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How to Rock Your Fashion with These Simple Outfit Ideas

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A simple outfit for women is essentials when they need to be on the go in no time. With these outfit ideas, you will know what right or wrong outfits are.

Simple outfit ideas are the most effortless fashion to wear. You will not be worried too much if you wear it too much or too simple. These ideas will be helpful if you have to attend many attentions and you will need to wear just simple clothes.

There are many occasions, and in those events, you will need to wear different outfits. Simple yet elegant can be your fulfillment for your fashion. You don’t need to wear too much or too simple. Just wear what looks best in you and what makes you comfortable.

Some Occasions

Some occasions that you need to be prepared are what we listed here. And we hope that it will get you off the hook when it comes to simple outfit ideas.

Weddings with Simple Outfit

Weddings with Simple Outfit

For sure you will hear about some etiquette about fashion on this occasion. Mainly, you should avoid the shade of colors white, black or red. But these are rules when we don’t know the true meaning of fashion. It is the combination of bright and dull colors like red and black that can complete the main entourage and guests of the wedding.

So what simple outfit to wear? You will need to dig into the guests’ list, theme and venue of the wedding. In this way, your dress codes will not get lost. Once you do this, you will need to lay your outfit low and possible to be simple. No beaded or sequined too much. Remember that your dress should not overthrow the beauty of the bride or the looks of the grown. That is why we need to be a simple yet elegant outfit.

Going to a Party

party dress women

Years ago, when we heard about the party, you will have the impression of dressing too sexy or loud fashion statement. But nowadays, the cocktail dress should not focus on being hot or too loud. The simple outfit idea that you need to know is those with style. So don’t get into a party, especially the cocktail party, wearing a glittery knee-length dress. Just wear some casual top and tailored pants or skirt which can go casual like chino, jersey and denim.

For dinner party, you can always play it safe by just wearing what could be the theme for the evening party. By doing so, it will not be uncomfortable for you when you are at the party.

On the contrary, a business dinner party is an automatic professional outfit. But don’t wear too formal. Just be in the between of looking professional and in being the moment of into party. What to consider in this situation is the culture and background of your company. What you wear should comply with the company, though you are at a dinner party. Make sure to be professional in a simple outfit.

Getting the Job You Want

job interview dress female

 Let me put it this way when you want the job you need to be smart, but also you need to fashionable. During the interview, the outfit is also the factor. Make a background check with the company you are getting into. It will help you to get prepared on what you need to wear.

Religious Events

In short, occasions dictate what we wear. And the culture and society of the community will make you have a simple outfit. Then, on some occasions like baptism, definitely, you will avoid wearing some outfits that are too revealing and those that will look like a party occasion. You can wear floral or any color except black or those too dark in color.

Because dark colors are for funeral events, but some are wearing white shirts to honor their loved one that passed away. Considering the fact, the color has no significance. It has to be respectful.

Taking a Break with Live Performance

concert, opera and night theatre


The concert, opera and night theatre are only a few of the occasions you really need for some times. This kind of an occasion is one that you need to be on your casual, but formal wear will do. It depends on the nature of the event you are attending.

Your First Meeting with the In-Laws

Who will not be happier when you have the chance to meet your in-laws? Literally, when you meet them, it is kind of nervous. But that would be the first thing you will have to do is look for the best dress that you can wear. Simple outfit ideas should be a little conservative but will reveal your personality. Of course, your partner should give you tips before the big day. So choose the colors carefully to help you feel comfortable. Don’t wear too tight. Just make sure to feel comfortable and relax while you have that elegant yet simple outfit idea.

Just Want to Have Some Fun

Of course, not all occasions need to be formal or casual. There are occasions that you need to be dolled up, and everything is all about fun things. Our simple outfit ideas for you are wearing bold colors and print. But you can also try some cocktail dress. Your accessories, from earrings to necklace, can give your complete bold outfit.

Your Take Away

Indeed, making yourself comfortable with the outfits you are going to wear is a big deal. Especially, occasions are not the same. From wearing formal to bold outfits, all of these just need to be simply elegant.

Wearing the simple outfit ideas for any occasions can be confusing sometimes. But what you need to remember is being comfortable and relaxed if you are trying to fit in the crowd.

Considering if the occasions are formal or casuals, your simple outfit ideas can be bold in colors, designs and styles. It depends on what event you will attend.

And to perfectly finish your outfit, you will need to match accessories like jewelry, hair dress, and bags. Also, don’t forget your footwear should be comfortable as it should be. During these occasions, you will need to be in your simple outfit for a little bit too long. So you have to really consider the comfort of your gear.

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