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Styling Tips for Tall Men – The Essentials for your Fashion Statement


Essential styling tips for tall men is as important as finding the right girl. Well, admittedly, there is an awkward fashion when you are tall. And if we say tall, you find it hard to choose the proper way and styles for you.

Essential styling tips for tall men can be the key if you want to be more confident. It is also one of the styling tips that you should consider when you are making your fashion and style.

So how will you slay the fashion when you are tall and if you do not want to catch too much attention. Since you are tall, you will require some fashion tips that will complement your style preferences.

Styling Tips for Tall Men 01

What are the essential styling tips for tall men?

Being tall is great when you do fashion, but some specific designs and styles will not fit your height easily. So here are the best tips so you can conquer your height when you fashion.

Customized your Dress Shirts

Styling Tips for Tall Men 002What are dress shirts? If you are not aware, these kinds of clothes are the t-shirt that you will be wearing. Some of the ready-to-wear garments you want to wear are not just fit in your shoulders, arms, and collars. So the solution is to make it customized. Go to a reliable tailor and make some improvements with your shirts. It will cause you a bit more money, but it will suit you better.


Big is different from Tall


Do not be deceived if someone told you that you are big, so you need to wear some clothes with bigger sizes. Being tall is different from being big. Essential styling tips for tall men is knowing the difference of clothes fitting in tall men versus to bigger men. So if you are just tall with a slim fit, then you can choose a proportioned size. Otherwise, you can choose plus size if you are tall and big.

Subtle Plaids and Textures

tll04Plaids and textures depending on your height and size. When you are tall, you do not need to wear vertical stripes. It will make you seem taller, and your height will shadow the crowd. Instead, look for subtle or simple plaids and textures. Set aside vertical stripes so it will not be your problem in the future and more space for shirts that essentials styling tips for tall men.

Pay attention to your necktie


One of the essentials tips for tall men is the size of the necktie. When you are tall, you should know that your tie should complement the length of your torso. Avoid short ties and make sure that the length is on top of your belt buckle or waistband.

Belt and shoes should come together

tll01To complete your style, make sure that your belt and shoes complement each other. Do not experiment with colors that are too loud and different. Can you imagine what will happen? Well, you will look like a clown. Being tall, men should know the segmenting and shortening your height rule when it comes to shoes and belts. You can always try to have two colors that are in contrast with each other. It will slay your whole outfit.

Some Reminders to Keep your Height Illusioned

If you want to be more stylish when you are tall, you should know what outfit you look more confident and what makes you feel down. And the latter you should avoid before making a scene at the party.

Textures, layers, and some patterns should be avoided when you want to minimize your height.

Know when to best layered.

When you are a tall man, you should know that breasted jackets can be worn comfortably. Double-breasted jackets or vests can be worn correctly with tall men. So if you are looking for coats, there would be no problem with you. Just make sure you choose the unique and distinguishes look that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Look for dashing shoes.

When you are tall, one of the essential tips for tall men includes patterned, textured, and a bit colored leathers. It will make your outfit more elegant, and with your height, it will be a killer to your fashion and style. It will also make your feet a bit shorter when wearing leather shoes. Of course, this kind of shoes can be worn when you have a business to attend and formal and smart-casual occasions.

Oversized is not your thing.

Oversized clothes are not your thing when you are tall. You should stick with the exact size to your height. Why? Because making your styles with the right patterns can restrain your height, which will help you to try some outfit that can match with it. You can always look for moderation and mix them with stripes as possible as you can. The moderation in mixing the lines is one of the essentials styling tips for tall men.

Shorts and Shirts that will balance your fashion.

Shorts and t-shirts when you are tall are challenging styles and fashion. You should know that it will help you balance and your clothes are not too big for you. Also, you should consider your shirt to have the size to compliment your waist.

Our Insights

Essential styling tips for men consider the size if you are skinny or heavyset. It is one problem tall men are facing because when you are thin, you can have slim-fit clothes. Otherwise, you can choose subtle prints and patterns. For tall skinny men, you can have more textured clothes like weaves and heavier cloth so it can make you shorter than your actual height.

Men’s Street Style and Fashion that You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Mens street style and fashion

Men’s street style and fashion is essential as this will be the ultimate for guys for their everyday look. A casual and easy-go manner will result in having the most fabulous trend on the go. Aside from women, men are also looking for new designs and fashion to wear while walking down the street.

Men’s street style is continually evolving, and the best way to keep up with the latest street fashion is going after the latest designs and creations. Like other fashion styles, men need to be in the newest form, so it will not be awkward for them to see how ridiculous they are wearing.

Mens Street Hottest

So what are the hottest fashion for men’s street style?

First, you will be looking at different magazines and outlets to find what is the best way to have men’s street style. You can choose to have the designer’s creations or pick the hottest fashion online.

But what exciting is making your own men’s street style while using the hottest items on fashion trends?

The Trousers

Mens Street TrousersWhen you want to wear trousers, men’s street style with high-waisted pants is one of the coolest fashion trends. It is a flattering style that can complement the outfit and you can wear it any time of the year. So you will not be worried whether you are dressing in summer or winter fashion style.

Why keep it high waisted? Men’s street style with this trouser can be paired with plain tees, or if you want to make it a bit modern, wear it with an open shirt. You can choose from the navy to the cream t-shirt.

Collared Shirts

Speaking of tees, this is one of my favorite tops when doing the men’s street style. With the collared shirts, I can have it in many different designs like bold prints or solid colors. It depends on my mood and occasions.

The Shorts

And yes, we will not forget the over-the-knee shorts for our men’s street style. It is the most comfortable and casual fashion that I can have. Especially when it hits summer, I choose to have this kind of style fashion to be more at ease while enjoying the outdoor activities. You can have it in bold colors and stable prints. Do not forget to pair them with sneakers.


When you hear about blazers, do not attach it with women’s fashions. Because men’s street style also includes oversized blazers. Like 80’s fashion, you can look less formal yet smarter casual. And blazers can go with just a basic tee and a pair of jeans. Your choice of shirt, pants or shorts, as long as you are free of mixing and matching with blazers.

Body Bags

Mens Street body bagsMake another choice for your cross-body bags. It is one of the classic accessories for men. And when you do the men’s street style, you have to look for cross-body bags rather than an ordinary body bag for men. Why? Practically speaking, when you are using cross body bags, the pockets will be more accessible, and you can have larger pockets for your gadgets and mobile phones.

The Designs

Oh, of course, do not forget the designs and colors of your men’s street style fashion. If you want your clothes to be more loud and proud, patchwork prints can be your ally. At first, it will be awkward to wear, but when you have the right styles and colors with your white tees, there you have it. You will stand out in the crowd wearing the best fashion. It is like sporting modern and traditional ways in one style.

The Street Style Suiting

Mens Street Style SuitingWhen you are in the formal outfit, you can turn it to be more casual. How will you do that? You can pair it with sneakers and a white shirt to have a laid back feeling. If you wear the blazer, you can button up. This style can be worn with so much confidence.

How about sunglasses?

Men’s ultimate weapon when they do fashion is sunglasses. But for men’s street style fashion, sunglasses do matter to protect the eyes from the sun. My favorite shade during summer is the cool shade in a futuristic and sleek manner. These are the best accessories for men, and the impact is outrageous that it can give you a powerful punch when you see this fashion.

The Footwear

When you do men’s street style, you can choose two-strap slides for your footwear. It is traditional footwear that can replace your shoes, but it doubles the support to your feet. So not bad and extra cool as you walk down the street. Neither brand shoes nor ordinary footwear, the important is the sole of it that can give you total support and relaxation. Especially when you walk down the street, you will need more comfort.

Our Insights

Men’s street style is essential for guys who love to go outside and do some outdoor activities. Walking down the street with fashion can give you the iconic piece of style that can make you give you the street style you want to be the inspiration for others. You can also create your own men’s street style with the ideas above.

Effective fashion nowadays does not come by copying the style of others. You can make your style. Different methods can be inspiring, and this can give you a unique way of doing your fashion. As long as you feel inspired and confident, nothing to worry about.

Beard Growth for Black Men: Learning the Secrets


Beard growth for black men is the ideal beard growth that most men want. There are no secrets for having an enormous beard growth for black men. The only important thing each man needs to have is the best hygiene practice, exercise, and healthy diet meal plan.

Beard growth for black men needs proper care, and when we say adequate care, men should look into more details. There are things that men should consider before making their beard growth or while on it. The routine for beard growth for black men is straightforward to follow. However, to get the perfect beard, you will need to follow the details.

Perfect beard growth for black men can have influenced by other men, but having a beard is the most attractive thing for most women. So here are the best practices for your beard growth.

friendly hair and skincare products for your beard.

They say that the first thing that could damage your skin and hair is products with harsh ingredients. Busted the myth when you will safe that hair and skin care products for women are safe to use; definitely, you are in trouble.

When you talked about the beard, you are talking about skin and hair. Then the best things you should need for your skin and hair products are natural ingredients.

In washing your face, make sure you choose alcohol-free. You can use foaming wash if you want to get rid of excess oil and dirt without drying your beard. Instead, it will leave soft, moisture and condition the beard.

After you wash, you can use a soothing balm. It will make your increased your beard growth and prevent dryness, split ends and tangles.

Aside from balm, you will need to apply oil. Essential oil is essential to moisturize your hair and the skin. If you feel a bit itchy and irritation to your beard hair, you will need something to set the conditions for both your skin and hair.

Like other typical hair, your beard hair will require brushing, so you will need to use a good comb. Well, not just a good but also the best comb should use for your beard to set the best style of beard. Beard brush is essential to prepare your hair follicles in growing into a beard. Therefore, from the beginning, you will need to use a brush for your beard hair. Other than a brush, you can also beard comb if you want to have like beard growth for black men.

Perfect timing is important.

You can achieve the perfect beard growth for black men by following a simple rule – wait for your beard to grow. Of course, you cannot make your dream style of the beard if you do not have the length you need. Every form of beard needs to have each perfect length. Meaning, complete beard growth for black men does not happen in a glimpse of an eye. It takes time, though.

For beginners, you will experience a little itch. However, this is temporary and for a few days only. To get through this smoothly, you will need to maintain proper hygiene, like cleaning your face. Use anti-bacterial facial wash so you the itchiness will subside a little. Over time, as your beard hair will grow this feeling will pass through.

Keep calm and let your beard hair grow.

Keep calm and let your beard hair grow

Keeping yourself relax as taking yoga classes will make you stay calm. With relaxation, your hair will grow faster. According to the study, negative emotions like stress and anxiety increase cortisol in our bodies. Cortisol decreases hormones, testosterone, which is significant in beard hair growth. So, when your stress is at its highest all the time, it will prevent your body, specifically your blood vessels, to deliver proper nutrients to your hair follicles, making your beard hair growth at bay.

So we suggest that you should watch out for your stress level if you are into making the perfect beard styles.

One way to consider making you relax is by doing some exercises. There are many benefits of doing exercises, and one of them is growing your hair healthier and faster. Aside from increasing testosterone levels, it can also boost metabolism, which contributes to hair growth.

Eat healthy food and grow it right.

Aside from exercise and yoga classes, one thing that can make you relax is eating the right and nutritious food. Remember, one of the benefits of eating healthy foods is getting beautiful skin and improve hair growth. Then, eating the right food has something to do in getting ideal beard growth for black men. So if you want to have the perfect beard you dreamed about, skip eating junk foods and other foods with fewer nutrients and vitamins. Your beard will not grow on its own.

Perfect Routine for Beard Growth for Black Men

Growing and preparing for your beard style is not that easy. It takes time and an ideal routine to grow your beard hair as you wanted. If you get lost in making the perfect beard growth, you will need to have a method throughout.

So let us make it simple.

Start by washing your face, but when it comes to your beard, you will need to use shampoo and conditioner. It will make your beard hair more manageable. Your conditioner and shampoo should be organic or no harmful chemicals because you are going to this daily. Then, apply beard oils. Choose oils that come in natural ingredients. After that, you will have to use the balm to keep your hair and skin moisture and soft. The last thing you should never skip is brushing your hair. Choose a good comb and do it twice a day, morning, and evening. It will keep your beard hair in style.

Our Little Secret for Beard Growth for Black Men

maintain combing your beard hair daily

Looking for the secret of beard growth for black men, you can start by a simple step and later on taking multiple beard styles.

For instance, you will need to get proper exercise and a healthy meal diet. Good hygiene is also essential when you need to get the beard style you want.

Naturally, there are some things you that have to avoid if you are in the process of achieving the length. Like for example, you have to avoid scratching your beard to keep it from irritation. You will need to maintain combing your beard hair daily.

Casino Fashion and Top Techniques on How to Make it Happen


Casino fashion has been taking over the classic fashion style of men. Nowadays, the casino is one of the favorite leisure places of men to have some fun, music, eat and drink. But you don’t need to go to these places if you want to achieve casino fashion. What you need is details on how to style for that kind of way.

Casino fashion is making you stand-out among men in the crowd. The label casino fashion is making styles that will make you look unique.

Unlike other fashion, this style levels up the men’s entire wardrobe. The whole new level of sporting men’s styles with casino fashion is a combination of being trendy and classic.

What do men need for Casino Fashion?

The usual time when men visited the casino is at night. If you are planning to gamble in taking part in the casino fashion, you will need to know the details. You will need to consider choosing the right fashion style.

For a classic look of casino fashion, you will only need a white collared shirt and paired it ash color pants. Then have a dark brown belt. A wristwatch for accessories can be helpful. You can put on some navy coat to match the black collared shirt and navy pants. You can wear jeans also on this one.

The most important thing when you do fashion, it should be comfortable in you and to the eyes of people looking at you. For instance, when you have dark-toned skin, the right color of the shirt, you will need to choose dark in the shade. You should avoid the color that will make you look less trendy and comfortable.

The casino fashion is one of the things that men look up when they want to wear like celebrities in movies like James Bond, Mission Impossible and Ocean’s film series. However, the casino has no strict dress code. You can wear anything as long as you are comfortable.

But men who wanted to show and feel their presence in the crowd, they will dress accordingly. In a casino, people will look to your attire and judge you by the way you dress. So what could be the perfect casino fashion?

Your Perfect Casino Attire

Let go of being conservative when you want to try casino fashion. You can try different attire to explore how to sport this fashion.

Formal Attire

White and black ties are the most versatile if you want to put on different shades of shirts.

For the white tie, you will need to perfect your attire with a black dress coat and trousers, white vest and shirt with stiff front and wing collars, cufflinks, and black leather shoes. Then you have the perfect attire for formal dinner at the casino.

If you want to sport a black tie, you will have to rule out the old fashion way. Nowadays, casino fashion with black tie needs to wear a waistcoat, white dress shirt, black dinner jacket and black leather shoes.

You notice that black leather shoes are one of the basics when you do casino fashion. So better have different sets of black leather shoes to fit with your style.

Casual Attire

If you don’t want to be too cautious with your fashion, you can have it relaxed. The casual casino fashion does not need ties and black shoes. You can have the freedom to wear khaki pants if you opt not to wear formal jeans. Then you can have your shirt button-down or plain t-shirts to match sneakers or loafers.

Make It Happen with these Techniques

You already know the attire and what to have for your casino fashion. But how could you tell if you choose the right attire? Of course, you will have many things to consider. Here are some questions that you can answer to know if you are doing okay with your casino fashion.

How will you know if you are comfortable or not?

When going to the casino and spend more than a couple of hours in there, like women, men should be wearing not too tight clothes that you cannot move your body freely. For instance, your jacket should have more than two pockets for the things you needed, like a wallet and cellphones. Also, wearing shoes like dark loafers than black shoes is more comfortable.

What time is best for casual attire?

If you are not into formal attire in going casino, you should attend before 6:00 in the evening. In most cases, the night goers in the casino are always in formal attire. They unlikely visit beyond 6 PM wearing casual attire. It has been a rule of thumb for many years, calling all night goers to be dressed in formal or semi-formal attire.

How elegant is your casino fashion?

When you dress in the casino, you can be elegant without making yourself exaggerated. Men can wear shirts with a pair of jeans and a jacket that can be over the shirts to complete your style.

How dark can you go?

Well, black is the color of casino fashion. The darker the color, the better your way will be. It always comes with jeans, a jacket and shoes that black is the color that will suit your style.

Casino fashionOur Insights

Casino fashion is not your regular style, and most people are not into going to the casino to have some leisure time. But having the experience to be in the casino will give you the chance to improve your fashion and to get dress perfect for any occasion. Following the protocol of dressing appropriately is a sign of respect to the host of the event and the people who will attend it.