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Summer Skin: Top 5 Beauty Tips to Rule out Dryness

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Summer skin for many is fashionable during the summer season. But what they don’t know is summer skin is a sign of unhealthy and damaged skin. Though some people know how to sport summer skin, you can also do the same. And we will help you with it!

Summer skin treatment highlights how to deal with dry skin. Prevention and cures for it are what people are looking for. So, we have here are the top rules on taking care of summer skin and how you can use the advantage of it.

So, set aside the skincare products that can aggravate the damage in your skin. And follow our simple tips to rule out the damage look of your summer skin.

Beauty Tips for Summer Skin

Rule no. 1: It starts within.

All beauty starts within and most likely, the results of what you eat. Everything that is happening inside your body can be seen in your skin. So when the summer season is on set, your skin changes. For summer skin first rule, start from within because what your skin shows is what you’re taking in.

How to achieve?

Our skin loves green food. And green food may come in the forms of salad and smoothie. This kind of foods is best for our skin because it gives healthy fats and phytonutrients. Also, it keeps your skin hydrated from inside out.

Sweating is the thing for summer skin. If you sweat, it means that your heart is working out just fine. The time you sweat, it makes your skin looks livelier.

Then, don’t forget to sleep like a queen bee. Yes, sleep is vital for summer skin, especially between midnight. This time of the evening is the best time that your cell is regenerating, and collagen is building.

Now, maybe women are wondering of what we call after-sex glow. Oh yes, it is a real deal. Sex improves circulation and keeps our stress hormones in check. You can also observe that you have more radiant and healthier skin afterwards.

Another essential for summer skin is having a healthy gut. A healthy gut means that our body can produce enzymes. These enzymes can detoxify and contribute to collagen formulation. With collagen in our body, the skin looks will be brighter.

Since radiant summer skin starts from within, why don’t try to practice yoga? Yoga has many health benefits which include having healthy skin. The meditation improves our body to relax and decreases cortisol and adrenaline hormones caused by stress. Stress is not suitable for our health.  Doing daily yoga can make a big difference to your summer skin.

Rule no. 2: Do the 2-Step Skin Care

When you have summer skin, the importance on how to take care of your skin is essential. Despite eating the right food and making a lifestyle to have smooth and hydrated summertime skin, you should be aware of the two steps of skincare.

First skincare that we have for you is exfoliation. You do exfoliation to get rid of dead skin which causes skin dullness in summer. Once done with your exfoliation, you allow the light to bounce off in one smooth direction. Choose the right exfoliator. Too rough and harsh exfoliation can damage your skin. And I think that you don’t want this to happen.

Rule no. 3: Choose the Right Make Up

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