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Mental Health Problems: How to Socialize with People Having Episodes

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Step 3: Think Positive, Say Positive.

Thinking positive pours positive energy to people surrounding you. If you feel positive, speak about your emotion and let the people know your true feelings. When consoling someone with mental health issues, use the first person in speaking rather than the second person. In this way, you are helping them think that they have someone caring and thinking about them.

Step 4: Speak to encourage, not discouraging.

People with mental health conditions need encouraging words to do well in everything. They want someone to help them and be their support foundation.

If you try to converse with them, there will be a tendency for them to refuse. So be patient and keep listening to understand their reasoning for refusal. Encourage them as much as they want to hear it from you. Offer them your companionship to help them make up their mind.

Step 5: Thing goes haywire.

People with mental health are not stable. This is a fact. So even when people around them try to understand what is happening, they will give up eventually if no improvement happens.

For instance, you will notice that the person is acting strange, and their reactions to things around them are abnormal. So this could be a sign that they need to consult a doctor.

Some of the signs include an increase in isolating themselves from people, troubled in sleeping or eating, using of a prohibited substance, looking in an empty gaze far away, claiming to be a victim without proof, and hallucinations.

What can we say?

Mental health is a sensitive issue among us, especially when you know someone or you are living with some of such condition. So, the first thing you will need to do is express your feelings. Find someone, maybe your friend, who is ready to listen to your feelings without restraint or guilt.

Don’t forget your physical and mental wellbeing, especially when you are living with someone.  Being healthy helps you to stay focus and cope with the person suffering from mental illness.

And when the time comes that a problem arises, you have to solve one problem at a time. When the conflicts involve interpersonal, you will need to avoid addressing the issue by yourself and at the same time. Instead, find the perfect time and solution for each before dealing with the conflicts.

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