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Running Thoughts for your Perfect Techniques on the Go

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Running techniques are taken for granted by many because, in their point of view, it has no importance. But how can you be so sure that you are doing the right thing?

Running is a simple exercise that you can depend on if you want to lower risk of getting injured. Also, doing proper running techniques can make you feel more energetic and enjoyable.

As a part of getting yourself to be fit and healthy, we are giving some of the tips that you might want to try. These are basics as you read along. However, it will affect your performance in the running.

What are we lacking when running?

1. While running, keep your head straight.

In other words, avoid looking at your feet. Why? By doing so, it will create tension in your neck and shoulders. Also, it will keep your jaw and neck relaxed for the whole duration of running. So follow the recommendation distance of looking in front of you. The recommended distance of keeping your head straight is 30 to 40 meter in front of you.

2. Keep your shoulders back and down.

A common mistake is making your shoulder in hunch position. If you do this, it will restrict your breathing and only less oxygen will get into your muscles. So, make sure that your shoulders are back and down. No tension, just relaxed.

3. Like your shoulders, keep your hands at ease and your arms at 90 degrees.

Keeping your hands relaxed doesn’t mean that you need to them flop. But, tight and closed fists can cause tension up to your shoulders and back. In another way, make it easy for your hands.

For your arms, don’t bend it over and below a 90-degree angle. At the right angle, move your arms back and forth across your body. The movement will help you with any action forward. And moving your arms sideways will create a waste of energy.

4. Leaning forward while keeping your hips stable will help you enjoy your running.

Running in proper pace and motion is not enough to enjoy the good effects of this exercise in our body. One of the techniques you need to do is leaning forward. This technique will help you reduce the chance of experiencing heel strike. Also, it will make you land on the middle of your foot, improving your balance.

When leaning forward, you must maintain your hips stable. Don’t make your bottom out and your hips rock side to side. What we mean here is your hip’s position should be permanent and forward-facing. This position will prevent low back and hip pain.

5. Land in a mid-foot strike and avoid lifting your knees too high.

One of the myths in the running is raising your knees too high will make your running more intense. Fact check – landing with a slight bend knee will help you absorb the impact on hard surfaces. The right motion of your knees when lifting is forward rather than upwards.

And when we say that your feet when running should aim mid-food strike, it will give your feet the safest way to land. Your foot should fall below your hips and not in front of you.

6. Good running always comes light and quiet.

Running in light and quiet can make an impression of efficiency and less stress to the body. When doing exercise, it is essential to avoid feeling the pressure. Instead, feel the goodness in it.

7. Learn proper breathing.

Breathing is essential when doing exercises. And when running, this is important to have proper blood and oxygen circulation in your body. Try to aim to breathe for every two strides. But don’t be afraid to try longer breathing.

Quick Tips

When you are decided that you will go for running in your block or across the streets, you should be prepared. Full battle gears in the running start with understanding the goodness of doing it.

For instance, when you are running, you are burning more calories than any other exercises. Doing it regularly can lessen the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart diseases.

So before starting to run, you will need to build your fitness levels. But how will you do it since running needs little equipment and sometimes, no equipment required?

The key to starting, aside from the techniques we mentioned earlier, is to have a good pair of shoes. For women, don’t forget to wear a sports bra that will give additional support to your chest.

When you start, try to run slowly and increase your pace and distance as you do it regularly. A warm-up of at least 5 minutes will give the conditions of your body. Warm-up exercises like walking, marching, knee lifts and sidestepping can make you upbeat in no time. Then, when you start moving, try to alternate between running and walking.

Our Running Thoughts

Indeed running is one of the popular exercises among us. And when we say that staying motivated when we are doing exercises, there are things we need to keep in mind.

One thing that it will keep us motivated is setting your goal and timeline to achieve it. When we say goal, it is vital to run and set challenges that will keep you pushing to your goal.

And one more thing, do it with a friend is the most enjoyable thing you can do when running. Companionship in the running has no difference with other exercises. It will create friendship, and you will enjoy running because of this.

Since you have companionship, your routine and your friend’s can be mixed and create a more exciting variety of running. Imagine that running regularly at the same pace, environment and distance? This will make it boring. So try with different sets and repetitions to create it as more enjoyable and advance.

The perfect way to enjoy running and get the results is to commit.

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