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Makeup for Olive Skin to Look More Radiant and Gorgeous!

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Makeup for olive skin is not all about hiding your natural beauty. It is about embracing your natural skin tone. But, it is a struggle in identifying the undertones of this skin type. But many who have olive skin are also getting neutral undertones. How can it be hard when finding the right makeup for olive skin?

Makeup for olive skin

Makeup for olive skin can be tricky because this type of skin can quickly get tanned. Olive skin has different undertones that you should know before choosing and applying makeup. In this article, you will find makeup for olive skin and other techniques that will help you achieve the perfect look.

Having olive skin is one of the ideal skin colors that many women are dreaming about. If you have olive skin, you don’t need too much makeup to have a gorgeous appearance. You will need natural shade, instead of getting some crazy colors and tons of foundation. Makeup for olive skin is keeping your image as simple as it can be.

Before the discussion went on about makeup for olive skin, we need to know the signs of having this type of skin. At first, olive skin looks like bronzed or tanned skin tones. It is the skin tone between pale and dark. However, you can find some shades between cream to beige tones and dark to the brown complexion.

What is olive skin?

Olive skin tone is hard to be identified unless you will recognize the natural green pigment slightly visible on the surface of the skin. Now, what will be the undertones of olive skin? Olive skin with neutral undertones includes a mix of warm and cool shades. Given this, it will be a struggle to find the correct foundation and makeup. But the essential in determining the undertone is to create a flawless makeup for olive skin.

To know if you have olive skin or what skin tone do you have, you can start by looking inside of your arm, where the underlying color shows. This area of your arm is not exposed to sunlight. In that case, you will see how warm, cool, or neutral is your skin.

How to Do Makeup

As we have mentioned, makeup for olive skin tone needs some techniques to learn the nitty-gritty to achieve the look you want. Considering that you have olive skin, what will you do first?

Finding the Right Olive Undertone Foundation and Concealer

Your first step to your makeup routine for olive skin is to find the right foundation and concealer. If you do this, you will need to consider your undertones. It will not be enough if you only compare the foundation and concealer to your skin tone. So, you need to match the foundation to your neck, wherein the skin color is less likely to change now and then.

For olive skin, your undertone can either be warm, cool, or neutral. Therefore, you just have to select for neutral foundation shades. It will have the slightest hint of your skin’s undertone. The rule goes the same to your selection of concealer. Consider your undertones, aside from skin tone, when wearing concealer.

Set your Eyes Straight Forward

One factor that will hit your makeup for olive skin is your eyeshadow. Eyeshadow makeup comes in many colors. But for olive skin, colors like bronzes, coppers, and golds will make your eyeshine. If you want some lighter shades, look for the eyeshadow with an orange base like peach and dark beige. Colors like silvers, whites, and pastels are not in your options list.

For your eyeliner in makeup for olive skin, colored eyeliners are a big no-no! Stay away from bright colors like blue, green, and purple. Instead, do pick the traditional black eyeliners. You can also opt for the darkest shades of brown or blue for your eyeliner. Also, this kind of selection can be done wearing mascara. If you have olive skin, it will be hard to play with the colors for your mascara and eyeliner. But using darker shades of brown and black will enhance the beauty of your eyes.

On the contrary, when you are doing your eyebrows, you will need to select one color lighter than your skin tone. Make sure you do your eyebrows. Your overall makeup for olive skin will be achieved if you have done a perfect makeover to your eyebrows.

Keep your cheeks blushing.

Makeup for olive skin deserves a blush with coral or peach shades. You can also choose a deep rose shade for your blush. It will brighten your cheeks. But if you have olive skin, you don’t need to put on some blushes. Especially colors in bright pinks and hot reds should be avoided if you want to keep your natural olive skin beauty.

Highlight to Focus, Bronzer to Sheen

What you can do is choose the highlight and bronzer to your makeup for olive skin. The role of highlight in your olive skin is to maintain its glow. The best highlighter for your skin is the gold or copper colors. It will look great when you have olive skin. But like the eyeshadow, silver will not look good as your highlighter.

When it comes to bronzer, you can add some shimmers to your makeup for olive skin. Just make sure that you will use deep golden browns. Bronzer can be used as the contour to your makeup. If you want the results of the outline using bronzer, pick a non-shimmery crisp brown. It will create a natural shadow on your face.

Get your lipstick to zip it.

Beige, lilacs, light colors and icier shades are the hues you should avoid for you are wearing lipstick for your makeup for olive skin. Your best pick colors are those with shades of browns, dark browns, deep purples and reds to oranges.

Things You Need to Do for your Olive Skin

Things You Need to Do for your Olive Skin

To achieve the perfect makeup for olive skin, you will need some tips to make it easier. The composition with labels indicating that all skin tones should be your last option. Makeup is not made for one-size-fits-all cosmetic products. Especially when you have olive skin, your choice of makeup is far from the ordinary choices of many women.

Aside from choosing the right makeup, you will need to capture these tips for your olive skin.

1. Always keep a color corrector concealer.

In any skin tone, you will need to resolve the discoloration and hyperpigmentation on your skin. Never skip this part before doing your makeup for this skin. Otherwise, you will end up looking ashy or grayish if you will keep your olive skin as is. Keep in mind that the deeper your skin color, you will need warmer color corrector.

2. Two is better than one – this is what you need to have for your foundation.

The skin color of your face should complement the tone in your neck. So you will need two foundations, one to your cheek and the other to your neck. With that, it will help brighten and give dimension to your makeup for olive skin.

3. Keep it simple, especially your eyebrows when it comes to this makeup.

Look for the shades that match your hair or brow color but avoid the darkest shades. Too dark eyebrows will take over your makeup. So, fill your brows with lighter shades like brown.

4. Nudes and brown shades are your colors for your eyeshadow makeup for this skin.

Even you want to try bright colors for your eye makeup; you will end up a look that is an eyesore to others. The rule for eye makeup for this skin is to keep it subtle and should come out naturally glamorous.

5. Do something with your eyelashes with plain dark mascara.

Coat your lashes, and don’t forget to curl them. You will need to have flirtatious eyelashes to enhance your eye makeup and compliment your makeup for olive skin. Also, try eyelash extensions or false lashes as long as it will define the shape of your eyes. Then, you can have different curls, depending on how intense you want the effect of your eyelashes.

6. Never take for granted the color of your cheeks.

Like your eyes and lips, your cheeks need some color to brighten the day. And if you want to have a real and natural look for your cheeks, coral blush can pull off your makeup for olive skin. In all skin tones, you can never go wrong with a coral blush.

Your Style, Your Image

Makeup for olive skin can be exciting when you know the color and techniques on how to deal with this skin type. You don’t need to be an expert to achieve the look you want to have. If you have olive skin, make it simple. Choose the color and shades that will complement your skin tones, especially your undertones. If you use a concealer, blend it well to have a smoother texture.

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