Fencing Workout: A Considerable Exercises for Weight Loss


Fencing workout is the best routine to utilize your time and energy. You don’t need to be a fencing athlete. Meaning even an ordinary individual can do a fencing workout. Let us just hope that no one will get hurt.

Fencing workout for professionals is a preparation for the game or tournament. But let us do the fencing workout more straightforwardly. This kind of exercise is unusual if you are not familiar with the basic movements.

So let us start with the basics. Just remember when doing fencing workout, you should prepare your body with two types of workout. These movements are called specific and transferable exercises. Only professionals can identity this easily. But let us not make it as a reason to stop at this point.

However, our primary focus now is the specific exercises for fencing workout. The particular activities involved movements that will develop and improve strength in your body.

Training in Fencing Workout

There are different kinds of training fencing workouts, which are strength and power. When you say strength fencing workout, it is not the apparent part of fencing workout. It means deeper, and that is what we are going to know.

The definition of strength is how much mass you can move with a particular movement. But when doing fencing workout, it is different.

And the power is defined as an explosive application of force and how well you move the mass.

Doing strength training in every workout is an easy job, but how about doing power? Power is less discussed in pieces of training and exercises, but it is vital as strength when you are doing fencing workout to be specific.

Strength is all about repetitions and performing different sets per session. Usually, in a workout training, there are suggested repetitions and sets to be completed. It will be the basis of the evaluation if you can perform strength workouts and determine what is the best routine for the training.

While power is taking the strength exercises and placing a time restriction on it, the goal is to complete as many repetitions as possible within the time frame and develop the power to your muscles.

So when it comes to fencing workout, there are some routines you should follow to condition your muscles in a different phase that can catch up in the fencing game.

Routines to Complete Fencing Power

Phase 1: Lunge

askdnflungeIt is the most critical move in fencing workout. When you make a lunge, it enables your core to endure a successful attack against your opponent. To do this successfully, it needs strength, flexibility, and balance. These combinations can make a powerful and successful lunge attack. It is essential to know that lunges will give you enough power for it. However, you should do different types of lunges to help your workout with fencing.

Broad Jump

Fencing-Workout-A-Considerable-Exercises-02Pay attention to your calf and Achilles, gluteus maximus, quadriceps, and your groin to have enough power for this workout. In doing a broad jump, it is a form of lunges that when you push off your back leg, all the muscles will help you accelerate your body forward to your opponent. It is a motion in fencing workout without using your front leg at all because the power of your body lies mostly at the back of the leg.

Long Jump

Are you talking about acceleration? The standing long jump is what your body needs. It is a simple yet effective way to overcome the focus of gravity while propelling your body forward. That is where a powerful lunge is based.

Vertical Jump

Fencing-Workout-A-Considerable-Exercises-03For the final step, a vertical jump can make it happen. These exercises can work on the overall ability to spring off the ground.

Improving Lunges for Fencing Exercises

Lunges can be useful in fencing workout, but it does not end that way. If you want to have incredible strength in their legs, you will need to know a speed skater movement. This motion can make your legs more reliable, which improves your lunge movement.

Other than speed skater, you can do a pistol squat as preparation and part of your routine. Bending the knee to a maximum 90 degree can focus and challenge your leg, which means that your strength can go beyond the usual. It will also help you cover more distance than your average performance of lunges.

Phase 2: Thrust

Once you perfect or let us say you are familiar with it, you will have to perform a thrust. The thrust motion is a technique used in fencing. But you can do it while doing a fencing workout. Even your perfect lunges motions, you will need to focus on strength and condition your body to make the final arm extension both faster and more robust.

Ball Toss

It is one of the thrust movements that you can do to build more strength in your arms. Using a medicine ball toss, you can have a versatile movement because of the lightweight. So even if you throw it on any surface, it will not cause any damage.

Testing your Arm Strength

In fencing workout, arm strength is essential. It needs to be more durable, and your body weight and positioning are significant to find strength. It is a way to test your arm strength. By using resistance bands, you can ensure if your arms have enough power. Strengthening your muscles to your shoulder is critical to a sturdy arm extension.

How to be Safe while Doing Fencing Workout

They say prevention is better than any cure, and the common injury that you might acquire when doing fencing workout is an imbalance.

Combatting imbalance needs both side sides of your body can avoid imbalance. Make sure that your hip positioning and strong emphasis should be placed on core stability and the transfer of force.

Phase 3: Know when you are ready.

Fencing workout can be evaluated and determined current strengths by observing standard testing measures, which include movement assessment. The imbalances, change of direction, and power test could be a sign that your workout needs improvement.


Training is vital to have power in doing fencing workout. The nature of fencing sport is about velocity; a muscle firing movement is all you need. The action is all forward, and to improve the distance, you may perform exercises for power.

After learning about power, agility is also needed when doing fencing workout. Since fencing sport uses a weapon, you should learn the stability and ability to control your movement. Momentum is essential in fencing, so you should focus on rapid deceleration at various speeds all the time.

Sharing My Thoughts

Know your body composition if you want to know if you are ready for a fencing workout. In fencing, the most successful athletes are tall and lean with long wingspans. Reaching distance is also one of the significant factors.

Since it multi-joint, compound exercises with metabolic components and proper nutrition. You also need an adequate recovery workout. Consider doing yoga, breathing exercises, and stretching after the workout. Athletes also do this and more recovery treatments applicable to fencing athletes.

Why this kind of workout? Fencing workout can help you feel relax and focus. With your arm movements in different ways to know the pressure, speed, and lower body movement, the combination of your mind and body, making your progress possible.

The Exercise that Will Help you Lose Weight Solutions


The exercise that will help you lose weight is essential to keep you fit and your body healthy so that you can enjoy each precious moment with your family and friends. 

The exercise that will help you lose weight can be in many forms. There are exercises for beginners and for those who can do the advance routine.

So you are wondering what the exercises that will help you lose weight are? You can start with our best-picked routine to keep your body fit and healthy. It will also give you strength, and your heart can work on functional movement skills. At this point, you will have no injury, and you can perform your tasks more efficiently. Burning calories is one of the priorities when you do exercise that will help you lose weight.

In every exercise, there are certain routines that you will need to follow. The moves, sets, and reps for your movement should be learned, adapted and make it a habit every time you will do the exercise that will help you lose weight.

Top Recommended Exercise that will Help you Lose weight

Forward Lunge

The Exercise that Will Help you Lose Weight 001If you want to make the forward lunge, you will need to stand tall with your feet apart with the length of your hip. Then place your hands on hips or, you can hold weights beside your hips. It is your starting position.

Then take a step forward with one leg while keeping your spine tall and lower your body until the front and back leg form a 90-degree angle. Slightly pause, then step back your leg. You can do this alternately for 10 sets each leg.


The Exercise that Will Help you Lose Weight 002

Another exercise that will help you lose weight is the burpee. Burpee is standing your feet parallel with your shoulder width and your arms at your sides. Then push your hips back and bend your knees. Your palms should reach the ground to lower into a crouch while lowering your back into the ground. Your position is like doing a squat. Three sets can do your body to burn calories.

While in this position, your hands on the floor can be directly in front of your feet. You can shift your weight to each and jump back and land softly in a plank position. Then jump forward that will only make your hands outside, and with this position, you can reach your hands overhead, leaving by sides.

Explosive Lunge

The Exercise that Will Help you Lose Weight 003

In the explosive lunge, start your position with your feet together and your hands on your hips. You should step forward with the right leg and lower into a lunge that your right knee will be bent at a 90-degree angle. Then jump up and switch your legs into midair. Make sure you land softly with one leg forward and lower into a lunge at once.


When you do squats, you will increase your chance of burning calories, and this will help you lose weight. Your starting position is standing with your feet apart in your hip-width length; then, your arms can be either at sides holding weights or in front of the chest. Your weight should be kept in heels, and your back should maintain straight. Your hips should be seated back and bend knees to lower into a squat until thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure that you will keep your toes the entire time and maintain your pace evenly.

Double Jump

dublejmbIt is another exercise that will help you lose weight. The double jump should start with your feet standing slightly wider than your hip. Then make a lower deep squat. Maintain the squat position before rising and jump immediately. Make sure that you will land in a lunge position with your one leg at the back.

Do not forget to jump from this lunge position back to squat. You can repeat this by landing in a lunge on the opposite side.

Mountain Climbers


Yes, you read it right, but you do not need to go on literal mountain climbers. This exercise will help you lose weight by starting in a plank position on the floor. Then drive your one knee toward your chest without raising your hips or allowing one foot to touch the floor.

The second position is placing your right foot back in plank and repeat on the other side. Then drive your left knee toward your chest. You can do this alternately with your legs.


Jump Rope

It is a typical exercise, but it will help you lose weight. You can start with your feet together while your hands are holding the end of the rope. Make sure that your elbows are toward your ribs. Then begin swinging the rope and jumping by step or hop with your both feet or hop both feet over. Do not jump in between instead of jump with each swing of the rope.

Some reminders when doing this exercise. Just make sure that you know the length of the rope. It is also important that the handles are tied enough with the cable. It is crucial so you can avoid accidents.

Improve Balance 6Bodyweight balance

What is the bodyweight balance, and why should you choose it over other exercises that will help you lose weight? This exercise is a simple routine of weight lifting, and we all know that weight lifting can lose weight immediately.

Your starting position is standing with your feet together and lifting your leg, touching your toes on the floor. Then bend and touch your left knee with your right hand and squeeze your glute and keep core engaged to stand and return to the position to start with your other leg.

Swing with your Kettlebell


Like other exercises, you probably heard kettlebell swing, and if you are curious, this is an exercise that will help you lose weight. Before starting, you will need to have a kettlebell. You can have a single or double kettlebell. It depends on how you want the effect on your body.

Start your position by holding the kettlebell handle with both hands. Then keep your back straight, hinge at the hips to hike the kettlebell backward between legs. Afterward, press your hips forward to stand and swing it overhead. Make sure you keep your core engaged. To begin turning, allow the kettlebell to fall forward and between your legs.

Our Insights

Indeed, most exercises that will help you lose weight are basic and do not need equipment to do the routines. In some cases, if you need something like kettlebell and jumping rope, it is not hard to get some of these. These are some of the basic things you need if you want to keep your body fit and healthy. But before doing any exercise, make sure you eat healthy foods, and you have a complete sleep.

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink: To Your Good Health and Fit Body!

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink: Lose Some Pounds, Gain Some Health

Apple cider vinegar drink has been one of the secret ingredients in the formula on how to be healthy. In some studies, the ACV drink amazes the people who are using it. And undoubtedly, many are looking forward to trying the apple cider vinegar drink.

Apple cider vinegar drink is the new hype to lose some extra pounds. So how will you do it? Is that a real deal?

ACV drink was a natural remedy for health problems decades ago. For a very long period of time, this formula has been the favorite of many who refuses to take traditional medicines. They believed that drinking with apple cider vinegar can reduce the risk of having health problems.

Nowadays, it is a choice for many who are looking for healthier yet natural remedies. Also, it is an excellent choice to drink ACV drink. Here are the reasons why.

Why apple cider vinegar drink?

The apple cider vinegar drink has many good things to offer. Coming from its name, this drink came from apple. It undergoes fermentation twice.

Many listed it as the main ingredient to reduce cravings, which means it is a great way to lose weight. Other than that, this drink will improve insulin sensitivity, making your blood sugar levels lowered. You will notice that craving for sweet food decreases, therefore this drink keeps your body from developing cancer cells. It also reduces belly fat and reduces cholesterol levels. If you have lower blood pressure, it means that it improves your heart health.

What is in the ACV?

This drink has many nutrients, which makes it one of the keys to reduce weight and improve one’s health. It contains some nutrients like iron, magnesium, iron, amino acids, anti-oxidants and calories.

How will ACV change your life?How will ACV change your life?

In many aspects, the ACV drink will help you lose some weight and at the same time, will make your body feel healthy and energized.

Battling Diabetes using ACV drink

The apple cider vinegar drink has a significant role in addressing your diabetes. According to studies, apple cider can help in the prevention of diabetes, especially when you have a history of diabetes. But remember that taking this drink will not replace medication. Make sure that before taking ACV drink, you talk to your doctor while taking prescribed drugs.

Lowering Risk of High Blood Pressure and Fighting Bad Cholesterol

Apple cider vinegar drink plays a big role in lowering blood pressure, and it also reduces cholesterol levels. How does it work? The first thing that this drink does to our body is controlling our kidneys. Our kidneys are responsible for screening our blood. Also, when drinking ACV, it helps our blood vessels to relax. It will make our blood pressure to function normally, avoiding a spike in blood pressure level.

Aside from blood pressure, ACV decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. An increase in good cholesterol means that our body has natural antioxidants that maintain the right cholesterol level.

Balance Acid Production for Better Digestion

Another good thing about taking apple cider vinegar drinks is to maintain the balance of acid production for better digestion. Some of the good stuff that AVC drink helps us is getting rid of heartburn, reduction of bloating and improve overall digestion.

Is it not apparent that when drinking this vinegar, we consume drink high in acid. Make sure that you will dilute the ACV in a glass of water so that it will not irritate your throat and intestines. So, a balance acid level in your stomach means that you have proper food digestion.

Natural Anti-Bacterial

Apple cider vinegar drink is a natural bacteria killer. Previously, the ACV is effective in disinfecting wounds and treating fungus. In some studies, it helps fighting bacteria like E-coli, which spoils food. So using ACV helps to preserve the food.

Fight Cancer Cells by Drinking Apple Cider VinegarFight Cancer Cells by Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

A natural way to battle cancer is to consume a drink with apple cider vinegar. As we know that prevention is better than cure, so it is better to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. Avoid eating foods that are high in carcinogens, which is the starting point of cancer development.

When there is cancer growth, drinking ACV promotes healthy cells making the growth of cancer cells slow down. Though it is a natural remedy, it is not sufficient to replace the treatment for cancer. Make sure you talk to your doctor if you are undergoing treatment or medications before taking this drink.

Unique Formula for Skin and Hair

Another reason to keep a bottle of apple cider vinegar in your kitchen is to promote healthy skin and hair.

When it comes to your skin, it helps reduce and treat acne. Also, it soothes sunburn. The antioxidants in this drink also increase the anti- aging properties of the skin.

Then for your hair, you can use it to improve the health of your hair and combats hair tangles. It also retains the moisture of your cuticles.

How do we consume apple cider vinegar?

There are many ways to consume apple cider vinegar. You can include the ACV in your diets, such as placing it with salad dressing and marinade recipes. Two tablespoons of it are enough for daily consumption. Make sure you mix it with a glass of water or fruit juice. It is as simple as that.

In Our Thoughts

Drinking apple cider vinegar is indeed one of the great natural remedies that you heard before. There are many testimonials about this formula, especially in losing weight. But, this drink is also beneficial to our health, especially when you have health problems in the cardiovascular and digestive system. So our tips for enjoying the healthful benefits of apple cider vinegar are to start from the little mixture, then you can add 1 tablespoon to your drink.

Make sure that you have no medication, treatment or maintenance. This drink is a natural remedy that you should use with caution, especially when taking it with other prescribed medicines.

Easy Tips on How to Lose Weight Naturally to Enjoy the Holiday Season

Easy tips on how to lose weight naturally

Easy tips on how to lose weight naturally can save you from the weight you will gain this coming holiday season. Family gatherings and celebrations will definitely give you a souvenir in your weight. So you will need to have a good exit point to less guilt in you while enjoying all the good times.

Easy tips on how to lose weight are not just a numbers game. It is done sincerely and regularly. When doing a weight loss program, you need to focus and look forward to the results of your exercises and workouts.

To kick start your weight loss program, you can start with the basics. Then with a proper routine, you have to keep up with the schedule. Make sure you are doing it right, and you strictly follow your plan.

20-minute Morning Workout

The ideal exercise for your easy tips on how to lose weight naturally should be done in the morning before you start your schedule for the day. According to studies, the people who performed exercises in the morning are found to be healthier and slimmer compared to activities performed later in the day.

Practice Eating the Right Food

Included in the straightforward tips on how to lose weight naturally is planning your snacks. If you want to control the calories, carbohydrates and fats, you will intake daily; you should limit yourself from eating outside. Make sure that you have your own meal and snacks. In this case, you will be the one in charge of the preparation of your food.

To complete your meal pack, make sure you have small packages of protein sources like nuts, seeds, yogurt, sprouts, dark chocolates or cheese. Also, you can add an apple daily to keep you satiated.

Part of your meal plan is drinking enough fluid, non-caffeinated, of course. And skip drinking soda if you want to lose some weight. Other than water, you can choose to drink green vegetable juices. Fruit juices can also keep your body hydrated. And one study showed that drinking plenty of water, it increases the metabolic rate by 30%.

More Fiber and Protein, Less Salt

Salt has implications that when you eat more than your body needs, it can cause water retention. You should avoid foods, especially chips, high sodium foods like preservative food. It is needed to prevent because conservation of water will make you bloated. Also, unhealthy foods like chips can give you more calories than your body requires.

While eating foods high in fiber and protein, you should eat slowly. By doing so, you will absorb all the food nutrients, and food digestion will be easy.

Protein and fiber, when consumed, can be a good source of energy. And when you have full strength, you can perform your workout and exercises that will help you lose weight quickly.

On fiber, look for high fiber foods or less “energy dense” to have fewer calories. When to eat food with high fiber? As one of the easy tips on how to lose weight naturally, make sure you eat fiber foods in the form of oats or fresh fruits and salad.

Control Your Cravings to Follow Easy Tips on How to Lose Weight Naturally

Control Your Cravings to Follow Easy Tips on How to Lose Weight Naturally

The most effective and practical way as easy tips on how to lose weight naturally is to keep out of unhealthy food at home. Some foods, like processed and packaged foods, have harmful effects. So keeping it away to your home is an excellent way to stay on easy tips on how to lose weight naturally.

Think about your ideal weight and how you can achieve it. The primary step is to manage the food you will store at home. Visualize what will happen inside your stomach if you eat unhealthy foods. Focus on the foods that can help you lose weight but at the same time will make you feel satiated.

Learn Many Movements

There is no way that you can lose weight when you have regular exercise and daily routine to keep your body sweating. Your muscles need to be a workout, and you should know how to do it properly.

Learn some movements that will keep your body busy. Try to take a walk after your meals. Give yourself a 10-minute walk after every meal, and you will notice the increase in your metabolism.

You can also try to run or do some jogging while you are walking. Jogging in intervals can extend your burning of calories for two hours. It will also tone up your muscles a little bit faster.

Other than walking and running, you can also do some push-ups and squats. If you have enough time, doing push-ups and squats can make your body experience the difference as you compared it with jogging and walking.

Our Best Advice

Save yourself from self-pity, so keep from checking your weight from time to time. Make it a habit to weigh yourself once a week to know if you have lost some weight. Daily checking it will not make you see the improvement.

Make sure that you follow our easy tips on how to lose weight naturally so you will enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

Weight Loss Yoga – Learn the Skills and Perform to Get in Shape


Weight loss yoga can be your best option when you need to lose some weight. Yoga alone can be your best exercise if you are limited from moving your body as yoga can enhance your flexibility, balance and strength of your muscles.

Weight loss yoga is easy to do, but it also gives you a full package on how to achieve your body goals. In most countries, yoga believes to be the key to fight aging and gives you more than single health benefits.

There is various yoga that you can perform that will surely give you the best results. Each yoga has different poses. But each can give you the weight loss yoga you needed the most.

weight loss yogaThe best part of weight loss yoga is burning the calories and excess fats in our body through exercises that you will enjoy. You can do this alone or with your peers as long as you are following the simple steps.

However, if you are thinking of the fastest way to burn your calories faster than before, you will need to learn about the Bikram. This type of yoga consists of difficult positions that make your heart rates higher. At this point, your body is burning more calories and fats. So how does Bikram work? Aside from performing awkward positions, it is being done in a heated room.

Another set of yoga that will make you burn more calories is Hatha. Unlike Bikram, Hatha is being done in a regular yoga room and only requires simple movements.

Still, if you are looking for more yoga routines, you can perform other yoga exercises. Weight loss yoga comes in many forms, and you only have to do is learn, adapt and perform.

Yoga Routine 1: Chair Pose

Yoga Routine 1: Chair Pose

How to do it:

  1. Your starting position is your feet slightly apart.
  2. Make a deep inhale while raising your arms straight over your head. Your palms should be facing each other, and your triceps should be next to your ears.
  3. Then exhale slowly and bend your knees.
  4. Start pushing your butt backward, making your lower like sitting in a chair.
  5. Make sure your torso is leaning naturally to keep your shoulders down and back.
  6. Continue doing this five times to give your thighs, butt, abs, hips and arms muscles a workout they deserved.

An upgrade for chair pose:

If you are not satisfied with the basic chair pose, you can add a twist…literally.

  1. Your starting position is to hold a chair while keeping your arms straight over your head, lowering up to your chest levels. Make sure your palms are in the place of like praying.
  2. Then twist your upper body to the right. It will make your left elbow comes to rest gently on your right thigh.
  3. Make pressure on your abs and continue to inhale and exhale.
  4. Do this five times to give an additional workout to your shoulders, upper back, obliques and shoulders.

Yoga Routine 2: Downward-Facing

Yoga Routine 2: Downward-Facing

How to do it:

  1. To begin with, put your hands and knees on the floor, keeping a hip-width apart, and your hands should align under your shoulders.
  2. Then spread your fingers wide while pressing your weight to your mat.
  3. Make an exhale as you make your toes tucked, and your knees lifted off the floor. You will feel that your pelvis will move upward, and your butt is like pushing the wall behind you.
  4. Then, make your legs straight and push your chest backward while your neck is relaxing.
  5. Make sure your heels are on the floor while doing this yoga.
  6. Continue this routine as your weight loss yoga for five times. It will make muscles in your legs, arms, shoulders, upper back and abs worked out.

An upgrade for downward-facing:

  1. While in the position, lift your left leg back as high as possible. Make sure you keep your hips square.
  2. Then, exhale and bring your left knee front, near to your nose and drawing your belly towards your spine.
  3. Afterwards, when you inhale, lift your leg back up in down dog split.
  4. Repeat five times and switch left and right sides. It is an additional workout for your butt.

Yoga Routine 3: Warrior


  1. Your first thing to do is repeat your position in a downward-facing yoga routine.
  2. Then step your right foot forward between your hands, making your body in a low runner’s lunge.
  3. Afterwards, turn your left heel slightly outward, making your left hip forward and right hip backward.
  4. Next, put some pressure on your abs while putting yourself into a high lunge.
  5. Your arms should be lifted as well, palms facing or touching each other.
  6. Take a deep inhale and exhale. Repeat five breaths, switch legs and repeat.

This routine will make your legs, hips, butt, arms, shoulders, chest, abs and back muscles working.

An upgrade for warrior yoga routine:

  1. While keeping your position in the warrior yoga routine, you will need to keep your abs tight, but your chest should be lower toward your right knee using a chair in front of you.
  2. Then lift your leg to bring your body parallel with the ground.
  3. Extend your arms out in front and your shoulders away from the ears.

Make sure your palms are facing or touching each other.

  1. Next, look down, and your heel should be backward as if you are pushing against the wall.
  2. Continue for five times.

Yoga Routine 4: Superman


  1. Take it from our term – superman. This yoga routine will start with your face looking down to your legs while the forehead is resting on the mat.
  2. Your arms out in front of you while your palms facing down.
  3. Make pressure to your abs and butt, lifting your arms and legs directly upwards.
  4. Hold your upper and lower body off the ground.
  5. Continue your routine for five times.

This workout will give more strength to your back, chest, shoulders, arms, butt, hamstrings, and abs muscles.

An upgrade for a superman yoga routine:

  1. While in your primary position in superman yoga routine, make your arms on the floor by your sides.
  2. Then bend your knees as you exhale and bring your heels as close to your butt.
  3. Reach to your back and hold your ankles. Make sure your knees are hip-width apart.
  4. Then lift your chests and thighs off the floor as you inhale.
  5. You also need to push your heels away from the butt.
  6. Press your shoulder blades down and back, but you have to keep your lower back relaxed.
  7. Continue this routine for 5 times.

Our Insights for Yoga as Weight Loss

Weight loss yoga can be performed at your home, so you don’t need to get a schedule from the fitness centers. It is one of the most practical and straightforward steps to achieve your body goals.

How to Lose Weight and Regain your Confidence without These Foods?


How to lose weight yet enjoying the best of everything? You perhaps noticed age is one of the factors if you want to lose weight. It defines your metabolism with the food intake you have daily.

How to lose weight while keeping your body healthy is the best way to consider avoiding future problems with your health. Not eating at all is not what we suggest but avoiding some foods that cause your metabolism to work slowly. Also, what we recommend is to change your daily routine into something that will encourage you to a healthy lifestyle.

My experience of losing weight is full of challenges. There are temptations that hard to avoid like eating foods from fast food and always getting to-go meals from restaurants. So I have decided to cut some foods with too many calories, sweetener, and preservatives. In doing this, I have lost weight without making myself suffers.

As I have said, I cut down my intake of foods that cause me to gain weight. So how to lose weight, in my opinion, should start avoiding the following foods.

Foods with Artificial Sweeteners and Flavors

Foods with Artificial Sweeteners and Flavors

One reason why people suffer from being overweight and obese is because of food intake with lots of artificial sweeteners and flavors. Then, avoiding these foods will answer your question on how to lose weight.

Foods with artificial sweetener and flavor like yogurt and sodas should be avoided. Soda is one of the cancer-causing factors. Also, it is identified as one of the reasons for poor ovulation for women and low sperm motility for men. And for yogurt, except Greek yogurt, you have to be careful with this food. Though it is also identified as one of the dietary and healthy foods, some yogurts offer too much sugar. Aside from weight and fertility issues, sugar has also been identified to cause aging. Too much sugar in our body can accelerate the aging process. So you will see wrinkles and fine line are starting to form as you gain weight as well.

Processed Foods

How to lose weight when you are eating processed foods like canned, salami, bacon and hotdogs? If you want to lose weight and stay healthy living, you might want to stop eating these foods.

Like artificial sweetener, processed foods are the next thing you have to stop consuming. For instance, canned foods like soups contain chemicals that link to many health problems like cancer, obesity and infertility. If you love to eat soup, you can do it at home with eggs and some vegetables.

Also, processed foods link to high blood pressure and skin aging. So if you want to look younger than your age, then stop eating processed foods and stick with your healthy meal plan.

Who would say no to pastries and cakesPastries, Cookies and Cakes

Who would say no to pastries and cakes? But if you are serious on your journey on how to lose weight, then stop craving and ditch out these foods from your kitchen. No excuses even when you are at gatherings or restaurants.

Pastries, cookies and cakes like other foods that we mentioned a while ago contain sugar and more calories than our body needed. According to the study, individuals, especially women, can have direct negative benefits when overeating sugar. PCOS is one of the common problems with women which results in infertility. Also, according to a study last 2014, foods with a higher amount of sugar can lead to the consumption of too many calories, resulting in a higher risk of heart disease.

Grilled Foods

Before I decided to get back in shape and lose some pounds, grilled foods are my favorite. The juicy flavor and aroma of this food are tempting to eat more than what we deserve. But eating grilled lean meat is still a danger to our health and disadvantage on how to lose weight?

The answer is yes! Any grilled food produced harmful chemicals that cause cancer. Heterocyclic amines or HCAs and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are the chemicals to be found in grilled food. These chemicals are produced because of the high temperature over an open flame. Therefore, how to lose weight has something to do in avoiding this food.

Grilled food + alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic Beverages

Grilled food + alcoholic beverages? It is one of the best food collaboration that many people are doing. And I am guilty on this one before I decided to turn back on drinking alcoholic beverages.

Thinking the pleasure when drinking alcoholic beverages like cocktails and beers should be replaced with mind-setting on how to lose weight.

Some people drink beers and cocktails before going to sleep because this is their comfort food, and such make them sleep better. But trying other options like eating healthy foods and doing regular exercises can make you sleep better.

Caffeinated Drinks and Artificial Creamer

Long before I achieve my goals to be fit and healthy, I love to drink coffee, and nothing can stop me. And my favorite is adding whip cream on top of it so it can get creamier.

But what I don’t know is drinking coffee with lots of creamers have more calories. Though there is indulgence in eating this food, it also gave some negative health benefits. This kind of food can elevate glucose levels which cause obesity and other sugar-related health problems.

And for creamer, if you have noticed, at first it is like one of the simple ingredients for your coffee or tea. But what you don’t know is that it contains trans-fat that can cause inflammation because of the properties like hydrogenated oil. Over time it can be a factor for injury and aging.

Salty Foods

Other than sugar, watch out for salty foods if you are willing to follow our how to lose weight food identifications. Like sugar, salty foods harm our body. Some foods like snacks contain high salt. You will also notice that while you enjoy eating salty food, your body has limits in food intake of salty food. Getting dangerous on how to lose weight should also consider in avoiding salty foods.

Some Changes to Your Daily Routine

Some Changes to Your Daily Routine

Eating healthy foods and avoiding the foods we have mentioned are the primary keys on how to lose weight. But also, you should consider your daily routine.

If you want to achieve your ideal weight, you should have something that motivates you. Believe me; losing weight will be lighter and more natural if you have some reasons why you are doing it.

Skipping meals will not help you to lose weight. I suggest you keep on eating three times a day but watch for calories intake. Also, look out with your carbohydrates and fats that you’re eating each meal.

You need to eat less sugary food and avoid eating salty foods. Also, what we need to have in our plate is plenty of protein. Protein gives us the energy to perform daily tasks without compromising our body.

If you have kids, refrain from eating the left-over to your kid’s plates. It is one of the reasons why mothers are gaining too much weight than other female individuals. If you want to avoid left-over foods on your kids’ plates, make the right serving to their plates and encourage them to finish the food served to their dishes.

What can we say?

How to lose weight is a big challenge if you have no motivation, aside from getting your shape back and being healthy. But for me, these reasons are enough to lose some extra weight. I am knowing the higher risk of acquiring diseases if overweight or obese is the top reason why I lose weight.

And since I have peers, I encourage them to do the same. Doing these things with your friends can be more fun and exciting.

Lastly, drinking enough water and sleeping is part of my process of losing weight. And I think you should do this as starters to give your body enough rest.

Weight Loss Tips: How will you know you are doing it right?


Weight loss tips are a handful of weapons when you want to succeed in your weight loss program. And if you’re going to have an effective method of reducing weight, you can take it from here. Learn and imagine yourself after doing all the things we have here.

Weight loss tips are your ticket to achieve your body goal. Being fit and healthy is your shield daily to perform your task perfectly. With enough nutrients and a balanced diet, you can do more things with a healthy body.

Your health should not be an excuse for underperformance. Instead, make it as your asset to perform more than expected. With these weight loss tips, meal planning is our ultimate guide.

Check out our Preferred Weight Loss Tips

What is your diet?

Yes, if you want to have the best weight loss tips, you have to check your diet. Track your calories intake and plan how you will burn it. Don’t overeat calories if you don’t know how to burn it. Assess your eating habit and maintain your body mass index. Meaning, your height and weight should be proportional to each other.

To avoid too many calories, yet you will feel full, you can make alternatives like salad. But you can have foods with vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, legumes and other healthy meal with low calories. These weight loss tips will assist you in maintaining your ideal weight.

And don’t forget to cut your sugar intake. Oh yes, sugar increases your weight, and later on, you will not notice that you have a high risk of obesity. Soda and other drinks have artificial sugar which stimulates your hunger hormones. In this scenario, your cravings will increase.

Fun facts about the food you will eat.

Are you tired of the same servings? Make some small food swaps so your food won’t be boring like the usual diet food. There are lots of choices for healthy foods that you can prepare. Take it from me. My typical meal comes with a sandwich that has fresh vegetable and chicken. Then the next day I made an egg-wrap sandwich with fresh cut tomatoes and cucumber. Since I have little time to prepare, I make something that I can carry around with me. Of course, I ditch out fast food meal which contains more calories and bad cholesterols. Small changes to your meal plan can give you excitement to what will you eat the next day.

And there goes a myth busted about skipping a meal at night. Why trying so hard to skip a meal at night if you cannot do it for your entire life? My weight loss tips on this one are to indulge yourself with the food you want but take control of the calorie intake you will have.

My point in doing weight loss program is looking after what you eat. How will you do that? Never make a rule if you will break them – this is how weight loss tips worked well for me.

So having daily a balanced meal is better than skipping your meal at bedtime. According to the study, it promotes healthy blood sugar levels which control your appetite.

Choose leaner protein food sources.

leaner protein food sources.

And who said to cross out protein from your diet? Protein is important for our weight loss tips. Don’t compare protein with carbs and fat. If you notice, bodybuilders have more protein in their diet, and they cut fat, carbs and sweet foods.

We are talking about leaner protein food sources. What are lean protein sources? You can have chicken, fish, low-fat dairy. As the same, this also has fewer calories. Put a second thought about bacon and other protein with fats. But according to a study, if you consume protein food sources, you can pair it with sweet foods. It has been studied that protein slows the release of sugar in our bloodstream. Given this fact, you will surely feel satiated for longer.

Say yes to carbs with lots of fiber.


Say yes to carbs with lots of fiber.

And yes, there are carbohydrates with higher fiber content than glucose. This kind of carbs comes with whole grain. Choose whole-grain than white bread. As weight loss tips, more fiber can help your digestion if you will have to eat more protein.

Then fiber can be beneficial totally by drinking more water. And everything we eat can properly be digested if we drink more water. More water means we keep our self-hydrated as well. Cut off coffee and other drinks from the market or convenience store and start drinking more water.

What can we say?

Make a good habit at the end of the day. Learn to manage all your emotions at the end of the day. Stress and anxiety can be your enemy after your work. So handle them without compromising your health.

With our weight loss tips, you can improve how to deal with your surroundings. Remember eating unhealthy foods and forgetting to make a good lifestyle can be a source of medical health conditions.

Never pull off the reasoning of stress because you overeat. Make a good reason for eating the right food. If you are eating happily and feel delighted with no guilty feeling inside about the food you are consuming, you will notice the food intake you have are helping you to lose weight.

And finally, my weight loss tips include having an eight-hour sleep, but much better if you will add more 30 minutes. I believe sleep is essential to our health, and lack of sleep makes slower metabolism. Also, sleep deprivation cause changes to your body. It affects your health mainly.

With weight loss tips, it can make your diet plan successful. Following these weight loss tips can trigger a habit to your system. In which, you will track it over time, and your body can adapt with it.

Weight Loss Motivation: What keeps you going on?


Weight loss motivation has a real effect on people who have disciplined and focus on achieving their goals. When you are less motivated with your workout, then you should look for more reasons why you need to lose weight.

Weight loss motivation starts in you. Though there are many techniques, these can be effective if you know how to maintain what you have started. It is common that your first trial, you are energetic and motivated by more than 100%.

But what happens when time passes by? What makes you less motivated and eager to achieve your goals? Can you identify what makes you less focus and no discipline at all?

What keeps you motivated?

Distractions are everywhere – food, lifestyle and peers. These are common factors that contribute to your weight loss program. What should you do then? Well, here are some ways to increase weight loss motivation. Also, with these, you are creating healthy habits.

Motivation 1: Keep telling yourself that there this is the right time, no more adjustments.

When you are doing your workout routine, you need to focus on completing the method. Also, when you have a workout plan for the week, you should not skip it. Even when you are late for a minute or five, you should keep doing it. Many people have lots of excuses so that they will not do their work out exercises for the day. Remember that every single movement can add to your weight loss motivation.

Motivation 2: Exercise is fun.

Don’t think that exercise is tedious. It is the most fun activities that you can do for your body, especially to your heart and arteries. By doing exercises, your body will feel the difference. Compare to the days that you are not doing any weight loss motivation. The benefits of doing exercise are keeping your arteries elastic and flexible. Also, it regulates blood flow and reduces the chance of having blood pressure. With enough training, it makes our tissues to be more sensitive to insulin. So you will observe that you are getting slimmer because you have weight loss motivation.

Motivation 3: Walking for five minutes extends life.

Don’t hesitate with the 5-minute walk daily. Actually, walking is beneficial to our health. It is also one easy and effective weight loss motivation. You should not be pressure even when it comes to doing the walking. Remember that it is better to have five minutes rather than nothing. According to the study, people with lesser activity have a high risk of cardio diseases and diabetes. So walking is essential for weight loss motivation exercises.

Motivation 4: Complete the workout repetitions and sets at pace.

Getting slim has no shortcuts unless you do medical surgery for your fats. But when you deal with it by doing exercises, then you have to finish the repetitions and sets at pace. What can make you disturb in completing your workout? Distractions come in many forms like from the television and social media.
According to the study, a person who spends two hours in front of the television has a higher risk of becoming obese. Also, it increases the chance of developing diabetes.

But you can do a workout even you are watching television. It’s a multi-task ability to finish your workout at pace while watching your favorite television series. You can do a few sit-ups and pushups. You can also do some exercise using a dumbbell.

Motivation 5: When you motivate yourself, you are doing favors to people around you.

Motivating yourself for weight loss program can be done in simple ways. When you also achieve the results, you are kind to yourself. Even small acts of doing exercises like walking to your favorite shopping mart or walking your dog around the corner can make a difference. And if you can have less than 10-minute walk from your workplace going to your place, then you should grab it.

Ultimate Weight Loss Motivation    

Our ultimate motivation for people who want to lose weight has only one rule. Weight loss motivation starts to you and not from the others.

A. Think of being an athlete rather than a person who always wants to rest.

We understand the need to take your day off and make a good rest. But what you don’t observe is your mentality on this scenario. Resting can be done if you have eight hours of sleep, which is recommended. Then you add some exercise to sweat off your stress. Having morning exercise is one of the keys to having weight loss motivation. With enough pumping of your heart to make your blood flow regularly, you will feel the adrenaline in your veins. And this is how you can cause weight loss motivation starting to you.

B. What is your goal?

Every motivation has its goal. But make it realistic so you can see future milestones at the end of the day. If you are motivated, then you can work hard. Then you can reach your goals, and you will be proud once you achieve it. Focus on the things you want to achieve. And if you won’t finish it according to your plan, have a list of the things that will make you complete your goal. Write it, define it and check it daily to monitor your progress. To keep your goals on the track, make sure you do weight loss motivation consistently.

C. Have fun and enjoy

For sure, having fun and enjoying workout can give you weight loss motivation. Try to add some spice and individual routines to your workout. Some activities that you can add are those you enjoy doing and improve your personality as well. You can do your exercises with the tune you love to dance with. Or the song you love to sing along.

What can we say?

Weight loss motivation does not easy for those who started with no goals to achieve. One thing that keeps a person moving towards is the goals that achievable. Without these, you have no reason at all.

Weight Loss Drink for Achievable Results in Less than a Week


Weight loss drink in the form of supplements is replaceable by natural and healthy beverages. Are you thinking of making some weight loss drink? Just remember, home-made weight loss drink comes in green and yellow.

Weight loss drink is not a complex mixture of different vegetables. For instance, I tried to mix some of basic spices, herbs and vegetables and come up with a fantastic weight loss drink.

In just seven days, I have lost some weight, especially in my belly area. It started when I decided to make my weight loss drink. It began with cleanser and detox. Then later, I experiment to reduce fats around my belly and other body areas.

As you read along, I will give you some of the weight loss drink that I drink to maintain what I have lost in a week time.

weight loss drink Ginger + Lemon = Cleanser

Ginger + Lemon = Cleanser

Every morning, it becomes my habit to mix ginger and lemon as my cleanser. Why I chose these two?

Well, aside from many health benefits of ginger, it becomes one of the spices that prevent digestion problems. Then, limes are rich in vitamin C, which helps regulate satiety and body weight.

How to prepare:  Chop 1-inch ginger root and put it in a blender. Then add 1 cup of cold water and give it a spin. Then pour out the blended ginger water into a glass. Get the half sliced lime, already squeezed the juice. And pour it in the blended ginger. Stir well before drinking.

weight loss drink Honey + Lemon = Detox

Honey + Lemon = Detox

Since detox is best to do during the morning, you will need to start your drink right. Detox is essential if you want to lose some weight. With natural ingredients like honey and lemon, combining these can improve cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation. It also flushed out toxins, maintaining a normal pH in our body.

How to prepare: Get a glass of water with warm temperature but not too hot. Get the 1 whole lime, already squeezed the juice. And mix with the water with one tablespoon of organic honey. Stir well before drinking.

Refreshing Lemon as Weigh Loss Drink

If you observe my previous weight loss drink evolves with lemon. So why should we skip making lemonade for our dear self? Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system which our body needs.

When I started reducing weight, I needed my immune system to keep my body protected while adjusting to new metabolism. Yes, drinking pure lemon water without sugar or anything is not enjoyable.

So, I started to look for an alternative sweetener that will not distract the health benefits of lemon. Also, I tried adding some cayenne pepper for improving my metabolism.

How to prepare: Get a glass of water and mix one lemon, already squeezed the juice. Add 1 teaspoon of maple syrup and a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Stir well before drinking while sprinkling a pinch of salt.

Tomato + Lime = Loss Some Fat

Tomato + Lime = Loss Some Fat

I think the best way to burn fat is to have good cardiovascular health and regulate blood sugar level. Then I found out that tomatoes are loaded with phytonutrients against diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So I tried looking for drinks made of tomatoes. And luckily, I found this one and tried it.

How to prepare: First, fill in one cup with sliced tomatoes. Put it in the blender and pour out half sliced of lime, already squeezed into juice. Add a pinch of salt and stir well before drinking.

Black Coffee = Weight Loss Drink

Black Coffee = Weight Loss Drink

With the right amount of coffee, flax seeds and dark chocolate, this is the weight loss drink that you can enjoy if you are a coffee drinker and chocolate lover.

As we all know, caffeine can induce fast metabolism; flax seeds decrease insulin resistance, and dark chocolate prevents the absorption of fatty acids.

How to prepare: Get a cup of hot water and put one teaspoon coffee in a container and add hot water. Then add 1 teaspoon ground flaxseed, and half teaspoon grated dark chocolate. Stir well and top it off with grated dark chocolate.

Green Tea + Mint = Slim Body

One way to make it happen is by drinking green tea and mint. According to the study, green tea contains catechin, which helps our body works on those fats. While our body works to mobilize fat, mint can prevent digestion problem, allergies and gives off antioxidants.

So knowing these facts, I tried making a drink using green tea and mint. So here how to prepare it:

Prepare a cup of water and let it boil for 5 minutes or reach its boiling point. Once it boiled, add 1 tablespoon green tea leaves and let it soak for 5 minutes. Then add 5 pieces of mint leaves. If you smell the mint and green tea, strain the boiled water into a cup. Stir well before drinking.

Celery w/ Apple Cider Vinegar = Recommended Intake of Calorie

Celery w/ Apple Cider Vinegar = Recommended Intake of Calorie

Weight loss drink made of apple cider vinegar and celery improves our body metabolism. Increasing metabolism can easily digest our food intake. Also, apple cider vinegar lowers bad cholesterol levels and improves heart health.

After knowing to lose weight needs to have the right intake of calorie, I look for natural ingredients to make a weight loss drink. Then I found out about celery as one of the factors to increase metabolism, which means lesser calories.

How to prepare it: Chopped and prepared a half cup of celery and blend it with a cup of water. Pour the celery juice into a glass and add half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Stir well and add some ground black pepper before drinking.

Kale w/ Apple Cider Vinegar = Regulate Blood Sugar Level

Losing some weight means to cut sugar intake. Decreasing sugar intake is one of the hardest parts of weight loss. Sweet foods like chocolate, ice cream, cake and other desserts are very tempting. So I decided to find a weight loss drink that can regulate blood sugar level.

Luckily, I have found a way to use kale, which is rich in dietary fiber and helps reduce the blood glucose levels in our body. By doing so, it prevents obesity and diabetes. Here’s how to do it.

How to prepare: Prepared one cup of kale and put it into the blender. Add half a cup of water and start a good spin. Then pour the kale juice into a glass and add one teaspoon apple cider vinegar. Stir well before drinking and add a pinch of black salt.

Wheatgrass + Grape = Good Cholesterol

Wheatgrass + Grape = Good Cholesterol

Good cholesterol only means that good health. Then weight loss drink that gives good cholesterol, meaning flushing out toxins and lowering bad cholesterol. So I tried doing the wheatgrass and grape weight loss drink. Other than anti-ageing properties, it regulates blood sugar levels, which help weight loss.

How to prepare it: Chop wheatgrass to fill a cup and then pour into a blender. Add half a cup of grapes and half cup of water before blending. Then pour the juice in a glass. Stir well.

What can we say weight loss drink?

Weight loss drink can have different effects on our body. And choosing what kind of drinks depends on what is your target. You can have weight loss drink if you want to cut sugar, calories or make detox and cleanser for your body.

Weight Loss with Coffee has Absolutely No Side Effect


Weight loss with coffee has been the talk of everyone lately. Does drinking coffee really play a part in reducing weight? How do coffee and weight loss correlate?

Weight loss with a coffee may be possible. According to a study, you can drink coffee and begin losing some weight if you prefer no additional cream and sugar. How be a coffee a factor as a weight loss drink?

You can start pointing out the possibilities of caffeine. Coffee contains caffeine, and there are good and bad effects of caffeine on our body. As I was trying to understand caffeine in coffee and how it contributes to weight loss drink, I came up with the nutritional facts of caffeine and the dangers it caused when over-consume.

Caffeine Nutritional Facts

A cup of black coffee contains antioxidants more than what raspberry, blueberry, grape or orange juice can offer, according to studies.

Aside from getting weight loss with coffee, those who are drinking coffee are revealed to be fewer probes to have type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, caffeine in coffee is said to reduce the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease, another study revealed.

Why should caffeine be avoided?

Though coffee is reportedly effective, you should keep the 4-6-hour interval of drinking coffee before going to sleep. Otherwise, you will end up having disturbed sleep.

I also experienced some gastric reflux and heartburn after drinking coffee. Only then I found out that according to studies, coffee contributes a high amount of caffeine that can increase blood pressure.

Other than that, too much caffeine can increase urinary excretion of calcium, which makes you prone to osteoporosis.

Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee for Weight Loss

After I revealed the caffeine in coffee, how about weight loss with coffee? In a recent report based on the study of Professor Michael Symonds from the University of Nottingham, he discussed the brown and white fat. Brown fat is charged by coffee, while white fat occurs as a result of excess calories. And the effects of brown fat works differently compared to other fat in our body, he explained. The brown fat produces heat by burning sugar and fat, often in response to be cold. In this way, the tendency is coffee creates heat in our body that can burn calories and fat in some ways.

In my point of view, weight loss with coffee is really happening. For instance, coffee can increase your body temperature. Higher body temperature causes your metabolism to work harder and to speed up the time it takes your body to process some fat and calories. With the right amount of caffeine, coffee can speed up your metabolism.

Aside from metabolism, weight loss with coffee accelerates the distribution of fats in our body. Caffeine in coffee helps to process fat more efficiently.

I observed one thing while drinking coffee. It can suppress my appetite. I tried drinking coffee at mid-morning, and my next food intake is lunch, which saves me from eating in-between meals. Isn’t it great?

Some Side Effects of Weight Loss with Coffee

Of course, while doing some research and based on my experience, drinking coffee to lose some weight has some side effects. Adverse effects of weight loss with coffee are a natural thing since coffee contains caffeine. And too much caffeine in our body is unhealthy.

The time you feel irritable and grumpy, rather than calm and in control, it is time you need to stop drinking coffee. In a study shows that after drinking coffee, a sudden release of sugar into the blood occurred. This process will make you crave more sugar than getting a firm on your weight loss meal plan.

Understanding Caffeine for Weight Loss with Coffee

Understanding Caffeine for Weight Loss with Coffee

Caffeine in coffee has many variations, and thankfully; we have a list of the amount of coffee in each type of coffee drinks. Caffeine in these drinks may have different effects on you and your weight loss with coffee.

Brewed Coffee

Since brewed coffee is prepared by keeping the hot water in contact with the coffee beans or grinds for a lengthy period, it tends to have higher caffeine content, and in some cases, an over-extracted taste.

There are distinctive methods of brewing coffee. For weight loss with coffee, each process has different caffeine content.

  1. Drip or filter has an equivalent of 115 to 1,175 mg.
  2. French press or plunger has 80 to 135 mg.
  3. Percolated provides 64 to 272 mg.
  4. Boiled has 160 to 240 mg.


Stronger than brewed coffee, this type of coffee is prepared by forcing a small amount of hot water through finely-ground coffee beans.

The caffeine content of a single shot is about 30 to 50 ml, equivalent to 53 mg of caffeine. Double it, and you will have about 125 mg of caffeine.

Instant Coffee

The preparation of coffee drink using instant coffee is different from brewed or espresso. It is made by adding one or two teaspoons, depending on the flavor you want, into hot water. This one has lower caffeine, which equivalent between 30 to 90 mg.

The powdered coffee comes from spray-dried or freeze-dried coffee. It can be subtle or rough in texture.

Decaf Coffee

Still insisting for weight loss with coffee? Go for decaf coffee. This coffee variation has the least amount of coffee, about 0 to 7 mg of caffeine per cup. However, the average is usually 3 mg.

What can we say about it?

Caffeine intake depends on how your body will process it.

Caffeine intake depends on how your body will process it. Given that, other alternative drinks will avoid the adverse effects.

Some of your choices are green tea or peppermint tea. Aside from no caffeine, it is said to be more helpful in losing weight. Additionally, the calories it contains are only minimal.

Even so, if you really cannot avoid drinking coffee, you can still lose some weight. Just make sure you drink coffee, not beyond your limit of caffeine. Keep in mind that losing weight cannot be achieved right away. It takes discipline, and you will need to have one when choosing to lose weight.