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How to Apply Foundation for Facial Perfection?

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  • Moisturizing liquid foundations

These foundations can make your skin hydrated without that greasy feeling. While it covers light to medium, the moisturizing liquid foundation works well with normal to dry skin. It is the liquid foundation for dry skin. Keep away if you have oily skin to prevent a greasy effect. This foundation gives you a natural look yet a youthful-looking glow. And there are also liquid foundation bare minerals.

  • Anti-aging and serum foundations

These foundations can work well for all skin types and other anti-aging skin care products.  And you can have the effect of anti-aging in a foundation, even for a while. But still unlike true formulation of anti-aging that have results that can last longer.

Other foundations come in the form of powder. If you are one of these skin types, here is the list:

  • Pressed-powder or loose-powder foundations

These foundations have a good effect for normal to slightly oily or dry skin. They opt for powder foundations to carry conveniently anywhere you go. The advantage of wearing a foundation powder comes in terms of moisturizer and SPF properties. So, the best time to use foundation powder for oily skin is daytime. It can give you a subtle soft glow.

  • Cream-to-powder compact foundations

These foundations have easy blending with a sponge and brush. The finish can be mistaken as a semi-matte or powdery look. It has extensive coverage and ideal from normal to a little dry skin. It is the foundation for dry skin. If you have oily skin, avoid this type of foundation because of the cream properties. The powder components are less than creamy, so they cannot keep the excess oil at bay.

Other forms of foundations

If you are not satisfied with the powder and liquid foundation, you can have these foundations. Such as stick and pure cream forms, you can finish putting on these foundations in just a click.

For stick foundations, you can have a medium to full coverage, making total concealment of imperfections. On the other hand, the tinted moisturizers and most BB creams can blend to any skin color because of the translucent properties. The combination of hydration and sun protection in a single product can triple the benefit. Make sure you can have skin-replenishing ingredients.

Effects of the foundation before your Makeup

When it comes to a stick foundation, you can encounter some issues on blending over large areas. It will be difficult for you to have a good finishing touched. Too creamy foundation can form creases lines around your eyes. It might feel heavy and can lead to clogged pored or breakouts over time.

With matte foundation, you need to finish it just right to avoid flaking or wrinkles if you finish it too dry. But if it will be unavoidable because of its quick-drying properties, you can have a light layer of moisturizer or serum beforehand. The only disadvantage is it can reduce the matte finish after applying moisturizer. Also, you need to avoid correcting the mistakes in the blending of the matte foundation.

On the other side of foundation forms, powder foundations are not advisable for super oily and flaky skin. Excessive oily skin can cause clumpy appearance, and dehydrated skin, the moisture content of powder foundation can make your skin dry faster. Sometimes, powder foundation changes its color when mixed with too much oil. The coverage can look too thick or powdery for super oily and dry skin.

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