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How to Apply Foundation for Facial Perfection?

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How to apply foundation is not an easy thing, to begin with, when you are putting on your makeup. There are a lot of things that need to consider. For example, you need to choose the right foundation for your skin type.

How to apply foundation is essential to provide a smooth texture and excellent base for your makeup. The application of foundation needs to be perfect as it is the most fundamental in our beauty routines. It is essential that the shades of foundation will complement your skin color.

You can have a foundation in different forms. Based on your skin type and color, you can choose a foundation that is in the form of a stick, liquid, powder, matte or dewy. So, as you read along, you can easily find the details on how to apply foundation.

How to apply foundation, a beginner’s guide

There are many techniques to apply the foundation to your skin successfully. According to makeup artists, here are some tips and steps-by-steps on how you can use your foundation.

  1. Before everything else prep your skin, by cleaning your face. Use a hydrating mask that will give enough moisture to your skin. You can use any mask depending on your skin type. When you finish doing your face mask, have some moisturizer on your skin. It will enhance the blood circulation and minimize your eye puffiness. By doing so, this will create a natural look.
  2. Wear a primer before applying the foundation whenever possible. A primer is essential for your foundation to keep it stays longer. And, it will prevent your makeup from wearing off easily.
  3. Make sure you start putting on your foundation from the center going outward. Center of your face means that you need to start from your cheeks. Then you can slowly blend out. Avoid putting foundation on the bridge of your nose and the corners of your nostrils. By doing so, the pigments will not cling to dry patches.
  4. Buffing is the secret in doing your foundation. This method will give a smooth coverage in your skin. You can still use your foundation brush or sponge, a beauty blender and your fingers in buffing.
  5. The final touch—getting rid of excess oil. Nothing is more beautiful if you can reduce the excessive oil in your face. To do this, you have to use pressed powder to cover some unnecessary oils. Just a light touch to the areas will do to maintain a subtle look of your foundation.

How to apply foundation based on your skin type

Now, that you have the easy guide of doing your foundation, you should have your way in choosing what will be the best foundation for your skin. Yes, the foundation needs to match with your skin type. But you don’t need to worry because we have laid out here the list of foundation types that you can use on your skin.

Make sure that you have the foundation that will make your appearance better. Your preference should not be based on what you see to other people. Keep in mind that beauty products are very personal and have a different reaction to every type of skin.

For liquid foundations, you can have the following options.

  • Matte-Finish liquid foundations

If you are trying to find the foundation for oily skin, then look for oil-free and matte finish liquid foundation. The liquid foundation for oily skin is usually excellent in covering your skin for blemishes. If you are living in humid weather, this foundation will work well with your makeup. With its light texture and finish, you can blend it quickly and make a good coverage.

  • Moisturizing liquid foundations

These foundations can make your skin hydrated without that greasy feeling. While it covers light to medium, the moisturizing liquid foundation works well with normal to dry skin. It is the liquid foundation for dry skin. Keep away if you have oily skin to prevent a greasy effect. This foundation gives you a natural look yet a youthful-looking glow. And there are also liquid foundation bare minerals.

  • Anti-aging and serum foundations

These foundations can work well for all skin types and other anti-aging skin care products.  And you can have the effect of anti-aging in a foundation, even for a while. But still unlike true formulation of anti-aging that have results that can last longer.

Other foundations come in the form of powder. If you are one of these skin types, here is the list:

  • Pressed-powder or loose-powder foundations

These foundations have a good effect for normal to slightly oily or dry skin. They opt for powder foundations to carry conveniently anywhere you go. The advantage of wearing a foundation powder comes in terms of moisturizer and SPF properties. So, the best time to use foundation powder for oily skin is daytime. It can give you a subtle soft glow.

  • Cream-to-powder compact foundations

These foundations have easy blending with a sponge and brush. The finish can be mistaken as a semi-matte or powdery look. It has extensive coverage and ideal from normal to a little dry skin. It is the foundation for dry skin. If you have oily skin, avoid this type of foundation because of the cream properties. The powder components are less than creamy, so they cannot keep the excess oil at bay.

Other forms of foundations

If you are not satisfied with the powder and liquid foundation, you can have these foundations. Such as stick and pure cream forms, you can finish putting on these foundations in just a click.

For stick foundations, you can have a medium to full coverage, making total concealment of imperfections. On the other hand, the tinted moisturizers and most BB creams can blend to any skin color because of the translucent properties. The combination of hydration and sun protection in a single product can triple the benefit. Make sure you can have skin-replenishing ingredients.

Effects of the foundation before your Makeup

When it comes to a stick foundation, you can encounter some issues on blending over large areas. It will be difficult for you to have a good finishing touched. Too creamy foundation can form creases lines around your eyes. It might feel heavy and can lead to clogged pored or breakouts over time.

With matte foundation, you need to finish it just right to avoid flaking or wrinkles if you finish it too dry. But if it will be unavoidable because of its quick-drying properties, you can have a light layer of moisturizer or serum beforehand. The only disadvantage is it can reduce the matte finish after applying moisturizer. Also, you need to avoid correcting the mistakes in the blending of the matte foundation.

On the other side of foundation forms, powder foundations are not advisable for super oily and flaky skin. Excessive oily skin can cause clumpy appearance, and dehydrated skin, the moisture content of powder foundation can make your skin dry faster. Sometimes, powder foundation changes its color when mixed with too much oil. The coverage can look too thick or powdery for super oily and dry skin.

Selection for the Right Foundation

Knowing that there are a lot of foundations in the market, you need to focus on the basic principles of getting the right foundation for you. Aside from your skin type, you will need the following for your selection of the right foundation.

  • Choose the right shade to match your skin color.

Learn how to match the foundation color. Your complexion has something to say about what kind of foundation you should choose. There are three skin color families – warm, cool, and neutral. You can check your skin color by looking at your wrist, pulse part, and see the color of your veins. If you notice that you have blue or purple vain, then you have a cool complexion. However, If you see green or olive, your skin color is warm. But if you see mix color, then you are neutral. Therefore, you should select your foundation considering your actual complexion.

  • Decide how much coverage you want.

The coverage on how will you apply your foundation depends on the makeup look you will be doing. You have no options for zero coverage because every foundation offers coverage.

  • Your foundation should keep your makeup stay longer.

It does not pertain to your foundation per se, but what should retain to your skin is the shade of your foundation. Use a tester product for your foundation before using it. If the foundation disappears quickly, then you got yourself a good match.

  • Select one step behind your skin color.

    Choose a foundation color that is lighter or darker than your skin tone. It is a technique for your makeup because you can still add beauty products that will darken your skin.

Things you need to Keep in Mind to have that perfect Foundation

Picking the right shades and types of foundation for your skin type and color is not enough to have the ideal foundation on your face. There are other things that you need to remember before applying your foundation.

The foundation that complements your skin tone

For instance, make sure that your base makeup is a perfect match for your skin tone. You should not choose what others chose, especially when you have a different skin type and color. To find the right one for you, spread a little amount to your skin and let it stay for a few minutes. Afterwards, you can see the changes in the texture and color of the foundation. So you can decide now which foundation will you choose.

Apply the right amount of foundation

Also, keep in mind to apply the right amount of foundation only. You should avoid full coverage of foundation on your face. Just buff some foundation in the areas of your face that needs additional coverage. A good foundation should have a perfect texture before makeup application.

Make sure you never skipped putting on the primer before the foundation. Primer works well in the keeping of your skin and makeup apart. If you have oily skin, you can have another layer to keep off your makeup from wearing off easily.

Foundation tools

Moreover, you need to use the right tools. You can choose from foundation or sponge as long as it can do their job in putting your foundation. When it comes to your makeup tools, always observe proper hygiene. Make it a habit to wash off and clean your foundation brushes and tools to ward off the bacteria.

Your foundation areas

Furthermore, keep your foundation away from your hairline and jawline. You can avoid this if you will start the application in the center of your face and going outwards. By doing this, you can have less foundation in your brush when getting near to the roots of your hair.

Last but not least, you need to keep this in mind when applying the foundation to your neck is to make sure that you use the same shade of foundation down to your neck to match the color of your face and neck. It is worse to see if you are wearing makeup, but your collar does not!

Brief reminder:

But of course, how to apply foundation using the appropriate beauty products should not alter your skin health. Read labels of foundation beauty products to avoid harmful effects to your skin. When you know that you have sensitive skin, look for products with hypoallergenic compounds. You can have other options as per the prescription of your dermatologist. Make it a habit to visit your dermatologist regularly if you have sensitive skin. Knowing the best foundation for your skin can make you look more glamorous.

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