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How to Wear a Denim Jacket? Here are your 101 Tips!


How to wear a denim jacket? Well, there are many ways to wear a denim jacket, and all of these are stylish and excellent options for many outfits. The casual dressing can be your relaxed way of wearing it.

How to wear a denim jacket can be playful and exciting. Like what I did when I ran out of styles and all that is left are my jackets. There are many ways on how to look impressive while wearing a denim jacket.


What is the right color?

Owning a denim jacket is one of the things you need to invest in. You have a lot of choices, but you need to know what is the right fit for your body. A loose and oversized design can favor you if you want a relaxed appearance. But you can still look fit and sharper while others are wearing a denim jacket by a classic cut.

If you are done choosing the right denim jacket, it is time to choose the right colors. There are three shades of denim jacket that you can try – blue, black, and gray.

As for me, I wear a blue denim jacket during spring and summer. Sporting light blue shade can look brighter while the dark hue of blue is more appropriate during colder months.

A black denim jacket is my favorite. It is the most stylish denim jacket. I can pair this with anything in my wardrobe. Aside from it is versatility, it is the best color to be paired with any color of my clothes, even with footwear.

How about choosing a gray denim jacket? If you want to look fresh and unique, grab a gray denim jacket. A contemporary look will be your outfit in the gray shade of denim jacket.

How to wear a denim jacket with other outfits?

How-to-Wear-Denim-Jacket-04Wearing a pair of slim black jeans with a blue denim jacket will give you a rocking style and perfect casual outfits.

To look smart with your denim jackets, you can wear trousers. You can do this if you do not want to wear double denim outfits and it really suits your style.

Are you planning to wear a T-shirt inside? You may look for simple designs of t-shirts and not a rocking t-shirt with your denim jacket. However, it is a no-brainer, and you can choose different types of t-shirts as long as you will have the right combination and can be paired with a variety of pants and any shoe styles you want.

Speaking of shoes, how to wear a denim jacket with the right footwear is not that hard. Sneakers can be the most excellent choice with a denim jacket. But you can try wearing mother boots if you want to look edgy. You can try a smarter look by wearing leather or suede shoes.

The denim jacket is a good pair with your jumper. It is ideal for layering and a stylish urban appearance. What to do? I tried wearing a hoodie jacket under my denim jacket over my jumper. And surprisingly, I get the right combination of a super-stylish denim jacket.

The perfect outfit for denim jackets

Only a few men can enjoy wearing a denim jacket. That is why I will share with you how to wear a denim jacket.

First, try wearing a denim jacket and a pair of matching shades of blue for an eye-catching outfit; A perfect choice of deciding bold and seeking a more subtle style of jacket and jeans in different hues. It may look softer appearance, but sometimes you need a break for some sharp and edgy style with a denim jacket.

Are you trying for a traditional denim jacket? You probably want to include the denim jacket, but the length is waistcoat only. That is an excellent style with your usual casual collared shirt. It will perfectly go with your pair of trousers—a sleek and comfortable outfit for how to wear a denim jacket. Wear loafers to slay this denim vest outfit.

When beating the cold, a denim jacket can be your trusted ally. With a flannel shirt and denim jacket, you are going to appear in a stylish, rugged look. You accessorized with boots and scarves to keep yourself warm.

How to layer a denim jacket


Thanks to my buddy, who loves to mix and match denim jacket in the most exciting ways. Layering with different pieces of items like shirts, rollneck sweaters, vests, and lightweight parkas can look awesome with a denim jacket.

For a casual look, a denim jacket can be partnered with any items in your closet. Even your weekend wardrobe can be paired with an excellent tailored and shade of denim jacket.

Make sure you choose a fitted denim jacket if you want to wear smart casual outfits.

Sharing My Thoughts

When you think that wearing a denim jacket is not a big thing, think twice because most people, especially men, liked to wear denim jackets than anything else.

Okay, to get your perfect outfit with your denim jacket, you need to look for a denim jacket that will fit based on your style. The color of your denim jacket can be in different shades, but make sure you find the right one, which can build confidence in you. Stop looking for something that you only think that will go right to your skin tone and body shape because you just saw it wore by a celebrity.

Work From Home Outfits: Clever Outfit Ideas while Staying at Home


Work from home outfits is one of the craziest ideas while staying at home and following strict home quarantine because of the coronavirus. Professionals are not used in wearing pajamas while working through it has a comfortable feeling.

Work from home outfits is possible, but of course, it has limitations. Unlike the formal outfit and office styles, work from home outfits should be comfortable and cozy. You do not need to think of complying with what to wear. But believe that you need to feel comfortable but not too comfy that you will be lazy in doing your work.

There is no doubt that everyone is staying at home. Even freelancers and influencers need to work from home. Adapting in this new normal is hard, but take it as a new challenge, and coping with it needs a little encouragement.


Thinking of some encouragement, work from home outfits do not need to be extravagant. You just need to be comfortable, like I said a while ago. There are no specific criteria.

Also, it does not become harmful to incorporate some traditional style as long as you are comfortable.

Well, for me, I have some bright ideas for work from home outfits. My old fashion statement is awkward for others but wearing it at home as work from home outfits is a different story.

Clever Ideas for Work from Home Outfits

After almost two months of staying at home and continuing the self-quarantine to fight the coronavirus pandemic, it feels good to have outfit ideas that will work fine as work from home outfits.


Shirt Dress or maxi dress? Well, you can wear both without causing trouble while working. There are lots of dresses that you can try on while working at home.

But for me, a shirtdress and maxi dress gave me satisfaction and another level of comfort while working.

A shirtdress is quick and easy to wear. It does not need ironing, and most of my shirtdresses are made of cotton garments.

The maxi dress is longer than any dresses. It is an option for me when I want to wear a sweatshirt that will add heat since the maxi dress will make you feel more cooling than any other suit.

Layered Outfits

Speaking of sweatshirts over a maxi dress, how about layering your clothes for more style?


I tried the layered work from home outfits. I experimented and played around layering and wearing a bright shirt under my favorite tee. Then I wear some joggers. Perfect mixing and matching of clothes is a new discovery for me since work from home is the new normal thing right now.

How about jeans and a sweater? It is another level of layered work from home outfits. But if you feel a little hot, then this outfit is not suitable for you if you are working at home.


Trying midi skirt and cardigan can be a playful outfit if you are trying to a new trend at home. Well, as for me, it is fun to experiment on layered work from home outfits. You can also wear short instead of a midi skirt.

To feel the coming spring season, you can opt to wear white pants. This is ideal when you are just staying at home, and your only worry is getting stains from the food you are eating. Since spring is coming and summer is almost at hand, a blazer over a slip dress can be the perfect outfit. The summer dresses and styles will complete your summer work from home outfits.

Are you looking for prints and designs? You can wear plaid pants and a wrap top. It is an eye-catching combination, and you are going to love this. Choose a print that can easily be paired with your other clothes. The power of mixing and matching depends on your chosen prints and designs.

Leveling Up your Styles and Outfits

When boredom strikes me, I make outfits that will slay other fashion styles of work from home outfits. For instance, a jumpsuit and sweater can be a good pair as long as a belt is wrapped around your body. The midsection belt will give emphasized your curves and shapes.

A boiler suit can be stylish when blazer and leggings are paired with it. Then some hair accessories can give your fashion style more attractive and a little bit of sparkle.

Of course, the classic will be the best outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, but you can level it up with a button-down jacket or blazer. It will work well with your work from home outfits.

Sharing My Thoughts

Work-from-home-outfits-004Another fashion is emerging in the form of work from home outfits. This style can be trendy now that everyone around the world is strictly following the stay at home new typical to control the spread of coronavirus.

But self quarantining cannot stop our fashion. As a matter of fact, style can be adapt from each scenario given the seasons coming to us. There are many options and no rules when you are making your own fashion statement as long as it will make you feel better and uplift your personality.


How to Dress for the Interview and What needs to Avoid 100%

How to Dress for the Interview and What needs to Avoid 100%

How to dress for the interview reflects your personality and attitude. According to experts, a person who is applying for a job should wear appropriate attire and makeup to have an excellent first impression on the employer.

How to dress for the interview is like setting the tone between you and your prospective employer. It is wise to dress smarter for an interview, but wearing smarter is not overdressed or underdressed.

how to dress for an interview?

Before going to the interview, do a primary background check of the company. It is essential to know about the insights of the company and the environment to which you will apply. It will also help you during the interview.

Then choose what kind of dress style you will wear. When the company required for formal attire, you should dress without overdoing it. Pay attention to every detail. Meaning, you should make sure that your dress for the interview is well prepared. For instance, how to dress for an interview is wearing appropriately with no wrinkles, stains, ripped or too fitting to you. Also, go comfortable with your accessories, makeup and perfume; the idea is to keep your attire simple. 

Overdressed, during the interview, will distract the employer. Set your fashion with classic items that complement each other. You can be fashionable yet comfortable to look at. To know if you are doing it right, make a rehearsal of your outfit. By doing so, you will notice if you are missing a button or you have some stitches to do. You can also prepare the clothes you will wear if you do rehearsals.

Types of Attire to Wear for an Interview

There are different kinds of the interview. It is essential to know what type of meeting you will attend so you can prepare all the necessary things. For instance, your dress for the interview includes shoes and bags. Aside from that, accessories are also needed to complete your attire. 

But some companies require the interviewee on how to dress for the interview. They would suggest if you needed to come in formal or casual attire. So what are the differences?

When you are advised to dress in business professional, you will need a suit. A suit for ladies comes in a skirt or pantsuit with heels. For gentlemen, you might want to wear a blazer or suit jacket, button-down shirt, suit pants, a tie and dress shoes.

Some other interview requires business casual attire. When you encounter this kind of attire, you might want to ditch out the suit because business casual has many options. For instance, men might wear slacks or chinos, paired with a button-down or polo shirt. Then a belt and shoes can be your finale for business casual attire. So how to dress for an interview requiring business casual for women? You might consider wearing a conservative dress or blouse, then a skirt or dress pants and shoes or boots. Make sure you are not overdressed when wearing business casual attire.

Now let us get simple with our dress code during the interview. When we say go for the casual in the discussion, you should not go in a sloppy fashion style. Make sure you will stay professional and polished. For men, try to wear a long sleeve shirt, khaki pants and shoes. Do not forget to wear a belt. Then for ladies, try a collared shirt with pants or a pencil skirt might do the trick.

Top Fashion to Impress

During interview, first impression is important

During the interview, the first impression is essential, aside from a sense of humor. For many, the dress code you will be wearing during the meeting has a significant factor. How to dress for an interview is something you can practice and be prepared ahead of time. 

Though there are different tips on how to dress for an interview, it is better also to figure out what to keep away when you are going to prepare for your interview.

Knowing what you will wear for your interview the day before is a big help, so you will not get stressed and make enough preparations for your outfit. Imagining what to wear does not help, so better try your dress before the day of your interview. Also, accessories and shoes are needed to match your outfit to feel more confident.

Refrain from doing other chores and attend to other appointments on the day of your interview. Make sure you will solely participate in your discussion and other tasks the day before. It means doing laundry off your dress to wear is essential before the day of your meeting. Remember that the individual or group of panelists who will evaluate you can determine if you are well-groomed or otherwise. So assume that every detail in your dress can be seen during your interview.

Look out for appropriate accessories. Jewelry in your outfit should be limited yet can match with your dress. Avoid wearing many chains, necklaces or bangles. Your jewelry should complement your style. It should not become a distraction of your outfit for the interview; hence, it should uplift your fashion.

Our Way to Dress for the Interview

Indeed, there are simple rules and complex ideas as well on how to dress for the interview. Following simple rules and what to avoid to perfect your outfit for the interview. 

And with the technology innovation, interviews sometimes performed via video call conferences. But it does not mean that you should take for granted the proper attire for the interview. The screening and evaluation are still the same, and the details of your outfit will be recognized.

How to dress for the interview can be easily assessed, knowing a brief background with the company. You can also inquire with the point person of the company to see if they prefer some uniform like casual or formal. It would be easier for you to understand how to dress for the interview.

Taylor Swift? Is she what we think she is? Or there is more than popularity?

Taylor Swift? Is she what we think she is? Or there is more than popularity?

Taylor Swift has just released her latest song “You Need to Calm Down” straight from her “Lover” album. And boy… the music video is such an eye candy. If you’re an LGBTQ+, a feminist, a fashionista, and a die-hard fan—a Swifty or a Katycat, then you know that the whole music video is swamped with a lot of easter eggs.

Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, with this song, have officially ended their almost 6-year feud, which fans of both singers have been monitoring on twitter, facebook and anywhere online.

So have you seen the latest Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down”? What do you think of all the pizazz and colorful imagery in the star-studded music video that I think Taylor Swift herself had the first hand on it?

Brief Background

Now, let’s take a quick look at several of the setups and beautiful images that popped out in the “You Need to Calm Down” video. So Swifties, we’re gonna use our queer eye to identify them all.

The video opens with Taylor Swift waking up in her satin pink eye mask embroidered with golden “Calm Down” and lingerie. We’ll never forget those lovely 60s curled hair is so matched with her entirely made-up face. The goddess also redoes her poses in her “Blank Space” music video, where she’s in a more luxurious bed. Maybe she just loves waking up.

Those accessories and her outfits, by the way, are all available in her merch store. I supposed a lot of orders are really pouring in. Any Swifty will surely love to have those wearable marches.

Then, we see some table setups with a lot of hidden messages. Seemingly random, these objects are hinting several messages to all her fans and critics alike.  We see on the first table some dice that add up to Taylor’s lucky number — 13. The second table shows six candies symbolizing  Pride Month in June. So when you add the candies and the dice, you will get June 13, the day Taylor told everyone the release dates of her upcoming video and album.

A framed quote, “Mom, I am a rich man,” is on the wall. It is from Cher’s 1996 interview, where she was reliving her mother’s advice to settle down and marry a rich man. Cher replied to her mother with, “Mom, I am a rich man.” A strong statement that tells everyone that Taylor supports feminism, and it’s always all over her songs.

For instance, there are meanings in her song if you just look into it. In her song, Swift, it tells that snakes and stones never broke my bones. It means that it has a reference about the people who tried to bring Taylor Swift down by calling her names.

Competitions to be on Top

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended all the negative issues against each otherIn the industry where Taylor Swift has been famous, and even on top of the Billboard, there have been some competitions. Well, this little feud has been with one of the famous celebrities, Katy Perry.

Noted as one of the biggest feuds, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ended all the negative issues against each other and continue to focus only on their careers. After five years of bad blood, the two have decided to rebuild their friendship.

But what was the cause of Taylor Swift and Perry’s misunderstanding?

Well, it has not been a secret with us why the feud started. It may seem not a big deal, but it caused some problems. So the dispute started over a backup dancer leaving one of the Taylor Swift’s tour and move with Katy Perry.

That unethical practice has been one of the reasons why the friendship between the two has been made a cracked. Imagine the bond that has been ruined because of this.

But what was the cause of Taylor Swift and Perry’s misunderstanding?

But the dancer, Brownlie, he had a closer relationship with Katy Perry than Taylor Swift. Almost two years working with Perry has made a significant impact and create a bond like family. So joining Perry is not a thing against Swift.

However, the two celebrities have been on fire before knowing this statement. From that feud, there have been many speculations that make the situation escalated. Fans could tell it on how the two are making statements during their interviews while on tours.

Our Side for Taylor Swift

Well, for many of us, it has been standard for celebrities to have a feud. With Taylor Swift, there have been many issues with her career. And one of these is with Katy Perry. But like other else, all feuds came to an end. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s feud ended in a friendly way, like face to face and talking out their differences.

How to Dress Like a Nerd with Class and Elegance

How to Dress Like a Nerd

How to dress like a nerd is simple. You only need some essential items from the store to your wardrobe. Do you hate rules and restrictions over fashion? Then nerdy look will just fit you right. For the nerdy fashion statement, you don’t need to have novelty items for your style concepts.

How to dress like a nerd that will look classy and cool despite being branded as a geek person? Geek is what we usually say to an individual who loves to wear tees with movie characters. They wear fashion with academic references.

Just before we hit the 20th century, you can more likely compare nerd fashion to bookworms. Those individuals who loved to be in the library and talk about science and series on Discovery Channel or National Geographic are geek people. Now, you can imagine what it looks like to be a nerd.

But that was decades ago. At present, how to dress like a nerd is one of the prominent and elegant looks we have. It is a good thing that people have given another twist in doing fashion when it comes to nerd outfit.

The traditional outfit for nerd fashion is tees. Tees or t-shirts give us many options on how it can be paired with bottoms for a geek vibe. But as you read along, you can learn more about how to dress like a nerd. You can also get the chance to know what items should be in your wardrobe.

In any fashion style, your wardrobe is your only true friend to get the look you want. You can achieve the fashion statement, but you will still need other stuff that will complete your totally genius nerd style.

How to Dress Like a Nerd with your Wardrobe

Let us just start with the basics. Sophisticated nerd style will give you a headache because a single wrong item in your outfit will be a sore eye in fashion. Who wants a big no-no fashion statement? Of course, no one wants to be booed at for their style. So hold on a while. At the end of this article, you will have everything you need to know how to dress like a nerd. But, first, let us check your wardrobe.

Comfort with your Pants

Your tees should match your bottoms. How to dress like a nerd with your leggings and slacks? Leggings and slacks can give you a slick look of nerdy style. Choose quality garments to provide you with the most comfortable feeling. Leggings and tights are made of thin fabric, unlike slacks. So, wearing a skirt made of wool atop of your leggings or tights can give you a nerdy look and warm feeling over time.

On the other hand, slacks can give you a slouchy style. Before purchasing slacks, try to really fit them while in the store. Most slacks that are form-fitting—not too tight and too loose—are hard to find. One way to make it easy is to know your body figure, especially your lower body. But if there are no slacks to match your waist and hips size, you can go straight to a tailor and have it made to measure.

Flaunt it with your Nerdy-Looking Footwear

Flaunt it with your Nerdy-Looking Footwear

Of course, your nerdy outfit will not be completed without your favorite sneakers and flats. You have to keep a pair of sneakers with low-key but noticeable in your gear. Choose sneakers with designs and styles that can go in any outfit you want to try on. If you’re going to try other footwear like flats, keep an eye with nerdy designs and styles.

For instance, you can select the perfect design and style loafers in a store. It will give any fashion a look of elegance and sophistication. But, you can also keep another pair that can go naturally with any style that you wish to do.

Then you should get some socks with iconic designs and patterns. Though some people may take ‘wearing of socks’ for granted in nerdy style, you still need to make it a habit to wear them with your shoes. It will really spice your outfit for sure!

Hit it with your headdresses

How to dress like a nerd if you’re a hat enthusiast? If you cannot leave your home without putting hats to your outfit-of-the-day, then get some items like berets. Hats have different styles and designs. There are many types that you can choose from. But always look for beret hats. Beret hats are those round like, flat-crowned hats that are usually made of wool, cotton, or acrylic fabric. It has a soft texture and cannot be deformed easily.

Other Accessories for your Nerdy Wardrobe

Aside from beret hats, you can wear belts, scarves, and pieces of jewelry to accentuate your nerdy outfit. Get those belts that have styles in their material and designs in their buckles. Most belts may not be standout or be easily recognizable, as many of our outfits will cover our belts easily. But for those with body shapes that need to highlight their waistline, wearing belts is the secret. So, wear it right with outfits that can reveal its real purpose—this will help your body to have shaped on your waist.

You can prep your face and eyes with some makeup to look fresh. But adding oversized frames does not mean you have prescriptions from your optical shop. Oversized glasses have different shapes and colors. So choose your styles and designs that will match your outfit.

Scarves are not just clothes that you can wrap around your neck. You can choose from different styles and designs. Make sure that your scarf is made of quality fabric and not the fancy ones. Thin scarves tend to get lint quickly, and you don’t want to have this. Select some scarves with different definitions and looks that you can try on to any fashion.

Your jewelry will be the key as a final touch of your nerdy outfit. How to dress like a nerd with your pieces of jewelry? Purchasing jewelry is more expensive than having new apparel. You should invest in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with designs and styles that can go well with any of your fashion statement. It is not practical when you own different sets for each fashion style. Just choose the items that can give you elegance and sophistication.

Versatile Designs of Tees

For your tops, you cannot go wrong with t-shirts with designs that complement your personality and character. For instance, your favorite Marvel superhero or Justice League’s famous Superman or Batman t-shirts can be worn underneath your jacket, cardigans or blazers. You can hold to your tees with patterns and prints that are not too loud. Choose subtle designs and styles of tees that will look great and give you that nerdy style. You can try the following outfit ideas for your tees.

Try your tees underneath your flannel shirt paired with high-waist jeans. You can also match your tees with a basic skirt dress. Then wear tights underneath the dress. Match with your favorite sneakers for a nerdy look.

You can have your tees paired with leggings. Then you can match them with a long cardigan. Your cardigan can be styled over your tees paired with a skirt, along with a pair of boots or flats.

Quick Tips on How to Dress Like a Nerd

Quick Tips on How to Dress Like a Nerd

Now, that you have the idea of putting on your wardrobe, prepare yourself on how to dress like a nerd. Though all the apparels and accessories are in your closet, you can use them wisely if you know some tips about dressing nerd fashion smartly.

Before knowing other people, know first the personality that you have. Are you for a nerdy look? Or punk chic? Also, make sure that you know the curves and edges of your body. In short, you should know what your body shape figure is. Whatever style you will be wearing, it will reflect your personality and character.

This is the first thing that people will notice about you. Not your attitude, but they will judge you base on your fashion statement. Make everything you wear comfortable, and your apparel should complement each other. So, if you make your outfit already, look yourself in the mirror. Keep in mind that the last item you put is the first thing that people will look into. If you are confident enough to walk out the door and flaunt your style, you can make it already.

As you are doing your style, make sure that you have that one item in your outfit that will always stand out and make your signature look. From that item, you can make your different styles. Just make sure it will be a yay for you and people will notice it.

Also, you need to be careful about making common mistakes on how to dress like a nerd. When sporting the nerds’ look, wearing novelty items is a big no-no! If you want to wear it, then you should not dress like a nerd. Always think of the apparels that you will wear will mimic your personality. That is the essence of choosing your fashion. So keep out novelty garments from your wardrobe.

What we see in Fashion

Your fashion reflects your personality, and that is important before getting a makeover. Make time to know what fits you perfectly.

Since the favorite apparel on how to dress like a nerd is t-shirts, make sure that the designs and styles of your tees should limit on being subtle and simple print. Avoid purchasing tees with fight scenes, posters from movies and wordy designs of tees. It is okay to have perfectly fit tees with minimalist design. If you tend to choose with lots of designs and patterns, you will end up like attending a Comic-Con activity.

Just like what we said, imitation of someone else’s style is a big no-no! You cannot copy the same fashion style knowing that you have a different body shape and figure.

Remember that doing your style is like expressing your character and emotion to other people. It is another way of saying that this is about me. No one can make me feel intimidated. If you dress smart and confident, then you have no worries about other people’s opinions.