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Greek Yogurt Nutrition: A Food Source with Beauty Secrets

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Greek yogurt nutrition has a big difference compared with regular yogurt. The health benefits that we can have from Greek yogurt are unbelievable. From food source to beauty secrets, Greek yogurt is full of surprises.

Greek yogurt nutrition comes from the good bacteria it consists of. The Lactobacillus is the live, good organism you can have in Greek yogurt. According to a study, it can slow down the early symptoms of diseases and increase our immune system.

Before we dig this article, let us take a scoop of the facts about Greek yogurt. What is Greek yogurt? What is the difference between Greek yogurt and plain yogurt?

Greek yogurt, traditionally, is processed milk either of a cow or of sheep. It promotes overall proper digestion because of the presence of active live cultures such as Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. These probiotics are good for our body and encourage the absorption of nutrients. Also, it improves our immune system.

The protein in Greek yogurt is double the amount compared to regular yogurt. But the sodium content of Greek yogurt is only half with what of the regular yogurt has. For the saturated fat, you will need not to worry about it. Greek yogurt has about thrice the healthy fat than of regular yogurt.

If you open a regular yogurt and a plain yogurt Greek, you can also see the difference in texture. You can also read the nutritional labels of the two. You can see that the Greek yogurt has a thicker and creamier texture than regular yogurt. The process involves the filtering and separating of the ‘whey’ from the original yogurt. It ensures that all nutrients of yogurt are still intact. Also, the acidic and creamy taste has to be retained. This texture is what makes Greek yogurt nutrition more expensive.

Greek yogurt health benefits

The process of making Greek yogurt has to be delicate. The nutritional value needs to be packed for the health benefits of Greek yogurt. In the following, this article will make you realize the Greek yogurt nutrition is incredible.

At the end of this article, you will find out that Greek yogurt is the best yogurt weight loss. With less sugar content and much denser, Greek yogurt provides you with a yogurt-free of lactose, whey and sugar. Additional advantages of Greek yogurt vs regular are an adequate amount of protein and calcium, and fewer carbohydrates.

Increases bone and muscles health density

Calcium and protein in Greek yogurt are beneficial for our overall body structure. The protein makes our muscles firm. On the other hand, calcium provides strength to our bones.

Protein and calcium are both essentials for our health. Our body will become weak if we have an inadequate supply of protein and calcium. As we grow older, we need a sufficient amount of nutrients. It will help us repair muscular wear and tear. Therefore, we need to supply calcium and protein in our body to recover our strength. Our body cannot produce both nutrients.

Greek yogurt has more protein than meat. You can have a healthy option in protein source food other than vegetables.

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