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Health Benefits of Artichokes that You Need to know for Better Living

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Varieties of Artichoke

Since artichokes have different origins, it comes into different types. It is essential to learn about artichoke varieties. In this way, we can identify each characteristic.

Each variety has a different appearance. As a member of the thistle family plant, the parts of the artichoke is unique from the other vegetables. For instance, we can use the botanical term ‘bract’ for the leaf of artichoke. Leaf of the artichoke has many thorns. On the top part, we use the term ‘globe’ for the artichoke fruits.

The bract and globe of artichokes may differ from each variety. There are nine artichoke varieties; you can grow and find them in the supermarkets. We can distinguish each array because of the shape and color, the green and red.

Artichokes come in green

Green varieties of the artichoke are Chianti, Big Heart, and Classic Green Globe. Let us dive into each green variety of artichoke and learn the unique characteristics of each one.

One of the green varieties is Chianti artichoke. It has the classic shape of artichoke with four inches diameter. The leaves have green and maroon colors.

Artichoke shaped like a wide heart is another variety with 3.5 to 5.5 inches in diameter. It has a plump base and weighs more substantial than other artichokes. If you need to make a stuffed artichoke, you have to choose the Big Heart artichoke variety.

Moreover, the classic green globe is the last green variety of artichokes. Classic green globe artichoke is the common artichoke in the market. The taste of the globe is creamy like butter. The size ranges between 3 to 5 inches in diameter.

Artichokes in red

After we learned about the green varieties of artichoke, let us induce our self with the red types. There are six varieties of red or deep-wine color artichokes – King, Omaha, Mercury, Siena, Baby Anzio, and Fiesole.

The first of red variety is King artichoke; it can weigh almost one kilogram during harvest season. You can find green spots at the tips of its leaves. The globe has a diameter size of about four inches.

Another red variety is the Omaha artichoke. It measures two inches bigger than the average size of the artichoke. The appearance of Omaha is different from other artichokes. It has pointy leaves with red and green hues. The taste is less bitter than other artichokes varieties.

Artichokes in red-violet colors with a round top shape are the Mercury variety. This variety has a sweet taste but smaller than the average size of the artichoke. It only measures 3.5 inches in diameter.

On the other hand, if you have seen an oblong shape artichoke with pure red color, you are meeting the Siena variety. The characteristic of Siena is different from other artichokes. It can be eaten raw. The harvest time is longer than other artichokes varieties.

Finally, the two red varieties of the artichoke are Baby Anzio and Fiesole. The Baby Anzio has a purple and a light red color tone. Also, it is the smallest artichoke with one-inch diameter until fully grown.

Another red variety and the last one in our list is the Fiesole artichoke. We can appreciate this variety because of the fruity flavor it has. The color of Fiesole artichoke remains while cooking. Unlike other variation, the color fades after cooking.

Artichoke Cardoon

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