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Body Shape Workout at Home: Effective Exercises for Fat Loss!


The body shape workout at home will blow away your mind if you are wondering how to get to the gym now that a pandemic crisis is ongoing. Exercises at home can allow you to stay in shape and maintain to be physically fit. Yes, it is possible to have your body shape workout at home.

The body shape workout at home can give you a daily sweat like you used to have when kicking the gym. Now you will be asking what the exercises you can do for shaping your body are. 


There are many workouts for body shape, and you can do it. I suggest you should start with basic since it is the beginning of your daily routine exercises. 

As for me, my first try of the body shape workout at home is not that easy. I faced difficulties perfecting the routines. But guess what, I overcame it after a while. My body got used to it, and with the daily routine, it changes my body shape. No more body fats and cellulitis are awkward while wearing shorts and mini skirts. 

The difficulties that I faced for the first few weeks are mostly about the time and familiarity of the movements. So I looked into different methods on how to perform body shape workout without getting injured.

How to Do Effective Body Shape Workout

Now, before getting started, there are a few things that you need to prepare and consider.

First, you need to have enough space, such as your living room. Also, you need to see if you have some substitute for equipment for the workout you will be engaging in. 


Body-Shape-Workout-at-Home-Effective-05I know you are familiar with the deadlift terminology. For the body shape workout at home, you want to try the single-leg deadlift. This workout is best for the body as you will be working your back, especially the glutes, hamstring, and back muscles. Also, this exercise improved balance for women.

To perform:

  1. Your starting position is standing on your left foot while holding a pair of dumbbells.
  2. Then lift your right foot behind you while bending your knee. This position will make your right lower leg parallel to the floor. Make sure that you keep your core engaged and your chest up during the entire movement.
  3. Next is to bend forward at your hips while lowering your body slowly. Do not push yourself in this position. 
  4. After that, push your body back to your starting position. While doing this, use your glutes to push your hips forward. Repeat this workout for 10.


Aside from deadlift, you can perform a plank. This body shape workout targets your deep inner core muscles or the abs muscles. The side plant is a good exercise that will stabilize your spine and power your workouts.

To perform:

  1. Start this workout by lying on your left side with your knees straight.
  2. Then prop your upper body on your sides with your left elbow and forearm.
  3. While in this position, raise your hips until forming a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders. Be still in this position for 30 seconds. As you progress, you can add up between 45 to 60 seconds per side.
  4. Afterward, turn to your right side and repeat from the beginning. 

Push Up


Do you want to burn more calories than performing a side plank? Well, doing a pushup workout can make your entire body move. The muscles are working to burn more calories and body fats. This exercise trains your body to function in a pattern that improves performance for the whole duration of body shape workout.

To perform:

  1. Your starting position is your hands and feet on the floor. The distance should be more extensive than your shoulders but in line. The feet are close together.
  2. Then keep your hips lifted, and your core braced the entire time. While in this position, lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. 
  3. After that, push yourself back to the starting position. Fifteen repetitions can make the perfect push up workout for you.

High-Intensity Interval Training

This workout will need more of your power and strength. High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is one of my favorite exercises. For women, there are different levels, and this time we should start for beginners. So you would ask why HIIT? This workout will only need a shorter amount of time or a slow endurance exercise. But performing HIIT should only be twice a week or alternate with your other choice of body shape workout.

In HIIT, you will need cardio equipment like jumping rope, treadmill, bike, etc. Then for the duration, you can perform 3 minutes, but it will give you only half of the maximum effect. Other options are like 20 seconds for a 75% max effect and 10 seconds for the 100% max effort. You can repeat it ten times.


sfO4NGl5Rmh5weqgsdStep up targets the muscles of your glutes and hamstrings. It creates more muscular legs and a tighter booty, which makes this workout one of the best exercises. The body shape workout performing the step-up required an excellent knee resistance. 

To perform:

  1. Your starting position is standing in front of a bench. Then place your left foot firmly on the step.
  2. While in this position, keep your chest up and your core engaged the entire time. By pressing your left foot into the step, it will push your body up until your left leg is straight.
  3. Afterward, lower your body back down until the right foot touches the floor. Do ten repetitions per side. Make sure you will not lose the balance and avoid leaning too forward or backward.


Body shape workout can be seen in your glutes and back muscles. Perfect leg workout for women helps to create sculpted butt. But, the bridge workout will improve this exercise.

To perform:

  1. Your starting position is lying on the floor, face up with the knees bent. Make sure your feet stay flat on the floor.
  2. Then raise your body to form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.
  3. While in this position, lower your body to go back to the starting position. Do 20 repetitions for this.

How does it affect our bodies?

Performing the body shape workout it will give your body movements and a lot of cardio. Following the routines will help you lessen the tension and schedule the perfect body shape workout.

The cardio workout will help you lose fat faster than other exercises. It also helps build strength. When you do workout for your core and lower body, you are building power for your entire body.


While doing the workout for your perfect body shape, make sure that your movements are focused on the target muscles. Also, you can perform other exercises alternately. It will prevent you from getting boring.

To work out your lower body, make sure you are performing lunges and high knees to get the best result. It will also train your body on how to achieve balance. 

For the core, the workouts for this muscle group do not require equipment. These kinds of exercises are the easiest to perform at home. Since no equipment is needed, you can perform variations of the workouts for the core. 

To increase flexibility, you can perform several yoga poses. Yoga calms our muscles and improves brain function. With this, it also benefits our digestive systems and boosts immunity.

Sharing My Thoughts

Each body shape workout has effects on our body. Regularly doing it increases muscle mass and helps our body lose body fats. An at-home workout is an excellent alternative to doing exercises in the gym. It is also more convenient for the reason that body shape workout at home will give you the perfect sweat.

Fasted Cardio Workout: Unleashing the Secret on Weight Lose Exercise


Fasted cardio becomes popular because of the recent discovery that it helps burn more calories than eating foods before a workout. Hear about the experts who have been sharing fasted cardio and, like me, for sure you will want to try it.

Fasted cardio has been one of my routines for my workout. You want to know why? It is for a simple reason – doing an exercise without prior eating will help you burn more calories and fats.


As you will experience, fasted cardio is one of the techniques why I lose some weight in just a few weeks. Of course, I eat healthy foods and stay away from sugar and carbohydrates and increase the intake of protein and fiber. With all the discipline I made to be successful in my workout, I never missed doing fasted cardio.

It is part of my workout. My routines include fasted cardio and several repetitions that will increase muscle mass in certain parts of my body while burning the fats. It is precisely why I love doing fasted cardio, and I want to share it with you.

Understanding Why Fasted Cardio

I am not exaggerating the facts about fasted cardio. Scientifically, it works for me. At first, my body experienced some adjustments. Of course, I am not used to doing workouts without eating before. But I need to see the results in no time, so I need to have discipline and control with myself. It will maximize the burning of fats, which I need to lose some weight. You see, if you have discipline, perfect routine, and repetitions of workout, all the hardship will pay as you targeted.

Let me explain to you what fasted cardio does to our body? How does it change your routine when doing workouts?

Lose more body fats and calories.

jeansbodyfatIt is the apparent result. When you workout with fasted cardio, your routine will increase the burning of fats and calories. As I have studied the effects of fasted cardio, it came to me that there is an increase in burning body fat.

In my workout, I did some aerobic routines, and I quickly felt the reaction of my body. This is because of the higher fat oxidation than working out in the fed state or eating before a workout.

Just to be clear, you do not need to skip your meal totally when doing fasted cardio. The reason why it burns more fat in a fasted state is because of the food you have eaten recently.

Take it from me. I usually do a workout at the end of the day. So I see to it that I ate healthy foods, rich in protein and fiber. I ditch foods with high amounts of carbohydrates and fats. Our body needs more protein for the workout. This nutrient will give the power to perform better and get effective results.

Get rid of the fat cells.

In most cases, which I have experienced as well, I encountered the stubborn fats or the fat cells that make it hard to burn. Hard to imagine? For better understanding, our body is covered by fats that have two types of receptors – alpha and beta. These receptors are the reasons why you have a hard time burning fats.

So what shall we do? To burn the body fats, you will need the right amount of blood flow to your cells, and as you can imagine, you just have to work out. It will make the receptors release fatty acids that build up body fats. In this way, you can quickly get rid of the body fats.

You are asking me how I did it? During my workout, I see to it that I focus more on the parts of my body with less blood flow. These parts of my body need to increase blood flow through the workout. So I guess you should choose the perfect routine to target the body parts which build up more fats.

It gives more comfort to your stomach.

I get it; you might think that fasted cardio can upset your stomach. Well, you got it wrong. Instead, fasted cardio gives comfort to your stomach before and after your workout. Think about it. If you eat before a workout, you will experience discomfort, indigestion, and possible nausea. Practically, you can experience this kind of situation trust me because I did it once or twice. I wonder why, and then I observed that before my workout, I eat. So when I tried the other way around, I felt something strange. Of course, in the right way because it changes the way I feel towards my stomach. Comfort, proper digestion, and a feeling of lightness were the things I encountered.

Achieve the target routines and repetitions.

Most of the time, we failed to complete the routines, and we seldom achieved the repetitions of each session. Wondering why? Something is not wrong with the choice of your exercises nor the food you eat. As you can see, there are many distractions that you may encounter if you lose your focus. For me, I determined my weaknesses, like eating most of the time. Some had advised me to do a workout before my day starts. But I am more comfortable doing it at the end of the day. This is the time I want to unleash my stress and burn calories that I may take too much.

Now, what may be the sideways of doing a fasted cardio workout?

Of course, not all workouts will ideally give you what you want. For instance, with a fasted cardio workout, there are few things I want to share after a while of doing it.

No more HIIT workout.

Fasted-Cardio-Workout-003Note this one. If you are doing high-intensity interval training or HIIT, you might not consider fasted cardio workout. As I am saying, this workout does not require eating before the session. You will be dependable on the nutrients available from the food you ate for the day.

HIIT needs more sugar, and when you do not have enough supply of glucose in your bloodstream, your body cannot handle the intensity of your workout. Given that you have muscles to provide glucose, this is not a good idea because your body cannot oxidize fat. Hence, you will perform poorly.

Take it from me. I did it once, and I do not want to do the same. Maybe you consider skipping HIIT for a fasted cardio workout.

It can lower blood sugar during a workout.

No more questions that if you like nausea during training, maybe a fasted cardio workout is not for you. Most importantly, when you adapt to a new methodology of exercise, give your body some time to adjust. Never expect that your body can efficiently react after you shift your workout technique.

Since you will not be eating moments before a workout, never hesitate to supply your body all the nutrients a couple of hours before a workout. We eat for pleasure and enjoyment, but this should not be an excuse for overeating. For fasted cardio, eating with the right amount of calories is still advisable. No excuses, my dear!

Remember that when I do fasted workout, I am always relying on my body’s stored energy. However, when you experience a heavy feeling during an exercise, you should take a break and get some source of glucose. Aside from protein, you will need glucose to perform well.

Too much stress hormones in the body

My workout routine is not perfect. I faced different problems, and one of those is the increase of my cortisol levels or the stress hormones. I am puzzled because I got easily annoyed the first few weeks after I did fasted workout cardio.

As I observed, I trumped and found out that exercise may be the reason why cortisol levels in my body are increasing. I cannot just believe in this, so as I further read about cortisol, it happened that eating habits can be the cause of why I get so stressed quickly.

According to what I have read, it is because of fasting. Prolonged fasting can lead to increased cortisol levels in our bodies. Higher cortisol levels may promote fat storage; therefore, it will slow down the burning of fats.

However, fasted cardio workout is not about fasting. Take note that you are still going to eat, but you should observe a proper amount of healthy foods as sources of protein and fibers. Hydration is also essential.

What can we say about it?

Fasted cardio can be useful if you perfectly balance your eating habits. No one can gain if you skip eating meals and hitting the gym. Do not be desperate to lose some weight to the point that you will sacrifice eating healthy foods to get nutrients.

Cardio Exercises at Home – Your Solution to Lose Some Extra Pounds!


Cardio exercises at home are the easiest and most accessible way for your daily dose of use. For busy individuals and professionals, doing cardio at home is one way to burn those calories and excess fat away. And we have what it takes for you to experience cardio exercises at home.

Cardio exercises at home

Cardio exercises at home, however, need the discipline to make it right. Making the proper routine daily will give you a full-body workout in no time. Also, you can burn some more calories in your core area than an ordinary workout at the gym. While at home, you will have no excuse to work on your metabolism. Instead, you will begin to consider and completed cardio exercises at home as one of your daily routines.

You will be asking now, what are the kinds of cardio exercises you can do at home. Of course, running is not an option except if you have a treadmill indoor. Well, you can select the movement for the basic cardio exercises at home and consider it doing. You don’t need to have all these for your routine at once. But you can make plan exercises to schedule your workout.

But when time is limited, and you only have less than 30 minutes, you still have a choice to do workouts at home. How does it work for your muscle?

Cardio exercises less than a total of 20 minutes can be performed, believe it or not. All you have to do is follow the following simple steps.

  1. Warm-up using some movements four times
  2. Afterwards, do some primary circuits where you can give one minute, without resting in between of your moves.
  3. Then you can rest for one minute before repeating the primary circuit twice or until you reach your limit.
  4. You can finish each routine with a cool down like yoga.

Now you are wondering what you should do before these exercises?

Do some warm-ups.

In any fitness, warm-ups are essential. It will prepare your body for the intensity of the routines you will perform. There are different kinds of warm-ups that you will find listed here.

The Reverse Lunges

The reverse lunges warm-ups can be done in simple steps.

  1. Your starting position is taking a big step back with your left foot while bending both knees to lower into a lunge position.
  2. While doing this, make sure your right knee is above the ankle but does not go too far beyond your toes.
  3. Then return to the standing position by putting your right big toe in front.
  4. You can repeat this warm-up for 10 times while your chest up the whole time.

 Squats with Arms Overhead

The warm-up in a squat position with your arms overhead can make your body well prepared before your workout for the day. How will you achieve it?

  1. You can start by standing with your feet in a hip-width apart, and your arms are up. Palms are facing each other.
  2. Then bend both knees and shift your hips back like you are sitting in a chair.
  3. Move your shoulder blades down and back.
  4. Afterwards, you can return to your starting position. You can do 10 repetitions.

Plank using Shoulder Touches

Who would have thought that by doing plank positions, you are doing a proper warm-up for your body? In this warm-up, the approach will use planking.

  1. To begin, you will need to make a straight-arm plank position with hands under your shoulders directly. Make sure you form a straight line from neck to feet.
  2. Then touch right hand to left shoulder without moving your hips.
  3. Afterwards, bring your hand back underneath the shoulder while touching your right shoulder with your left hand.
  4. Repeat this 10 times on both sides.

Move to Main Set

After doing some warm-ups, you are now ready for your main set. It is what we call the highlight of your exercises at home. Warm-up, though it starts the heart pumping and your muscles stretched, is not enough to burn calories and make your metabolism faster.

To make this possible, you will need to do some main sets to start your weight loss plan.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers’ main set is a cardio workout that moves your entire body. By following the below steps on how to perform mountain climbers, you will burn the target amount of calories you should do.

  1. For this main set, the starting position is making a plank position while your arms are in straight form with your hands directly below your shoulders. Make sure your body forms a straight line from the neck to your ankles.
  2. Then, you should lift your right foot and put your right knee into the center of your body. While in this position, switch legs from the left knee to the center of your body.
  3. Just make sure that your hips are on the level of your shoulders above your wrists.
  4. You can do this main set for a minute.


So how burpees work if you will do it just at home? Well, it is not as complicated as you will imagine.

  1. Your starting position, you are standing with your feet apart in hip-width while bending your both knees, swinging your arms back and high as you can.
  2. Then, put it down softly and bend your knees as fast as you can.
  3. Place your hands on the floor in front of you and jump your feet to get back in your plank position
  4. Now, you can lower your chest in a position to perform a pushup and jump both feet back in and stand.
  5. Then, jump up immediately to repeat as many as possible for a minute.

Squat Jumps

Squatting and jumping at the same time is one of the exercises that will help you burn more calories. So, you can start doing it with these steps.

  1. To begin, you can stand and make your feet apart in hip-width.
  2. Then push your hips back and bend your knees lower just like you are going to leap.
  3. After jumping, you should land carefully to go into a position of squatting down and ready to jump again. If you want to jump higher, you can use your arms.
  4. Do this for a minute.

Skier Jumps

If you want to do some jumping with good speed, then you should try doing a skier jumps. How will you do it?

  1. Your starting position is standing tall, feet, ankles and knees glued together.
  2. Then you can start jumping from side to side with more speed. Make sure your chest is lifted and your landing will be smooth.
  3. You can repeat as many as jumps in one minute.

In this main set, you don’t need to worry about the height of your jump. But what you need to focus on this one is the speed. You will notice the more speed, the more calories you will burn.

After the main set, you will notice your heart is pumping, and you feel like you lose some weight. But before ending your routine exercises, you need to cool down your body.

Finish with a Cool Down

Finish with a Cool Down

Just like you are all set with from warm-up to the main set, you will need to have a cooldown. This part of the workout will make your body, especially your leg, to relax after your cardio exercises at home. You can do the following to finish your workout.

Downward Dog

  1. Start this position with your hands and knees are directly below your shoulders and kneed below your hips. Make sure you spread your fingers wide and tuck your toes under.
  2. Then, start to inhale and lift your knees to press your hips up and toward the ceiling.
  3. Make your heels down to the floor. If you are not comfortable, you can try bending a little to your knees.
  4. After that, you can press your hands firmly into the mad while drawing your shoulder blades down. Make sure you will keep your head between the arms.
  5. Take 5 deep breaths to make you relax.

Cow and Cat

  1. Same starting position, your hands and knees with hands below your shoulders and hips directly.
  2. Then, start to inhale that will lengthen your spine while avoiding your elbows and hips to move. Your spine should move forward to make a right arch to your back.
  3. At the same time, lift your chin, chest and hips upwards to allow your stomach is sinking towards the floor.
  4. Round your spine upwards and release your head towards the floor. But you can do this if you have reached the full arch.
  5. Make this cool down for 5 breaths.

Warrior II

As the last cool-down exercise we have for you, you can start by simply following these steps.

  1. To begin, you will need to stand with your feet wider than your hip-width apart while left toes out and the other toes are slightly inward.
  2. Next, bend your left knee to lower your hips down. As you are in this position, your knees should be above your ankle.
  3. Then extend your arms straight from your shoulders and press outside of the left foot into the mat.
  4. Continue this to make your hips lower while retaining your spine to stay longer.
  5. This cooldown has the best results if you will take 5 deep breaths.

Our Insights for Cardio Exercises at Home

Cardio exercises at home

Indeed, the workout is crucial if you want to give up body fats and burn more calories. The impact of the variations of this exercise will give an impact. But if you have limited time, you can choose an alternate from these exercises at home. It is an excellent way to manage your time, which includes sweating out after a long day or before your day starts.

If you are serious about getting a fabulous body, exercises will not do it alone. At this rate, you will have to work with your diet as well. For instance, your diet should match what your body requires. Eating a balanced and well-planned diet will give off your cravings for sweets and carbs, which can add up to your weight.

So before hitting the gym, you may look into your schedules and your space at home. With it, you can assess if you can do simple sets of training workout yet practical cardio exercises at home.

Walking, A simple exercise but has a lot to offer to your health


Walking is the simplest form of exercise that you can enjoy all the time. Many people consider walking as the most natural exercise to do. How about you?

Walking can get your whole body working – your heart pumping, muscle working and even your fat burning. All these things can be done in a day. So you don’t need to do any strenuous activity. Who would not love that?

By only moving around, you are already doing exercise. When we say exercise, it does not need to be complicated. A simple movement like this can be beneficial to your health.

Since it is less complicated and everyone can do it, for sure, it has many health benefits. So what are the significant healthy changes that it can give us?


Walking keeps your heart and lungs healthy.

It pumps your heart. And when you get your heart pumping, you know you are burning your calories. Especially when you have to walk for 30 minutes a day, you will notice the difference in your heart rate. For this reason, it maintains the health of our hearts.

Aside from our hearts, it is useful to our lungs. When you do it for about 30 minutes, it increases the capacity of your lungs. Meaning, you improve the circulation of oxygen in your body.

It helps to burn some extra calories and body fats.

The most common problem of many is controlling weight. And for most people, it is their best option to burn some extra calories and lose some fats. If you are doing 30-minute of it, then it will not cause any harm if you have 45 minutes around your neighborhood or at the park.

However, it is essential if you are doing a healthy diet meal plan. Regular exercises that come along with healthy eating will give you the results you want in weight loss.

Walking makes your muscles and joints stronger.It makes your muscles and joints stronger.

A beneficial in our overall daily performance. It improves the flexibility of your joints, and your muscles get stronger than ever.

Since it is part of your daily routine, it helps you minimize the stress in your joints and muscles. Your body parts like ankles, hips and lower back are the most prone joint areas that we need to look after.

Feeling the excellent effect of it in our whole body, it can be contagious. At first, you might feel tired and bored. But when people see you are looking great with all the muscles and joints working out fine, they will grab the chance to do the same routine as you did.

Walking puts a smile to yourself.

Only going outdoors and smelling the fresh breeze can make you happy. So by doing this, it can switch your mood from feeling bored to getting alive and kicking. And this addresses the depression and stress that we have in ourselves. In other words, it makes us happy. Feeling a bit lonely, you may need to take a walk outside to boost your mood.

Doing some walks with nature will surely give colors to your life. This is an outdoor fitness that you can do all season. With this, you can reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, you have a choice other than running and be free of illnesses.

Thinking and doing creatively.

On the other hand, it has another benefit that can reveal a side of you. That is being creative. Thinking and doing things original can be one of the excellent benefits of it. The convergent and divergent thinking of an individual is the key to being creative. But this only works when you do some exercise even as light as it is. Then don’t take it for granted.

Walking fires-up your metabolismWalking fires-up your metabolism

So when we say exercise, it is not about heavy lifting and high-intensity training. Sometimes, doing a little exercise prep our metabolism to do more. And that is why we are doing a short walk from time to time. In this way, it can prevent and reverse the damage of slow metabolism.

In a week, a set of this can increase energy in the morning. It is far better to do this at this time than in the afternoon. Especially for children, this should be done to stay them incline and enjoying the beauty of this exercise.

Finally, you are getting good sleep.

Like a regular workout, it can add to your sleep. The more walk you take, the more you will make your body less stress. And when you have a good rest, you can see it in your skin.

You may be aware that stress can make your skin look wrinkled and sometimes you have to use many creams to look younger. But little did you know that exercise can make your skin look youthful.

Walking relaxes our body and mind

Since it gives us many health benefits, some of these are keeping our minds at peace. Exercise does not only improves our physical health but also makes our mind at peace. Cortisol or the stress hormones in our body causes us to react negatively and quickly get irritated. So it decreases the levels of cortisol and making you less agitated. It has never been an excellent feeling of less worrying around you, isn’t it? And my suggestion is to take a walk down a street to relieve you from stress.

Most travelers stay on foot in the forests woods except at night. Others enjoy the pace of this exercise with a dog. There are times that you want to use a treadmill for this to control your steps. This is a good choice but having it in the house will for sure take spaces. Instead, fin a gym that offers this equipment.

Uniquely regenerate brain cells through walking.

Another excellent benefit we can get from it is the uniquely regenerating your brain cells. Other than eating healthy foods, you can do some exercise. Brain functions are essential to our daily needs, such as memory, cognition, learning and reading. Therefore, it decreases your chances of getting cognitive illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

To live in a society advocating the prevention of cognitive health conditions should be heard by other communities. Encouraging the town and neighboring cities can give freedom from anxiety and doubt about the effects of this especially for women. It is time to speak about the health benefits of this exercise.

Walking regularly strengthened bones and jointsWalking regularly strengthened bones and joints

Exercise strengthened our bones, joints and muscles, so does this exercise. Over time, getting strong bones and joints can make you avoid some accidents like fractures, sprains and worst spine shrinkage. How to get strong bones? It’s simple. You need to be consistent in doing exercise related to weight-bearing. According to research, adults who walked regularly can still have an advantage in avoiding accidents related to bones, joints and muscles.

What can we say?

Indeed, exercises are one of the best things to do if you want to destress. But little did you know that it has many good things for you. For example, it can make your eyesight better than before. Maybe you don’t realize it instantly, but according to the study, it can reverse retinal degeneration over time.

So, for starters, you can perform it for an average 30 minutes daily so you can have your heart work, muscle stretches, and joints to move.

Running Techniques and Health Benefits Better than Going to Gym


Running techniques are taken for granted by many because, in their point of view, it has no importance. But how can you be so sure that you are doing the right thing?

Running is a simple exercise that people can depend on if you want to lower the risk of getting injured. Also, doing proper techniques can make you feel more energetic and enjoyable.

As a part of getting yourself to be fit and healthy, we are giving some of the tips that you might want to try. These are basics as you read along. However, it will affect your performance as runners and burn fat a lot according to different types of studies.

Based on a study, they track why an individual runs. Surprisingly, it has a direct benefit to normalizing your breath per minute versus individuals who walk.

What are we lacking when running?

1. While running, keep your head straight.

In other words, runners are not looking at their shoes. Why? By doing so, it will create tension in your neck and shoulders. Also, it will keep your jaw and neck relaxed for the whole duration of it. So follow the recommendation distance of looking in front of you. The distance that will keep your head straight is 30 to 40 meter in front of you.

2. Keep your shoulders back and down.

A common mistake is making your shoulder in a hunch position. If you do this, it will restrict your breathing and only less oxygen will get into your muscles. So, make sure that your shoulders are back and down. No tension, just relaxed. Good posture will help you in your training.

3. Like your shoulders, keep your hands at ease and your arms at 90 degrees.

Keeping your hands relaxed doesn’t mean that you need it to flop. But, tight and closed fists can cause tension up to your shoulders and back. In another way, make it easy for your hands.

For your arms, don’t bend it over and below a 90-degree angle. At the right angle, move your arms back and forth across your body. The movement will help you with any action forward. And moving your arms sideways will create a waste of energy.

At first, it will be difficult to maintain this kind of relaxation. As a matter of fact, stretching can help you with these activities. It prevents yet recommend to have efficient while maintaining lean legs. Make sure to prevent maximum warm-up and stick to level for a beginner.

4. Leaning forward while keeping your hips stable will help you enjoy your running.

Running at proper pace and motion is not enough to enjoy the good effects of this in our body. One of the techniques you need to do is leaning forward. This technique will help you reduce the chance of experiencing a heel strike. Also, it will make you land in the middle of your foot, improving your balance.

When leaning forward, you must maintain your hips stable. Don’t make your bottom out and your hips rock side to side. What we mean here is your hip’s position should be permanent and forward-facing. This position will prevent low back and hip pain.

5. Land in a mid-foot strike and avoid lifting your knees too high.

One of the myths is raising your knees too high will make your running more intense. Fact check – landing with a slight bend knee will help you absorb the impact on hard surfaces. The right motion of your knees when lifting is forward rather than upwards.

And when we say that your feet when doing it should aim mid-food strike, it will give your feet the safest way to land. Your foot should fall below your hips and not in front of you.

6. Good running always comes light and quiet.

Running in light and quiet can make an impression of efficiency and less stress on the body. You do not have to run for miles like a race, otherwise, injury cannot be avoided. Actually, a week of doing this activity benefits you of weight loss. You can have it started with a jog to catch air. Then you can take it into a sport by using a treadmill. But think twice about performing a marathon. You need to gradual the speed for you to perform jogging then make it fast like a runner.

When doing this, it is essential to avoid feeling the pressure. Instead, feel the goodness in it. And wearing a mask is not as helpful and comfortable. Masks are a factor of affecting the quality of breathing rate. But there is a reason why we need to wear it.

7. Learn proper breathing.

Breathing is essential when doing exercises. This is important so that proper blood and oxygen circulation in your body which may cause injuries over time. Try to aim to breathe for every two strides. But don’t be afraid to try longer breathing. Also, avoid as much as possible the wearing of the mask. Though COVID19 causes everyone to wear a mask, it is not necessarily needed to wear one while doing a workout.

Quick Tips

When you are decided that you will go for it in your block or across the streets, you should be prepared. Full battle gears in the running start with understanding the goodness of doing it.

For instance, you are burning more calories with this. Doing it regularly can lessen the risk of diabetes, stroke and heart diseases.

So before starting to run, you will need to build your fitness levels. But how will you do it with little equipment and sometimes, no equipment required?

The key to starting, aside from the techniques we mentioned earlier, is to have a good pair of shoes. For women, don’t forget to wear a sports bra that will give additional support to your chest.

When you start, try to run slowly and increase your pace and distance as you do it regularly. A warm-up of at least 5 minutes will give the conditions of your body. Warm-up exercises like walking, marching, knee lifts and sidestepping can make you upbeat in no time. Then, when you start moving, try to alternate between running and walking.

Choosing a pair of shoes is one of the quick tips we are offering you. So your ankle will not get loose and stay on active. But perhaps you need to do intervals like cycling and recovery workout. To avoid a bad effect, you can make a plan for workouts. Slow pacing can determine if you can do stride step so you can avoid shock to your muscle. By doing this, it can give a good prep for your legs muscles. This should not push harder so your health will not jeopardize.

Our Running Thoughts

Indeed running is one of the popular exercises among us. And when we say that staying motivated when we are doing exercises, there are things we need to keep in mind.

One thing that will keep us motivated is setting your goal and timeline to achieve it. When we say goal, it is vital to run and set challenges that will keep you pushing to your goal.

And one more thing, doing it with a friend can make it more enjoyable. Companionship in any exercise has no difference from other exercises. It will create friendship, and you will enjoy it because of this.

Since you have companionship, your routine and your friend’s can be mixed and create a more exciting variety of workout. Imagine that you are running regularly at the same pace, environment and distance? This will make it boring. So try with different sets and repetitions to create it as more enjoyable and advance.

The perfect way to enjoy running and get the results is discipline. Developing outdoor activities, not vigorous, can make your ankles improve its limit and increasing mood this pandemic.