Saudi Dates: The Most Versatile Fruit with Unique Health Benefits

Saudi Dates: The Most Versatile Fruit with Unique Health Benefits

Saudi dates, the most famous fruit in the Middle East because of the abundant growth of date palm trees, become one of the healthy foods around the world. For Muslims, dates are considered as one of the significant food during Ramadan because of the nutrients it gives when eaten. 

Saudi dates, like other fruits, are rich in fiber and sugar. It also has antioxidants that our body needs to have energy, increase iron and aid our digestion. Dates can also provide anti-inflammatory properties which our body needs for protection.

Is it surprising that this little chewy fruit can be as powerful as other fruits? The health benefits of Saudi dates are essentials, especially when you want to lose weight and keep a healthy lifestyle as well.

Aside from eating it raw, you can also enjoy Saudi dates by making recipes using it. In doing this, you will not waste any nutrients from the dates. Minerals can be found like calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and zinc. And it is rich with vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.

The high concentrations of vitamins and minerals in Saudi dates have a significant role in our overall health. For instance, high antioxidant properties prevent the high risk of getting cancer. 

Health Benefits of Saudi Dates

Regulate Bowel Movements

Since Saudi Dates are rich in fiber, it is highly recommended to eat when you have a problem with your digestion. According to a study, Saudi dates are one of the healthy foods right to prevent the risk of having colorectal cancer. An average of 7 pieces of Saudi dates daily can improve the regularity of bowel movements. It is essential to have a better lifestyle and overall diet.

Eliminates Free Radicals

When you see Saudi dates, think of the antioxidants it can give to your body. The antioxidants are essential to eliminate free radicals that can cause damage to your cells. And to keep our healthy cells, the antioxidants from dates like carotenoids, flavonoids and phenolic acid helps our cells to stabilize their condition.

Increase Cognitive Function

The study suggests eating a lot of Saudi dates as it can reduce the chance of developing degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s and can improve the function of your brain.

Higher Chance of Delivering by Natural Labor

Higher Chance of Delivering by Natural Labor

Saudi dates are versatile fruits because of its vitamins and minerals. Especially for pregnant women, eating Saudi dates has significant value during the delivery of the baby. Narrowing down the margin of those mothers who underwent cesarean deliveries is a good sign that most women enjoy the natural birth of a baby.

According to the study, a regular diet of pregnant women should include 70 grams of dates during pregnancy. Because they will spend 4 hours difference during labour, the properties in dates help reduce the need for oxytocin. The date has compound-like oxytocin to have healthy contractions. The concentration of tannins is also found in dates that help pregnant women during natural labor.

Strengthen Immune System

The immune system is essential because, with strong immunity from bacterial infections, we can be free from deadly and severe medical conditions. One way to strengthen the immune system is by eating Saudi dates. Imagine that you will need to take antibiotics to increase your immune system. But eating dates, you will get nutrients that boost your immune system. In a study, dates have extracts that fight harmful bacteria like E-coli and pneumonia. It also affects the overall defence capability of our body to have a stronger immune system compared to others. 

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

And you are aware of diabetes as one of the common diseases? Yes, it has been on top of the list, and for many years we are avoiding it. One of the most effective ways to prevent diabetes is a healthy diet, including dates. Saudi dates have many nutrients that can help us achieve our goals to be healthy. The health benefits of eating dates include the regulation of blood sugar levels. Some diet has effects on the increase in calories and sugar. While eating Saudi dates with your diet, you can reduce the blood glucose levels in your body. One cause of increased blood sugar levels in your blood is the lack of insulin. To prevent, you should make eating dates one of your healthy habits.

Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Anti-inflammatory is essential in our body, especially for those who are taking medications. It is critical to the development of various defence in our bodies. Since Saudi dates contain phenolics and flavonoids, it is a good source of anti-inflammatory properties. According to a study, pollens found in dates help in the behaviour of the anti-inflammatory elements within the body.

Infertility Treatment among Men

Saudi dates have been recognized to increase the sperm count of men. Different factors cause infertility among men, and one of those is high exposure to alcoholic drinking, smoking and radiation. To counter this, eating Saudi dates can increase the count of sperm and libido among men. Dates are a good source of amino acids and flavonoids that help increase your chance of getting fertile. Estrone and sterols can be found in dates that have positive effects on sperm motility and count. 

Improves Bone Health

Other than milk, you can get micronutrients from dates that promote bone health. Some of these micronutrients are selenium, manganese, magnesium and copper. For instance, if you have osteoporosis, eating Saudi dates is advisable. When you are in a weight loss program, eating dates will surely help you to make your bones healthier.

Benefits your Skin

High concentrations of vitamins C and D will make your skin more nourished and glowing. It is one of the health benefits of eating Saudi dates. It keeps your skin looks young. As for anti-aging fruit, dates contain more nutrients that can be beneficial to your skin. It reduces your chances of getting imbalanced melanin in your skin. 

Prevent Hair LossPrevent Hair Loss

If you have a problem with hair loss, eating dates is an excellent way to prevent hair loss. In most cases, hair loss can be inherited through genes. But in a study, hair loss is a result of a lack of oxygen in your scalp, making your hair falls. But you have an option now for your hair loss. Eating Saudi dates helps you to increase the oxygen flow in your scalp. It also encourages new hair to grow and reduce the rate of hair fall.

Helps in Alcohol Detox

A hangover is a product of over-drinking the previous day. It is the cause of the over intake of toxic alcohol in our body. And an excellent way to start alcohol detoxification is by eating healthy foods. OTC medicines can relieve nausea, but the real thing to be done is to flush out toxins in our body. If you want a natural remedy for hangovers, try to drink water-soaked with peeled Saudi dates. There are properties of dates that can reduce the intoxication effect in our body.

Fights Vitamin A Deficiency

With modern technologies that affect our eyesight, especially at night, most people are wondering what to do to prevent it. Typical cases of blindness nowadays are night blindness. This case involves the restrictions of seeing natural light caused by vitamin A deficiency. One way to enjoy fighting night blindness is by eating dates. Saudi dates are rich in vitamin A which helps us to maintain good eyesight. According to the studies, one of the health benefits of Saudi dates is vitamin A which also use as one of the oldest natural medicine in the middle east countries.

Our Plentiful Insights

Saudi dates indeed have many practical uses and health benefits. When compared to other fruits, dates can be eaten raw or cooked. You can have it on your table fresh or dried. It can also be added to other recipes. Thinking of the excellent health benefits of dates, you will never regret adding it to your diet meal plans.

Health Benefits of Eating Guava: From Leaves to Fruits, Raw or Riped

Health Benefits of Eating Guava: From Leaves to Fruits, Raw or Riped

Health benefits of eating guava are familiar to us. But what good it gives to our body? Other than it is rich with Vitamin C, it has many nutrients and vitamins that are good for our body.

The Health benefits of eating guava are undeniable practical and can be felt instantly. The flavour and fragrance of guava entice us to take a bite and enjoy it, especially when raw and ripe.

Guava is an edible tropical fruit that its peel can be eaten. You will need not to worry about the seeds because it can be eaten as well. Most type of guavas are sweet, but its sugar is healthy, meaning it is glucose-free. So it does not affect our blood sugar.

The use of guava does not start and ends in eating it raw. Many cuisines around the world used guava as ingredients and to add flavor. Fresh guava is the most natural way to add, but some people use powdered guava too.

Nonetheless, the health benefits of eating guava are amazing, and it has limitless possibilities that you can get nutrients like antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.

Actually you can extract juice from its leaf. Drinking guava tea suggests better conditions, which has an effect on your diet. The effects of juice can treat diarrhea. The treatment also gives nutrition and antioxidant. But evidence shows that too much of it can cause constipation.

To know what are the full health benefits of guava, we will give you the list. Here are the things you need to know about the contributions of guava in our bodies.

Complete Health Benefits of Eating Guava

Vitamin C to Boost Immune System

Have you ever wondered though guava has a sweet taste, it contains vitamin C? Yes, guava is rich in vitamin C, which our body needs to strengthen our immune system. Compared to citrus, guava can give our body four times vitamin C. What is the significance of this number? Because vitamin C boosts our immune system to protect us from infections. And a bonus to it, it keeps our eyesight in healthy condition.

Antioxidants to Fight Off Cancer 

Antioxidants to Fight Off Cancer

As vitamin C is the primary nutrient that guava can give us, it has other potent antioxidants that our body needs. Getting complete antioxidants is another health benefit of eating guava. With lycopene, quercetin and polyphenols, you can have antioxidants combined with vitamin C. Enough antioxidants can reduce the risk of cancer. The most common cancers that occurred around the world are breast and prostate cancer. So eating guava can give us vitamins and nutrients that can prevent the proliferation of cancer cells in our bodies.

Low Glycaemic Index to Prevent Diabetes

Yes, guava has a sweet taste, but it does not contribute to our body in the development of diabetes or increasing our blood sugar levels. In fact, one of the health benefits of eating guava is preventing diabetes. Aside from the low glycaemic index, guava has fiber to ensure that sugar levels in our body are healthy and regulated.

Fiber for Good Digestion

Another good thing about eating guava is getting the fiber that will be beneficial to our digestive health, and eventually affects your dietary meal plans. The fiber from guava fills the 12% daily recommended intake of fiber in our body. And the seeds of guava has some properties that serve as an excellent laxative. So eating guava can give you proper digestion.

And proper digestion contributes to weight loss. Metabolism is the key to weight loss and guava, with its fiber, it improves the absorption of other nutrients. Some of these nutrients are proteins and vitamins that regulate metabolism.

Vitamin A for Excellent Eyesight

Vitamin A for Excellent Eyesight

Did you know that other than vitamin C, guava is rich in vitamin A? Vitamin A in guava gives an excellent booster for excellent vision. It prevents the early degeneration of eyesight. And regularly eating guava, it will slow down the risk of eyesight problems like cataracts. You can compare guava and carrots as a good source of vitamin A.

Complete Vitamin B to Benefits our Body

Focusing on vitamins in guava, you can include vitamin B, which has many roles in our health. Let us start with vitamin B-9 or folic acid. Vitamin B-9 is essential to women, especially the pregnant ones. The contribution of folic acid is to prevent some neurological problems during fetus development.

Other than folic acid, one of the health benefits of eating guava is to improve the blood circulation of the brain and stimulates brain function. Vitamins B3 and B6 or niacin and pyridoxine help relax our brain nerves. Then, eating guava is not bad, after all. Hence it is a good source of the vitamin B complex.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

Aside from the fruit, you can also use guava leaves. Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. For instance, when you have swollen gums, you can use guava leaves as a remedy. It can fight infection and kill germs according to the studies.

Magnesium to Relax Muscles and Nerves

Feeling tired and exhausted after a long day of work? Well, you may need this fruit. Because one of the health benefits of eating guava is providing magnesium that helps in muscles and nerves to relax. The delicious taste of this fruit can take away the pain. And when you feel relaxed, there is less stress, and you will have the energy to do more tasks for the day.

Vitamin K for Skin Brightening

Vitamin K for Skin Brightening

Did you know that you can get the health benefits of guava by using it as a scrub for your skin? Some try using guava for a scrub. You will need ripe guava. Smashed it and mixed with egg yolk, then you can apply it on your face, and after 20 minutes, you can rinse it with warm water. It will remove your dead cells from your skin. It will also lighten your complexion. The properties of guava that are responsible for this health benefit are vitamin K. Yes, guava has vitamin K that prevents our skin from having discoloration, dark circles, acne and skin irritation. So if you feel like your skin is having irritation, then you can add guava to your daily meal plan.

Other Health Benefits of Eating Guava

Like other fruits, eating guava is good for our hearts. The nutrients of guava help in the regulation of cholesterol in our bodies. Our body, especially the heart, needs to have low bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. It is the standard blood regulation in our collection to decrease the risk of heart disease development.

In several articles of the medical journal, the extracts of this fruit have effects on cold and cough. You can try supplements as an alternative for this fruit but make sure that it is safe to take. Check the clinical recommendations and ingredients.

Also, by eating guava, its vitamin C has a contribution to strengthening the respiratory tract, throat and lungs. If these parts of the body have enough immunity from colds and viral infections, then you will have no worries of getting sick. Make sure that you eat this food it unripe and raw to get the highest quantities of vitamins.

With a guava a day, it helps your body to be perfectly healthy,Our Insights

Indeed guava has particular health benefits when you ate it. Vitamins like A and C are essential to strengthen our immune system, including antioxidants that play a significant role in our health. Aside from getting yourself free from radicals, your skin should be free from wrinkles as well.

It has the highest astringent properties among fruits. So you will have no worries in toning and tightening of facial skin and muscles. With a guava a day, it helps your body to be perfectly healthy, especially when combined with a perfect workout.

Health Benefits of Chayote: Essential Nutrients in Your Plate


Health benefits of chayote have been a buzz among the vegetables in the food shelf. There are trivia that chayote has plenty of nutrients, with potent anti-inflammatory ingredients. And most of us are looking out for foods with an anti-inflammatory.

Health benefits of chayote are essential for those with inflammatory diseases like high blood pressure, kidney stones, health condition and digestion problem. Studies show that chayote is also an excellent food for weight loss.

A better understanding of chayote is what we need. So we have here the top health benefits of chayote and why you need it to include in your meal.

health benefits of chayote

Helps indigestion

When it comes to fiber, chayote is on our top list. Why? It is justifiable because chayote contains almost 15% of fiber as a daily requirement. Therefore, when you need to work with your digestion, especially during constipation, just pick a few pieces of chayote in the supermarket, and you can have a good source of fiber.

Lowers cholesterol

One of the right reasons why chayote is essential in our meal plan is because it lowers cholesterol in our body. When bad cholesterol increases in our body, the effects resulted in getting high blood pressure. Thereby, in eating chayote, it improves our cardiovascular system and prevents related diseases.

Controls blood sugar level

An increase in blood sugar level is one of the common health conditions that most of us are unaware of acquiring. From our eating lifestyle nowadays, type-2 diabetes is one of the health problems that we need to avoid. Eating healthy foods like chayote can be a good option for you. From the excellent fiber contents of chayote, it can be your one ticket to control the blood sugar level.

Improves weight loss

Losing weight has been a goal for each of us and reaching our ideal weight can be a struggle. But with chayote, this little problem when it comes to weight loss can be resolved. Chayote contains high water content aside from fiber. It will make you feel fuller, which will prevent you from eating a lot of calories.

Good source of vitamins and minerals

Our body does not only need fiber but also vitamins and minerals are essential. Vitamins like folate and vitamin C are what we get from eating chayote. Then, one of the health benefits of chayote is giving the nutrients that pregnant women need. The folate found in chayote can reduce the risk of congenital disabilities for babies.

While vitamin C is known to be essential in our health, the one we can get from eating chayote gives us antioxidants as well. We can have almost 30 percent of vitamin C from our recommended daily requirement. It is a good source if we aim to increase our immune system.

Other than vitamins, some of the health benefits of chayote are amounts of minerals, which can help our body to stay healthy and active. These minerals, like calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, are essential in our body to function well. For instance, chayote contains zinc, which heals our wound in healing and responsible for maintaining a proper sense of taste and smell.

Food substitute using the health benefits of chayote

Since chayote has many nutrients that we can have, it can also be used as a food substitute in making butternut or spaghetti. Instead of using squash, chayote is the perfect replacement. It has no cholesterol content, but it is high in fiber and water content.

When looking for a healthy meal, using chayote can be significant health. Some recipes include chayote. It can be your breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes. The plant chayote can be eaten only when you cooked it. The entire chayote is edible, so when you want to include it in your meal, you can choose from using the flesh, flower, roots, leaves, and the skin.

If you want to enjoy your breakfast with chayote, you can add chayote with your oats, peanut butter or to your morning smoothies. The meaty texture of chayote is a perfect combination with your usual morning meal. The taste of chayote, which is a little sweet, can be an excellent factor to include as your spread with your sandwich. It gives you a healthier breakfast, after all.

When it comes to the preparation of your lunch, you can add chayote to your salad dressing. You can add chayote in every kind of salad. It can add flavor and depth to the taste of your ordinary salad. So you can have other choices.

How about chayote for snacks? Like your other favorite vegetables, you can also have chayote as your snack. It can be a suitable replacement for honeydew or jicama. It is not a complicated recipe. You will need to replace the honeydew or jicama or the ingredients the same as the characteristics of chayote. Then you can have a version of your snack in chayote.

Other ways to enjoy health benefits of chayoteOther ways to enjoy the health benefits of chayote

Indeed, the health benefits of chayote are unbelievable. You can eat it in many ways, aside from making it as the main dish or side dish.

You can also enjoy chayote by substituting it with your favorite squash and potatoes. Try some recipes with squash or potatoes then replace it with chayote. In this way, you can enjoy chayote, and it will never be the same boring vegetables.

And you will notice the effects of eating chayote. The health benefits of chayote can be countless and experienced in many ways. All you have to do is to be creative and enjoy every bite of chayote to help you feel and look healthy.


The Infamous Miracle Fruit – Pears, and the Amazing Health Benefits

The Infamous Miracle Fruit - Pears, and the Amazing Health Benefits

The health benefits of pears are unknown to few. But around the world, pears have been widely used and savored delicious flavor years ago.

Health benefits of pears can be seen in many ways that it has significant effects on our body. While eating pears, we can lose some weight, improve digestion and heart health. Also, it regulates our body fluids that will reduce blood pressure.

For pregnant women and newborn children, the health benefits of pears can prevent congenital disabilities and health problems during pregnancy.

But to know the health benefits of pears, we can look back why many years ago ancient Chinese choose this fruit over others. The health benefits of pears that we can get, we take it for granted.

Why chose eating pears?

As I mentioned, the health benefits of pears are unimaginable. Pears are one of the right sources of fiber and antioxidants. And this is why many prefer to eat pears rather than other fruits.

Because of antioxidants

With the antioxidants in pears, it can save us from free radicals. Antioxidants in pears consist of vitamins and copper, which are useful in fighting damages to our body cells. Aside from fighting free radicals, pears also boost our immune system. It will help us to get better and protected from various diseases.

Since antioxidants came from vitamins, pears can be used to prevent some coronary diseases. It starts with the presence of fiber in our blood that reduces the cholesterol in the body. The daily intake of fiber can reduce factors related to heart diseases. One of which is to lower blood pressure.

According to the study, the health benefits of pear can be seen by including it in your daily meal. It will prevent breast cancer from women primarily after menopause.

The antioxidants found in pears can provide cooling effects which can cure fever quickly. Also, combined with anti-inflammation, pears can reduce the risk of having arthritis, muscle and joint pains.

Including as one of the health benefits of pears, it can reduce the causes of allergic reactions. It can also be given to children to prevent the occurrence of allergies in their bodies.

Good Source of Fiber

In our body, an adequate amount of fiber can get from eating pears. With enough fiber, it can regulate blood sugar levels in our body. Though you might find some sweet taste in pears, this is still healthy, and you should not worry about it. The slightly sweet taste of pears will not spike your blood sugar level.

While we have enough fiber in our body, it means that our digestion will work properly. Because of the insoluble fiber content, it helps our body to clean the passage of our colon. It will prevent us from getting digestion problems and colon cancer over time.

And it is like a domino effect. When we have proper digestion, our body can get enough energy from the food we eat. It is suitable for pregnant women.

Folic Acid in Pears

Yes, pears are versatile fruit when it comes to nutrients. It offers vitamins and minerals, including folic acid. It is the nutrient that can be found in pears, which will help you during pregnancy.

Why pears for skin?

Aside from the health benefits of pears to our body, the effect can be seen to our skin. With the fantastic nutrients we can get from pears, there are many ways on how to make use of pears to our bodies.

If you think you need lotion to make your skin softer and rich in collagen, you might need to consider eating fruits. Primarily, when eating pears, it controls our sugar into the bloodstream, which affects the collagen in our skin. It means low sugar means smooth skin and a plumper look.

Aside from getting dry, one of the many enemies our aging wrinkles. Wrinkled skin can be prevented. But you don’t need to use lotion and anti-aging cream. From anti-oxidants to vitamins, these will keep your skin younger and more toned up. Especially around your eyes and lip areas, skin aging can be seen in these areas more often.

When you have oily skin, you can turn yourself to pears. The health benefits of pears include treating oily skin. You may need to have a pear and smashed it. Get some fresh cream and honey. Then, mix them until paste in texture before applying to your face thrice a week. This home-made face mask can prevent your skin from excreting too much oil.

And it is no joke to maintain your skin smooth over time. Even you use creams, sometimes it failed. But if you have pears at home, you can use it as a scrubbing agent. The natural enzymes present in the fruit will make your dead skin cells wash off. The fruit extract can also be used as a gentle peel to accelerate cell turnover.

Health Benefits of Pears to your Hair

Hair, like our skin, needs to be nourished. Using conditioners and shampoo is not enough sometimes. And to ensure that all the nourishments our hair needs should contain natural sugar alcohol. Luckily, pears have this component called as sorbitol or glucitol. These nutrients from ripen pears provide our hair from roots to tips, including our scalp, to keep moist and healthy.

During summer, your hair gets frizzy and dry. You may wonder why this is happening? Because we lack moisture to our hair and reduce dryness to our hair, pears can act as a natural source of antioxidant to keep our hair conditioned. Imagine your hair with no tangles and no freeze at all. Manageable hair is a good feeling.

Having the hair that shines naturally is the most attractive part of an individual. If you want to try the health benefits of pears to your hair, you can do it easily at home. Get two pieces of pear, fresh and ripe, to prepare. Extract the juice from it and mixed with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water. Then you can have a solution to revitalize your hair and restore the lost shine.

If you want to maintain your curly hair and colored locks, you can use pears as one of its health benefits. To prepare, you will need pears. Peel and smash it while adding soybean oil. Spread the paste all over your hair and evenly. Leave it for an hour and wash it with a mild shampoo.

What can we say?

The health benefits of pears are the most amazing thing that fruit can do. From hair to skin and our vital organs, pears can do more than it shows.

Also, we would like to share some recommendations for the pears. For instance, when you are suffering from shortness of breath, you can eat pears. During summer, pears can be your trusted ally to catch up with your breath. Also, it can help you to prevent throat problems when summer strikes. The humid temperature around you can cause dehydration and throat problems.

Indeed, eating pears can provide your body with the benefits you need. And with it, for sure, you can enjoy every moment of eating pears.

Eating Blueberries benefit our Health more than Being the Dessert


Eating blueberries are good for your health because of the vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients. And the most important benefits are improving the overall health of our body. So how do you know if you are getting enough nutrients from eating blueberries?

Eating Blueberries benefit our Health more than Being the Dessert

Eating blueberries benefit our body with the nutrients it provides. But does it changes if blueberries are served fresh or frozen? And what are blueberries anyway?

My favorite dessert is blueberry cheesecakes. I thought that eating cheesecake with blueberries is one way to enjoy my cravings for dessert. But, when I realized blueberries good for prevention of different health conditions, I started to dig some crucial facts. And I looked for organically grown blueberries. In this way, I can avoid eating berries with chemicals that are too risky in my health.

I started to look for its physical appearance. Of course, it has different size and shape when baked or adds as toppings over the salad. Fresh blueberries come in color indigo, small in size. Like other berries, I can buy a pack of it in the supermarket. One cup serving of fresh blueberries has five grams of fiber and 15% of the daily recommended vitamin C with only 80 calories.

But can you guess what could be the difference between buying fresh or frozen blueberries? Well, both blueberries contain the same amount of nutrients after and before storage.

According to the study, frozen or fresh blueberries have the same nutrients as long as freshly picked berries are stored right away. Nutrients like vitamins B, fiber and antioxidants have no change after frozen about 3 to 5 months.

So I learned to have the trick, so my blueberries can stay fresh and crisp for about 7 days; since I am planning to consume it in just a week. As I said, blueberries are my favorite.

So here are my tips in eating it fresh.

I see to it that my blueberries are as dry as possible. Then I put it in storage and see to it that my refrigerator is 32 – 34-degree Fahrenheit. This is how I stored my blueberries.

But when eating blueberries, I gently wash it with fresh water. Blueberries are best served when chilled. But room temperature is okay.

If you doubt if eating blueberries are good for you? I cannot blame you for questioning. But let me give you some highlights of why eating blueberries are right for your health.

Health Benefits

helth benifit of blueberries

Most of us are taking the monitoring of cholesterol level seriously, and I am one of them. Since I started eating blueberries, I have no worries about increasing cholesterol level. Also, I have no concerns with my immune system as I am including eating blueberries in my meal.

With one cup serving of blueberries, it is equivalent with 7 to 10 daily servings of fruits and vegetables, according to a study. This serving contains 40 calories and absolutely no fat. The vitamin C it can provide is equivalent to almost 25% of daily recommended. With this much of vitamin C, eating blueberries can help our gums and capillaries in good shape.

Other good things that I get from eating blueberries are a good source of fiber and manganese, which is good for bone health. After a while, my habit of eating blueberries changes my appetite and digestive system. I started to feel good and no more digestion problems as compared before I include blueberries in my meal plan.

And manganese is essential for bone development. But it does not limit you with the excellent benefits of eating blueberries. Aside from that, I can get some amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat that can be easily converted to energy.

More so, I cannot let the chance passed by if I know that eating blueberries will provide antioxidants and can improve insulin response. As I look into the health benefits of blueberries, I found out that eating these berries have different studies showing the antioxidants from blueberries can do so much.

Some studies show that eating blueberries can reduce the growth of breast cancer and reduce the growth of colon cancer cells. Also, it shows improvement insulin response by regulation of lower blood glucose levels.

Eating blueberries in Styles

I know if you imagine eating blueberries alone is boring, then we have something for you. It is not only in the cheesecake that you will enjoy blueberries. Here are some of the recipes that you can easily prepare. I know you can because I am doing it for quite sometimes.

Beforehand Tips 

However, before the recipes, let me give you some advice before eating blueberries.

If I were you, choose blueberries that are firm, plump with a dusty white sheen. These are the ripest and best tasting. Reddish berries are not mature. So don’t compare blueberries with other berries.

Are they thinking of buying berries in a bottle? I tried buying blueberries in a container, and I think I failed three times to choose the quality one. From then on, I learned the trick of shaking the bottle to see if the berries move freely. Otherwise, they are damaged before placing into the container, which means they will soon get moldy or rot.

Cherry Berry Salad RecipeCherry Berry Salad Recipe

After picking the quality berries, here are some of the easiest ways to enjoy eating blueberries.

You will need:

2 cups pitted fresh Rainier cherries

2 cups pitted fresh dark sweet cherries

1 cup fresh blueberries

1 cup diced apples

For the honey-lime dressing, combine all these ingredients and mix well. You can make about 1/3 cup.

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon each fresh lime juice

1 tablespoon honey

2 teaspoons minced fresh mint

1/2 teaspoon shredded lime peel

1/8 teaspoon salt

How to prepare: Combine fruit. Add Honey Lime Dressing. Refrigerate until serving.

Fresh pineapple or orange may also be added to a salad. You can serve this as a side dish, or salad and kids will love this.

What can we say?

Eating blueberries have many health benefits. And we hope you enjoy it with some of the easy recipes that I have been trying for quite sometimes.



Jackfruit for diabetes is not typical for many because of the belief that the sugary taste of this versatile fruit can increase their blood sugar. But, studies have been made and found out otherwise. Jackfruit contains nutrients that regulate blood sugar, therefore improving insulin sensitivity.

Jackfruit for diabetes is a natural way to regulate the release of glucose and insulin in the body. With the presence of natural sugars and fiber in the jackfruit, it may help control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. You may also lower the risk of developing such condition by eating it.

We all know that jackfruit has a sweet taste, and we believe that anything sweet may contribute to spike blood sugar level. But are we correct on this theory? Does jackfruit worsen or relieve blood sugar level in our body?

The only thing we are familiar with jackfruit is that – we consume it as dessert and one of our favorite ingredients in some recipes.

The health benefits of jackfruit come in raw jackfruit because it has a lower glycemic load, the compounds affecting blood sugar levels. So, when you choose to eat jackfruit without alleviating your blood sugar. You need to select the raw one to compare to ripe jackfruit.

Jackfruit not only regulates blood sugar, but also it benefits us by enhancing the immunity system, and reducing the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, it improves digestion and helps build stronger bones. It has also been said that jackfruit increases the level of antioxidants to fight off cancers.

Indeed, what we can get from jackfruit provides excellent health benefits. However, we are unaware of how it can help us, especially when it comes to defeating diabetes.

But what is diabetes?

Many studies attempt to understand the origin of diabetes, but there is no single reason to pinpoint why many people suffer from this disease. Of course, it is given that there is something wrong in our pancreas when our blood sugar level goes up.

There are two types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. Each class is distinctive from others when it comes to why it occurred and how it can be prevented.

Type 1 vs Type 2, and what causes diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is the state of our body attacking itself. It is also called an autoimmune reaction, wherein our immune system destroys cell in the pancreas. Our immune system fails because of some causes like a bacterial infection, chemical toxins within the food or it can be found in our genes.

On the other hand, type 2 diabetes can be caused by family history, in general. Some risk factors that can trigger type-2 diabetes are being obese, not having enough exercises daily, increasing age and poor eating habit or lifestyle.

But for pregnant women, there are few cases of having regular blood sugar. Mostly, pregnant women have diabetes because of family history, overweight, previous fact of polycystic ovary, and carrying a baby over 9 lbs.

In general, whatever the type of diabetes we have, the only reason we got is abnormal functioning of our pancreas. But others blame, it occurs because of having PCOS, Cushing syndrome or glucagonoma.

How do jackfruits help in sugar above average level?

So how does jackfruit for diabetes makes sense? Eating jackfruit benefits our body in many ways, and one of the fantastic benefits that we could get is regulating our blood sugar.

How this is possible since jackfruit always comes in sweet taste? The natural sugar in raw jackfruit boosts magnesium levels in our body. Yes, you read it right. Magnesium essential function is for building bones. But surprisingly, an adequate amount of magnesium help reduce the risk of many diseases, including diabetes.

Aside from magnesium, you can have other nutrients like calories, fiber, protein, potassium, calcium, and carbohydrates. Remember that jackfruit is fruit. Therefore, proteins and carbs that you can get from it are healthy. It has vitamins and minerals that our body need for optimal function.

Where does it come from?

With all the healthful benefits of jackfruit, have you wondered where it comes from? Originally, jackfruit comes from India. As indigenous fruit in India, it is known as “kathal.”

The cultivation of jackfruit in India is growing to the extent that it is famously exported item. The jackfruit tree needs a humid and hot climate to grow. In some parts of the world, like in Asia, jackfruit can be produced. But you cannot improve it in countries with low or cold temperatures.

What makes it exceptional?

If we say that you can have other benefits, aside from jackfruit for diabetes, what will be your guess? When you have grown it successfully, you can maximize your profit from its fruit since jackfruit is the most significant fruit. And for the timber, well you can use it for making furniture.

From afar, you can mistakenly recognize it with durian. But going nearer the fruit, you can say the difference because of the aroma. Durian for some has an unpleasant aroma, but jackfruit emits musky and inviting smell.

Jackfruit is related to other fruits like breadfruit, breadnut, champedak, lakoocha and marang. But none of these has the Kathal benefits.

What can we say about jackfruit for diabetes?

It is right about jackfruit or Kathal health benefits when it comes to battling diabetes. Also, it is one of the high fibre foods that we can eat. But considering jackfruit for diabetes has potential side effects. One of the side effects that bother medical practitioners is pregnant or breast-feeding eating jackfruit. It occurred that jackfruit has the same allergen called birch pollen that may trigger if you have an allergic reaction on this one.

Of course, many have been thankful for the bright side of eating jackfruit for a diabetes health condition. But should diabetic people eat Kathal?

We are not suggesting jackfruit for diabetes supplements to fight off diabetes. And this is essential, especially when you are taking medications for diabetes. Side effects of eating jackfruit for diabetes include drowsiness. Also, eating jackfruit is not advisable to eat before surgery.

More so, not all fruits with sugary taste are equivalent in eating jackfruit for diabetes. Some fruits with high glycemic index or HGI, which affects the blood glucose levels because of the carbohydrates it consists. Fruits with HGI are mangoes, pineapples, dates, raisins, breadfruit and sultanas. But other than jackfruit, you can eat different fruits even when you have diabetes. Such fruits are peach, strawberries, kiwi, apples, grapefruit and apricots.

It is tough to be with the health condition of being diabetic. Therefore, for people without issues on blood sugar, you need to eat moderately. As we have mentioned earlier in this article, diabetes has many factors. If you eat carelessly, you can develop either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

As everyone is saying, prevention is better than cure.

Banana Nutrition Fact Provides Overall Health Benefits

banana nutrition fact

Banana nutrition fact has a significant impact on our overall health. Daily consumption of banana will give the nutrients we need. But you need to consume it in the recommended amount. Otherwise, it could lead to some serious health problems.

Banana nutrition fact provides all the nutrients we need. It is a versatile fruit that promotes right health conditions in our body and has a soft curved flesh. The size varies from three inches to six inches long.

The complete banana nutrition fact includes fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and C. These nutrients are responsible for making our body healthy. So you may ask this query—does banana have protein? The answer is yes. So how much protein banana has? It only has about 1 percent or 1.1 grams protein in every 100 grams.

This is why a banana only diet can put our health at risk. It can lead to several harmful side effects, as we will not have the necessary protein our body deserves.

According to a study, getting vitamins in banana only for the whole day will not satisfy your body with the nutrients it needs. It is a fact that banana is rich with fiber and potassium. However, your body needs other nutrients like calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for keeping our body energized to perform day-to-day activities.

Banana nutrition fact versus the side effects

Most of us believe that consuming anything in one attempt can resolve our nutrients deficiency. This is entirely false. By doing so, you’re not giving yourself a chance to become fit. Otherwise, you’re just giving yourself the worst problem.

The first symptom that you might have is an abnormal condition of your digestive system. Banana nutrition fact is rich with fiber, and too much fiber can affect our digestion. Most likely, constipation and bloating are few of the side effects that will occur. It will affect the nutrient absorption of our body in such a wrong way.

Another side effect that doctors would notice will be a higher potassium level in our blood. Medical specialist identifies this condition as Hyperkalemia. Potassium is good for our heart when taken in the right dosage. We cannot force our body to process all the potassium. Too much intake of banana daily can have a disastrous result like a heart attack. Therefore, moderation in eating banana will have a massive impact on your body.

Also, when you have only bananas in your diet, you can gain more weight. Over time, you will become a bit sluggish than before.

Too much consumption of banana can make you too sleepy. It is not a normal condition if you are pregnant or taking any medications with a drowsiness effect. The carbs cause this health condition in bananas. Bananas’ carbohydrates blocked the flow of amino acids to your brain, according to a study. The blocking of amino acids creates serotonin, which promotes sleep.

Again, banana nutrition fact is good for our body, but we forbid you to have a banana-only diet if you are planning to lose weight. The quickest weight loss programs are usually the ones that could harm us in the worst possible way.

Significance of eating a banana with the recommended daily consumption

The average serving of banana should be two pieces of medium size. It can be a maximum of seven pieces in regular size. Balance nutrients in our body should be observed. So with the right consumption of banana, you can still eat other healthy foods like fish and vegetables.

On the bright side of overeating banana, it can address your difficulty in sleeping. Many other health benefits prove the banana nutrition fact.

Good source of vitamin B6 for blood regulation

With banana nutrition fact, you can have vitamin B6. It is essential to create red blood cells that prevent anemia. Also, it contributes to the production of antibodies for our immune system.

Vitamin B6 can be an excellent blood regulation to kick off brain function as well. So, healthy brain functions can stimulate sleep. Getting enough sleep will recharge the body’s energy.

Prevents digestive health problems with fiber

One of the banana nutrition facts is fiber.  Enough fiber in our body can absorb the proper nutrients from the food we’re eating. It has a massive role in promoting regular bowel movement. Also, it prevents the formation of hemorrhoids in your anus. Hemorrhoids are common when you have a poor fiber diet.

By eating the recommended amount of banana daily, expect your gut to have some natural laxative properties. It will easily regulate your bowel movement. According to a study, bananas have enough fiber to replace laxative medications. It also has fructo-oligosaccharides features that enhance good bacteria to absorb nutrients.

The banana nutritional fact can be observed over time. The powerful effect of banana fiber creates a lining in our stomach to keep the acid compound away. The fiber maintains the normal pH of your stomach that will reduce in producing acids. These acids can destroy the mucus barriers. The damaged mucus barriers can lead to serious digestive problems like an ulcer. So, if you have digestive issues, banana can save the day.

Furthermore, fiber supports our digestive system after diarrhea and even during vomiting incidents. Banana can replace the lost potassium in our body, which has been flushed out.

Supports the production of white blood cells with cytokine

Other than fiber, white blood cells in our body play a significant role. It is responsible for keeping our immune system on top of everything. Like banana, it supports the production of white blood cells by releasing cytokine.

Cytokine is a compound from banana that helps enhance the proliferation of white blood cells in our body. The white blood cells fight free radicals in the body. It also reduces the risk of early cancer symptoms.

Manages normal blood pressure with potassium

As mentioned, one of the minerals in a banana is potassium. It prevents blockage in the arteries and veins. Healthy arteries and veins reduce the risk of getting heart attacks and mild strokes.

The role of potassium is to provide adequate nutrients for our body that can regulate the average blood pressure level. It helps our vital organs to have optimal function. The combination of fiber and potassium from bananas can remove bad cholesterol easily. Given this, eating the right amount of bananas can enhance the purpose of your cardiovascular system.

Inhibits diabetes with pectin in bananas

Our eating lifestyles have more sugar and other preservatives that we are not noticing. We tend to buy and eat in fast-food restaurants or even in casual dining bistro. All the food we eat has more than the daily recommended servings.

According to a study, pectin found in banana nutrition fact can strengthen our insulin sensitivity. It will increase our glucose tolerance, which can reduce our risk of having diabetes. Pectin is essential to prevent any complications that can lead to diabetes.

Losing and gaining weight with bananas

An argument about the banana nutritional fact for weight loss and gaining weight is a matter that needs to be resolved. How many Banana provides calories and fiber that makes you feel satiety for a longer time. In this instance, an overweight person should avoid eating other foods with more calories and fiber. It will have a better result if your diet includes bananas. Otherwise, you can opt to have different foods with enough calories and fiber.

How many calories in banana nutrition fact? There are about 90 calories in 100 mg of bananas. If you are underweight, then eating a banana is best to normalize your weight. You can add peanut butter or dairy with your banana. You can also increase your banana consumption as long as it is not beyond the maximum allowable intake or in contradiction to your medications. It is also vital that you do not overlook some health problems in your digestive system.

Better eyesight to see the beauty of life

Antioxidants and carotenoids can contribute to dealing with macular degeneration. These nutrients are both provided by a banana. Alongside the other nutrients from bananas, it can lower the possibility of early signs of blindness, cataracts and glaucoma. Therefore, it is significant to make eating bananas a daily habit. With bananas, you have the luxury of enjoying the scenery of your surroundings.

Banana nutrition fact from banana flowers and peel

The good news is, you can still get more nutrients beyond the regular fleshy fruit of the banana. You can also get it from its flowers and peels. Of course, you cannot consume it raw or uncooked. For example, banana flowers need to be cooked to have health benefits.

Banana flowers can improve your pain tolerance during menstruation period. It also enables the smooth flow of blood discharge from your body.

You can also have banana peels to prevent skin diseases. Common skin conditions are acne and psoriasis. With this treatment, you need not cook the banana peel. You have to rub the raw peel in the affected areas. The banana peels will prevent skin breakage, and will surely give your skin the relief and moisture it deserves.

Relieves stress and increase positive moods through serotonin

Serotonin is a compound found in bananas. It is a by-product of the amino acid tryptophan. Aside from promoting good sleep, serotonin also relieves our body from stress and increase positive moods.

So you might again ask—is banana good for you? One of the answers will be Serotonin. This is actually one of the many reasons why people choose to eat bananas when they are feeling down—the lack of serotonin. It also helps fight stress after a long day from work.

Recovering from alcoholic stimulants

Other than caffeine to address hangover symptoms, you can have a banana to reduce alcohol influence in your body. You need to prepare a smoothie with some bananas and coconut milk. Added with berries, it can give you the required rehydration in no time. It will also provide you with higher energy levels while countering some of the effects of alcoholic stimulants.

How to choose banana nutrition fact good for you

Banana nutrition fact has impressive health benefits. We also uncover the harmful effects of banana if you consume more than the daily-recommended serving. That is why you need to know the right selection for banana.

In choosing the right banana, you can select either between Cavendish or Plantain. Cavendish banana is commonly offered as dessert. It comes with sweet yellow flesh. The skin can vary from green when unripe and yellow when ready to eat. When buying, you need to avoid bruises on the surface of the banana. It indicates that there some mishandling of the product from harvesting to packaging. Likewise, it may show unsafe cultivation.

Plantains, on the other hand, are green bananas. The green banana benefits provide carbohydrates when cooked. There is a need to cook plantains when it is not yet ripe. Once you have it matured, you need not cook it and enjoy eating it in its raw form. Just remember that unripe banana should not be placed inside refrigerators. It will disrupt the process of maturity.

For ripe bananas, you should let the banana be a little exposed to avoid rotting when sealed in a bag or box. The lifespan of ripe bananas under room temperature is about 4 days. If you store it in the refrigerator, it can last a couple of weeks. Yes, you can store ripe bananas inside your fridge. The skin will become dark, but the flesh inside can still be eaten.

Some facts about banana nutrients

Aside from the banana eating benefits, other parts of the fruit are edible. Banana flowers and peels of the fruit, banana leaves are also beneficial in the packaging of meats and other vegetables. It is an alternative to avoid using plastic.

We are familiar with the benefits as well as the banana nutritional fact. But are we familiar where do bananas come from? Historians have dated the cultivation of bananas as far as 8000 to 5000 BC. The history identified that banana originated in Southeast Asia and South Pacific. These are the regions where bananas’ were first enjoyed.

Banana comes from the Arabic word ‘banan,’ which means finger. It has been tagged as ‘fruit of the wise men.’ There have been artifacts discovered that are related to banana in Sanskrit 500 BC years ago. This staple food of Asians has saved many lives from starvation.

Bananas don’t come in yellow only. Essentially, the color of banana skin has many variations. Other than yellow, you can actually buy bananas that are brown, purple, or just light yellow or light green. These colors depend on the variety of bananas. From 500 types of bananas, you can enjoy each and every one of them. You might even discover more banana uses. But for its nutritional value, it is safe to assume that there will be only a few differences from each other.

Maintaining food safety for banana

Growing banana needs tedious cultivation. With the recent incidents of fungal diseases in most of the banana plantation, careful observation on the farming methods has been applied. The Panama disease is a threat in our banana plantation until now.

Panama disease is caused by Fusarium soil fungus. It can attack the banana plant by entering in its roots through the water stream. Then it goes up to the trunks and leaves, with nothing left to survive. From then on, banana plantation operators and managers are securing the parameters of their farm. The contamination can spread quickly. But sadly, it cannot be treated easily.

To grow banana, you will need to locate a farm with warm tropical temperature. You need to inspect the soil to test its fertility. It should be a dark soil to achieve the computed yield after harvest. You will need almost a year to make the full harvest of the fruit. Therefore, you need to consider what needs to be done correctly and avoided immediately.

The leading countries in banana production are India, China and the Philippines. These three countries have significant contributions to satisfy the demand of the growing global market. Yearly, they need to increase their production to meet the needs of the market. Also, other countries have already contributed to some factors in the banana industry.

Our insights

Banana is an essential fruit. You can digest it quickly and have all the nutrients you need. But you need to remember that unripe bananas can lead to indigestion. Therefore, make sure to eat the ripe ones to enjoy banana digestion.

Bananas have many nutrients you can enjoy. But you can have other side effects like migraine and dental problems. Migraine can be triggered by banana because of its Tyramine properties. Also, you need to avoid bananas if you have present dental conditions. The starch content of banana can increase the underlying dental problems.

Another thing, you need to know before consuming banana is your allergic reaction with the compounds found in a banana. Try to test it to your skin. If you encounter the symptoms like itching and swelling, you need to consult a doctor for antihistamine. You can have other options the same as with banana nutritional facts.

Bananas can be made into some of the healthiest recipes; You can have fruit salads, smoothies and shakes. You can also add a banana for oatmeals, cereals, and pancake. It will add flavor to your cooking. Also, there are other processed products using banana. You will find banana wine and fiber. Decorations made from banana are appreciated. It is also a source of livelihood for some people.

Benefits of Lemon give you a Refreshing Quench of Vitamin C

Benefits of Lemon

Benefits of lemon can be enjoyed in lemon water and juice. Freshly squeezed lemons are one of the best remedies to ensure optimal health. Lemons in Limonoids can aid in fighting off health diseases like cancers and diabetes.

Benefits of lemon are promising, and the effects can be seen very useful. It was about 2,5000 years ago that lemons had been found in China and India. From then on, it is believed that lemons provide nutrients that fight off cancers and other health problems.

According to a study conducted by the US Agricultural Research Service, our body can handle the limonoids from lemon and other citrus fruits. The compound has recently discovered in finding a cure for cancers. The nutrients that it contains are the same nutrient like vitamin C.

Prevention of cancer has long been a struggle. Many food supplements show anti-carcinogens compound. But lemons can provide powerful anti-cancer nutrients. With its limonoids compound, it can prevent damaged cells from multiplying. Damaged cells or cancer cells caused inflammation in our boy. The inflammation can trigger health problems to develop over time.

One of the lemon nutrients is vitamin C. We all know that vitamin C provides anti-oxidants that counteract bacteria. It prevents inflammation and swelling in our body. Also, the importance of a sufficient amount of vitamin C is to promote a robust immune system. It can also keep our self from having rheumatoid arthritis. You have a low risk of developing arthritis if your intake of vitamin C is adequate. But you need to avoid vitamin C if you have osteoarthritis. The component of vitamin C can worsen this condition.

What are limonoids in lemon?

So much talking about limonoids and vitamin C but we need to know what lemons fruit are? Are lemons healthy?

Lemon comes with the yellow outer skin and oblique shape. You can find its inner flesh divided about into ten sections at most. The tastes of lemons are bitter sour, but it has a stimulating effect if you mixed with water or made into juice.

You can distinguish the juiciness of lemons by its peel. You can tell that the lemons have thin-skinned has more juice. While lemon with thicker skins, you will have less juice. Choose lemons with bright yellow to have a refreshing taste.

To keep your lemons fresh, you need it to avoid direct sunlight exposure. You can keep it in your refrigerator and be amazed that you can still use it after storing for a month. You can also save the pure lemon juice by putting it in your ice cube trays. From then on, if you need a squeeze lemon juice, you will get a cube from the tray.

The benefits of lemon water in our health

The health benefits lemon can be experienced by making lemon water. It is one of the refreshing infusion of sliced lemon in a jar of water. The benefits of lemon in this form can provide detoxification, which is suitable for your liver. It promotes flushing out of toxins from our body that makes our liver vulnerable to infections. Over time, lemon water improves your skin health because of the re-hydration components.

You can have the full benefits of lemon in lemon water if you will drink it every morning. Lemon juice in a glass of warm water can make the pH balance in your body at a reasonable level. It promotes healthy digestion; therefore; you can have better results for your weight loss. Also, you will have proper regulation of your bowel movement. Further, you can have improvement with your dental health with the prevention of gingivitis occurrence.

You can have a twist in your lemon water aside from the classic sliced of lemon in a jar. You can add ginger, strawberry, and cucumber to your infusion for more exciting taste.

What are other health benefits of lemon with the presence of limonoids and other nutrients?

Now that you have a glimpse of what lemon can do in our body, let us go back to the complete, juicy picture of lemon fruit. Aside from vitamin C and other nutrients, we have limonoids compound in a lemon fruit. It is the game changer among the nutrients from the lemon.

With our eating lifestyle, we need a neutralizer in our body. We need to prevent the effects of eating unhealthy foods. Proper eating habits can affect our overall health. A glass of lemon water every morning can make a difference in our health. Other health benefits of lemon will be revealed in this article.

Empowers kidney functions

Let us not forget that our kidneys are one of the vital organs in our body. Together with our liver, the kidney is responsible for flushing out waste material through urine. Therefore, we need lemon to support our kidney functions.

Citric acid from the lemon and other citrus fruits alleviate twice the urinary citrate levels in our kidneys. The increase in urinary citrate has no side effect other than eliminating the possibilities of kidney stones formation.

Other nutrients from lemon protect kidneys from cancer cells caused by free radicals. Also, complications in organs can be avoided with a daily intake of lemon. The limonoids compound in lemon prevents cancer cells from destroying healthy cells in our body.

Promotes good digestion

The next thing we need to know about the benefits of lemon is the promotion of proper digestion. Our eating habits are one of the common factors that we need to address. Sometimes we have underlying problems in our digestive system that we let to pass by.

Lemon juice can make a difference in your digestion. You can have lemon juice as a tonic drink to be an alternative to your iced tea or juice after meals. The tonic is a combination of either of mint leaves, fennel seeds, or other spices for more flavors. This drink will aid your digestion. You will have no issues of constipation or diarrhea. But one thing lemon can do in your digestion system is to help you suppress your cravings.

Potassium in lemon for a lively heart

A healthy heart is crucial for us to take each activity daily with energy. Lemon helps our self to be energized by pumping out potassium. Potassium is an essential nutrient for the heart.

Lemon has many nutrients, including potassium, which is right to our heart. It strengthens the heart to fulfill its duty 24/7 for 365 days. An adequate amount of potassium in our body can prevent abnormalities in our heart. These symptoms can be identified as high blood pressure, nausea, and dizziness.

The aroma of lemon can calm our self. Usually, heart problems occur when we are in distress and pressure. By smelling the leaves or peel of lemon can lighten our mood. It proves that we can have benefits of lemon peel.

Other than that, lemon can keep our body to suffer from coronary diseases. For example, we can prevent the ischemic stroke that most women suffer from this condition. The fact is ischemic stroke is caused by blood constraint and cutting off the oxygen supply to our brain. According to a study, regular consumption of lemon can lower the risk of ischemia to happen.

Defeats cancer with a healthy immune system

As mentioned earlier, cancer prevention is a long battle for us. It is one of the health problems, which we are trying to avoid now and then. Most of the cancers are not able to detect beforehand, and that is the sad reality.

As prevention, we ensure our food intake has all the nutrition that our body needs. We also have other options like supplements from prevention to strengthening our health. However, our food intakes are not enough, and cancer cells prevail.

Cancer is caused by free radicals in our body that left untreated. One way to kill the cancer cells is an adequate intake of anti-oxidants, vitamin C, and limonoids. These nutrients can be found in lemon.

Lemon has more to offer, but these three nutrients are significant to cast out damaged cells in our body. The anti-oxidants and vitamin C contributes to strengthening our immune system. Limonoids, on the other hand, fights cancer cells and keep them away from healthy cells. However, getting rid of cancer cells cannot be done in a snap of a finger. You need to have a proper diet and eating healthy foods, including lemon. It will keep your health in good shape and prevent symptoms of cancer health problems.

Prevents iron deficiency disorders with vitamin C

Another health problem that needs our attention is being anemic. This condition is caused by iron deficiency. A state where our body decreases its capability to absorb iron. Iron deficiency needs immediate treatment to prevent of being anemic.

Better absorption of nutrients like iron is one of the advantages in taking vitamin C. Vitamin C promotes our body to absorb all the nutrients that our body need. It is not a problem if one of your habits is drinking lemon water every morning. It is an effective health regimen that we can do daily.

Brings beauty in your smile

When you feel good, you want to smile a lot. But you have doubt that you have an imperfect smile or having dental issues. You also worry about the color of your teeth and gums.

Maintaining our dental hygiene is one of the first things that we do for our health. We could not let simple dental problems turn into more serious health issues like gingivitis and periodontitis. These are the common dental problem that we have. One of the caused why we suffer from these health problems is because of the low nutrients like vitamin C.

Vitamin C is still essential to maintain our dental health. Lemon can provide all the nutrients in your body, including for your teeth. Home remedies from lemon involve rubbing of lemon juice in your gums to get rid of bad breath. Also, you can have the lemon peel to whiten your teeth. But some other people are looking into toothpaste that has lemon ingredients. Another option is adding a drop of juice in your toothpaste.

Benefits of lemon to address a dental problem should not consider as a permanent treatment. These are alternatives if you think that you have no serious dental problems. However, we suggest that you still consult your dentist if you feel that there is something wrong with your teeth and gums.

Healthy skin, healthy life

Being beautiful inside should reflect on your appearance, and that is why having radiant and glowing skin is essential. Lemon promotes the formation of collagen and provides rehydration to our skin.

When consumed, vitamins in lemon make our skin smooth and reduce fine lines in our face. We can also use freshly squeezed lemon juice to treat skin problems caused by fungi and bacteria. It also has soothing properties that can be used for sunburns. Lemon can be beneficial in removing blackheads.

Some beauty remedies from lemon reveal the true beauty of our skin. One of the beauty secrets is drinking a glass of water with drops of lemon and honey. You can have healthy and radiant skin by taking this regularly.

Other optimal benefits from lemon

Getting rid of sickness is what we want to have optimal health. Lemons fruit is one of the healthy foods that we need to prevent complications in our body. As one of the healthy foods, lemon participates in the prevention of diseases.

Lemon juice can aid the treatment for fever by rehydration. It will promote sweating, therefore, breaking the temperatures.

Aside from nutrients, lemon has antiseptic and coagulant properties. These are essential for stopping minor nosebleeds. You can also use lemon juice for curing a lump on your skin. The application of lemon juice should be delicate by using a cotton ball. It will stop the bleeding in your nose as well as soften the lump in your skin.

Other than that, lemon can be used for body relaxation. You can try the lemon-scent room deodorizer to keep your mind and body calm. Just a few lemons drop to prepare a warm bath for your feet. You can feel the rejuvenation effect using lemon.

Ways to enjoy Lemon Deliciously

There are other ways to enjoy lemon. For example, you can use lemon in your cooking. Lemon can thoroughly be enjoyed with fish dishes. You need to put sliced of lemons in the pan, together with the fish. You can have it baked or broiled. Also, you can grill fish and plunge the lemons over it. Lemon has properties that enhance the fish flavor.

On the other hand, you can enjoy your favorite salad with additional flavor using lemon juice. Lemon juice can be used to make salad dressing. You need to combine it with oil like sesame or olive oil. Then, you can add other spices like garlic and pepper. Your salad will not be boring as before with your dressing.

If you are avoiding salt when you are in a strict diet, you can use lemon as an alternative for salt. It is also beneficial if you are considering your kidney functions. Lemon can be a salt replacement because of its tart taste.

Another way to enjoy lemon is by adding it to your favorite dessert and appetizer. For example, you can add lemon juice with your avocado. Lemon can complement the taste of avocado.

These are just a few of the exciting ways of how you enjoy the health benefits of lemon. They are simple ways but beneficial to our health.

Our Insights

Indeed, the daily consumption of lemon water and juice are beneficial to our health. Lemon gives us nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants, and limonoids. These nutrients help us to fight off bacteria and cancer cells.

There are only a few precautions that are important and should be duly noted. Drinking lemon water provides the nutrients with your body needs. However, we have to acknowledge some of the consequences over time.

The acids in lemon water can destroy our tooth enamel. If we let it settle in our mouth, we can experience breakage of our enamels. The prevention that we can do on this matter is to brush our teeth after drinking lemon water. For other prevention, you can use baking soda. It has properties that counteract the acid production by lemon. Try to brush your teeth using baking soda to make sure that all acids are wash away.

Another effect that lemon can have is citrus allergies. Though it is rare, we should be aware of it. The symptoms of citrus allergies are the same as other food allergies. Therefore, before drinking lemon or using for additional health benefits, you need to test if you have allergic reactions with citrus.

Most important with the health benefits of lemon, it provides vitamin C, antioxidants and limonoids that gives our body optimal health.

Grapefruit Nutrition: Simple yet Nourishing Fruit on the Table

Grapefruit Nutrition

Grapefruit nutrition is rich in vitamins and minerals that are proper for your body especially when you are trying to lose weight.  Also, it is high in fiber. You can never go wrong with all the grapefruit nutrition it offers.

Grapefruit nutrition does not magically make you lose weight in a snap. Also, it is a very low-calorie food which can help speed up your metabolism and reduced your body’s insulin resistance.

Enjoying a grapefruit as a snack or an appetizer can help you feel fuller because of its high fiber content and stop you from overeating at mealtime. Plus, it enables you to suppress your appetite, reducing low-calorie intake for the rest of the day.

Dieticians studied the effects of grapefruit after including it in the diet. The study showed that eating half fresh grapefruit before meals can lead to weight loss of 1.6 kilograms or 3.5 pounds.

Colourful Grapefruit Nutrition Choices

If you want your grapefruit recipes like salad dessert, smoothies and dishes to be colourful, you should know that adding grapefruit can make it lively. Grapefruit varieties have different characteristics and colour. Just choose below the type that fits your taste.


Pomelo is one of the most common grapefruit in the market. It has a thick cover with a layer of yellow flesh and a bit taste of bitter. You can easily peel the skin, so you do not need to use peeler or knife. The pulp bits of pomelo are great to include in salad whether it tasted sweet or sour. It can instantly go along with the taste of your salad.

White Grapefruit

The white grapefruit has the slightest sweet taste, but it has the most intense and vibrant aroma. Given this, it is one of the favourite fruits in the kitchen. Also, it has bright, creamy yellow skin.

Ruby Red Grapefruit

On the contrary, Ruby Red grapefruit has no hint of sweetness. It has more taste of bitterness which beliefs to be the effect of the red colour. The pulp bits of Red grapefruit have lycopene nutrients that can prove to resist cancer cells and prevent further complications. It also promotes antioxidants with beta-carotene.

Duncan Grapefruit

Another choice for grapefruit juice is Duncan. This variety considered to be the highest quality grapefruit. The pulp bits are juicy with intense flavour. It has an intensely sweet taste compared to other grapefruits variety. The Duncan grapefruit is larger than Pomelo, and the skin colour is yellow. The harvest time of this variety is earlier than other grapefruits.

Lavender Gem Grapefruit

The Lavender Gem grapefruit is the favourite of the chef because of the diverse uses in cooking. It can be used for food preparation like meat or fish marinade. Because of the juicy content, you can make juice and beverages from it. You can also add it to your favourite fruit salad. The pulp bits of Lavender Gem grapefruit have a light and delicate flavour. Its peel can be seen in colour pink or lemon-yellow, and its size comes with mini-grapefruit.

Oro Blanco Grapefruit

When pomelos and white grapefruits are mixed in farms, you can produce the Oro Blanco variety. The thick skin colour of Oro Blanco is a combination of bright green to lemon yellow. Its pulp bits are one of the sweetest with no hint of bitterness.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink grapefruit comes between the Red and White grapefruits characteristics in terms of sweetness and colour. The sweet and sour taste of Pink grapefruits makes it one of the favourite grapefruits for making juice and beverages. The strong flavour of Pink grapefruit can complement your favourite fruits and vegetables salad and smoothies.

Melogold Grapefruit

The first known variety of grapefruit is the Melogold. It can be in different sizes, but it can also grow as large as Pomelo. The skin of Melogold grapefruit can be peeled off easily and has a smooth texture. It can be considered as seedless because you can still count the seeds in its pulp bits. The taste of Melogold variety is like with the oranges. Also, this variety can be used in salad dressings and beverages.

Marsh Grapefruit

Another unusual variety of grapefruit is the Marsh; it is the variety of grapefruit with three classifications, the white, pink and ruby red. The pulp bits of White Marsh grapefruit come in yellow-white colour. It covers with yellow skin with a sweet-acidic taste. For Pink Marsh, it also has yellow skin, but the pulp bits are colour pink with a shade of blue. It is less sweet than White Marsh but with the same acidic flesh. The last one, Ruby Red Marsh has yellow to light-red skin with a red colour pulp bit. It tastes sweeter but less acidic than the White Marsh.

Flame Grapefruit

More attractive than Ruby Red grapefruit is the Flame grapefruit. Its colour comes with a shade of dark-pink colour which is more noticeable than other grapefruits. The tastes of its pulpy bits are sweet and juicy. You can enjoy eating the Flame grapefruit because it has less seed which makes it uncomplicated to eat.

Pink Grapefruit

If you want to know the best variety for grapefruit recipes like smoothies and juice, you should pick the Pink Grapefruit. This variety comes with a sweet taste. The colour of the skin is in the middle of red and white.

Star Ruby Grapefruit

Star Ruby grapefruit comes with yellow skin and pulp bits in red and pink colours. In this variety, if you see the pulp bits in super red and getting the hot red colour, it means the taste is getting sweeter.

Sweeties Grapefruit

Another variety that carries the sweet taste is the Sweeties grapefruit. It has a sweet taste, but it still looks unripe because of its green colour.

Each variety of grapefruit has distinct colour so you will have an easier time to pick and buy the perfect one that will you add to your grapefruit recipe.

The Nutrients and Benefits of Grapefruit

Vitamins and minerals can be sourced out from grapefruit. We can get the highest vitamin C content in grapefruit. Also, we can have an ample amount of vitamin A from it. Other nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fiber are present in grapefruit. Minerals like potassium, thiamine, folate, and magnesium can also be found from it.

To know the details of the nutrients and minerals that we can get from consuming grapefruit, here are the details for grapefruit nutrition:

Source of Highest Vitamin C

We can get the highest vitamin C from grapefruit. Vitamin C plays a significant role in our body.

An adequate amount of grapefruit vitamin C can boost our immune system. It has antioxidant properties that protect our body from diseases. Vitamin C helps our body to recover quickly from cough and colds. If we have a low immune system, we can get sick fast. We have no protection against infectious diseases and cancer cells.

Typically, a functioning immune system can be seen through our radiant skin. Yes, if we have radiant skin, we can say that we are healthy inside and out. Our body will have the antioxidants that protect our self from damage cells and any harmful substance in our body.

With this, we keep our body from the development of cancer cells. Also, we can have anti-inflammatory properties. These properties maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels that can lead to chronic conditions if not reasonable.

The health benefits of grapefruit play a significant role in the immune system of our body. Our body can fight diseases with enough vitamin C to maintain our immunity against it.

Grapefruit nutrition includes Vitamin C is abundant in grapefruit. Therefore, it is essential as one of the best weight loss foods. The grapefruit health benefits empower our immune system.

Boast with Citric Acid

An organic acid from grapefruit promotes the removal of waste material through urine. Citric acid can be found in grapefruit. It is essential in the prevention of kidney stones and other kidney-related health problems.

When our body is removing waste materials, one way is excretion through urine. If these materials build up in our kidneys, it will form crystal-like substance. Over time, kidney stones will be developed. Large kidney stones can block the urinary system which will result in more severe kidney problems. In some cases, it can result in kidney failure. It is a tragedy for us because we need to undergo dialysis if this happens to us.

Regular consumption of citric acid can prevent kidney stones and keep our kidney in good shape. It will support the organs to flush the waste material in the body. However, excessive intake of citrus can lead to other problems. Therefore, it is important to consume only the right amount of nutrients to avoid other health problems.

Grapefruit nutrition including citric acid is essential for individuals who are dealing with urinary tract infections and other kidney related diseases. Given this, grapefruit health benefits improve our body for proper waste disposal.

Adequate Amount of Fiber

The nutrition of grapefruit comes with a sufficient amount of fiber. The fiber in grapefruit is beneficial if you are trying to lose weight. You can add texture in your meal plan to increase your digestion time.

In this case, it will make your stomach to empty slowly. It has a suppression capability that can stop you from having a bigger appetite. The suppressant will prevent you from consuming foods rich in calories and fats. The practical way to eat grapefruit is before a meal. Consumption of grapefruit before meals will affect your eating habit for the rest of the day. The fiber helps your digestion to work at pace and keep you from eating between meals.

The grapefruit nutrition in our diet is highly noticeable. The effects of fiber together with vitamin C and other nutrients can keep your body healthy and fit over time.

Rich in Potassium

Believe it or not, grapefruit contains potassium which is essential to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Our heart is the very core of our body to operate normally. Grapefruit potassium reduces the factors that will risk the safety of our hearts. It should be the primary concern above else. Regular intake of grapefruit can also promote a healthy blood pressure level. It will make our hearts to function normally.

Grapefruit nutrition is good for the heart. The nutrients it offers to our body prevent heart diseases. High blood pressure and cholesterol can be avoided if we are going to eat healthy foods.

The grapefruit potassium helps protect the heart in keeping the blood pressure and cholesterol levels at an average rate.

Other Minerals and Vitamins

Aside from vitamin C, fiber and potassium, grapefruit provide vitamin B, zinc, copper and iron. These vitamins and minerals have to do with the normal function of our immune system. Combined with vitamin C, it improves our health and body for day-to-day purpose.

If we have all the vitamins and minerals that we need, our body will be strong enough to fight all the virus and bacteria around us.

Also, you can have a small number of grapefruit calories, making it the lowest-calorie fruit. It is an excellent reason to include grapefruit as one of the best foods for weight loss.

Included grapefruit nutrition is carbohydrates. Grapefruit carbs only measure about 26 grams in a grapefruit. It serves lower carbohydrates than other fruits. The protein and fats in grapefruit are considered 0% to less than one gram of half size of grapefruit.

Other nutrients in grapefruit prevent our body from insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes.

What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar in your body. High insulin and blood sugar levels can result in type-2 diabetes.

In a way, grapefruit controls the insulin levels in your body. Normal insulin levels reduce the likelihood of becoming insulin resistant. If you eat fresh grapefruit before meals, you will experience a significant lowering both insulin levels and resistance over time.

In our meal plan, adding grapefruit does not only lead to weight loss. It also plays a role to maintain our blood sugar and insulin to normal levels. The health benefits of grapefruit offer the regulation of blood sugar and the reduction of insulin resistance. If these two functions are working harmoniously, you can prevent type 2 diabetes.

Our Insights

The health benefits of grapefruit are impressive. Making it a habit to have a dosage of grapefruit in our daily meal can make a difference in our body.

The nutrition that we can get from grapefruit helps our body maintain good health condition. However, excessive intake of grapefruit can result in health problems like tooth enamel erosion. The thing is, every excess in the amount of food that we intake will result in some issues over time.

Like other fruits, grapefruit is considered as the highest source of vitamins C. If you are not familiar in eating grapefruit in its pure form, you can make some twist on it.

Moreover, you can eat grapefruit in many forms. You can make juice with basil leaves and mint to neutralize the taste. To add more aroma, you can boil it with cinnamon. But the most common recipe of grapefruit is toppings in your favourite fruit salad. Adding it to your favourite snack or making it a replacement to your dessert food, grapefruit is a less complicated fruit to prepare. You don’t need to worry about the time you will spend when preparing. To add flavours in your grapefruit, you can blend it with other fruits and veggies without adding artificial sugar. Sweets can ruin your diet, and any fake foods are considered dangerous to our health. Also, combining it with kale and avocado, it can give you an exaggerating twist of nutrients in a salad.

Grapefruit Daily Consumption

You cannot take a bunch of grapefruit to feel the effect quickly. It is still better to consume daily of a variety of fruits and vegetables to prevent any damage in our body.

Eating large quantities of grapefruit in pure form can lead to hormonal conditions. Therefore, if you are having a hormonal imbalance and taking medications, you should avoid consuming grapefruit. Also, if you are breastfeeding and on-going pregnancy, eating foods with grapefruit content more than the recommended daily serving can lead to severe complications. So, before putting it on your meal plan, get advice from your physicians.

According to a study, up to 30% of postmenopausal women who consume more than a quarter of grapefruit juice will have a high risk of developing breast cancer. Grapefruit can increase estrogen levels in women’s body. On the contrary, it decreases the synthesis of estrogen in the body.

Indeed, to achieve the full benefits of grapefruit, we should follow the doctors’ recommended daily intake. Grapefruit nutrition focuses on promoting our immune and digestion system. Vitamin C maintains our immune system at its fullest to protect our vital organs. Furthermore, it makes our skin look healthier and radiant. The most amazing in grapefruit is potassium. An adequate amount of potassium can lower the risk of heart diseases and other heart problems.

Like other fruits and vegetables, you know that the real secret to being fit and elegant is to eat healthy weight loss foods. Also, doing exercises and sports at the same time will have a better result.

For getting fit and healthy, you need disciplines. There are no shortcuts but to follow the simple rules in weight loss program and that is—to eat healthy foods and do some exercises.


Avocado Nutrition Facts for Better Health

Avocado Nutrition Facts

Avocado nutrition facts have a great impact on our health. You cannot go wrong with avocado if you are looking for significant nutritional benefits in a single fruit.

Avocado nutrition facts are the nutrient value that we can get from this fruit. Avocado that makes us healthy and lose weight over time. Similarly, some diet plans that contain plenty of fruits and vegetables can alter the high risk of health diseases.

Avocado or the Alligator pear can be cultivated in warm climates. It has a creamy texture that provides a substantial amount of healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

Avocado in our weight loss program meals highlight the nutritional facts it contains. The nutritional value it offers improves digestion, reduces depression anxiety and boosts the immune system against cancer.

Some impressive avocado nutrition facts

One serving of 49 grams avocado contains mostly of 64 calories, 6 grams of fat, 3.4 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber. It has a little amount of sugar. These are facts based on the USDA National Nutrient Database.

Like other fruits, avocado is loaded with a great source of vitamins C, E, K, and B. You can have minerals like riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and potassium from avocado. Other essential nutrients like lutein, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids.

On the other hand, you will notice the fat contents in avocado is not bad. The fats in avocado are essential nutrients that need our body. It helps us feel full and satiated. Omega-3 fatty acids in our body imply our brain to keep out our appetite while it slowly breakdown carbohydrates in our body. In this process, it will regulate healthy blood sugar levels.

However, not all fats are harmful in our body except for too much consumption. Avocado fats have nutritional value in our body. It supports skin health, enhances the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Other than that, it boosts the immune system, keeping us healthy always. You can achieve better results if you combine avocados with other fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.

Fortified our Hearts from Chronic Diseases

Other than vitamins and minerals, avocados are rich in fiber that protects our hearts. Healthy hearts mean that our body is in good shape. We are free from diseases and symptoms of future illness.

We can protect and safeguard our hearts from chronic diseases with adequate intake of avocado that is full of nutrition facts. Most certainly, the 25 milligrams per ounce in avocado has a natural plant sterol called beta-sitosterol.

According to a study, the sitosterol property has significant contribution to maintain our hearts in functioning normally.

Moreover, avocados contain high fiber. Increase intake of high fiber can lower the risks of developing chronic diseases like coronary heart disease, stroke, and hypertension. It can prevent the occurrence of diabetes, obesity and gastrointestinal disorders.

For the record, the effects of avocado in the prevention of chronic diseases have been researched and studied. It was made in the Department of Internal Medicine and Nutritional Sciences Program of the University of Kentucky.

The studies show that eating avocados over time can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It can also improve insulin sensitivity, and enhance weight loss for obese individuals.

Good for the Eyesight

Avocados have nutritional benefits to us especially in the improvement of our eyesight. The phytochemicals and beta-carotene found in avocado sustain our visions to function generally over time.

Good eyesight means that our body has complete nutrients that keep functioning normally – this is because of avocado nutrition facts. There are two phytochemicals, lutein, and zeaxanthin, that sustain good eyesight.

The phytochemicals contain antioxidants to protect the eyes and minimize the damage from ultraviolet light. The nutrients absorbed in the tissues of the eyes. Eventually, regular eating of avocados can preserve normal vision and repair the damaged tissues in the eyes.

Also, omega-3 fatty acids have another role in our body. Avocados support the absorption of beta-carotene, a beneficial fat-soluble antioxidant. Beta-carotene helps to reduce the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration. It is an early stage of vision problem among us.

Lowering Risk of Cancer

Indeed, avocado has extraordinary health benefits in our body. Blended with other fruits and vegetables in your meal plan regularly, it will give you these benefits.

The occurrence of cancer can be prevented with the intake of healthy foods. Proper nutrients of avocado play a role in cancer treatment.

Furthermore, a research finding shows that the phytochemicals found in avocados can slow down the growth of precancerous and cancerous cells in our body. It can eradicate the cancer cells and encourage the proliferation of immune system cells as well.

Given this, the phytochemicals increase the healing of chromosomal damages from cyclophosphamide during chemotherapy session of cancer patients.

Another nutrient that needs to be taken sufficiently is folate. Folate protects our internal organs like colon, stomach, pancreatic, and cervical from cancer cells. Researchers believe that folate protects our body against undesirable mutations in DNA and RNA during cell division.

Support Healthy Pregnancy

We can get folate from avocados. This nutrient makes a difference in your body if it is included in your daily meal. The folate in avocado can do the trick to have healthy babies in the future. It is the most essential nutrients in conceiving a child.

Enough folate in our body can sustain a healthy pregnancy. However, inadequate intake of folate can increase the chances of miscarriage and neural tube defects.

According to McGill University, 30% higher incidence of a variety of congenital disabilities in baby mice conceived using sperm from mice with a folate deficiency compared with mice conceived using sperm from mice with adequate folate levels.

As a result, this study clearly shows that folate has a significant role in pregnancy. Ample intake of folate supports you to have a healthy pregnancy.

Lower Risk of Depression Anxiety

Regular consumption of avocado can lead to lower the risk of depression anxiety. It contains folate that normalizes our moods.

As one of the nutrition facts, avocado hinders depression anxiety in the person. It normalizes your moods and prevents moods swings.

The nutrient of avocado that contributes to lowering the risk of depression anxiety is folate. Aside from a healthy pregnancy, it slows down the build-up of homocysteine as well.

Also, the homocysteine is a substance that can impair circulation and delivery of nutrients to the brain. Avocado prevents the symptoms of excessive secretion of homocysteine in our body.

Nevertheless, too much of it in our body can interfere with our mood, sleep habits and appetite.

Absorption of Right Nutrients

Our body needs enough fiber to have our digestion functioning normally. Abnormal digestion will fail our body to absorb the right nutrients which can lead to further serious health problems.

One of the avocado nutrition facts is rich in fiber than measures up to 14 grams per fruit. This fiber is enough to absorb nutrients from the food we intake. With the high amount of fiber, avocado prevents us from experiencing constipation. It helps us maintain healthy digestion and lower risk of colon cancer.

Organic Anti-oxidants for Detoxification

Avocado is an organic anti-oxidant because of the high fiber content. Therefore, it is one of the fruits that good for weight loss program.

Avocado nutrition facts include normal excretion of toxins from our body through bile and stool. It is the key to feel healthy — meal plans in weight loss program set aside the intake of avocado, which is false.

We should include avocado in our diet because of its high fiber content. According to a study, dietary fiber can regulate the immune system and inflammation.

Osteoporosis Treatment and Prevention

What makes avocado, so special in bone health is the regulation of calcium in our body? Vitamin K increases calcium absorption and reducing urinary excretion of calcium.

Some of the avocado nutrition facts include vitamin K, which is essential for bone health and saponins nutrients that reduce knee osteoarthritis. Therefore, the daily recommended intake of vitamin K in our body is 25%, which we can get from half a slice of avocado.

Vitamin K is essential for bone health. Consequently, it plays a role in osteoporosis prevention and cure. Other nutrients like calcium and vitamin D offer the same nutrients in our body.

Saponins are nutrients that can be found in avocados. It contributes to slow down symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

According to research, the extraction of saponins from avocado can come up with a pure substance which can determine the long-term effect in our body.

Fight against E-Coli

Avocados can be used to fight E-Coli contamination in our food. It is a microscopic organism that causes food poisoning. Therefore, you cannot see it with your eyes.

One of the benefits of avocado nutrition facts is to address E-Coli. It is a leading cause of food poisoning. There are substances in avocado that contains antimicrobial activity which fight E-Coli. The importance of this substance can prevent food poisoning in our body.

Promotes Strong Muscles and Immunity

Knowing that we can consume protein from avocado, we can include it with our meal plans. It is also a valuable avocado nutrition fact that we need to remind of ourselves especially if we are choosing a healthy lifestyle.

One of avocado nutrition facts is to promote strong muscles and immunity. To keep our bodies immune and maintain healthy and strong muscles, the inclusion of avocado in our meals and diet program will give us nutrients like protein.

Avocado Protein

Moreover, avocado protein is one of the healthy alternatives to protein-rich foods like meat, which is also another good option for vegetarian. Protein in avocado can be considered high in amount. They believed it higher than milk products.

Indeed, protein in our body plays a significant role. If we have an adequate amount of protein in our body, we can reduce the risk of immunity deficiency, muscle and tissue loss, prolonged unhealed wounds and abnormal height.

We need to intake protein for the reason that our body has limited production of amino acids. Hence, amino acids are from protein. These are by-products of protein, meaning when we take protein-rich foods, our body stabilized it that becomes amino acids.

We can get almost complete amino acids in avocado. You can get from avocado the omega-3 and 6 fatty acids along with the eight important amino acids. Our body uses amino acids to promote functions of our muscles to protect our bones, skin for protection from infectious diseases and develop enzymes for digestion.

Protein in avocado contains all the essential amino acids that our body cannot synthesize on our own. Given this, a protein found from avocado and other fruits and vegetables is healthy because it consumes with fiber. On the contrary, Protein from other foods like meat has other components that can harm our health over time.

Other Health Benefits

Avocado is a diverse fruit with all the nutrients it gives to our body. It can be used as beauty products as well as early foods for baby. Avocado nutrition facts include avocado oil and other different forms. Avocado oil may be utilized in cooking when processed. You can also apply it as moisturizers in hair and face.

Probably, these can be confusing for the consumers, so you need to check the labels thoroughly if it is for cooking or beauty products.

Avocado as Baby Food

Avocado can be essential as one of the first foods for baby. We can make avocado food for baby because of the nutritional value that it contains. Avocado has vital nutrients for a baby of six months old and above.

For the first six months of babies, the only food they can consume is milk, breastmilk or formula milk. However, when they reached six months, it was suggested that parents should introduce other foods.

It is an important practice by parents as part of the preparation for their babies to familiarize with the nature of other foods. The change in providing foods with our babies will teach them other methods for food intakes aside from milk.

The first thing to consider is the nutrients that will be fed to the baby. It is essential because the taste buds of the baby are sensitive. The foods that they will eat until they become one year old will be their preferences as they grow.

As a result, you can serve avocado as one of the early foods for baby. Most common early foods for babies are banana, apple, cereals, squash, and potato. But we considered avocado seldom.

The most significant avocado nutrition fact for baby is the healthy fats which improve brain development of a baby. Avocado can also reduce the cravings of the baby for sweet foods as it is known for having no sugar content in it. Even a ripe avocado has a neutral flavor and pleasant texture for baby.

Avocado Recipes

There are several avocado recipes that we can make to produce an exciting dish and salad out of avocado. Most common preparation for avocado is adding sugar and milk to it for some creamy and sweet tastes. But if you are trying to lose weight, this is not the right mixture for avocado. You should opt to prepare a healthier and refreshing infusion for avocado.

Similarly, you can combine avocado slices in your favorite dish, or make coleslaw and salad from avocado. Some people use avocado guacamole to add a twist to their spread.

In some countries, people also eat avocado as their breakfast. Serving it with bread toast or in a smoothie; avocado can go perfect in any dishes. You can combine it with other fruits like melon, apple, and grapes added by honey for more delicious taste.

For some, eating avocado alone is boring compared to other fruits with a sugary taste. We tend to look for fruit desserts with sweet taste after a meal.

We eat ice cream or yogurt with flavors of fruits except for avocado flavor. It is a practice of our lifestyle that we develop at an early age. Moreover, we are not careful about our consumption of food unless the doctor says.

We know that avocado is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has exceptional nutritional benefits.

However, merely the benefits of avocado nutrition facts will not help us either eating it alone will give us the whole package of the nutrients we need.

We need to have proper discipline towards eating as well as do regular exercises.

Given this, we should take the opportunity that avocado offers by adding it to our meal plan and enjoy a healthy body and live a fit and elegant lifestyle.

Our Insights

As we go through the avocado nutrition facts, our insights show it is one of the best weight loss foods. It can be a key for us to lose weight quickly.

Avocado nutrition facts proved that it could reduce symptoms of illness and diseases in our body. It can increase our immune system and improve digestion; both are a great influence to function our vital organs normally.

When we consume avocado, we should know that a 100-gram avocado is equivalent to 160 calories. However, what we eat in avocado has fewer carbohydrates and no sugar content at all.

Avocado has many properties that contribute to weight loss. As a fruit, you can include avocado in your meals along with other fruits and vegetables. Given this, it can be eaten raw and in portions.