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Is Sweet Potato Healthy Enough to Include in Our Diet?

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Is sweet potato healthy to consume without side effects?

Almost all the foods that we are eating have side effects. The side effects can be caused by allergic reactions, or even unusual effects while on medications, or just by overeating it.

One of the fatal sweet potato side effects is due to medication prescribed for heart diseases. Beta-blockers can have an opposing effect on sweet potato potassium.

The effect of beta-blockers in our body with sweet potato consumption can multiply the potassium content in our blood. It will not be a problem as long as your kidneys are functioning normally. Otherwise, it can cause some serious health problems.

Also, sweet potatoes have compounds, the oxalates, which tend to crystallize when it exceeds the right amount in our body. The crystal formation of oxalates combines with calcium. It would result in kidney stones. Therefore, an excessive amount of oxalates in our body can affect the kidneys and gallbladders. The elimination of urine and other toxins from our body is important. As a result, before including sweet potatoes in your diet plan, you need to get professional medical advice. This could avoid serious health problems that may occur when you have excessive oxalates in the body.

Another side effect of sweet potato can happen if you have a sensitive stomach. The sensitive stomach can be triggered by the sweet potato’s sugar called mannitol.

Mannitol is a sugar compound of sweet potato. If you have a sensitive stomach, you will feel stomach pain after eating sweet potato. You can also experience bloating and diarrhea.

Therefore, try to eat only a small amount of sweet potato to know if you have a low tolerance for food with mannitol compounds.

Choosing and Storing of Sweet Potato

If you are now decided to have some sweet potatoes, you should at least have some knowledge in choosing for the right size that will fit your servings.

You should look for the sweet potato that has a thick and chunky form. But make sure that you still choose the medium size without bruises. The bruises of sweet potato can produce strange taste and color insides. You should also remember the type of sweet potato based on its flesh color. It is because your recipe will depend on it.

The storage of sweet potato does not require cold temperature. You can store it at room temperature, without sunlight that has good air circulation. If you will place it in your refrigerator, there is a tendency that the flesh inside will harden. Exposing sweet potato in this state can ruin the flesh. Sunlight should be avoided because it will make your sweet potato to start growing buds. You should also avoid washing the sweet potatoes if you are not going to cook it yet. The water will penetrate the inner core of the sweet potato and will shorten its shelf life.

Our insights

Is sweet potato healthy for us? Indeed, sweet potato plays a big part in our health. You can easily find sweet potatoes around the corner of the market. It will not even add burden to your daily routine when you are craving for it.

The nutrients it offers targets our body to provide immunity and enough fiber. The antioxidants can boost your cells to be free of radicals. Sweet potato fiber, on the other hand, can promote proper digestion. Both of these nutrients can sustain our body to be fit and energetic with our daily tasks.

If you have kids or you just prefer to have pancakes in your meal, you can use sweet potato instead of ordinary flour. Knowing the health benefits of sweet potato, you will have no worries for the nutritional value it offers. Sweet potato carbs are lesser when compared to the instant pancakes flour being sold in the market.

Sweet potato vitamins slow down the aging of our brain. It stores cognitive function as we age. With proper nutrients for our brain, we can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Most importantly, we give emphasize that before including sweet potato as your diet food, you need to consult with your doctor. Sweet potatoes may have many health benefits, but it still comes with some side effects if not adequately eaten. And you should not take them for granted because these can be fatal over time.

So if you still doubt if you should buy some sweet potato, and are still unsure if sweet potatoes are healthy for your family? Then worry no more because the answer is yes. It is safe to eat some as long as you cook and prepare them properly. Then again, all vegetables are safe to eat if cooked properly.

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