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No Makeup for Dark Skin can define Healthy Glowing Look

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How to Apply a No Makeup for brown girls

If you think you have a brown skin tone, you can have shades of color in red and blue. Also, you can have purple, silver and pink hues of color.

To achieve makeup for your brown skin tone, here are the steps you may want to follow.

  1. Make some preparations for your dark skin by washing it with cleansing skin care products.
  2. Then, apply a moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated. It will also keep your oily skin at bay.
  3. Choose the right color for your brown skin. Make sure you choose the right shade from the following colors.
  4. For lip makeup, you can choose your lipstick that matches your skin. Then you can cover it with gloss.

Quick Tips to Make your Dark Skin Glow

Having a dark and brown skin tone needs careful preparation in doing no makeup. In every face makeup, you need to have a good regimen that will make your skin more radiant and young looking. So, here are the tips to make your dark skin glow.

  1. Make a good routine as your facial care. You can exfoliate and hydrate your skin to look good.
  2. When you have a dark skin tone, choosing the right foundation can be tricky. You can have the right shade of foundation by making a match in the light areas of the skin near your jawline.
  3. The proper way of concealment is essential. For dark skin tone, orange color corrector works well to conceal your flaws. Illuminating concealer works well with your dark circles.
  4. For eyeshadow makeup, you can choose any color but avoid frosty colors. You can choose metallic colors and those with shades with color brown, taupe, bronze, and copper.
  5. Eyeliners shade of black, brown, navy colors will work well for dark skin tone.
  6. With blushes, bronze, deep orange and fuchsia are colors that can go well with dark skin tone.

How to Deal with your undertones for No Makeup Look

Other than skin tone, you need to cover your undertones with the right shades. You might get confused with cosmetic products in the shop, which give you almost identical color. But the question is, does it complement your skin tone?

To get the right shade for your undertones, you can have cool, warm, or neutral tones. Cool shades will work well with pink, red or blued undertones. For warm hues, you can have it if you have yellow or golden undertones. Neutral tones balance both cool and warm undertones.

Brief reminder:

Beauty products have compounds that may harm your skin if you have sensitive skin. Make sure that you will consider natural and organic makeup. You can also have those beauty products that contain hypoallergenic compounds if you insist on using makeup. However, the most important that you need to do is to consult first your dermatologist for some medical advice. No one wants to sacrifice your health to look more glamorous.

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