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How to apply Bronzer: Simple Way to Achieve the Perfect Glow Effect

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Liquid Bronzer

If you are not comfortable in using your cream bronzers, you can have the liquid type. The liquid bronzer comes with a thinner texture than cream. So, you need bronzer brush to blend it seamlessly. You can have liquid bronzer if you have dry skin. It will make your application more comfortable than any bronzers.

Gel Bronzers

For other beauty experts, being an expert in using bronzers can result in a more stunning effect. You can have gel bronzers for an extraordinary impact. If you want to have a more sun-kissed glowy effect, you can mix the gel bronzers to your sunscreen. It will give you a natural looking finish as well.

Make Use of the Right Bronzer Brushes

Of course, you need brushes in applying your bronzer. Given that there are several types of bronzer, you will need different brushes as an applicator of each type. Make sure that you always use a clean brush when applying bronzer. Here are the different brushes that you need to learn and use an applicator.

Synthetic Brush

The bristles of the synthetic brush can only hold a few products. So, this brush can work well with cream bronzers.

Natural Brush

On the contrary, natural brushes will not be useful with cream bronzers. Its bristles can hold much product, which is suitable for powder bronzers.

Round-head Brush

For the quick application of matter or sheer bronzer, you will need this brush. Though this will have extensive coverage, you can have a smooth finish and even distribution.

Fan Brush

Fan brush has an only limited amount of products that it can hold. Since you will only need to apply a small amount of shimmery bronzer, you will depend on this brush. At the same time, the fan brush is lighter than any brush.

How to Apply Bronzer: Step by Step

Application of bronzer is different from contouring. Like what we have mentioned earlier, contouring gives shadows to specific areas in our face. While for bronzer, it gives your makeup the warm effect. So, here is your guide in applying bronzer.

    1. Hold the brush that perfectly matches with your bronzer. Make a gentle brush to your cheeks first. Put a smile on your face to know the tip of your cheeks.
    2. Make a sweeping motion to your temples and forehead for a more blended natural look.
    1. Do some bronzing to the center of your nose. You need to have more bronzing on this part because it has too much exposure from sunlight.

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