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How to apply Bronzer: Simple Way to Achieve the Perfect Glow Effect

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Fair-to-Light Skin Tone

Natural radiance is essential for wearing our makeup. So, light skin tone should have a color palette for light and dark shades bronzer. Having many shades for bronzer will give you more than one option for bronze blending.

Other choices come from illuminating bronzer or powder with a bright finish. Using either of these two can make a subtle finish for a natural look. Just make sure you avoid the shades of reds or browns. It will make you look orangey.

For your skin undertones

Other things you need to consider before applying bronzer is the undertones of your skin. Like with your skin tone, your bronzer should complement with your undertones.

For instance, you will need to use golden brown bronzers if you have warm undertones. Go with neutral shades and avoid red-toned bronzers to work well with cool undertones. For yellow undertones, you will need to have a peach or pink bronzers.

How to apply bronzer: Gels, Creams, Powders, Liquids, and Spray

Different shades of bronzer come in many forms. You can have gels, creams, powders, liquids, and spray. If you have not realized yet, some bronzer can be used for your body and not just on the face alone.

For your perfect bronzer, here are the types of bronzers that you can choose. Make sure that it will complement your skin tone.

Cream-Based Powder

This bronzer works well with dry skin because of the softness and natural blend of the cream. With this, you can apply this bronzer without using a brush. The perfect parts of your face that you can apply your bronzer are the high points of your face.

Powder Bronzers

Among the bronzers, this is the most versatile and user-friendly. However, you can only use this bronzer on your face. Others would already notice that powder bronzers can give more confidence than creams. Powder bronzers have different finish when applied.

Spray Bronzers

Unlike powder and cream, spray bronzers have less consistency when applied. Highlighting is not the forte of spray bronzers. But you can find some spray bronzers that you can use on your face or add with your moisturizer.

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