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Parenting 101: Secrets on Good Relationship with your Teen

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Parenting has no equivalent salaries compared to your career. If you are both working parents, then you have different problems than those stay-at-home parents. So what should you need to know then?

Parenting is a challenging yet enjoyable task. Being parents should not be taken lightheartedly, especially when you have teenagers at home. So what will be your game plan?

As a parent, I have to deal with my child from toddler to teen. They have roller-coaster moods, different demands and most of all; they have the attitude that will get into your nerve. But, love is unconditional, and it is true when you are a parent.

Being a parent is no joke or a role that you can easily detach yourself from. It is responsible, not being a perfectionist. You don’t need to be strict. Good relationships between teenagers and their parents need to be positive and filled with happiness.

In parenting, the functional relationship between parents and teens is essential because it is correlated with many positive things at home. Otherwise, teens can feel neglected if the link has violence and hatred.

So how do you keep cool?

Act like A Friend

Parenting is an act on how you treat them as their friend. Appreciations from parents are what teenagers need. With some independence with guidance, it can form more than a parent-teenager relationship. It could build up friendship, which is vital to have a win-win solution to every concern.

Make Time to Have a Conversation at the End of the Day

After a long day, I make time to have a short conversation while doing household chores or after dinner time. And most important, I always check on them before bedtime, asking if everything is all right before going to sleep. It’s a beautiful feeling of coping the weekend with family.

Know the Peer Groups

Parenting needs to know who their sons and daughters are growing with. Personally, I invited some of his friends. This will be a good chance for me to see the environment of their peers. Inviting them over is one way to know the peers of my son without limiting him to socialize. I suggest you also need it?

After Academic

One struggle of my son is dealing with his academic. So after school, I make sure to give him some schedule to balance academic and social media. Don’t act like an older sibling, but let them feel that you are going to supervise until they become professionals.

No Expectations but Make Standards High

I teach my son to be competitive. Being supportive will always get your child to do well, and in achieving the goals, she/he wanted. But if you do not consider what they want, it will be hard for them to decide for themselves as they grow older. So we as parents need to do is begin shaping our sons and daughters own goals now.

Just Hang Out and Talk

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