted castor oil.

Finding the Right One for You

When it comes to beauty products, you will need to find the real score about castor oil. It is not necessarily that you will need to use pure castor oil. You can also find this ingredient in shampoo, moisturizer, and lipstick if you are looking for hydration.

But for acne, you can check for beauty products that contain benzoyl peroxide with castor oil. Make sure to consider buying organic beauty products for less chemical compounds. Also, it will be helpful if you are always choosing the highest quality version of castor oil to get the perfect solutions for beauty problems.

Side Effects of Castor Oil to Solve Beauty Problems

When eager to get the remedies for your beauty problems, you should know what can be the side effects of using specific products. For castor oil, you should be worried about skin irritation. Naturally, you can get irritated with castor oil. To avoid it, you can test it to a small part of your skin and observe for 24 hours. If there are no reactions, you can continue using it.

Another down of using castor oil for beauty problems is the natural absorption of our skin to our makeup. Make sure that you will check the products if there are ingredients that can cause you allergy.

Our Insights

Once you find the right portion of castor oil to solve your beauty problems, you can easily find different ways on how to use it. Castor oil contains a considerable amount of moisturizers, and you should not use it as the only ingredient. You can mix it with other oil and moisturizing cream. It will generate more effects that your skin, hair, and surrounding of your eyes might need.

Skin Care at your 30’s? Here are the Perfect Tips for Worry Less Aging

skin care 0312

Skin care at your 30’s? Well, thirty is the age when you are all set with your career, family and stable financially. When you start feeling relax, your skin starts to prank you. You get time for yourself and find out the sign of aging in your skin.

Skin care is one of the most ugly truth face of women when they are at their 30’s. For women, it is almost a nightmare. Not in teen, youth is gone- nothing left in life- have you ever thought this way? If yes then cut out this fear from life. You can enjoy your 30’s if you take care of your skin regularly.

sign of aging

What you need to do for skin caring?

During 30, your body faces some changes. So, wrinkles, dark circles, and aging sign start to appear. That is why your skin needs extra care at this time. Only using cleanser and moisturizer will not enough for glowing skin at this age. You have to make sure the products you are using are right products for your skin. You may need additional beauty products such as serum and night eye cream at this age. Here is the best way to go about it.


Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are necessary for skin care. These are essential at any ages but when you are at 30’s you cannot forget them. Proper cleansing protects your skin from damages and also helps them to function well. As you are at 30’s, use cleanser that suits your skin. Talk to a dermatologist to choose the right cleanser for you.


Skin exfoliate helps to remove dead skins. Thus your skin will look young and fresh. Try to exfoliate your skin at night times. You can do this twice a week. Some of the exfoliation compounds are glycolic, lactic, or salicylic for the better result.


Do not forget to use sunscreen before going outside. Sunscreen protects your skin from sunburns. You got early wrinkles due to sunburn. Wear a sunscreen spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection. Use them even in winter season and rainy days.


Use anti-oxidant, Vitamin E, Vitamin C serum to make your skin more radiant. It will help protect you from oxidative stress as the main contributor to early aging.

Use Oil

During 30’s your skin loses its softness. You have to keep it hydrated. Use oils rich in fatty-acid. You can also use almond oil, vitamin E oil, and sesame oil. For better result, add few drops of oil in water and pour it in your body.

Use Fruit Peel

At 30’s your skin becomes dull. Therefore we suggest fruit peel. It will help your skin glow well. Try using enzymatic skin peels such as pineapple enzyme, glycolic or mushroom peels.

Extra Care at Night

Your skin needs extra care at night. Use eye cream before sleeping. Clean your face again. Use a moisturizer before sleep. If possible apply the homemade mask at night time.

Other than that, always be gentle with your skin. Drink plenty of water and add vegetables and fruits to your daily meal. Try to go to a skin expert once in a month, and also you need facial according to your skin tone once in a month. Above all, you need to keep yourself stress-free. Proper diet, exercise and regular skin care routine will help you enjoy your 30’s.