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Snacks without Borders: Your Cravings Satisfaction!


Snacks are the food that we love to have after our meals and after dessert. Of course, who would miss the goodness of eating snacks? Some of us are eating snacks because we crave it. But what are the healthy snacks we should eat?

Snacks should be healthy and will not affect our diet meal plan. Imagine all the nutritional value of these foods; we should not take for granted the snacks that we are eating.

Yes, we enjoy snacks to get over our hunger. But should we have it after dinner? For many, they still eat after dinner, but they are even considering it to be healthy. Eating snacks should consist of nutrients that will help your body to be fit and healthy.

If you want to keep healthy food even if you are just eating snacks, it is a good idea to shop for some snacks that you can pack. It is an excellent way if you want to have something in your bag for your meals.

Do you want to be sure if you are eating healthy snacks? There are many choices that you can have and mix with other food as your after-meal food. You can have snacks with protein, fat, and fiber. And for evening snacks, keep away sweets. You can have healthy food after dinner if you want to satisfy your tummy.

Snacks without Borders 001

Inspiration for Healthy Snacks

If you are losing weight, but you want to enjoy snacking, here are some of the foods that you need to have. You can choose among these if you’re going to have something in your bag and pockets any time of the day.

Aloha almonds!

Snacks without Borders 002Almonds are one of the healthy foods that you can consider eating in between your meals. Belongs to nuts, this is a great excuse if you want to eat but want to lose weight. The right serving of almonds should be one ounce or equivalent to 23 almonds. According to the study, this amount of almonds has 164 calories, 4 grams fiber and protein. Can you imagine you can get all of those with a single serving of almonds?

Reaping the GrapefruitSnacks without Borders 003

Looking for other healthy options for snacks? You can obtain the nutrients from grapefruit if you want some alternative snacks. Aside from vitamin C, you can have calories and fiber in one serving of grapefruit. One serving of grapefruit can contribute to weight loss in three months. How did it happen? Well, the nutrients of grapefruit manage your appetite by decreasing insulin levels, according to the research study.

Meaty and nutty chickpeas

snk3How can you handle chickpeas if you want to get some of it in your bag? Chickpeas can have a meaty texture and nutty flavor, which can give fiber and protein. If you’re going to lose weight, this is one of the healthy snacks you must try. You can try roasting it for some crunchy effect, and you can pack it easily. Make sure you will only have a half cup of chickpeas so you can have 100 calories with 5 grams of protein and fiber.

Toss those grapessnk4

When you have enough grapefruits and nuts, you can have grapes. According to the study, you can have a cup of grapes if you want to have 100 calories. The taste of grapes can be sweet, but it will not contribute to your sugar level. Instead, you can get the satisfaction you want. So you should not be worried if you are going to eat grapes for your snack time.

Love the chocolate

snk5For most of us, chocolate is one of our favorite snacks. Who would not love the aroma and bittersweet taste of chocolate? From cocoa, chocolates are considered a treat to yourself without worrying about your blood sugar level. Also, this is one of the foods that can help you lose weight. Chocolate can be replaced if you like a glass of wine with your dinner. Instead, make room for a little slice of chocolate. It will satisfy your cravings.


Guess what, popcorn can be a healthy snack, but take note it should be served without the flavor. Popcorn is high in fiber with protein, so an ounce serving or almost three cups can give you 4 grams of fiber and protein plus 110 calories. How is this possible when you feel like eating air? Well, this food came from whole grain, which is good for your health, especially when you are trying to be fit and healthy. You will enjoy this when it is crunchy, a little bit of salt like chips. But this snack has no additives or any kind of flavors.

Eat that Yogurt

snk6Do not confuse yogurt with milk because they are different. Yogurt gives our body the calcium and fiber which our body needs to be healthy. So this is the right choice of snacks. Make sure you choose plain yogurt with no artificial sugar. Aside from that, you can look for whole milk as an alternative. The low-fat plain yogurt can be the best choice if you are losing some extra weight. According to research, Greek yogurt doubles the protein and fiber as compared to ordinary yogurt.

Add some hummussnk9

If you hear this, yes, you are not mistaken. Hummus can be your snack choice. Why? Well, for some, this is not enjoyed food, but when you add this to your favorite salad and veggies, you can have extra nutrients. One serving of hummus is equivalent to two tablespoons. But do not belittle this serving of hummus because it can give you carbohydrates and protein. There is so much to know about hummus, but you should never doubt it now.

Oatmeal is carbs

snk8Yes, oatmeal has a complex carb, but it does not affect your blood sugar. If you think what kind of carb does a serving of oatmeal has, well, you need to imagine that you are eating a good source of fiber. Fiber helps you lose weight by giving you a satiety feeling in your stomach. Filling your stomach with healthy snacks like oatmeal is the right choice.

Portable Fruit

Sounds fun and natural, right? Portable fruits are dried fruits packed into something handy that you can carry wherever you go and whenever you want to. Without artificial sugar and sweeteners, you can have balanced carbs and proteins. It is a good snack option for snacks if you are at work.

Our Delightful Insights

Indeed, snacks can be in many forms so you can enjoy healthy and sumptuous food in between your meals. Do not bother if you are eating most of the time as long as you are consuming foods rich in fiber, less sugar, and carbs. With enough calories, a day that is equivalent to your movement can be a great way to maintain and lose some weight.

Fitness Habit – What You Need to Know to Fulfill your Desire


Fitness habit is essential than doing any other fitness activities. It is all about discipline and perseverance to accomplish a daily task. How could you achieve something that you are not striving to do?

Fitness habit has been the key of many successful people to achieve being physically fit. Indeed, having a focus to achieve the goal is hard. There are many lame excuses to skip the workout.

But I have tried doing a perfect routine, and I almost did it because of the power of habit. There are few things to keep in mind as a reminder. Aside from discipline, you will need to have training and motivation. So, as you read along, you can have the fitness habit that can change the rest of your life.

Fitness Habit – What You Need to Know to Fulfill your Desire

These fitness habits are like physical activity trick to make your daily routine more productive. Here is the list we got for you.

Healthy Breakfast = Good Beginnings

When I first do my routine, I came prepared. But I am not loading myself with carbs or protein. I follow a simple breakfast with a simple reminder – moderation. When eating, though, you will need to have restraint. Eating with moderation is the key to maintain the weight loss.

What to eat? My example breakfast is a bowl of nutrient-rich oatmeal, two tablespoons of honey, generously chopped nuts and seeds, a fruit infusion, coconut water and milk. If you want to support your fitness habit plan, breakfast is the beginning.

Water = Life

The importance of water in our body is like fuel for life. Compared to an energy drink, water is the safest way to keep our body dehydrated. Water increases metabolism, primes muscles and gives a natural makeover to your skin by relieving it from dryness and blemishes. It also helps the heart pump faster and without any unnecessary effort.

So, I drink two cups of water after I woke up. But in most cases, the advice is two liters a day if you want to stay adequately hydrated throughout the day. But this does not apply to some, however, for those coffee drinkers or caffeine addicts who need more water intake.

Green Plate = Good Health

Since I begin making fitness habit, I include eating vegetables, especially those in greens. Vegetables have different health benefits such as the lower risk of high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. Eating green vegetables with proper exercises is a fitness habit that I suggest you start doing.

What to have in a plate full of greens? The majority of nutrients you can get from eating vegetables are fiber, potassium, folic acid and vitamins. Try to have a soup of broccoli and cheese. Make a chicken sandwich with grated carrot to add some flavor. Keep away from the tempting pizza and burger in the corner of the streets. If you want more flavors, try to add some Asian twist. It will invigorate your taste buds to enjoy vegetables.

Almonds = Good Snack

Okay, it is simple. Junk foods are tempting. So I think of a healthy way to have alternatives for a snack. Luckily, I stopped in the food section of the supermarket for nuts. Making a sandwich for a snack or sliced fruits in the box are time-consuming, sometimes. So, for those like me who always in a hurry, packing some nuts like almonds is a good alternative.

The excellent taste of almonds will make you forget to eat processed food at home or in your way, going to the office. You can match it with whole wheat toasts and some fruits as it is one of the proper solutions for your hunger pains. Also, you will be surprised at the amazing effect you will get of this in your stomach.

Walking can do the trick for fitness habit.

Walking can do the trick for fitness habit.

Workout routines are not for everyone – this is a fact. Sparing some visits to the gym can be the least priority in your schedules or doing some exercises at home is not your thing. I know many people who always make excuses for doing tasks. Even a little stretching at the office or home can be a fitness habit. You don’t think to follow all the workout routines to be fit and healthy.

For instance, you can take a walk to your office or while if you are going to the supermarket. If you are driving going to work, park at least a few minutes walking distance from the office. Walking will be enough to exercise your heart and your muscles before you make a whole day sitting at the office. It is also an excellent way to clear your mind from the exhaustion after your work has done. Fitness habit is not all about being healthy, but it is about pleasures on being cheerful and enthusiastic.

Focus with Discipline and Motivation

As I am saying, discipline and motivation are the attitudes you will need to have fitness habit. Daily routines which do not include exercises and eating healthy foods are hard to change. Actually, many suffer from changing their old habits.

Discipline comes in many forms. For instance, if you want to stick with your daily routine or habits of eating healthy foods, you will need control to do it.

If I have achieved these fitness habits, I disciplined myself to stick in eating healthy foods and doing some simple exercises, or even stretching. I don’t make excuses.

Also, it is essential to have motivation. Other than discipline, I keep in mind the results that I can have whenever I do exercises and eat healthy foods.

In my experience, without discipline and motivation, fitness habit is impossible to achieve.



I learned to meditate when I joined a Yoga class. And I think you should try to attend even basic yoga class. In yoga class, before doing flexibility and balance exercises, it set your mind first. A clear and focus mind can help you achieve fitness habit.

Though exercise is the fundamental of being fit and healthy, meditation can help differently. For me, meditation gives me clearer and inner relaxation. I do 10 to 20 minutes of meditation daily to calm my mind. At first, I tried slow and short paces, and I suggest if you are new on reflection, you do the same. Then over time, you can upgrade your meditation.

What can we say about fitness habit?

They say when you enjoy what you are doing, you can do it successfully. Having fun, while achieving fitness habit, is not bad at all. Add some spice of fun. You don’t need to be deadly serious while giving discipline and motivation.

Indeed, fitness habit is one thing for sure that everybody needs when they want to be fit and healthy.

Almonds Skin Reveals Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Almond skin care

Almonds skin is the undeniable result of eating almonds as a tasty and nutritious snack, which remarkably healthy. Almonds are the most popular tree nuts around the world. Though it is native to the Middle East, the United States is the world’s largest Almond producer.

Almonds skin reflects your healthy eating which includes almonds. By eating almonds, you have adequate intake of Vitamin E, fiber, protein, fat, magnesium, and manganese. They are full of antioxidants and also a decent amount of copper, Vitamin B2, phosphorus, zinc, iron and calcium are also in Almonds. This rich in nutrients nut has many health benefits. It keeps your heart healthy, protects your cell membrane from damages, regulates cholesterol level, boosts brain health, strengthens the immune system, and combats diabetes.


Like your health almond also take care of your skin. For its number of medicinal properties almond is well known to the cosmetics industry. Beauty experts always recommend Almond oil and Almond milk as an essential part of skin care.

Almonds are common ingredients in my kitchen. I always try to add them to my everyday meal. It enhances the taste of them. Besides adding them to a daily meal, I use them for my skin care purpose. It brought a significant change in my skin. You can use Almond daily as a part of your skin care.  You will notice a considerable transformation in your skin. Know how…

Almonds for Skin Care

  • Almonds can be used as a moisturizer. It helps to remove blackheads and acne spots. If you have oily skin and do not want to use other oil almond will be best for you.
  • Almonds are full of Vitamin E, and it helps your skin to glow. It also protects your skin from sun ray and also prevents sunburn. Give a regular massage to your skin with almond oil. It will increase blood circulation and also will keep your skin fresh and young.
  • Almond oil can be used as toner also. Massage your skin with almond oil regularly. It will prevent acne also.
  • It helps to prevent wrinkles and under eye bags. Make a paste of almond nuts. Apply this paste to your eyes and leave it for overnight. It also acts as anti-aging. You can use a few drops of almond oil on your skin. It will keep your skin always young.
  • It can be used as a scrubber. Take crushed almond and mix it with honey and yogurt. Gently apply this paste to the skin. It will help remove dead skin and also act as exfoliate.
  • Almond oil can be used when you want to remove your makeup. Pour few drops of oil in a cotton ball and rub it in your face

What are we trying to say

You can use almonds for various skin purposes such as moisturizing, scrubbing, and so on. Try to add them to your daily meal also. You can have a healthy lifestyle by eating almonds, as I mentioned it earlier that it can prevent various diseases. Try to eat soaked almonds rather raw one. You can make smoothies, snacks, salad, and thousands of recipes with almonds. Try them. Almonds are fun to cook, and of course, they are the lifesaver when it comes to your skin care.