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Moisturize Face: An Essential Guide for Ultimate Hydration

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Maintain and Keep Hydrated your Facial Skin

By this time, you are familiar with the things to achieve a good and moisturize the face. Then how would you maintain it? What are the things you need to do?

First, check your skin if you are well hydrated. You can do this by just looking closely at the mirror and observe if there are horizontal lines. If you see these lines, then you are dehydrated.

Second, make sure that you are drinking enough water daily. The daily recommended water intake is eight glasses. But you can drink up to 10 glasses. You can also replace caffeine with herbal teas to rehydrate you.

Third, watch your diet and eating lifestyle. Having omega fatty acids and other good fats can restore your skin health as well as keep your body hydrated. Also, getting enough nutrients for your skin can balance your health, maintaining your skin elasticity. Hydration face is our goal.

Fourth, if you are worried about why you are experiencing dehydration despite doing all remedies, you need to seek medical advice. Sometimes, hormonal imbalance affects your body, especially your skin.

Lastly, you need to get enough sleep for at least 8 hours of sleep. Don’t stay up late so that your body can recuperate from all the daily activities.

Beating the weather to maintain moisturized face

Another factor, which we are out of control, is the weather condition. Summer and winter can affect the moisture of your skin. The cold and humidity levels can lead our skin to crack and bleed.

For cold weather like winter, here are some ways to keep you hydrated.

Tip # 1: Always use lukewarm water in any weather conditions. Avoid hot showers and baths even in cold weather.

Tip # 2: Keep your moisturizer by your side after taking a bath. It is hard to moist our skin if exposed for too long afterwards.

Tip # 3: The secret for hydrated skin depends on the moisturizer that you use and apply to your face. Make sure you select a moisturizer that has natural ingredients and oil-based.

Tip # 4: Never skip your moisturizer at night. Always put lotion on the skin. Apply ample amount to your hands and feet, as well as with your elbows and knees. These areas have thin skin that loses moisture over time.

Tip # 5: Dead cells in our skin should be washed off to enjoy the effect of moisturizers in our body entirely. Get an exfoliating mask that can clear dead cells in your face. Then apply your moisturizer.

Tip # 6: There must be something in your cleanser. So, see to it that you are using more moisturizing ingredients. After cleansing, apply moisturizer and hydrating toner right away.

Getting Natural Oils for Moisturize face

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